Hello, my Friends! I am stoked to announce  SLAPFISH has arrived in the Bay Area, and better yet, in San Jose! I was invited by another food blogger (@fooodiemon) & SLAPFISH to promote their Grand Opening.

As a pescatarian, I take my seafood very seriously. And I am pleased to say I give SLAPFISH a big ol’ slap of approval for their sustainable, fresh, and incredibly yummy dishes. The menu has a plethora of options from the light and healthy to indulgent comfort foods you can trust. I dare say this is the new “it” spot for fast casual nomz in town. So let’s get to it, shall we?!

Enter 5297 Prospect Road into your GPS and I’ll see ya there…



Upon entering, I love the nautical vibe! Let’s order at the counter, and we can’t forget to order one of their teas- I am going for the unbelievably tasty Berry Patch Haymaker.


Time to get to the foood!

First up, The ULTIMATE Fish Taco. It lives up to it’s name. This comes either grilled or crispy with cabbage, “awesome sauce” (I concur… it is awesome), and pickled onion. The cohesive mix of flavors packed in each bite of this is mouth-wateringly delicious. I personally would order it grilled, but if you like that “fried fish” flavor, then go for crispy!


Next up! The Power Bowl. If you are craving something extremely healthy, yet delicious, this is your dish! It has mixed-grill seafood, brown rice, crisp veggies, avocado, and extra virgin olive oil. The shrimp in it is so juicy- the word that keeps flashing in my mind with each bite is *FRESH*FRESH*FRESH*.


If you are wanting something with a satiating mixture of flavors and textures- go for the Poke Bowl! They promise to serve only the freshest tuna, seasoned rice, and chips with greens.


And if you are looking for something more simple, yet still filling & scrumptious go for the Grilled Fish Bowl. This has your choice of daily (yes, DAILY) fish, seasoned rice, herb sauce, and hand picked salad.


Now, time for the Clobster Grilled Cheese!! This is a dish I am adding to my “Must Try” list for the San Jose area. This contains a melting mix of lobster, crab and a creamy herb sauce. Excuse me for a moment while I enjoy every. single. bite.


Now, for the grand finale! For years I have said Sam’s Chowder House has the best Lobster Roll around, but this may have changed after trying The Lobster Roll at SLAPFISH. I was astonished at the generous portions of the lobster meat, the way they overpack the sandwich, the bursting flavor and the value. An issue I have with many lobster rolls is how often the butter masks the flavor of the lobster rather than enhance it- with this one it is only lightly drawn with butter, so the lobster flavor comes through in all its glory!


Don’t forget the fries! Their fries and the house sauces are top-notch!


People have asked for my favorite dish… and it’s insanely hard to choose. I think I would go with the lobster roll because it’s just so well done & flavorful. But the Clobster stole my heart with the mixture of cheese AND seafood. For a daily go-to dish I think I’d choose either the Poke Bowl or Power Bowl! The good news is, you cannot go wrong with whatever you choose! Thank you, SLAPFISH, for the wonderful food and welcome to The Bay!

If you want to catch more food adventures of mine check out @mackncheeeesy (But you will find them here on this blog too 🙂 ).

Question for you:

  • Which dish are you interested in trying the most?



**Disclaimer: This food was provided to me with no fee by SLAPFISH, but all opinions, pictures, and ideas are my own**

67 thoughts on “SLAPFISH Review!

      1. Hey, hey. We went tonight! The hubs ordered the …lobster grilled cheese one and got chowder fries. I had the epic fish taco. We also got chilled pickles.

        I think my fish taco was WAY too big and had too much filler, but everything tasted really good. We liked the sauces the best, though his grilled cheese was great!

      2. Ahh you went?! I am really excited to read this!! I am soo sorry about the filler in your taco- was it over breaded? They are pretty massive fillets too…I can see it’d be hard to enjoy the whole thing (we just had bites of everything at our tasting). Glad you enjoyed it overall- I just love their sauces too! And it really is hard to beat that Clobster 😉 Thanks for checking it out & reporting back, Chelsea! This just made my night!

      1. I didn’t. 😢

        Longish story, but I’m trying to drop a lot of weight very quickly. It’s not the time to read your blog. 😂

      2. hahah- wait whaaat!! That does not sound fun!!

        Well since it’s “very quickly” hopefully it won’t be too long till your back around here- but totally understand till then, lol !

    1. Girl, it was even better than I expected (I’m not huge on fried fish)… sooo much yum! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  1. Oh my, but I want that Clobster Grilled Cheese Mackenzie. Cheese is right up their with my love of bread and this cheese dripping down the side of the loaded lobster sandwich … well, if I could will it to jump off the screen and onto a plate for me, I would! Their fries all look yummy as well. And, remember how I never tried avocado toast … I must be the only kid on the block who’s never had a fish taco. I need to get out more! This was a great review of Slapfish; what an honor that you were asked to help promote their grand opening.

    1. I have to agree with you, Linda!!! 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised by their delicious fries!

      Haha one day you will check off both avocado toast AND a fish taco. But avocado is a must first 😉 I just restocked on some Dave’s bread for the first time in a long time and forgot just how darn delicious it is. I made avocado toast with it yesterday actually!

      I was so honored to go <3 Thanks for the kind words! Have a great rest of the weekend!

      1. I will try it soon I promise Mackenzie and report on it to you. It WAS an honor for you to do a review – everything looked good to be honest. You enjoy what’s left of your weekend, you have a little more than me, though I hated losing that hour … no effect as to my sleep or anything, but the day went faster. Why can’t they do DST on a work day?

      2. Yay! can’t wait 🙂 Thank you for the kind words- I will say though there is nothing quite as enjoyable as being out in nature which you do often ! I hated losing that hour too. I know it’s only an hour but it throws me off soo much & I feel so behind haha. Hopefully we’ll adjust soon 🙂

      3. Cannot wait to hear your feedback 🙂 If you make it at home use Dave’s bread, half avocado, hummus, and pink Himalayan sea salt and pepper 🙂 salt is a MUST- it really enhances the flavor of the avocado.

      4. I need to get to a Kroger store since my store no longer sells Dave’s bread – or a specialty store as I’m pretty sure they don’t have the pink Himalayan sea salt and pepper either. Once I have everything assembled I will let you know how it looked/tasted. 🙂

      5. I know they took away Dave’s from you 😭 what were they thinking ?!? If you like hummus that’s always a nice touch on avocado toast too 😉 🥑 happy eating!

  2. The food looks SOOOOO delicious! The clobster grilled cheese sandwish and the lobster roll would be what I’d go for – and btw did u have to put some of the dishes on the floor to photograph it?

    1. GREAT choices. LOL— yes we did- we were outside and played around with the dishes on the ground and on the tables to make sure to get allll the angles 😉 hahah. It’s a truly comical sight. Thanks for stopping in, Natalie!! xo

  3. What an incredible experience, & they sure chose the perfect blogger!! All of their food & your content is very impressive!! I would want to try it allll. But if I had to choose one dish, it would be the poke bowl because of how fresh it is with the crisp vegetables, crunchy chips, & melt-in-your-mouth tuna. 🐟

    1. Aw thanks, girl! That means a lot 🙂 Great choice with the poke bowl- sooo many awesome flavors, textures, and deliciousness !!

  4. Ohhh my that all looks amazing! It might be a good thing that I don’t live near here because I’d probably have to go try it all! I’d either want to try the Clobster or lobster roll. Or one of each 😉

    Also that is so cool that you got to try it all out early!

    1. Hehe- girl, I had to restrain myself from literally finishing every single dish! Glad it looked appetizing 🙂 And yesss great choices- they are so yummy. Thanks for stopping in, Em <3

  5. I love fish tacos!! But I definitely would want to try that Clobster Grilled Cheese and the Lobster Roll. They both look sooo droolworthy! You’ve captured the dishes beautifully Mackenzie!! xx

    1. It really is hard to beat a good fish taco. They are soo darn yummy! The Clobster & Lobster roll were just WOW.. I don’t even think I have the words. I know Slapfish is a chain-so keep your eye out to try sometime if you are travelin’ 🙂 Thank you for your kindest words! They mean so much!

    1. Thanks so much :)!!! Such a great question! I would compare the prices to a Californian Panera! Meaning kinda pricy “fast” food (each dish in the $10-$15).. but that’s also pretty on par for prices around here. I say their dishes are certainly worth it though… especially that lobster roll!

  6. Oh my GOSH this looks like an amazingly tasty new place!! How lucky that you got invited to their event! I’m salivating over that grilled cheese, yum!!

    1. I was so honored!!! The Clobster grilled cheese was soo phenomenal! They are a chain I believe- so keep your eye out if you’re travlelin’ 🙂

  7. The Clobster grilled cheese looks phenomenal! I would likely order the power bowl for myself (with a few fries on the side!!). Everything looks so amazing- what a honor to be invited!!!

    1. It was soo good! The power bowl would probably be my go-to on a daily basis, but if I was in need of some serious comfort food I think I’d go for the Clobster 🙂 I was so honored to go, and it was really a great time meeting other foodies too. Thanks for stopping in, girl!

  8. Ooo everything looks so amazing but I especially love that they have a daily fish. I would have to pick that Grilled Fish Bowl because of it!!

    1. Great choice! The fresh grilled fish/ power bowls would be more go to on a daily basis! I could not get over how dern fresh it all was. Thanks for reading, love!

    1. I totally agreeee!!! I am alll about the seafood. I just had some lobster siu mai yesterday that I wish I could share with you- it was phenomenal (I’ll post about it in a week or so probably!). Thanks for the sweet comment- have a great week filled with yummy eats!

  9. Oh my gosh everything looks so insanely delicious!!!!!! I’ve been leaning more towards a pescaterian diet as well, at least for the most part and all of these look mouth watering.

    1. Girl, I LOVE being pescatarian! I never push it on anyone- but it’s the best I’ve ever felt. So glad you liked all these foodie pics 🙂 I am already craving this food again. Their chain is expanding, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they open on in Portland soon!

      1. That’s so great to hear! I will be looking more into this pescaterian diet and seeing if it fits into my diet because quite frankly, I dont eat much besides shrimp and cod, tilapia and the occasional salmon lmao

    1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by. Slapfish is pretty tremendous- the vibe is so relaxing and fun and the food is sooo FRESH! Have a great weekend.

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