Café No Sé!

Hey, everyone!! Hope you are having a lovely week. I wanted to quickly share my new favorite spot in town! Last Wednesday, June 9th, my mom was in town for work and we planned a dinner in town. We walked down to Café No Sé on South Congress. I believe this translates to Cafe “I Don’t Know” in Spanish, which would be representative of the eclectic style and choices of food of the Cafe! I’m not totally sure if that’s the origins, if anyone has any further insight I’d love to hear, lol- but that’s my theory. Anyway, I have wanted to try this restaurant for so long. It always looked adorable from the outside. 

Immediately upon walking in we were smitten with the overall aesthetic. It has an extremely clean and crisp modern feel while still being warm and homey.

I have to come back here to try out the coffee!! (& their pastries).

We ordered up their café spread with chickpea hummus, kamut & pine nut tabbouleh, and grilled laffa. Wow, that hummus was pretty spectacular and the grilled laffa was near impossible to put down. 

We then tried out their greenhouse lettuces, avocado, goat cheese, kabocha squash, pickled cranberry, radish, sunflower seed cracker, and pomegranate vinaigrette. Easily my new favorite salad in town.

Now the octopus- *chef’s kiss*. My mom said it was one of the greatest dishes she has ever had- I may have to agree!!! It was phenomenal!

For dessert we tried their sweet tea ice cream. It tasted just like sweet tea-it was genuinely as though we were eating sweet tea.We then walked back down South Congress to the Bat Bridge. People were scattered all over the lawn and in kayaks, tour boats and along the bridge anxiously awaiting the grand bat flight. But, sadly, they never did take flight- Womp womp. Usually they take off a little before sundown, but it was 9:15 and still nothing. We ended up leaving, but we were glad my mom had the chance to see them once before

Before going back to her hotel for the night, we hit up the tea station in the apartment. And that wraps up our wonderful evening!!

I’d love to know: 

  • What has been the highlight of your week so far?

19 thoughts on “Café No Sé!

  1. this place seems amazing and the food looks delicious!! So far, the highlight of my week has been spending some time in nature

    1. Aw yes there is nothing better!! I always am in the best mood after spending time outside. Thanks for reading and stopping in, Joy!

    1. Oh it was so good!!! It had so many different flavors that just worked all together so well! Thanks for stopping in!!

    1. Absolutely!! We always have the best time together, I was so thankful she was in town so we could try this place together. I knew she’d love it too! ☺️ Thanks for reading, Nancy!

  2. Such an amazing meal and special time together. I treasure our adventures and memories together!

  3. How nice to get together with your mom and try this spot. I tried octopus years ago by accident. We were visiting someone who made an octopus stew and asked me to try it and didn’t say what it was. Seeing the “suctions” on the octopus leg brought that story back to me. I remember everyone waiting at the bridge last year and a semi no-show, but I was fascinated by that story in your post nonetheless.

    1. It was such a lovely evening!! And oh my gosh, I can’t imagine trying it on accident! Octopus stew is a bold choice for hosting guests, lol. I actually didn’t like octopus the first time I tried it- very much depends how it is prepared.

      1. Yes it does. I was a little freaked out about it. 🙂 Friends of our family invited me to spent three weeks in Spain with them back in 1974. She was from Spain, so since there was no language barrier we went into a lot of small, out-of-the-way places to eat as we traveled down the coast of Spain. They were seasoned travelers and much more adventurous than me – I was only 18 at the time. I tried a bouillabaisse that had fish heads and shells floating around, raw baby eels that laid in a olive oil and they were shaped like a pencil. They had these pop-up bars where you went for a glass of wine and a handful of shrimp. The bartender reached into a barrel of shrimp, pulled them out (not deveined mind you) and threw them on a grill for a minute and gave you a wooden plate with a napkin on it to eat them. I couldn’t get past how some of this food looked and felt I had to be polite and adventurous. My parents did not like fish, so we rarely ate it and that was salmon patties, tuna salad and fish sticks (for me when I was young).

      2. Oh that makes so much sense! Spanish octopus is so delicious!! But wow- I can imagine it was tough going outside your comfort zone, especially when not accustomed to eating fish. I don’t think I have ever heard of the baby eels like that. I have to say my mouth is actually watering at your description of the shrimp though!! What a memorable experience all around.

      3. It did take me out of my comfort zone Mackenzie … my parents never enjoyed fish and never ate it at home or when out. I do like fish, but some of the different preparations I went along with to be polite. I remember having a fish dinner with the head still on and you used a deboning knife to eat that fish … the head on the fish was a bit disconcerting. As for the shrimp, I’d had raw shrimp before, maybe in a shrimp cocktail at a restaurant, but they were deveined. I’d be more open minded now about food having traveled more and as I got older.

      4. I totally understand that!! You were so young at that time too. That was so kind of you to politely try it all!

    1. It reminds me so much of some of the cafes you have posted before!! Thanks for stopping in, Chloe 💕

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