Dog Surfing, Hot Yoga, & a Celeb Encounter

Now that we are totally caught up from the 5 full days Kelsey visited (yes those 6 posts were over the course of only 5 full days haha), I am excited to catch up on all the between. It will definitely take a few posts to get there, but life is about to get pretty monotonous with school starting (not mad one bit about it though!), so these should keep things fun for a bit.

When Kels left on August 1st, I spent the rest of the day catching up on laundry, squeezing in a run, eating leftovers, blogging a tiny bit and crashing early. I slept until late the next day- the longest I have slept in a while- I never like sleeping past 8 am, but I slept until 10 am this day. My body needed to catch up on the zero sleep from the week before.

On August 2nd-3rd, I opted to a be an antisocial hermit for a couple days. I went to the grocery store, went for a run outside, and published the first of my Michigan posts. I caught up on a ton of e-mails, took care of some housekeeping for grad school, and tried to catch up on other blogs best I could. Despite having a fridge full of groceries I was not in the mood to cook at all. I actually was feeling slightly under the weather. I decided Pho sounded like the perfect remedy! I ordered vegetarian pho from House of Pho and it was phOnomenal. I don’t think I’ve actually had Pho myself (just sampled it), but this will was just perfect.


Saturday August 4th was a blast. For breakfast I had some delicious oatmeal with PB2, Fage, cinnamon, and shakeology vegan protein powder.


I drove to Pacifica to meet with my sister-in-law, Amy, and her boyfriend for an event unlike any other- The World Dog Surfing Championship!!!!


Parking was difficult to find, but we finally found some on a side hill. You can see the mass of people on the beach if you look closely.


My pictures are a bit grainy, but it was fun to watch these dogs take on the waves!! The pups were actually surfing, and great at it too. They had competitions where they even had two dogs on one board. Only in CA, right? This dog below was my personal fave.


There were so.many.dogs. on the beach too. I passed this nugget and couldn’t help but grab a picture. I mean, can ya stand it? Would ya Jus’ look at him?!!


I still wasn’t feeling 100% the rest of the day so I tried to nap, caught up on some easy to-dos, then went to sleep early.

August 5th after church, I went for a long walk outside, and listened to a couple podcasts. I saw that someone left a full bag of bread on this sign, and it broke my heart to be honest.


How can you just waste good carbs like that? So sad. Should be illegal. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

August 6th, I woke up early to do Hot Yoga for the first time. I absolutely loved it! This past year and a half was a very stressful one as you all are probably well aware, and my body took a beating from how much running and cardio I did to cope with the stress. My knees are particularly hurting lately, so I’m trying to do more walks and am going to try to replace a couple runs a week with hot yoga. It’s pretty great and the instructor at the place I went to in SJ was amazing. Now that life is about to be more regimented, I am excited to incorporate this into my weekly routine.


After, I swung into Trader Joe’s, and made baked Atlantic salmon, roasted veggies, and zucchini pizza boats for a couple days.


In the evening I went over my friend, Sara’s, house to hangout and have a movie night.

August 7th, I did an Insanity workout, lifted some weights, and then did some house chores for the week.  In the evening, I met up with my friends Tammy and Dani (whom I haven’t seen in FOREVERRRR) to get happy hour at Jack Rose Libation house. Dani just moved back to CA, so we had every single reason to celebrate. I’ve missed her! You may remember her last from us all meeting up last year at Aqui.


This place is just so dang good. They have such great food, drinks, a fun atmosphere, etc. You cannot go wrong. It’s a local favorite for sure! Dani tried their side of paradise with vodka, house made blackberry jam, fresh lemon, sparkling wine, and lemon verbena.


Tam went for their summer wind with the botanist gin, foro amaro, venus aquavit, north coast peach berliner weisse, giffard pamplemousse liqueur, and lemon. .( I think!)


I ordered a boring ole’ glass of white wine, not really picture worthy haha.

But you know what is picture worthy? And aware winning worthy? And just some of the best cheesy goodness I have ever had worthy?! THEIR PIZZA!!!


We split their artichoke spinach pizza with well, you can guess it- artichoke, spinach, mozzarella, ricotta, green olives, fresh herbs, and grana padano. It was perfection. I hardly ever meet a pizza I don’t like, but this just took it up a few notches.

We also split the hummus plate with chickpeas, garlic, cumin, tahini, smoked paprika, hazelnuts, pizza bread, and veggies.


After catching up for a looong time that felt like only two minutes, we stopped by Safeway to grab some mochi to share for dessert and settled in at Tammy’s for the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise!


This summer I have blown up Tammy’s Instagram with mochi pictures, so we just had to try some. I have never had the ice cream type before (only the muffins you may remember). These were my/mo brand, and they were GREAT…. except for the matcha flavor that literally tasted like dill pickles. I am not exaggerating. When I took a bite, I was like, “y’all it taste like pickles”. They thought I maybe was being dramatic, but sure enough they agreed- somehow pickles must have found their way into the matcha batch. Haha.

While enjoying our mochi, we jammed to some new songs of Chris Lane’s before revving up BIP. I posted it to my story and then we glued ourselves to the TV for the night. Such a fun time.

In the morning of August 8th, as I was getting my day started, I looked down at my phone and saw this….. (yes, I need to actually put a picture for my background, I know I know… I’m too indecisive to decide)…


Chris Lane stinking A. WATCHED our video, B. COMMENTED on our video, and C. POSTED IT TO HIS OWN STORY. I had to pinch myself give or take ten times to make sure it was real life. This was such a big deal to us and really special because we actually bonded over Chris Lane’s music. The first time the three of us hung out was even at his concert.


I guess I’ll wrap up here for now. Real quick though- August 8th is actually me and DJ’s anniversary! We weren’t planning on celebrating the actual day of since we had plans in the city for the next day, but with DJ getting off work early it seemed a perfect time to use up a gift-card we had been saving for a special occasion (thanks, Bro!). I will recap in the next post where we ate and what of course, but that requires a fresh page of it’s own 🙂

xo <3


70 thoughts on “Dog Surfing, Hot Yoga, & a Celeb Encounter

  1. That dog looks soooo cute… and judging by all the delicious food photos it looks like you had a great diet too. Especially the mochi for dessert … OMG mochi!

    1. Isn’t it the cutest ? My puppy fever is through the roof.

      Mochi is my new obsession. I just loooove it!

  2. Happy anniversary to you two!! I hope you have an incredible time celebrating!

    That dog surfing is hilarious!

    I love pho & need to get some soon! That & Thai. You’ve created a list for me. Haha

    I haven’t tried mochi, but I saw it at WF recently. One day I’ll need to, but hopefully their matcha does not taste like dill. 😝

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Thanks so much, Kori!

      Isn’t it too funny? I felt like I was watching celebrities… but they were dogs. So funny.

      Oooo yes! Foodie lists are the best. I have weeks where I have one craving after another and end up eating “around the world” thai, pizza, pho, mexican, etc. etc.

      Ahhh I hope our package was just a dud. It usually is SO good! I think you’d really enjoy it 🙂 Mochi is so huge out here, I jumped on the train and am glad I did. XOX

      1. Eating “around the world” – love that! I need to start keeping a list and then will knock out my cravings one by one!

        I’ll definitely try mochi soon, and I’ll report back on my experience!

    1. right?! Ah it was sooo good. What is your go-to pizza topping? Thanks for stopping by, girlie

  3. Love Jack Rose!! How awesome to have a local favorite like Jack Rose in our next of the woods!! OMG the Dog sufring competition looks soooo hilarious and fun!!!! What a unique competition! I’ll have to mark it on my calendar for nexr time! Fun post Mackenzie!

    1. It is such a fun spot, right?! What do you usually like to order there?

      Yes definitely check it out next time! Such a fun, unique event to go to- and those pups are just amazing!! Thanks for stopping by, Kalpana- you are sooo busy this summer so it means lots 🙂

  4. I love your catch up posts, you’re always doing the most fun things! Dog surfing sounds absolutely freaking AWESOME. And that dog you photographed was so cute :’) As always, delicious food choices 😉 And how awesome that Chris Lane mentioned you!xx

    1. Aw, Mia, thank you tons <3 That means so much.

      Those dogs were soo cool, I don't know if I've ever felt an animal was "cooler" than me in a moment... but I did that day. Hahah.

      Have a great week, Chica! XO

  5. Happy belated anniversary! A dog surfing competition sounds like so much fun to watch. Plus how could you not enjoy it if there dogs everywhere. I wish I was proactive enough like you to make food for a few days. The extent of meal prepping for me is cutting up carrots to keep in a tupperware for lunches. And that doesn’t even really seem like meal prep to me haha.

    That’s so weird about the pickle tasting matcha mochi. How does that even happen?!

    1. Thanks, Maureen! It was probably one of the most unique events I’ve ever gone to, but it was so cool! I wish I had more videos of the double surfing dogs too.

      Haha I used to be better about meal prepping, but this summer through it off. Trying to get back in the groove! But most days even chopping up carrots is an accomplishment 😉

      And right?! It was STRAIGHT up pickles. I have no idea– I am convinced they literally dropped a bunch of dill in the batch or something. I looked them up online and there were no reviews about it, so I do think it’s a fluke. I might have to try them again to see! Have a great week, girl!

      1. I’m definitely going to have to see if there’s something like that along the Jersey Shore! Since summer is winding down (tears) though it may have to wait until next year.

        Thanks for making me feel better about just chopping up carrots 🙂 Sometimes just one productive thing makes the difference though!

        Maybe give it another try. If there’s no one else claiming a pickle taste then it has to be a fluke! Although it’s weird that quality never figured it out. Most places test at least one from every batch to ensure quality is correct. Although that’s just my experience from packaging and seeing how lines are run.

        I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!

      2. oooo I bet they would have something there!! I know I feel the same. Then again I am about as basic as they come and cannot wait for Autumn haha. I’ll let you know if I do try those mochi! That’s fascinating that you’ve seen that done!!! I always am so intrigued how people get all these products on the shelf- I’m so ignorant about how it’s all done. Did you work in packaging then?!

      3. I love fall but honestly I’m not ready for it yet!! I enjoy wearing shorts and the warm weather. Summer can stick around for a few more weeks. Yes I do!! My degree is in packaging engineering actually. Right now I work for an automotive company so it’s not the same but I used to work for a cosmetics company (so fun!) and then a consumer goods company.

      4. That’s SO interesting!! I have never met anyone who has done that before – I bet you could do that in nearly any field too or go anywhere!

  6. Stoppppp!!! Surfing dogs?! That’s the coolest thing ever. I’d love to watch them! I’m mad about that bread, too. 😭
    The salmon & pizza boats look great! You are an awesome chef, Mack!
    Mmm, the cocktails your friends ordered look & sound so dang delicious!!! The pizza & hummus plate, too! 😍
    Yay!! So excited that you finally tried ice cream mochi… I’ve never had it store bought before but I’m nervous about that dill pickle flavor?! Ah!
    Idk who Chris Lane is but that is so so so cool that he mentioned you while you were with the two you bonded over his music with & even hung out at his concert for the first time together! Wow!

    Happy anniversary, you two! Can’t wait to hear all about your date!! 😄

    1. RIGHT?! I seriously told DJ’s sister when we were there, “This is maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever been to!”.

      haha- girl, thank you for being passionate about the wasted carbs with me. I was thoroughly not ok with that.

      Awww! I always tell people that is the highest compliment. I am far from an awesome chef, and the not so great meals definitely don’t make the blog haha, but thanks tons!

      I was so sad because I was hankerin’ for that green tea matcha flavor!!! It was anything but that. I’m convinced it was a dud package. I looked up the brand online and no one had any pickle reports, soo I’m gonna say someone accidentally dropped their lunch into the mix. Haha.

      We were so excited about the mention- those two got me hoooked on his music- he is a country music artist!!

      Hope your week is off to a perfect start, m’dear . xx

      1. Hahah so jealous, I would have loved to see those surfing dogs. 🙂 & ugh, I just hate seeing people waste food… it breaks my heart. Even at restaurants, when people leave with so much leftover, I die a little. Like… I’ll eat it?? LOL.
        Aww, well the food that does make it onto the blog is awesome! I’m sure everything else you make is too!! 😉 <3
        Oh I seeee!! I'm not too into country so that's why I hadn't heard of him. So cool anyways!!!
        Hope your week is off to a great start too! <3

      2. I agreeeeeee!!! Ok confession time…. I used to work at a banquet center for weddings and such… and when guests wouldn’t eat their cake I would sometimes eat theirs after clearing it from the table. Hahah. I think that is where my hatred of wasting food originated because I saw just how much was wasted from a SINGLE party. UGH!


  7. Yay for taking a day to sleep in and some time to be a hermit! Sometimes you just need those types of days! Those dog surfing pictures are insane! I’m totally amazed! Also, I can’t wait to hear about this anniversary dinner! Happy anniv! <3

    1. Agreed!! And those couple of days were MUCH needed.

      I knew the dog pic would reeel ya in 🙂 Hehe! I was amazed at them too. So crazy.

      Thanks for stopping by, Allie! Hope all is well. XO

  8. Dog surfing – how fun. Almost as much fun as you have … you sure cram a lot of things into one or two days. Happy anniversary to you. P.S. – That pizza looked delicious – I am always left ravenous after reading your posts. 🙂

    1. Tehehe- I always wonder why I’m tired too?!

      I hope you got some great eats after reading 🙂 I have a hankerin’ for that pizza again. Ohhh no. Hahah.

  9. “it was phOnomenal” – I like what you did there.

    That pizza! I had crappy pizza last night and it left me unfulfilled.

    Dog surfing looks awesome. How have I never seen it?!

    1. Haha- so glad you appreciated (and caught) that!!

      Noooo- no settling for crappy pizza. Hope you find something better to make up for it!

      I hadn’t heard of dog surfing till moving here– just too funny, and those dogs make me feel weirdly lame. Hahah.

  10. Dog surfing is hilarious!!!! I think my pup, Axl, could learn how to do that because he is obsessed with floats! My hubs and I cannot casually float at the lake because Axl demands to be on the float with one of us. haha

    I love the idea of zucchini boats! I will have to make some for myself soon! Is it just marinara and cheese baked on top?

    All of your noms per ush look and sound amazing! I have to say pizza (or pronounced pitsa if you are Ricky Ricardo…bahahaha) is one of my all-time fav foods! It’s so dang versatile, and I feel like it’s healthy but gets a bad rap. Cheese, protein, veggies all atop beloved carbs…what’s not to love?

    You got a celeb shoutout?!?!?! Holy guac congrats! That is so exciting!

    Happy anni!!!

    1. Isn’t it so fun!!! Ahh Kaci, you should fly Axl out here next year ! Haha. He sounds like a riot- love it. What kind of dog is he?

      Yeah, so the zucchini boats are sooo easy- just carved out zucchini with a tiny bit of pasta sauce, cheese of choice (mozzarella is what we like usually but I use whatever I have- I make some with vegan Daiya usually), then toppings! Bake up at about 375 until the cheese caramelized (about 40 minutes but I may be off on the time).

      Hahahah- yesssss- Pitsa! And I LOVE your perspective on pizza. True. Dat.

      Thanks, girl!!!!

  11. Great post Mack! I like the zucchini! Do you have a recipe for it? I’ll have to check out Chris Lane’s music. Isn’t it the best when a celebrity retweets you on Twitter and/or acknowledges you on social media?? Happy Anniversary! I hope you two have a nice one and many more! Take care Mack! ❤

    1. Thanks, Lisa!!! I kinda play the zucchini by ear, but I should try to publish a recipe for it soon! Basically I just half the zucchini, carve out the boats with a spoon, add a tiny bit of marinara of choice, then sprinkle with cheese of choice (I usually do half vegan/half regular whatever I have in the fridge- but mozzarella preferred haha). And then toppings! Bake at about 375 for about 40 minutes until cheese caramelized on top! (That takes just some watching). Hope you enjoy soon 🙂 And thanks tons, Lisa. Have a great week. Soooooo nice seeing your icon pop up in my feed.

  12. Dog surfing!! How cool is that?! Your posts always make me hungry and also make me realize that I need to expand my horizons, because there is some awesome looking food out there!! I haven’t tried hot yoga before. I’m finally getting back into my Pilates routine after a super busy summer.

    1. Aw! I am allll about encouraging people to expand their foodie horizons. My husband basically only ate chicken tenders and sub sandwiches when we got married- now he is just as much as an adventurous eater as I am!

      I bet you would LOVE hot yoga!! I do love pilates. Pilates was really all I did before yoga and the two are pretty similar. Have such a great weekend, Amy, and thank you tons for stopping by 🙂

  13. As always…I am now starving after reading your blog. I am sooooo making those zucchini boats this weekend.

    That dog on the beach was precious!

    I’ve wanted to try those ice cream thingys but I’ve been scared to pull the trigger. Pickles huh?

    Soooo, this is my first time watching Bachelor in Paradise. What are you’re thoughts? Grocery Joe….sigh.

    1. Hi Nikki!!! Tehe- I hope you enjoy those zucchini boats 🙂

      I would totally pull the trigger on mochi!!! Just get a couple flavors just in case someone dropped pickles in a batch, lol.

      Oh I could talk alllll day about BIP!!!! Man, I love Kendall and Joe together.. he is probably my favorite to come out of the franchise. I can’t stand Colton or Tia. Care for neither of them. And I don’t understand why Chelsea is still there honestly… Oh man, so many thoughts! What are yours?!

      1. BIP: This is my first time watching so I’m not sure what it’s normally like…but I am loving it. (I have this weeks episodes to watch still so I may be a bit off) I love Kendall and Joe together as well. Leo? Really Kendall? I am so missing something when it comes to the appeal of Leo….
        I am not a Colton and Tia fan. There is no way these two are going to make it as a couple. He is just not that into her and she is just far tooooooo into him for them to ever have a healthy relationship. He was a favorite of mine on Becca’s season but this just ruined him for me.

        Yes…LOL about Chelsea and as far as I know David as well. Was he just brought there to irritate Jordan? I think so.

        I must admit that while I am not a fan of Jordan in general, I like him with Joe. Their friendship cracks me up. I literally laughed out loud when they were talking about Leo and Kendall’s date. When they got the giggles, so did I.

        Apparently I could talk about BIP all day too!! LOL I will end it there but I have a zillion other thoughts……

      2. YESS . TO . EVERYTHING! I agree with every bit. And let me tell you- this is, in my opinion, the best season yet! There is only one I can think of that comes close. Also- I am so dumbfounded about the Leo & Kendall thing.. she is probably one of the wisest, most emotionally intuitive individuals from the show and she can’t read Leo for what he is?! Does not make sense. Oh well- for now it is allll in our favor! And same- I loved Colton on Becca’s season, but am not so thrilled about him any longer. And the relationship with Tia feels SO forced. Oh my gosh.. DJ and I were cracking up at their (Jordan and Joe’s) light banter too… sooo funny!

        Ok ok we will have to regroup after Tuesday! Can’t wait to discuss! Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

      3. I would personally say no… I don’t even know what season we are in to be honest, but I think it’s the best! I would say most seasons are “good”, but this is great. Just don’t watch last season- it was insufferable!

  14. It is so funny how you have to catch up from the recaps of the recaps lol. I totally understand needing to catch up on sleep! When friends visit I feel like it is a vacay with them!
    STOP it! Dogs on a board?!?! I can not! (Okay how basic did I just sound?)
    Bwahaha for shame! Coffee and carbs! They are the hoy grail! It is like the eleventh commandment! I shall not waste bread not the java!
    AHHH SO flipping excited you did hot yoga! And that the studio and instructor were great! I admit the class I took in SF I was not a fan of. (But I am a harsh critic!) If you need or want any advice or help let me know! 🙂
    Oh my tini those drinks look SO yummy!
    Girl! You are famous! look at you making Chris Lanes insta story!
    eeeew can not wait to read your anniversary recap! You guys are so dang cute! <3

    1. Right?!?! Hahah. You GET it!!

      Haha girl, no, I could not either!! Dog surfing warrants that reaction, lol!

      I knowwww… wahhhhh I am so mad about the carbs. STILL. If I ever see the carb bandit I am gonna have to give um’ a nice talking to about their priorities in life.

      I know yoga places can be allll over the board! I want to definitely try more places out and different types out soon! We may have a new yogi on our hands! I will definitely be coming to you for tips and suggestions!

      Thanks for reading ,Chica!! XO

  15. Hi Mackenzie, I can understand how you slept in after Kelsey left! You Girls did SO much on her visit! Some days you just don’t feel like cooking right? I know that feeling. What a fun event the dog surfing was for you! And that dog on the beach, so cute. The salmon looks so good, I am a fan! How cool you got a mention from Chris Lane ! Amazing! Happy anniversary to you two, belated. Hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Teheh- we went NON stop!!! So crazy. Thank you for the anniversary wishes 🙂 It was my favorite yet I think! XO

  16. I still haven’t had pho but I want to.. I wonder how it compares to ramen lol. Also, I love puns 😉
    And wait….a dog surfing championship??? A MUST SEE! And a Shiba Inu that surfs?? Are you kidding me??!! *heart eye emoji!!*
    And Jack Rose’s food looks so delicious! I don’t know if I would like artichoke but I wouldn’t mind trying it on pizza, the hummus looks scrumptious for sure!
    I love that you’ll be doing hot yoga it’s good as a stress reliever 🙂 AND I have NO idea who Chris Lane is.. but so cool that he saw your video lol, I think I saw that too 🙂

    1. You are just too kind to go all the way back in these archives & read these posts! You would LOVE LOVE LOVE pho if you like ramen!! It’s pretty similar.

      Hehe-I don’t know if that pup was actually one of the surfers- but he was cheering on his friends!!! lol.

      Jack Rose seriously has the BEST pizza!! I keep comparing everything to their’s. They have soo many options too- so many to try, so little time!:)

      1. Well I WANT to read them I want to make sure I”m not missing anything 😉
        Sweet, I’l still looking for a place that serves pho. I’m curious, some people use Yelp, do you use it? Is it helpful? We had found some app of all the best spots here in Portland but it unfortunately kept crashing so I had to delete it off my phone.. =/

      2. Awww you da bestttt.

        Girl, we LIVE on YELP. Literally everywhere we go, everything we do— always consult YELP first. It’s a must !! We scour through the pictures to see what are the “must try” items too! Uh oh you got me going about YELP… this train does not stop… lol!

      3. Hahaha I’ll take that as a yes then 🤣 I’m hoping it works for us, we’re constantly looking for places to eat at and Alex asked me just today to find a fine dining place, he really wants to eat good good, high end food because we’ve been watching buzzfeed’s worth it too much 🤣🤣🤣

      4. Lol!! It’s the bestttt.

        Oh my gosh- Buzzfeed will get youuuu! We went to Portland City Grille for their happy hour so had a bunch of high quality food for a decent price- highly recommend that! But I feel like Portland has soooo many great options. I hope you guys get to treat yourselves soon!

      5. Lol I have actually been thinking about going to Portland city grille only because you went and I mean, not gonna lie, those views !! I’ve always wanted to experience a roof top dinner lol

    1. Dawww! Somehow this got caught in my spam que. But yesss we doo! We have about 48 more to catch up to that one girl. lol

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