A Day in the Bay! (+ a “Celeb” encounter)

Hi, Everyone! How are you? I have midterms this week, so I’m knee deep in the books + studying. I can’t wait to catch up on your blogs after I finish the testing up! This past week since my last recap was pretty uneventful. I included the highlights in my Friday Faves 🙂 DJ was in Monterey for another work trip for a couple days, and I just worked hard for school. We both wanted to take Friday & Saturday easy at home, so we just ran errands, had leftover mac and cheese, put on some football games, snuck in a couple long runs and lounged around- it was just wonderful.

My friend Dani (you may remember her from here or here among many other posts) is leaving soon for another occupational therapy travel assignment, so we are soaking up whatever days we can find to hangout together. This Sunday it worked out for Dani, Tammy, and I to have a full out girls day in SF. “Fun” is truly an understatement- it’s always a blast when we all get together! I’m excited to share our day with you all! These pictures are compiled from the three of us from the day.

So let’s get to!!! We made our way up to the city around 8:30 am.

First stop *drumroll*…. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse!! I have wanted to try out this gem of a bakery since we moved here.


I’m not joking when I say we tried one of everything….. (minus their cookies and a couple savory pastries)


One of two boxes, naturally!


YOU GUYS!!!! Look at this box. Lol, I love this place.


Literally everything we tried was delicious. I think the favorites were the matcha croissant, churro donut, sticky pecan bun, and the blueberry/lemon/pistachio bostock. They are known for their cruffins as I mentioned, and while it was yummy I wouldn’t say it was a favorite. It’s hard to compare to B. Patisserie & Tartine because it’s a different type of bakery. The other two have a lot of variety and dimension. Here, it is more about the novelty (of course, the pastries are amazing too!). The only downside is there really isn’t anywhere to sit and enjoy your pastries- it is more a grab and go type place. We were lucky to grab the only counter space available.


We were walking back to the car and spotted a little coffee shop that had a line out the door. If there is anyone that has the need to try out the hoppin’ spots like I do, it’s these girls!!! I was so excited when Tammy said this was a place she has been dying to try- and we could always go for another coffee.


This popular spot is called  Jane . I am actually shocked I haven’t seen this on on the lists I’ve searched.


How adorable is this?! They also brag many awards- best croissant in the bay of 2018, best baguette 2017… how have I not heard of this place?!?!


We ordered our coffees- and I am SO stoked that I finally got to try something charcoal. I have seen a lot of charcoal items featured throughout the bay, but never have stumbled across one. I ordered the black charcoal latte with activated charcoal, raw cocoa, coconut, and reiki mushrooms! yes, mushrooms. You couldn’t taste them at all- but I think they act like an antioxidant.


(Behind the scenes of the picture- tehe!). I cracked up when I saw these pictures Tammy took!


ZERO chill. Hahah.


The lattes were terrific! I am going to crave that charcoally goodness. (may be the first person in history to ever utter that sentence).

Next stop on the bucket list?! Bernal Heights!!! The views are just tremendous.


Of course we had to try out the famous swing…


It was sooo much fun. A must if you are in the city.


And sometimes ya just gotta go barefoot ya know?



We then met up with some of Dani’s friends in town so they could see her before she goes too. One of them is an NP! I had a great time chatting with her.


Time for food at  Soma StrEat Food Park !


Annnnd guess who we ran into?! Venmo John from the Bachelor! He was truly the nicest guy… he chatted with us for a while then gave us his volunteer food voucher! (my excessive use of exclamation points is entirely warranted in this post)


my look of disbelief that we just chatted with Venmo John and now have his meal voucher…. What is life


We grabbed a dish from The Sarap Shop. I ate some veggies under the chicken, and had my emergency protein bar on me to add some protein!


I love this little area they have set up to eat with picnic tables and TVs


After chowing down, we still had room for dessert… Ice Cream time!!!


This matcha ice cream was some of the best I have ever had!!! I saw in one of Rossy’s posts the fish cone- and man is it tasty!!! It is way better than a traditional waffle cone. Not sure what’s in it, but I’m in love. We also had nutella drizzled inside of it which was a perfect touch.


My friends are the cutest <3


And that’s a wrap!! Hope you all are having a great week 🙂 Don’t mind any errors in this post, I whipped it up super fast, but time to get back to studying. *Sigh*

Questions for you!

  • Have you ever had anything matcha flavored?
  • Have you ever met anyone that’s been on TV? (I’m such a fangirl, I love these convos, hahah).

xo <3


120 thoughts on “A Day in the Bay! (+ a “Celeb” encounter)

  1. I love the photos & it looks like you had a great time with your friends! I have never had anything with matcha before, but the ice cream looks so cute & delicious! The pastries look delicious too! Also a latte with charcoal & mushrooms sounds so weird but it’s good you liked it!

    1. Hi, Karalee!! Thank you so much, girl 🙂 Matcha is a terrific flavor- I would describe it as vanilla-green-teay. Haha. LOL-when I was writing this I was laughing at how Californian i sounded by getting excited about a charcoal mushroom latte. Tehe. Have a great rest of your weekend, girl!

      1. Aw thank you! ❤
        I’ll have to see if I can find anything matcha flavored around here since I like vanilla & green tea.
        I hope you have a great week!

  2. You surely had so much fun with your friends 😊

    I love croissant but never tasted in matcha flavor before. I don’t think I can find one here. Lol the place i live sounds sooo yesterday i know. And of course all the food looks yummy! I’ve tasted matcha cheesecake before and it was delicious sweet! 😋 That taiyaki cone is so cute and looks yummehh.

    Also, that pictures of you guys on that swing are beautiful!! 😍😍😍

    1. Hey, girl 🙂 We had a wonderful time. Memories for all time for sure!! Matcha is soo tasty- AHHH Matcha cheesecake is the BEST!!! I am officially obsessed with taiyaki cones. I want allll my ice cream in them. So good. Thanks, Mitch! Have a great rest of your weekend, love! xo

  3. Y’all are *the* cutest!!! What a fun girls day! All of the pastries look & sound amazing, but the Jane Coffee Shop looks like a dream! I’ve never had a drink with activated charcoal, but I plan to this weekend! One of our local coffee shops has Stranger Things themed drinks, & I’ve had my eye on The Demogorgon. All of those drinks look so perfect & artistic!

    You know I love matcha! I can’t think of too many things off hand that I’ve eaten with it, but I know I’ve had TJ’s matcha Joe Joe’s & matcha yogurt. Mmmm mmmm

    I’ve never met a tv star. That’s so neat!

    1. Awww thanks, Kori 🙂 It was just the best day. One for the books, no doubt.

      Oh my gosh- you would love Jane!! It is officially my new favorite coffee shop. Good thing we don’t have one here in Cupertino because that darn charcoal latte would suck all my money haha.

      Stranger Things themed drinks!? That is too fun!! I can’t wait to read all about it 🙂

      I haven’t seen the TJ’s matcha-Joe’s, but I need to keep an eye out now!!

      Thanks for stopping in, girl! xo

  4. I loved all the pictures in this post!! Those bakery items…ohmygosh I am practically drooling all over my keyboard!! And you and your friends are the cutest!! You look like you had the best day!

    The BEST matcha thing I have ever tried was a matcha latte at a cafe in Nashville… I know that is so basic but they made the latte with cashew milk and used maple syrup as the sweetener. It was creamy goodness!

    I have never spotted an actual celebrity on TV but I did meet a local news anchor once so that is kind of close…kind of.

    Haha! Happy Studying!!! <3

    1. Aw thank you tons 🙂 ! I can’t even re-look at these baked goods pics or I will be too tempted to go back right now haha.

      OOooooo matcha lattes are the BEST!! I love them so much. The more basic the better, lol.

      That is so cool! News anchors are totally local celebs.

      Thanks so much! And thank you for stopping by!

  5. Oh my gosh Mack you are just perfection. So stunning!!!!! And that picture of your girls eating the pastry is just too cute. I am living for it! Those swing pictures are insane, so breathtaking, I reaaaally want to go on that swing too. It looks so cool. I haven’t watched The Bachelor so I don’t know who Venmo John is but still, that’s super exciting. I once met someone from Big Brother and also Tracy Beaker, ooh and someone from EastEnders (a British soap). Have a great rest of the week Mack. xxx

    1. Awwww thank you, love!!!! <3

      That is SOOO cool you met someone from Big Brother-what a great show!!!- and Tracy Beaker?! Too neat!!! I haven't heard of East Enders, but I bet that was a great experience 🙂 Thanks for sharing, girl! Have such a great rest of your weekend, beautiful!

  6. The swing looks amazing, I’d love to swing there next time in San Francisco!! You look beautiful and I love your top!


  7. Haha I’ve run into someone from the bachelor before, but I don’t really watch! We were at a bar and he was doing the same cootie catcher game he did when he was introduced on the show

  8. Hi Mackenzie!
    I hope mid-terms is going well for you. Thanks for sharing your adventures! I really loved your pics and seeing all the delicious treats. I have tried match flavored pocky sticks, but not pastries yet. It is on my list! I have yet to meet someone who has been on tv too. I hope you will enjoy the rest of your week!

    <3 Alana

    1. Hi, Alana!! How are you, girl?!?! Thanks so much for stopping by! Ooooo matcha flavored pocky sticks sound phenomenal. I’m gonna have to keep an eye out.


  9. Eeeekkkkkkkkk! Good luck on your midterms girl, I’m know you’re gonna crush it! That Bakehouse looks incredibly delicious and you weren’t lying about those views at Bernal Heights; holy amazing! Thanks for sharing pretty girl!

    1. Hey, girl!!! Thank you so much <3 <3 I need that vote of confidence- after Monday I will be freeee of the midterm stress- wooohoo!

      The bakehouse was next level, and right?! I want to go back to that swing asap. Have a great rest of your week, love. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. I’m probably one of the one people who cares about this haha but the packaging at the bakery and coffeeshop are adorable!! Packaging goals for this wannabe designer right here lol.

    The picture of you barefoot on the swing is incredible. You should print it out to frame.

    How fun to see Venmo John! Full disclosure I’m not actually sure who that is since I don’t watch Bachelor/Bachelorette but still cool! I don’t know if I’ve ever randomly seen a celeb to be honest with you. But now I can’t remember!

    Good luck on midterms! I’m sure you’ll do great.

    1. LOL!!! I love that so much! It seriously is SUCH cute and creative packagine.

      Thanks, Maureen 🙂

      haha- no worries! It’s probably a good thing you don’t subject yourself to trash tv the way I do hahah.

      Thank you so tons !!!! Once monday is over I will be able to take a big deep breath!

    1. YES!! They are just phenomenal!!! I love the little fish cones SO much. Too yummy, and you’re right allll about the texture! I don’t think I’ll ever appreciate a waffle cone the same way again. Thanks, Jess!:)

  11. That Bernal Heights swing has been on my bucket list for years…what wonderful pictures! Maybe I’ll get out there this weekend…

    I’ve had matcha lattes and I like them, but I LOVE my vanilla lattes! Which is a bit strange because I will always choose chocolate over anything else vanilla. That matcha croissant looks divine!

    Years ago I was at the CA Academy of Sciences when I saw a private tour being given to Demi Moore and her daughters. This was when Demi and Ashton Kutcher were still together so I was looking around for him (he’s such a cutie!) and he was standing off to the side looking all bored and like he wanted to be anywhere but there. I was too chicken to approach him because of that vibe he was putting off and I didn’t dare approach Demi Moore because when we locked eyes she told me (just with her eyes) to NOT approach her. Hahaha! I can take a hint!

    1. Ahh I hope you have the chance to try it soon 🙂

      You know- sometimes you just can’t top something vanilla! I personally adore the cheesecake factory vanilla bean cheesecake- I’m convinced it’s one of their best. Something so nice and light, but tasty about vanilla- so I get it!!

      That’s SO cool & crazy too!!! How hilarious you picked up on those cues. Thank goodness you are self aware- others probably wouldn’t have even noticed! I think I would have just fainted. lol!

  12. You always find the most awesome places, Mackenzie!! Now I must have each of those sweet treats and swing on that swing!! Best of luck on your exams! xx

    1. Aw thank you! We had just a wonderful time. I highly recommend the swing and bakery if you are ever in town 🙂 I am itching to go back already! Ahh thanks so much! I have the “big kahuna” exam on Monday. I’ll be mighty relieved when it’s all done!

    1. The swing was just a blast!! I am already itching to go back hehe. Thank you so much- I really appreciate the encouragement 🙂 It’ll all be over after Monday. Woohoo! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  13. Eeeeek midterms! I am approaching those as well! Good luck beauty! Sending you ALL the positive vibes!
    That sounds like an amazing weekend! Low key with the perfect amount of activities! (Okay that sounded contradictory but hopefully you know what I meant lol)
    I love that! Days with friends are the best! And oh my Lana Mr Holmes looks amazing! Oh my matcha! A matcha croissant a cruffin? Oh my word! I am hungry now!
    And while I LOVE Peet’s Jane’s looks so flipping adorable! And I LOVE charcoal infused drinks, thought I have never seen it with coffee. Now I have to go to this place!
    I NEED to go to Berna Heights! Girl you are giving me some new bucket list items for San Fran! I am in love with those pictures!
    Ahhh that is SO much fun! And I am so glad he was just as nice in person! Is he still single cause you know you can send him my! :p LOL.
    Oh my word ALL that food! I am so hungry now! And that fish cone is SO cute! You know my mermaid heart is going all aflutter!
    I love Matcha lattes! The coffee shop I go to, Cafe Jax has a delicious matcha latte!
    And yes I have met quite a few famous people, one of the studio’s I taught at was well known for its celebrity clientele. Sending you all the good juju and prayers for midterms beauty! <3

    1. Thank you so much, girlfriend. You will do amazing! Still not sure how you juggle all you do- superwoman for sure! bahaha- I totally know what you meant 🙂 YOU WOULD LOVE MR. HOLMES!!! I am taking you next time. I’m telling you- this whole day was just a bucket list fiesta!

      Your little mermaid self NEEDS to try the fish cone. Have you had one?! I am officially obsessed.

      Okay- we need to chat. With your job, living in NYC and all that you are probably desensitized to the celebrity status- but girl, I am not and need to hear alll the stories lol! Sounds like a great coffee convo over some Peet’s 😉

      Ahhh thank you so much, love! Same to youuuuuu! We’ve got this! XO

  14. That bakery looks amazing! I would love to find a place that could make gluten-free croissants and cinnamon rolls. Yummy! Berna Heights looks amazing! I haven’t been to San Francisco since I was little and just did Alcatraz and went down that really windy road. That was it LOL guess I need to go back!!!!

    1. Hi, Shan!!!

      I’m sure that SF has some nice gluten free options around here 🙂 I’ll keep an eye out next time I’m out and about!!

      Alcatraz is one of the major attractions- so I’m glad you did that! And Hehehe- Ooooo Lombard street- gotta love it. But yes, that’s just scratching the surface! Totally time to make a trip back 🙂 Have a great rest of your weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by, Shan!

  15. The bakery items – oh my, but the Jane’s Bread kept my gaze the longest and I decided I wanted to be barefoot on the swing, holding onto a piece of buttered Jane’s bread in one hand and gripping that swing rope with the other hand and gazing at that spectacular view. I have never met anyone famous – woe is me and I’ve not tried anything matcha flavored. Good luck on the midterms – I don’t envy you for the studying for them. Good luck Mackenzie!

    1. Oh my gosh, the scene you just described sounds like literal perfection!!! I may need to recreate that… I need to go back anyways to try out that award winning bread!

      Thank you so much, Linda! 🙂

      1. Oh yes, I wanted to close my eyes and be there munching on that delicious-looking bread, butter, peanut butter and swinging on the swing. I’ll imagine that as a go-to place when I need to “get away in my mind”.

  16. What an amazing day! That bakery looks dreamy and that swing is so perfect. Good luck on the midterms!!

  17. Mack! Hope the midterms go well for you! ♡

    Mr. Holmes Bakehouse looks amazing! I’d love to try that Matcha Croissant!

    I’ve tried a few charcoal infused beauty products but coffee?!? Sounds so interesting & with mushrooms?! Count me in!

    Lol the photos of you taking photos are def my favorite to ever be featured on your blog! You look so serious! 😂

    That big swing is out of this world! & so are the views from up there!! Super cool that you met the guy from The Bachelor, I know how much you love that show!! I’ve met a contestant from America’s Next Top Model before & a YouTube family before. Also, Mike Tyson frequents my place of employment lol.

    1. Thanks, gf! Once Monday is done I can take a big ole’ deep breath!

      I really think you’d like the mushroom latte! It was phenomenal!

      Ahhh I’m so glad you liked those photos ! You always find humor in the things I do too. hahah. love it.

      No wayyyyyy! That’s so cool you met someone from ANTM! And from youtube- that’s a world I know nothing at all about. WAIT- MIKE TYSON?! THE Mike Tyson?!? Dang! So cool

      1. I know absolutely nothing about the YouTube world either lol. I had served that YouTube family ice cream shakes & hot donuts many times until one day a kid like screamed at them to take a picture… and I was like “huh?? they’re always here! I didn’t know they were famous” so next time he came, we looked at his big gold necklace & it said his YouTube name on it so we looked him up & the ice cream shop I worked at is featured on his channel a few times LOL.

        & yes THE Mike Tyson haha!! But I guess he’s not very nice so I’ve only waved at him a few times. 😛

      2. That’ s soo rude that kid screamed at them like that?! People are so NOT self aware haha.

        That’s seriously so cool though!

        hahahh. Probably good to keep your distance 😉

      3. Ah yeah, you know how teens are! The wife looked annoyed & didn’t let the teen take pics with their kiddos. Only the dad got up for a selfie shot with him. 😛 I mean, they were just enjoying their dessert treats at the mall so I see why she was annoyed!!

      4. Totalllly. I have heard on podcasts that the #1 time to never ask for a picture is when people are eating. I mean it’s common sense- so rude!!!

    1. Tehe 🙂 Thanks so much, Diane!!! I so appreciate you popping in. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  18. That bakery looks heavenly! Especially those croissants! My mouth is watering right now. Everything in this post looks yummy. That swing looks really amazing too, with good views to boot.

    1. YES GIRL! I would be so excited if you visited. I’d make sure to give you allll the good places to go! Thanks for reading, Tara 🙂 XO

  19. I have never heard of activated charcoal in coffee before!! Did it change the flavor at all?! That sounds so interesting. I’ve heard charcoal is good for you, but I’ve mostly seen it in skincare products, haha. Also, that swing looks like an incredible experience! How fun and what a view!! :O
    Oh and those photos of you taking pictures of your coffee are too funny! I love that guy just looking at you in the second one! Haha #doitfortheblog! XD

    1. Hey, girl! So I didn’t feel like it changed the flavor necessarily- it’s a super hard flavor to describe– but it was delicious- almost like a warm earl gray tea (that may be off base, but closest flavor I can think of).

      The swing was such fun!! I am itchin’ to go back sometime soon.

      Hahhah EXACTLY!! He was hard core judgin’! #doitfortheblog ALWAYS! xo

      1. That’s so interesting! At least it didn’t change the flavor, or rather, at least it still tasted delicious!! I am so intrigued to try one sometime haha.
        The things we do for our blogs, lol…it’s just the best because even though it’s crazy at the moment, we know it will pay off haha!

  20. What a fun girls day! Those pastries look Heavenly!

    What a cute swing! Looks so fun!

    hahaha I love the behind-the-scenes shots! 😉

    How cool you met a celebrity! I don’t think I have ever met one before but I know if I did, I’d go crazy with excitement!

    I’m unable to recall if I have ever had anything matcha flavored but the color is so pretty so I really want to try something!

    1. Thanks, Kaci 🙂 Hahah- thanks for appreciating the behind the scenes shots!

      Girl, I fan girl way too hard. Tammy was so good at keeping the convo going thankfully. I just stood there with my heart beating out of my chest!

      I think you would really like matcha!!! I think Kori has had some things from TJ’s!! She could probably find something you’d like! Thanks for stopping by, love! xo

    1. Hi, Ashley! It was such an unforgettable day- thanks for stopping by 🙂 ! Hope you are having a wonderful week. <3

  21. OMG this looks like so much fun! those pastries look absolutely delicious & i love the cute coffee shop you found, such cute decor. also that swing!!! i would totally go barefoot too 🙌🏻

    1. Hey, Jamie! Thanks so much for stopping by… Jane is just the cutest little coffee shop I’ve ever been to. Have you ever been to SF? I know you’d love it!

      1. You would! If you ever make the trip I’d be happy to share all the best recs 🙂

  22. Looks like the best kind of day Makenzie!! There’s something about just spending a day talking (and eating) with girls friends… And the weather looked perfect. My daughter said in October summer finally arrived in SF!! So now I’m off to look up the Jane coffee shop (Is it on Filmore??) and the Mr. Holmes Bakehouse! thanks for the recommendations. My Mom and I are heading up to SF on Tuesday. She has 2 little new great-grandsons she needs to meet up there! Fun post! xox

    1. Absolutely 🙂 And it was some of the best weather I’ve encountered in SF in a while! Just perfect. No Karl in sight!

      There are a couple Jane locations, the one we went to was on Larkin!

      Awww have so much fun 🙂 I always love reading your posts from when you visit!!

      1. Hi Mackenzie– looked up your Jane and Bakehouse– hope you can drop in sometime! Happy weekend!! Hope you get away from your books for a while to enjoy it all! xox

  23. Hi Mackenzie! I hope you are doing well after your midterms. It sounds like a nice relaxing friday and saturday for you and DJ. It will be sad that Dani is leaving so it must have been nice to spend time with her. Mr. Holmes looks so good, especially as I am commenting in the morning time! You find the best pastry shops! Cute pic of you with the baked in SF sign. Jane looks like my kinda place. The wall decor is fabulous , and the stationery on the cup i really like. I have not tried charcoal inspired drinks yet but you have me thinking now. Bernal heights is a must see I guess! great views of the city. You look like the Queen on the swing overlooking her city below! How nice for you to meet someone from the bachelor ! Especially as I know what a fan you are. There is always room for ice cream! I seriously have to go now and get some food! All you Girls look so cute together. I like your cold shoulder top with the jeans and boots. I have met Dorothy Lyman before from Mama’s house , a lovely lady. P.s. two things , I seen a lady wearing a shirt reading ” you cant make everyone you meet happy, after all you are not an avacado! ” I bought my first peet’s coffee from the store! It was the major Dickason’s blend and it is so good! Have a lovely day, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. It was soo nice to have that time with her- we were able to hangout one more time before she left, so that was nice! And pastry shops are my weakness! Can’t get enough of um’! You would love Jane! I hope you get to try sometime 🙂 Dawwww I love that- the views were just breath taking. Hard to even put into words! Ahh thanks so much 🙂 I will pass on the kind words to them too!

      How wonderful you met Dorothy Lyman! Wow! And I am obsessed with that tshirt slogan. Amazing!!!!!

      YAY! I am so glad you are loving the Peet’s coffee- I like their store bought stuff too, but I will say from a shop it is eveeen better 🙂 Thanks for stopping in, Terri! Xo

  24. That sounds like the best day ever! That swing looked like so much fun! That’s amazing that you ran into John from The Bachelorette! The only celebs encounters I ever had were usually at Broadway stage doors. I remember meeting Zachary Quinto when he was in The Glass Menagerie right after American Horror Story Season 2 just aired. My favorite one was when I met Zachary Levi after First Date on Broadway. I’m such a fan of his series Chuck. He was the nicest guy and he brought a boom box out to make it like a real party atmosphere at the stage door. Never seen anything like it, it was a moment.

    1. Hey, Jodi! How is your week going, girl? Did you TGIT it up? I am behind some shows but need to get on it!

      Okay that is too cool you saw Zachary Quinto & Levi! Wonder who the next Zach will be, lol! I will have to check out that series too! What a cool memory. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      1. Hey! It’s going, LoL. Thanks for asking =).

        Didn’t watch any of TGIT yet. Thanks goodness for Hulu and the DVR, LoL.

        I know, LoL. So many Zachs, LoL! And they were on Broadway in the same season that year too!

      2. Heck yea – do not know what we would do without our modern day technology lol.

        hahah- how funny!

  25. Girl you find the best bakeries!!! And I swear there’s like at least 5 by now that I’d like to go to because of you lol I’m gonna go broke in SF 😂
    I also love their neon sign behind you girls, “I got baked in SF” 😂
    Anyway, matcha croissant?! 😍
    Whoa a charcoal latte?!! What? I didn’t know that was a thing!!
    Omg that swing in Bernal Heights!!! I MUST go there too!! Adding it to my SF BL!! If I can’t afford to go to places where I need to spend money I csn at least go for the views and that swing lol.
    Idk the bachelor haha. So I’m sorry I can’t fan girl with you lol.
    Omg omg omg yessss!! Matcha ice cream! Looks exactly like that one fish Alex had haha except his was vanilla, mine was just some kind of waffle sandwich lol. They’re so so good!!!!!!
    And of course, I love matcha flavored anything now haha. It’s the best!!

    1. haha- isn’t Mr. Holmes something else?!

      You would LOVE the matcha croissant- I think it was my favorite- but it was realllly hard to choose.

      I crave that darn charcoal latte- so scrumptious!

      Oh yes Bernal swing is a must. it makes for some fun photo ops too PLUS you get the best views of the city!

      I thought of you with the matcha ice cream & cone!! It was soooo delicious. I will never appreciate a regular ice cream cone again- that teppanyaki- (did I spell that right? probably not hahah). …. but mmmm mmmm !

      1. I’m sure I would! Now that I’ve gotten a taste of matcha I’m more inclined to try it whenever I see it lol.
        Every time you post new spots I’m like “I wanna go there, and there”. I got a huge huge list, I’ll have to post it sometime lol. SF will definitely not be boring lol.

      2. right?! the stuff is addictive!

        Yesss, girl! When it comes time to narrow it down I can help you with that 🙂 You will LOVE

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