Eating Our Way Through Portland Part Two!

Hey hey! I just had such a productive day, feelin’ like buzzing bee day where I saw my to-do list just dissolve before my very eyes. (edit: I was feeling that way two days ago when I started this post, no longer do I feel that way!). Lol. Anywayyyyys, we are NOT here to talk about today, we are here to talk about.. well quite a few days ago…. aka over a week ago….

SO let’s get to it, eh?!

Part One Portland is here in case you missed it.

We left off nomming down on Pine State Biscuits. After finishing up the breakfast of the century, we headed to Multnomah Falls.

The drive alone provided breath taking views. We cruised along the Columbia River Gorge taking in the deep green vastness, practically illuminated against the charcoal skies.


We were planning on doing the hike up to Multnomah Falls, but the entry to the hike (a few miles past the viewing area) was closed due to the awful fire that happened last year. One of my patients actually warned me about this before going, and he was right! It was still a bit of a mess.

We turned the car around to head back to the viewing point. To our nice surprise at the turnoff, we were greeted by a portion of the Historic Oregon Trail! Love it when detours turn into destinations.


We found a place we could snag some pictures in front of the falls without doing the hike. It worked out pretty beautifully that the hike was closed off because we were able to fit in so much more the rest of the day than we even planned.

One path closes, another one opens!


The boyssss.


The Majestic Multnomah Falls!!! The pictures can’t do them even a bit of justice.


After hitting up the Falls we went to the Vista House overlook. There is a pretty cool history you can read about here for all you history buffs.


These views!




But not for long!


After taking the views in at the Vista House, we headed to Washington Park.

We drove down a long winding road to find the park. It was like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, with roses accompanying each turn of the drive.

Something I didn’t expect, but adored, were the pastel colored homes ascending up the hill. It reminded me of a more spaced out SF. Squish in about fifty more houses, and we’d feel right at home!


And time for the blooms in the Rose Garden! They weren’t even “in season” and yet everything still was gorgeous!


After touring the Gardens, we went to downtown Portland to explore the Pearl District- a cultured, artsy, and heavily foodie laden area!


We grabbed some coffee at Caffe Umbria, then continued exploring. This little coffee shop was so doggone cute.


One of the places I had been dying to see was Powell’s Books- the largest Used & New bookstore in the world.


It was MASSIVE. I could have spent hours upon hours in there. Gosh, I loveddd it!


After Powell’s we walked around a bit more then passed through Providence Park.


I couldn’t believe how large and PACKED the stadium was.


And again.. the art never ceased to amuse!


Since we were in a place known for their Breweries, one of the bullet points on our list was a “good Brewery”….. good thing Jay is a local and doesn’t know just a good brewery, but the best brewery!


Deshutes had a long wait in the middle of the afternoon— and reason being- it’s amazing.

We started with a pretzel and it was the single greatest soft pretzel maybe I’ve ever had (except I’m forever a sucker of Auntie Anne’s). But this is just different, ya know?


And we tried some fantastic beers to go along with it. DJ and I aren’t big “beer” people, but when in Rome. With the pretzel and the atmosphere, it all was fun to sample and actually pick up on the different flavors.


Jay took us to a “locals” spot up a mountain to get panoramic views of the city! I couldn’t capture them with my phone, but gosh, they were awesome. It reminded me of the Twin Peaks in SF.


On this little stone structure there are plaques that whichever plaque you stand in front of, if you look into the distance, that is the exact mountain you are viewing. Pahrettty neat!


Believe it or not… at this point in the afternoon we definitely had worked up a real appetite. We decided to have a “snack”… aka a large 3:00 pm afternoon meal that we are calling a snack because in lieu of how much we ate on this trip, it really was just a snack. We went to a food truck stop that had a food truck for absolutely anyone- Indian to Vegan to Mediterranean to American to Mexican cuisine to etc. etc.- EVERYTHING.


A place on my list was Viking Soul Food. When researching must have food trucks, this was on the list! It is Scandinavian food, which I have never even heard of before.


The main thing they are known for is their lefse which is a Norwegian style potato flatbread, handmade daily. It is like a crepe, yet more savory. Hellooooo deliciousnesss.


I tried their “Ocean Booty” with shrimp, aioli, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and almonds wrapped in the lefse. It was delicious, and perfectly light for the afternoon.


DJ and Jay decided to try Herb’s Mac & Cheese. Jay had their Pulled Pork and DJ had their jalapeno mac and cheese.


I had a bite of this magic and goodness gracious- it was maybe some of the best macaroni I have ever tasted. My mouth is watering looking at this picture again!

img_4596Time for one of the biggest HIGHLIGHTS of the weekend!!!

After we came back, we had a couple hours before we had dinner (yes, dinner, yet another meal so soon) planned with Jay and his girlfriend. On a total whim, I messaged Rossy from ayrgalaxy to see if she was maybe able to meet up. She was able to stop by with her husband Alex and her adorable, seriously cutest little man in the world, Ciel, to visit for a few minutes.

Y’all. Ok, where to begin? Rossy is the kindest, most down to earth, and beautiful person! Seriously- I know this will be hard to believe, but she is even more gorgeous in person! DJ and I had such a blast talking with her and Alex. They both are just the easiest people to talk to. Oh, and Ciel is just the most precious, gooodnesss gracious! Seeing Rossy interact with him and hold him gave me baby fever- she is such a good momma. I was so thankful they took the time out of their day (and go so out of their way) to stop by, it was the sweetest and seriously made the weekend.


When walking with DJ to dinner after I kept saying, “Ugh! I wish we all lived closer so we could hangout more!”. But I am brainwashing them to visit SF for a double date, soooo stay tuned.


We arrived at Masu sushi on foot after about only 10 minutes.


Best. Sushi. Of. Our. Lives.

This is a must try if you go to Portland. Everything from the PERFECT ambiance, to the presentation of the food, to the TASTE (the most important).

Of course, I will simply adamantly suggest what to order so you have the most wonderful experience.

First, they bring you out complimentary edamame, sooooo yum!


You have to start with the calamari. We savored every bit of the calamari. It isn’t the traditional fried calamari, but rather lightly breaded, but the calamari pieces are thick rather than stringy. The calamari was so juicy and without all the fried breading the flavor made quite the statement.


Next, the Pearl with shrimp tempura, avocado, and crab topped with spicy tuna and sweet chili sauce is up. We also had a couple pieces of Kani Dungess crab to share.


Next up was the Japanista– spicy crab, spicy tuna and kawaire with seared hamachi, cilantro and red jalapeno on top served with our hana and sweet chili sauce. YUM.


And the best of all- St. Helen’s Volcano– whitefish, crab, scallops, shrimp and avocado baked with our volcano cream sauce, eel sauce and smoked bonito. It was flame. Literally.


Jay, DJ, and I had been talking earlier that day about how we’d never been to Melting Pot. Jay surprised us by taking us here for dessert.


The guys split a dish, and the gals split a dish. Y’all. How have I never had this magic before?!? My sweet tooth was terribly satisfied, and yet- I felt like I could have polished off a whole other plate. It was too dang good- the oreo crusted marshmallow and the brownies were my favorite.


We parted ways with Jay and Carly (Jay’s girlfriend) after, excited to meet up again the next day. DJ and I headed to Departure, one of the restaurants in our hotel. We soaked up the views and just enjoyed one another’s company for a few minutes. It actually reminded us quite a bit of San Diego. We didn’t last long after getting up so early, so we headed to sleep fairly quickly.


This was an unforgettable day. All the fun with great friends and great food- two of lives true treasures. Believe it or not there will be a part Three… one day probably next week, Haha. Y’all know I suck at blogging in a timely manner. Too late for new years resolutions (maybe I’ll just call it an early resolution and say I’m ahead of the game 😉 )?

Also- if you’ve ever been to Portland I’d love to hear your suggestions, favorite memories, anything at all!

xo <3

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41 thoughts on “Eating Our Way Through Portland Part Two!

  1. The views on your hike are beautiful!! Powell’s would be dangerous for me. I’d probably have to buy a suitcase to bring back all the books I would want to buy haha. Have a wonderful Friday Mackenzie 🙂

    1. It was just all so serene! And YES – ahhh you would LOVE, maureen! It was a good thing we flew otherwise I would have gone crazy too.

  2. Oh thank you for this fantastic blog. I have never been to Portland and would love to go and after seeing all these pictures I need to go!! Oh the views and oh the food!!! That sushi looked amazing! What a very fun trip and so nice you could see Jay. Can’t wait for part 3!!!! love, your Ohio mom still sad that my Cavs lost to your Warriors last nigh!

    1. Of course!!! Oooo you would love Portland !! It’s so fun, great food, super laid back. I can’t wait for the chance to go back- so let us know if you ever plan a trip there! Not our warriors lol!!

  3. Girl you are making me want to visit the “Other” Portland! Oh my lanta your pictures are stunning! Multnomah falls is absolutely breathtaking! Going on my bucket list now!
And those homes! That architecture! SO pretty! And very definitely SF! Ahh I LOVE those gardens! SO pretty!
    Oh my lanta ALL that food! SOOO yummy!
    EEEKKKK THAT is SO awesome! Ahhhh I am so happy you got to meet Rossy! SO cool!
    AND ALL that sushi! My mouth is watering! I am SO hungry now!
    Oh my word I LOVE the melting pot! SO yummy! I am so happy you got to finally go!
    San Diego…”Reminds me of San Diego?!?!” Girl I am SO excited for my trip! Getting down to single digits! Ahh loved reading this post! I hope you have a fabulous weekend beauty and now I have to go plan my trip to the “Other” Portland! ;p <3

    1. Heyyyy girllll!! Multnomah was beautiful- next time we’ll be hiking it as you would do 😉 It was awesome meeting Rossy- she’s so sweet. Of course it gave me flashbacks of meeting you and JJ <3 Ok you are going to adore SD. My heart's a bit broken that I don't think I'll be able to join- but I can't wait to hear every single detail!

      1. Heyyy beautiful lady! Bwahaha I mean maybe though if you can drive up it :p Awe you are the sweetest! I am so flipping excited! And while I am sad you won’t be able to join, girl I will be thinking of you the whole week I am there! And I can not wait to share with you! You are the inspiration for the trip! SO much love to you sweets! <3

      1. Oh I bet a brunch would be awesome there!! We didn’t do too much brunchy food minus Pine State biscuits- but next time will have to. XO

  4. Gosh all of the art in Portland is breathtaking!!! That food truck stop looks freaking fantastic. That would have to be my first stop if I ever make it out there haha.

    You & Rossy are both so beautiful!! I’d love to meet you both one day. 🙂

    Mmm. All of the sushi looks so good!! & I’ve never been to a Melting Pot either. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one around here though. Those oreo crusted marshmallows are calling for me.

    All of the scenic photos you took are so pretty, Mackenzie! Can’t wait to see part 3!! ♡

    1. It is such a fun, unique place!! I would say definitely make the food trucks your first stop- I overall may have enjoyed the food truck food the most! And thank you so much sweet girl- we’ll have to all have a big blogger’s get together someday 🙂 Definitely suggest doing melting pot at least once! SO DELISH! XO

  5. Those views are unbelievably breathtaking!! Absolutely stunning, as are you, dear! You look so lovely, and you and DJ are adorable. I love all of the unique food, and you really captured your trip wonderfully. Thanks, as always, for your fun recaps! XO

  6. My goodness, those views are absolutely stunning! I absolutely need to visit Portland because that is just breathtaking. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos with us!

    I think it’s so fantastic that you and Rossy were able to meet up! How fun! She honestly is so beautiful and kind! And how great that you guys got to meet her husband and Ciel as well! That little boy is too cute. 😉

    1. Hey girl!! Definitely need to visit Portland 🙂 Thanks for sharing in our trip with us! And ahhh it was soo nice to meet Rossy- she’s awesome. And Ciel seriously melted my heart!! He’s just precious to pieces. XO

  7. We have the Melting Pot out here around Boston, so I went for my Bachelorette party actually. SOooooo GOOD! Loved Powell’s Books when I was in Portland. AND I remember there being a ton of beautiful flowers while I out there. 🙂 Sadly I didn’t get to see the falls though. 🙁

    1. OOoo did you have the food too?! Since we just had dessert we keep saying we need to try the actual food (But what can top dessert really?! 😉 ). It sounds like you have an excuse to make a trip back to check out the falls! So beautiful 🙂

      1. So we actually just had dessert as well. BUT the food ‘has’ to be amazing, so I think I need to go back one day too. Ha, ha.
        And yes, I definitely hope I make it back to Portland one day to see the falls. I was telling the hubby the other day that Portland should be on our travel bucket list to do together! 🙂

  8. Your photos of Multnomah Falls are stunning!!! It’s on my bucket list! Roanoke convinced Deschutes that they should be the location of their East Coast brewery. They are supposed to break ground next year and be completed in 2021, I think. They have a tasting room downtown. I haven’t been there yet, but I have had their beers from the store. I’ve only been to Melting Pot once as a girls night dinner. It was a lot of fun. And bookstores….be still my heart. Thanks for sharing all this awesomeness. xx

    1. Thank you Amy!!! That is sooo exciting about Deshutes!!! Ok when you go- you have to try their pretzel if they have it!! It was soo good, my husband and I still dream of it. Thanks for sharing in this with us!

  9. If your photos of Multnomah Falls doesn’t do them justice then man do I need to GO! So, so gorgeous! Your photos are absolutely stunning!

    Also, I feel like I need to try an Oreo encrusted marshmallow now, haha!

  10. YASSSS!!! Multnomah Falls!!!! I can’t wait for it to open again, I really wanna hike up there!
    And the views from Crown Pointe are stunning, especially during summer when the skies are clear. Sunset watching from there is very beautiful but also very dangerous because people tend to go there at night. One time many years ago, some people were trying to come up to our car as if telling us we shouldn’t be there.. Terrible, but nothing happened.. Anyway, I literally just tried going to the Rose Garden last weekend but there was NO parking!! So sad! 🙁 But we did see that the roses were blooming and it looked very beautiful. My dad got married there xD
    I LOOOVE Powell’s Books!!! You COULD spend hours in there just walking all around the store, it’s amazing. And I love that photo you took of that specific isle because I IMMEDIATELY spotted the trilogy I finished reading in April, The Passage.. The first two books are right there in the middle haha
    Awhhh you’re the sweetest ever!!!! I think you’re even more gorgeous in person as well ;D And believe me, I’m trying to make SF happen!!!!! LOL.. I hope you don’t move before we get the chance to go 🙁
    The food from Masu sushi looks sooo good, but I’m sooooo afraid to eat raw fish haha. I’ll have to try it once… the very far future lol.
    Great recap! Loving the rooftop views of the city, you were literally in the heart of it 😀
    Omw to read part tres! 🙂

    1. hey girl!!! Aww you’re sweet to go back and read these posts!! I know how busy you are. Thank you so much for suggesting Crowne pointe- seriously breath taking views. One of my favorite parts of the trip! I can’t even imagine how gorgeous a sunset would be there. Ahhh I bet it’s stunning with the roses- we have to go back just for that! I can’t believe your dad was married there- prettiest wedding ever I’m sure!! LOL- that’s so funny about the books- do you recommend them?!!?

      <3 <3 Girl, we are AT LEAST here until next fall (2019) so you've got some time 🙂

      Portland is a new favorite city of ours- I've talked about it basically non stop since we've been back haha

      1. No problem I love reading your blog posts! 😊
        His wedding was small and intimate it was nice 😀
        I personally love the books, they’re about vampires but more like monsters, and it has a little bit of horror and stuff. Lol. Not sure what you like to read?

        Awh I’ll be sure to try to save some money but with no income from my part it kind of sucks 😣

        Awh that’s so great! I’m glad you lied it here and I’m glad you had a great time. Have a great weekend!!

      2. Aw thanks, Rossy ❤️ girl I am alllll over the place with what I like to read… lately I’ve been about thrillers and mysteries but I totally go through phases. Those sound like some fun reads!

        I feeeeel you on the non employment. I’ll be reapplying for part time gigs after I get my feet wet with school (if I can handle it), but it’s been a change for sure without that extra income too. But hopefully the stars will align and we will see each other in SF one day!

        Have a great week, gf!

      3. If you absolutely love a certain let me know the name. I’m currently looking for more recommendations and suggestions lol.
        Well I wish you good luck!! Hopefully we see each other soon! 😉

      4. Will do! I recently read Behind Closed Doors and enjoyed it- a bit of a hard read from content perspective, but an easy fast read from just a difficulty perspective. I couldn’t put it down and was satisfied with the ending!

      5. I took a screenshot in case I forget the name. I really should have a list on my phone or something lol. But good to know. I’ll look into that book.

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