Hey hey! Welcome to Part Three of my first and favorite Nashville trip! You can find Part One here and Part Two here.

After our exquisito dinner, we set off to explore another neighborhood in downtown- The Gulch.

The Gulch has a casual vibe. We walked around and took note of all the adorable restaurants and bakeries we would like to eventually try. We then stopped into 404 Kitchen and chatted the night away!

The first floor of 404 Kitchen is a gorgeous bar area. I love the sliding ladder on the far wall.

Also, I was quite amused by this banana wallpaper, lol.

We decided to try to get some views of the city after, so we went to the top of a hotel Kels had previously been to. Unfortunately, the top view was blocked for a wedding party, but it was still a beautiful rooftop!

And for the last local spot on our agenda, we stopped into Santa’s Pub to watch Karaoke.

As we walked in, we were greeted by wall-to-wall Christmas decor/trinkets and nearly every person singing along to whatever music was playing. There was hardly a place to sit or stand, but we found a couple seats to slide in near the back.

The vibe of this place was the definition of cheerful. It was easily one of my favorite parts of the trip.

You could tell this was a local spot- it seemed everyone knew each other and was familiar with the different singers to take the mic. A roar of applause would erupt as the announcer called up certain people- and we knew we were in for a treat! Some of these singers were just phenomenal. That’s what you get in Nashville- even casual karaoke is packed with talent!

We even spotted Santa himself! A man with a long, white beard was casually chillin’ in the outdoor porch area. Turns out it was the owner of Santa’s Pub. A sweet note- He earned this nickname from his grandson about 18 years ago.

The next day in the morning we went to Crema Coffee Roasters to grab some fuel to start the day. It was great coffee!

Lastly, we wrapped up with our final meal in Nashville at Adele’s with a brunch buffet.

This brunch had everything you could imagine for brunch-great music, a smoked salmon bagel bar, eggs, yogurt, french toast, a variety of meats, tons of different salad/cold dishes and much more!

We made two trips to the buffet but still couldn’t turn down the  tempting desserts!

I tried the chocolate mousse and a pecan bar- both were the most delicious end to the meal- I can practically taste them!

We got one last picture together and then went our separate ways- Kels started the trek back to Illinois, while I set off toward Ohio. I miss her so much already! It was an unforgettable few days!

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9 thoughts on “NASHVILLE PART THREE!

  1. So happy to see *three* parts of Nashville! I’m impressed with how much y’all did in just a few days there. I also really love your part about Santa’s Pub–I love quaint places with a little bit of character, glad that you got to share that place with us!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this trip’s recaps! It was such a blast. I can’t wait to go back sometime!! It feels like just yesterday we were having brunch, and I was telling you about my road trip plans- it’s so wild all that is months ago now!! But yes- Santa’s Pub was probably my favorite part of the trip- it was just such a wonderful hidden gem. I am so glad we checked it out! Thanks for reading, Taylor 🙂

    1. YES! Absolutely check it out when you go back- it is a true hidden GEM! 🙂 I took notes from your trip too, so I’m glad we could exchange Nashville ideas 🙂

  2. This sounds and appears like you two had a blast in Nashville. Santa’s Pub looks like a lot of fun and that banana wallpaper looks 3D to me. The pecan bar calls out to me and I could reach across the screen and grab a bite. I hope you and Kels don’t have to wait as long to have another adventure – probably not since you live closer now.

    1. Hi Linda! We had soo much fun- it was a trip I will not forget! I agree, the banana wallpaper does look 3D! I wish I could share that pecan bar- it was diiiivine! Kels and I were just facetiming last night talking about our next trip- we are thinking after the new year about meeting up with her and her fiance and some friends from college in Indianapolis! Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. Sounds fun Mackenzie – something to look forward to. How are you adjusting to the cold? After a mild month of October, we had some snow flurries today and bet you are having similar weather. Moose won’t be as excited to go out for a walk now. You’ll have to get him a wool coat. 🙂

  3. My mouth is watering for that pecan bar from your brunch at Adele’s. What a wonderful time you had in Nashville and so glad you got to see Kels and share this amazing Nashville experience with her. Keep these blogs coming, love your Ohio Mom

    1. Oh you would have LOVED that pecan bar! Everything pecan we had in Nashville was next level! Can’t wait to start sharing about Ohio next 🙂 <3

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