V. Sattui Winery & Labor Day!

Slowly but surely we are catching up!! Sadly, this is the last installment of Labor Day weekend- but it was a couple of days that did not disappoint!

After our awesome first few days together and the first three wineries (post one, two, and three), we headed to the last one of the day- V. Sattui. It is a family owned and operated winery since 1885 and was voted the winery of the year for 2018 by the Winemaker Challenge for the second year in a row.


This is definitely more of a tourist trap winery than the others we went to- it has a giant gift shop, a deli, a park where you can eat, stands that sell gelato, among a number of other to-dos.


Now, I have to put on the disclaimer that our experience may have been slightly negatively skewed considering we went over Labor Day weekend- but I am going to give an honest (but brutal) account of our time here.

First, upon arriving we couldn’t find parking. Like- nooo parking anywhere. Finally we found somewhere about 3/4ths a mile away and walked in 90 degree heat to get there. Fine- it’s labor day weekend, I get it. But in Napa, usually parking isn’t an issue.

Second, we got our tickets for our reservations. I had the whole day mapped out to a “T” including our dinner reservation after- so there wasn’t a ton of wiggle room. Yet, when we got our ticket, basically it was entrance to a room where you have to fight tooth and nail for a spot at their wine bar.

img_3640I will say the grounds are just stunning. img_3642img_3643img_3647-1img_3639img_3644img_3638img_3637img_4479-1

Y’all know I am not a complainer- but I gottttaaa vent a bit.

Rant time (beware): Once inside and all three of us separating to see if we could find any open areas among the mass of people, I finally found a spot on the very end of a bar for our “reservation”. We all squeezed in and were greeted by the most crotchety and condescending lady to pour our wines. For the tasting, their list is extensive so we asked for some guidance in which to choose. She basically said they were all good and that it’s an impossible question to answer (she answered as though that was the most absurd question I could ask). Okayyy. So then I asked what their most popular wine is. She said they are all popular. Okayyy. Then I finally ask what her favorite is- and she said depends on the mood. Throwing our hands up in defeat, we basically just chose whatever. Oh, and at one point we ordered a Bordeux blend, but she brought out a cab. She poured it and we asked how it was a Bordeux blend if it’s a cab and she said, “Oh it’s a cab- we don’t have the Bordeux”… but rather than telling us they didn’t have it, she just poured us something random. Hahah. Like, what?! Come the very last wine to choose, we were going to try dessert wines- and she goes, “Oh you don’t wanna try the blah blah blah (some bold red) wine?” And we all three looked at each other like, Are you kidding me?! This is what we were trying to ask her the whole time… like we asked for your help to choose best ones from the get go, now you scold us for not trying the right ones?! It was a hot mess and she was so rude through the whole thing. We will not be returning. There are hundreds of wineries in Napa- do not waste your time here! I recognize how silly and minute this issue was- I just wanted it to be perfect for momma Jill and Pete, so I got a bit heated. Also, I wouldn’t even have cared about the busyness or fighting for a spot if our lady just treated us like human beings. Just be nice, why is that so hard for people to grasp?!

After I grabbed this adorable shot of them…


Tried to get a selfie best we could haha


And to decompress for the madness we went to downtown Napa for a wonderful dinner at Ristorante Allegria!


It gives off the warm ambiance of a Macaroni Grill I’d say! (One of my favorite restaurants from back in Ohio).

We eagerly dived into their bread with a delightful bruschetta dip.


For an appetizer, we split calamari… I forgot to snatch a picture before, but I remembered when I had one little squiddy left. Hehe.


Pete ordered their Caesar salad that was super tasty. He was kind enough to share some with us even though my mom and I also split a house salad.


Pete also had their vitello piccata with pan seared veal scaloppini, on garlic-mashed potatoes sauteed spinach, and lemon capers white wine sauce. I had a bite of the spinach and mashed potatoes and it was all heavenly.


My mom and I split their pappardelle allo zafferano with fresh homemade saffron pasta, jumbo prawns, wild mushrooms, finished with roasted shrimp bisque. This hit the spot!! I love the idea of using bisque on top of noodles too- I may need to try that at home sometime. One of my favorite parts of eating out is seeing different ways you can assemble different ingredients for a tasty meal.


We headed home for the evening, but my mom gave me this when we got back- A candle from Rombauer <3 <3 So sweet. AND it is made out of a wine bottle!


Monday September 3rd, Labor Day, my mom and I woke up early to go to Orange Theory to get our workout on.


It was partner day so it was extra fun because we worked together 🙂

After, we refueled with our avocado toasts per usual.


Unfortunately, yo girl had to “go to school” the whole day, so my mom and Pete went to do some prospecting of malls in the area (it’s part of my mom’s job).

In the evening, my mom and I went on a nice long walk to clear our noggins. It was one of my favorite parts of the weekend.


I’m just rocking that “I’ve literally been studying and reading every second of the day” look.

After a hard days’ work for all of us, I whipped everyone up tacos!!! Bison tacos are DJ’s favorite of the meals I make, so I made bison tacos for the men and my vegan tacos for my mom and I. Can you tell the difference? 😉


Momma Jill made us all her famous skinny margs. Gosh, they are the best!!


we ended the evening by watching Bachelor in Paradise and eating caramel blossoms with ice cream!

On Tuesday September 4th they left super early to head back to Texas. It was an unforgettable weekend- I always say that- but truly nothing tops time with family and friends.

Questions for you!

  • Let’s taco bout this- you a crunchy shell or a soft shell kinda person?
  • Cilantro- yay or nay? Apparently some people think it tastes like soap!

xo <3

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63 thoughts on “V. Sattui Winery & Labor Day!

  1. Ugh, I hate Napa in the summer! Years ago my husband and I decided its not worth the trip to Napa to fight with the tourists for all the winery tastings. We avoid summer and later summer in wine coutnry now. We head to wine country in the late fall and winter and spring when it is so quiet and beautiful! If you can believe it the wineries are empty and the baristas super chatty! But i understand out of town visitors dont have the luxury that we do to go whenever we want. Stll, the scenery and the gardens and the tastings rooms and the food in wine country are extraordinary!!!

    1. We definitely learned our lesson! Luckily we got lucky with the first few- but I think we will avoid this time of year from now on too 😉 I can’t wait to visit during those times you suggest! I only visited Napa for he first time this year so I haven’t seen it through many seasons yet:) thanks for the info! Can’t wait! Hope you are having a great day week, Kalpana! 💕

  2. That’s awesome you got such great time with your mom!! I love my time with my mom, especially now that it doesn’t happen as often! I love cilantro and I will eat a taco anyway it comes to me:)

    1. Isn’t it the best?! And I love your attitude toward tacos! That’s what I’m taco-in about! 😜🤦🏼‍♀️

      1. Tacos are just so good- who can resist? My favourite are fish tacos but I eat the classic ones a lot too.

      2. I agreeee! Fish tacos are my favorite! I was never a huge taco fan growing up, but as an adult I’ve warmed up to them more! Isn’t that ironic? Hahah.

      3. Ahhh SAME! I didn’t ever get them- like they seemed so weird to me, I’d eat them if I had to, but now I’m obsessed 😍 🥑

    1. Oh my gosh I am so sad the weekend blogging has come to an end. It’s like havin to say goodbye to you all over again. Ugh!

  3. Your rant! I love it 😂😂😂 seriously though, your server sounds so silly 😭 at first I thought maybe she was new and unsure of the most popular wines or something but even so, no need to be rude about it just say so!!!! Oh dear, I will take your word for it and not visit there!
    That picture you got of your mum and Pete is toooo cute btw and I love the group selfie 😍
    You are totally rocking the au natural studied all day look, of course! I’d expect nothing less from you haha, and I love that you and your mum went for a stroll! Walks are the best especially with good company ❤️
    So happy you had such a wonderful weekend hun! You’re right- family time and time with friends is unbeatable! Xxx

    1. Hahha- I was getting my pants in a knot over it all for sure! How is it possible to get so worked up while surrounded by so much wine?! Teheh. I know- she could have suggested SOMETHING! It was crazy – oh well.

      Aw thanks chica <3 <3 The walk was a special memory. In high school we used to take them together, and I miss it! Almost Friday, love! Woohooo!

      1. Oh bless you. Haha that’s so true, normally wine is such a feel good alcoholic drink! She must have been really bad 😉
        Oh so sweet! I love that. Such a simple yet beautiful pleasure 🙂 And one that reminds you of fond memories! Oh gosh you’re right, where has this week gone hey?

      2. Lol, right?

        Exactly! The simple things in life are truly the best ❤️

        Hope you have a great weekend, m’dear! 💕

  4. So sorry to hear about your negative experience at V. Sattui! We went there Labor Day weekend of 2017 with a tour guide who I guess knew how to hit it at the right time. We hadn’t planned to do a tasting there, just have a picnic lunch…the gourmet sandwiches at the deli are very good. But we got there a little earlier than scheduled and it wasn’t crowded, so we took a seat at the bar and did the tasting without a reservation. The guy asked us what we usually like and made recommendations…he was really nice, even threw in an extra pour of some dessert wine concoction he’d made up and wanted us to try. It was a fun experience, but honestly we didn’t care for the wines, Anyway, sounds like you got a real dud of a server..such a shame.

    1. Aww- wow!! It totally shows that so many various factors can go into a good experience and ours truly may have just been a fluke. After hearing this I may have to give them a second chance!! Thank you for taking the time to share this with me!

  5. That is so frustrating about your winery experience!! I feel like the rude wine pourer didn’t help at all. I’m sure she wasn’t having a great day since it was so crowded but still, she should’ve just sucked it up and put on a smile on. Fake it until you make it right? Also I don’t get how they were out of the blend you wanted to try. It’s a winery so you would think they would have bottles on bottles of it. When we did a tasting, the lady straight up opened a fresh bottle in front of us since they ran out of what they had behind the bar. I hope the wines were good at least!!

    Your dinner looks delicious! I’m glad dinner was a winner for you all. Love the candle your mom gave you! Does it smell like chardonnay?

    I’m not someone who thinks cilantro tastes like soap but I’m not cilantro obsessed. I find it can overpower every other flavor in a dish. Also there’s a reason some people who find that it tastes like soap. I can’t remember exactly why but it has to do with genetics. Interesting right?

    If your mom wants to share her marg recipe I wouldn’t complain. An easy marg recipe for taco night sounds amazing.

    Have a fantastic Thursday girl 🙂

    1. It feels so petty to complain about a winery experience- I don’t think I would have cared if it was just DJ and I- but my mom and Pete are from out of town so I was extra defensive wanting them to have a great time!

      hah! What ?! They ran out right in front of you?! How does that even happen. The wines were pretty good, but also not standout. Oooo well. Win some ya lose some right?

      I totally get what you mean about overpowering a dish! I definitely don’t like when there is too much of it. I think I have heard it’s related to genetics- actually quite a cool phenomenon!!

      It’s sooo easy! Let me text her and I’ll share it with ya <3! Hope your day goes great too, girl! Thanks for stopping by :)

      1. I totally get that!! Plus I think rude service can entirely ruin the experience. On the bright side you had other enjoyable winery experiences that day and this one wasn’t the only place you went.

        Not ran out as in there was none left! Ran out as in the bottle was empty. She just went to the area where you buy bottles and took one for the tasting area. That’s what the lady should have done for you guys!

        You’re so sweet, thank you!

      2. Yeah for sure. And yesss thankfully it was the last of the day and we could just unwind with a nice dinner immediately after to keep the spirits up (wait that is so ironic considering it was a wine tasting 😂😂). I really have nothing to complain about- I mean the fact that we could do this together was such a treat and truly will be treasured!

        Aw for real! I think we may have ordered from the wrong tasting menu or something but rather than helping us she just grabbed whatever .. either way- not cool!

        Thanks for always being so invested in my posts- it really means so much, Maureen! ❤️

      3. That’s true! Sometimes you just need to vent a bit about the not so great parts before you get to really enjoy the moment/experience. Happens to everyone!

        You’re welcome Mackenzie <3

  6. The grounds are gorgeous but all those people? No thanks! And ughhhh. Good service (not even great!) matters so much! If you cannot handle the people do not go into hospitality (as someone who was in hospitality I know) I am sorry you guys had a bad experience that is really disappointing! But that selfie is adorable! You guys are all the cutest!
    Oh my lanta I love a good Caesar salad that does not skimp on the cheese!
    That is so cute of your mom! I love that idea!
    Those tacos look SO yummy! I am so hungry now! And I love good marg! Girl ummm thoughts on BiP?!?! I finally caught up and oh my lanata the after show! :0 And not to mention ALL the gossip afterwards! 
I will say Jordan kinda sorta endeared himself to me in the end. He is still cray cray, but so entertaining!
    I actually am not a huge cilantro fan. I wouldn’t say it tastes like soap but I can usually take it or leave it (it has to be the right dish and Tate bud combination) that said the jalapeño cilantro hummus from TJ’s is obsessively eat in one sitting yummy! <3

    1. exactly!! I think being a wine sommelier would be one of the coolest jobs of all time- like why act like that?! No reason! I know people have bad days, but she seriously went out of her way to be rude.

      Yessss extra cheese please ! When they say to say “When” with the cheese sprinkler, I always let them go a few extra seconds past normal. bahah.

      Oooooooo yessssss I could talk BIP ALL DAY. I adore Jordan now. It’s so funny how your opinion about people can change so much. (good life lesson to never judge, right?!). I think Jenna is guilty as can be, and just grasping for straws. I LOVE Kendall and Joe- living for that relationship. How about you?!

      Ohhh that makes sense!!! Yes, you cannot go wrong with that hummus- it is SO good!!! xo

  7. Wow wow wow. Your wine pourer sounds like a complete idiot! I would’ve honestly asked for a different person… & hey, it’s okay that you got heated, it’s so totally understandable!

    The grounds of the winery and the restaurant are both so beautiful & that wine bottle candle is awesome! I always drool over those bison tacos! That lucky DJ!

    Funny that you mention the cilantro soap thing! I was trying to tell my boyfriend that some people think that & he was looking at me crazy like “what? How?” & I was like “IDK it’s a thing for a lot of people” lol. I love cilantro, personally. & I like both soft & crunchy shells. I usually have one of each! I don’t like corn tortillas though, only flour. 😋

    1. Right?! I get people have bad days- but she seriously went out of her way to be rude.

      Teheh- I’ll have to share the recipe soon- they are super easy! Or I’ll make um’ for ya sometime if you are in town!!

      Yeah, isn’t that funny about cilantro?! Apparently it’s a genetic thing- I think it’s such a fascinating phenomenon! Agreed about the corn! I alwayyys go for flour too!

      1. Like, isn’t she supposed to know everything about the wine?! I would’ve been so angry, I don’t think I would’ve been able to hold back a “well the hell do ya know?!?” from coming out, lol.

        Ooo yesss, yes! Share the recipe, please. 😀

        I forgot to tell you! I was talking to one of my clients and I told him I wanted to visit SanFran and he told me that it’s boring?!?! I was like “how can it be boring with all that food?!” He went on to name other Cali cities I should visit instead but I was already ignoring him because I felt he was wrong and of course, I was thinkin’ like “Mack doesn’t live in those cities!!” lol.

      2. I know, right?! Or at least something- anything! 😑 bahaha I love you 😂

        WHAT! SF is anything but boring! I don’t always think we have the best nightlife- I will say that and maybe that’s what he was referring to- but there is always something to do! I mean like you said… eating through the city alone is such a blast! Dawwwww! Oh my gosh- girl I will die when we finally get to hangout ! 🤗💕

      3. Hahah honestly, yeah. I don’t care about the night life! I am all about food when I travel! I don’t care what that doofus said about SF. I am def visiting one day!! <3

      4. This is the place to go then! Yeah, he didn’t know what he was talking about or just had a bad tour guide haha 😉 Can’t wait ! <3 You will love it!

  8. Pretty lady, the way you all were treated is inexcusable!! Her primary job is to ensure that visitors have the best time and are well-informed of their wine choices. It’s like dining at a restaurant and asking the waiter for their suggestion. I mean, c’mon, woman, do your j-o-b! What a jerk. At least you all made the most of it as best you could under the circumstances!

    Those tacos, yuuum!! I would want to try one of each because bison and vegetarian both look and sound amazing!

    I just love that you and your mom are able to spend quality time together, and she is so outgoing and fun! I wish my mom were here to do that with, but I am grateful for the memories we did make together when I was growing up. <3

    Let's tacobout taco shells 😉 I can't decide! I love doughy, delish soft shells, but crunchy are also so satisfying. If possible, I just want both. Ha!

    Gimme all the cilantro! The soap dealio is a real thing. I believe it is explained by a person's genetic makeup. Some people's tastebuds perceive the taste of soap. Thank goodness that my tastebuds detect only delicious flavor!

    1. Awww thanks so much, Kori! I feel bad ranting like that – but I truly don’t want someone to have a repeat of the same horrible experience! I wouldn’t have been so upset if it was just DJ and me.. but my mom and Pete are from out of town so I wanted them to have the BEST time, so it made my hair stand up a bit. And even if she was having a bad day or didn’t know about the wines it was weird like she went OUT of her way to be rude… every little interaction we had was catastrophic hahha. Oh well.

      I think you would really enjoy the tacos 🙂 They are so easy, a favorite of ours for sure!

      Aw, Kori <3 <3 Sending you big hugs. I wish you could still have these memories with your mom too- it doesn't feel fair, right? I know this probably isn't much comfort- but after our chats together it truly truly does make me stop and appreciate every moment with her. When people post about spending time with their dad and whatnot, I just think to myself, "Appreciate every second". <3 Not to get somber- but I totally understand holding onto every dear memory! They truly live on through them.

      Have you ever tried putting a soft shell into a crunchy shell?! It's the best of both worlds! And it's less messy than just a crunchy shell!

      That is soooo crazy about how it's genetic link- I think I first learned that in a biology course, but I still can't wrap my head around it! What a crazy, but also cool, phenomenon (just less cool for the people that taste dirt or soap, lol!).

      Have a great Thursday, chica XO

      1. It’s not a rant in my eyes. Rather, it’s a very informative review so that, as you stated, you can prevent others from dealing with their poor service!

        I do hope I never come across as whiney! I am most definitely so happy for you and others who have an amazing relationship with their mom!! I love to read about it. I just hold on to my good memories and cherish time with my loved ones now. <3

        Ahh no, but wow, that sounds epic! I need to try that soon!

        I think it's so bizarre and neat too except for those who taste Dial in their mouth when eating delish Mexican food. Ha!

        You have an amazing day too!

      2. Thank you!!! That’s exactly what I was hoping for so this makes me feel SO much better that you say it came across like that too!

        And oh my gosh, girl, no! The furthest thing from! I know you are totally genuinely happy and have the sweetest heart- but yes you are so right- it just makes you hold the ones you have even closer 💕💕

        Lol- exactly (about the Dial 🤣)


  9. Oh no, your treatment at that winery was unforgivable! I hope the top peeps from that place read this blog post and offer you an apology and/or some complimentary wine. On a side note, I bet you are cute when you get mad -haha!

    I find the whole love/hate thing with cilantro fascinating too. I LOVE cilantro! As for tacos, I favor soft tacos and usually with corn tortillas. That’s not to say I don’t love flour tortillas (or crunchy tacos) because I do – I even make my cheese enchiladas with flour tortillas which is not traditional.

    1. Right? 🙁 Oh I wish! I would LOVE to give them a better review. If they did offer me to come back and get a tasting for free than of course I’d take them up on that offer 😉 Haha.
      Ahhh! I wish it were true- but I feel like it’s quite the opposite, lol! You can know I’m mad if I start acting like a bull- literally- my nostrils start flaring and I start clenching my jaw. DJ knows to stay away when this happens!!! teheh.

      Isn’t it funny?! I love cilantro too- so yummy! I agree- I usually go for soft, but I usually go for flour! I don’t mind the corn though. Oooo your enchiladas sound absolutely amazing! Do you have a recipe?! Thanks for stopping by, Susie! Especially with getting busy gearing up for Tahoe!

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  11. Those sunflowers in the vases looked pretty. Your mom and Pete look very happy and a cute couple. The tacos looked great and I couldn’t tell the difference between vegan and meat … I’ve decided I’m a hick as I’ve never had buffalo, let alone in tacos, and I’ve never had cilantro unless someone snuck (sneaked … neither sounds right) it into a dish and I didn’t know. Hard shell please – I’m a texture eater!

    1. They are so cute, huh? I will pass on the sweet sentiment 🤗 and nahhh I don’t think bison is all the common of a meat for people to try- DJs dad got him hooked on it a few months ago! Tehe- I hear ya! Can’t go wrong with a crunch!!! Thanks, Linda 🙂

  12. I’ve been to V. Sattui before and also hated it! Is was way over commercialized for me. I also said i would never go back. Mackenzie…you know there is a Macaroni Grill here right?? Lol

  13. First off, don’t feel bad for venting! I’m a big supporter of venting, sometimes to a fault (just ask my hubs teehee), but we’ll just say it’s part of my charm. 😉 In all seriousness though, sometimes getting out the negative emotions and frustrations feels healthy cause it’s no longer bottled up. You sound more than justified in your irritation. That lady sounds like she dislikes people and doesn’t care enough about wine to talk about it. I feel like coffee lovers and wine lovers are always more than happy to talk about flavor and preferences! Also, even though it was a holiday, the winery should have been more than prepared for the large amount of people and should have better accommodated everyone!

    Your dinner looks delish, anddddd I lol’d at the squiddy. bahaha

    Sounds like you all squished in so much fun and made some amazing memories!

    1. Okay you have no idea how much better you just made me feel! I always try to be uber positive in all aspects of life- but sometimes there is a certain level of realness and honesty that just has to come out in venting, ya know?!

      And definitely charm 😉 no one likes just plain vanilla – dimension is a good thing!

      And I agree- they should have been wayyy more prepared! Oh welllll. Like you said- we truly had so much fun and amazing memories- the dinner after was great too to end it alll on a great note 🙂 thanks so much, Kaci!

  14. Oh I forgot to answer your questions!

    I am a soft shell taco lover but often do the hard shell since my hubs likes it, and I just buy the kit.

    I love cilantro!

  15. Hi Mackenzie, V sattui winery looks so beautiful! the views are amazing . The building definitely gives and italian feel I think. All the photos are lovely . I am just sad that you had a terrible experience there from parking to the hostess lady! I know you dont like to vent but this lady got to you. Everyone can have a bad day but you need to be professional especially in an award winning winery! To not give recommendations or her favorite wine even is unacceptable.
    I love the selfie of you three ! Aww what a nice gift your Mom gave you of the candle and a reminder of a nice visit to that winery. Its great to workout with your Mom I am sure, The avacado toast as always looks yummy! Oh my the taco food looks so tasty! I am glad you got to spend a nice time with your Mom and stepdad , I enjoyed tagging along! I like softshells and also softshell tacoboats, have you tried them ? I can do cilantro. Thanks for post , Terri xo.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Terri! I always love hearing your thoughts! Italian feel is spot on- it truly was a beautiful ground. I agree- she could have given us anything- ANYTHING- even if she just picked a random wine and pretended it was her favorite or something haha. She was sooo disinterested in our existence.

      Isn’t that so thoughtful?! I smile every time I light it up!

      Thank you for tagging along on our adventures 🙂 I LOVE taco softshell boats!!! We actually get those and the crunch stand up shells often. SO tasty. DJ likes crunchy, but I prefer soft so it works out! xoxo

  16. Are wineries usually full like that for Labor Day or holidays? Because compared to the other wineries you’ve been to that looks like crazyness!! And that lady is so freaking rude like I get it if she’s feeling swamped but she didn’t have to act that way and she could have spent at least 60 seconds of her time with you guys to quickly give you her recommendations or something. Moving from customer to customer quickly isn’t gonna make the day go any faster. I honestly hope that karma got her back for that lol.
    The food from that restaurant looks so good and so high end. Fine dining lol. I wonder if I’ll ever try that haha
    And you look sooo cute with your bun!! That’s so great that your favorite part of the weekend was that long walk. Usually the smaller, simpler moments tend to be my favorite too. 😊
    And those tacos are amazing!! You must share your recipe!! And I love both soft and crunchy tacos but I guess since regular Mexican tacos are made with soft tortillas, I prefer those more. So so good!! And I like cilantro but I feel like too much of it can ruin my dish lol.

    1. I think in Wine Country they are usually open– and yes, it was MADNESS!!! And I agree- every beat of that customer service missed the mark. Ugh. Thanks for sharing in our frustration!

      And the restaurant was wonderful! It actually wasn’t horribly priced, which is one of the reasons we went (at least compared to everything else in wine country!). It’s definitely a sold, yummy choice!

      Daw, thank youuuu! I agree- the simple sometimes is the best. Ahh I’ve been meaning to share the recipe for a while- they are so easy! I will try to get around to it this weekend, I’m excited you want the recipe 🙂 I prefer soft tortillas too! And yes– all about that cilantro balance for sure! xo

      1. Yeah! Customer service is super important no matter where you work. Lol.
        Awesome possum, can’t wait!! I’m so close to catching up on your blog I think but I’ve enjoyed reading a post or two in the mornings rather than at night because you always leave me feeling hungry lmao

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