A little Update for the Road

Hey guys! I just bombarded  your feed with recipes… which is fine and dandy, but let’s mix it up and throw in an update post for the road 😉 I have to get this one done because if I don’t then the next one is going to be impossibly long!

I had to share these beautiful flowers with you that a sweet friend from Church gave me for passing my nursing boards. It was one of those things I just never saw coming, and it touched me deeply!


During the day on Wednesday I went to Peet’s Coffee Shop to organize my life, which is no small feat. On the way I was chatting with my mom on the phone and was pulled over. This was my first ever ticket because apparently you can’t talk on the phone in California? News to me, but I learned my lesson. Hands free ya’ll- HANDS FREE. I was sobbing in Peet’s parking lot. Yes, I am that girl. That girl who get’s in trouble and then cries about it an unnecessary amount. 😜

Thursday DJ and I made an impromptu trip to Sacramento, CA to see the Lakers vs. Kings. Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I feel like in California I show up to everything under-dressed. Everything! Including this basketball game. It’s a basketball for Golly John sakes. This means tennis shoes, jeans, t-shirt, pony tail acceptable…. RIGHT?! Obviously not. At least not in California. These ladies were dressed to the nines . Ok that’s an exaggeration, but I still felt out of place. I couldn’t believe I forgot to to wear my little black dress to the B-ball game, because everyone else got the memo?! Excuse my while I go polish my high-heels to watch a bunch of seven-foot men drip with sweat and exchange profanities. JK JK, I’m being dramatic, I love the game and I was happy to represent Nike.


This couple below are the cutest I have seen in my whole life. Their 40th anniversary was the same day as the game, and they renewed their vows on the court. It was so sweet. Melted my heart!



in California, they sell Komboucha on draft at games. Just when I don’t think this place can get any better…


I may not have the Cali outfit, but I will drink up all that Cali Kamboucha!


After we met up with a friend and chatted for a good chunk of time.

We didn’t end up getting home until 3 am. It was worth every second. When seeing our exit road sign I felt a sense of exhausted relief, and hearing nothing but asphalt under the tires when turning onto that exit ramp, I realized this is home. This is truly our home. Rather than seeing that road sign as another directional tool on the GPS system, I saw it as our treasured destination, our oasis. We have memories that flood this place already, and I realized that at this point after five months here, this has become home not only physically but in my heart. Oh gosh, getting all cheesy now. But really- from knowing the little repairs that need done that we keep forgetting to submit a maintenance request for, to the way the wall creaks about three seconds after you flush the toilet, to the way the guest room is always cooler than the master, to our fire alarms going off every five seconds (not my cooking-system malfunction 😉 ), to knowing how to make the proper u-turns at which times and which routes to take to avoid traffic, and knowing our neighbors probably will show up tomorrow to ask for cilantro….This has become our home. And I love it so dearly.

Back to a less sappy tempo!…

On Friday I applied for jobs- I will not officially start my nursing job until February/March, which is an awkward “in between” time after the holidays. So I will be looking for a temporary something or another in the meantime!

Saturday we did our Christmas shopping!!! I LOVE Christmas shopping. I know it can usually be considered stressful, especially when finances come into play, but it’s such an exhilarating feeling when you find something that is perfect for someone. How do you all feel about it? We had a blast at Stanford shopping center.


Subliminal message ^^^

Seeing the Christmas trees popping up all over make my heart happy.


Does the below restaurant look familiar?! In one of my recap posts we went to True Food Kitchen. We usually like to try new places when presented the option, but this time we both agreed we had to go back to try more of their menu. It did NOT disappoint.


We ordered the Edamame Dumplings with the dashi, white truffle oil, and asian herbs. We both agreed that they were worth every little nibble. Truly one of the best appetizers we have ever had. DJ ordered the grass fed steak tacos with avocado, greek yogurt, cilantro, pickled onion, anasazi bean, and cojita cheese. I ordered the Butternut Squash Pizza with smoked onion, organic kale, vegan almond ricotta, and dried cranberry. As usual, we were blown away! Plus, they are all recipes that I think would be pretty easy to recreate! OK- who am I fooling. I probably cannot get la comida this good.


Sunday was incredibly busy, but wonderful nonetheless. We had Sunday services and then had a wonderful dinner with friends from Church. I didn’t snag any pictures but you have to take my word for it that the food was Friendsgiving perfection.

Something happened Monday that made wonder if pigs were flying. DJ said he wanted to learn to cook. I think my eyeballs looked like they were going to come out of my head. I just thought it was too good to be true. Immediately we cooked up a recipe right then and there. Better believe I took advantage of this rare has-never-occurred occasion while it was there. If anyone sees my husband and wants to return him, that’s fine. But for now this imposter will do.


First we made garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes. I absolutely will be posting a recipe for this soon! I am overloading ya’ll with recipes though, so I’ll hold off on posting that one. Build up the anticipation and all that jazz.


Then we made for dinner our vegan tacos, which may be found here.


Tuesday morning we rolled ourselves out of bed at 6 am to get donuts from a supposedly famous Donut place called Stan’s. I think we agreed that, unfortunately, they weren’t quite up to the hype. Donut snobs we are. However DJ said their plain glazed were spectacular. I’m nutty about my Maple Bars though, and I definitely liked Happy Donuts better from the last post! HOWEVER, if you like super doughy donuts compared to the light and fluffy, you would probably like these. What is your favorite type of donut? ‘Says a lot about person in my opinion 😉


In the afternoon I went for a long run. It was a brilliantly gorgeous day. At one of the intersections I heard a couple debating if brown rice or quinoa was better. Welcome to California, ladies and gents.😎


DJ and I have also been doing Insanity together (workout program). Anyone else?

Wednesday, oh our dear Wednesday. Wednesday was a GREAT day, but also a bit of an emotional one. Currently we have some BIG (but good) decisions ahead of us. Hopefully more to come on that. Why not build some more suspense ?! 😝

Anyways, during the day I got pedicures with a girl I just met at church Sunday! It was relaxing as could be, and we connected so well. Also, I haven’t had my toesies done in a LONG time, so this was a great treat.


I tried to go for a deep maroon, but they definitely turned out looking black. It’s fine. Just in time for post- Halloween season, yah? This happened with my hair once too. We won’t talk about it 😜


Wednesday night we needed to get out, just the two of us with no distractions. This weekend is insanely busy so we are treasuring this one-on-one time now. I also was exhausted and had zero energy to cook anything. Panino Giusto opened up recently near us on Main Street so we decided to give it a go after walking around town. This place is well known for their paninis, and I certainly see why! DJ opted for their famous Prociutto Cotto Savoy- cooked ham, mozzarella, EVOO, and arugula. I ordered their smoked salmon panini. Oh my lanta, I could live on the stuff.


My olive oil and balsamic looked like a face with a little top-hat, so I had to snap a picture. 🙃


Now the absolute best part of this post- Wednesday our niece was born!! She is absolutely perfect, and I can’t wait to meet her <3 We will see her over Christmas! We love you dearly from afar baby Kate. Love Aunt Kenzie and Uncle DJ <3 <3


Today we went to our sister’s (DJs side) volleyball game! She is a champion!!!! Woohoo! I should have snagged pictures, but there was too excitement in the moment to even think of it. After we were going to head straight home but the traffic was going to be insane. We decided to grab dinner somewhere in Palo Alto. Sam’s Chowder house has an award winning lobster roll and was voted the best seafood restaurant in the Bay area by the San Francisco A list, so, naturally……..


I tried the Seafood Risotto. It has bay scallops, calamari, bay shrimp, mussels, Manila clams, pumpkin puréed risotto, lobster broth, and tomato. I have leftover sitting in the fridge and I cannot wait to dig in tomorrow for lunch.


DJ had the lobster roll, and you better believe I had a big bite. Yep, this made all our lobster roll dreams come true until the end of time.


Oh me. Oh my. I could eat this till I die. It was just pure lobstery bliss.

That’s all I have folks. Not a super eventful week (besides my niece being born, which is the greatest thing ever), but anyway a lot of processing… figuring things out.. trying to see where this whole thing called life is going.

I am thankful for the adventure. Thanks for sharing in it with us.

xo <3


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    1. Ok that makes me feel so much better that I wouldn’t be alone in that! And yes – it’s such an amazing relationship!!!! I only have one nephew and now I have this darlin girl. They make my heart just burst. Thanks for stopping by ☺️ Have such a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Chelsea!!!! It was SOOO good . I am definitely gonna have to get it again if we go back. Texas definitely needs to jump on that train!!!!! 🚞 Have such a great weekend !

  1. You and DJ should come to a Boston Celtics game (I feel like I’m always trying to get you guys over here hah) bc girl, here in Boston that’s EXACTLY how we dress to a sporting event. Nevertheless, I’m sure you were STILL better looking than the girls dressed to the nines, who even does that?! But kombucha sounds awesome, I’m not a huge drinker so I typically feel out of place sitting at a game without a beer (or two- like everyone else double fisting) in my hand lol we need some of that on the east coast… Also, when/if you guys are to ever visit, I have a list full of donut places to try; but as far as my favorite… well, we have a place called Union Square Donuts here, super popular place like, get there early because there’s always a line and they run out quick but they have one that they’re famous for, a Maple Bacon Donut….ugh, to die for. I was meh at first because bacon?!? But oh myyy, amazing. As far as ordinary donuts I’m 100% a strawberry frosted with sprinkles kind of gal! I literally write a legit paragraph every time I comment. But before I end this, I also need to shout out to the seafood risotto and lobster roll!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. JJ, you are too sweet, girl. I want to go to Boston again sooooo bad after everything you tell me about. I’m serious- it will happen!!! That donut place sounds like the way to my heart 💕 AND we can dress like regular people and all go to a basketball game together 😜 I would so be down trying that maple bacon donut! I don’t eat meat, but when we were in Bakersfield they had a maple bacon ice cream flavor I HAD to try- same thing would go for that donut!!!! yum! And yes- sprinkle donuts are amazing too 🙌🏻 The seafood risotto and lobster roll were actually heavenly. Forever going to dream about them! Hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend, dear! Xoxoxo also I love your paragraphs ❤️

  2. Talk about a life update! From donuts to True Food kitchen to that adorable face! And the baby ain’t bad either lol. All I can say is YAS to all, and I can’t wait to try TFK–we are FINALLY getting one in Chicago!

    1. Aww Suz, you are too sweet!!!!! Thanks for reading!! And I cannot wait for you to go to TFK! It is AMAZING! You will love 💕 have such a great weekend! 😊

    1. Heheh donuts have a way of being way too photogenic, right?! Thank you for reading and taking the time to stop by, Lindsay 💕

    1. I actually really like them too- I didn’t mean to go this dark obviously but they have just enough purple where I actually love them!!!! Go treat yourself 🙂 And we are leaving early December to travel so I was forced to be productive 😉 Thanks though!! Hope you are doing so well. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read 💕💕

  3. I was reading and thinking what a great post: great food pics, doing interesting stuff, donuts…BABY!!! Being an aunt is AWESOME! Congrats to the new addition to your family.

  4. Auntie!!! Best feeling ever💕 sounds you have been BUSY girl!! Wow!! I loved this life update! And all the food pictures! Yum! Especially them dougnuts!! Girl!!! NSANITY??! I’m on day 3!! I just finished cardio power and resistance ! I think Shaun T is secretly trying to kill us lol! Have you done the program before or is this your guys first time?!!

    1. Hey beautiful!! Oh my goodness, it really is the best relationship! I am so in love with her and I haven’t even officially met her yet. Thanks for your sweet words. And YEESSSS- you do insanity too!! Wooohoo. We could talk all day about this. I agree- Shaun T definitely is trying to kill us anddd yet he doesn’t even do the full workout himself- lol. I’ve gone through it a few times and now I just pick and choose which one I want to do something besides running! How about you?!? YOU GO GIRL!

      1. I’ve started it probably a few times and was able to complete it ones!! Hopefully this will be the second time! Instead of everyday like I did last time I do it at least 3 days a week! I love the feeling after ((((:

      2. 3 days a week is awesome though!! I love love LOVE the feeling after too. Getting started is definitely the hardest part. But the rest of the day I could do just about nothing and still feel incredibly productive with an insanity workout! Hope you are having a great start to your week, dear!

  5. What a great update–I’m so glad both of you are doing well! I’m wondering if your Cali Stan’s is the same as the Stan’s Donuts in Chicago or they coincidentally have the same name… my favorite from Chicago Stan’s has to be their Lemon Curd! We also have Glazed & Infused Donuts here which are also to. die. for. Their maple bacon long john and chocolate 4 (FOUR chocolates!) are delicious. Maybe it’s high time for you to come out to Chicago to visit-I’ll take you to get donuts lol.

    The food posts have been great! I’m always looking to see what creative food ideas you have!

    1. Thank you so much, girlfriend! And oh my goodness- I hope they are the same because lemon curd is my FAVORITE FLAVOR ever! Every year I get a lemon curd cake from a bakery in our home town. I am salivating at the thought of a lemon curd donut! Even if it isn’t the same place, I will have to go to Chicago just to get one! And all the other ones you mentioned sound like a dream. DJ would die for that glazed especially. And yesssssss, seriously– you are tempting me big time with all your brunch places, amazing events, and now donuts (way to my heart). Thanks for stopping by and reading, dear <3

      1. There’s also cupcakes with mini donuts on them, if that is your sort of thing! We also have sushi donuts, which are pretty to look at! Have a great rest of your week, and as always I loved your post!

  6. That pizza looks amazingly good! Reading your post I called out to my California-native wife who’s in the other room, “Hey, did you know they serve kombucha on tap at NBA games in California??” Without missing a beat she answered, “Only in California.”

      1. We live in rural southern Virginia now. We met and married in Florida, but my wife grew up in southern California. Moving here (the farm where I grew up) was quite a culture shock for her!

      2. WOW! You really have been in diverse locations. Those are about as different as it gets!!! Hope you guys are having an awesome start to the week!

  7. Your niece is absolutely adorable! You made me laugh with your outfit for the game. That would have been me too! And, if I tried to dress up, my husband would not have let me out of the house to go to a basketball game dressed up! Lol I also would have bawled if I got a ticket. I had a little fender bender a couple of years ago and could not stop crying – to the point that it was embarrassing. 🙂 I love Insanity! That’s my go to workout for when it’s rainy or too cold to run.

    1. Thank you so much, Tara!!! She is a stinking cutie, I can’t even handle it! And girl, thanks for making me feel better about all that 😂 it was the strangest thing feeling UNDERdressed for a basketball game?! And goood to know I’m not alone on the cop crying front too, haha. Still waiting to get that darn ticket in the mail. And awesome that you do Insanity too! Always nice to meet another, crazy 😂 thanks for stopping by, I’m so behind on reading up on blogs but I can’t wait to catch up on yours! 😘😘

  8. Seriously?? Who dresses up to go to a game? Haha Not me… and I have an idea for you! You should apply for Stitch Fix and be a stylist. You have amazing taste and it’s the perfect work from home job! You set your own hours so you can even do it once you have your nursing job too since I’m assuming you’ll only be working a few days a week. I’m a stylist and I absolutely LOVE it! And girl.. I totally thought I’d be the one to cry when I get pulled over.. but surprisingly I’m not! (not that it’s happened 3 times or anything haha) 😉 Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Hahha THANK YOU!!! Ok– good to know that there are some sane girls out there that have the same mindset about a sporting event that I do, lol.

      About StitchFix oh. my. GOSH ….. I never even considered that?!? That sounds like a dream!!! I am looking into that ASAP! Thank you, thank you for the suggestion, Jennifer!!! AHHH!

      And that is hilarious about getting pulled over- hahah. Love it. Hope you had a great weekend too, girlfriend. I’m so behind on reading blogs, but I will stop by yours sooooon! Have such a wonderful week, beautiful!

  9. Nice post and pics, Mack! I don’t think anyone in Texas dresses up for a basketball game. Lol! That’s ridiculous! Not sure if I’ve heard of kombucha either. My boyfriend starts nursing school today. The great thing about it is that there’s jobs everywhere! He says maybe we’ll move to Cali. I seriously doubt it but I can dream. Lol.Congratulations on your niece, she’s beautiful 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa!!! Thanks so much 🙂 And Texas knows what’s up. Love that state! We are actually traveling there in less than a month, and I’m beyond excited. Komboucha is really good! It’s a fermented drink that is super healthy and delicious. They sell it in grocery stores, so I’m sure it’s around somewhere. And woah!! Congrats to your boyfriend taking this big step. I’m so excited for him! In the hard times tell him it is sooooo worth it! And hey- never wrong to dream a little! Cali is always here! 🙂 And thank you– I can’t wait to meet her over the holidays. I love her so much already!
      Hope you are having a great start to your week 🙂

      1. Awesome, Mack! Where in Texas are you going? I’ll have to look around for Komboucha, it sounds pretty interesting. I’m happy for him too but I think it’s sometimes going to be hard on our relationship. I’m trying to give him his space though.

      2. We are going to the Fort Worth area where my mom and step father live! And it definitely may be a trying time with the nursing… But it will make the time you have together so valuable. It will help him having you too because it can be emotionally draining at times. I look forward to hearing how he progresses through it. Is it a four year program?

      3. Ohh ok cool! 🙂 He’s going to have a lot of homework so I’ll only see him on the weekends most likely. No, this program is only a year! He’s going for LVN. Later on when he starts working, he wants to go for RN. He has a degree in biology already. He used to work in labs and factories when he lived in Indiana. He says he wished he would’ve done nursing a long time ago. He tells me to go back to school to be a nurse but no thank you! Lol. I guess I could go back to school but I finished college 12 years ago! No thank you! Lol. I just got laid off a month ago so I’m looking for jobs everyday.

      4. Oh LVN is excellent too! A year is so much better than four. I bet the whole thing will only bring you closer and help grow your relationship. Where abouts in Indiana did he work? That’s where I went to college! And good for him to take this step! Give him my best wishes. And I know that getting laid off it never easy 🙁 I have no doubts that something great is only ahead of you 🙂 Praying that you find that job soon, Lisa <3! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!!

      5. Thanks Mack 🙂 He lived in Bloomington and Indianapolis. Maybe that’s where you went to college? Indiana University (IU). I think they’re pretty close to each other. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband! <3

      6. Oh- I know Bloomington!!! I actually went to a different school in between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. And hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving yourself <3!

  10. Okay, I’m trying hard to remember everything I wanted to comment on- haha! First of all, the dressing up for basketball games… whaaaa? That is very foreign to me as well! And you looked adorable so don’t ever stress about that kind of thing 🙂 And kombucha on draft?! COOL. Two, I am just like you. I will sob if I get pulled over because it’s just crappy and awkward and no one wants to get in trouble. You are not alone on that! All the food looked INCREDIBLE as always. Congrats on your beauuutiful niece. What a blessing just in time for Christmas!! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful week. P.S. I’m a maple donut fan too 😉 so hopefully that says something good about me haha

    1. RIGHT?! Sporting events are like the one public event we shouldn’t have to care what we are wearing! And thanks girl, you are too sweet. I’m glad I am not alone in that- It’s like I know it’s not the end of the world getting pulled over but my reaction definitely says otherwise. Our niece really is suchhhh a blessing! I am dying to meet her. Seriously counting down the days!!! AND YESSSSS MAPLE DONUTS ALL THE WAY! Wooohoo! I think that says you have got dannng good taste 😉 Hope you are having a great start to your week, dear! <3 xox

  11. Your niece is such a beauty!! Congrats ❤️
    And it’s so funny how you mentioned being underdressed to many events in California because giiiiirl I FEEL YOU lol my very first basketball game when I saw the Lakers, I had my outfit all planned out like jeans, sneakers and a Lakers shirt with a matching hat and when I got there, everyone was there to dress to impress wearing heels and all glammed up! Best believe all the future games I went to after, I didn’t hesitate on doing makeup and dressing up 😂 All the food pics you posted (as always) has me craving all sorts of stuff now– I’ll have to show Roman so we can get ideas for our next date night ☺️ Glad you two are doing so good and congrats again on your beautiful niece 💕

    1. OK- THANK YOU! I am so glad the glam glam dressing wasn’t just in my head! DJ thought I might have been blowing it out of proportion a bit hahahha. So I’m glad I wasn’t alone in that. I learned my lesson as well. Lol. And so glad I gave you ideas for date night! 🙂 Hope to hear all about it! Thank you for stopping by and reading, girlie. <3

  12. It’s always fun reading about your week. Thanks for sharing with us!

    I totally get what you mean about that feeling when a ‘new’ place finally feels like home. It’s so nice to have a place you know so well that all the sounds that used to be scary become oddly comforting, a place with all your treasured belongings, and ultimately, a place where you can completely relax (a place where people aren’t always dressed to the nine’s. :p).

    I wish I could’ve given you a hug when you got your ticket! If I got one, my hands would probably still be shaking for hours after and I’d just be so upset that I’d have to go home. “That’s it, end of the day, try again tomorrow,” y’know?

    (Aunt Kenzie and Uncle DJ has such a nice ring to it. : ) )

    1. Hey, Afrilly!!!! So good to hear from you!! 🙂 Yes yeeesss- you described so well about things that were scary become comforting!! SOO true. When reminiscing about our first place, I realized it was the little things in that home that I miss. I’m trying to take note of those little things now because it truly makes a home, home (the good and the bad!).

      Thank you also for making me not better about the ticket!! I could have definitely used a hug in that moment. And- hahhah- I feel you! I was soooo tempted to go home right then and there, but at that point I was scared of getting pulled over again so I had to get out of the car and just get myself together. Nothing like a little coffee to make ya feel better 😉

      OH my goodness- thank you! I am SO SO excited to be an Aunt to the little angel. My heart is bursting for her and I haven’t even met her yet!! Counting down the days.

      How are you doing?!? I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving <3

  13. This was a long but good post haha! First, gotta say that it’s okay to be “underdressed” to an NBA game because honestly the Kings and Lakers aren’t that good anyway so…just kidding, but seriously you’re right it’s just a basketball game. No need to go all out like it’s a party of a lifetime.

    Second, that chalkboard of “said no one ever” of eating healthy is so true! Who actually complains about feeling good?

    Last, shout out to DJ! Tell him men that cook are too legit, and it really helps you help your girlfriend! Strong relationships can be developed through strong flavors made by the dude!

    Glad to hear you are doing so well and congrats on passing the nursing boards!!! 🙂

    1. Haha- you are so kind to read through it all!!! I write these posts to update family and it always makes me smile when others’ get a kick out of them! And thanks- I feel much more confident after all the support to NOT have to look like I’m going to the Grammy’s when just watching a basketball game (Ok-maybe the Grammy’s is a bit of an exaggeration- hahah). If you have a True Food Kitchen near you, you have to go. You would love it. Everything is insanely delicious, and health based. So many great vegan options too, which I love! And I will DEFINITELY pass that on to DJ. We have been having fun spending that time together and I love that he genuinely wants to learn. It’s a fun hobby we can do together now! “Strong relationships through strong flavors”- LOVE that. Thanks again for stopping by, have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!!!

  14. First, I was surprised that people dress up for a game! I never thought Toronto would be more relaxed in dress code for anything! Second, as usually your food looks AMAZING! I love reading your posts and recipes. Congrats to your champion niece! And, saving the best for last, congratulations to your family on the addition of your new niece! She looks like an angel. All the best for your holiday!

    1. RIGHT?! I may have exaggerated a tiny bit… there were a few girls in jerseys.. and heels… lol. And now I know too if I ever go to Toronto to pack less of the sweat pants. LOL.

      Thank you so much for the sweet words about the cooking! I have loved being married and experimenting in the kitchen. I’m learning so much all the time thanks to people like you!!

      And thank you so much— our precious niece has a special place in my heart already. I can’t wait to meet her in just about a month! I am absolutely giddy at the thought! Have such a great holiday yourself, Samantha!!! Thank you for reading 🙂

  15. I so enjoy your weekly updates, Mack! Congratulations on passing your nursing boards and I hope you find a nice “temporary” job soon!
    Wow…that True Foods restaurant sounds Ah-mazing!!! I don’t think I would ever really want to live in California, but there are times I wish that Wyoming had more of the healthy/vegan options that the West Coast has. Granted, I don’t think I’d ever exchange my open spaces and Teton Mountains. 😉
    Also, I’m so glad your home finally feels like “home.” That is such a special, wonderful blessing!!!

    1. Lauren!!!! Hey, girl! So good to hear from you 🙂 And thank you so much! I can’t wait to work as a nurse. I am counting down the months! And the True Food Kitchen is insane. I’m tellin ya, it’s a healthy food lovers paradise. Everything is delicious. And girl—- those mountains sound INCREDIBLE. Nothing like nature. Seriously nothing beats having something like that so close. I have never been to Wyoming, but maybe one day soon! Have such a great holiday <3 xoxo I so appreciate you stopping by, love!

  16. Mack, this is an amazing post! You’re really making me wish that I lived in California! People arguing over brown rice and quinoa? Ah…now that’s my kind of conversation! I definitely can relate with you — I cry over EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. And of course, mom’s are the best ones to turn to and cry and rant about. I feel ya 110% there!

    1. Hahahh- right?!? Which side of the fence are you on? Quinoa or brown rice? I am still undecided.

      And I’m so glad I’m not the only one. Crying is so cathartic. Gotta love it. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, dear!! xo

  17. Congratulations Auntie! Nieces and nephews are the best (Plus I love her name AND she spells it correctly 😉 I both love that they do this but also find it funny that at a lot of entertainment venues know for the fact that they sell horrible food for you now offer healthy options. I will say my favorite delight (though not technically “healthy”) was finding out MetLife sells GF beer 🙂
    As always all the food you posted has now made me hungry! I love seafood risotto! Next time you come to New York you have to visit Pazza Notte. They have the best lobster risotto!
    I can not wait to hear about what is in store for you! I am sure you will figure it out and it will all work out for the best! 🙂 <3

    1. Thank you, thank you!!!!! Ohh is that a hint to someone else’s real name 😉 Hehe. I can’t wait to meet her <3 Is Metlife in new jersey!? I'll have to keep that in mind if I am ever there!!! And girl- this seafood risotto-worth coming to California just to try it. And oh my lannnnta Pazza Notte sounds so good. Definitely going to NY to get me some of that. xoxo

      1. You are very welcome! Lol. It might be… 😉 I hope you get to see her soon! Yes it is. It is where the Giants (yay!) and Jets (boo) play 🙂 I will have too! I have an Aunt who lives in San Fran and she is due a visit in 2017 🙂 It is! They also have two for one martinis and deals on wine and beer. It is probably one of my favorite restaurants in the city! And while I am sure the rest of there food is great (actually they do have really good Creme brûlée) the lobster risotto is the only thing I have ever had. I can;t even try anything else when I am there. Lol <3

      2. Glad you are rooting for the right team 😉 DJ is a born and raised Orioles fan, I am an Indians fan, but when we go to the games if it is the Giants vs. anyone besides those two teams, has to be the Giants. I’m a local here now, right?! And GIRL! That’s such a good deal! I’m so serious… we have to meet up when you are here! Even if it’s for a quick coffee (or lobster risotto). Haha! How exciting though about your Aunt!! Wooohooo! xo

      3. Lol Actually it is Football…I know I always confuse may tun with that since she is a Giants fan but the MLB team. And uh oh. I am technically a Yankees fan. Though when Jeter left I have been focusing more on Football and Hockey 🙂
        Yes! I would love that! I am still hankering for Peets coffee and it has been a few years since I have been there! <3

      4. 😂😂😂 oh my gosh! If I had paid more attention I would have seen the jets ! That’s too funny. And I haven’t watched a ton of Hockey but DJ and I have been talking about going to the San Jose Sharks games soon! (I think it’s the sharks ?!). But yes- Peet’s is a MUST! I can’t go more than a week without it- yikes ! ☕️🤗

      5. Lol. No worries. One of my best friends (who is a die hard Red Sox fan…Yuck 🙂 asked me if the New York Rangers had something to do with Tennis. We still laugh about it to this day. Oh my gosh you have to! They are so much fun!
        Hehe that is how I feel about my local coffee place. And when I am visiting my parents in NH I have to go to Frontside Grind every day. They have the most amazing maple lattes, that no other place can compare (even in New York. Ugghhhh now I want one. lol. <3

  18. O.M.G. Did you just say Stan’s DID NOT LIVE UP TO THE HYPE?!?! Is that why you didn’t want me to read your blog?!? Now I get it! HAHA JK I won’t tell Ben you said that! WE LOVE STAN’S!!!!!!!

    1. We will have to!! My husband and I actually live out here so I’ll have to plan a trip to those stadiums soon! My husband is a sports junkie, so he would never be opposed!

      1. I love sports too. When I was in high school, I’ll bet my friends and I went to 25 Dodger games one year! And I almost got nailed in the face with a line-drive at Anaheim…whew!

        When you plan your trip west, don’t forget to stop in at Mile High stadium in Denver for a Bronco’s game. (Go Denver!)

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