Stag’s Leap & Rombauer!

– What did the grape say when it got crushed?

Nothing, it just let out a little wine.

Okay! Next stop of the day is famous Stag’s Leap. This winery may sound familiar- They sell some of their wines in common grocery stores and even in Sam’s Club!


The views driving in were beautiful and sprawling. It was so quiet and picturesque.


The tasting room is bright and spacious. It has one large bar with multiple sommeliers to accompany your for your testing.


The wine bar faces a gorgeous view of the mountains and vineyards.


We tried all cabs in our tasting, but we were a bit disappointed! They were great compared to most $5- $8 wines we are used to drinking, don’t get me wrong- but we had thought Stag’s Leap was going to be just the best of the best. The cab we had at Darioush was on another level from these cabs. “Artemis” may have been our favorite surprisingly- it is actually the cheapest of the ones we tried, and luckily it’s sold in Sam’s if you have access to one 😉


The Hills are Aliiiiive with the Sound of Musiiiic. Jus’ channeling my inner Julie Andrews.


And what would be a trip to wine country without stopping at Rombauer? Our forever favorite <3 You may remember we went here back in March, but unfortunately Pete fell sick the night before and wasn’t able to make it. (who am I saying “fell sick”, who says that?). Anyway- We had to make sure he visited this time around!


We just love everything about Rombauer- the wine (their Zin and Chardonnay is the greatest around- and I don’t even like either kind usually), the views, the landscape, the ability to picnic!!


Before our tasting we had a little bit of time so we had a little picnic we packed with vegan & regular cheese, crackers, sun-dried tomatoes, dried fruit, olives, hummus, and chocolate.


Time for the tasting!


After enjoying the best zinfandel of all time and the crispest chardonnay, we relaxed on their patio.


You don’t even have to do a tasting if you visit- you can just enjoy a nice glass outside if you’d like!


I just love Rombauer. It’s always the first winery I recommend to anyone visiting Wine Country. Next post I will recap our last winery and the rest of labor day weekend 🙂

Questions for you!

  • Anything big planned for the week?
  • Favorite wine of all time? I love a good rec’!

xo <3

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67 thoughts on “Stag’s Leap & Rombauer!

    1. That’s the best though 🙂 I’m planning on upping my reading game too ! Ohhh you are like my husband with dessert wines- let me recommend Castillo di Amorosa’s Fantasia if you are ever in northern CA! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Remember how I said I loved your mom’s dress on your last winery post? I just want to say I also love your dress. You two are so cute!!

    If I’m drinking at home I tend to go for either Kendall Jackson Chardonnay, Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay or Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernert Sauvignon. The Mondavi’s are both under $10 and tasty! If we’re feeling fancy then we’ll open a bottle of Decoy Cab. Fancy because it’s $15-$20 (don’t remember) so it’s a bit more of a fancy wine for us haha. I recommend all of them though!

    1. Aw thank you tons, Maureen 🤗
      Ohhhh those are great options! I literally have RM private selection cab. On my counter as we speak 😆 it’s sooo good and tends to go on sale often! I usually just grab it when they knock the price down. I need to try Decoy!! I’ve seen it at the store- and I think (but I’m not sure) that they are located in Napa! Thanks for the suggestion!! 💕

  2. Oh we must, we must take a trip together to Rombauer maybe next Spring when the team starts up again!! I told Gordie we are coming out there!!! Miss you two and yes your dress is amazing!!! Love you both, your Ohio Mom! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for all the planning you put forth for this.. It was absolutely superb! we sure have created some great memories and I am so grateful that you are this amazing blogger that documents all our fun!!! Miss you terribly!!

    1. Isn’t it just the best?! I don’t even like Zins! And it’s one of my favorite wines! Same with their Chardonnay.

      Ohhh I don’t know that I’ve ever tried a port wine! But if it’s like their zin I know I’d like it! 😋

  4. You take the nicest pictures! I guess it helps that you and your mom are so adorable! I like a slightly sweet red and lately I’ve been on a sangria kick. I buy the bottle from Costco, it’s their own brand (Kirkland), about six bucks and I just love it! Maybe I should be embarrassed recommending this to you after your wine tasting trips. . .

    I’m going to Lake Tahoe this weekend, yay! It’s a tradition to stop at Apple Hill on the way and the farm I’m going to makes their own wine from their own apple orchard so I’m definitely having a glass. Cheers to your blog which never fails to entertain!

    1. Hi, Susie!!! Thank you SO much. I have really grown to love taking photos- so that means tons <3 and awww!

      ooooohh that sounds great! Can I tell you something crazy? I don't think I have ever tried sangria!! I need to get on that ! Summer has past, but there has to be sangria for the fall too, right?! I have been considering becoming a Costco member- so if I do I'll be on the lookout!! And heck no!! this sounds right up my alley- I shop for wine by the cheapest thing on the shelf--- lol, I'm not picky at all and love a good recommendation of any kind!! So thank you!!

      Oh my goodnessss!! I am sooo excited for you- Lake Tahoe is the BEST. I hope you have the greatest time. That wine at an apple orchard sounds just divine- hard to imagine a better way to start off autumn. Enjoy, Susie!!! Your comment made my day! XOXO

      1. Never had sangria, you say?! In that case, I would definitely make your first taste of it the real deal – with fresh fruit and all. It’s so delicious and refreshing. I drink it year-round 🙂

  5. As soon as I read your joke, I tried it on Matt! Too cute!!

    Your dress is amazing, and you look stunning!! That photo of the flower, all the heart eyes! I’m so glad you step-dad was able to enjoy the visit this time. What quality, amazing time spent together!

    1. teheh !!! I love that you told him it! Wish I could take credit- but google came in the clutch with that 😉

      Thank you so much!! Oh my gosh, the blooms are in full force right now- I can’t wait to share some of the ones I grabbed lately! I swear this place has spring every two months!

      It was just so nice to have them here- especially since Pete could tag along this time 🙂

    1. The views are just spectacular!! It’s hard to capture or describe… just gotta visit for yourself, girlie 😉 Thanks soo much for your sweet words- just brightened my day, Tara!

  6. I am not a wine gal unless it’s made into sangria lol. This place is beautiful though! & I loved the little wine joke at the beginning. 😂 Also your dress is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much, Carmen! So fun to see a comment from you here- I’m honored you stopped by and thank you for your super sweet words <3

      1. Ohhhh that may be the coolest thing I’ve ever heard! I’ll have to see where I can find it!

  7. How fun – everything you wanted to know about visiting a winery. As I mentioned before, my boss is big on the Napa Valley Cabs – he take pics of everywhere else he goes, never here, so this post really explained what he sees. I think he has been to this winery as well on his tours. Very scenic too.

    1. Yes !! Rombauer especially has just everything- I’m sure he has been, it’s a favorite of many people. Thanks for stopping in , Linda!

    1. Oh my gosh!!! Your comment just made my morning! Thanks SOO much, Dom 🙂 you are too sweet 💕💕

      Tehehe- I think I’ve read it in literature a bunch but never have actually heard anyone say it! I love that you do though! It sounds so classy ☺️

  8. Girl your pictures! And I will say it again you look like a model in an ad! I LOVE your dress! So so pretty!
    Rombauer looks like another must go to! SO pretty! <3

  9. Oh wowweee! What gorgeous settings! And I thought Darioush was a stunning setting, these are a delight 😍😍 I adore that sculpture ‘The Greeter’! Wow I just love settings like this! I am totally not a wine girl but these pictures make me wanna visit just for the scenery 😍😍
    You and your mum are just gorgeous, I can totally see where you get your beauty from! But seriously Mack, you are litetally perfection! I swear you make like the perfect role model- oh that reminds me, your joke at the start of this post. Hahaha 😂 a classic!
    I love your outfit too hun! X

    1. Isn’t it incredible?! The surrounding mountains and gardens are just breathtaking at these two. aw, you are gonnna make me cry- you are the SWEETEST ever ever<3 You just made my morning- thank you, love!! Hope you are having a great week :)

      1. I can see from the pictures how stunning they are, do you know what, they remind me of Italy! In fact there’s been a few posts you’ve shared where you’ve visited places that remind me of there!! So I neeeeed to visit! xx

      2. That is so funny you say that! My friend Kelsey that visited a couple months ago said the same thing!! You do need to visit girl! When you do let me know so we can meet up! 💞

  10. Hi Mackenzie, I love the introductory joke! The photos at stag leap look awesome! the mountains are a great backdrop . Now i see your dress ! It is such a pretty maxi , the neckline straps are a fun feature! Look at Mom and her Girl at the vineyard, photos to treasure. I am sure you can totally outdo Julie Andrews with singing. I am sorry the wine was not as good as you would have hoped. Its good Pete got to go to Rombauer this time. Again such a great day and fabulous nature photos. I do like a glass of chardonnay too! 10.42 am still too early?? Haha. Lovely photo of you by the fence with mountains in the background. I like middle sister moscato Thanks for sharing, Terri xo.

    1. Glad you got a kick out of it 🙃

      Hehe glad you like the dress! It was so comfy and easy to wear for wine country. And since it was right before Labor Day I could still wear the white base 😉

      Aww you are too kind! Definitely can’t outdo Julie Andrews- but I can try! Lol! 🎶

      I was so thankful Pete could make it this time around too!

      I will definitely be checking that wine out! DJ especially loves moscato so I bet he’d love to try with me too 🤗 thanks so much for the suggestion! Have a great weekend- hopefully at that Apple orchard! 🤞🏻

      1. Yes i love your jokes Mackenzie! I am glad the dress was comfortable to wear in the outdoors at wine country. The wine is a personal preference i guess, if you see it in store you can try it. Take care , Terri xo.

      2. Yes definitely!!! I actually looked it up and I have seen the label before- I think Target may have it- I’ll pick some up if I see it next time we are there 🙂

  11. The scenery looks absolutely incredible in both wineries and I love all the flowers they have all over. And you in that dress! Whoooaaaaa!!!!! 💜
    I love the little picnic you packed with cheese and crackers and fruits and hummus I’ll have to serve myself a platter like that for snack time to avoid eating junk food 😉 you must tell me which kind of hummus you get lol. I tried the classic hummus from the brand sabra and was amazed at how good it was with no other ingredients.
    Anyway that’s so great that you got to hang out with your mom some more, I know nothing about wine but it looks like a lot of fun!! Good to know that the first is sold in grocery stores so I’ll have to look through the wine isle next time.

    1. It seriously is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! I just adore wine country to pieces.

      Aww thanks girl! <3

      I am tellin ya- sometimes my favorite dinners are just fruit, cheese and crackers (they have AWESOME vegan cheeses now too), olives, hummus, and sundried tomato! It's an incredible combo. Ugh, I could go for some now!

      Oh wow- I get ALL different kinds- mainly whatever is on sale lol. I love trader joe's quartet hummus, but sabra is always a winner!! Their spicy one is one of our faves!

      Part of the fun of going to wine country is learning about the wine- it sounds kinda boring but in reality it's soooo interesting, and the wine is such high quality! It's fun to learn where exactly what you're drinking comes from and how! Do you have a Sam's club near you? They sell Stag's Leap Artemis there too! xoxo

      1. I’m gonna try to stock up on veggies and fruit and hummus haha I need to start healthier snacking lol
        Ah sabra is good. I’m gonna get their classic one because they gave us some at Ciel’s school for the parents and it was delicious lol.
        Yeah I get that, I’ll have to go sometime. I do like learning new things lol. And no Sams Club here. But I’ll look at the grocery store near me and check they have a ton of wines there lol.
        And I wanted to ask if you guys are okay down there? With all the fires I heard all the smoke was reaching SF

      2. Yes it’s sooo good! Carrots and hummus is one of my favorite snacks. Mmm Mmm! And I always put hummus in my salads too- it’s like extra dressing!

        Aww we are ok, you are so sweet to think of us! The smoke is pretty thick (it’s getting better now though). Just tried to stay indoors last few days- today was much better though! My heart just breaks for everyone that was affected … I can’t imagine 😭

      3. Oooh hummus as a dressing? Interesting!! I actually saw some recipe of like avocado hummus tacos or something like that and I so badly wanna try that!!
        Well that’s good!! I know when we had fires here the air was so thick and very unhealthy but yeah. So many people lots their homes it’s insane 🙁

      4. Ahhh I spoke too soon- today was AWFUL! It got better than worse again. I actually got kinda sick last night from how bad it was. It’s supposed to start getting better tomorrow. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻 have a great weekend, Rossy!!!

      5. Awh I’m sorry!! I hope you feel better soon! I think the smoke reached us because it looked a little smoky over here today. I’ll have to check and see if it was that or if there are other fires I don’t know about.

      6. no way!!!! I am actually not surprised it reached all the way up there. Crazy! stay safe- I need to invest in a mask for reallllll. DJ keeps wanting to run outside and I’m forbidding him, haha. I play the “I am a Nurse” card! Let me know if there are any fires by you or if it’s from the ones here.. I’m curious!

      7. It turns out it was the California fires. It’s already clearing up. But yeah no kidding, the air quality is so bad over there. I think I found masks at Walgreens/CVS. You can check there.
        Hope it’s all improving to levels where you’re allowed outside. Take care and be safe!

      8. No way! That’s crazy it made it all the way up there. Thanks so much, Rossy, you too! <3

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