Cozumel & Daze at Sea!!!

Hey ya ladies & gents. I am sitting here writing after experiencing an earthquake today and currently chowing down on some cauliflower pizza. Just a typical day in the C-A. I’ve been in three quakes now, and they actually don’t freak me out much- I kinda like them. Is that weird?! I bet I’d feel differently if I was in one above a magnitude 4.0. Anywho, I am STOKED about the final installment of my my my my Mexicoma (Tim McGraw anyone?!)!!!! It was a dream- perfection, absolute paradise, and the only times that have rivaled this complete R & R were our honeymoon in Bora Bora & our time in Marco Island. 

If you missed the first two parts you can find Part One here and Part Two here.

On Monday April 2nd, we rolled up (floated up?) to Cozumel, Mexico!!!

Not a bad way to spend a Monday, eh?

Rach and I had breakfast in the morning on the Lido deck then stepped our feet onto la tierra hermosa!


New hat or just the tail of the Carnival ship? You decide!


Puerta Maya here we come!


I have never planned an excursion before- all previous trips have been with my mom who would always plan them- so I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to figure it out.

Wellll, it was a breeze! It was super self-explanatory to find our port and everyone was helpful in pointing us in the right direction.


We found our excursion director (who was the kindest human being- shout out Che-cho!), and we all headed to the van to embark on one of the greatest memories.


The excursion we booked was an exclusive strip of beach, house with a private Chef, snorkeling tour, and the best guac & salsa of one’s existence. If you are planning a similar trip the name of the excursion was La Casa en La Playa. It was only about $95 dollars extra, and deciding this would be our one and only excursion, we jumped right on it! Lemme say, every. bit. worth. it.

It was only about 20 minutes from the ship (some excursions can be over an hour away). When we arrived, they greeted us with the freshest mango juice. It was nearly homogenous to the liquid gold I still dream about from the Dominican Republic. Gosh, this stuff was like drinking straight candy, and refreshing all the same.


The views, the water, and the company were spectacular.


(The orange smiley sticker was to denote which excursion you belonged to- just in case you’re wondering, ha!)


There was even a massage table available if you desired!!!


There were comfy beach chairs, hammocks, hammock chairs, and of course, shady palm trees.

The house itself (la casa part of la casa en la playa) was quite quaint.

Inside the house, a pool luxuriously tempted us for a dip when the beach proved too caliente (I hope I’m using that correctly- or is it calor? Uh oh, I could get myself in trouble with this attempt at Spanish!).


The tour guide exclaimed, “Mi casa, es su casa!”, so of course we needed to explore.


If you wished, you could sit in with the chefs while they cooked the food for a culinary class (but we chose to spend as much time as possible in the sun).

I had hands down the GREATEST margarita of all stinking time (and I’m not even a big marg fan, but when in Rome (Mexico)) & Rach ordered a scrumptious pina colada!


Isn’t she cute? I went a bit cray with the portrait mode– but when in paradise, gotta catch paradise in high def, amiright?!


Perfect little peach!


Artsy? Basic? Basically artsy? Artistically basic? Basically basic…


Bring on the chips & salsa- YUM! Ugh, that guac- it was out of this world!


Thennnn they brought out our fooooood. They seated us inside at the cute little table pictured a few pics above.

I had a beyond palatable pepper stuffed with a whitefish. Mmmmm it was delish!


Rach had a chicken dish that was just oh so pretty!


They took groups out snorkeling in two groups. Rach wasn’t sure how it would be trying to snorkel with being on crutches. But the guides (THE SWEEETEST guides in the world) graciously took us on a private tour. He pushed Rach around on a little buoy board and it was a forty-five minutes we will never forget!


We held a starfish, a sea urchin, & a sea spider and saw an array of native aquatic life.


Needless to say, we had an unforgettable time with so. many. laughs (we seriously couldn’t get a serious picture we were laughing so hard at this point). We made a lot of friends on our trip too, some of which we still stay in contact with!


Before getting back on the boat, we decided to get a picture outside of Three Amigos!


We couldn’t resist…. it was reminiscent of our 2009 photo shoot at Cedar Point amusement park. LOL

rach and I 2009.jpg

When we returned to our room from the excursion we had the cutest little… monkey? Bear? Koala?  Hahha! What’s your guess?


We decided to take a couple siestas after the eventful day. I then went for a nice thirteen miler while reading, then we headed to la cena!

This dinner was probably one of our least favorites, but we did have some delectable braised rabbit (definitely not vegetarian approved, oh well), and INCREDIBLE desserts!


Whatever that marshmellowy stuff was, I was alll about it.


This little son of a gun was probably our all time fave dessert of the cruise. Gosh, it was too yummy! It was some type of chocolate cake in a creamy chocolate sauce with a dollop of fudge & a light wafer atop.


We went to bed early that night since there wasn’t too much going on, and then got up early on April 3rd for a relaxing day aboard!

I went for a run per usual while Rach snagged some lounge chairs for the day. I quickly grabbed my favorite breakfast of coffee, oatmeal, grapefruit, yogurt, and a few baked goods for good measure, because I didn’t wanna starve ya know? LOL. I don’t have a picture, but one of our FAVORITE baked goodies on the cruise buffet were their chocolate muffins. Mmmm mmm!


This day we pulled up to Yucatan (Progreso) Mexico. We both decided NOTHING could top the day before and both were in the mood to just lounge and relax on the boat. From the people that got off the boat we heard we didn’t miss out on much. I think it’s a port that people usually are pretty disappointed with, so we were happy with our decision.


We soaked up every second- reading, eating the most refreshing strawberry frozen yogurt, and basking lethargically in the hot calming sun.


Then it was time to get ready for dinner yet again!


Rach taught me how to play BlackJack in the onboard casino and I won $20 overall! I quit while I was ahead of course- (or pulled a “Jill”. My mom has only been in the Casino once ever, played one game, won, and has never played since.)

Also, something I love about the ship is you can carry around your drinks wherever. This is so nice because we would typically get a glass of wine before the evening show and sip it through the evening and then maybe get one more at dinner. It was so nice that you didn’t have to rush, and you could just take your glass with you to the shows for the evening!


We killed a bit more time before dinner. Also, when snapchat fails you……

All kindsa yums met us this evening! This butternut squash soup was perfectly cozy and warm in the cool dining room.


Rach ordered this seafood pasta dish that she let me try and I then had wished I ordered- yum yum!


Rach also decided to try the Escargot. Lemme be the first to warn you: STAY CLEAR. The last cruise, my mom and I both got very sick after eating this, and the exact same thing happened to Rachel later in the evening (She bounced back quick), but we are convinced that there is something about this dish that doesn’t agree with most!


Anywho now that I’ve destroyed all your appetites, I will continue with the food, baha!— The quinoa stuffed tomato & INDIAN FOOD was just insanely good! I think a cruise was the first place I ever tried Indian food. Gosh, it was amazing. I ate nearly every bite.


And cheesecake for dessert 😉


And the last few nights of the cruise, the staff performs! My videography skills are surely something….

We went to a couple comedy shows, and then somehow, someway, I had worked up an appetite and got some pizza to end the evening from Pirate’s Pizza. My favorite pizza was the Fungi pizza on the trip. The more ‘shrooms the better!


In the morning of April 4th, I decided to run on the outdoor track atop the boat! I witnessed a gorgeous sunrise.


We spent the day repeating the day before- reading, lounging, and soaking up the sun! I read in Colossians a bit- nothing better than the Beautiful sun, Bible & ya best friend right next to you. My iPad wasn’t charged, so I started diving in a bit more into the Book Thief. It was all fun and games……..


….Until the clouds rolled in, the rain rolled in, and some SERIOUS wind rolled in.. I was scared Rach was gonna blow right off the boat.


After things cleared up, we hit back to the lounge chairs (even though we had to layer up a bit!). Rach decided for the last day, she would order one of the cruises specialty drinks- in a pineapple!

Dawwww, how dang cute.


When returning to our room we had a nice little heart <3


Before heading to the last and final show (which was a NOLA show that blew our socks off- SOOOOOO GOOOD), we tried to get a picture out by the pool before dinner but the wind was still in effect!


This night was my favoritedinner of the entire week!

Rach had their caprese salad that had balsamic beads rather than dressing (I didn’t even know those existed?!??!)


I sampled the frog legs. I savored every bit. I have never had frog legs before, but they were fantastic. I loved the lemony flavor with the savoriness. It reminded me a lot of the Spanish octopus I had in Marco and have been trying to hunt down ever since!


I can’t remember what soup this was, but I do remember telling Rachel it was some of the mouthwatering soup I have ever had. It was creamy, yet light with absolutely magnificent flavor.


This little gem below was probably my favorite dish of the entire trip (Although the Indian was a close second). It was a butternut squash/mixed spice pot pie. Gosh, I neeeed this in my life everyday allll day.


I ordered two entrees this night….. no judging!…. I also LOVED this shrimp dish, an inspired NOLA entree with cajun spices.


Rach tried their ribeye!


Hands down, this was the top meal. I needed an extra couple stomachs to eat it all, but good thing I’d been training it to stretch throughout the week, lol. They definitely saved the best for last!

I hate when they sing this song 🙁 It’s their finale show, bidding us a farewell 🙁

Time for Punchliner!


In between shows I decided to get my last dose of fungi pizza. (I really did a number on the food that day!).


^ Don’t mind the fact that one of my nails fell off. Bahah.

In the morning of April 5th it was time to debark 🙁 I woke up super early (around 5:30 am) to get a run in on the track and soak up the sunrise over the NOLA canal.

It was worth it! So much beauty!


We had our last big lido deck breakfast, we enjoyed our last favorite chocolate muffin (that we stilllllll say we crave), oatmeal, and juices before going back to reality. I’ll share our airport trip in the next post.

xo <3

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46 thoughts on “Cozumel & Daze at Sea!!!

  1. OMG all the food and views look AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, & YUMMY!!! It looked like y’all had so much fun! I’m planning on going on a cruise with my boyfriend at the end of the year and I can’t wait!

    1. Girl, the food was too dang delish! And it was a blast ! Thank you so much for stopping by. I always love seeing a new face around here 🙂

  2. The views from your excursion are just WOW! Absolutely beautiful! The food all looks amazing. Whatever that chocolate cake dessert you had has my mouth watering right now. Luckily I have some chocolate at home to munch on later 😉 Even if the wind and clouds ruined one day at least it was just one day! It seems like you got incredibly lucky with the weather.

    1. Hey girl! Aren’t the views incredible?! I am literally missing it every. single. day. Ugh, I would give my right arm to have that dessert right now, haha. Gooood! I hope you had some delish chocolate! We really were lucky… it was perfect weather, and the small bout of bad weather just added some excitement 🙂 Have a great week, Maureen!

  3. Isn’t Cozumel terrific? It’s some of the best diving I’ve ever experienced. By the way, I love the shot of you two in the hammock. Candid shots like that are always the best. 😃😃

  4. Oh my lanta! I had heard about the earthquake but hadn’t realized you had experienced it! I am glad you are okay!:)
    Girl LOVE the Tim McGraw reference!
    Bwahahah omg I love it! You rock that hat/carnival ship so well!
    Girl that excursion trip sounds like a dream! Your own chef? Private beach? ballin’! But seriously so much fun!
    I LOVE those pictures! You girls are gorgeous! And I know I already mention dit, but obsessed with your swim suit! Also this yoga instructor is So proud of your wheel!
    That food! And that snorkeling! What a greta guide! Ahhh living vicariously through you right now!
    I absolutely utterly adore these pictures! you look So happy!
    I love that! I am the same way! I do not gamble, but would definitely stop while iw as ahead! 🙂 I LOVE that dress of yours and that food! That is so cool about the wine!
    Ahhh that sounds like the perfect trip! As much as I am Type A I do love me some R and R time
    Oh my lanta you girls are the cutest! (I know, I know! I keep saying that!) I am SO glad you had such a fun time! Now I want to do a cruise! Thanks for sharing your adventures beauty! I enjoyed this trip so much! <3

    1. Hellllo, love!!!! Haha- thanks for your support of the carni-hat!

      Ok, that excursion was out of this world… we couldn’t believe the price too. I would have thought it would have been a couple hundred dollar excursion at least, but nope- less than 100!

      AHHHH! That is the ultimate stamp of approval if you think my wheel is good. Haha, in that moment everyone was feeling gooood from the drinks flowin’ and some one near me started yelling, “Do it for the gram! Do it for the gram!”. It cracked me up.

      Thanks for sharing in our adventure with us!!!! XOXOXO

      1. Hello sweet lady! You are so welcome! Always love a carne-hat! LOL. <3
        That is amazing girl! And that is flipping goals right there! I need to look into that!
        You are the sweetest! And totally mean it! Bwahaha that is hysterical!
        I am so happy you had such an amazing time! Now I want to do a cruise (and go to new orleans!) <3

      2. NO!!! 🙁 I have failed at life! I NEED too! It is on the bucket list!!!! And girl you can best bet I have taken notes from you! (BTW we may be doing Mister A’s for my Birthday when we are in San Diego, YOU have inspired or San Diego trip!) You are serious travel inspiration girl! <3

      3. No no no! Not failing- just a very IMPORTANT bucket list item 😉 But you do travel plenty enough to make up for it.

        Ahhhhhh oh my goshhhhhh you just made my dayyyyy. I am SO excited for you to go to SD! You are going to absolutely adore it <3 <3 And Mister A's— my mouth is watering!

      4. Hehe very true! I love how you justify my wanderlust heart! You made my day reading all these comments! I am so flipping excited! I need to text you! I can not wait! Ahhh did I mention I am excited? I hope you can come for at least part of it! <3

  5. So beautiful! I loved reading this series. Cruises are my favorite way to travel (I’m obsessed with the chocolate cake at dinner haha) so I’m so glad you guys had an awesome time!

    1. Hi Diam!!! How are you, girlfriend?!!? Thank you SO much for sharing in our adventures with us 🙂 I have loved your sweet comments <3 Chocolate cake.. is there anything better, really?! XO

  6. First of all, you girls are gorgeous and so adorable!
    Secondly, I LEGIT am missing travel after reading your post. Ha, ha. I LOVE cruises, so this may have been one of my favorite blog posts of yours yet. You do such a wonderful job recapping everything and sharing your experiences with all of us. I’m so glad you had fun!

    1. Oh my gosh, Nicole!! Thank you soo much. you are too sweet. I think it’s time to start planning a vacation 🙂 Mommas need vacays too, right?! Your comment just made my morning, thank you thank you!!! <3

      1. Yes, Mommas definitely need vacations! Ha, ha. My sister and I had hoped to plan a very short one for this year, but now it doesn’t look like it will happen. BUT next year for sure!!! Still, we’ll enjoy some day trips, for sure! 🙂

      2. Aw, bummer! Yes, next year is a must! Day trips sometimes create the best memories too 🙂 Hope you are having a beautiful weekend, m’dear!

    1. Awww, Nikki!!! Thank you so much, girlfriend! Haha, I usually hate running that long on the treadmill, but the book was good enough to distract for a while 🙂 The food was tremendous. I still am dreaming about it!

  7. Ahhh, I want to go on a cruise now! I’ve been on two (one went to Cozumel!!) and loved them. They’re just so much fun and packed with excitement and exploring new places. Your photos are just so vibrant and gorgeous and I love the artsy ones of you, Mackenzie! You are radiant, inside and out <3

  8. Ohh myy goshhh so epic!! Gimmee alllll the noms! Y’all’s outfits for your last night are gorgeous!!! I LOVE the jumpsuit! I also lol’d hard at your “artsy, basic” debate. HAHAHA PS: I’m glad Rachel bounced back quickly! That would be my biggest fear of a cruise: getting sick!

    1. Girl, I’m going through a season of mourning from no longer having this food. It was just too darn good! Thank you for your sweet words!!!! XOXOX

  9. OMG three earthquakes?! That’s Insane!! I don’t think I’ve ever felt one but we did have on a few month backs. Don’t remember feeling it but Alex did. Anyway, wow, what a weekend! Definitely seemed unforgettable. Glad you guys got to have fun!! And of course all that food looks delish! Especially the guac and the stuff pepper, with whitefish you say?? I’ll have to find a place that makes it like that next time lol. I’ve only ever tried those stuffed with cheese and i love them!
    And how awesome you got to hold a star fish!! Cute!! I think I’d be afraid to snorkel idk lol. Water scares me though I can swim just fine. I once crossed the river and on the way back i swear I thought I would drown because the current was bad and I was tired haha
    Anyway, i will definiely think about doing a cruise someday, like I said, don’t like the water much lol.

    1. Yeah! I hadn’t felt them until early this year and all of a sudden I experienced three?! SO crazy. It’s so funny you say that about Alex.. DJ didn’t feel it at all and he was only about 10 miles away…. for me it was undeniable! It’s crazy how some can experience it and others don’t.

      And actually funny story about the whitefish pepper! They had offers for a vegetarian dish (the pepper with cheese, a fish dish, and a meat dish). I couldn’t decide between the veggie & the fish dish so they offered to combine them. It worked SO well ! it was sooo good!

      Girl, I bet you would love snorkeling! Nothing to be scared of at all 🙂 Such fun & gorgeous sea life!

      I seriously think you would love a cruise. No better way to face those fears head on and turn them into a great adventure <3 Sending so much love! Hope you are having a great week, beauty!

      1. I’ve always wondered about that because I’m usually really observant about my surroundings and when something feels off. Lol.

        Ooooh that actually sounds pretty good combining them all together. What a neat idea lol.

        Funny you mention that, I asked Alex if he would ever want to go on a cruise, and he’s like “no way! Don’t trust them!” Lol. He feels it’s dangerous and unpredictable and I told him some of them land in other countries or islands, and he’s like “no, there’s pirates in some places, like in Somalia”.. I was like, “when would we ever go there in the first place?” 😂😂 I think it’s just his irrational fears, making excuses 😂😂😂

      2. Hahah!!! I mean all valid concerns- but what’s life without living on the edge a bit?! Lol. Somalia.. that cracked me up! I do think Pirates are a big issue with Cruises, but also a rare occurrence!

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