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Heyyya! How are y’all doing? Lil’ update- I am currently in New Orleans working on a Covid-19 unit. I’m working nights and have this evening off, so I’m looking forward to just catching up on reading and writing posts. I also just wrapped up watching Listen To Your Heart. Can I just say- cringe central?! If you’re watching, we must discuss. Anywho- this is the post I initially published a couple weeks ago, but put back into drafts to publish the Easter post. But here it is again! Deja Vu, eh?! Hope you are well <3 Okey dokey- off to the recap.

Written back in early March: Hi, all!! I am currently at the beginning of my spring break and in my happy place- here, writing. On January 16th I had my first clinical as a Family Nurse Practitioner student. It’s just wild seeing how much I’ve learned in a short time of being there. Kind of like being a new nurse, I am dealing with having to give myself grace for not doing everything perfectly the first time- but I’m there to learn and that’s what I’m doing. I love it.

On January 27th I stumbled upon this piece of wisdom that I’ve thought about often since. It was a great reminder <3


On February 1st we were having a hankerin’ for some good authentic Indian food- and we found just the spot. Taj Palace is located a little tucked away off the freeway, a hidden gem.


It wasn’t overly crowded, had a nice calm and beautiful ambiance and kind staff.


We tried their bread basket with aloo paratha, onion kulcha and naan. If you haven’t had Indian breads, you have to. They are a carb-lover’s dream. DJ ordered their traditional curry with onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, spices and condiments and I had the goan fish curry with mahi mahi fish cooked in a spicy sauce with coconut. We also added on a side of veggies that were ah-may-zing!! Everything was terrific. Gosh, writing this is making me crave it again!


Thanks for reading!

Question for you:

  • What is your lockdown snack of choice?

xo <3


27 thoughts on “Taj Palace!

  1. I love seeing you move forward with your NP schooling. My daughter in law is a NP and my daughter is working full time as a RN, schooling for her NP and raising a family alone. Well except for all we do to help. Stay safe and healthy and thank you for all you are doing in New Orleans! Happy 10th dating anniversary too!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Diane! That’s wonderful about your daughter in law and daughter- I give major kudos to your daughter with all she is juggling. She is super woman! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  2. I hope you’re staying safe as a COVID-19 nurse! I’ve been trying to lose my postpartum weight, so my quarantine snack of choice is wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter and raisins. 😛

    1. Thank you so much, Chelsea!! Ohhh yesss I love the PB & raisin combo too, soo good!! Enjoy 🙂

  3. You’re amazing for going to help on a COVID unit Mackenzie!! Today I had peanut butter, cinnamon and chia seed toast for the first time in forever and it was delicious! Otherwise I haven’t really had a specific snack of choice, it all depends on what food I have and what I’m in the mood for.

    1. Aw thanks Maureen- I’m thankful to be able to do it ☺️ and oh my gosh I JUST tried the same convo about a month ago!! It’s so good, and kept me full longer with the chia seeds. Thanks for stopping in!

  4. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO, FRIEND!! Sorry to yell, but you are so amazing and selfless. You ought to be so proud of the progress you are making and positive impact on others! This meal looks epic on epic. We *love* Indian cuisine. We’ll need to get some once the quarantine lifts! I keep imagining us coming out like the Munchkins on The Wizard of Oz. Glenda the Good Witch, “it’s alright. You can come out now.” That will be us. Ha!

    1. Aw thank YOU! ❤️ this really means so so much. Your encouragement through every single turn (whiplash) of nursing and FNP school means more than you know! I’m just thankful to be able to help now too ☺️ and yessss Indian food is one of those things that when I crave it, I gotttta get it! Hahaha oh my gosh- that is super accurate to how we’ll all feel! Love it 😁 thanks for stopping in, Kori! 💕have a lovely weekend

      1. Always & forever here for you, girlfriend! I definitely have a list of local restaurants we’ll be visiting when it’s safe to do so, & Indian is one of them!

  5. The piece about eye contact is so apropos especially now that all we can see behind the masks are the eyes. A reminder that in this time when fear could rule, but why let it. As you toil on the front line, I think of your smiling eyes as you bring light to those around you. I am reminded on this day, to bring light in all possible ways that I can.

    Thank you for sharing the mouth-watering series from Taj Palace. Loving Husband has already said the first meal out he is going to have once all this lockdown is done is Indian! although nothing quite as fancy as Taj Palace.

    Praying you safe and well, Mack! Big hug to you!

    1. Wow oh wow this is encouraging. I always appreciate your sharing of wisdom and encouragement through the years. I vividly remember reading a message from you on my way into work a couple years ago when I was incredibly anxious, and it made all the difference. I will hang on to this one as well- I love what you said about bringing light in all possible ways we can.

      I hope you all enjoy the Indian food when that time comes 🙂 ! Praying for safety and wellness for you too- thank you tons for the hugs, friend <3

      1. I am so glad to hear that I can be of support in some way, as I feel so much encouragement & comfort from you.

        Praying you a safe and restful weekend!

  6. Loved that wisdom bomb! We have a great Indian buffet in our downtown. Now I’m drooling thinking about eating some when everything reopens My quarantine snack of choice seems to be sharp cheddar…but I’m pretty sure that’s always my snack of choice. lol. Thank you for all that you do, stay healthy out there. xx

    1. Glad you liked that little wisdom snippet too- Rainbow Salt is a great account to follow for them! Ohhhh yesss, sharp cheddar cheese is hard to beat! I actually have been craving cheese something fierce this week. May have to get pizza or a grilled cheese soon to get a fix! Aw thank you for your well wishes- have a great rest of the week Amy 🙂

    1. Sameee! I got three things of blackberries/raspberries at the store last week and already went through them all myself haha. I do think there is something about summer around the corner that makes us crave it!

  7. Hi Mackenzie, I will have to check out listen to your heart! I hope you were ok in New Orleans. I have been thinking of you since covid started and your safety. How nice to do your first clinical as a NP student. You do need to give yourself the grace to learn ! What a great piece of advice and wisdom. So many people in our neighborhood find something interesting on the ground as I approach them when out walking to avoid eye contact, its sad really. It is ok to be emotional , and let others know we have our weaknesses and seek help. Taj Palace looks really nice . I should try their breads. I am a big curry fan. I like curried french fries, common in UK and Ireland! Ooh a snack, I am gulity of liking are little Debbie Nutty bars , not always healthy though! Have a nice evening, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri! Thank you for your comment <3 I believe God was looking out for me when I was in New Orleans- I returned safely and tested negative after my last shift. Even working in the outpatient setting I've been okay too. I love what you said about giving grace to learn- that is going to stick with me; I'm hard on myself, so this is helpful advice. It is sad how we are actively trying to avoid one another these days. Thank you for affirming it's okay to be emotional as well- It certainly has been an emotional year!

      Ohhhh curried french fries sound amazing! I do not believe I've had those! Mmm those Debbie Nutty bars sure are delicious- I agree. Have a great rest of your week- thank you for your comment 🙂 It's so nice to be chatting with you!!

      1. I am so happy that you stayed safe in New Orleans Mackenzie. God was truly looking out for you and the other healthcare workers, you really are the unsung heroes of this pandemic. Go a little easier on yourself girl! Definitely we all can be emotional in this year of 2020. It is really nice chatting to you Mackenzie, you’re optimistic look at life always makes me want to chat with you when I can, God bless you and DJ, Terri xo.

      2. Thank you, Terri! That means so much. I agree God was absolutely looking out- and in even more than physical health, I felt such a sense of unexplainable peace and comfort through the whole stay I believe could only be from Him. Thank you for your sweet words about going easier on myself- I do need to hear that! Aw your optimism is always the same for me in return ☺️ God Bless you too, Terri! 💞

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