Animal Kingdom!

Hey hey!!! I was putting this post together and realized it was basically 99% food pics per usual. I shook my head and thought to myself, “ya dun it again, kid”. I guess food is just too darn photogenic, but I’ll fill in the gaps with words (also per usual) haha. Y’all have your snacks ready? Let’s gooo!

After wizarding our way through Harry Potter World we passed through Jurassic Park and The Comic Book Land to ride the Hulk Ride (what a blast!) & then went back to the hotel. We were all pretty tired and chilled to the bone after the cool day. We decided to order takeout from a hotel restaurant and stay in the cozy community room to play CodeNames with the whole gang. If you guys haven’t played this game, ya need to! It’s soo much fun and perfect to whip out with the family for the holidays (or anytime).

For our meals we ordered from Todd English’s Blue Zoo (located within the hotel). I had the Blackened Florida Grouper and da-da-dannng was it ever delicious. It came with black eyed pea puree, polenta “johnny” cake, jumbo lump crab meat, and creole cream. Every bite was heaven.


DJ had the lobster carbonara. Obvi, it was good. I mean it has “lobster” and “carbonara” in its name after all. Can’t go wrong with that!


After several rounds of seriously our new favorite game ever, we called it a night. I definitely slept more that night than the one before! On December 6th I woke up at 6:45 am (3:45 my time… oy vey!) to study & get my training run in for the day. It was worth it though when followed by a stellar breakfast (and lots and lots of coffee). We had a hotel breakfast with my mom-in-law and stepdad in law, Gordie, before meeting up with the rest of the group. This breakfast had so many nomz!!! Here is a little roundup.


Gosh, this breakfast was sooo tasty & fresh & delicious. Mmmm! I love the combo of a muffin, fruit, yogurt, and granola.

Time for Animal Kingdom!


Immediately after going through the entrance we were greeted by a walking tree. Only in Disney!


And thennn we were greeted by the tree of life!


We first went to Dinoland to ride the Dinosaur ride. Too fun!


Then we headed in the direction of Expedition Everest. This may have been the ride I was most excited for yet.


SOOO. much. fun! Also that kids face in the back….poor thing doesn’t know what he got himself into. hahah.

We walked around a bit more and had lunch at the Tusker House Cafe.


This buffet had alll the goodies- there was something for everyone! I loved every bite, but their hummus was particularly yummy!


Time for the Safari ride. Buckle up!


This guy below is definitely my Monday mood.


I was amazed at how close we were able to get to the animals.


It’s a real life Lion King!!! Naaaaaaants ingonyama bagithi baba


The whole fam in front of the tree of life 🙂 <3 Just love this group so much.


PANDORA TIME! I love love loveeed the movie Avatar when I saw it for the first time. I remember watching it when I was in high school.. I was home on a weekend recovering from being sick and just got lost in the beautiful world while lying on the couch like a log. I was awestruck by this recreation of Pandora at Disney. My pictures do not even come close to doing any type of justice. It’s just one of those things y’all will have to see for yourselves 😉 Blogger meet up in Disney?!


Below are some epic adult beverages you can grab at the stand Pongu Pongu in Pandora. They have boba right on top. On your left is the Rum Blossom and on the right is the Mo’ara Margarita. Mmmm!


*PS. Thank you to the fam for being so patient and helpful ( and for being hand models) through the trip*

Time to head to the Avatar Flight of Passage. ok….WOAH. Where do I find the words?! This is easily one of the coolest VR rides ever ever ever. I didn’t know this type of technology existed?!?! If you go to Animal Kingdom you HAVE to ride this ride. Definitely get the fast past though, because the regular line is crazyyy long (rightfully so). This and Tower of Terror were probably my two favorite rides from the week. Although Escape from Gringotts was up there too.


After going back to the hotel we got dressed up then went to Shula’s within the hotel for dinner to celebrate DJ’s sister, Renee’s, birthday! I love that her birthday fell during the trip- we rarely get to see her with all our crazy schedules, nonetheless on her birthday, so the fact that we could celebrate ALL together was very special <3

We started off with warm, fluffy, perfect bread… *insert drool face* good lawd. That bread… I will dream of it for all of my days…


For an appetizer DJ and I split the seafood trio of shrimp cocktail, crab meat, and lobster tail served with a trio of sauces. My mouth is watering all over again!


For my main, I had maybe the most delicious scallops I have ever tasted..


DJ’s steak… (once again, probably needs no description 😉 ).


And sides that will blow your socks off!! Crab mac and cheese.. me oh my was this ever good! Holy moly, I could have ate that as my meal alone!


& Some scrumptious asparagus..


Dessert was a chocolate souffle DJ and I split. 2018 has been the year of souffles—savory, sweet, and pancaked! If it’s on the menu, we basically have to try it. We compared this to Cafe Jacqueline– yes .. that good!


Picture is a bit pixelated since I stole it from the good ole’ f-book, but ya get the idea 😉


We slept so well that night after such a phenomenal meal. In the morning, DJ and I snuck in a run then grabbed some coffee from Fuel downstairs in the lobby. That coffee touched my very souuul. No no, that statement is not dramatic at all.


DJ enjoyed a ham and cheese sandwich, and I had some leftover breakfast from the day before- fruit, granola, and yogurt.


Next we go to Epcot!!! Wooohoo!! I probs should edit this post, but I’m too excited to share.. so we’ll just post it with all errors and whatnot, k?!

Question for you:

  • Favorite Disney movie of all time?

xo <3


89 thoughts on “Animal Kingdom!

  1. That kid’s face! hahaha

    Oh my goshhhh I lol’d too hard at the Monday mood animal! HAHAHAHA

    I loved Avatar when I saw it years ago!

    Such a hilarious and perfect “blogger” thing to do to give a shoutout of thanks to hand models. teehee

    Love that you all got to celebrate DJ’s sister’s birthday! How exciting!

    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Isn’t it too funny?!

      lol! Animals crack me up.

      what would we do without our hand models?! 😉

      Thanks so much! Have a great Wednesday 🙂

  2. Animal kingdom has been a fav of mine in the past, but they didn’t have the avatar completed when we were there!

    And I’m still making my notes. I want everything to eat in this blog!

    1. ok I am SOOO excited for you to try the ride out! It is just incredible!!

      Awww! The good thing about Disney is anything you do you can’t go wrong 😉 All the food is just amazing… every. single. bite.!

  3. Your pictures are great! ESPECIALLY the ones with the food!! 😀 But seriously, I went to Disney World with my high school band 10 years ago (!). The one day I forgot my camera in the hotel room was when we went to Animal Kingdom. It was like I was reliving it all over again through your pics. Thanks!!

    1. Hi!! Aw thank you so much <3

      Oh no!! What a bummer about the camera, however that makes it a perfect excuse to go back 🙂

      I'm so glad you enjoyed this post !! Thanks for stopping in !

  4. Your food looks amazing! I always choose the seafood option so I am still drooling over your lobster mac n cheese! I haven’t seen a lot of Disney movies, but I still remember my first one – Cinderella.

    1. Thanks AJ!! Ohhh the mac and cheese was one of the favorites of the trip for sure. Aww yes, Cinderella is always a classic <3 That's fun that you remember it was your first one too!

  5. 99% food pics are a-okay with me! I do like seeing your beautiful face, too! I’ll have to look into that game you mentioned! My MIL loves playing games, so that might be a great last minute Christmas gift!

    Look at all those delicious breakfasts! Those pancakes are just calling my name!

    1. Aw yay thank you!! <3

      Yessss, I know Target sells it- it's such a blast & easy to learn.

      Hope you can treat yourself to some yummy pancakes soon too! Thanks for stopping in, Allie! Happy Wednesday 🙂

    1. hehe thanks, girl!

      The bread was maybe the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant- so fresh, warm, and fluffy ! Have a great Wednesday 🙂

    1. definitely!!! oh yes next time make your way to Pandora- it’s incredible. Thanks for stopping in- have a great rest of your week

  6. You are making me want to start planning a trip to Disney World so bad! Would you recommend going in December? Love all your pics, including the food so no apologies necessary. You make me laugh with your comments – you are too cute!

    1. Awww I would ABSOLUTELY recommend going in December 🙂 During the weekends the crowds are pretty insane, but during the week it isn’t so bad and Disney at Christmas is next level magical 🙂 Thank you thank you tons!! Always appreciate your support, Susie.

  7. There were so many tasty-looking treats … it seems like the Grouper meal got surpassed many times over … those breakfasts with the pancakes – oh my! That safari and the pictures you took – you sure were up close. I like the picture of “The Horned One” giving you “the look” … boy, I have loved so many Disney movies through the years … I’d probably say “Lady and the Tramp” or “The Incredible Journey” … no wait a minute “Bambi” … they were all so good. There was a show every Sunday when I was growing up – every Sunday evening “Wonderful World of Disney” and that’s probably where I saw the Disney movies and some at the show too. “Old Yeller” – sniffle, sniffle.

    1. Hi, Linda!!! Oh man it was a week of super great eats for sure!!

      LOL I had a feeling you would appreciate the Safari pics !

      All those movies were sooo good- I seem to cry through them all- especially Bambi! How awesome you had a tradition of watching the Wonderful World of Disney, I bet that’s nostalgic this time of year too.Thanks for sharing <3

      1. I’ll bet the eats were great – they looked like it. My boss went to South Africa the beginning of 2018 … he was there about 13 days and had a three-day safari. He sent me a lot of pictures throughout the trip and my favorites were the safari portion. They were out in the boonies and no computer connection, even phone, as so dense, and they went out every day in a Land Rover with a guide. He liked it very much.

        This morning I heard something about “Mary Poppins” – forgot about that one, but I like the animal Disney movies first – loved “Bambi”!

      2. Oh my I would love to do a real safari like that- sounds amazing!!

        Awww I so love Bambi too, but it makes me weepy every time!

      3. Ahhh me toooo. We were actually just talking about this yesterday- Marley and Me had me full blown sobbing in the theater. My sister was cracking up at how hard I was laughing and since we had the theater to ourselves (matinee middle of the day) I got up and stomped away saying I was gonna go cry in peace. I went to the top of the theater and have never sobbed so hard in a movie. My sister continued to laugh at me but a few rows down, lol !

      4. Oh I know Mackenzie – I never saw the movie Marley and Me, but I read the book … it was like Old Yeller. I could not watch it, nor read it, even now without sobbing either. Such tender hearts we are. 🙂

    1. Oooo that is a good one!! Disney has been coming out with some great new movies the last few years that will be classics for sure! Thanks for stopping in, girl. xo

  8. The Monday mood picture has been me all week lol! This work week seems to be draaaggging.

    I’ve actually never seen Avatar but the Disney park of Pandora looks amazing! I almost feel like I need to watch the movie.

    Also LOVE the dress you’re wearing when you went to dinner to celebrate Renee’s birthday. The pink heels are super cute too.

    1. ahhh well it’s hump day! Only two to go! There is part of me that feels this week is dragging and the other part feels like it is going too fast because I have SO much to do before we head home.

      Yessss! The movie was really amazing.. I haven’t watched it in years, so I barely even remember it. I just know I loveeeed watching it.

      Aw thank you so much girl! It’s my go-to dress for basically any occasion. Have a wonderful day- ALMOST Christmas 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness….it’s been yeeaarrss since I went to Disney World (2000??? 2001???) and they have added so many new rides that sound amazing! Hehe–I’ve been wanting to go back for a while now, and your pictures are making me want to go back all the more!!! Maybe I can finally convince my hubby once we have some kids who are old enough to enjoy it, too. 😉 He’s not much of a roller coaster guy.

    And oh my — YES to Codenames!!! Our family just introduced us to it over Thanksgiving so we bought ourselves a copy once we got home. We’re excited to finally have another couple over this weekend to play it!

    Favorite Disney movie would probably be Beauty and the Beast. Apparently I watched the animated version all the time when I was little (like, everyday-to-fall-asleep-to-for-my-nap-but-also-just-to-watch kind of all of the time). and the Emma Watson live version they just came out with is definitely one of my favorite movies period.

    1. Ohhh girl I hope you do get to go! Especially with kiddos one day 🙂 That is our plan too- wait till we have some kids and once they can actually appreciate it (maybe 5 or 6 years old!).

      Isn’t it SUCH a fun game?!?! We just bought it too. A new essential for the holidays no doubt.

      Aww that is precious!! Oh my goodness- I still haven’t seen the Emma Watson version, but definitely need to get on that ASAP. I don’t know why I haven’t yet?! Thanks for reminding me of that masterpiece. Have a great Wednesday, Lauren- and thank you for stopping by girl 🙂

  10. I love these recaps! I remember seeing the “walking tree” when I was there. So fun! I *love* Tower of Terror. I never liked rollercoasters when I was little (& I’m still really apprehensive now) because I’m terrified of heights, yet I love free-fall rides. I’m a walking contradiction, hahaha.

    Alllll of that food looks phenomenal! I especially love the breakfast spread. That’s my jam for sure!

    You look b-e-a-u-tiful in your dress and pink heels! What a lovely group!!

    1. That’s soo funny!! I actually love rollercoasters, zero fear of heights- but the drops are what actually freak me out! There is a ride at Cedar Point in OH called Power Tower that you go up very slowly and then sit at the top for about 10 seconds before it drops you… the worst part is not knowing when it’s going to happen, and I think it’s probably double the height of Tower of Terror- you would love it, but that ride FREAKS me the heck out. My mom actually fainted on it!

      Aww thanks so much, Chica! Thanks for stopping in and sharing in our fun adventures 🙂

      1. Your mom really fainted on Power Tower? This is why I am terrified of that ride!!

      2. Yup! She is deathly afraid of heights though! I think it’s safe to stay clear of that one 😉 it’s the only one that truly terrifies me too!

  11. Thank you for all these wonderful posts from our trip. Your photos are so much better than mine and truly a gift to me that I have our wonderful trip together documented so beautifully in your blog! The safari pics are the best…I wouldn’t dare post my blurry photos to compare so very thankful you captured all of these, especially the Monday Mood fellow! Makes me want to go back with all of us soon! Love, You Ohio Mom

    1. Awww yay of course 🙂 thank you for encouraging me to photograph and not finding it a nuisance 😉 I so wish we were all back there too. I get so nostalgic already while writing these. But it helps that we get to see you in less than 24 hours! WOOHOOOO! ❤️

  12. YUM!!!! I laughed when you said you guess you’d upload the pics then just fill in the words. lol, I can’t count the number of times I’ve done that too. 😆 Merry Christmas!.❤️

    1. Hahah yesss so glad you get it! merry Christmas to you too, Jessica! ❤️ thanks so much for stopping by

  13. Aw that poor kiddo!!! I would be all over that buffet!!! Everything looks amazing and I could eat probably a million bowls of that delicious mac and cheese. Can’t wait to see what you ate at Epcot! Food paradise!

  14. This brought back so many memories of when I visited the Animal Kingdom with a bestie YEARS ago. I sooooo want to go back!!! (If I come upon money this year, I will SO do a blogger meetup there. HA!!! How fun would that be?!?).
    Pandora was obviously not open about 11 years ago, so I never saw it. But it looks incredible!
    We’re saving to go to Disney with the kiddos in a few years, and I am SO excited to check all of this out!!!
    I remember loving the Expedition Everest ride. 🙂

    1. Aw girl I so hope you can go especially with the kiddos in a few years!!! We really should start planning a blog meet up— even if not in Disney- somewhere/sometime that would work for most!! Time to brainstorm 😉 Maybe a goal to plan through 2019 and then meet up in 2020?! Fun to think about!

      Anywayyy back to Disney– Pandora is a MUST. Especially the Avatar ride- It’s hard to explain how incredible that was. And, of course, Everest is too fun!! Always love chatting with ya, Chica!!

      1. right?! I talked with someone else that we should make our goal to plan for 2019 and actually meet in 2020. Hmmmm. Time to brainstorm! xo

    1. YESS!!! It’s definitely one of my favorites too 🙂 Such a wonderful classic. Although I still haven’t seen the most recent with Emma Watson. Have you?! I need to do that ASAP

      1. Yes, it’s actually really good!! It took me a tiny bit to adjust to the voices being different, just because I’m so accustomed to the original sound. BUT it was very well done, and now I kind of want to see it again. Ha, ha.

      2. That’s so good to know!! Okay one of my new to-dos/goals for 2019: See the recent Beauty and the Beast! xo

    1. Aww hey, girl! It was such a wonderful time for sure 🙂 And brekkie is the BEST meal of the day- I am a firm believer. Hope you had the best day, love. Thank you for stopping by!! xo

  15. Ahh! You know I am not even close to mad about all the food pics. ♡ They are def my fave!!! & all of it included in this post looks so dang delish. I’d most love to visit that buffet! & omg Shula’s– that seafood trio looks sooo amazing & maybe for the first time ever, I think the scallops are calling my name more than the steak! Yum!!! Happy belated to DJ’s sis!!

    I cracked up about the walking tree lol, what the heck?! 😂 & I would be all for the blogger meetup in Disney (or anywhere, really!)! Love love loving these posts, Mackenzie!!! I am so happy you got to spend time with your family especially ones you rarely see. ♡ Thank you for taking the time to snap these photos to share with us!!! Tell them we are all thankful for their patience & hand modeling skills too. 😉 Seems like you all had such a blast together & those freakin’ red heels of yours are sooo dang hot!!!

    1. hehe thanks, girl <3- I swear, food is just too darn photogenic to resist allll the pics 😉

      woah woah woah- say whaaa?! The scallops over steak for ya?! Well you'd be making a good choice 😉 I tried a nibble of DJ's steak, and while I could appreciate that if you like steak you would enjoy it I just think the scallops were packed with wayyy more flavor.

      haha- I had to do a double take with the tree- I was like, "Am I really seeing this? Yes, yes I am".

      Ahhh one dayyy we will make sure to have a blogger meet up. Maybe we can make our goal to plan in 2019 to have one set in stone by 2020? That leaves lotsa time to coordinate and brain storm!

      Awww thank you for taking the time to read through these posts, I'm really glad you've enjoyed um' 🙂 This family time is something I'll treasure forever!

      bahah- what would we do without our hand models?!

      Thank you! They're definitely my new favorite find of the year 🙂 I wear those lil suckers any chance I get! xo

      1. Okay so the weirdest thing happened with this comment. None of it showed up in my notifications!! Like the comment was there but it was empty & this has happened before but I thought maybe you hadn’t responded those times & the notification was just a glitch so I never checked on it but I was like… did she really not to respond to this one?? I didn’t believe you wouldn’t so I came to your page & found your comment actually does have writing?! What the heck!!

        Just from the photos!! Those scallops look so dang juicy and flavorful and the steak looks a bit boring!! I am still laughing about that walking tree… LOL!!! I am such a bad planner but like… if someone ELSE was like BLOGGER MEET UP HERE, I’d be there, for sure. 😉

      2. I swear WordPress is out to get me!! haha. UGH! I am sorry it’s sending you on a goose chase, but thanks for taking the time to investigate. I’ll have to see if that is happening to others too… so strange!

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Diane! I’m sure you whipped up something absolutely delicious for yourself to take care of that 😉 Have a great weekend!

  16. Wow I love that you got to see all these different animals and so close!! That Pandora ride sounds absolutely fantastic too, how cool that they recreated the world! And now crab mac & cheese…ugh you’re killing me Mackenzie!! lol

    1. Pandora was mind-blowing- it really felt like we were IN pandora with how detailed it was.

      haha I just laughed out loud, I’m tellin’ ya- if it’s on the menu we cannot resist. Too good!

      Have a great weekend, Courtney 🙂

      1. I wouldn’t be able to resist it either! That reminds me of how if mozzarella sticks are on the menu, I just have to get them. Every time, I just have to try them lol. XD Thanks girl!! Happy New Year! <3

      2. Yessss, oh my goodness, I haven’t had a mozzarella stick in forever, but those are such a delicious classic. Now I am hard core craving one!!

        Happy New Year to you toooo! xo

  17. The Hulk ride is one of my FAVORITES!! I’m a big roller coaster fan and I love that one. Grouper is one of my favorite fish and of course, it usually tastes fresh in Florida! I’ve been to Animal Kingdom, but it seems like quite a bit of those rides/area are newer. I do love the Tree of Life. My boys weren’t prepared for Everest because they were still little when we traveled there. And I doubt my daughter even remembers it.
    Favorite Disney movie of all time is sooo hard! I loved Mary Poppins and Brother Bear was one we seemed to watch on repeat when the kids were little.

    1. It was sooo much fun!!

      The grouper may have been my favorite fish dish I tried that week (although scallops were a contender!)… all of it was too darn yummy. Like you said- so fresh!

      I think it sounds like a great time for your family to go back 😉

      Oh those are both so good! I actually don’t know if I’ve seen Brother Bear from beginning to end. Hmm I think I could rope DJ into watching it with me one day soon. We love our Disney! Thanks for stopping in, Amy 🙂

  18. Hi Mackenzie, Oh my the breakfast photos look so tasty! Animal kingdom looks amazing , you got great photos of all the wildlife . I love giraffes, i am so intrigued by them! The everest ride looks scary and I feel for that kid! Hope he was ok. Happy birthday to Renee! It was nice you could celebrate with her when you dont get to meet often. What a cute group DJ’s side of the family are! I love that dress on you, repeating myself i Think! Snow white wins for Me in favorite disney movie! Take care Dear, Terri xo.

    1. That breakfast was one I still think about!! Something about that muffin & the fresh fruit- mmmmm mmm!

      Aren’t giraffes such funny creatures?! God certainly has a sense of humor, lol.

      I am so thankful we were able to celebrate her birthday there too.. sometimes we go over a year without all seeing each other so this was very special <3

      Awww thank youuuuu- this is officially my go-to black dress. I'll whip it out for any occasion!

      Ohh Snow White is such a classic!! Have a great Sunday 🙂

  19. Paha, I was just thinking lobster and carbonara? You can’t go wrong with that! The crab mac ‘n’ cheese looks so delicious as well. Crab and lobster, gotta love those. Can’t decide which I like more, but I have to go for crab, it’s the sweetest tasting seafood ever! Steamed lobster is exquisite too.

    That kids expression is hilarious, but I love how his dad is just not bothered at all! That’s the kind of face that’s send everything in life. 😂 Loving all these awesome pictures, you’re igniting the travel bug in me. Glad to see you had a blast! X

    1. Yessss you described it perfectly! … Exquisite! I’ve had both crab & lobster in pasta & truly don’t know which I prefer more. Both so scrumptious.

      lol- right?! I actually didn’t even notice that till I was making this post- his face cracked me upp. Awww yay go, travel bug, go! hehe. I hope you get to travel somewhere fun soon 🙂

      1. I tried crab mac & cheese the other day, and it’s hands down one of the best mac & cheese ever and I can’t wait to have more! 🤤

        And thank you! 🙂

      2. Agreeeed!!! I’m glad you found some to enjoy 🙂 Have a great Wednesday, Sophia!

  20. Omg the lobster carbonara sounds and looks amazing!
    And your breakfast. Wow!!! My kind of breakfast lol.
    This place is incredible!! How cool that there’s a safari there and how big is this place really?!!
    Pandora looks so cool too! I didn’t think I was going to like the movie but I really enjoyed it!
    And all that food my mouth is watering!!!!!! Crab mac n cheese!!!!! Whaaa!! I want some!
    What a fun day Mackenzie!! Cant wait to read the rest lol

    1. cannot go wrong with lobster carbonara! I just had a couple bites, but thinking back it’s making my mouth water even now after breakfast haha.

      Haha I thought the SAME thing about the size- especially at Universal Studios where there are literally two giant separate parks. I thought we were done at one point and they were like, “no there is a whole other park!”. So cool.

      Pandora may have been my favorite!! Thanks for reading, Rossy 🙂

      1. Btw, we found a Mac’d here and it’s really really close to us. I’m hoping to try it soon but word is getting around that its really really good and so the wait time is over 30 mins lol. They’re transitioning from a ghost restaurant to a window one so they’re working on lots of things. I looked at the menu last night and attempted to go but it was 8:45p and that meant we had to wait for more than 30 mins with our kiddo in the car so we had to skip it! But the guy at the window was really nice and basically said the wait is worth it lol.
        Ok anyway. I cant believe there are two parks in that place!! I’ll have to find out how big it is maybe they have a map Haha

      2. Ahhh for real?!? That is so exciting!!!! Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for you to try- report back (or I can read it on your blog of course!).

        Yess they have a map- I’m awful at reading maps so I just go along for the ride and let the road take me where it may hahah. DJ always jokes that I have no idea where I ever am. It’s pretty accurate, lol

      3. It was so good!! Remember the mac from Oswego Grill for our date night last month? I think you’ve read that post already, but anyway. We thought that mac was good, well this one is so much better! I loved it! Alex wants to go back already and I don’t blame him. We might have to lol.

      4. Yesss!! That mac looked SOOO good- and you say Mac’d was better?! Oh my goshhh. I need to try ASAP. What did you guys have?

      5. It was! Oh my gosh, you haven’t tried it yet? I thought you might have because apparently it comes from SF LOL
        Anyway, its a build your own mac, they have different cheese sauces and mix-ins and toppings!
        I had the basic mac, with elbow macaroni, bacon mix-in, and panko breadcrumbs as the topping. Alex had the hellapeno (it’s really spelled like that, lol) cheese sauce, elbow macaroni, with chorizo mix in and panko breadcrumbs! Next time I’m trying the hellapeno without any meats, I believe you can make it vegetarian? Or they might have a vegan option too, I forget. Definitely look into it before you go just in case. 🙂 and if you ever do go let me know how much you like it!

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