Birthday Treats & Festivities!

Heyyyy ya! Hope you are all doing well 🙂 I am on my “fall break” today which means I didn’t get a fresh load of assignments this morning. Woohoo! I still have a ton of work to do for projects due later in the semester, so I’m going to chip away on those anyways.

On Thursday October 4th, I finished up all my homework for the weekend, then did all the weekly chores- laundry, deep cleaning, etc. In the evening I went into SJ to volunteer for few hours, then caught up on blogging.

Friday October 5th, I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, just the way I like it! Hah. I woke up early, did an intense leg burning HITT routine, ran to Baskin Robbins to pick up a cake for my sister-in-law, Amy’s, birthday, then made DJ’s favorite dessert- Oreo Dirt Pudding for his birthday (They are twins to clarify!). If you have never tried dirt pudding, it is a must. This stuff is addictively delicious & pretty easy to whip up. The recipe I use isn’t hyperlinking for some reason- But I will share it soon if any one is interested!


I was running low on time, but I had a meeting in San Jose to make. I grabbed my stuffed sweet potato bowl and decided to munch on it on the road. I was 98% sure I was going to get some food on me, but I didn’t! It’s the little victories, right?!


When I returned, I surprisingly still had a little time to make dinner- I put together a dinner of swordfish, corn-grits with butter & parm, zucchini, asparagus with parm, and sourdough bread for DJ.


I was still a bit stuffed from my stuffed sweet potato (THE IRONY), so I just chowed down on all the veggies (including roasted acorn squash- my new autumn obsession!).


DJ had to get up early to run on Saturday followed by work all day, so he wanted to go to bed early. We celebrated his birthday technically last weekend with the Brown’s game since we knew he’d be booked for the actual day of. But the night was young! I was excited to drive down to SF to hang with Amy.

We had some cake then hit the town- anyone catch the reference on the cake 😉 ?


We went to our favorite SF hangout spot, Smuggler’s Cove. You may remember it from when Kelsey visited- I have more pictures of the actual place in that post. It’s very tucked away with no signage, and while it’s busy like any place on an SF Friday night, it is still pretty low key. We had so much fun, just chatting and catching up!


On Saturday the 6th, it was an absolutely beautiful morning!!


We weren’t super hungry for a full on brunch, so we decided to try out a bakery. We headed to one on the ole’ bucket list, B. Patisserie. (Thank you for the suggestion, Rhonda!!!) This bakery is on Thrillist’s list  for the best bakeries in America (along with Tartine that we visited a couple months ago). Mom and Pete will have to return soon to try this one out!


The lady in front of us in line gave us some terrific suggestions of what to try. We had the cinnamon roll, Kouign Amann, pumpkin almond croissant, ham and cheese croissant, 10-hour apple tart, and berry cream croissant.


Everything was insanely good. Hands- dough-n the best bakery I think I’ve ever been to. It pain(au)s me to say, but I think it even tops Tartine. The Kouign Amann (the pastry on the circle plate with the chocolate in the middle) is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, pastry I have ever had. It’s kinda of like a croissant, but even better.


Amy vouched for the ham and cheese croissant too- so if you eat meat- you must try this! The pumpkin almond croissant was magical & the apple tart was perfection.

And it doesn’t stop there… I had to try one of their tartines for a savory fix, so I ordered the mushroom tartine with caramelized onions, fontina, and gruyere cheese. It was heavenly.


After rolling out of B. Patisserie (so much for not being very hungry 😉 ), we went to a super neat event at Duboce Park. In light of Fleet Week in SF, there was a naval band performance followed by demonstrations with dogs trained in finding people under buildings, cadaver dogs and dogs trained to trace an individual person’s scent. It was SO cool. For one of the demonstrations, they had a dog smell a scent of one person in the park, the person went and hid far from the dog in a mass of people, and the dog found that individual. It was bananas! The Blue Angels were here all weekend too!


In the afternoon, I drove home enjoying the gorgeous highway mountain views, went for an amazing ten-mile run fueled up by the morning carb load, did some school work and then took an on-and-off nap while watching Netflix. I hardly ever take naps, but gosh they are nice!


Later in the evening, I had my leftover mushroom tartine and then had a big bowl of oatmeal with Fage and PB for dinner. I can’t go a day with out this lately <3 I am officially on a new kick!


DJ finally came home from work late in the evening, and he said all he wanted to do was watch Dexter and eat dirt, so that is what we did!

Sunday the 7th DJ and I went to church, I worked on my Savings September post then just got prepped for the week. Time to return to reality! Also, happy Anniversary today to my Mom and Pete! They are at the hot air balloon festival in New Mexico! So excited to see pictures.

Questions for you:

  • What is your go-to birthday treat? If cake, do you have a favorite kind?
  • Has anyone seen the Blue Angels perform in person?

xo <3


102 thoughts on “Birthday Treats & Festivities!

    1. I don’t sleep! Just kidding (kinda- our upstairs neighbors don’t allow much time for sleeping in reality haha). Glad you thought it all looked good though! Thank you so much for stopping by- have such a great week!

      1. I used to have that same situation with upstairs neighbors. Thank heavens they’re gone. Even though my building has almost all single military, it’s pretty quiet.

      2. That’s so great they are gone for you! Makes alll the difference. I actually found out just a few hours ago that they are moving!! I am so happy I could cry. Haha.

  1. All those baked goods look heavenly! I’m not a huge cake fan unless it’s chocolate, and when I lived in Pacifica my favorite cake was from this little Italian bakery there called Mazetti’s. They have a to-die-for raspberry chocolate cake. So good!

    I’ve been out to SF during Fleet Week a couple times and it is pretty neat, but so crowded. This past weekend we hit some traffic heading into the Peninsula from the East Bay and we were able to see the Blue Angels perform from the Bay Bridge.

    1. Oooh Mazetti’s sounds incredible!! I love raspberry and chocolate together- YUM!

      That’s so cool that you were able to see the Blue Angels!! (makes sitting in traffic a bit better, huh?!)

  2. Dirt cake is AMAZING. My co-workers made it for my birthday this year. My brain doesn’t even register it as food because it’s so light and fluffy. Let’s just say I can eat a lot of it (like all of it).

    I didn’t get the reference. I ALWAYS get the reference. I feel shame.

    1. It is isn’t it?! I totally overdo it every single time because like you said- it’s like eating tasty fluffy air. THE BEST.

      Ahhh haha – have you watched The Office?!

      1. Haha! me too! Watching that scene definitely gave me the itch to go back and rewatch it all from the beginning. I hardly rewatch shows, but that one truly never gets old.

  3. sounds like a great weekend and lots of fun. those bakery items look tasty. we aren’t big cake eaters so I often make other things for birthdays. I even have pictures of Colby with a candle in pancakes for his birthday one year

    1. Thank you 🙂 They were mighty tasty!! Ahh I LOVE the idea of putting a candle in a pancake. I should do that for my husband one year. He loves pancakes! Such a fun idea. Have a great week and thank you for stopping by

  4. Oh what a delicious post!! I am so hungry reading this and I want, must try every one of those pastries!! Goodness they all looked amazing!! Glad you and Amy had fun and so nice you made DJ’s favorite dessert for his birthday….you are the best daughter-in-law (I honestly just see you as one of my daughters ) and wife for DJ, we are blessed!!! Love you both and enjoy all the wonderfulness of Fall and pumpkin spice goodies, especially that pumpkin almond croissant! Also I am going to try your new go to breakfast with the oatmeal, yum! Love, your Ohio mom xoxoxo

    1. You would love this place! We can add it to the list when you visit 😊😋 especially the pumpkin almond 🤤

      Awww ❤️❤️ thanks, Mom- I am just blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family. So so thankful. Plus making dirt for DJ gives me an excuse to dig into it too 😉

      Make sure to add a bit of sugar to the oatmeal too! Sooo tasty, especially this time of year. Love you and counting down the days to Disney!! Thanks for always supporting the ole blog 🙂 xoxo

  5. Both of those birthday desserts look amazing! This year I made a chocolate layer cake with peanut butter frosting for my dessert and it was amazing. Kind of craving a piece now that I’m typing this…

    Chicago does an annual air and water show every year. I’ve gone a few times and the Blue Angels are there. They’re incredible

    1. Oh my gosh that cake sounds sooooo goood! And you made it?! I have always wanted to try making a cake from scratch. I’ve made the easy box ones but nothing like that! Anything pb- sign me up!

      The blue angels are sooo amazing. No idea how they do what they do- but always an awesome thing to witness. Almost mid week, girl 💪🏻 dang, this one is flying by!

      1. Yep! Made it from scratch. Making anything from scratch is honestly so easy! I think they taste better too. If you ever make one thing, try out pb frosting. It would be good on any chocolate cake.

        I completely agree! I swear today I sat down at my desk at 7 am, blinked then it was noon. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Sounds like a busy but fun time! Sniffer dogs are incredible aren’t they? I’m not surprised to see a Beagle in there, my Bonnie can sniff out anything edible within a 10 mile radius I reckon! She’s so greedy!

    1. Awww you have a beagle?!? I love her name too. We used to have one when I was very young. They are an amazing breed! So loyal too! Lol that made me laugh about her being greedy – no hiding food from her! 😝

    1. It’s just sooo good, right? I have zero self control when it comes to that deliciousness 🤤🤤

  7. All of those bakery treats made me hungry!! My go to birthday treat is usually apple crisp or this AMAZING blueberry crumble cake my mom makes! Both of them are delicious. 🙂

    1. You cannot go wrong with a crisp of any kind 😍😋. Great choices!!! (Especially anything made by a mom- you know it’ll be good!) You would have loved the 10-your apple tart we had. It was sooo phenomenal.

  8. First of all, all those desserts and bakery items sound amazing! Reading your blog is like having a subscription to a travel, cooking magazine. I LOVE it!!
    Secondly, those dogs are incredible!
    Oh and question… You go for long runs. Do you ever have knee pain or do you naturally not have to deal with that? I’m just getting back into it, but an old sports injury keeps flaring up. It’s not bad right now, so I’m keeping things slow. But I was wondering if you had any tips for sore joints since you run a lot. 🙂

    1. You literally ALWAYS make my day!!! You have the gift of encouragement for sure ❤️❤️ thank you soo much, Nicole 🙂

      And to answer your question- the knee pain struggle is REAL, girl ! I actually transitioned to hot yoga for a few months because my knee was flaring up. It helped sooo much. In high school I had horrible shin splints too which great shoes and inserts essentially eliminated. I’ve learned to just change my type of exercise, replace my shoes, and rest a little extra when it starts flaring. Oh, and focusing more on core strengthening workouts has been a life saver! I used to hunch a lot while running but that put so much strain on my knees- with a stronger core you eliminate the upper body load more! Hope this is helpful somewhat 🙂 I also use an icy hot equivalent when it’s really bad.

      1. Awwww, THIS totally made my day!!
        And your advice on the knee pain helped! I honestly struggle with changing up my exercise… I tend to jump hardcore into running, and I think that’s the problem. My goal, this time around, is to mix it up so as to not injure myself. I’ll let you know how it goes! AND I used to have such a strong core, but I feel as though two C-sections messed with that (since I didn’t keep up with ab workouts afterward). I need to keep that in mind too and maybe start that back up. Thank you for those tips, my friend!!!

      2. Yay I’m so glad! I do the same for sure… running is the most mindless exercise for me, so that’s what I turn to too. So good for us, but so harsh on the joints! I hope it all heals up for you right with just switching some things up 🙂 I have even found long walks very beneficial too.

        Ohh that makes sense! I’d saying putting abs on the back burners to bring some amazing little humans in the world is a valid excuse 😉 Tehe. I don’t even have an excuse and sometimes I don’t keep up well with um’! lol. But the nice thing is core strength tends to build up pretty quickly! I love alll of Cassey Ho’s videos on youtube- she has all levels and times. I think you’ll love her 🙂 Happy exercising, Nicole!!! <3 have a wonderful week

  9. It’s been years since I had dirt pudding – my mom would make it in clear plastic cups and embed those colorful gummy worms into the cup – never got to eat the gummy worms as a kid, just for effect. That Oreo cake was amazing looking! The bakery had some beautiful treats – “Hands- dough-n” and “pain(au)” … got ’em … I knew that French I took in college would come in handy someday! I just tried peanut butter in my morning oatmeal a few weeks ago and now I can’t stay away from it – never tried it with Fage or Oikos or Chabani – have to try that too. The crunchy peanut butter mixed in the oatmeal is wonderful.

    1. Hi Linda! I thought I responded to this but I don’t think it went through.

      Dirt pudding is OH so tasty! I love the gummy worm version- but DJ does not prefer it, hehe. And it was his birthday after all 😉

      Ahh you got them! The pain (au) was a stretch, and I am SO happy you got it!

      I love the savory PB with the tart Fage.. mmm mmm!

      Hope your weekend was excellent- I am gonna be so busy busy this week but I am hoping to have a moment to catch up on blogs soon! 🙂

      1. Well you’re right, it was DJ’s birthday … the older you get gummy worms do not work so well on the teeth. If you have a childhood filling, that gummy candy might just pull one out. Better to go with the straight “dirt” … 🙂

      2. Tehe- true true. (But I do still love um’ 😉 ). I am a child at heart and love all candy! But can’t go wrong with straight dirt either- heheh- sugar is sugar, right ?! 🙂

  10. You sounds busy but still got time to cook such delicious food, I’m amazed! *clapclap!*

    The dogs demonstration seems so cool! I would like to see the demonstration if there’s any here.

    My go-to birthday cake is anything chocolate or cheese cake! mmm yum!

    1. Thanks , Mich 💕

      Ohhhhhh cheese cake is my weakness 😋🤤 have you ever had Cheesecake Factory cheesecake?

  11. What a fun celebration!! All of those pastries – my gosh I want to put the liplock on each one. Ha!

    One of my childhood friends used to make Oreo “dirt” pie for her birthday, and I loved it! My go-to birthday cake is hard to choose! Matt loves the classic vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. I love spiced cakes and anything lemon.

    I’m ashamed that I cannot figure out the cake reference! The design looks like oysters on the half shell to me, but I don’t know that that is even what they are supposed to be. Haha

    Mmmm oatmeal with Fage and pb is a classic for me!

    1. It was for sure!! I seriously have craved that darn pumpkin almond croissant everyday since I have woke up since. Haha. They are TOO good.

      Ahhh you are speaking my language!! I always go for lemon. Even for our wedding I know that not everyone likes lemon but I needed some lemon curd in the mix. SO good.

      OMG ! Wait- I loveeee that idea for the cake!!! It’s actually an Office reference… but I think I like your idea even better!

      it’s soooo good. I wonder if I subconsciously picked it up from you?! I probably did. Haha.

    1. Thanks, Jenna! 🙂 So good to hear from ya, Chica! I will keep that in mind for sure! I tried to link the dirt pudding recipe, but I think the place I originally grabbed it from is down or something. Have a great rest of your week 🙂

  12. My favorite birthday treat is usually Carvel ice cream cakes! I love how they are 90% ice cream & 10% cake hahaha. That Oreo dirt pudding looks amazing and I’d love to see your recipe for it! I will have to give it a try sometime. 🙂 Also, I didn’t get any new assignments for the week yesterday and I’ve been SO confused as to why. I was thinking my professor was behind or something but maybe it’s fall break! It hasn’t been announced anywhere on the school calendar or course calendar, but that would make sense if it is fall break, haha. I guess I’ll just have to ask. 😉

    1. Oh my gosh YESSS! That’s actually what I tried to model the bakin robbins cake after- nthing beats those little fudgy pieces!! I prefer ice cream cake to regular too. Okay- I’ll see if that link is back up! There are a lot of subpar recipes out there- this one is the best. The website is down but if it doesn’t come back up I’ll just share my screenshots of it that I’ve always used!

      LOL- I bet it is!! Enjoy 🙂 What are you going to school for again?

      1. That would be great! I would totally love to make it. I know what you mean about some recipes being subpar…you gotta hold onto a good one when you find it haha.

      2. Oh and I’m going to school for English. I’ll probably have to transfer schools since my current one doesn’t offer an English degree, but for now I’m just taking care of the general studies. I’m just starting college while you’re in grad school lol. You’re an inspiration!

      3. Oh that’s right!!! I knew this!! AW girl, any college is a huge accomplishment! You are killin’ it. Hope you find a great school soon to transfer to!

  13. Is the cake message a joke on them being twins?! That dirt cake looks fab!

    yay for sister-in-law girl time <3

    Those pups are sooooo cute and man that is incredible they can find someone after smelling them only 1 time!

    I love naps but only take them once every couple of months or so! Sometimes they can make me more groggy rather than more rested.

    I think one of my favorite cakes is German chocolate! I just love coconut and I can't really have dessert without chocolate so the two together is a pretty spectacular combo. Mmmm mmm mm

    1. Haha- no but it totally could be! It’s actually an Office reference! (a super subtle one).

      It was so nice to hang with her. I’m so glad she live here now!

      Agreeed. I think I take like one or two a year- I have to be REALLY exhausted, but that’s when they feel best!

      Oooo I am with you! Anything coconut or chocolate is amazing- especially when together!

      1. Really?! I didn’t know that!! It was a super subtle reference. In the comments somewhere here I linked the youtube video— if you go to the very end you will see the reference 😉

  14. Hahah yes, it is the little victories! Go you for not getting any food on your clothes. 😉 The swordfish dinner looks so dang yummy! I love love love roasted acorn squash and butternut and spaghetti lol all the squashes, okay?! ♡ YUM!

    That’s so cute that DJ & Amy both had some kind of Oreo dessert for their birthday treat! They are def twinsies at heart but, they don’t look much alike at all!

    Mmm. The pastries look wonderful but the tartine stole my heart! I’d take all the stomach aches to eat that. 😍

    I still can’t believe you can run 10 miles. My lungs & body hurt just thinking about running one lol you are a superhuman, girl.

    Happy Anniversary to your adorable Ma & her Pete!!! ♡

    For my birthday, I like to have a big steak for a treat LOL. 😉

    1. Lol yesss allll the squash please!!!!

      Hehe- they seriously have twin moments that are kinda hilarious but freaky. Like they will both be laughing and seeming to be having a conversation about something that no one understands. It’s very entertaining to witness!

      Hahah nah- I always say I was SUPER unathletic growing up- my sister got allll the athleticism, so I just ran hahah.

      Aw I’ll pass on the sweet wishes to them 🙂

      You are speaking DJ’s language!!! He loves a good steak dinner for special occasions. It works out though because usually steak places have awesome seafood options too 😉 Thanks for stopping in, Hunida! Happy wednesday!

      1. Ahh!! Twins are so cool!!

        Running 10 miles all the time definitely makes you an athlete in my book!!! & heeey, seafood for my birthday is good too. 😉

    1. Girl, it’s the BEST and by the best I mean the worst because I have ZERO willpower with it haha. My sweet tooth is unreal too.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Chica! <3

    1. You are the first to get the reference 🙌🏻 and you cannot go wrong with donuts! We did a donut cake for our wedding 😂

  15. Hooray for school breaks!! Fun to see how you made the most of your time off Mackenzie! (by now I’m sure you’re back at it!!) Glad you liked b Patisserie. I agree it’s the best– and we love to hunt down bakeries when we travel. And– fleet week is so fun– we’ve seen the Blue Angels a couple times from our kids house who have a good view of the bay and all the planes/ships/boats hanging out on the weekend! Didn’t see it this year– but saw their photos. Fun post– hope all’s going well with you. hugs!

    1. It is just a phenomenal bakery!!! I am so thankful you mentioned it!

      That’s so awesome you have that view for Blue Angels 🙂 How wonderful! Thanks for stopping by, 🙂 XO

  16. Just reading/seeing your photo’s make me hungry. LOL. My sister used to make Dirt Cake (I am sure it is the same as dirt pie). She would layer it into a flower pot and put gummy worms coming out of it. Lots of fun. LOL

    1. Yes! Same as dirt pie! And I have seen that before- SOO cute! I think I’d do it that way, but my husband doesn’t prefer the gummy worms in it. The flower pot is next level creative & cute! Maybe when we have kids one day!!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Ruth!

  17. Happy Birthday to Amy and DJ!! The dirt cake looks soo good Mackenzie! I would love the recipe sometime! The swordfish dinner looks very appetising . Aww that is so sweet you made sure to underline your to make it special to Amy! Lovely photo of you Ladies. The pastries are so good , I can almost taste them, almost! It is amazing what these trained dogs can do. The oatmeal fage PB is a good kick to get onto ! I hope this writer namely Moi tries it sometime soon! It is ok to eat dirt sometimes then. Wish your Mom and Pete a happy anniversary from Me . I do like ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!! I have not seeen the blue angels but they are so talented I know. Wishing you the best for the rest of the week, Terri xo.

    1. Thanks, Terri 🙂 I will pass on the sweet wishes to DJ and Amy! I will see if the dirt recipe is back up and running- it is the only recipe I like of it – tried and true 🙂 I am not kidding when I say when I go to sleep I am legitimately excited to wake up and have my oats with PB and Fage, lol! I hope you get to try soon ! But don’t forget a dash of sugar 😉 Hope your weekend has been amazing as youuu! xo

      1. Thank you Mackenzie! Wow you really do love it! I won’t forget the dash of sugar! The weekend was nice but it surely was more amazing than me right? Have a nice Monday hugs Terri xo

  18. Yay for no food on your clothes! My favorite birthday treat is brownies. I’m not very big on cake, but almost every other form of sweetness is Ahh-mazing. I am a giant mushroom fan and that mushroom tartine looks to die for!! I have had dirt pudding…YUM!! Happy birthday to Amy and DJ and Happy Anniversary to your mom and Pete! xx​

    1. Haha- yesss! It really is the little victories, right?! Ooo if you like mushrooms you definitely would like the mushroom tartine! I think it’s basically mushrooms/cheese/arugula over a toasted baguette- pretty easy!

      Thank you for the birthday & anniversary wishes 🙂 Have a great rest of your weekend, Amy!

  19. Oh my word, that is the most delicious cover photo you have ever posted! I am SO hungry now!
    Bwahahaha I LOV the irony! Sweet potatoes are the holy grail of food! Especially stuffed ones!
    I LOVE acorn squash! And you can actually stuff it too. I cut it in half and will fill it with lentils, nuts and dried fruit and then drizzle some maple syrup on it SO yummy!
    Girl you are killing me with that cake! SO yummy! (Okay I say that a lot..sorry!)
    Side note: I don’t know if I told you my SiL who is also Maura is a triplet… just adding to the similarities between us LOl.
    Oh my word just gimmee everything! Why hasn’t the internet learned how to make pictures come to life ah la Harry Potter?
    Aweee Happy Anniversary to your mom and Pete! That is so exciting! A Hat air balloon festival is on my list. Especially the one in Turkey. The pictures are insanely stunning! <3

    1. AHH!!! I am so glad you think so 🙂 And dang it was delicious. Hard to beat a good ice cream cake!

      I agree! Sweet potatoes are the bestttttt.

      OMG!! I do the same thing with acorn squash! Except I stuff it with vegan sausage. The maple syrup makes it!!

      hahah don’t apologize for a second- I am so glad this all looks appetizing!

      Awww you remembered my SIL is Maura too! But I had no idea she was a triplet?! That is so fun! Seriously… the similarities are uncanny!

      WAIT. STOP. I was JUST JUSTTTT thinking about that today (the HP photos). Particularly when I was looking at my live photos on my photo stream. I was like, interesting it isn’t on a loop to make it more HP-esque. lol!

      Thanks so much- I will send the sweet wishes to um’ 🙂 Is the Hot Air festival in Turkey the one that’s all over instagram all the time?! I want to go there too!

  20. OMG! I wish I had a bakery near me that makes treats like those. I am craving carbs now! All of your food looks amazing! My favorite birthday cake is my mom’s homemade strawberry cake. I request it every year! This post made me hungry! 🙂

    1. Hey girll! I say that’s just a great excuse to visit SF 😉 I remember the strawberry cake from your posts- it looked SO good!!! YUM! xo

  21. I’m hungry! Your posts always make me crave all the food Mack haha, definitely going to grab a bite after this. I hope DJ and Amy had the happiest of birthdays, it’s so lovely that you went out to Smugglers Cove to celebrate Amy’s day with her, it’s great that you have that relationship with your partners sister 🙂
    However I don’t get the cake reference… am I missing something? Please explain haha. Also I LOVE Baskin Robbins. We have them here in the UK and it genuinely makes me happy I can relate to a food location from one of your posts haha, I feel united!

    Oh my gosh Mack you are too funny, the bakery puns (hands-dough-n etc). You kill me!
    I hope you have a great weekend hun xxx

    1. tehehe- hope you grabbed some good grub 🙂 I will pass on the sweet wishes!! I just love hanging with Amy- so thankful to have her as a SIL! <3 Glad she is so close too!

      So the cake reference is from the Office from one of their birthday parties on the show! I don't know that you even get The Office (tv show) there?!?

      I am so glad you have BR too! SOO GOOOOD ! one of my favorites. Totallly united girlie ! <3

      hahah - glad you liked the pun- lol! Thanks for stopping by, J! XO

  22. You must MUST post the recipe to the dirt pudding!! I’d love to try it!
    Also, I’m loving the “it is your birthday” cake haha. I’ll have to try that with Alex. It’s one of our fave shows haha.
    And that bakery looks bomb!!! Wow! You guys have it all down there!
    And how cool!!! We have fleet week here too but in May when the Rose City Festival is in full swing. I still haven’t been downtown when they’re here because it’s during the week but maybe next year I’ll try to make a bunch of events 😊
    Also, how cool about the trained dog demonstration! That’s so cool!!

    1. I will, girl! I actually have gotten this request from a few people. Maybe I’ll whip it up tonight!

      I didn’t know you guys were big Office fans?!! I think you are the only one who caught the reference!

      I think of all the bakeries we visited, B. Patisserie was the best! It was sooooo gooooood. Tartine was a close second.

      Thanks for reading, Chica! xo

      1. Yayyy!!! I’m so so close to catching up with your posts. And once I do I’ll be sure to keep up with it, hopefully my ipad doesn’t crash but I’ll have my phone and that works haha

        YES! We love The Office!! I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it all the way through lol. I’m currently watching it 😁

      2. Yay yay! You are so sweet to have caught up like this!

        That is the besttttt!!! DJ and I will watch random scenes all the time from Youtube when we need a fix haha. It’s so dang good.

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