I Accidentally Stole From Target & Other Recent Happenings

HOWDY! Excuse me while I unleash my good ole’ southern side (I just booked a quick four day trip to Dallas in August!). YEEHAAW. My schedule only comes out about three or four weeks before, so I’m doing all my planning last minute, but I’m learning to navigate it.

I’m thrilled to tell ya’ll that things are getting mucho better. I think after I wrote my last big nursing update post I began truly coping. I’m able to sleep through the night most nights without taking an absurd amount of melatonin, and I am able to separate work from home a bit better. I actually have some energy outside of work and am becoming motivated to start, idk, do real people things, besides sleep on my off days. I’ve still had days that would consume me at the beginning, but now I try to just see them as a learning experience. I feel that I am contributing more to my patients’ care too. One of my patients was just a bit too drowsy for my likin’ and had sluggish pupils. I let the doctor know, and when they did the CT scan it turned out he did have a re-bleed in the brain. As much as I wish these types of complications didn’t happen, it was incredibly rewarding to feel like I actually made a true difference for a patient. I still have an infinite amount to learn, but I don’t get nauseous every single day walking into work. I’ve actually had a few times where I’ve been somewhat excited to go back in because I knew I was getting my same patients back from the prior day! This turned corner is all, 100%, due to the tremendous support I have received in the last couple months and spending time in God’s Word has truly helped change my perspective. I don’t think I could have survived the first three new-grad nursing months from h-e-double hockey without you all, DJ, my family, my friends, and other coworkers. It sounds supes cliche, but it’s the truth. I have just a couple months until my probation period ends and I think I might just make it, guys! Then I will officially be a Clinical Nurse II! Just gotta keep peddlin’ on. (I needed to work in this photo somehow).


Also my coworkers have jokes… I walked into this when I worked last Sunday and found it hilarious.


When going through my Camera roll as of late I noticed two things. A. All I do is take pictures of food. and B. I make some weird crap. But I swear, it’s delicious crap.

Ok, exhibit A….

I decided to try a portobello mushroom cap stuffed with baked tilapia, blistered tomatoes, hummus, kalamata olives and seasoned with Za’tar. I had a side of quinoa & brown rice. It turned out crazy good. I made it the next day. DJ really enjoyed it as well and commented how good the house smelled when it was all cooking.


I also have been craving tofu lately! Last week I made a medley of roasted veggies, vegan turmeric cauliflower mashed potatoes, and pan roasted tofu with tomatoes.


I then bought giant collard green leaves and stuffed them with the above plus a dollop of hummus.


I’m obsessed. I can’t stop eating these little guys!

Last Monday (7/10), I finally FINALLY was able to see one of my girlfriends, Sara. Our schedules haven’t been lining up lately, but they matched for once! DJ had to work super late that night so it made for a great impromptu girl’s night. I still had to work on Tuesday, but not until 2:30 pm, so I didn’t have to go to bed at 9 pm. She came over and we watched Bachelorette, sipped champagne, and ate cookies & chocolate. It was sooo needed.


Tuesday (7/11) DJ and I worked our toosh’s off, but Wednesday (7/12) we both had the same day off! *GASP*. The same day?!? Yes, yes… I know it’s hard to believe, I was looking for the pigs flying overhead too. We were both pretty exhausted from the day before and decided to just take a chill day. We started our morning with a breakfast at Bobbie’s Cafe. This is a staple breakfast place in Cupertino. It’s your typical mom-and-pop dive with great staple breakfast options, phenom service, and friendly folks who appear to frequent the diner for their morning cup of Jo and side of eggs.


You know a place is gonna be good when they welcome you with this many hot sauce options….


I ordered their poached eggs over an english muffin with a side of cottage cheese. It hittt the spot!


DJ says Bobbie’s pancakes are some of the best around here. I tried them, and definitely concur. I say they taste similar to Heidi’s– light but full of flavor.


In the evening I made DJ a pepper jack crusted chicken with a sprinkling of pita breadcrumbs and pasta. For myself, I ate a collard green/cauliflower/veggie/hummus/tofu whatever-the-heck you wanna call it wrap.


Since we graduated our FACC series class, we are only having one class with our Cohort every couple of months. We begin our research project in September. Eeeek! I am too pumped. I already know what our topic is gonna be, and I’m nerding out hard core.

They surprised us Thursday morning (7/13) ( with the most gourmet breakfast! I quickly snuck a picture when no one was around 😉 ) #DOITFORTHEBLOG.


It included all kinds of fruit and bagels with cream cheese, capers, and smoked salmon. I told one of my coworkers that every single tear in the last few months was worth it for this very moment.


After a long week of work, DJ and I set out to Oren’s Hummus shop on Main Street lateee on Friday night (7/14). It was a super spontaneous date night, neither of us thought we would be home as early as we were (I actually got out on time!).

If you want the run-down of Oren’s, go here, such a throwback post. It’s one of our all time favorite spots, and they have some of the best hummus in the whole wide world.

For an appetizer, make sure to order their original hummus with a side of whole wheat pita. Greatest life decision, I promise.


I always order their Moroccan carrots, marinated beets and veggie skewers, and DJ usually gets their beef hummus.


Funnnnnyy story: We stopped by Target afterwards to pick up a few groceries and a card for a friend. I picked out the card and walked around with DJ for the rest of the food he wanted to pick out. When walking back to our apartment, I realized I still had the card under my arm and hadn’t paid for it. I FREAKED out, classic “me” mode, and started sprinting back to Target hollerin’ to DJ, “I accidentally stole it!” When I looked to my right there was a Sheriff stepping out of his car in the parking lot. I dived into Target half expecting him to chase me. I’ve always loved the show Cops, just never expected to be on it. Nothing ended up happening. I walked up to the cashier and explained what happened, they couldn’t have cared less, but I clutched that receipt ready to explain myself as I left the building!

On Saturday morning (7/15), or any day I have off, you can almost definitely find my in my lil’ egg basket. I just swing, swing, and swing while enjoying my coffee, avocado smoothie, and oatmeal chocolate protein cookies. It’s hands down my favorite part of the whole day!


DJ and I both had Saturday off too. DJ played some basketball with the guys in the morning and I went on a nice, loooong run. We also snuck in a few episodes of Game of Thrones and before we knew it, it was dinner time!


DJ suggested Mod Pizza. How I haven’t been here yet is beyond me. They have them all over the US- anyone tried it?! It’s basically a subway for Pizza and it’s amazing.


The crust/sauce/and topping options are endless AND they are reasonably priced. Around here that is a BIG deal. (literally). SUNS OUT, PUNS OUT.


Deej ordered a Chocolate Milk Shake- I tried a sip. If you are a shake lover, you should definitely order one of these. Wowza! It was sweet, but the chocolate flavor was sending me into a whirl like the Cuckoo bird in the Coco Puffs commercial.

I did a Mini-Mod with red sauce, all the veggies, and fig balsamic glaze to top it.


DJ had the Mad Dog!


I couldn’t believe how quick the service was too!

After we devoured every bit of our pizzas, we headed to the Row to be out and about (like I said, I’m beginning to turn back into my old self a bit more!).


The parking was super limited on a Saturday night, so we had to park on tippy-top of the parking garage. We didn’t mind though, the view of the Sunset was perfect, and we made it just in time!


Anyone recognize the car below? It’s the one from Back to the Future! (DeLorean DMC-12).


On Sunday (7/16) we went to Church. It was one of the first Sundays since starting this job that I actually had off and could actually go. It did something good for me to see all my friends. I missed everyone so doggone much!

After I did a quick grocery trip. I love grocery shopping- I just put my headphones in, listen to a podcast, and stroll the magical Safeway aisles.


In the afternoon I meal prepped a bit- cutting up veggies, getting meats ready, yada yada yada, and then I made my faveeee oatmeal chocolate chip protein cookies. I cannot get enough!


DJ has been asking me lately to make the Dixie Stampede soup. Dixie Stampede is a Dolly Parton owned show/restaurant in a few locations. DJ went with the basketball team in college to the one in Branson, MI, and came back raving about the soup. I whipped up a big ole batch that lasted all of three days.


It is currently Wednesday (7/19) after working Monday and Tuesday. Today I am going out on a long run to catch up with podcasts and then I’m not sure what the evening holds! Tomorrow is pretty busy though, I’m excited to share all about that in my next recap post. Now that I’ve downed basically an entire jar of PB2, I’m off to run and soak up some beautiful sun! What are you all up to this week/weekend?


Blog Birthdays:

Major happy birthdays to Fallon @ Slacker Runner in July- an epic, motivational, and genuine runner who also has an terrific sense of humor!

and Niki @ Nikisthoughts.wordpress.com on July 18th! (I’m a bit behind, but I hope you had the most wonderful day!). I love Niki’s Share Your World challenges- they are super fun and insightful, and also spark some awesome conversation.

xo <3



71 thoughts on “I Accidentally Stole From Target & Other Recent Happenings

    1. Thanks, Nikki!!! Hahah, it was a trip, DJ laughed pretty hard at the whole situation. He was like, “Why did you need to run?” and I was like, “Well I didn’t want it to look like I didn’t care that I stole something!”. Hahah. I’m glad you would respond the same way! Have a great rest of your week 🙂

      1. That was the best part….LOL Oh and the fact that you saw a police officer and it scared you! Totally would have reacted the same way. I can just picture the whole thing! 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3

      2. Hahaha, I was seriously convinced he was about to come after me. I literally yelled “I stole” right in front of him. Have such a great weekend, Nikki <3 <3

  1. I always make mental notes of all the things I want to comment on as I go through and read your posts lol Okay so lets see, first of all, what podcast do you listen it? Andrew is constantly listening to the sports ones so I’m like hmmm I want to listen to some, anything! I like everything and anything! Secondly its so funny to see how you have your veggie meals opposed to DJ’s meaty meals, I’m literally the same exact way. I’m usually concocting like my own veggie or light meal while on the other hand I’m whipping up some meat and carbs for Andrew…. lol like the pizzas you guys made; if we make homemade pizza, my side is always veggies on veggies and his side is pepperoni or whatever meat(s) we have. Not to say I don’t like meat but I definitely love my veggies more! Which btw, your food may look odd but girl you can cook for me any day! I personally think everything looks as good as it sounds! Make an extra plate for me next time 😉 Your target story- hilarious, you’re such a good human for going back <3 I'm so relieved to hear that you're doing good and feeling better about work!!! Good vibes only! I loveee your egg chair so much, I need one of those in my life and if not an egg chair then definitely a hammock! Okay lastly OMG I'm sooooo jelly and excited that you're going to Dallas…. whats your plan for going down there? I was hoping to go there during the Texas State Fair time but I don't even know if I'll have time to go ifffffff I end up coming to the West coast (????) It's still in the air and wavering over my head. Sigh… But please scope out the area to make sure its a good spot for us to live in the *hopefully* very near future!!!! 😉 Have a good rest of the week lovely!!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. HEY GIRL! Oh man- I listen to SOOO many podcasts- I should just make a post with a list of them. Let’s see- Serial is the holy grail of all crime podcasts, Criminal is a close second, Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi are two previous Bachelor world ladies, Straight up with Stassi is one of my all times from Vpump rules, Someone Knows Something is a great crime podcast, as is In the Dark, Terrible Thanks for Asking is another intriguing one… shoot I could go on for days! I LOOOVE that you cook the same way. Sometimes I feel weird making different things, but hey, people have different tastes so it works, right?! And veggies are liiiiiiife. You are too sweet about my cooking always, I make some real strange stuff. Hahah. Thank you tons for all the good vibes. I am definitely receiving them!! And JJJJJJJJJJ, get you an egg chair, girl! It’s an essential for life. I’m convinced. And I am just visiting my mom and step dad in Fort Worth! There actually isn’t a ton going on the days I’ll be there (which is super surprising), so we’ll see what happens. The Texas State Fair is such a dream of mine too! Ahhh! When we actually live there it’ll be easier to go I’m so excited to see what these next few months bring for you- Cali or not, I know you will do what’s best, but I am doing all the scoping for ya! Everything is calling your name. Hehe. XO

  2. Hi there, Sunshine!!

    Always good to catch up with what’s going on with your life 🙂 OMG you made me giggle with the Target incident! Just like Nikki, I would have run to the store too, regardless the amount of the “theft” 😉

    As usual, great foodie pictures!! Now, thanks to you, I’ll have to head to the kitchen and make something that’ll never look a tenth as appetizing as your cooking 😛 Hahahahahahaha!

    Have a lovely wednesday 🙂


    1. CYYRRR!!!! Oh wow, oh wow. What a treat for me! How are you?! I’m so glad I’m not alone in my reaction in my accidentally thieving. I hope you were able to whip up something absolutely delish. You deserve nothing but the best! Sending big hugs to freezing-not-so-freezing-land! <3

      1. I must say I have been blessed with all kinds of good news lately… And I thought a lot about you the past 2 weeks, because a close friend of mine was in California to visit his family 🙂

        I have missed a few of your former posts, and I am only guessing from your comments in this one, that the past few months have been rough for you… I’m sad to see I wasn’t there to try to cheer you up, and I appologize, but I hope things will continue tto get better and better!

        I am so proud that you are already saving lives!! You little angel!! You have such a bright light shining soul!

        Sending you and DJ lots of love 🙂 🙂 🙂 I hope you two get more time off together soon!!

        *mega hugs*

      2. This makes me SO happy hearing that things are going well!!!! Where abouts was your friend?! Next time you should tag alone, hehe! And that’s totally, totally fine- please don’t apologize at all! I appreciate you taking the time at all, it really is a treat for me to see a comment from you, I know you are so busy!!!!!! You are the sweetest- you made me tear up by calling me an angel- I feel like it’s been hard, but I am trying to just love my patients the best I can even if I’m not the best nurse yet by textbook standards. Sending you so so much love!!! XOXO

      3. Sorry for the delay… Just so happens that I seem to have jinxed myself by saying things were sooo good to me… :/ Got bad news in the meanwhile, but nothing life threatening, so no worries there… Just “Geez, I didn’t need that” news.

        My friend was in the Sacramento area, because of mortality in his family… I wish I could have tagged along 😉 I will make my way down to Cali one of these days, and you can be sure that I’ll have you know!! 🙂

        As for your vocation (I don’t think nursing is a job, or a career in your case, it really comes from deeper in your heart and beautiful soul), you might not know all the tricks for the moment (nobody can know everything, anyway) but I am convinced the love you put in your work with your patient compensates totally your lack of experience…

        *Big hugs, Sunshine!*

      4. Nooooo!!!! I hope whatever it is isn’t too bad 🙁 Sending big big hugs! And whenever you do make it here you know I won’t NOT let you tell me! Hahha.

        And wow- Cyranny! This made me tear up. I think I need to save this comment for those rainy days where I need a reminder about what nursing is all about. This means the world. I so appreciate you always making time to lift my spirits and send love and encouragement. You’re the best!!!


  3. I hope last minute plans really excite you! I am so happy to see you’re sometimes excited back to work and you should be very proud that you’re picking up on such important things with your patients- you’re doing so much good in the world! <3 It made me chuckle to read your stealing antics! 😉 Have a lovely week Mack! X

    1. Hey girl! Haha last minute plans kinda freak me out, but I think I will have to learn to love it! And thank you so so so much for your sweet words. I work all weekend and I’m strangely excited to go back?! I hope you have the most lovely week too, Kat! XO

  4. I love all of your meals! They look amazing. I am so very happy to hear how much better you’re doing with work! That is so amazing. I love your posts – they brighten my day each time I read them! Have a fabulous rest of the week! XO

    1. Thanks, Kori!!! If anyone understands my experimental meals, I feel like you would! You always have the most original and delicious looking creations! YOU have brightened my day with your comment! Have such a great rest of your week too, oh wait, it’s the weekend- wooohooo! Have a good one XO

  5. So glad to hear that things at work are working out for you again! All of those meals look so good – you’ll have to share your oatmeal cookie recipe! And that thing about Target is so hilarious, I’ve totally been there too. So funny that you went back and paid, very honest of you!

    1. Thanks so much, Natalie!!! I didn’t think I was going to make it at some points, so I am just so thankful for all the support. And ahhh I will definitely post it soon- I’m excited you are interested!

      And with the thieving— I mean, I can’t gyp hallmark like that- ya know?! LOL.

  6. Lots of interesting but yummy looking dishes in here lol. I’ve been into eating tofu lately too, my favorite way of making it is with a honey glaze made from honey, sriracha and soy sauce. I’m still looking for more Pinterest recipes. And omg, I love tilapia and was so bummed out when I found out that because it’s farmed, it’s essentially worse than eating bacon *cue tears* But I did find a delicious recipe on pinterest, a lime-chili tilapia one, you bake the tilapia and make an avocado sauce on the side to go with it with a side of rice. OMG! super delicious! I’ll have to get tilapia to make that again lol.
    Anyway, I’m glad that you are feeling much better and are able to sleep through the night without a worry. And how cool that you both finally got to hang out! 😀 Probably your best week! Take care doll! xx

    1. Hahah, Roxy, I SO love your honesty. They are DEFINITELY interesting. I don’t know why but I just crave tofu in the summer- oh my wooord- the honey glaze sounds incredible!!! I will definitely need to try that. And I have all those ingredients, so maybe I’ll try today!!! I bet my hubby would love that too. I think you can get tilapia that is considered “wild”! So just look for the wild on the label! Our grocery store has some from nearby Monterey Bay that are caught wild and super fresh! But yes Farm raised is noooo Bueno, and so many fish are nowadays. That tilapia and lime sounds sooooo goooooood!!!!! Oh yummmmmy. Girl, you need to send these recipes my way. YUM! Thank you for your sweet words, they mean the worllld. Have such a great weekend!! XO

  7. Dude I accidentally stole a $1 toothbrush once from Target. I just walked back in the store, walked back in line and checked out like nothing happened a couple hours later. My roommate was like, dude, you’re such a good citizen haha!

    You’re making me hungry! I want American food. NOMMMM!!

    1. Hahhahaha, yesssss, I am so glad I’m not alone. I want Argentinan (argentinian?) food!!! What are some of your go-tos on the daily?!

      1. Argentinian food actually tastes better in the US! I say go for the parilla!!! Daily people just eat medialunas which are like croissants, dulce de leche everything, milanesa, and pizza. 🙂

      2. Stahhhp, you are making my mouth water non stop. That all sounds so good, and I don’t even know what some of it is. Hahah. I am going to see if there are any good, authentic places in SF!

  8. Haha, you little thief! You’re too funny. Glad to see you’ve been out and about and enjoying life. I have a Mod Pizza in my town and I’ve never been. Now I really want to, including that chocolate milkshake. Pizza and ice cream – my two faves! Oh, and thanks for the pantry pic…I’m nosy about what people stock in their pantries and fridges. I’m a weird-o.

    1. Bahahha. OK this made me laugh! I am SOOOOO the same way with being nosy!! I was thinking about doing a Pantry Post roundup to have everyone post what was in their pantry- but I didn’t know if I was alone in the curiosity. Hahahhah. SO good to know I’m not the only nosy one! Let me know what you think about MOD if you get to go! You won’t be disappointed 🙂

  9. Finally read the post!!! Love it. Sounds like things are settling for you. It will continue to get better. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  10. Yummmm your food photos & weekends always make me hungry! lol I am sure your posts have that effect on other readers too :)) The breakfast looked awesome and I had totally forgotten about cottage cheese! lol I will like cottage cheese for a little while, and then make myself sick of it because I eat too much, and then totally forget it exists!
    So so glad to read that you’re feeling good at work and feeling accomplished there :)) I know you are the creative one in the kitchen so I have a question — I just got some cocoa powder for baking…and I was planning on putting it in pancake batter — what’s the first thing you would make with it?! lol so curious what you would do! Take care, Kenzie <3 <3

    1. JESSS!!!!! Thanks girl! I mean, I do what I can.. there’s a lot of good food in this world that deserves some recognition- am I right?!

      I AM THE SAME WAY WITH COTTAGE CHEESE. I go through stages where I eat it non-stop and then stages where just none for a while. I love to put it on toast with some spicy mustard. (It sounds weird, but it’s delishhh). Or in salads. How about you?

      And Oh man, I am soo honored you are curious to ask me! Uhhm pancake batter is #1! I think you are spot on with that.. Hmm, I used to roast almonds with honey and cocoa powder as a snack over halo top vanilla ice cream. I also love using it to make Date Balls- (1 cup coconut flakes, 3 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder, and 6 large pitted Medjool dates all in a blender or food processor and then formed into balls- put in fridge, let sit for a couple hours- and you have essentially a healthy brownie bite). Those are probably my two big things.

      I hope you had the BEST weekend! XOXO

      1. Whaaaat! I like it on toast TOO but I’ve never added the spicy mustard! Now I have to :)) I like it in salads too! And thanks so much for the on the spot recipes. I can’t wait to try & that roasted almonds one actually sounds like one I would do regularly!

  11. Hahahaa your target story made me laugh so hard. The food in your posts is always so interesting. I love all the pictures and hearing about your Week Mack!!!!

    1. Hahah- I’m so glad you enjoyed! It made my day seeing your sweet little face pop up in my notifications! I hope you have the best week, girlie!!! XO

  12. Hi Mackensie! I am just getting to this post now, its busy busy busy! Good for you Girl going to Dallas! It is so important to get a good nights sleep , and having energy is a side effect of that. A really great side effect! I’m so proud of catching your patients drowsy pupils. You are a natural in nursing. Your welcome for the support during the hard times, everyone wanted you to succeed ! Its wonderful you got to meet Sara, what a great girls night you had! You always find the cutest breakfast cafes! Bobbie’s looks amazing. Great target story Dear, You are very honest, I know I would do the same. I love your egg basket! So relaxing, I need one but wonder when I could get to use it. I love the photo of you two from the parking lot, lovely sunset. It is great you got to church, your job is not very flexible for having Sunday mornings off. The chocolate chip cookies look yummy, I am coming over for some! I will check out the soup recipe , looks so good. Thank you for post Mackensie, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Terri!!! Oh my, I am behind to responding to this! I think I missed it in my comments, whoopsies! I hope your busy days are allowing for some R & R too!!!Thank you for your sweet words about nursing- I need to remember these successes on the super hard days <3 Hehe- I'm just glad the police officer didn't come chasing after me! And ahh, I know (with church)… It's incredibly hard not being able to go every other Sunday. I may need to find another job at some point that allows a bit more flexibility in that arena. That soup is DJ's absolute favorite! It's like a creamy potato- so yum! Sending massive HUGS!!! XO

  13. Hi Mack! I was reading Comfortable Coop, when i saw your name in the comments, and realized I hadn’t been by to see you in a loooooong while.
    Congrats on graduating!! At first when I read “nursing” I thought you meant nursing a baby! haha
    I love your enthusiasm for life!!

    1. Melinda!!!!! How are you!??! Oh soo good to hear from you. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. And lol- not quite a baby (YET)— one day!!! I would right now if we could, I have baby fever hard core! Hope you are having a terrific week 🙂

      1. Hi Mack, doing well thanks!! You’re welcome!
        I had baby fever intensely before my first, it was awful! I was crying ALL the time cuz EVERYONE else in the family, and the WORLD were having babies except me!! lol
        We got married in Aug ’84, and baby was born in Feb. ’87. Not even 3 years, but time means nothing to baby fever!!
        When the time is right, you’ll know! Or else, God will just take the decision out of your hands entirely! lol
        I’m having a wonderful week! My 2nd grandbaby just got a spot in day care! Now I have my life back! god is good!!

      2. Awwwww!!! I understand that!!!!! Lol- I mean I wouldn’t be mad if God did take the decision out of my hands 😉 Wouldn’t be the worst thing, hehe. But yes you are right- it will all happen when the time is right! Awwww! 2nd grandbaby- how precious!! Sounds like you are able to enjoy a little more R & R now! Thanks for sharing this with me 🙂

  14. Mack, I love this post! What an update. 😊 you are such a spiritual warrior in your work, and I’m so glad it’s getting better for you. My spiritual teacher J-R says how she wins who endures to the end. Yay!

    The food photos are amazing. You are such a good cook. The portabella and tilapia looks so awesome.

    Funny about target. I appreciate that. He he 😊

    So lovely to be in touch again Mack, and blessings to you, DJ and everyone you touch at your work,

    1. Awww! (I feel like I always start my responses with “aw”, but you truly leave the SWEETEST comments). Thanks so much, Debbie!!!! I love what you shared -I just have to endure to the end- for me that is the end of this residency program… only a few more (6) months away!!! But then big decisions to come after that too. And thank you!! I don’t think there is any better compliment than someone saying I am a good cook- so thank you VERY much for that <3 I send such big blessings to you!! I hope your week is filled with love, light, and tons of sunshine !!!

      1. And you too, Mack! So many blessings for your week! My path has involved letting go of doubt and learning to trust my inner guidance, all with the help of Spirit. I send you LOVE and LIGHT to your next steps, to the rest of your training, and to a whole lotta self-love and acceptance, and compassion too.

        I’ll be offline this week at a retreat, very excited! Take good care Mack. Blessings to you and DJ – Debbie

  15. Hi Mackenzie–what a fine full week. So glad your settling in well to your nursing job– and your bright and beautiful food photos were amazing– these roasted vegetables and the humus!! Fun to hear all that’s going on…

    1. Thanks so much, Rhonda! Your comments are making me smile on this VERY early morning! The hummus is terrific! Definitely try out Oren’s if you are a hummus lover at some point 🙂 Have a great rest of your week- almost the weekend! Wooohooo!

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