First Days with Moose, A Wild Birthday & Blue Door Cafe!

Hey hey! How are you doing today? It’s a super rainy day here, and Moose hates, and I mean hates, the rain. I had to chase him around for probably 10 minutes to get him to go outside to go to the bathroom- he was not having it!! I stood in the rain with him covering him with my robe so he’d go, lol. On the bright side- last week it snowed for the first time, and he loved it! Looks like we have a little snow dog on our hands 🙂

Jumping into September- September 5th we went to a new church and loved it. We could see it being our home church, but it is a little far away- that’s the only downside.

We also continued our hikes into early September.

On one of our hikes at Lock 28, we kept seeing these “Mystery” Placards with fun little facts.

This area is just full of history. These structures below are remnants from locks for boats along the Erie Canal back in the day. It’s actually huge in person- it’s pretty amazing to see! 
After our hikes/walks we often would get Core Life Eatery salads for dinner. The salads are always so refreshing. I think we may have to get it for dinner again tonight!

One evening, my mom-in-law and Gordie stopped by to drop off Patio Donuts. These are the best donuts on earth, I’m sure of it. They’re from a place called Lakeside located on Lake Erie. DJ grew up spending many summers there, and it’s a place we love to escape when we have the time. When they offered to bring some donuts back on Labor Day weekend, we were not about to turn them down!One of my favorite hikes (I actually used to do a lot when I lived here) is Virginia Kendall Hills. On September 6th we took a nice long hike there in the beautiful weather.

Had to share this interesting little cycloptic critter we spotted.

The evening of September 8th, we walked on a trail closer to home and witnessed a stunning sunset.

Then September 9th was our day to pick up Moose!!!

We drove to an area near Bear’s Mill, OH to pick him up. Isn’t this sign a hoot?

And off we go 🙂

The weeks to follow were filled with endless cuddles and love, playing, minimal sleep, Saturday puppy school, Wednesday puppy socialization hour (this kid has more of a social life than I do!), lots of accidents in the house, vet visits and all our attention on this little guy. People do talk about how difficult it can be to have a puppy- it is way harder than I anticipated, but so worth it! We’ve had him for two months now and are in a pretty good groove. We still have to keep an eye on him 24-7, but he’s such a good dog & is learning fast! You can read more about our Moose here if you would like 🙂

I can’t handle how cute he is getting up the stairs with his little hop!

And this is just one of my favorite pictures ever <3

On September 18th, we went to our nephews 1st birthday. I’m so stinking thankful we’re in town to attend these parties now!

On the way to the party, this license plate gave us a little laugh.

The birthday party was wilderness themed- how cute are these cakes?!

The birthday boy loved his cake, especially the icing! It was the most adorable thing watching him shovel in handful after handful with pure delight.

It was such a special time and memory <3 Halston and Kevin drove in from Philadelphia too, so it was really wonderful to have most of the family together.

The party was the first time we left Moose for a few hours. He was a happy camper once we got home.

This just melts my heart when I call his name and he runs at me full force.

I was frustrated nothing was really rolling on the job front, but at the same time, it was such a good thing that I could take care of the Moose man as he (and we!) adjusted to our new home <3


That month I also met up with my friend since middle school, Kylie, for breakfast at Blue Door Cafe. This place is pretty famous around here and always jam-packed. They have phenomenal food. Their english muffins and croissants are particularly to die for!

It was absolutely wonderful to catch up with Kylie. Usually we only see each other once a year during holidays, if that- so the fact we could just get together on a random weekend was just the best!

I couldn’t stay away from Blue Door for long, because on September 22nd, I met up with my mom-in-law there for brunch! I had to get a picture of her chicken and jalapeno waffles- how good do these look?

I had their yogurt parfait this time. It was good and what I was craving that morning, but nothing comes close to that egg white croissant dish I had the first time!

That brunch was much needed. I was feeling very discouraged around this time regarding job prospects, and my mom-in-law gave me some amazing encouragement and words of wisdom that brightened my day and perspective!

On September 23rd, DJ and I tried Burger Fi. They have a GREAT vegan burger and their french fries are so yummy too.

This feels like a good place to wrap up! Catch ya next time 🙂



13 thoughts on “First Days with Moose, A Wild Birthday & Blue Door Cafe!

  1. Absolutely love love love these Moose videos!!! IS he the cutest or what? Again a fantastic blog of our area. I will confirm the chicken and jalapeño waffles at the Blue Door Cafe are amazing!! Dear little Will is also amazing and so cute with all his frosting. Very fun read Mackenzie! Love, one of Moose’s grandmas, Gigi

    1. Hehe, he is too stinking cute, I had to make sure to document when he was oh so little!

      It was just adorable with Will and the frosting!!

      Thanks for reading 🥰

  2. I’m with Moose – I’m not one for frolicking in the rain either. What a cutie pie in the videos. The birthday cakes are so cute. My late aunt had a birthday party for her pooch and had a steak, cake and invited the neighborhood kids … just an idea to chew on. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, Moose is too cute … so are you & DJ! So many smiles … He was so tiny, as compared to the Halloween pics of him!)

    The photo of your nephew digging into his fox cake is priceless!

    1. Aw thanks, Ju-Lyn 😊 Isn’t amazing how quickly he’s growing?

      It was so adorable!! I’m so thankful we were able to be there for his bday party!

  4. Those hikes are stunning! That is one of the things I loved about being home as well as being able to attend family events. I am so happy you get to be able to do that now! Living away can be so difficult! Those cakes were adorable! And oh my gosh I just love Moose! He is adorable! (I will probably say that a gazillion times now!) And sending you hugs. Hang in there sweet lady! The perfect job will come calling at the right time! I know it is hard to have faith in that at times, but it will happen! You are an amazing person, with an incredible work ethic and anyone would be lucky to have you! <3

    1. Yesss being able to go to family events is just the best. I’m so grateful we can be there for them!

      Aww Moose will take the compliments all day long 😉 we might be bias, but we just are obsessed with him and his cuteness!

      Thank you for the encouraging words too about the job- they mean so so much!! 🥺❤️

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