20 Things that Happen When you Become a Long-Distance Runner

1. Your tan lines are def not cute, but for some reason that tank stripe down your back, the especially awkward white thighs, and permanent socks create some feelings of pride because #commitment.

tan gif

2. Weekend long runs= weekday carb load. ‘Nough said.

giphy (4).gif

3. While we are on that food topic…. on your long run you think about the endless amounts of food you will then proceed to devour the rest of the day.

giphy (5).gif

4. Sometimes you get lost in deep, philosophical thoughts for miles. Seriously- all the epiphanies come on long runs, but you forget them all the minute someone mentions pizza.


5. Oh, and there’s that first time when you realize there is nowhere to pee and you’re ten miles out.

have to pee.gif

6. Butttt not too long into the game you also realize peeing in the woods is totally acceptable.. (deep, deep into the woods)


7. Ohhh and then there’s that moment when you are more fit than ever in your life, but your jeans like to feel more snug #musclemadness


8. Post run coffee appreciation is a thing. A real thing. A real big thing.

coffee running.jpg

9. Annnnd that glorious moment you get your first runner’s high, and you begin to rethink your whole life because you are suddenly convinced you could do absolutely anything you set your mind to: Starting an orphanage in Timbuktu while writing a NY Times Best Seller and getting your pHD in Quantum physics suddenly sounds feasible.

wonder woman.gif

10. Until you hit the wall.

hit the wall.gif

11. But then you have your beloved fanny pack/pockets/sports bra (Come on, ya know you do it too) filled with gu, jelly beans, waffle zingers, and twizzlers to get you through those last few miles. Don’t mess with a runner’s sugar supplies.

sugar rush.gif

12. There’s also that moment you realize that you can actually call yourself, “A runner”.

happy smile.gif

13. You additionally start scheduling your whole weekend around your long run.


14. Oh shoot, and then there are those times people ask how many miles you run each day, and you panic, because A. There is no set number per day and B. You are nervous you will eventually have to explain that F word: Fartlek.

jlo gif.gif

15. After 100 cobwebs, 20 mosquitoes, and calves full of mud, you finish up that trek feeling like the nature warrior you are.


16. When folding your laundry, your running clothes greatly out number the “normal person” clothes because you also wear your running clothes even on days off. Did I really wear all sixty-two of these sports bras in one week?!


17. Wait…did I mention the food after?


18. And we all know when you see a someone else with the same pair of running shoes you use, or even the same brand, you automatically know they are probably a really decent human being, and you want to be their friend.


19. One word. TAPER.


20. Last, but certainly not least, let us not forget- post run naps= ultimate naps. Can I get an AMEN?!

sleeping winnie.gif

xo <3


52 thoughts on “20 Things that Happen When you Become a Long-Distance Runner

      1. I am the queen of blogger inside jokes… Auto proclaimed and proud of it!! LOL Some people must be soooooo confused when they read the comment section in the Cove. Or when they read my comments to other bloggers… But I don’t care, its part of my charm! LOOL

      2. Hahah- yep! I agree! It’s hilarious- I have totally been there when I was commenting and had no idea what was going on in a convo with you and Suz! LOL. You two crack me up

      3. LOL Oh Madame Suze sure is a blast to chat with in any blogger’s comment box! I especially enjoy it when it’s not on my or her page… It’s like sitting in a third person’s living room! Mouahahaha

        I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday, Sunshine! 🙂 xx

  1. I laughed out loud on all of these gifs! I have never been a runner, but I did use to run, and there are days that I miss it…but then I stop missing it. Maybe some day I will start again!

    1. Hahah- I am so glad you enjoyed! And I am the same, sometimes I have phases more heavily focused on the cross training rather than running. Maybe when I visit FW next time we can go on an easy nice run or a walk together! <3

  2. This is hilarious….because it’s so true! I have so many good ideas when I’m running and the minute I’m done I forget everything I was thinking about because I HAVE to eat! And yes, I wear my running clothes all. the. time. I really liked the one about seeing someone else wearing the same shoes as you. I do that and will strike up a convo with them just to find out all about their running! The gifs were hysterical! Love this post!

    1. Haha- I am so glad you relate!!!! Girl, we are so similar. I seriously get wayyy overly excited when I see someone with my shoes. It’s just instant bonding. Thanks for reading and affirming that these aren’t just me!!! LOL!

  3. This is a very informative and funny post Mackensie! I need to get into it more but running after 4 kids usually does it for Me . 16 is my fave , the sports bra! Have a great week Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

  4. You’re so funny! I’m no runner, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Love your sense of humor.

    1. Hehe- yesssss!!! Soccer tan lines probably could be worse too because the shorts are pretty long. I didn’t even think about that! So funny. Hope you are having a great week, Amy! xo

  5. Ah hahaha! EVERY single one of these made me laugh because it’s SO REAL. If I could count the number of hours I thought about food while I was running… CARBS! And the funny thing is, this just made me want to go on a run!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

    1. Hi Susie! Thanks for stopping by! Haha- I am so glad you relate to these… I was like “I really hope these aren’t just me?!”. Carbs are life- there really is no argument. Hope you got a great run in! XO

  6. Omg this was so funny, I honestly would like to run at least one marathon but I’ve always been really bad at running and I have a bad knee lol.

    1. AHHHH!! How did I forget the chafing?!!? SO TRUE!!!!!! Especially when you run through a sprinkler, but then the chafing tells you that maybe wasn’t the best idea, and the shower reminds you it was actually a horrible idea. LOL!! YESS.

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