Buns, Dumplin’s & Blooms

Hey hey!! How’s it shakin’? I am a touch behind on these updates (what is new?)… but I have a pretty chill weekend where I hope to sit on our balcony with lots of coffee and catch up! Currently I am eating a yogurt with matcha powder, granola, & chocolate chips — mmmm. I can’t wait to share this in a few posts.

This post includes highlights (mostly foodie highlights) from in between studying, work, house chores and watching Ozark in the evening, of course! We only have a couple episodes left in the second season- then I think we are going to start the OA!

Okay, jumping right in- I am trying to use up as many of our “dried goods” items so that we don’t have to take them with us on our move. So, on March 28th, I made fresh spring rolls with rice paper, tofu, sautéed veggies, and fresh cabbage mix.


I made some homemade peanut sauce with PB2, a touch of soy, and topped with a sprinkle of ginger.


On March 29th, right before dinner I went on a walk enjoying all Spring has to offer.


In the evening I made pasta for DJ with different cheeses and pizza sauce we had leftover, topped with parm. Pizza sauce is not quite as good as different marinaras we usually use, but still worked!


I was craving my rice/fish/roasted veggie combo. This kick is definitely still going strong. Since we are out of Arizona’s Heat sauce I’ve just been using brown mustard- still a great fixin’ for the dish.


DJ has been making himself overnight oats for breakfast most days, but whenever he runs out make him a standard breakfast of eggs/bacon/toast.


Below are some pics from my morning walk on March 30th. Usually I use walks as a study break to clear my head, but on Saturdays I like to start my day with them.


I was notified on Instagram that I won a giveaway for vouchers to Hotel Valencia’s restaurant on Santana Row. I have never been into the actual hotel although I’ve passed it countless times.


When I went to pick up the vouchers I was blown away by the beauty of the hotel’s interior/restaurant! It overlooks San Jose, and the way it is decorated is just stunning. I am saving these vouchers for when my sister visits, so I’ll be sure to snap pictures then.


In the evening I was in the mood to cook & try something new. I looked at what we had and decided on Caprese chicken. This was chicken stuffed with buffalo mozzarella & marinated sundried tomatoes from TJ’s.


I then topped with breadcrumbs and put in the oven. Easy Peasy!


I decided to roast up some multicolored potatoes and garlic green beans to accompany the dish.


Oh, and a slice of garlic toast too!


For myself I made rice, green beans, and tilapia. I also had a bowl of the potatoes. Mmmm mm!


Sunday March 31st, we woke up early pearly for Church. It was a radiant morning.


At church they had a build your own yogurt bar & donuts galore!


After church I worked on school assignments all day then met up with Amy in the City for dinner at Dumpling Time. I love going to the City on Sundays- the traffic is so light & parking is FREE!


I loved the feel of the restaurant. When going back through my photos I couldn’t help but giggle that this girl was doing the same thing as the people on the screen without even knowing it.


The whole restaurant had a modern twist on traditional asian cuisine. We decided diet coke sounded so good for some reason. I rarely ever have on anymore, but gosh- it was a refreshing treat and served with the most adorable paper straw.


As you can tell from these pics, the lighting was subpar. Below are the pork bao buns- one of Amy’s favorites.


I was peering envyingly at the other side of the restaurant where natural lighting was pouring in. I’m not even kidding- we were sitting in the darkest corner possible.

So what did I do? Did I let social faux pas and normal etiquette stop me from literally walking to the front of the restaurant to get a picture of each dish? Heck to the no! Bring on the questioning stares, the raised eyebrows, and the confused waitress who tried to stop me from taking the dishes out the door (I promised her I was only going to the front to snap a photo of the gems, not to kidnap them- she then smiled and acquiesced- clearly, I’m not the first “food blogger” to have stepped in here). PS. Amy was an absolute trooper, and cheered me on through my whole shameless display.

So, on with the pics, ya?! First up we have their giant soup dumpling called King-Dum. This dumpling is so large it is served with a straw. Truly, exstrawordinary.


Although I didn’t eat the pork inside, I tried the soup part (so good) and the actual dumpling. It was a treat! If you like pork soup dumplings, I definitely recommend this.

Next up were the Tom Yum Goong dumplings with pork belly, shrimp, and coconut milk, wrapped in a beet skin. Once again, I avoided the pork inside, but the actual dumpling itself was one of my favorites I have ever had! The beet skin was perfectly chewy and incredibly flavorful. The coconut milk was subtle, but added a smoothness to each bite. I would say I liked this even more than the King-Dum.


Now on to the things I ate in full 😉 The shrimp toast!!! This is one of their famous dishes- people rave about it. There ain’t no way I was about to pass it up. It is made of chinese donut, minced shrimp, and spicy aioli. My first bite I didn’t know what to expect, but felt slightly…. underwhelmed. Then I dipped it in their chili & soy sauce- and HELLO, FLAVOR FIREWORKS. It accompanied the rest of the dishes beautifully. It added a nice crunch among otherwise softer foods.


Now, for one of the stars of the show: The main lobster siu mai with chives, butter, and white truffle oil. You know if there is truffle it is a MUST try for me. It lived up to all my wildest dreams of what it may taste like. So. much. yumminess.


Featured below are the vegetarian dumplings with local greens, carrot, mushroom, cilantro, and egg. I didn’t expect much, but man, these were superb. I was blown away by the mix of freshness/flavor/texture. This is the type of dish I could easily eat every single day. Nutritious & delicious!


I’m struggling to find the words to best describe how scrumptious these little guys below were. The Trio of Buns (green tea and milk, beet and taro, and egg yolk bun) stole my heart. This is the type of dish I would drive the over-an-hour into SF for alone. They were fluffy, warm, creamy- utter perfection. I would put this on my list of “must try” desserts in SF. Our favorite flavor was the egg yolk bun followed in second by the green tea and milk bun.


Not pictured because I lost my shameless steam- the seafood gyoza with spinach skin, crab, scallops and spice chili butter. I regret not getting a picture of these gems because WOAH—-They were a show stopper. Truly, I would have a hard time deciding between those & the main lobster siu mai.

Overall, Amy and I both preferred Dumpling Time over City View. It was easier to get in (aka no need to chase anyone down and sternly demand your name be put on the list), the food was more flavorful, and the presentation was visually a treat! Plus the service was wonderful. Our waitress was very kind- not something you always encounter in restaurants around here because patrons are often treated like an assembly line with the mass amount of people. But if you want the real deal experience with the carts and all- I still recommend City View at least once.

April 1st nothing exciting happened besides us eating dim sum leftovers all day & studying. On April 2nd I went on a beautiful walk while the sky held back the rain.


It occasionally sprinkled, but it made for gorgeous dew drop photos.


I even saw this cute little guy!


In the evening I made a dinner of almond mozzarella cheese, boca crumbles, dolmas, hummus, and a cabbage mix.


For DJ, I made stuffed jalapeños with Mexican blend cheese, ground beef crumbles, taco seasoning, and salsa con queso. He really enjoyed them, but somehow a super hot chili pepper snuck its way into the bunch which added a not-so-pleasant surprise mid-meal! We suddenly had flash backs of Pepper Gate 2017!


April 3rd I parked it at Nosh out of convenience with a yogurt with berries, honey pecan granola, and stevia. I worked on school assignments and spent a couple hours planning my sister’s bridal shower and bachelorette party. Her bachelorette party is in Miami, so if you have any suggestions for games or places to go please share! (Although, I did take notes from Taylor’s recent posts!).


I made DJ some charcuterie in the evening with roasted chickpeas and mini saltines.


I had a repeat of the night before, but added some mashed cauliflower this time.


This is getting far too long, so I’ll say farewell, adieu, to you for now- but I’ll try to get another update published over the weekend.

Questions for you:

  • Any suggestions for bridal shower/bachelorette party games?
  • Have you watched the OA? What’s your current show binge?

xo <3

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77 thoughts on “Buns, Dumplin’s & Blooms

    1. Thanks, Kathy! OH man, please stay safe. I cannot believe it is April 11th and you are saying “Blizzard”! Some April Fools Joke I’d say!

  1. Thanks for all the Dumpling Time photos as yes that restaurant is amazing!! So lucky Renee and I got to eat there during our last visit. Oh I can taste all that goodness, sorry we missed the dessert buns! Yum!! Thanks again for a wonderful blog, I am now soooo hungry!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this 🙂 ! I’m reallly glad you guys got to experience i too!!! <3

  2. I totally get the diet coke thing. I rarely drink pop but sometimes there’s nothing better than an ice cold pop. It’s just so refreshing!

    Also full disclosure, I scrolled through some of this post since the food was making me so hungry!! You live near so many amazing restaurants I can’t deal.

    Even though it’s spring here, flowers and leaves on trees haven’t really showed up yet. Until they do, I’ll be living vicariously through your pictures of them hehe.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any bachelorette games to share. The bridal shower I went to last year had this game that was basically how well do you know they bride. It was pretty good. The shower was horse themed so they had pieces of paper with names of Kentucky Derby winning horses. When a timer went off while the bride was opening gifts, they called out a name. If you had that horse then you won a little prize. I didn’t win so can’t say I loved that one 😉

    1. Right?!? Sometimes I just get that craving for it- and it just tastes soo satisfying. Then I won’t crave it for another few months or more. I especially crave it with certain types of food like pizza/Chinese/Mexican!

      Aww I hope you got some good grub while/after this 🙂

      Ah I hope Spring makes itself known soon- I have heard there is some wild weather going on right now- especially in the midwest / east. Hopefully not much longer!

      Oh my gosh these are such fun ideas!!! I love the Kentucky Derby theme in particular- too cute! Thank you for sharing, Maureen!

      1. Some foods really make me crave it too! It’s funny too because I only really want it when eating out and never at home.

        Luckily I had a snack and lunch since reading the post so we’re all good now.

        Some places got snow apparently in the Midwest?! At least that’s what I saw forecasted in some news stories. I will say I’m glad I’m not in the Midwest for an April snow storm.

        You’re welcome! I hope you have a great Thursday 🙂

      2. Yesss for me too- I only ever crave it eating out too!

        So glad the weather isn’t that awful where you are! Can’t be having that with the last couple weeks of your marathon training 😉

        Hope your weekend is off to a great start 🙂

  3. All of your meals sound amazing! You’re quite the awesome wife to make Dj such great meals that fit his cravings/needs. 🙂 I absolutely love the sound of allll of those dishes!! And girl, I am beyond proud that you marched right over to the beautiful natural light. It’s free to every patron. 😉 I would be most excited to try the beet skin dish and the dessert buns! The flower photos and of the cute little snail are so pretty! Also, congratulations on winning the dinner voucher! I can’t wait to read about your experience. I honestly would recommend Heads Up! or any Ellen DeGeneres game for the bachelorette party. They’re always a blast! Matt and I are only a few episodes away from finishing The Office completely (!) then will start OA season 2. 🙂

    1. AW! Thanks so much, Kori– I’m so glad you find all these appetizing. Haha yesss, you are so right ! The lighting is totally free to everyone 🙂

      GREAT choices with the beet skin & custard buns. Just phenomenal! I told DJ I might need take him back to even just try those alone!

      Thanks girl- can’t wait to share our Hotel Valencia rooftop adventure!

      OKAY- GENIUS idea about the games. I really wanted to do something less traditional / cheesy- so these are perfect!! Thank you thank you thank you for the suggestions.

      Once again someone was just raving about the OA. I’m dying to finish Ozark so we can start it. I may just end up starting it on my own haha. Happy weekend to youuuuu! xo

      1. 🖤🖤

        I would definitely go back! Everything looks like heaven-on-a-plate.

        I am so excited to read about your experience!

        I hope they are fun! I’m here for some traditional games, but they really are soo cheesy. I’m all for big laughs until you cry, & Heads Up always delivers! 😆

        Happy weekend to you tooooo!

      2. I’m so excited about these suggestions! I will let you know how it all goes : ) Thanks, Kori!! <3

  4. I love how you shamelessly took all those photos! I love your confidence! All that food looks sooo tasty so definitely worth getting up and down for 🙂

    Your nature pictures are gorgeous! Flowers are just starting to bloom over here but nothing crazy yet. I bought a plant for our back patio that is gorgeous so I am hoping that helps brighten things up.

    I’m jealous of how creative you are with your meals! I can be so boring but I’m trying to get better!

    I planned my sisters bridal shower and we planned some fun games! One was “How Well Do You Know The Bride” which was fun to help people learn some fun facts about her, especially the groom’s side! We also played a game where people broke into teams and had to design a “wedding dress” out of toilet paper on one of the group members. People had fun with that one! For another wedding I was in, we played the game where the bride and groom sat back to back. holding one of each of their shoes. When a statement was read, they had to hold up the shoe of the one they thought it sounded more like (for example “the one who cooks the most” or “the funny one”). You could also have guests fill out the answers on sheets beforehand and they can keep score to see how many they got right. To be honest, I looked on Pinterest for most of the games! It was very helpful!

    1. Thanks so much for supporting my shameless jot through the restaurant to get the pics 🙂

      Aw, thank you- I’m so glad you liked these floral pictures! Did you post a picture of your plant?! I’d love to see it!

      Girl, the key is to dwindle down to no groceries to force yourself to get super creative- LOL . I need to make it to the grocery store, but it has been so busy lately (Plus I’m trying to force myself to use up some dry goods before the move).

      Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the awesome ideas!!! I so appreciate you taking the time sharing. These all sound like such a hoot!!! Hope your weekend is off to a great start, Em : ) Thanks for stopping in!

  5. your posts always have the yummiest pictures. plus the beautiful pictures from your walks. the chicken with motz cheese and dried tomatoes sounded yummy to me. Also your fish with rice and roasted veggies sounded like something that I would eat too. glad things are going smoothly with you

    1. AW thank you tons for your kind words! I’m glad you find all this so appetizing- especially since I have so many random concotions these days.

  6. Congrats on winning the voucher my dear!!!!! That’s so awesome. Beautiful sights on your walk and all of DJ’s dinners look terrific! I like the idea of stuffed jalapeños for my husband. He just wraps them in bacon and stuffs the instead with cheese but this is a terrific idea!!!!! I also like the chicken mozzarella, and dried tomatoes combo!!! You are so genius with your food inventions!

    1. Thank you tons, Shan!! Pretty stoked to use it and save a few dollars!

      Wrapping the jalapeno in bacon is genius!!! I need to do that! I have put minced bacon in them, but just straight wrapping would be the way to do it. Thank you tons for sharing that- I can’t wait to surprise DJ sometime with that.

      Aw thanks again for your kind words (I don’t know if it’s genius or just desperate with whatever is in the fridge- lol!). Have a great weekend 🙂

  7. Your neighborhood is so alive with all the blooming trees and flowers – and not just ordinary-looking daffodils but roses and those exquisite purple flowers with the lady bug. It all looks very inviting, as does the food. I liked seeing what you cooked for yourself and DJ – the Caprese chicken looked good, also the garlic bread – mmmm. And the colorful potatoes – my mom used to like those, the fingerling or the new potatoes. She’d make a dinner of new potatoes with butter plopped on top. Very nice what your church does with the food bars, not just donuts … something for everyone. Congratulations on the voucher – you will put it to good use Mackenzie!

    1. Hi, Linda! I was excited for you to see these nature shots 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed the foodie shots too! I love fingerling potatoes! (and your mom did it right with all the butter– mmmmm!) Also, behind the scenes with the garlic bread- I accidentally dropped the entire jar of minced garlic and made a big ole’ mess with shards of glass in the kitchen. Labors of love, I tell ya 😉 Haha. Luckily I had a back up jar in the pantry- so one less thing to move if I can use it up by then!

      Yes! I love that they have such a variety!

      I’m excited to share when we finally share the hotel rooftop bar experience! Thank you tons for stopping in. I hope your weekend is off to a beautiful weekend.

      1. Yes those fingerling and new potatoes were a favorite of hers – we would scour roadside stands or specialty markets to find them back in the day … now they are easier to find, even in Meijer. I’ll look forward to that post – you enjoy your weekend Mackenzie, as I remember you said you were going to catch up with schoolwork and have a relaxing weekend –
        I hope that happens for you.

      2. Yesterday was better than today – today is ugly with rain and wind, so I’m debating on whether to try the new Gutenberg editor or do housework since I’m not walking … neither appeals to me much! Enjoy your down time Mackenzie – you get precious little of it with your hectic schedule.

      3. Since I am just getting to this comment now I am curious to hear what you ended up doing! I was feeling so motivated last week & this week a bit less so. I think I wore myself out this weekend haha.

      4. I had to go back and read what I said as I couldn’t remember – I figured it was the weather. I did try the Gutenberg Editor (block editor) out just because I understand they are rolling it out in late April and it’s not mandatory yet, but will be mandatory next year. We are having a crummy weather week, so I knew I was not going to be walking/writing much, so tried it out. For you, because you use a lot of pictures, it may go slow … I did another post tonight to get the hang of it – better today than Sunday, but I still didn’t use more than one picture. Baby steps. I resist change! You might have worn yourself out catching up and writing last weekend!

      5. Hehe- I have to do that all the time! Sounds like it was a productive day- and alll about those baby steps 🙂

        haha so true! And yes I feel incredibly behind. Life needs to slow down a bit so I can catch up on all things that have happened in this past week alone!

      6. It’s hard sometimes – I feel like I never catch up with anything anymore – everything seems to get pushed to the back burner to do more pleasurable things. I don’t know how you fit it all in and blogging too.

      7. Ah, totally. That’s life, right? Just gotta do the best we can! You amaze me that you are able to dedicate the time to write so articulately and beautifully. Have you ever considered writing a book? I am thankful for a tiny little break here to catch up. Our semester just ended ! Woohoo!

      8. Thank you Mackenzie – I really do enjoy writing this blog. Starting the blog and a walking regimen are the best things I’ve done for myself. I have had a few people mention the idea of creating a child’s book about Parker. I know I have enough pictures of him and I even have some ideas how to approach writing a child’s book, but I’ve not taken any steps to do that. I think it would be fun though. How wonderful you are done with school – so are you done now til Summer semester or are you done until Fall? I’m thinking the latter since the move to Texas will interrupt your studies. That has to be a big sigh of relief to be done with school and have some down time, espeically in lieu of your move. I was always happy when the school year ended. I liked working full time at the diner in the Summer … it was hard work as we were busy the entire shift, but I liked all the customers and my coworkers so it was enjoyable and a chance to take a break from the grind of school. Evelyn just told me today she is registering for Summer semester – she will be done in August. She is still doing her internship at the assisted living facility (I think she refers to it as her practicum) and has over 400 hours left to do by graduation.

      9. A childrens book about Parker is phenomenal idea!!

        We do have a summer semester but I have a little break which is so nice! 🙂

        Good luck to Evelyn! Sounds like she is almost there- happy for her!

      10. I think it would be fun to do. Yes, Evelyn graduates in August of this year. She just started her graduate program in the Fall of 2017.

    1. Ahh thanks, Diane!!! So glad you like our eats/cookin’. And I feel that same way. currently our fridge is essentially empty because we have weekend plans to basically eat out the whole time! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

    1. So glad you enjoyed the food pics! And it was an Instagram giveaway– all you had to do was comment on the giveaway post & follow their account then a random generator chose one lucky winner. I have never won anything like that, so I was so excited! Have a great weekend & thanks for stopping in!

  8. Only you could refer to a paper straw as adorable Mack, this is why I love you! Such a ray of sunshine ❤️🌞 Those spring rolls look yummy, you’re too creative and the best chef! I could never!
    I love your dedication to getting the perfect foodie shots, you GO girl! It’s not like you’re ever gonna see those people again anyway is it!?
    All this food looks absolutely scrumptious, once again you have made me v v hungry!
    So exciting about the bacholerette party, I’m planning my sisters too but it’s going to be quite chilled out. Maybe we can think of some fun games together! Have a great weekend Mack! X

    1. Hey, girlie! you are too sweet to me! Isn’t that darn little paper straw was so cute with its barber shop stripes though? Hahah.

      Your comment seriously is making my night- I’m coming to you when I need a pep talk!

      And you are so right- I will never see those people again (especially with the move!). Life is honestly just too short to care what people think, right?!

      Hope you got some good nomz after reading this 🙂

      I love the idea of a chilled out bachelorette!! Have a great weekend too, girl. Thanks for stopping in & making my night!! xoxo

  9. My goodness, all of those bao buns look absolutely scrumptious!! I love that they were using paper straws instead of plastic, how considerate! And you’re right, it was super cute! You are so great at cooking, I’m constantly amazed by what you think to just throw together. That caprese chicken dish looks amazing!
    All of your efforts to get the natural lighting for the blog were well worth it because those food shots are incredible! They look SO good. Thank you for your dedication, lol!

    1. Girllll, their bao is out of this world!! SF is so good about being economically friendly- although I kinda giggled how they used a plastic straw for the dumpling, but paper for the drinks. At least they’re trying 😉

      AW thank you so much, Courtney!!! That means so much that you think the food looks appetizing- I always say my favorite compliments are the cooking ones 🙂 Thanks for your support to my dedication to the cause for natural lit foodie shots too 😉

      1. Lol that’s true, though, a lot of places haven’t even tried switching yet! Straws are just a start, but they are a good start. <3

        Oh definitely, I'm always so amazed by the food you make! You're so creative and skilled in the kitchen for sure!

      2. Totally 🙂

        Aw thanks so much, girl! Too sweet <3 Hope you are having a great week. Does your semester end soon?

      3. Thank you!! My semester ends in 2 1/2 weeks (YES I’m counting that half week since it’s Wednesday lol) and I couldn’t be more excited. When does yours ends?

      4. Have to count that half, lol!

        So technically yesterday our last assignment was due & we don’t have any finals this semester (not sure how I lucked out with that) so I’m just cruising right into the next semester starting in may! But I hope the rest of it goes amazing for ya! Almost there, girl. Feel like we were just starting to talk about the syllabus shock of this semester!

      5. How AWESOME that you didn’t have any finals! I didn’t have any my last two classes and I’m still shocked about it, lol! Good luck! I hope you can just soak in these few weeks of your break and feel refreshed when your semester starts.

  10. Mackenzie how in the world do you skip all of those incredible eats? I know that you are a pescatarian but it seems like you don’t have an issue cooking meat so I have to ask … do you not eat meat for ethical reasons or because of texture/taste preferences? I mean I don’t “LOVE” red meat or big slabs of meat BUT I do enjoy turkey, chicken, ham, etc. Also – if you want to make the chicken dish that you made the other day for me I’d totally take you up on the offer! 🙂

    1. Hi, Lindsay!!! Ok, the answer to this is a bit long-winded – but I’ll try to keep it short (although that never really happens with me, haha). My mom started cooking vegan for us a summer when I was in college. I LOVED it, so stuck to it because of how I felt (I carved off about 20 mins from my marathon time & was so energized). After a while, being 100% vegan wasn’t really working for me anymore in the college environment since there weren’t many options. I added back in fish/dairy and felt great! I have stuck to that Mediterranean/pescatarian diet since & just feel my best. But I was never one to like meat to begin with— I always have preferred fish over meat so it was pretty easy. I’ve sampled a steak or chicken of DJ’s here and there- and it just doesn’t do anything for me, ya know? It just tastes “dry” lol! I so appreciate you asking though, and girl, if you are ever in town lemme know and I’d be happy to make that dish for ya! Thanks for stopping in : )

  11. Congratulations on winning the giveaway for the restaurant! The spring rolls look delicious! The last time I made spring rolls I made a peanut sauce too!

    1. Woops I accidentally hit enter, but I wanted to add that the vegetarian dumplings & the Trio of Buns from Dumpling Time look delicious too & I love seeing all the photos of the Spring flowers!

      1. Aww haha yay I get a double comment this way ! 🙂 Ok the trio of buns are something I still talk about alll the time. They were one of those food items I’ll always remember! So glad you enjoyed these flowers pics too !

    2. Thanks, Karalee 🙂 There really is something about peanut sauce + spring rolls that just works SO well! Hope you are having a great week !

  12. Ooo congratulations on winning those vouchers. Can’t wait to see what you eat at that fancy hotel! 🙂 That chicken roll-up dinner you created looks AMAZING! YUM! & the dim sum dishes are so perfectly displayed. I would love to try so many of them!! Especially the King-Dum & trio of buns. 😍 I love you for going out of your way to get these foodie shots, thank you for sharing them with us!!! The snail is adorable & the charcuterie plate you put together looks so tasty!!!

    1. Thanks girl!! I am always extra excited when I think of something with ingredients we have and it actually turns out!

      Oh man, the trio of buns are something I think about alllll da time.

      Thanks for supporting me in my foodie endeavors 🙂 & for stopping in! Have a great day, gf!

  13. Congrats on the vouchers! Spring is looking beautiful there! I haven’t tried many dumplings, but those ALL look so tasty!

    1. Thanks, Amy!!! 🙂 Dumplings are totally a must try. I really just discovered dim sum this year and now can’t get enough- mmm mm!

  14. I’m backkkkkkk! Prepare to be spammed! Lawd I keep getting behidn BUT I’ll always ketchup! 😉

    Congrats on winning those vouchers! How cool!

    As always your photos are amazing & that little snail giy is adorbs! That restaurant sound fab & really has me craving a dumpling! Also, the no shame in your blog game is high-larious & amazing!!

    We watched The OA when it first came out & are now on season 2! I love it for the most part, & I say that cause season 2 is great yet has some weird (to me) unneeded plot additions. Let me know whatcha think of season 1!

    1. YAYAY! I really do loveee being spammed, bring it on! Woohoo!

      I was so shocked to see that little snail out and about- I was a little worried he’d get stepped on being on the sidewalk, but since it was rainy that day not many people were out and about.

      Aww thanks for supporting my corny sense of humor hehe.

      Ohhh I definitely will! We are actually gonna start it tonight!! WOOHOO!

  15. I love that you made those spring rolls and the sauce at home! Eating homemade meals that you really enjoy is always so great!
    I definitely want a rice/fish/roasted veggies dish as of lately too lol
    Congrats on winning those vouchers!
    I still want to try some of those buns! There’s a restaurant that makes them at another mall and it was cool to see them making them but they had a long wait line which was like one hour long or more.
    Lol you’re so awesome for having the guts to take the food out for better lighting. The commitment is amazing and thank you for doing that, we couldn’t have appreciated the dishes with insufficient lighting 😉
    Omg the shrimp toast looks sooo goood! My mouth is watering!! Then again I’m hungry so that’s why haha
    I love how you pointed out the service between this place and City View. I would go to this one instead for that alone. I dont want to chase anyway down to get my name on the list lol.
    I’ll have to make some stuffed jalapenos at home I’ve been craving them a lot recently! Like jalapeno poppers.

    1. Thanks, Rossy! I was quite proud with how they turned out & the peanut sauce was soo easy!

      Rice/fish/and a veg are our go-tos- so easy, satisfying & healthy!! Tilapia and salmon are probably the two fish we make the most! Hope you enjoy some soon  

      Oooo I would love to watch them actually make the buns! It is such a mystery to me how they get so yummy & fluffy!!

      Hahaha, thank you for supporting the very serious art of food blogging 😝

      After this comment I am now craving that shrimp toast again. Girrrrl, it was to die for when mixed with the chili oil (on its own it was just ok I’d say- together— insane!). Hope you got some good food after this & yesss all about not having to put in cardio to get my name on a list, lol.

      YESS! Ooo those do sound so good right now. Mmm mm! Thanks for stopping in & Have a great week, love.

      1. I’ll have to try making the peanut sauce at home. Pinterest here I come!! 😀
        Omg I want to see how they make them too, they look so intricate!
        You mentioning it again is making me crave it! Imagine that, you actually got to eat it, I’m over here wondering how delicious it actually was! XD
        Have an amazing weekend!!

  16. OMG you’re killing me! Shrimp toast, lobster siu mai & the green tea bun look amazing – I might just have to send these pics over to Ping Pong for their next season specials!

    1. Girl, it was a meal I will never forget!! It was phenomenal!

      Hope you can enjoy some good dumplings soon- and that’d be great if they could recreate these for ya! Thanks for reading 🙂

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