Our Third Year Anniversary!

Hey everyone 🙂 I am starting grad school tomorrow (Monday), although I’m not entirely sure when this will be published! I am soo very excited, but I’m soaking up this last night to try to catch up with blogging best I can before the craziness ensues.

To pick right up where we left off, on the evening of August 8th, DJ and I made a spontaneous trip to San Pedro square to pre- celebrate our anniversary. How have three years passed already? It has truly been the my favorite three years of my life. Although this past year was the hardest single year of my life, I would not have made it through without DJ nor would I have traded it for the world. It was a year of challenge, growth, but the most reward- it shaped me, shaped us. Year three we grew more as a couple more than our first two years combined, and I just love love love this man more than I could ever have imagined possible. He is my rock. Sorry for the sap, but if any day warrants it it’s an anniversary, yahhhhh? Plus we both missed the obligatory social media post, so making up for it here. Hahah.

This anniversary we didn’t think DJ would be able to do anything the actual day of August 8th with work, but he miraculously was able to leave pretty early. We went to the mall together to pick him up a new phone since his entirely bit the dust then went down the road to dinner.

We had a gift-card we had been saving for a special occasion to district in San Jose, and this seemed like no better time than our anniversary day!


This place is just so darn snazzy. It was dimly lit so it was hard to get great pictures of the unique bar that went directly through the middle of the restaurant. It also had a lounge area with fun adieus to our favorite classic games- Twister, Darts, Billard’s, etc. It’s a contemporary age type cocktail/tapas bar and a fantastic social environment if you are meeting with friends too!! I would love to come back here with my girlfriends someday.


I’m working on getting DJ to enjoy oysters like I do, so we ordered some scrumptious ones on the half shell. He said they weren’t bad! Baby steps!


Then we tried my personal favorite dish- seared squash blossoms. Whatever tomato sauce these were in was magical. I sopped up every bit. Even the waiter came over trying to take the plate and I politely asked if I could keep it to dip a bit longer. He said, “I respect that!”. Lol.


We then tried a true gastronomical delight (thank you, Linda, for the new addition my lexicon 🙂 ). DJ and I had bone marrow for the first time at Orchard City Kitchen, and we were blown away by it. This was just as savory as we remembered! It just melts right off the bone. Heaven. This was DJ’s favorite.


We then tried a gnocchi dish that was a close second favorite for both of us. It was very unique compared to what we usually have in terms of gnocchi, but gosh every bite was terrific!


We were so full in our regular stomachs- but there is always the dessert stomach! DJ had been wanting to try a Pizookie from BJ’s Brewhouse for a while, so I decided to surprise him with a trip to try um’ out! I pulled up the maps app, and guided him to the restaurant. It’s not often that you have the chance to surprise each other in marriage- so this was a fun little spontaneous treat.


He was stoked when we pulled up! I swore that I was too full to eat a bunch of dessert, but when these came, we equally contributed to the pizookie demolition.

We opted for the flight which and chose cookies n’ cream…


salted caramel…


and chocolate chunk…


We couldn’t decide on a favorite. They were all sooo yummy. They were way better than I ever expected. Considering we have a BJ’s 2 miles away from us this could be dangerous. I think they’ll be something I crave.

The next day DJ and I had our “official” anniversary celebrations, although we both agreed the night before would have sufficed! Since we had reservations and the time set aside already, we went through with the staycation, and boy, am I glad we did.

The restaurant we went to was a big one on my bucket list. I have been PUMPED for the past month to share this with you all. I’m sitting here spazzing out because I don’t even know where to begin.

Cafe Jacqueline is a little, teeny tiny hole-in-the-wall place in SF that serves essentially only soufflés. They do have a french onion soup that is supposed to be unmatched and a couple other little items- but their thing is soufflés!


It’s super intimate- I think they only have a total of about twelve tables. It is a perfect date and romantic dinner night restaurant. I will warn- it is extremely hard to get a reservation, so we booked about a month and a half in advance for this particular Thursday night. Weekends are rough trying to get a spot. There was hardly anyone there when we arrived, but quickly the place filled up.


A little more history about this place- Jacqueline herself is a chef from France who started this restaurant in San Francisco. She makes every single soufflé herself to this day. When I went to the bathroom, I had to cross through the kitchen, and there she was soufflé-ing away! She is so cute- she’s in her 80s, tiny, and jovial as can be. She looked up at me with a big smile and said, “Bonjour!”. I hope I am half as cool as she is when I’m her age.


Everything on the menu was making us salivate. We actually spent the car ride driving into the city trying to figure out what to order, but had no idea what to expect since we had never tried a soufflé before. Each soufflé can serve multiple people (savory ones they say serve 2-3 and dessert serve 3-4). Oh, also, since Jacqueline makes every soufflé to order, it takes about an hour or more for each to come out, so be prepared to wait! We didn’t mind, I treasure time just to spend with DJ with undivided attentive discussion together.

We decided on their white corn ginger garlic one. You. guys.  I cannot find the words to describe how tremendous this was. Seriously one of my favorite- if not MY FAVORITE food item I have ever had. DJ and I kept saying this could not be real- it surpassed every inkling of expectation we may have had- was so light, fluffy, yet full of perfect flavor. It was out of this world. I want to cry thinking about it. Does a food ever make you want to cry? (not talking onions) Like it’s so delicious it just evokes emotion? Just me? Ok


We ate every little nibble so fast. The authentically amazing french waiter with a handle bar mustache came back and looked at us with wide eyes saying, “We either starved you for too long, or that was really good”. I said, “definitely the latter!”.

For dessert we tried the chocolate soufflé. It was *insert crying sniffle* perfection. Excuse me, I need tissues. I have never felt this way toward a food item before. why. Why did it have to be so good?!?!


Here is a video of us scooping into it! It is a semi- ok shot, until the end where it all falls off my spoon. Haha. Smoooooth.

We had to walk a looong time to get back to our car but we probably needed it after not leaving a bite of our 3-4 person soufflés. Lol 3-4. No chance!

When getting into our car we had this radiant view of the bridge.


We stayed at Hotel Vitale for the evening- probably our favorite hotel in SF that we have been to once before. Their theme is lavender. Breathe innnn the relaxation. Even the rooms have lavender coming out of the room numbers.

img_2623The service here is phenomenal. Something I have learned in my twenties is “it doesn’t hurt to ask”. I received a text from the staff a few days before our stay and they said if you have any additional requests please let us know. I asked if it would be possible to have any champagne or anything to celebrate our anniversary (the worst they can say is no, right?).

When we arrived we had this lovely note addressed to us…


And complimentary champagne and chocolate <3 <3 <3 It was so kind!!!


They even complimentarily upgraded our room for our anniversary. I was so touched, like what?!?! We went from an interior room to an exterior with a view of the Ferry building and the Bay Bridge.


After dropping off our luggage, we went up to the roof area. (They have several rooftop areas you can take in stunning views of the city). I was so excited and thought the Bay Bridge was in this picture. When it wasn’t DJ said, “Uh, Kenz, you may want to put your hand the other way.” LOL. Whoops!


Too funny not to share.


And here is that lovely bridge..


It was an unforgettable evening! Truly one of my favorite date nights and anniversaries for all time.

img_2621Alas, this post is so long I will wait to recap our brunch experience in the next post. I can’t wait!!! One of the best! Stay tuned…

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever had a soufflé?
  • What is one life lesson you have had in your twenties if you have one?!

xo <3

91 thoughts on “Our Third Year Anniversary!

  1. Happy anniversary Gorgeous 🙂 You two are the the sweetest!!

    Question-wise… No, I never had a souffle, and in my twenties, I learned that it is worth going for your dream, but you have to expect Life to come in the way 🙂 It just makes goal achieving more appreciable 🙂

    *lots of love*

    1. Aww thank you, Cyra!!! <3 <3

      I bet Denmark has some wonderful souffles! Maybe next time you go there?!

      I love love love that and could not agree more... I have learned that the last couple years too. Thanks for sharing! Have such a great rest of your week, and it made my day having you stop by!

  2. Enjoy your 20’s because if you think it’s hard right now, wait until you hit 35 or 30 something. Lol. That’s when it gets real…The party is over at about 35. J.K…sort of! Being called ma’am gets annoying but you learn to live with it. Getting gray hair is the worst! Happy Anniversary! ❤

    1. Thank you, Lisa!!! Haha oh boy- I have heard great things about the 30s lately though! Some people have said they are the golden years for a women.. but I’ll enjoy my 20s just in case hahah. I already have been m’am a couple times and chalked it up to the fact I wasn’t wearing any makeup. LOL. Thanks for stopping by and the anniversary wishes.

    1. Thank you, Mich <3 I highly recommend! And Ammmmen to that! Could not agree more. Thanks for stopping by, Chica

  3. I had to slip over here and read this post before I left on my walk so that I could walk off the calories I feel must have gravitated toward me as I read this post. My favorite food here – way too many to mention; my favorite line: “We were so full in our regular stomachs- but there is always the dessert stomach!” Like “gastronomical delights” I am going to remember that line! 🙂

    1. Teheh- there is ALWAYS a dessert stomach 😉 Hope you had a beautiful walk! How is the weather there?

      1. The dessert stomach just tickled me. 🙂 I ended up walking in a store as it was so humid when I walked outside this morning – the dew points were very high. I jumped in the car and went to Meijer, which is like a Super K or a Walmart and walked laps there. Northern Michigan had some bad weather earlier, but not Traverse city as I follow a blogger there and it did not affect them.

      2. 🙂 I sometimes forget what humidity feels like because it’s so dry here. I LOVE Meijer… we used to have one near our school in Indiana. DJ was actually just saying a couple days ago how much he misses it and how it’s always going to be his favorite grocery store hehe. What is the blogger name in TC?! I’d love to follow along if you don’t mind sharing!!

      3. I was a Farmer Jack’s grocery shopper for years and then it closed up in 2006 … real suddenly so Meijers was just down the street so I went there. At first I was overwhelmed as I was used to a Kroger-like, small store setting, but I really like it now. And all the clerks are chatty so when I go walking there, if I want to get the walk in, I have to smile and just wave “hi”. 🙂 One stop shopping! I am going to walk there this morning as it is hot and hunid again.
        The blogger I follow is T.J. and her and her husband moved up there a few years ago … they live in a really rural setting and she mentions how much she enjoys living there and that is a common theme to her blog (“The Enchanted Forest”). She just wrote about the storms they had last night, I’ve not read the post, but we had a back-and-forth earlier in the evening about the severe weather. She loves Michigan, that’s for sure. I thought about mentioning her to you after I read your T.C., posts. Here is her blog Mackenzie:

      4. Aw! I love that the clerks are so friendly there!

        Thank you for sharing her blog! I cannot wait to check it out

      5. She is more about rural life than the big city – she says she has always lived in small cities, and now in the country. I could definitely enjoy that, except they have these big wolf spiders – OMG. She posted a few videos of them. I am very afraid of creepy crawlies and these spiders are the size of a tarantula.

      6. Hahahah, oh my gosh, wolf spiders would be a big ole’ negative!! My friend recently saw a wolf spider and sent me a picture- I didn’t realize just regular spiders could be that large if they weren’t a tarantula! So crazy!

      7. I agree with you Mackenzie – when I saw the video TJ posted of this monster going into some hidey hole near her house, I knew I could not live in a rural area, much as I’d love to be away from the City. The Park where I walk every day is in the middle of the City, but is a surprisingly natural setting along the water … a 27-acre sprawling nature nook which looks like it was just dropped into the City. 🙂

      8. That’s soooo nice you have that!!! Sounds like an absolutely beautiful place to walk

  4. A double anniversary celebration sounds like a great idea to me!

    I’ve never had a souffle but now I want to go to that restaurant. It’s amazing the owner still makes every single souffle! Talk about an extremely authentic place owned and operated by someone who absolutely loves cooking.

    I agree that by asking the worst they can say is no so what do you have to lose by it? What awesome service that they upgraded your room and gave you champagne and chocolate on the house!

    Also the dessert stomach always has room. There’s never a time it doesn’t.

    1. Right?! I mean it seemed a bit much on paper, but with school starting and everything we probably won’t be having many date nights, so have to take advantage when we can! I am the queen of justifying any food experience hahah.

      I am telling you- if someone was coming to SF for one day I think I would recommend this restaurant over others. It was one of the greatest things I have ever tasted. I still cannot get over it!

      I was just blown away by the service.. too sweet! A couple years ago I probably wouldn’t even ask, but lately I have been more assertive with certain things so I’m glad this paid off!

      hahah exactly! You get me. Have a great rest of your week, Chica! Thanks for stopping by.

      1. I’m the same way! Alex’s school just started back up and it’s going to be a tough one for him so we tried to pack in a ton of stuff between summer semester ending and fall semester started. You need to take advantage of the extra free time!

        Ah that’s so good to know!! Eventually I’ll make my way back over to the SF area and will definitely be putting that restaurant on my list.

        Yes I love that!! Personally I think it’s easy for females to not be assertive for fear of coming across bitchy or something but we gotta stick up for ourselves. I typically say if someone asked me for something, at least they asked and worst I can say is no. Then I just hope other people think the same way and ask haha. What an awesome request to have granted!

        Too bad we don’t live closer, I feel like we’d be good friends haha. Thanks girl. Happy hump day 🙂

      2. Oh best of luck to him!! What is Alex going to school for? Hopefully he’ll get a nice fall break that you guys can take advantage of too!

        agreed agreed!!!

        Ahhh, for sureee, I wish too!! One day if we are ever in each other’s neck of the woods we should get coffee or something! Have a greaaat weekend, Maureen 🙂

      3. He’s going for a degree in finance! This should be his last year so I’m just sucking it up until there’s more free time haha. We definitely take advantage of his breaks!!

        Yes we will have to get coffee or a cocktail if we’re ever near each other! Happy Friday Mackenzie 🙂

      4. Ohhh you guys are so close! Best of luck to him! That’s a huge accomplishment.

        And I’d LOVEEE that. Hope you are having a great Labor Day, gf!

  5. Oh this is just such a precious post!! You and DJ really found the most epic way to celebrate an amazing three years of marriage together! I have had a soufflé before, but it definitely wasn’t anything special because I can’t remember when or the specifics. It certainly wasn’t made by hand by a French pastry chef that is still killin’ it in her 80’s! All of the food sounds unbelievable! I’m sure Matt and I would’ve dominated those soufflés too. 😉 Love the cute photo of you with your hand the wrong way – glad you included it! I think candid shots and bloopers are the best. I’m looking forward to your brunch post, and *good luck on your start of grad school, doll!! *

    1. Aww thank you, Kori <3<3

      OOoo I think it's time to try a souffle again!!! There is nothing like a good one. Seriously one of the greatest things I hve ever tasted. Little Jacqueline melted my heart--- like I want to go back there again just to see her! She's sooo precious & I owe her my life for gifting me with that edible gold!

      I agree- I love some bloopers. When I first started my blog I was ssooo afraid of having anything weird or any mistakes or coming across a certain way.. but along the way I've discovered how fun and freeing it is to be 100% authentic. this place is my safe place cause I feel like I can just let loose!

      Thank you soo much!! So far the first few days are great, not sure how much longer I'll be saying that though . lol!

      1. I need one of her souffles in my life!

        I feel you on that, but showing some fun whoospy moments and real life messes can be really liberating!

        I sure hope you can keep saying it for many days to come! XO

      2. I love that- whoopsy moments- yess haha. I’m gonna use that!

        Thanks so much 🙂


  6. Happy belated Anniversary!! What a phenomenal trip! I think my food tears comes more from overeating when I’m way involved in shoveling because the food is so delish and then I’m in pain. bahaha

    That wrong way picture! So funny!

    Hmm lesson in my twenties…I would say that I care a lot less about what others think of me. Not that I’m not human and overthink EVERYTHING sometimes and do have normal worries of if someone likes me or whatnot, but now I’m way less inhibited by being around new people and trying new things. Does that even make sense?

    GOOD LUCK on grad school!

    1. Thanks, Kaci!!! Hahahha I feel ya on that front too. Or I get the tears when I want to eat more but there is no more room.

      Thanks for enjoying my bloops! Haha.

      I love that- I agree- I hear in your mid-late thirties you stop caring basically at all. Can’t wait till that day too! Haha. But such an important lesson. I think as we get older we learn what is important in life and “those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” ya know? Yours made total sense but I’m not sure my response just did hahha!

      Thank you tons! XO have a great rest of your week, girl!

      1. I doodled that quote for my desk at work! “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” – Dr. Suess <3

  7. Oh gosh Mackenzie– you really know how to have the best celebrations!! And it’s so true how fast the time together flies and that difficult times are the times that realy make you lean on/appreciate each other. We’ve been married 44 years next anniversary and I can’t imagine waking through life with anyone but Larry. Delicisu post!!

  8. Ooh so fancy! I’ve never tried bone marrow before! The gnocchi looks delish. I love that stuff!
    Ahhh those freakin’ pizookies are making me drool, I swear this is BJs around here. I’m on my way now lol!
    Jacqueline’s looks and sounds so extremely romantic! I love that you saw her in the kitchen, that’s soooo cute! Both souffles look phenomenal, girl! I’ve never tried a savory one like that before, whooooaaa!!!
    That’s really so sweet the hotel upgraded you & provided free champagne & chocolates, best service ever, wow!

    Happy anniversary, once again, to you two! ♡♡♡ Looking forward to seeing this brunch post!!!

    1. You would really like bone marrow!!! You know I’m not a meat eater, but I even love it. It’s like the savoriest, fall off the bone, melt in your mouth type of deliciousness!

      There has got to be a BJs near you!!! They are SO good. Like even better than I anticipated.

      I wasn’t sure what to expect with a savory souffle either but it was actually our favorite of the two!

      Thank you tons & tons, Hunida!!! XO

      1. Is it meat though?!? I always thought bone marrow was like… liquid or fat? lol. I’ve honestly never even seen it real life, just pictures!
        There ARE BJs around here!! One day when I am feeling brave enough to handle stomach issues, I will go for that pizookie. 🙂

      2. girl, to be honest– idk! Haha, I think it’s literal bone marrow, so not meat? The first time I had it I remember going into like an existential crisis because I didn’t eat meat- but it’s not meat- but it’s from an animal, but I still eat eggs from animals, it’s not flesh, AHH! Hahha. It has a meaty flavor, but isn’t as thick… anywho- you may just have to try because I’m failing miserably at answering your question… I think it’s more on the fatty side?

        ooooo that’s right (about the tum trubs)… but I will say, if you are wanting to splurge and just deal with the aftermath on anything- this would be a great option! Although… still doesn’t top a cheesecake from cheesecake factory… but would be close. I am rambling like a nut, I need to stop. Have a great rest of your labor day weekend, Hunida!

      3. LOL OKAY OKAY. Let me just try this bone marrow myself. 😛 You are a pescatarian, right? I’m always trying to get these terms down pat but I get so mixed up.

        No worries about the rambling hahaha I am sure I do it to you all the time & you always put up with me so I am happy to read whatever you have to say!! Always!! 😀 <3

      4. Yes, you’ve got it!!!! Most people look at me weird when I say pesce so I don’t even usually bother trying to explain.

        Girl, I never have to put up with you! It’s always a joy . I just LOVE our convos.

  9. If I have had souffle, it wasn’t memorable, but I think I have.
    And one lesson for my twenties? Hmm…I would probably tell my twenty year old self (or 25, 27, or 29 year old self) to let go of trying to do it all. To enjoy getting to know who I am as an adult – try new things but also appreciate old passions too. To not be afraid of what I love to do, that I will find community around my hobbies, and ways to make money from them!
    But most of all, to lean on God through it all and build my faith in him! That has helped me most of all!

    Happy anniversary!

    1. OOo well I promise- if you ever get the chance to try these ones it will most definitely be memorable <3

      Katy! You are so wise. I actually really needed to hear this right now. Thank you sooo much for sharing <3 And Amen to that!

      Have such a beautiful (almost) weekend!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!!!xoxo
    That food and that view look Ahh…mazing!
    I have not ever tried a souffle. I had all three of my children in my 20’s and even though I’m still not great at it, I would think one life lesson is that your own self-care just as important. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Amy!!! And yesss I so agree! I actually have been learning that the last couple years myself… so very important! Have to have our well full in pour out to others <3

  11. Happy Anniversary!!!!! <3

    I have not ever had a souffle but I get incredibly nervous when I watch contestants make them on cooking shows!

    I was a wild child and then a mother in my early twenties so I would say the best advice I could offer would be to breathe and know that everything passes (good and bad) so just try to live in the moment, enjoy the moment because time really does fly.

    1. Thank you tons, Nikki!!!

      They are one of the most challenging foods to make! Dj and I joke we want to be the souffle people in our family and take them to family get togethers haha.

      I love this.. so true! One of my favorite sayings is, “This too shall pass”. I had to remind myself of that sooo many times this past year. And I needed to hear that about enjoying each moment… sometimes I get so caught up in what is going on tomorrow that I forget to enjoy today. Thanks for the wise words 🙂

  12. Now that I think about it, I’ve never had a soufflé. But wow, that place sounds INCREDIBLE! How sweet that the owner still bakes each one by hand like that. I’m sure that was a whole lot of love that you could taste in there. Such a precious, delicious experience! Almost like traveling out of the country without actually doing so! (For me, the best part of traveling is the food… Definitely one of the reasons why I love your blog so much. I get you. Ha, ha!!!) #foodie
    Happy, happy anniversary!!!! I’m SO glad that you have a special someone to walk through life with, especially during those tough years like the one you’ve just had. I too am so thankful to be married to a really great guy who backs me up when the going gets tough. 🙂 We’re blessed!!
    This post was filled with so much deliciousness, I’m pretty sure that my mouth is watering!

    1. Isn’t it just amazing that she is so dedicated to the restaurant still?! Blows me away!!! And agree— so much love into each souffle for sure.

      And yes yes, that is exactly what it felt like! Like we took a little trip to France for a couple hours. That’s something I love about SF- there are soo many authentic foreign cuisines that are absolutely incredible.
      And yessssss – food is literally my motivation to travel too hahah.

      And yes, I so agree!! I admire you and your husband sooo much. you two are amazing together and raising such a beautiful family. God knows just who we need to get through this crazy life- right?

      Thanks for reading, Nicole! Have such a great weekend 🙂

  13. Oh I love reading all about your anniversary! Yes pazookies are a real thing and soooo good. When Gordie and I had the uhaul driving in that night we found a BJ’s as only place open late, couldn’t park at BI’s with uhaul, but that’s when Apple let us park in their lot and we walked over and ate PAZOOKIES!!! Fun memory! Now on to soufflés! Oh my oh my I could eat every one of them! Wow!! Glad you got the upgraded room and Happy 3 years again to may beautiful Mackenzie and DJ!!! Love and hugs to both of you! Love, your Ohio Mom. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Mom <3 <3

      I am kinda mad at myself that is has taken us this long to try them?! Especially since I have been to Bj's several times.They are magic!!! Which is your favorite? I love that memory you have of it!!! One of my favorite memories always is the move out here and then our couple of days together here! <3

      LOVE YOU! XO

      1. Oh goodness my favorite? A toss between the peanut butter and the salted caramel! But darn the white chocolate is good too, thus the reason for the trios!!!

      2. Ahhh we didn’t try any of those!!! All the more reason to go back and get a trio of those ones exactly 🙂 SO excited to try um’ out!

  14. Eeeeek! yay beauty! I am so flipping excited for you! The best of luck! I know you are going to kick grad school booty!
    Happy Happy Anniversary beauty! You guys are the cutest strongest couple I know! You inspire me so much! And I am so happy you guys have each other to lean on and support each other. And girl be sap away! You are relationship goals!
    Bwahaha So my brother and SiL anniversary was a week ago and they also got each other iPhones (don’t know if I told you but my SiL is a nurse and doing an eat course called solo and her phone dropped in a compost toilet and yeah she needed a new one lol) The gift that keeps love connected!;p
    That restaurant looks amazing! And Dj DJ Dj. How can he NOT like Oysters? ;p Hehe
    Squash blossoms are amazing! (so are zucchini!)
    And oh my bones! Bone marrow is so yummy!
    Aweee I love that! Have I mentioned you guys are the cutest?
    Those pazookies look SO amazing!
    HOW did I not know about this place? I LOVE shuffles and my word the food looks SO yummy!
    ALSO I LOVE how the desert shuffles serve more people, I.e. bigger portions as it should be!
    That is so sweet of them! I love when places add that special touch!
    Awe seriously LOVE this post! It gave me ALL the feels! I am so glad you had such a special anniversary celebration you guys deserve it! <3

    1. Thank ya so much, Chica <3

      Awwww! Oh my gosh, you are making me tear up!! I think I would be off the rails without him, haha. Thanks for embracing the sap <3

      OH MY GOSH ahhahah I am laughing so hard about your SIL- but that is awful- but hilarious. I have dropped many a things places they should not have been too, so I sympathize.

      Tehe- I think he is coming around to them! Slowly but surely!

      I bet you have a BJ's close to you!!! I hope you get to try soon 🙂

      Maybeeee we need to split a souffle next time you visit?!

      Thanks for reading, love! XO (PS. I checked your posts and my comments aren't there still on some posts I commented on haha- do you mind just peaking in your spam when you get a chance? I have a feeling there are a few there!). Mwauhhhh!!!

  15. i’ve never heard of Pizookie, but it looks delicious!! love little desserts when you can get a few & try them all 🙌🏻 this sounds like such an amazing way to celebrate your anniversary & you got so many great pics!!

    1. It is SO good. I bet they have one near ya- it’s a pretty big chain! Flight desserts are definitely the best- I’m so indecisive too so they take off the pressure. Haha.

      Thanks, Jamie! XO

  16. You are literally perfection! How can someone be so gorgeous and so lovely too!!!? Just had to throw that in there 😂
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! What a beautiful celebration, I am so happy for you guys!
    I am so confused as to what a souffle actually is but that cafe Jacqueline sounds incred! How amazing that she makes every souffle herself! So authentic! The ginger garlic souffle sounds and looks yummy!!! And that video of the dessert 😍😍😍 yum!!!!!!! I think i’m going to have to try a souffle asap! SF here I come!
    How lovely that the hotel not only gave you complimentary champers and chocolates, but they upgraded your room too! What a generous gesture, no less than you deserve! And it’s so true, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!
    Also i love that you surprised DJ with that dessert place! So sweet!
    Lovely post hun! I’m glad you had a great time celebrating!
    Also how could I forgot! LOL at the rooftop bridge picture 😂 bless you

    1. Ohhhh my goshhh, you seriously do not even know how much you make my day/night/week/MONTH. You are the sweetest in the world. Thank you so much, girl. I’m just tryna’ follow your lead and explore this world and just live it up! Right?!

      So basically from my understanding, a souffle is a super light egg based dish with caramelized cheese on top (usually gruyere)… it can be made many different ways from meat, seafood, different spices, veggies, desserts etc. etc. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would dislike one! They are sooo goooood. I don’t know if a day has gone by since that DJ and I haven’t mentioned them hahah.

      Thanks for stopping by, love. Truly, your comment brought my the biggest smile. Thankful for you. XO

      1. Aww I’m so happy my comment made you smile!! I’m only speaking the truth! 💚 but yesss that’s what life is about!! Living it up, experiencing every moment and seeing the beauty of the world and everything in it! You’re too lovely!
        Ooh that sounds so interesting. Thank you for describing it. I’m really intrigued to try one now. I’ve never even heard of gruyere. Would that caramelized cheese be on a dessert souffle too?oh they must have been good then! I need to visit this souffle place asap- if I’m gonna try one I might aswell try from the best, right?! I’m not trying one now unless it’s from jacquelines! 😂
        You’re so welcome!! Anytime 💚💚 lots of love to you!!!

      2. The cheese is more on the savory ones!!! When we ordered the chocolate it was just purely yummy chocolate! And YES this is simply the best- I do hope you can try soon. Have you been to SF before?!? XO

      3. Oh okay i see! That makes sense then, the chocolate one sounds delicious 😍 No I haven’t! It’s on my list though, I really want to see the golden gate bridge, the painted ladies and Alcatraz!x

      4. YEs yes!! Alcatraz is a must too! Their audio tour is fantastic, but I’ve always wanted to do it at night. We are considering doing it for Halloween this year, but we’ll see if our schedule allows it!

  17. Oh, Mack, what an amazing 3 year anniversary with DJ! So happy that you two found each other. Both meals sound scrumptious, and the souffles seem out of this world delicious!!! (OMG) And, I love that you treated yourselves to Hotel Vitale also … what a sweet, incredible way to celebrate your loving connection. Bless you both, Mack!

    My lesson for my 20s is that God is always on my side, and brings angels when I need them. <3
    Loving to you,

    1. Aww thank you tons and tons 🙂 🙂 I don’t know what I’d do without him! Thanks for sharing this fun experience with us, and if you are ever in the SF area- highly highly recommend Cafe Jacqueline!!!

      I love your lesson <3 So good, and so true! <3


  18. Happy Anniversary! DJ & Mack! belated wishes, but wishing you both another fabulous year ahead, filled with much love & discovery & joy!

    Hope your first week of grad school has gone well and that it is everything you hoped it would be!

    1. Thank you so much, Ju Lyn!! I so so appreciate these beautiful wishes. It has gone very well- it’s a lot of work, but I love it right now 🙂 xo

  19. Aww I know I’m late on this but happy anniversary!! It looks like you two had such a wonderful time! I have never tried a souffle before, and I didn’t even know savory souffles existed! Both of those look incredible. Also, I took a moment to browse through your wedding pictures post and they are so GORGEOUS! Truly a fairytale! Good luck on grad school, girl. You got this!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Courtney <3 I didn't realize savory ones existed either until we found this place! We actually preferred the savory to the sweet- but they were both great. And thank you SOOO much. I can't tell you how much that means to me- I poured my soul into planning that day haha.

  20. Hi Mackenzie, how is grad school going so far? I hope it is not too stressful. You can do sap anytime you want ! It is very endearing listening to you express your love for your husband! So much yummy food at district im glad im not hungry right now. That was a lovely surprise for DJ , taking him for dessert ! Cafe Jacqueline looks so cute and quaint , and how wonderful Jacqueline is still making Souffles, I guess at that age it keeps you active and gives a purpose to wake up in the morning! Aww it must be so good if it makes you emotional talking about the meal! Wow how nice of hotel Vitale to look after you both so well! It is the little things that can mean extra business by word of mouth for places like this! I am glad they upgraded you! I have had souffle a long time ago but need to try one again soon. My life lesson is that you should always have time for a stranger, just giving them a smile or hello can make their day if they are struggling in their life. Have a nice day , hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri!! It’s going so well right now, I’m loving it! It’s a lot of work and discussion, but gosh, it feels good to be back in the academic setting and learning again 🙂

      Aw, you are so sweet! ❤️ He is my rock and I can’t help but talk about my love for him sometimes !

      And yes- Jacqueline is just amazing. Staying active is sooo important as an older adult- there is actually a theory called the continuity theory in nursing that talks about this! (I think that’s the right name).

      I love love love that life lesson 💕💕 so good- thanks for sharing that! So true. Hope you are having a great weekend ! XO

      1. I am glad you are loving the schooling! life lessons are good to have and share! Weekend is going good, how is yours, I put up my blog post last night! Hugs, Terri xo.

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  22. I still cannot warm up to the idea of eating oysters lol. But that restaurant looked sooo good. And NOW I know what pizookies are, I’ll be sure to grab one next time 😉
    that’s crazy that she makes the souffles herself, that’s some dedication! i’ve never had one but that one looked sooooo gooood! i totally get what you mean about food invoking emotion, there are times when i’m just speechless.. i feel that way about ramen <3 lol
    that's so cute that they upgraded your room!! that view was phenomenal! i'm glad you guys had a lovely anniversary! here's to so many more!!

    1. That totally makes sense- it took me a long time to like them.

      Pizookies are phenomenal. I hope you can try one soon! I recommend a flight so you can try bites of a few !!!

      Lol!! Ramen is the ultimate comfort food!! It’s so warm and cozy. So glad you get what I mean 😉

      Thanks, Chica! XO

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