Kels and Kenz Take on the Bay: Part 5! Facebook & Instagram HQs

Happy Monday!!! Oxymoron? Nahhhh, I love the start of a week- plus there is usually a show I’m fully invested in on Monday nights- the mindless brain dessert after a long day; always a silver lining 😉 Right now that brain mush pie is Bachelor in Paradise.

Anway, shallll we continue on in our Kels and Kenz take the Bay series!

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That was all over the course of three days. Now I need a nap… JK JK…

I have been stoked to share this post with you all. On Monday July 30th, my good friend Tammy that y’all probably know well by know offered to give us a tour of Facebook & Instagram! DJ and I went to Facebook one time before for their Friday night happy hour, but seeing it during the day was an entirely different experience. I didn’t think I could be more amazed from the first go-around, but sure enough, I was!

Time to head on in!


First, you check in and are given a badge. Everything is electronic, but there is still a friendly greeter to help orchestrate your entrance into Tech Disneyland.


The creativity is everywhere. Put aside your preconceived notions of what a corporate office looks like!


The HACK vending machine here has all kinds of electronic pieces you may need- like USB cables, electronics, chargers, etc. (I can’t think of techy necessities right now haha)


In my last post from Fbook, I took a picture of the red bridge inspired by the Golden Gate at night, but I was able to capture it during the day this time!


Can’t leave out the awesome game room & arcade!


And get this…… all the employees do not have to pay a dime for the food across the campus. There is no way in heck I can include all the food options here, but basically they have everything you can imagine- a myriad of restaurants, desserts, snack carts, etc. etc. It’s INSANE. Obviously their employees work crazy hard, but Facebook makes sure they have the best environment to do so!

Tammy is such a phenomenal tour guide, and I wish I could share everything with you. But I will try to bring you along the tour best I can even though I can’t do as great a job!

Burger Shack


Famous Teddy’s Restaurant

Pictured below is a treehouse that employees can have meetings in. Not kidding. A treehouse.


Smoked Meat Restaurant 

There is a pop-up shop that has something new in it all the time. Right now it has an edible cookie dough shop!


Even the artwork on the buildings is fun..


The design of Facebook’s campus was inspired by Disneyland,  and there are parts that are very evident of that! The Sweet Stop is one of them. I just love this storefront.


We then went indoors to their actual office spaces, and immediately were just blown away.


Sheryl Sandberg actually passed us at one point when we were walking through!!


We stopped into a coffee shop called Saint Frank and had the greatest coffee I have ever had in my life. Kelsey and I both tried their almond macadamia latte, and goodness gracious- it was perfection. They have a location in San Francisco so if you are ever in the city I highly, highly recommend trying it out!


When checking out I couldn’t resist these pastries, I asked for one of each to try expecting to have to pay for it. But no. FREE. FREE FREE FREE. Everything you want to eat is FREE! (I mean the employees are paying with their genius ideas, intelligence, loyalty, and hard work…. but stilll!)


And they were yummmy!


We headed up to the rooftop where there is a juice and smoothie shop called STRAW, made out of foliage constructed letters naturally.


The rooftop is stunning, so beautifully decorated with flowers everywhere and planted trees.


They even have these fun little hangout spots.


Can’t forget the views…


Maybe the highlight of the visit was seeing the famous Facebook foxes!!! Tammy has worked for Facebook for years, and has only seen the foxes one other time.

img_2278We were so excited, especially after she explained what a big deal it was to spot these little nuggets. There were two of them playing, chasing each other and climbing the trees.


Time to go back into the building.


We headed down into the far side of the building and passed through The Sugar Shack. We were about to eat lunch, but it was definitely tempting to try a slice of cake or one of these pastries. I don’t think I’d have willpower to work here. They call it the Facebook 15 for a reason. LOL.


And now time to head to the Instagram headquarters! So just like Uber and Lyft, Facebook employees have the option to to use a service called On Demand. They can download the app on their phone and take these cars to get to another part of the campus (It’s a massive campus, and is on two separate sides of a road). They also have bicycles for employees too, hence the giant helmet rack in the first picture.


Instagram time!


The minute you walk in, there are the cutest photo ops & they have props too!


Where-else but Facebook would they have a “Beyonce” chair, hehe!


Time for lunch!! We went to a Mexican place and chowed down on some of the freshest most delicious tacos and a Mexican medley.


Oh, and we grabbed some chocolate matcha cookies that were super scrumptious.


For dessert x2, they had lemon meringue grahams that I want every day for the rest of my life.


That wraps up our incredible tour of Facebook. Thank you again SO much, Tammy, for the tremendous, unforgettable experience. In the next post, I’ll be finishing up Kelsey’s trip here.

Questions for you!

  • Did anything surprise you about the HQ? 
  • Are you a lemon meringue fan? 

PS. Please check your spam! My comments are still going there. I promise I’m not a robot <3

xo <3


42 thoughts on “Kels and Kenz Take on the Bay: Part 5! Facebook & Instagram HQs

  1. Come back anytime! Loved showing you and Kelsey around. I STILL cannot believe we saw not one but TWO foxes! You guys are good luck!

    1. Me too!!! I am obsessed with anything lemon! You would have loved that graham- so tasty . mmmm mmm!

  2. Man FB and Instagram must make more than I thought if employees can get all of that food and stuff for free. So cool!! I haven’t had lemon meringue is the longest time but that little graham cracker and meringue sandwich looks incredible

  3. Wow, wow, wow. It’s so cool that you got to tour Facebook and Instagram HQ. Working for those companies looks like so much fun!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing in this fun trip with us, Rach!!! my goal is to work in their healthcare center one day. Bahahh. Have a great week, girl!

  4. This is AWESOME! So jelly! I just love all of the attention to detail, originality, and expansiveness of the FB & Insta headquarters! I too could not work in the presence of all of that delish food without putting on at least 50lbs!

    I think I’m most shocked by just how colorful and crazy big the headquarters is! I guess I just picture a crapton of computers and techies. hahaha

    1. Isn’t it incredible?!!? I was seriously awe-struck. It was insane. And agreed- AT LEAST 50 lbs. I tried to somewhat restrain myself because I don’t actually work there- but I had three desserts before 1 pm hahah.

      And agreed! That’s how I was!!! Apple is more like that (their HQ is .5 miles away from us), but Fbook is seriously another world!

    1. RIGHT?!?! I agree- I don’t think I could work there as much as I’d like. I don’t have the willpower. Hahah

  5. Omg I still haven’t forgotten about the first time you showed us around the FB HQ. What a dream freaking place to work!! I would def be fat from the free food but idc idc, tree house meetings all day!

    OMG, those pastries, matcha cookies, & lemon grahams look TOO good!! & The foxes are adorable! Awww! How lucky they came out & played for you! ♡

    1. Awww, I love that you remember that!!! Girl, you are speaking my language! Heck bring more food to the treehouse!!!

      HUNIDA- the matcha cookies were INSANE. I wish I could share one with you soo badly. You would love. & the lemon meringue babies- I want them everyday for the rest of my very existence.

      We felt honored to have seen them! Too stinking cute. Have a great week, girl! xo

  6. Those lemon meringue goodies look awesome and again, after reading your post I am hungrier than when I just finished the last post with the bread and those fries. I have to admit I’ve never seen any pictures of Facebook inside or any part of their campus, so not surprised how creative-oriented it really is. I am in awe of how they cater to employees though. Anything to get their creative juices flowing!

    1. You cannot go wrong with lemon meringue anything, right?!?!


      I was shocked too. I expected a very standard traditional techy office- cubicles, etc…. but it is anything but that! Have such a great week, Linda!!

  7. First of all, where have I been?! I need to go back and catch up on all the other parts of this series. Secondly, your pictures are too much fun; the Sugar Shack looks like Heaven on earth, the Mexican food looks divine and the Instagram HQ look super fun! Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us! <3 <3

    1. Oh my gosh, girl!!! YOU ARE SO SWEET! Thank you tons for stopping by- It is sooo good to hear from you!!! thanks for sharing in this fun day with us!

  8. What crazy, amazing places to work!! Those HQ’s seriously do look like they are on a different planet. What an awesome visit you both had! Those lemon meringue grahams…holy moly. I *LOVE* lemon meringue, which I think I get from my grandfather. <3

    1. Right?!? Girl, the lemon meringue was just something from heaven. One of my favorite sweets I’ve maybe ever tried (and they get them all the time!). Love that your grandfather passed along the lemon love!

  9. OMG. WOW. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I hate it… but I am fangirling so hard. They both look amazing! Facebook especially looks like some workplace DREAMLAND. So beautiful! And so colourful. Instagram has a more flowery look to it which is lovely. But Facebook… ah. That’s a creatives dream. 🤤

    1. Ahhh right?!? It’s soo stinking cool. I’m glad you enjoyed this post 🙂 It truly is a creatives dream- and I couldn’t even cover the half of it. Thanks for stopping by, girl!

  10. Okay I NEED to know….
    What were your thoughts on the Bachelorette finale? Also I have not watched Bachelor paradise and need too…If only to watch Jordan make more of a baboon out of himself! (I feel like I just insulted baboons!)
    THAT is so cool! I was amazed when you gave us a “tour” the last time but this is even crazier! It is like their own little city or community!
    That sounds SO yummy! And you know I am always down for great coffee!
    OH my foxes they are so stinking cute! I want to cuddle them but also stay far away form them!
    Instagram is SO dreamy! Those props! I am in heaven! 
Also a taco bar? I would eat there every single day! Or well MAYBE alternating between sushi too! and those meringue bites! I am SO hungry now! <3

    1. Ugh, I would have been totally ok with becca’s decision if all that stuff hadn’t come out about Garrett leading up to the finale. but I just love Blake. I hope he’s next Bachelor, but I think it’s gonna be Jason (which I am totally fine with too!!) .

      bahahahha I am laughing so hard right now… but honestly I am loving Jordan in BIP. Soo much more than I did on Bachelor. He is cracking me the heck up. He has the best one liners. My favorite so far was “even the nicest neighborhoods have speed bumps” when referring to his relationship. So freakiing funny. And this season of BIP is great if you do have the time to watch!

      It really is a city.. so nuts! I wanted to cuddle them too… it was tempting, but then I had to remind myself they weerrre foxes.

      I could not even cover HALF of the food there. I would gain that Facebook 15 so fast- especially with my massive sweet tooth and those lemon meringues. SOOOO good.

  11. Are you sure you’re not a robot!? Haha! Oh my goodness, this tour sounds so much fun. I never would have thought these places would be so vibrant. I just imagined a really dull office environment, wow, it looks like a great place to work! And hello, it’s amazing that the food is free for employers, but like you said yeah i’d have no willpower if I worked there either. I would be eating all day, everyday!
    Just what are the facebook foxes?????? At first I thought it was some kind of statue 😂 then i realised they were legit foxes! Woweee so cool! And cute! Also i love that sign it’s so respectful of the foxes😍😭
    The Beyonce chair! Amazing!! I need to go to this instagram place because insta is just my fave!
    This post was really cool and interesting and insightful hun! I honestly would never have expected this from the HQ’s! So amazing!

    1. bahah! Have you ever watched west world? If not, basically there are robots in the show but they don’t know they’re robots. SO I’m not gonna say I’m for sure not. Ya never know?!.

      And same! I imagined just a dull cubicle office-but it’s the furthest thing from that! I wouldn’t have the willpower either, gf.

      So apparently they are foxes that live on the Fbook campus that are famous and have been there for years! And they are wild- like no one brought them into the campus- they jumped the gate in. So funny.

      So glad you enjoyed this virtual tour, girlie!!!

  12. How nice to get another tour of facebook Mackenzie! I remember your last post but for Kelsey it must have been a big treat. The treehouse is awesome ! And I will have to try that coffee as it comes highly recommended by you! The foxes are cute! It would be hard to work there with all the food options and calories! Such a lovely pic of Kelsey sitting in the chair , arent the flowers so pretty? A lot surprised me about the tour but all the food being free tells you they care for their employees. Yes to Lemon Meringue !! Love it. Thanks Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Aww! YES definitely try the coffee. I could not give it any higher recommendation. I usually add sugar to my coffee.. nope not this .. it was perfect as is!! I have never had a coffee like that before. They definitely treat their employees sooo very well. I can see how it would motivate everyone to work hard too. XO

  13. Whoa! the campus is HUGEEEE!!!! And I assume you’d have to know someone who works there in order to get in, right?! :'( lol, what an amazing experience, thanks for sharing this with us 😀

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