a BIG celeb, a BIG Cinnamon Roll, and a BIG Interview!

Hey friends! This morning (Wednesday while I’m writing this), I had “the” interview. I think it went well! Yesterday was officially the longest day of my life; waiting is probably the hardest part of it all. But this morning listening to worship music, reciting scripture, and receive a tremendous influx of encouraging texts made me feel so at peace. Thank you ALL for your love and support and encouragement. It has made all the difference! Regardless of what happens, I have confidence that the Lord was with me in that room, guiding me what to say, and ultimately guiding me to the best position to glorify Him- rather that’s with this hospital or another.

Anyways, this last week I have been dropping the ball on blogging. And once again the blog-cravings are STRONG as ever. Like I am getting mega-anxiety that it’s been a hot tic since I’ve been able to go over to your sites (my girl, JJ, knows what I’m talking about), AND I am so behind on comments which is definitely not okay.

However before it gets too far past,  I’ll do a little (Lol, just kidding it’s not little) recap of our past week!

But first, I will do blog awards! You guys know I am the actual worst at responding, but they mean the the world to me, and I still want to say a massive thank you. I honestly do have intentions to respond to these, it just might have to be in a slightly unconventional way or a bit late. BUT even if I don’t get around to that soon, please still check out these LOVELY people’s blog!!!!!!! Seriously some of my faves here!


One Lovely Blog Award from my brunch beauty  Chrissey and the journalist fashionista  Ciarra Lorren!

The sweetest makeup goddess McKenz, fabulous Miranda, genuine and lovely Terri, my dose of Florida sunshine Jenna, & the sweetest southern beauty at the Whimsical Pineapple for the Blogger Recognition Award.

& lastly, the Versatile blogger award from the ambitious, articulate, and thought provoking Diwakar Kumar!

 Wednesday (1/25)

On Tuesday night DJ and I decided we had a massive donut craving. We looked up some spots in the area that we could go to in the AM and found this super hole in the wall donut shop that had glowing reviews on YELP.


I swear, the voice changers on snapchat never get old


Our review: Overall we like Happy Donuts better (for me their maple was just not cutting it), but their sprinkle cake donuts were AMAZING. So, if you are going maple or glazed go to either Stan’s or Happy’s, if you are going sprinkle/cake, go to Donut Wheel. Still the best donuts we’ve had to date are Krispy Kreme and Patio’s at Lakeside’s (Lakeside is a community of cottages on the lake- one of our favorite places in the world). Just in case you missed our last donut spiel, I have to ask again- FAVORITE DONUT?!

Later that day I went to Tea Annie’s with a friend. Man, oh, man it was so needed in the thick of the stress I’ve been feeling. She is one of those people I just clicked with right from the get-go, and she encourages my heart every time I see her. So thankful for you, Jenny!


Tea Annie’s is known for their tea (particularly bubble tea- which is SO yum), and their massive crepes. Like tell me that’s not the most delicious looking thing you’ve ever seen?! Also, who here is a bubble tea fan? Tapioca pearls- aye or nay?!


Wednesday night DJ and I had an opportunity to lead our Bible Study group – actually I prefer the word “facilitate”. Everyone was super interactive and the conversation was phenomenal, it basically led itself. I am continually reminded how blessed we are to be surrounded by such genuine, loving, and Christ-seeking individuals. Something I absolutely love about being apart of a small group is that it’s a safe place where we all discuss the good/bad/beautiful/sad going on in our lives without judgement. We don’t expect perfection from each other and we don’t have to put on a facade when we are with one other. It’s refreshing. It’s an atmosphere of acceptance, and exactly opposite of what Christianity can often be portrayed as- hypocritical. Some of my deepest relationships since we have moved here have blossomed from these groups. If you need a community in the SV area- I can get you the hookups 😉 I promise that was not intended to be a shameless plug, even if it is!

Now Thursday. This was a serious finish-up day of prep for me. Just reviewing everything, coming to a place where I felt confident in speaking without my notes and guidelines, and just taking some deep breaths.

For dinner, I needed some therapeutic cooking (meaning attempting something kinda gourmet). I looked at all we had in our fridge and decided to make creamed spinach with bacon wrapped scallops over wild rice. I had the same, just minus the bacon. DJ said, and I quote, “This is out of this world.” I think I almost choked on my spinach. I have never received an “out of this world”. Like I don’t even care if I get this job anymore- I got an “out of this world” referring to my cooking. I don’t know if DJ realizes how much that made my life right there!




We didn’t have any particular plans set Friday night, but our parents gave us their tickets to go to Bob Saget at SJ Improv!!! Uh yeah… THE Bob Saget! Thanks again guys (if you happen to read this). Right before we decided to grab dinner at an Italian Restaurant. We haven’t had Italian in a blue moon and were both craving it.

We found this little treasure called Il Fornaio. It wasn’t horribly pricey like many of the other italian restaurants we were seeing. The waiting staff was some of the friendliest I have ever encountered at any restaurant. Them Italian folk-gotta love them. I sometimes wish that I was born Italian, or Greek. Greek seems fun too.


Naturally, we filled up on way too much bread before. Where my carb junkies at? HOLLA!


I had the rustichella which is flatbread topped with goat cheese, mozzarella, tomatoes, red onion, kalamata olive, basil and oregano and baked in the oven. It HIT the spot. I don’t usually drink white wine, but it sounded like it would pair well with this- it definitely did!


DJ ordered the Pennoni Alla Vodka with large pasta tubes with bacon, vodka-cream-tomato sauce, and Grana Padano.


Then it was off to see Bobby in Improv!!! Ok- I have got to say- it was quite raunchy. By quite I mean really really raunchy. Don’t expect Danny Tanner up on that stage. He actually mentioned that. He said, “People wonder why I’m not more like Danny Tanner, what would I do- clean your glasses and mop the floor?” Lol. That was one of his cleaner jokes 😉


Technically we couldn’t take pictures, but I needed just one for proof and all that jazzz.


Saturday morning I had some errands to run while DJ went to play basketball. In the afternoon we watched his little sister play in her All-Star game. I have had so much fun attending theses games, I don’t want them to end!

In the afternoon I did some marathon training! I randomly signed up for one on the 11th of February  yesterday so I decided I should make sure I could actually go thirteen miles. I also am signed up for the Big Sur marathon, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to race that due to the job uncertainties.

**When I get stressed out I sign up for races like people do retail therapy- is that normal? Anyone else do that?**

By the time I was finishing up my run the sun was setting. It was gorgeous out and I soaked up every second of that run. The picturesque landscape continues to take my breath away (or maybe that was the running?)



Wow. Sunday was one for the books! It was another beautiful day. I don’t know what this thing called “sunshine” is that decided to come back to California, but it made an appearance and I wasn’t even upset about it.


Below is one of my dear friends named Kim. She is pretty much the cutest human on planet earth. Love her so much!

It was one of my favorite Sundays of ALL TIME. Our church presented for the first time VIVE people. Miracles do still exist. I’m telling you- they do, and this story is proof of that!


If you don’t read the rest of my post please check out that video. But grab tissues first!

After Church I went and had brunch with my friend, Sara. She grew up in Los Gatos and knows ALL the good spots. (She’s who I went to Santa Cruz with a couple months ago).


Allow me to present… the most epic cinnamon roll of all time. She told me this was necessary to get if you go to Los Gatos Cafe. I understand why. I’m not a big cinnamon roll person, but this blew my socks off. I took a bundle of pictures because this is too insanely incredible not to share.


The lesson is… if you come to Northern California, stop by Los Gatos, particularly Los Gatos cafe and order there cinnamon roll. Before this the only cinnamon roll I really loved were Cinnabon’s. Now I am convinced that these are better. DJ says it is a contender when I brought him home some leftovers. That’s huge!

Oh and that’s not all…

We also ordered actual meals because one giant cinnamon roll is just not enough on a Sunday Brunch. I had their seafood benedict with scrambled egg whites (instead of eggs), served over an english muffin with avocado and hollaindaise (on the side). This was fantastic, but my favorite part may have even been the potatoes. Such great breakfast potatoes. Not sure what they use, but good heavens.


After, we went on a quick walk around the neighborhood. The surrounding area is super eccentric, so it was fun to see the houses and decor. It also was a lot quieter than where we live so it was nice walking around a suburb like that- it felt a little bit like Ohio to me!



Love her <3

Monday and Tuesday were filled with trying to stay calm, coffee, trashy reality shows, and the Bible… which do not go hand in hand, but I’m just being honest with ya’ll.

Now today and tomorrow and probably a good chunk of this weekend I am going to try and catch up on some blogging! We also have dinner plans with my brother tonight in the city and tomorrow night we are going to some friend’s for dinner. I should hear tomorrow or Friday if I got the job!!!! I will certainly let you all know!


Blog Birthdays:

No birthdays this week BUT we do have some big ones coming up next week that I am very excited about!

xo <3


78 thoughts on “a BIG celeb, a BIG Cinnamon Roll, and a BIG Interview!

    1. GIRLFRIEND!!! Have you never had it?! It’s delish. It’s more of a dessert tea, but it’s great. You can adjust sweetness, so I just get the least sweet with almond milk, then you choose your base tea flavor (they have EVERYTHING). I went with a green tea. And then tapioca pearls are in the bottom. I love the pearls, but some people don’t like the texture. If anything, it’s the look of it that creeps me out most, but I love the taste 😉 Thank you for the sweet warm well wishes! I hope to have news soon. Anxiously sitting my the phone right now! Have a great weekend, love!

  1. First of all huge hugs! I am glad the interview went well! And second another round of hugs. You have so much on your plate right now, no worries if you don’t respond! Life gets crazy and it is completely understandable!

    Third here is another blogger recognition award for you ;P <3


    Oh my gosh donuts! This may or may not make you want to get on the next plane and come to new York but they do donut tours. Seriously they take you from one amazing bakery to another. I have had friends who have done it (and then taken a double dose of hot yoga :p )
    I was just talking to a friend about bubble tea. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. I am a texture girl.
    Oh my gosh I love bacon wrapped scallops and that is way to funny! You guys are the cutest! I us to cook all the time for my ex and it was a running joke on whether it was an 8 or a nine or nine and a half OR that sacred ten! (I was a pastry chef so definitely inside joke) I agree with DJ though from those pics it definitely looks "Out of this world!"
    That is so fun you got to see Bob Seger and oh my gosh that Italian restaurant looks amazing!
    Whoop! Good luck lady! I am so excited for you! And running marathons is definitely better for the soul (and piggy bank!) then retail therapy. I actually tend to sign up for workshops.
    Your friend is the cutest! And yes tissues were definitely needed!
    That. Cinnamon. Role! Oh. My. Lanta! What is that yummy goodness!?!?! This is when they need to figure out how to turn pictures into the real deal because I am drooling over that!
    And your lats pic of your blog with the cup! Oh my gosh I love it! So artsy! I hope you have an amazing day beauty! <3

    1. Ahhhhhh THANK YOU for the award, K!!!!!!! MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!! I really want to just sit down sometime and respond to them and nominate the crap out of wordpress. Hahahha. That sounded so unlady like. Oh well. Congrats on receiving the award yourself! And STOPPPP- DONUT TOURS!??!?!?!??!!??! That sounds like straight up heaven on earth. I just told DJ- and he goes “WOW. That sounds amazing”. I agree. I may need to convince him to book a flight with me soon.

      I totally get it about the texture with bubble tea- I don’t mind textures, but sometimes the look bothers me. I don’t like “clusters” or holes all beside each other- so the way it gathers at the bottom of the cup sometimes gives me the heebie jeebies.

      And about the cooking— hahahha I love that the scale was literally 8 to 10 (with some halves in between!). That’s amazing. I may need to start using that. Except I’m sure everything you make is a straight up 10!

      I love that you support me in my de-stressing marathon sign ups. Hahaha. DJ thinks it’s the weirdest thing. But that’s awesome that you do workshops!!! Which type?!?

      When you visit in March I may need seriously just bring you a cinnamon roll. They are INSANELY GOOD. LIke I said- I’m not even a cinnamon roll person, but this one. WOAH.

      I hope you have the BESTTTT day of all time ever and that this weekend tops it! SO many hugs! xoxoxo

      1. You are very welcome sweets! Yay! Congrats! I am glad:) bwahaha I love it! Lady like is overrated😉 awe thank you beauty!
        Totally serious! They also have cookie and cupcake tours (I think if it is a tour New York has it!) yasss! You need too! Just wait a few months for it to get warm!:)
        I am glad I am not the only one with food creeping me out🤣
        It was pretty funny it would always make me laugh. Awe thank you. I have had some epic fails though. I also hate making what I bake🤣🙈
        It is not! He should try it!;p I love running. When I can’t run for a few days it stresses ME out! Any and all! I will also do teacher trainings if I need to destress cause you know adding something else to my plate TOTALLY makes sense🤣
        Oh my god yasss! It looked amazing!
        Awe thank you beauty! I hope you have an amazing day and weekend!! Sending you the biggest hugs!💗💗😘😘

      2. Heck YES ladylike is overrated! Haha. And girl- I feel ya on adding things to your plate to “destress”- seems twisted, but Idk ! Sometimes it’s better to stay occupied! I hope you have the BEST weekend, K.! MWAH! xo

      3. Yes! I love being busy! Especially if it is things that make me feel better like yoga or going for a run! Their is nothing better then putting some ear buds in and pounding the pavement to destress! Thanks beauty! I hope you have an amazing weekend as well! <3

  2. We have been in Florida for almost 2 weeks-which we love…but yikes-I guess I have not kept up with your news. So good to hear that your interview went well! Sounds like you and DJ are living the BIG life!

    1. AHHHH how fun!!! I saw your iHop picture and it was making me drool! And really not too much has happened- just the interview really! I will keep you all posted. I am going to essentially know by the weekend if I did receive an offer or not. At least I can move on forward if I don’t get it. It’s been a LONG time coming, and I feel like I’m finally going to be able to pursue other options if this doesn’t work out! Enjoy that Florida sun!!!! How long are you there for? XOXO

    1. Thank YOU so very much for the nomination!!!! I hope to respond properly at some point. Life is insane, but I just wanted to say how much the nomination meant to me in the first place! Have a tremendous weekend!

  3. One of our local donut shops, Maker’s Donuts, just had their first birthday today and gave out a free donut to each customer. I chose their birthday cake, and it was awesome! Fellow donut lover right here. I haven’t read your other post detailing this job, but I wanted to wish you well! I have to remind myself in times of uncertainty, things always have a way of working out as they should, even if that isn’t how I envisioned them. 🙂 Awesome eats, and the photo of you with the sunshine is really pretty!

    1. YUM!!!!!!! A birthday cake donut!!!!!! That sounds SOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!!! How fun that they were just passing them out! I need to move there, because I’m pretty sure they don’t have anything like that around here. LOL. And you are SO right- they always do work out. I definitely have to keep that in mind, especially as I wait for this phone call! Thank you for the sweet reminder <3 And thank you so much! I was just ecstatic the sun is finally shining again- except there is going to be rain alllll next week. Soaking it up while I can! Have such a fabulous weekend, Kori!!!! Thank you for stopping on in!

  4. Oh My Gosh. I HAVE to have that cinnamon roll *drooling*.

    I know your interview went well. You’re such an energetic and bubbly person, and clearly have spent so much time and hard work on your degree that I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want you! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear on Friday that you got it 😉

    1. YESSSSS you doooooo!!!!! Which means you need to fly to Cali ASAP! 😉 And thank you for your sweet words!!! Gosh, so encouraging to me!!!!!!! I so appreciate your confidence and will have an update one way or another in the next few days. BIG hugs to you. Hope the new job started off beautifully for you!

  5. What a cute post. I always love hearing about your week and I’m glad your interview went well. I’m so glad the Bible study is going good for you guys. I’m having trouble finding that fellowship here myself but it’s always good to have people like you in my life who are praying for me! 🙂

    1. Hi, love! HOW DID IT GO?! I’m dying to know. You have so been on my heart and mind, especially yesterday! I will be additionally praying that you find some great community. I’m so thankful for your prayers too, dear!

      1. Thank you. It was a pain actually and I still don’t even know what I need to go back. It’s complicated. I’m just v confused and idk if I can stay.

      2. Aw man 🙁 ah I really hope it all gets worked out. I know that stuff can be SO confusing. Keep me updated? Many, many prayers. I am feeling quite anxious myself. I didn’t receive a phone call this morning which is not a great sign. Praying peace over both of us.

      3. Awww I’m sorry. Did they say they would call this morning? I’ve been hired at jobs before that didn’t call me for weeks. Pending more interviews or not. I’m hoping that’s your case!

      4. Unfortunately, if we don’t receive a call today or tomorrow that means we didn’t get the job. They said we would receive an e-mail early next week confirming we did not receive it. The HR director usually makes calls in the morning- so I’m starting to go into panic mode. It’ll be okay though. Even if I don’t get this job, I have to remember that God is leading my steps. What is your next step with everything?

      5. Hopefully they call tmr. It must be a tough decision if they have so many candidates! Idk what my next step is. I think I need to go back next week to confirm what I have to do, if anything can be done.

  6. That cinnamon roll looks amazing, as does the other food! We have a bug cinnamon roll place here in dallas, but I’ve only been once. I need to go back now that I’ve seen your picture. I’m craving it!

    1. AHHHHHH!!!! I bet Dallas has the most massive cinnamon rolls (everything is bigger in Texas- TRUTH!). YUM! Take a picture to share if you ever go!!!! I must see this!

  7. There are so many undyingly “sweet” things throughout this blog post from the donuts, the gigantic cinnamon bun (omg, I want that right now….I swear I can almost taste the sweet cinnamon goodness just looking at that picture), anyways continue on with the sweet list- your cute face!!!! Bob Saget, so cool and bubble tea!!!! Ah yes, I LOVE bubble tea. I was so weary and skeptical of it at first but when I tried my first one I couldn’t get enough. Sometimes too much of makes me feel like mehh but you can definitely find me on the “love bubble tea” side! EEEK so excited that you had THE interview… BEST OF LUCK!!! And it’s so great that in the midst and meantime you can focus your energy on your church and that fun little community you and DJ got involved in since moving to Cali. Which BTW….I just couldn’t wait to tell you but Andrew and I just booked a Cali trip!!!! (shhhh) We’re doing SanDiego AND San Fran!!! Not till the end of May butttttttt if all works out well, we seriously need to plan a dinner date or something!!!! Or least go get donuts LOL PS love the little shout out at the top anddd no shame with snapchat filters/voice changers they are probably the best thing to happen to smartphones- I could be on those all day long just cracking myself up lol. Sending you all the love and good luck!!!!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Ok, so up there with the sweet things on this post is YOUUU, sweet thang! Also I am SO behind it’s seriously making me nuts. But today is devoted to catching up on all my fave blogs (so I might get to yours tomorrow? ) JK- yours will be first 😉

      BUT WHATTTTT. Trying not to break this laptop as I type- YOU ARE COMING HERE!?!?!?!?!?! YES!!!!!! A dinner date is DEFINITELY going to have to happen. That makes me so happy ! GIRL!! I seriously hope that works out! But yes- even donuts! I’m gonna cry. That’s amazing!

      I need to go pull myself together now…. this is too much to handle! AH! xoxoxo

  8. Great post, Mack! I love all of the food. Your doughnut video made me laugh. Ha ha, you saw the Full House guy! Can you believe me and my son still watch reruns of it? That show was on when I was a kid! I saw some of the new episodes of the sequel on Netflix. They weren’t that good. Wow, that other video made me tear up. Me and my boyfriend have been trying for a year to get pregnant and it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve gone to a fertility specialist, acupuncture and nothing yet 🙁 The doctor says I should do invitro. We’re going to another doctor in March. I guess we’ll see what happens. I hope you get the job! Please pray for me 🙂 I’ll be waiting for your job update!

    1. Thanks, Lisa!!!!!!! Haha- I think I might annoy DJ with those snapchat filters sometimes, OH WELL! But yes-Full House is one of the greatest shows of all time. Truly a classic! I love that you still watch it! I watched the sequel too and didn’t even make it through the first episode :/. So I agree on that. And I’m so glad you watched that video… it just shows NOTHING is impossible! I will be praying every single day for you, Lisa. This is your year. God will move mountains for you for a job and for a baby! It’s going to happen! I believe it. Have a fantastic weekend! Sending my love from Cali!

      1. Aww Mack, you’re amazing! Thank you! I’ll be praying that you get your dream job too. I tried Snapchat for a day but I couldn’t get into it. I like the filters but then I just got annoyed. Lol. I think I tried watching three of the episodes of Fuller House but I kept falling asleep. Have a great weekend, Mack! Hugs and love from Texas! ❤

      2. Thank you SO much!!!! I totally get it with Snapchat, ya either love it or ya hate it lol. Soak up some Texas sun for us- it’s supposed to be raining here all week!!! <3

      3. Will do, Mack! It’s going to be above 70 all weekend and next week. This is my kind of weather! On the downside…it’s going to be a VERY hot summer over 100 degrees.

    1. Awww thank you, beauty!!!!!!! <3 I can say the EXACT same thing about you and your blog! Also—- did you happen to see my instagram mishap?! Oh my goodness, I was so embarrassed. Lol.

      1. Hahah- my phone just accidentally posted a bunch of SUPER random pictures like a towel, a pair of shoes, a picture from when I was a freshman in college. I was mortified!!! Haha

      2. LONG STORY!!!! Haha. Essentially I was messing around with the editing features with the most random pictures when my WIFI was OFF (and I forgot to delete them after I was done just fiddling with the settings), and then when the wifi was restored they were all posted… It was a mess. Hahahah

  9. Cant wait to hear if you got the job! <3 Crossing my fingers for you! So many delicious sweets and food in one post–gosh! 😀

    1. Thank you, love!!!!!! I can’t wait to give you an update VERY soon! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to stop by and see what you are up to! This week has been nuts and I’m dying for a few seconds to catch up on everyone’s blogs <3 xoxo

    1. YESSSS!! So glad you love the voice changing filters too! THE BEST. Have such a great weekend, Ingrid! I’m wayyyyyyy behind on reading blogs, but I can’t wait to get to yours soon, love!

    1. Hahah please do drive here for the cinnamon bun! SO WORTH IT!!!!!!! hehe- I will have an update very, VERY, VERY soon about that….. :)………. eeeek. Can barely keep it to myself! Have such a great week, Kristal!!!!

  10. Carb junkie sister right here! That bread looks delicious! And so does your rustichella flatbread! So yummy!

    The first time I heard that Bob Saget was no Danny Tanner when it comes to performing live I was a little heart broken. But I guess he was just playing a part for the TV show. It’s hard to wrap my head around him being so different, though!

    Good for you for running! That sunset is great inspiration! 🙂

    Love that you guys are plugged into such an awesome church that you love! That Vive video was awesome. Praise God for miracles! Our church community has been the such a blessing to us and we are so thankful for it!

    That is the most enormous cinnamon roll, haha! Looks delicious, though!

    I hope you get good news about the job! Keep us updated!

    1. Rach, I knew I loved you for a reason!!! Carbs are life <3 And it truly was a bit disheartening hearing about Bob Saget 🙁 And then to see it in person, it didn't really make me laugh as much as if it were someone else! I felt like I smudging my childhood innocence or something! haha. Ahhhh I'm so glad you took time to watch the video! God is SO good! Our Church community is where we have essentially made all our friends. Cinnamon roll was ON POINT. I have news about the job….. 🙂 I want to make an announcement, but I am a bit afraid that when I do I'll get a call saying it was a mistake or something!! Ok, ok I can't give too much away 😉 But stay tuned!!!! Have SUCH a great week, darling!

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