Kels & Kenz Take on the Bay: Part 3!

Hey ya!! Welcome to our third Installment of Kels & Kenz Take on the Bay! If you missed the other posts, you can find Part One and Part Two in these links. So far we have only covered 1 entire full day in those two posts, and it truly may take until the end of September to recap it all, haha.

Let’s just jump in shalllz we? After we hopped off the Ferry, Kels and I needed something to wake us up a bit from the lull of the boat. We decided there was no time like the present to grab Peet’s! We both got Half- caff almond milk cafe au laits. Unfortunately, the barista didn’t do a great job with the milk, so it was flat and subpar compared to usual. I was disappointed for Kels that it was her first Peet’s experience, but at least she was able to try it! And the caffeine did the trick!


We still were a bit chilly walking outside and hungryyyyy! We had dinner reservations at 9:15 pm, so we decided to get a little appetizer (it was about 6 pm at this point). We headed to a BL (bucket list) location- Boudin Bakery! I had never tried their bread, but they are famous for the freshest and greatest sourdough.

On our way we stumbled across a Ben and Jerry’s carnival. I just love how there is always something going on in the city!


Kels did the truffle toss and won! woot woot!


We happily munched down our little free ice cream samples (YUM) then continued along Embarcadero to Boudin.


Finally- made it!!! Check out these fun shapes made from the bread…

img_1964-1img_2040**waiting a half hour to get a seat** This place is poppin’!

And finally finally– time for the famous sourdough bread bowl with clam chowder! It was PHENOMENAL. It was the perfect snack to warm us up after weaving through the thick San Franciscan fog. (aka Karl, someone named our fog. Haha).


So we were a leeeetle bit nervous when we were eating our sourdough bowl because Kels’ phone was dead, mine had 1% remaining, and our emergency charger broke. We were at least 4 miles from our hotel and were planning on Ubering or Lyfting back…. we both had blisters from walking in our heeled shoes all day and were freezing in our light clothes we worn to wine country. Once we finished up the grub, I called the Lyft with the 1% I had left and we got the pickup JUST in time before my phone died. Thaaaank you, Lord! That would have been a brutal 4 mile walk (it felt like it was in the low 40s by this point).

We arrived to our hotel for the evening! We decided to stay in the city since our reservations were super late and DJ had a late game anyways . Also, we found a reservation at the Sir Francis Drake at a wonderful deal! The hotel was named after the Elizabethan era sea captain and was founded in 1928. It has quite the stunning history- you can read here if interested (or if you may find yourself staying at this historic landmark someday).


At any time, there is a greeter dressed in the archetypal costume standing out front the hotel.

The lobby was spectacular- a true historical feel, yet also feeling anything but antiquated.


The room was so fun! It had bright reds, large 16th century inspired paintings, and was clean as can be for being such an “old” hotel. The ONLY issue we had during the stay was the slowness of the elevator. It was crazy slow – like a snail’s pace + molasses. But they did have signs all over asking for our patience while they remodeled/updated their elevators, so we couldn’t be too upset about it.


We changed super fast after checking in. Check in took about 30 minutes, and by the time we were in the room it was about 8:45 pm. We had literally 15 minutes to change and get out the door to make our rezzy on time. We slapped on some touch up makeup, I used my “cruise” lip color that I haven’t used in a while, and we hit the road!

**middle school mirror pic** haha


But in order to hit the road… we first had to run down 18 floors to make it to our Lyft ride on time (the elevator was not budging, so we resorted to whipping down the hotel’s staircase hoping he wouldn’t leave without us!).

We found our Lyft ride out of breath and practically sweating. The driver was so kind and understood about the elevator issue. We headed to another BL item for the evening. The ultimate ultimate BL item I have had on my list in bolds and italics (one day soon I will actually share the list here!). I knew Kels would appreciate it too! Drum roll please….. Foreign Cinema. 


The entrance is easy to miss, it is very tucked away in the shadows in the Mission District, but the minute you step through the doors you are in another world!

This restaurant is not your standard restaurant. It is a restaurant that takes you to Paris, under twinkling lights in the great outdoors. There are heaters to keep you nice and cozy and a foreign film to accompany your meal. It’s like being at a fancy drive in, dressed up, and eating superb nomz.


We started with their Patio Spritzes. Kels had their strawberry infused lillet blanc & I tried their pamplemousse one. They were delicious- refreshing and light- exactly what we were craving.


For an appetizer we shared their oysters- the most stupendous oysters of the trip. Every oyster throughout the weekend we tried was wonderful, but these were hands down the absolute best. I keep telling DJ I want to go here again just so he can try these!


We then split the tuna tartare for our meal. It was magnificent. Bursting flavors. You cannot go wrong here!

img_2047Kels and I are both guilty people-watchers, so we quietly evaluated and tried to figure out the groups and couples around us. Humans are fascinating. It was too fun, and I think we missed our callings as psychologists (or psychopaths).

Time to turn in for the evening after a super fun night!


In the morning of July 29th, we got up around 8:00 am and then drove back to Cupertino. We had some avocado toast then hit the road to make the 11:30 service for Church!


I was excited to take Kelsey to our home church, Vive! It’s one of my favorite parts about living here, and I am always stoked when company stays over through a Sunday so we can go together, and I can introduce them to my church fam.


Afterwards we went to none-other than the most ubiquitously mentioned restaurant on this blog… can ya guess it?


Tammy met up with us and the three of us ordered all the classics to share. Starting with my fave- the French Garden omelette (with egg whites!). It has goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, and basil! It’s just too good. And their country potatoes are the also the best around (Although Los Gato’s Cafe’s potatoes  do vy for first place).


Next, we had their tremendous crab cake benedict (although I have found a better one I will be sharing in a few posts 😉 ).


And perhaps one of my favorite brunch dishes ever… the salmon benedict.


& A side of their blueberry pancake


Time to go hiking!!! We drove to the Redwoods in the Big Basin. The drive is treacherous and I was white knuckling the whole way down, but we made it! (if these look familiar it’s because I was here just a couple months ago with Tammy 🙂 ).


Kelsey had never seen Redwoods before, so this was a must for her trip here!


It ended up being SWELTERINGLY HOT- in the nineties I believe, but we made it to the top!


Jus’ hanging around


We were parched when we returned. This water was liquid gold to us!

Our big simba baby water bottle . *Cue Circle of Life*


On our way back we pulled off to the side of the road to an overlook and saw the most breathtaking view!


We headed home, and quickly became aware of how hungry we were!

We decided to knock off a third BL item and go to Palo Alto’s downtown to try sushirrito! (yep- a sushi burrito!).


These were truly rawesome. We tried Geisha’s Kiss and the Latin Ninja. Holy cannoli guacamole- I am craving another. I need to try their Sumo Crunch wrap soon which is their famous one.


To end the evening we walked around Main Street Cupertino, made a pit stop into Target for some sweets, and then decided to do dinner number 2!


And where better than the revolving sushi bar, Kura?! You may remember “Kula” from the beginning of the blog when DJ and I went allll the time, but they recently changed the name to Kura. You can read how it works in this post if you are interested!


It’s not the highest quality sushi, but it is always a fun experience!!! I loved watching Kels’ expression as the conveyor belt of sushi glided past us. We had our fill then called it a night to get a great night sleep before a big beach day!

Question for you!

  • Favorite brunch dish/ brunch restaurant?

xo <3


67 thoughts on “Kels & Kenz Take on the Bay: Part 3!

  1. I loved my time in San Francisco and did some of the same things. I thought the Sir Francis Drake was really cool. I did freeze the entire time I was there though!

    1. Aww yay I am so glad you enjoyed your time here 🙂

      It is soooo surprisingly cold because of the microclimate. Many tourists expect it to be 75/80 and sunny in the city too, but it rarely is! Where we live closer to SJ it can be 80s while it is 50s and windy in the city. too crazy!!

  2. I remember the bread place from when my family went to San Fran!! Whoever makes the different bread sculptures is so talented! It’s crazy what some people can do. I’m starting to think that it’s not a Mackenzie blog post if Bill’s is not mentioned haha. Love it though!! I’m seriously trying to work out a bay area trip just to eat at all of these places. Whenever I go, you’ll be my first point of contact for restaurant recommendations haha.

    1. Isn’t that incredible with the bread sculptures!? Like how do you even know where to begin?!

      Hahaa, Oh Billy’s. just LOVE them. Still the best breakfast place in my opinion in the area.

      YES YES! I have got a list for you for anything, just let me knowwww 🙂

  3. Peet’s and good sourdough are pretty much the main reasons I go back west (only than my family, of course!). Yummmmmm.

    Sushi, again? I still haven’t tried it haha.

    1. Yuuuus! It’s the best bread, right?! And Peet’s is my love. Stick around long enough and you will be sick of peet’s without even having a sip. Haha.

      Ohhh no! OK I have a goal for you! Try it before the next time I post it. Hahah. Have a great weekend, Ralph!

  4. Those sushi burritos look absolutely amazing! I wish we had something like that near us because I need to try one! What a great idea for sushi, lol!

    1. They are SOOO good. I am actually craving one right now, and would get one but I’m trying to be a good girl and eat all the food we have at home first. LOL. Hope you have a great night, Courtney! Thank you so much for stopping by <3

  5. Ahhh! Such a bummer when our fave coffee shops don’t make our drinks the way we like, right?! 😭 That Ben & Jerry’s carnival looks so fun!! & holy wow, the alligator & crab shaped bread is way too cool!!!

    That hotel is absolutely gorgeous & you both look so cute in that “middle school mirror pic”! Is that Foreign Cinema place even real?! You’ve got me wanting to book a ticket right now just to go there ASAP. It looks & sounds SOOO romantic. Bill’s Cafe looks fantastic too, especially the salmon & pancake! 😍 Can’t wait to see the new crab Benedict you found!

    A few sushi burritos and one or two conveyor sushi places has opened up around here, I haven’t tried either one yet! I’m nervous but def interested in both!

    Hmm… my favorite brunch dish is def chicken & waffles & my fave spot is Hash House A Go Go. 😄

    1. Right??! Such a bummer! Especially because I hyped it up sooo much. But we had maybe the best coffee we’ve ever had later in the week (can’t wait to share that!).

      Aww thank ya! And right?!?!! It is SO neat. Kelsey loves anything Parisian, so I knew she would love this, very French vibes. I definitely want to take DJ back for a date or something though!

      And oooooo it’s so fun! The revolving sushi isn’t the highest quality- but it’s cheap and a fun experience (and still decent enough!). The sushirrito is INCREDIBLE. Highly recommend. I am craving it now actually.

      Oooo YUM! If we are in Vegas I’m gonna have to go there (or ask you for recs) because that’s DJ’s favorite breakfast dish (chicken and waffles) ! Thanks for stopping on in, gf!

      1. It’s always when you’re trying to prove how good something is to someone else when they fail, too! Like, I was trying to introduce ramen to my dad when he came to visit me & of course, the day I brought him their broth was over-salted which had NEVER been the case before!!

        I can’t freakin’ believe that restaurant, Mack. It’s beeeautiful. <3 My boyfriend was like, that's in America?! When I showed him!!

        YES YES YES!! If you come to Vegas, Hash House A Go Go is MUST!!! The chicken & waffles will blow his mind– there's nowhere like it for them. <3

      2. EXACTLY. Haha. Noooo , over salting can ruin anything- dangit!!

        Aww! Well if you two ever visit we should do a double date there or something. I would go back in a heartbeat!

        I am writing this down! I don’t have a vegas “must eat” list, but I’m gonna start one now! <3

    2. Oh by the way- I think my comments are going to spam. UGH!!!! Do you mind checking your que to make sure? I commented on your movie post but I don’t think it went through.

      1. thanks, girl! I never check mine either, this has happened to me once before so that’s what I’m figuring is going on … .eek!

      2. It’s really annoying! Another non-robot’s comments were in there, too!! She had also told me to check my spam but her comment telling me to do so was IN THERE! lol.

  6. Where do I even begin?! First, can you please teleport me to be on the next epic adventure you have showing peeps around the city and hitting BLs? :))

    That hotel is so amazing! It’s really cool how different it is and how much effort was put into not only the decor but the ambiance.

    All of your restaurant noms are on point as always! I also super love the “middle school” photo! Y’all are adorable.

    That.hike.!!!! The views are breathtaking and you take such beautiful photos! Kels should submit some of those to Adidas for their marketing. 😉 And your hanging around bahahahaha

    happy friyay and good vibes to you! xo

    1. Hey girl!!! YES I WOULD LOVE THAT! Oh man I wish I could give y’all the grand tour! One day, right?! And I’m gonna publish the official list soon- I think I’ll work on it tonight 🙂

      And isn’t it neat? We could not believe what a steal we got it for. It blew us away!

      Tehe- always kids at heart <3

      Oh my gosh- agreeeed (about the adidas marketing!).

      Thanks for reading, Kaci! I hope you have a great weekend 🙂 HAPPY FRIYAY! <3

  7. These are great pictures Mackenzie – I am so jealous watching all the fun times you had there. I am starving and if I could have anything right now, I’d get that sourdough bread bowl and just devour it now. The shaped bread was very interesting too. Like your other posts, I always go back again in case I missed anything.

    1. Hi Linda!! Somehow this got caught in my spam que. Oh no!! But I saved it, don’t worry!!! It’s hard to imagine anything more comforting than the bread bowl- definitely a must at some point for everyone 🙂 Panera actually has bread bowls if you have one by you!!

      1. No worries – I have been checking daily as I had two new followers in SPAM one time and I felt so badly. I get about 20 ads for athletic gear in my SPAM. I have never had a bread bowl … there is a Panera not too far from here. I’ve not been there in years. They used to make pumpkin muffintops … stopped stopping for muffintops as I was worried I’d get one. 🙂

      2. Thanks for understanding!!! And ooo those sound so good- tis the season! I think you may need to treat yourself!

    2. And you are SO sweet to even back track through these posts- I would never expect you to do that but so so sweet <3

  8. Have I said this yet?? Your blog is seriously my fave… I love the pics, the activities, AND the food. And you are just such a sincere person who seems to be so beautiful inside and out. After a busy day of mom life, I get so excited to see a new blog post from you, because it’s kind of like a travel adventure that I get to experience from home. Ha, ha. 🙂
    This post, as always, didn’t disappoint!! I haven’t read the other two parts yet (just catching up on blogs), but I can’t wait to… 🙂 (That restaurant with the Paris-theme looked SO perfect)!!

    1. Oh my goodness, Nicole… you have no idea how much this means to me. <3 You just made my whole day.. no, actually, my week (if not more!). This seriously brought a tear to my eye, and just trulyyy means more than you know. I am so happy that you enjoy this blog, because I just adore yours too. I feel like we both give peeks into adventures that the other isn't living- I just love love reading your mom posts, and you inspire me big time. Anyways, thank you thank you thank you again and if you are ever in the bay area I will treat you to Foreign Cinema for sure! XO

      1. Hey girl! I think my comment may have just gone to your spam on your latest blog post. If you get the chance I think it may be hanging out in your spam que, darnit!

  9. Wow! That bread is too cool, people are seriously so talented! You really can make art out of anything! And also, it looks delicious.
    Omg I would have been stressing too, you are seriously so lucky your phone held out for you! Just 1%? Scary!!! Thank goodness it lasted!
    I adore the sound of the movie restaurant which plays the foreign film, how dreamy and unique. We have nothing like that here where I live!
    That hike sounds wonderful! I love all those gorgeous pictures, and the one of you on the tree… you’re brave! Haha!
    Also think its lovely that you guys went to Church together ❤️
    I don’t have a favourre brunch spot! But I love scrambled egg on toast for brunch. On monday i am going to Buddies for brunch which is an american diner 😀

    1. Isn’t it amazing?! I have no clue how they do that!

      ooo girl I would have probably cried if we had to walk back. It was just too cold and we were far from dressed appropriately for the weather!

      You would LOVEEEEE Foreign Cinema, Jennie. If you are in the Bay Area I highly suggested- drop a line and I’ll meet you there. Haha.

      I just love climbing trees every since I was little. Sometimes the kid in me crawls out and can’t resist. haha.

      Cannot beat eggs on toast! I have been on a kick of that the last few days actually! Sometimes I will put on a little hummus and avocado too. Enjoy Buddies- sounds fantastic. Share some foodie pics if you think of it from there, I’d love to see!!! Have a great rest of your week & weekend girlie!

      1. So so clever! It must take them absolutely ages too.
        There’s nothing worse than the cold, I’m so happy you didn’t have to walk back it would have been rubbish! I swear phone batteries need to last longer, mine runs out so quickly even when I’ve hardly used it!
        It sounds so amazing and such a unique, exciting experience. I totally will! Put it on my bucket list 😀
        I love it! I love how you still manage to make it look elegant too 😂 I am so not a tree climber, wish I was though but I’d be terrified I was going to fall and land on my head. Ok next mission, find a tree to climb 😂
        Ooh I have never tried avocado! I take it you’d reccommend??! I may have to try it, I want to incorporate more fruits and veggies!
        Thanks hun, I totally will! And you too lovely 😀 xx

      2. In this day and age shouldn’t batteries last for days?!? I mean I see the stuff we do in neurosurgery and we can’t have a phone battery last more than half a day?!! WHAT! Anywho- I will be SO proud if you find a tree to climb on your travels. It sparks a youthful side that you don’t know you have in you until you start scaling those branches, lol. I’m really trying to sell this to you!

        STOPPPPP ITTTTTTTTTT. I am about to cry. You have never tried avocado!?!?!?!??! Wait..I need a moment…… did I read that right?! You go to so many fab places- look for a good avocado toast for brunch. It will change your life. I expect you to report back 😉 Tehe. Have a great Sunday, love!

      3. I know right!! It’s so stupid. Omg yes… I’m not going to claim to know anything about ‘neurosurgery’ however technology in general, yeah, batteries really should be lasting longer. Haha oh my goodness, I will find one! And I’ll get a picture especially for you! I love how passionate you are about tree climbing oh my!
        No I haven’t. Ok. Avocado on toast, I can try that! My mum was eating an avocado the other day actually, she offered me some but I declined. If they have avocado on the menu at breakfast tomorrow I will definitely try it and report back. You too lovely!

      4. lol- yes exactly. Haha- girl I am passionate about my food and my tree climbing… everything else is secondary.

        Oh and avocado toast. You will LOVE! Let me know if you get to try how you like it. It’s also wonderful with a poached or fried egg on top of the toast too <3

      5. I love it!
        Still not tried avocado on toast (they didn’t have it on the menu at breakfast) but it is on my list! I will let you know asap and I love egg on toast, so the two mixed together could work! Thanks hun!

  10. Ahhh YESSS Peet’s! That stinks that it was subpar though!
    A bandJ carnival?!?! Oh my word I didn’t know those existed! That is heaven right there! Heaven in a pint!
    I have never eaten at Boudin but I love the displays they always have in the window! Though that crocodile (alligator?) was there when I WAS in San Francisco! I hope it was a freshy! ;p
    Yikes! That stinks! I hate that! But thankfully you got a Lyft in the nick of time!
    That hotel looks incredible! I LOVE it! As much as I love staying with my aunt I feel like I need to spend a night there next time!
    Oh my lanta HOW do I not know about this place? Paris? Old movies? AND people watching? YES please! Also I am with you, my mom tells me all the time I missed my calling as a psychologist! Lol.
    Oh my sweet benedict! All that food is leaving me famished!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your Redwood pics! The one of you “hanging” around is one of my favorites!
    I LOVE Sushi burritos! And have you had sushi nachos? They are nacho nacho good!
    Now I am craving sushi! Thanks for sharing beauty! Loved reading this! <3

    1. Haha I didn’t know the B & J’s carnival existed until we passed right by it!! But you can’t resist that, right?! Hahah I wonder how long that alligator has been there. I may have to ask one of the workers sometime.

      We definitely lucked out! Especially with only 1%. Thank goodness. And even if you don’t stay in the hotel they have a wonderful little cafe/restaurant next to the lobby so you can still get the experience 🙂

      Oh my goshhhhh yessss, so glad you relate. We are the same person in oh so many ways. I was like, “This is too creepy to post” …. “what the heck, it’s honest”…. people watching for the win! I could totally see you as a psychologist– you are super intelligent but very empathetic. Never too late, right?!

      A sushi nacho?!?!? That’s nacho your average sushi dish! YUM!!! I need to keep an eye out that sounds sooo gooood. Thanks for reading!! XO

  11. A Ben & Jerry’s carnival?? Whaaaaa?! I don’t think we’ve ever had that here. And honestly, now that I think about it, there’s not much going on in the city over here, maybe outside downtown but when I go downtown, hardly anything is happening. Perhaps I’m missing everything LOL.
    LMFAO I cannot believe someone actually named your fog!! That’s actually pretty funny and more of an inside joke to those that live there. I hope it’s foggy for at least a day when I visit, I wanna be able to say “gosh darn it Karl, not today!” LOL
    On a totally different note, I’ve never hard chowder bowls but that looks pretty tasty! And the animal shaped bread had me SHOOK! Especially the crocodile! Don’t tell me they cut it all up! 🙁 LOL
    Whoa! Foreign Cinema looks awesome on the inside! I’ve never had oysters in my life and I don’t know why I haven’t tried them, they look slimey to me LOL. BUT, those looked pretty okay? 🙂 Also, girl, I wanted to be a psychologistz! I also observe people all the time and I notice things others typically don’t. According to my astrology thing it would have been a perfect job for me lol. For my Associate’s degree I was working towards that, so maybe if I go back to school I’ll be able to get a psych Bachelor’s or Masters degree, but I’m afraid I’ll waste time and money and I may not even get a job in the field. All my teachers told me it was very competitive. But honestly, I felt like it was my calling but when Ciel surprised us (got pregnant) back in ’14, I had to put my “dream” on hold and then I slowly realized I wasn’t going to be able to make it happen so now I’m on a search for a diff job that I will actually like. Still not sure what. Whoa, I just wrote you a novel…………………… BACK TO YOU! 🙂
    The breakfast from Bill’s looks so good! I definitely would love to go there to try it! And of course the redwoods, I want to go there too! I have no idea where to write all of these places in so I don’t forget when I go 🙂
    That sushi burrito looks so bomb! I totally want to try that too but I don’t eat raw fish, just some fear I have about eating anything raw LOL.
    Btw, we did have a Peet’s coffee inside our grocery store but it got replaced by a Starbucks years ago, but I’m pretty sure I could find it again in a different area. Though I’m not too big on coffee, I wouldn’t mind trying it so please give me a suggestion of something I should try. Since it’s getting colder around here, I may end up getting one when I find a Peets 🙂
    Also, I keep forgetting to answer your questions at the end haha. I don’t think I’ve been to a proper brunch place, a lot of them have long wait times and well..with our uncontrollable and impatient kiddo, we unfortunately have to pass on many of them. One day I will go to a brunch place though.. One day.

    1. hahah we had no idea that Ben and Jerry’s festival was even happening! SF has some of the most unique events, but it’s impossible to keep up haha. It can be almost overwhelming! Maybe Portland doesn’t have as many events because it’s already just amazing as is! That would be my guess.

      Haha we have been having too much fun with the Karl thing… seriously every time we see it we go, “Oh there is Karl! Making a grand appearance per usual!”

      Ahhh the bread bowl is sooo stinking tasty. Actually, Panera has bread bowls! I don’t think they have clam chowder, but it’s a similar experience 🙂

      I will say- Oysters can be slimy.. it took a while for them to grow on me.

      Ok I have so many thoughts! First, you would be an AMAZING psychologist. amazing. I think psychologists are the perfect mix of intelligence and empath.. and you have both. There is definitely that intuition that you have, but you are also super easy to open up to yet objective. I don’t ever think it’s too late, girl. I say go for it if you are interested. More than ever there are ways to get degrees- online classes especially. And there are scholarships, loans… I am a big cheerleader for you if you decide to give it a go 🙂 And it’s never too late, even if you wait till Ciel graduates high school or something and decide it’s then – then that’s awesome, if it’s never.. that’s great too, but just make sure to do what you wanna do, because you CAN. You have it in you for sure. But I do know Ciel is your priority and that is as admirable as it gets. That sacrificial love will pay off when you see him grow and be able to pursue his dreams too!

      Hmmm, Peets has great seasonal drinks! I just love all of their stuff, my go to is kinda boring but I would suggest trying a seasonal one for your first time.

      I know from my research Portland has some GREAT brunch places, so I would definitely give it a go, maybe when Ciel is a bit older ! If I visit again we will have to go try one out together 🙂 XO

      1. Lmao I’d love to do something new each week or so, I get so bored at home and at times I find the city boring so I try to get as far away from it as possible haha. But who knows, maybe there are a few things and I just don’t know about them lol. It’s hard to find events when you don’t know what to look for. Maybe I’ll try Facebook events in the area and see what comes up.
        Haha Karl is a good name for the fog though lol.
        Ooh Panera! I’ve only had their paninis, they were pretty okay. Lol. I’d love to have a true clam chowder and see for myself though I don’t want my experience to get ruined by eating something lesser lol.
        Awh I may not like oysters then, I’m just really picky 😂
        Awh thanks!! That’s so nice to hear you say. No one has ever said that about me 😊 and I know I still want to pursue some form of therapy. There was a job opportunity a few weeks ago for a behavioral technician is what they called it, I would be working one on one with autistic individuals and there was no experience or degrees require which was perfect because they would train but I never got the call back due to the schedule I had set in the questionnaire probably. They wanted someone who was far more flexible with their schedule. 😭😭😭 But I know that I want to help people in some way shape or form, so I think I’ll be working towards that, otherwise I’ll sell my soul to the dealerships and do some form of accounting 🤣🤣
        Awesome, I’ll wait till it gets colder, I’ll just have to do a quick search for them, I hope they’re not getting shut down lol. Starbucks is freaking everywhere, we have three within a quarter mile.. THREE!!! 😖
        I do plan on going to the pine biscuits place you went to. I briefly looked over the menu and it all sounded super delicious, but yeah, maybe I’ll have to wait for Ciel to get a little older.

      2. Sometimes I just google events! Usually there is a Thrillist list or different cites that list events for the whole month you can pick and choose from 🙂

        And I like your thinking about the clam chowder- definitely save that experience for here! 😉 I have some places that serve the BEST when you visit.

        I think as Ciel gets older you will feel more freedom to choose too! I know it feels like life is inflexible right now but it is totally a season!

        And I noticed that when I was in Portland… soooo many starbucks!!! haha. Taking over!

        Eh, you could totally take Ciel for pine state biscuits! Even if he cried a little or what not it’s not the type of place that it’d be a big deal. Hope you get to try soon!

      3. I’ve been doing that lately and found a great website with many activities each month. Half of them I’m like eh, not interested lol. The ones I am interested in require no children 🤣🤣
        Yes, I’m keeping that in mind, we had a meeting today with a few people from the education services district And it seems they have a plan for Ciel to help with some of his behaviors, turns out he might have sensory needs so we need to change up his routine a bit. I never imagined that taking him to noisy places could affect him 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I’m glad I got confirmation of things I had suspected lol
        Ugh I’m starting to hate Starbucks they’re running everyone else out of the city lol.

      4. yay!! I know I feel the same way- usually only like 5 out of 50 events stand out sometimes.

        wow, that’s really interesting about the sensory needs… it’s great that people can figure those types of things out ! Let me know how it goes!

  12. Hi Mackenzie, I am so happy your phone didnt die before getting through to uber! The Sir Francis Drake looks like a lovely place to stay. with a guy in costume to greet you. The bedroom looked very nice , interesting wall art! I would like to explore foreign cinema someday. People watching is so fun! Aaah Bills , feel like i know it already! What a fun trek into the big basin for you and especially Kelsey. A good workout, be careful hanging off those tree trunks!! I like Perkins restaurant for brunch, they do 24 hour a day breakfast , I like the waffle platter Thanks for post , Terri xo.

    1. Me tooo!!! Hehe. I think you would love Foreign Cinema! It’s such an elegant, fun place. Tehe – you probably know the menu better than some locals from reading these posts 🙂 Plus you have SUCH a great memory. Oh Perkins is great!!! I don’t think we have them here, but I remember them from Ohio! Yummmy a waffle platter sounds just terrific. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. I actually looked up Perkins locations and I think Nevada is the closest location to you Mackenzie! Some days my memory is good! Have a nice day, Terri xo.

      2. Oh bummer! Well we have wanted to go to LV soon, so maybe they have one close 🙂

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