Friday Favorites #15 -Autumnal Feels!

TGIF!!!! Thank goodness it’s FALL!!!!! I know it may be a bit premature to be posting full fledged Autumn posts, but every ounce of my basic-fall-loving-self is screaming like a banshee to be let out. Even though I’m desperately trying to suppress it, just kidding I’m not, it’s showing itself in all its true colors. Like a tree in Autumn. On that note, let’s jump in (and I’m not talking a pile of leaves). How far into the back of your head have your eyes rolled? Rollin’ like a pumpkin rollllllll. Okay, I’m done. For now. Anywho- hope you enjoy these faves- maybe they’ll get ya in the spirit too!

  1. Faux pumpkins. Am I slightly embarrassed I have faux pumpkins? Yes. Do I nearly cry tears of joy when it’s time to bring them out? You betcha.


2. Apple Pie & Pumpkin Candle from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I recently did a massive bulk purchase from BBB for necessities (TP, paper towels, cleaner, dishwasher soap, hand-soap, etc.) with a $20 off coupon & slid a candle into the cart. This candle has such a strong scent; I am living for it. Recently, we’ve had a couple candles that don’t smell like much when they burn, but this is just warming the house with all the fall aromas!


3. Dr. Death podcast. With a background in neurosurgery, this podcast caught my attention instantly. I have to say I think I have a strong stomach when it comes to gruesome medical talk, but this is not for the faint of heart. It is pretty disturbing- but what disturbs me the most is the fact that this story is real, and these are real patients, and involves a real surgeon. It’s mind blowing, tragic, fascinating… and horrific.


4. The Passenger. I am about halfway through this thriller and loving every second of it. It’s entirely unpredictable, and the story line is gripping. It’s not super explicit like a lot of thrillers are, which I greatly appreciate. Highly recommend this one!! I can’t wait to finish it up.


5. Dexter. I’m pretty sure Dexter has made it on the FF list before, but he’s making a comeback! DJ and I watched this show probably about a year ago, but dropped off around season 4 when work was getting intense. We decided we both would love to pick it back up and now we’re wondering how we ever stopped. It’s soo stinkin’ gooooood.


6. A Simple Favor. Stop what you are doing right now (wait, I guess that would be reading this)….. After reading this, buy tickets for the next showtime of A Simple Favor. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! I saw it this past Tuesday with my SIL, Amy and her boyfriend. The way it’s produced is just genius- the perfect blend of humor, thriller, suspense and everything else. Plus, Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are just phenomenal actresses (goes without saying).


7. 6 min. abs with Cassey Ho. This has recently become one of my favorite workout videos. You can get a better abs workout in these 6 mins than from  some of the 15 mins you’ll find on Youtube. Cassey & any of her Blogilates videos are amazing! I do this one about every other day.


8. Murasaki Sweet Potatoes. They’re baaacccck. I literally let out a vocal “yay!” when I saw these in Trader Joe’s. I have a couple recipes for stuffed sweet potatoes I love to make with them in the fall!


9. Miyoko’s Vegan Cheese Wheel. We used this for the first time this past summer, and it’s my new vegan cheese obsession. It’s the closest changing faux cheese to the real thing I’ve found- and the herbes de provence is remarkably delicious. You’ll need to pack this for your autumn picnics of course 😉


10. African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel. This stuff is magic! It came in my FFF box, and I am fully obsessed. I love using it on my shoulders and back especially. Funny story though- one night this past week my hamstrings were hurtin’, so I lathered it alllll over my legs. Not a good idea. They felt like they were on FIRE. I had to race into the bathroom and scrub it off once the burn set in. It was quite a scene, much to DJ’s entertainment. As you can tell, it works VERY well, meaning a tiny bit goes a long way! You’ll need this after raking all those leaves!!


Question for you!

  • Any weekly favorites? Things you are loving?

xo <3

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91 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #15 -Autumnal Feels!

  1. I have ceramic pumpkins on the mantle and a hard foam/plastic pumpkins on our table at home. We’re balling on a budget so I don’t have to money to decorate with only real pumpkins. I do like to get one or two real pumpkins for a little texture though.

    This week was the first time I really wanted to burn candles and I love it. Definitely have to check that candle out next time I’m at BBB. I’m not sure how expensive that candle was but I recommend checking out the Chesapeake Bay Candles that are sold at Target. I find they have a good scent and don’t break the bank either. Also I’ve learned that if you are burning a candle with only one wick then it will take longer to have the scent flow through the whole house. One wick doesn’t burn the candle as quickly so the scent takes longer to disperse in the air. Whereas a two or three wick candle burns the wax faster so you will smell it sooner.

    I binged Dr. Death hard last week!! I have no background in the health field so I can only imagine it’s even more interesting since you have a background in neurosurgeries. Pretty sure that isn’t a word but let’s roll with it 😉

    Alex and I almost went to see A Simple Favor last weekend but it didn’t work out. We hope to see it soon though!

    You should try out the lower abs isolation video from Cassey! Holy moly it will leave you sore!

    One thing I’ve loved this week is “This Feeling” by The Chainsmokers and Kelsea Ballerini. I find it blends the artists’ styles really well.

    Have a great Friday and weekend Mackenzie 🙂

    1. Haha I’m totally kidding around about the pumpkins! I think they are the cutest things- I was just listening to a podcast last week that made fun of the “type” of person who decorated with crocheted pumpkins and I was like dang, dat me 🙋🏼‍♀️ 😂 And same with us- we just reuse the same ones every year- plus real pumpkins go bad way too fast, are so expensive, not worth it at all- except for carving! The way you have it sounds so darn cute!

      Ohhhh thanks so much for telling me!!! I usually stay away from Targets cause they seem pricy to me- but I will have to check those out 😍😍😍 I’m so excited! Especially if they last a while. Although, I did find a candle there on sale a few months back called wine cellar that was magnificent . I could talk candles for dayyyyyys.

      Neurosurgeries is totally a word! And girl- it’s crazy. I mean I’ve seen some sad outcomes from surgeries- but never ever intentional. I can’t imagine someone purposefully doing this- the neurosurgeons I worked with were just high caliber people (they have to be to make it there!)… this story is riveting but I just can’t believe it actually happened! I’m glad you are listening so I had someone to chat about it with !

      You have to seeeeee it!!!! It’s SO good! I think you’ll love it!

      Ahhhh how have I never done that one?! Ok I’m doing it today 🤗 thanks for the suggestion!

      Thanks for stopping by, chica! Hope you have the best weekend 🙂

      1. We bought pumpkins last year and I swear they lasted for a month. Granted we didn’t carve them so that was probably why they did.

        Oh same! I’m putting myself on candle buying hiatus since I have so many that are partially burned just sitting around the apartment. Once I use some all the way up then I’ll buy more. Definitely going to be on the lookout for the wine cellar candle you bought though!

        I’m not sure what episode you’re on so I don’t want to ruin anything but I can’t believe people didn’t realize what was happening. Also a girl in the story makes me want to slap them silly for being so clueless.

        I’m all about thrillers and suspense novels so I can’t wait to see it! Did you know it was also a book?

        Thanks Mackenzie! Have a fabulous weekend yourself 🙂

      2. Totally!

        I’m actually all caught up! Are you? Which girl is it? They all were crazy- but the one that really got to me was the one where he paralyzed his FRIEND from the neck down. So nuts.

        I didn’t know it was a book until I posted this and then a friend texted me about it because she knows I love reading books made into movies! I wish I read it before though 😭

      3. No yet! I’m listening to the most recent episode now. The girl that was his girlfriend/mistress/secretary who the doctor wrote the email to where he said he wanted to be a killer. She testified something like “I’m not sure what that meant”. Girl he tried kill people, what do you not get by that?!

        I usually like to read books before seeing the movie but I don’t want someone to ruin the movie! So I may do it backwards this time

      4. YES you are so right- I didn’t understand that at allllllll. And it sounds like he sent her multiple crazy weird messages- like take those to the police please. Goodness gracious!

        Yeah it might be a good idea for this one- especially because it’s a must see that many people will be talking about! When you do see it let me know what you think 🙂

      5. Okay so I just finished the most recent episode. When Dench (or however it’s spelled lol) was talking to the detectives, he was trying to justify every single surgery! I may not be in the medical field but I know enough to know that finding something unexpected during multiple surgeries or having “complications” during routine surgeries as often as he did is not normal. He’s a crazy person!

        I definitely will 🙂

      6. I know- it was absurd!!!! He is literally a true sociopath- like believing what he is saying- no way to rationalize with him. Nuts. Just nuts!

  2. I have the same Fall excitement that you do, but I’m holding it back. I stubbornly refuse to get into the season until October 1. That’s mostly because of the dumb warm weather that just won’t quit. My hoodies are ready to go for when the magical time comes.

    Apple pie AND pumpkin? I’m very interested.

    1. Yaaaasss. Glad I’m not alone! But dang, you’ve got willpower to wait that long!

      It’s really nice! I’d say it’s more on the pumpkin side, but it’s like a pumpkin cinnamon – definitely works! Thanks for stopping by, Ralph. Have such a great weekend

  3. Your opener is pure dang gold!! I was cheesin’ big time in my office and even let out a cackle. Hahahaha I’m releasing all of my love of fall in full force too!!

    Faux pumpkins ftw! They are adorable, they last year-after-year, and there’s no rot. Winning!

    That candle sounds heavenly. I want a candle to emit a great fragrance while not being overpowering. But there’s nothing worse than a candle dud.

    That podcast sounds sooo intense!

    I haven’t watched either of those series. I have a growing list of shows that I want to watch!

    I am so glad you included A Simple Favor because I’ve been wondering if it is a great movie!

    Those purple potatoes – gimme! So gorgeous.

    Even though I love me some dairy-based cheese, that vegan wheel looks intriguing and tasty!

    Oh goodness, poor you and your legs! At least you now know how strong it is! I may need to stock up on it for Matt and me!

    Thanks, doll! Have a beautiful day!

    1. Tehe I’m so glad we have the same type of humor!

      So I was telling Maureen – I was listening to a podcast that annihilated people with faux pumpkins and I felt entirely personally attacked 😂 but I don’t care- it’s seriously one of my favorite things to pull out those suckers- makes me so happy! And right- they are more cute and don’t get rotten after a few weeks!

      What are some of your favorite candles?! I could talk about um’ allll day long. Even dj loves them too now… he’ll burn them before I even get home sometimes hehe.

      Highly recommend a simple favor! I don’t see movies out much, but this was tremendous !

      You would love this cheese! They have a few different flavors too. I like to put the cheese, hummus, and sundries tomatoes on a rice cracker or Mary’s Gone cracker- mmmmm favorite snack of all time!

      Lol! I learned that lesson the hard way 😭🤣

      You too, Kori 🙂 your comment made my morning!

      1. That podcast is silly! We have style 😎

        Right now I have a few awesome candles that smell great around them even without burning. I’ll look at home & let you know!

        I can’t wait to see it!

        Where did you find the vegan cheese? TJ’s?


      2. Agreed!!! 👊🏻 👏🏻 🎃

        Yes please do if you think of it! 🤗

        actually it is from Whole Foods! I rarely go – but they have some great vegan finds !

  4. Don’t be embarrassed of your faux pumpkins lol they’re so cute! & the candle sounds so lovely!

    My boyfriend has watched Dexter and always tells me he will start from the beginning with me one day! There are just so many shows to watch and books to read, I feel I’ll never get to it. 😭

    I wanna watch A Simple Favor but there’s a book so I know I should read it first! Hopefully the movie comes to Netflix!!

    The stuffed sweet potato looks fantastic! Yum! & I’m so excited about this faux cheese! I hope I can find it somewhere! Did you get it at TJ’s?!

    Hahaha oh no! I’m not sure I understand what that gel is but scary that it burned your legs!

    1. Thank you, love! 💕 I was listening to a podcast that annihilated people with crocheted pumpkins and suddenly became very self conscious 😂😂😂

      You have got to start from the beginning !! I am sooooo addicted.

      Okay – I didn’t even know there was a book first 😭 I would have read it! But now I don’t think I’d have the patience knowing what happens. DEFINITELY read it! It’s so good- I wish I could have done it that way!

      The cheese is actually from Whole Foods ! They have a fun variety ! Do you have one close?

      Lol- I don’t think I know what it is either 🤣 I just know it works sooo well on muscle pain when using the right amount- not to be used like lotion 😂 learnin’ things the hard way always!

      1. Hahaha oh screw them! Your little pumpkins are dang cute!

        One day I will start on Dexter! I will let you know. 😉

        I am the same way!! If I watch the movie first, it’s hard as heck for me to get into the book after but I looove seeing a book come to life in a movie.

        Yeah there is probs a Whole Foods somewhere around but my boyfriend hates that store. He thinks the prices are ridic and I have no self-control LOL. HOPEFULLY I can get him to bring me…

        You are so funny, Mack! I am still laughing about how you had to run to wash off the burn hahaha.

      2. Haha- yess- I need to have that attitude in life more often ! 🙌🏻😜

        Yep! Sameeee. I will sometimes research books that have been made into movies because I love reading them watching them so much. I love seeing how accurate my ideas were to the film. Sharp objects is one that was probably closest to my imagination! So crazy spot on!

        The prices are CRAZY! (Better now that amazon bought them, but still high) I only go maybe twice a year for very special items and occasions – because same- no self control 😅

        Girl- I don’t know what I was thinking 😂 can’t wait to read your recipe reviews! I saw your post is up!

      3. AAH I forgot about Sharp Objects being turned into a show. UGH why is there so much good entertainment and so little time!!

        I haven’t been to Whole Foods in so long! It was like the only store I would go to when I first started dancing because I was worried about my weight and thought they were the only place with “good for you food” but, now I’ve learned that regular grocery stores carry pretty much the exact same products for 1/2 the price… like Almond Butter for example! But, it is nice to hear the prices went down after Amazon bought ’em out.

        Hope you enjoy the Recipe Reviews!! <3 🙂

      4. I know! The struggle !

        EXACTLY!!! I use to think the same- especially now a days you can generally find what you need at a cheaper price somewhere than there. They just have the super unique items that you may want every once in a while, but how people shop there all the time I don’t understand !

      5. Yes, LIKE THAT CHEESE. I’ve never seen it anywhere else! Maybe I’ll have to make one self-controlled trip??? If it’s possible!! 😛

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one…I’ve started to collect pine cones and recently bought a small burnished faux pumpkin, I also bought a dark-coloured faux butterfly to create a fall vignette on my wall…and of course, the tea lights have come out of hiding and there is a sweetgrass soy candle ready to be lit! Your post is just lovely, Mackenzie…thank you for sharing your autumnal feels (btw, I’ve found two writers of thrillers that write so exquisitely that I can hardly wait to read more of their work…Jane Harper who wrote, “The Dry” and Julia Heaberlin who wrote, The Black-Eyed Susan’s…I want to check out The Passenger next!).

    1. Yes you are SOO not alone, Kimberlee! 🤗 oh my gosh- pine cones are such a brilliant idea!! And the butterfly sounds absolutely beautiful! Tea lights are still some of my favorite decorations too ❤️

      I cannot wait to check out these writers!! I am screen shotting your comment so after I finish this book I can come back to them!! Thanks for the awesome suggestions 🙂 have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for the kind words and stopping by! 🤗🤗🍁🍂

  6. I have faux pumpkins too – resin and they look like the real deal, even close up. I don’t know how you fit so many things into your day … plus factoring in grad school as well. I am wondering if I had that much energy when I was your age?

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! Ya know- some days I wonder how it all gets done too- but my husband says I can’t sit still so maybe that’s how! Lol.

      1. I walked a lot and took a lot of pictures today … also wrote a long post and I wonder where the day went? Sped by too fast – hope yours does not do that too.

      2. Can’t wait to see it! You always take such wonderful nature shots!! My day actually went by a bit slow because I got everything done by 12 that I had planned for the day! So I read a bit and then tried to get ahead for next week school work 🤗

  7. The faux pumpkins are gorgeous. And omg, Cassey Ho, I love her, she’s my go-to fitness channel and because she’s so positive and cheerful, I feel like I have my own personal cheerleader. 🙂

  8. I’m so obsessed with fake pumpkins right now too! My local winners has a whole glass pumpkin section and I want them all 😆 🎃
    I loved Dexter too! It’s such a great show for this tine of year. I just watched the netflix series Safe and it has Michael C Hall in it who plays Dexter and It’s so weird, I can’t see him as a character who isn’t a serial killer now 😂

    Glad I found your blog, Rossy from AyRGalaxy told me about it!

    1. Aren’t they fun?! Oh my gosh – I have seen those glass pumpkins! They are GORGEOUS! They are pretty pricey otherwise I’d buy them all!! 😍🍁🍂 🎃

      Isn’t is awesome?! Ironically I am watching right this second- much to my husband dismay I am answering comments but I call it multitasking 😉 I bet it would be SO weird seeing Dexter in any other way!

      Thank you SO much for stopping by- I so love Rossy so I’m honored you hopped over here from her blog 🙂 have a great weekend, Cleia!

      1. They are! I don’t have anywhere to store them when it’s not fall or else I’d get them all too 😄

        Haha! I do that all the time too, I’m half on my blog and half in real life. Dexter is one of those roles that sticks with you!

        No problem! You have a great weekend too 😊

      2. 😂 maybe I’ll splurge this year and just get one!

        SAME! I get that !! Agreed- Dexter is soo dang good- and I just love him as a character.


  9. So happy to see your faux pumpkins again! I loved them last year, and I love them this year!
    Aren’t purple sweet potatoes great? actually, I love all purple veggies …. I think they just taste better than the non-purple versions (sweet potatoes, potatoes, cabbage, kale)

    1. Awwww this just made my night!!!! I love that you remember them ❤️❤️

      I agree 100%! Purple carrots are my favorite too! I need to try purple kale! I didn’t even know that existed?!

  10. I never thought about it,but I have a rather large collection of faux pumpkins as well. I have cloth ones, metal ones, wood ones and plastic ones. A bit of this and a bit of that. I love the cooler weather that bring out feeling of comfort and home

    1. Aww, really?! I love that! Seriously goals for me. I agree totally about that feeling!! I just love the excuse to cuddle up in a bunch of blankets, have some tea, and just read a book. Nothing better!

  11. So totally jealous right now, I was supposed to be going to see A Simple favor tonight but my plans fell through :’( now I want to see it even more than I already did! Blake and Anna are two of the best actresses so I instantly wanted to see this when i saw they were in it! Glad you enjoyed it hun!
    Ooh dr Death sounds v v interesting- totally unsure I could handle it though if I’m honest 😂
    & the apple pie and pumpkin candle sounds absolutely delicious and perfect for all the fall feels, also I love how you have those faux pumpkins! So cute!

  12. Ahhh a Friday Favorites! Yay! And girl it is not basic nor to early! Not with the temps we have!
    Bwahahaha faux pumpkins! Girl those are NOT faux pumpkins those are classy, stylish chic decor! YOU are en vogue! :p But seriously faux pumpkins are so darn cute!
    Oooo that is such an interesting combination. I love pumpkin and apple and together! I bet your home smells so yummy!
    That podcast sounds intriguing! Growing up with my dad, our dinner conversations were always interesting. If a significant other could sit through dinner and not run for the hills, they were in the family lol.
    Dexter is amazing!
    A simple favor is on my list! It looks SO good and has all my favorite actors!
    Oh my Lana I LOVE murasaki sweet potatoes! Trader Joes for the win again!
    I MIGHT need to try vegan cheese again. I had it a long time ago and I just couldn’t but you always recommend the best items!
    Ooo I am going to have to look into that! Y back and shoulders are a mess right now! 
Love these Friday Favrtes! I hope you had an amazing weekend beauty! <3

    1. Haha thanks for lovin’ on my punkins <3

      Oh my gosh- I bet your Dad has some super fascinating stories! That's hilarious though- it's like initiation into the family- just gotta make it through dinner 😉 !

      You will LOVE A Simple Favor!

      Oh and this revitalizing gel is just the best. I just used it last night and it felt sooo gooood ! XO

  13. I remember those faux pumpkins. I need to add some to my fall decor. They are just too awesome. A Simple Favor’s trailer piqued my interest. Good to know that it was well done. So many good things here that I’m going to have to write down and see if I can find. No Trader Joe’s here. Love your Friday Faves! xx

    1. Awww! That’s so sweet that you remember them from last year <3

      A Simple Favor was just wonderful- It was a thriller mixed with humor in a way I have never seen done before- just genius.

      No TJ's?! How do you survive?! LOL! Do you have an Aldi? That was my go-to when I lived in the midwest!

      Aw thank you so much- that means tons XO

      1. Yes!! They have fantastic products and they are always rotating too! (not to mention the prices are amazing)!

  14. That.Opening!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Those pumpkins are adorable!

    You have some awesome favs! Have you watched Ozark on Netflix?! It’s really good and a thriller! I tried to watch Dexter back in the date buttt it was a little too gory for me. I have a weak stomach. lol

    Yikes! I guess at least the burn made you forget about your sore hammies!

    1. Glad you liked it 😉 Hahha.

      Okay- we haven’t watched Ozark but I told DJ it’s what I want to watch next!!! I am so excited you mentioned it!


      Hope your week is off to a greats start, girl!

  15. I love those faux pumpkins too, they are just so cute (and you can re-use them year after year)! We bought one last week for $6.99 at Bed, Bath, & Beyond lol. I totally love those cloth ones, they look so cozy. I’m having a hard time resisting all the adorable fall-themed decorative pillows too. But I just keep telling myself I can only use them once a year and that’s hard to justify when you don’t have much storage space haha. <3
    I also love Blogilates!! She is amazing and her videos are just fantastic. I love how fun and encouraging she is. It makes working out a lot more enjoyable when you can laugh through the pain. 😉
    I have never watched Dexter but I want to give it a shot now! Joshua & I have been looking for a "new" show to watch anyway. It looks really intriguing.

    1. Hey girl! Oh no- I found all your comments in spam- but no worries- I will rescue um’! Dang WordPress!

      BUT ….EXACTLY! It is my favorite time of year when I can pull them out of the closet! Woohoo! Oooo I LOVE BBB! I need to look there! I agree- however, everyone needs at least one or two fall pillows 😉

      Yesss Cassey is the best!!! She truly is so encouraging (and entertaining!– how she talks through the WHOLE workout amazes me!). I just love Dexter- it can be gory at times, but gosh, it’s good! What are some of your favorite shows? We are thinking of starting Ozark after Dexter

      1. Oh wow, why did they go to spam?! WordPress’s spam filter is just ridiculous sometimes, haha. Thanks for finding them!! 😉

        Seeing all the fall decorations make me almost as happy as Christmas decorations haha! It’s such a beautiful and cozy time of the year. Haha you know I completely agree, maybe I’ll just have to grab a fall pillow anyway. They sure are super cute!

        Cassey is impressively entertaining! I don’t know how she keeps talking the whole time and with such energy, but it helps me through for sure. She knows what’s up, haha. We will definitely have to check out Dexter sometime to see if it’s something we’d like! Some of our favorites are Friends (lol but really), Parks & Rec, Psych, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and we liked Breaking Bad too. We were thinking of starting Ozark too! I’ve heard it’s a lot like Breaking Bad. We recently tried It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia but haven’t gotten very far, and The Good Place. Lol I’m such a TV show nerd. XD

      2. I have no idea! Agreed- it’s so sensitive – I found so many other people’s comments too.

        Yes yessss! I know what you mean.. I hope you find one 🙂

        Ok, I have wanted to watch Friends for a long time, but I get so distracted by the laugh reel ! I wonder if I’d get used to it though- it’s such a classic!!

        Ooooo I have heard a lot about The Good Place recently! I’ll have to check it out!

      3. Exactly! After reading your comment about mine being in spam, I checked my spam and had some from Rossy & Hunida in there too! Darn WordPress.

        Haha yeah those laugh reels can be annoying but once you get used to it, it’s so worth it. I’m pretty sure Friends is legitimately my favorite show. We recently finished it and it feels like a breakup lol. 😉

      4. Their’s were in mine too! UGH!

        Ok ok I think I need to give it another go!!! Isn’t that the craziest feeling when you finish a show?! I go through a legit couple days of sadness borderline depression when I finish up a show I’m super attached to.

  16. Love your humour 😁😁
    And I love faux pumpkins I wanted to get some this year but didn’t get the chance to but I did get the real ones, even the tiny gourds lol.
    The podcast sounds a little terrifying haha.
    And I believe you recommend the passenger to me. I’ll have to pick it up next time I go to the library. I’m already done with the trilogy I was reading. So good but the end made me roll my eyes a bit lol.
    I tried watching dexter a long time ago with Alex but we stopped too maybe I wasn’t as into it as I thought and now I can’t really have violent tv shows when Ciel is around, so I might have to be careful or watch it on my own lol.
    I might be very late to getting tickets for a simple favor. I’ll look for it on kodi or something lol.
    And I looove Cassey’s videos!!! I have done so many of her abs videos and they’re so so good even the weightless arms!
    Excuse my ignorance, what is a cheese wheel?! Lol
    I’ve been loving plenty of things lately and I’ve been making sure to write everything down hopefully I can post it in my Friday Favorites at the end of this month fingers crossed lol

    1. aww thanks, girl! We didn’t get around to getting any pumpkins or anything either- the autumn seemed to slip right away from us!

      Oh yes the passenger was SO good. I hope you get the chance to read soon!

      And that makes sense- we have put Dexter on hold again to watching Haunting of Hill House and Making a Murderer 2.

      You HAVE to watch a simple favor. I think you’d really enjoy it.

      Isn’t Cassey da besttt?! her workouts are no fuss! I love it. I need to try her arm workouts.

      So a cheese wheel is basically just cheese in the shape of a wheel haha. It typically is a more spreadable cheese for crackers!

      I look forward to your FF & havin’ ya back 😉 Hope you are enjoying this little hiatus! XO

      1. No kidding!! Autumn is practically over and idk about everyone else, but to me it feels like the shortest season ever. The leaves fall from the trees so fast and it gets so cold so fast it’s like winter overlaps before it’s even officially over 😩😩
        Ahhhh!!!! My cousin introduced me to haunting of hill house and i loved it. Still can’t watch, Ciel got scared lmao.
        Oooooh!!! I’ve never seen cheese wheels! Do they have them in all kinds of flavors or only specific ones? And why haven’t I seen them?! Lol
        I’m loving it. Though I’m still sleeping kinda late, my insomnia is at its worth during this time of year. Maybe because I’m still in denial that the sun is gone much sooner in the day lol.

      2. agreeeeed!! Why does the BEST season have to be so darn short?!

        I think they have specific ones — I don’t see cheese wheels often, minus the GIANT ones you’ll see in deli sections- more often than not I see the cheese balls! This small of a cheese wheel I have only seen with the vegan cheeses- this brand in particular!

        Ah, nothing like daylight savings to screw with the sleep, right?! I feel ya on that. Have you tried melatonin? It works pretty well for me, but I have to take a high dose!

  17. I might have to go to natural stores if my local grocery store doesn’t have them. You go to Trader Joe’s often right?
    I have not, a lot of people say it doesn’t work, for some it works so idk. I’m trying CBD but I also feel like because my creativity is at an all time high in the night, like I just have to write down these ideas lmao. I’m trying so hard to sleep early and wake up early. I’m hoping to put that into practice this week. Lol.

    1. Yesss I live at TJ’s since I discovered it hahha.

      Do you see the difference with CBD?! I have considered trying it out. Ahh, I was just thinking I want to do the same thing this week. I have been going to bed so late because of our crazy neighbors, but if I make myself get up super early maybe I’ll be tired enough to crash early. We’ll see!!! Best of luck to us both haha.

      1. Lol I think I walked in there one time many years ago and this was before I started buying organic and natural foods but back then the prices seem outrageous to me so I walked out with nothing hahaha
        And honestly yes, it instantly lifts my mood, like when I’m stressed or nearly anxious. It also relieves some headaches I get (usually stress headaches, lol). It does make me sleepy too and I usually sleep a bit better when I smoke my cbd pen lol.
        And wait, I thought they were going to move?! That didn’t actually happen?

      2. Really?! They are known for being really reasonably priced- we cut down our grocery bill nearly by half shopping there as opposed to our usual grocery store. I’m sure there are some overpriced things- I try to just get whatever the better deal is and it’s always a bang for the buck!

        Thanks for sharing all this about CBD- I think I’m gonna check it out- I know nothing about dosing or anything, so I will do some research and talk to my doctor- I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

        Ohhhh Guuuuuuurrrrrlll. This whole situation is bananaas. It’s so complicated- basically they are refusing to move now. Attorneys are getting involved (not on our end- but on managements end).. idk it’s a MESSS. I wrote this WHOLE thing about it in a post, but then deleted it because it’s just so complicated, messy, and I sounded like I was whining the whole time hahah. But I figure we are traveling a ton in the winter, hopefully moving in the summer- so for now I’ve just adjusted to their sleep pattern and am dealing with it. Their dog is getting bigger too- so it’s extra loud when it runs around. I am just at a loss about what to even do anymore. Ahhh. Anyways, have such a good thanksgiving <3 <3

      3. Really? I’ll have to check again. It’s been so many years so my memory may not be quite right haha
        They sell vape pens at dispensaries and the doses are measured by “6 second puffs” but I always so less than that. Definitely talk to your doctor about it, though often it doesn’t seem like they’re willing to prescribe those things to you.
        Wait what? Omg. Well aren’t they terrible people. I’m sorry you’re going through that. And I don’t think you should feel like you’re whining. Neighbors are supposed to be respectful especially if they live upstairs. I hope they get kicked out. Lol.

      4. Thanks for the info!! I’ll keep you posted.

        And yeah it’s rough 🙁 I messaged the manager again last night for an update. It’s all such a mess, but thanks for your empathy around it all! I hope they get kicked out too- but I guess legally it’s super hard to do that! Oh welll. We’lll seeeee. xo

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