An Austin Takeout Roundup!

Hey all! Thank you tons for the warm welcome back 🙂 I’ve gotta say, I felt a bit more myself since publishing that post! I had high hopes to get a bunch of posts done and be more present around here- and wellllllll, surprise, surprise…. that did not happen. But we did enjoy our time between semesters and started our new ones about two weeks ago. I am actually temporarily living in Fort Worth right now at my mom and Pete’s to complete a clinical rotation. I found out last Friday my placement was official, packed over the weekend, did the mini move on Monday, picked up my badge on Tuesday and started on Wednesday! I am aiming to finish up the rotation by the end of October to start my next one in November. I miss DJ sooo much, but he is going to stay here next weekend when I do the “Virtual” Boston Marathon, and I’m planning on visiting Austin the weekend after that.

A bit more about school…finding clinical placements are already tough, and during the pandemic, it’s been extra extra tough- so I’m thankful to have one at all, even if it means traveling some. This semester I am in pediatrics and obstetrics. I L-O-V-E my pediatrics rotation so far. I have been also so enjoying this time with my mom and Pete. I kinda feel like a teenager again- lol. I go into my room to study when not at clinicals and pop out when my mom says “dinner’s ready!” (I feel spoiled with her cooking!).

So continuing on in the recaps, we are now entering into late March (It’s comical how far behind I am, truly). This is a little hodge-podge variety post of some of the Austin restaurants we tried around that time. We first decided to try out some local BBQ, and Black’s BBQ is one of the favorites around. We tried a few different sides, and DJ tried some of their meats.


Overall, it was yummy, solid BBQ for suree- but I think Terry Black’s is still our favorite we’ve had yet!

That Sunday we watched church. It’s interesting because now whenever talking with friends it’s either “listened to church” or “watched church” since ours hasn’t opened back up yet. I think of all things, I cannot wait for Church here to resume.


On one of my walks that week I saw this… yikes! I have seen several snakes like this in the area. At first I thought it was fake- but nopeee.


And it’s not Lady Bird Lake without spottin’ turtles. DJ and I crack up at this picture because the one turtle is just doing its own thing and chillin’ at the top of the log. It does not have a care in the world.


More great eats! I think this was leftover BBQ with brown rice and veggies.


That week I went on a walk down South Congress- one of the busiest places in Austin (usually). At this time it was absolutely vacant and kinda eerie. I don’t think any other point in time this picture would be possible.


This picture below is from Joann’s, mentioned in one of my last posts- it is unheard of to see this place empty, and there was not a soul in sight.


Later I made us some tortilla pizzas with vegan sausage- gosh these were good!


Even though we are just inundated with seeing these types of signs all over now, I want to document them here and there- as we are currently living history.


March 27th was my Mom’s birthday. If this was any other year, we would have certainly drove down to Forth Worth to celebrate. It was great to be able to at least Facetime with her for a little bit & celebrate from afar!


To finish out our March, we ordered from Henbit. We tried their smokey broccoli, a Waygu burger for DJ, and I had my eye on their desserts with their famous monster cookie with chocolate chips, pecans, white sonoran wheat, lemon zest and their basque cheesecake.


DJ loved the burger!


This is one of the greatest cookies I’ve probably ever had. I wasn’t sure what to think of the lemon zest when I read it in the initial ingredients, but the addition made this cookie. I actually froze half of it, and enjoyed eating it frozen even more than warm.


Contending for a first spot of all cheesecakes is this basque cheesecake. It looks burnt on top, which is intentional. Again, I was not at all sure what to expect with the flavoring, but it was exquisite. The creaminess and subtle burnt flavor blended well to create a beautiful dimension of flavor. Certainly, this is the most unique cheesecake we’ve tried and easily one of the best!


Another breakfast kick I’ve been on is the avocado toast w/ EBTB seasoning & a side of grapefruit slices. I definitely go through phases with grapefruit.


We also went through a phase with making different Thai dishes with a red curry base. I usually mixed tofu into mine and chicken into DJ’s. Mmm mmm.


Aaand we are now strolling into April with a walk downtown.


Later that day we decided to try out Chilantro, a Korean BBQ inspired restaurant that I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about. It has a flare of Mexican cuisine inspiration as well. Fun fact- it was actually on Shark Tank!


The main thing we wanted to try were their Kimchi fries. They actually surpassed our expectations- they were insanely good. Dangerously good. And they had a nice little spice! I could actually go for some of these right now…


DJ ordered some tacos, and I had their tofu bowl. The tofu is so good. This is something I crave from time to time. When I returned from New Orleans, it was the first thing I ordered.


I think it was around this time that my clinicals were put on hold for the spring semester. We still had classes, but the learning is most important in the clinical setting. Thankfully, those hours were able to be made up. I am so full of gratitude that despite everything going on we have been able to continue in our respective programs. Just gotta keep trudging through until Spring 2021!

Question for you: 

  • Fall is in the air!!! What are you looking forward to most with this season coming up?

xo <3

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31 thoughts on “An Austin Takeout Roundup!

    1. Hi Mariam! I am so sorry for such a delayed response to your comment, but it is so nice to hear from you! 🙂 I hope you are well- thanks for stopping in!

  1. Oh my gosh I am now SO HUNGRY!! I am looking forward to wearing sweaters, lighting candles, and drinking warm drinks without sweating 😀 That cheesecake looks..incredible..must soon as possible. YUM.

    1. Hehe, yessss those are all the BEST things! Without sweating is KEY. lol. I looked on their website and didn’t see the cheesecake- hopefully they bring it back!

  2. Oh Mackenzie – I’m always reading your posts late in the evening and salivating for BBQ at 9:45 p.m. All the “eats” look good today and I always enjoy the nature pics as well – those turtles with a mind of their own. How nice you could stay with your Mom and Pete and be spoiled a little – well you deserve it as hard as you work in conjunction with school. Hope this semester flies by and continue to enjoy this newest clinical rotation. Soon it will be the holidays and a rest for the weary for both you and DJ.

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you for stopping in- the time with my mom and Pete was definitely so special. And you were so right- I looked up and it is already mid-November! I took my last final yesterday- so first priority, is catch up on some sleep- lol! Hope you are so well. I have popped into your blog here and there, and it’s always a nice little respite to see all the gorgeous nature pics 🙂

      1. It’s good to see you Mackenzie – I figured when I saw your profile icon, you must be on a much-needed break. Here, our college students and high school students return to virtual learning tomorrow – it was to be after Thanksgiving and until the next semester starts in January, but our rising COVID stats warranted this. The young kids have in-seat learning. How great you have some time off and I hope that DJ is on the same schedule … that will be great if so. I hope your studies are going well and you’re staying safe in these trying times. I am glad to give you a little glimpse of nature to keep you humming along.

      2. Hi Linda! Hopefully the schools there can transition smoothly into the virtual learning. DJ will be done in a couple weeks as well! I so appreciate the kind words, and I hope you are doing well too! I am looking forward to seeing what you are up to too and all the nature shots 🙂 Have a great week ahead!!

      3. I hope so too Mackenzie. That’s great DJ and you will have free time at the same time and at the holidays … that is nice, you both deserve it. Will you get together with your mom and Pete or staying away due to CDC COVID recommendations? I’m really behind in Reader and had to work late tonight which made things worse. You have a great week ahead too Mackenzie … enjoy that coveted free time while you can!

      4. Thank you so much, Linda! Since we all have been mostly isolated that last couple of weeks we did get together for Thanksgiving- just the four of us. It was nice! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving too!!

      5. Oh, I’m glad you were able to get together Mackenzie – that is good, you need to have some fun stuff to remember before you head back to school again.

      6. Absolutely! It was so nice to spend that time with them. This week, I am just loving reading books just for fun & also catching up on sleep! That has been the most fun for me lately- lol!

      7. That’s great you got together in person. I miss reading and bought some books to read last year – read three, so got some more and vowed to read “X” books a year – I have read none. I have an exercise bike downstairs and plan to read a little over Christmas and New Year’s and on the bike after that. I know we’ll get ice and snow which will halt the walking until it clears up. Last Winter was fairly mild so I walked a lot, didn’t use the bike. Sleep is good – I don’t get enough of it due to blogging and trying to catch up with the news online and with some friends who live all over the U.S.

  3. Aww Mack, I’m so happy that you were able to find a placement to do your clinical rotation! You go girl!! I swear the best incentive for being back at home with family are those home cooked meals! What I’d do for my mom’s home cooked Korean dishes that I can’t nail just yet on my own LOL. Anyways, best of luck with the remainder of your rotation girlie you got this!!!

    ps- will you be making any visits to Colorado anytimeee 😉 <3

    1. Thank you so much, JJ! 🙂 Oh my gosh, I bet- there is really nothing like your mom’s cooking! I had a friend whose mom made homemade Korean food, and my mouth waters remembering how good it all was!

      Ohhhh how I wish we were going to Colorado soon! I actually was talking to my sister (who lives there), and we were saying next year we have to make it happen where I go there for a weekend and she comes here. So, hopefully it works out! I’d have to make sure to see you!! <3 Hope you are doing so well!!!

  4. Thank goodness I ate lunch before reading this post or else I’d be starving! Everything just looks so tasty!

    Staying with your mom and Pete sounds nice! I love being back at my parents and having them “take care” of me haha.

    It was so crazy in the spring seeing so many empty places! Kind of eery yet kind of cool!

    Ohhh my I am eager for fall! I love absolutely everything about fall from pumpkin flavored/scented things to the cool weather. I guess I’d have to say I’m most looking forward to my fall runs. I love the feel of the cool air & the crunchy leaves on the ground because it reminds me of fall marathon training. Which BTW, good luck with your virtual Boston!!! I’m cheering you on!

    1. Hi Em! I am so sorry for such a delay with this comment!

      I hope you had the most wonderful fall (well I guess as wonderful as it can be in this crazy world we are livin’ in!). Fall runs are the BEST. Here in Austin it is really starting to feel like fall now, so I feel like I’m getting that taste of it now. Thank you for cheering me on with Boston! Cannot wait to share about it 🙂 How are you?! Any virtual races recently?

  5. Love reading the little snippets from your life as usual! Just a quick question though – how do you go about on your clinicals with the recent pandemic? Where I am (in Australia) it seems everyone is scared, and I can’t imagine how healthcare workers cope. I imagine the risks are greater for someone like you? Do you wear, like, double masks?


    1. Hi Natalie!! Aw thank you for the kind words!! So when I worked on the COVID unit we wore all the gear- N96, surgical, face shields, gowns, shoe covers, head covers, etc. Depending where I’m placed for my clinicals, the PPE requirements are all different- but a mask is always required a minimum. If we are taking a swab for suspected COVID, then we take the above precautions. Hope that makes sense! I hope you are doing well 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

      1. Wow must be hard work putting on all the PPE. Not to mention it must be quite hot too wearing so many layers. Stay safe!

  6. All that food has my mouth watering. It is still so eerie when you come upon placing that used to be teeming with people. I would normally have been to visit my parents over the summer. Isn’t FaceTime great?! It doesn’t replace being able to actually be there, but it sure helps!

    1. Hi Amy!! Yes, I am so thankful for FaceTime! I can’t really imagine going through this whole year without it! I hope you are doing so well!! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  7. Yum …. another delicious post! I love the look & the idea of a tortilla pizza – it will certainly be fast to make!

    And all that wildlife – incredible! and a little creepy.

    1. LOL- that is such a great description of nature- “incredible and a little creepy” haha. Have a great day, Ju-Lyn!

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