A SHORT recap- Say What?!

This past weekend was beyond fun. I promise to keep it sorta short because I know you all have festivities and turkey to eat and eggnog to drink and all that jazz!

Last Friday was our women’s conference at Church. As always, I could probably write posts for days on all that I learned and the incredible ways my heart was worked on. I am so thankful for this community. I truly can’t find the words to describe how my heart just bursts with love for these people. As you all know… God used this church to change my life.

SATURDAY! I mentioned my friend Annie in another post. She is my long lost sista that lives in SanFran. When we lived together in high school, we did the Turkey Trot, and one year we even went for a run after the Thanksgiving meal. This year we said we should recreate the days of old with our very own Friendsgiving and do the Night Nation Run in Santa Clara county that evening! The whole day was just a memory to treasure. I also relished the opportunity to cook a meal like this.

Allow me to present…. My first ever homemade Thanksgiving meal! (That I made, not ate of course 😜)


Stuffed Acorn Squash with Cranberries, Pistachios, and Quinoa. Recipe here.


Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes! My new addiction. Choices for the evening were garlic or regular.


Roasted Cardamom & Cinnamon Apples & Root Carrots


Roasted Chicken. No worries- not gonna leave my meat eaters hangin’ ! I also thought chicken mayyy be better than turkey (no tryptophan before the race, ya feel?)


Beet & Goat Cheese & Rosemary Salad


Homemade whole grain brown bread. JK. I store bought that bad boy and ain’t even mad about it.


Roasted Maple Sweet Potatoes with Bacon


*Says in Elvis voice- Thank ya, thank ya very much*

Running shoes, neon shirt, and thanksgiving apron- good look, yah?


The three of us devoured da grub, then headed out for the race. DJ and Annie know each other well because DJ and I were dating back in high school. So it was just like the olden golden days. I wanted to play “Thanksgiving music” to complete the whole dinner, but what the heck is Thanksgiving music? We settled on Beyoncé.

RACE TIME! This race was in Santa Clara County (only a 5k), but it was one of the most epic 5ks I have ever run. HIGHLY encourage my runner friends to do this. Also it raises money to fight cancer. I love running a race that supports such a great cause.

I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.


I bought “glow in the dark” paint. Turns out it was UV paint. LOLZ. Whoops.


WAIT HOLD THE PHONE! We ran past a UV Selfie Station! You better believe we took advantage of it to get some pics with our glowing UV paint. Yaaaaaaa buddy!


It was chilly and rainy and dark, but that did not stop us from dancing the night away! Boomerang for the win.

Obviously, we had a blast.

Yesterday, DJ and I made cookies together!!! We also crafted a mega cookie just because. It’s gone now. All the cookies are gone now.


This past few days I had my BLS (Basic Life Support) refresher course and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) course. I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn, and haven’t been home till the late evenings, but I absolutely loved it. I love emergency medicine- the pace, the pressure, and the quick thinking, everything. I’m not sure where I will end up, but the ER is definitely on my radar!

I send you all a big ole’ HAPPY THANKSGIVING (and for my non-United States friends, eat something delicious on US- get it?!).

Now go stuff a turkey that is ultimately going to stuff you! 😉 Mwah!

xo <3


53 thoughts on “A SHORT recap- Say What?!

  1. Mwwwaah! Sunshine!

    That’s quite a feast you cooked for the three of you! Yuuuummm! And you seem to have had a load of fun!!

    As always, it is good to catch up with your life 🙂

    *Hugs to you and DJ*

    1. See— we had so many leftovers and it would have helped if you made a pit stop in the US to help, ya know? Hehe. Thanks for stopping by, Cyranny! Hugs right back!

  2. Looks like you had such a fun night!! And that food just looks heavenly! I really wish we celebrated Thanksgiving in Norway, seems like such a lovely thing to celebrate plus all the food looks so yummy! x

    1. Aw thanks, Ingrid!!!! Well even if Norway doesn’t technically celebrate, I think it’s always acceptable to just have a nice friendsgiving 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend, lovely! xo

  3. Dannnnnggg looks like you had a blast!!! All that food my goodnees….it looks so freaking good.

    DJ with those glasses doe lol!!

    Glad you found a church that loves you and is a solid community! That’s what’s up!


    1. Thanks!!! It was all just a super fun weekend. DJ- poor guy— the things he does for me hahah. We called them the epileptic glasses. And the church is SUCH a blessing. It changed everything for me. Thanks for the sweet encouragement, Mike!

    1. Thanks, JL! I was a bit surprised at how well it all turned out, but hey, we weren’t complaining! Haha. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday!!!

  4. You cooked all that??? (Except the bread)…WOW! Just looking at them already makes me hungry. Great job! 🙂
    And you look like you really had a blast in that Night Nation run. You’re all looking really cute with paints in the pictures!

    1. Hehe- thanks, Nina!!!!! I am having so much fun trying out new recipes all the time and seeing what I can come up with– sometimes it turns out great, and other times not so much 😉 I Just post the good stuff lol. And the race was just too fun! I highly encourage anyone to run it if it ever goes through your city!!!! Happy Thanksgiving (one day late!)- <3

  5. For a “first” Thanksgiving meal, I think you did an awesome job! Looks so wonderful. The race looked liked so much fun. Love all the “glow in the dark” pics. You guys are so cute. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Anna!!!! That’s so sweet of you 🙂 I’m already working up that Christmas menu 😉 It was a fun reunion for the three of us. Hope you had the best Thanksgiving <3

  6. Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you beauty! It looked like you had a blast! all the food looks amazing! (I love stuffed squash, I make mine with raisins, dates, quinoa, almonds, and apples) and I love that you ran afterwards! Night races are always so much fun. I hope you have a great rest of your holiday weekend! <3

    1. Happy thanksgiving to you too, girlie!!!!!!! It was absolutely amazing, I will have to try that next time with your squash suggestion- YUMMM!!! Anything with dates in particular, I loveeee. Hope you had a wonderful rest of your weekend too, lovely <3 xo

      1. Thanks beauty! It was a great low key day 🙂 Yes definitely! Let me know what you think 🙂 I actually use to use dates in a lot of my baking especially GF and vegan because it would help bind cakes and cookies. Thanks beauty! I hope you have a great week!

  7. Yessss, I’m finally reading your post; hallelujah! Your boomerang videos are my absolute favorite- the one of you and DJ, I can’t help but to melt. The UV paint lol so fierce girlie! But what I loved most was the Thanksgiving music, I laughed out loud, I definitely think some Bey was a good substitute though 😉 Your home cooked meal looked SO incredibly well done, down to the color scheme of everything put together, it looked delicious. I could probably eat that whole plate of sweet potato with bacon *heart eyes* Killing it as always in the kitchen!! I can’t wait to see what you whip up for Christmas now!!! Super late on this but so glad you DJ and Annie had a good Thanksgiving together!

    xo, JJ

    1. Awww that’s so sweet that you get excited to read my posts like this, makes me smile big time 🙂 and girlll… BOOMERANG IS THE BEST. I don’t know why I like it so much, but something is strangely fascinating about the one second clip replays! Bey is always a winner, right? And cooking that meal was such a blast- I can’t wait for another excuse to cook up that much food again 🙂 The sweet potato with bacon was definitely DJ’s favorite too! I hope you guys had such a wonderful rest of your weekend too! Thanks for stopping by, JJ! xoxo

  8. All that food looks AH-MAZING. I’m craving cauliflower mashed potatoes now… those are always a winner.
    I’ve never done the glow-in-the-dark thing, but it’s on my list to try.

    1. Aww thanks, Kate! 😋 I have been on a cauliflower mashed potatoes kick lately- soooo good!!!! And do the run as soon as you have the chance- such a fun time. I hope you had a wonderful holiday 💕💕

  9. I’m so glad you had such a great holiday!

    A funny story about the Night Nation run… when it came to Chicago last year, my friend Ashley and I were DETERMINED to participate because it is SO much fun and we were trying to get in shape. Fast forward to one night, when all of us were driving down Lake Shore drive at night, and there’s SWARMS of neon lights and music. My friend says, “Chrissey what is it?” And then, Ashley turns and looks at me, and says, “Crap, Chrissey WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE OUT THERE. WE SIGNED UP.” Somehow, from all the stress of work, life, and classes, we had completely forgot…

    ANYWAYS, your thanksgiving meal looks AMAZING, I’ve been on a huge cauliflower kick too. Cauliflower rice = delicious! Your recipes are always SO creative and unique! I’m glad you got to spend time with loved ones and enjoy such a lovely dinner!!

    It’s always great to see a post from you, I love reading the updates and seeing all the food pictures!! Have a great week, both you and DJ!

    1. That is TOO funny!!!!! OH my goodness, hahah. Oh well- always next time 😉 That’s seriously hilarious. And I actually haven’t made cauliflower rice, but my mom made it for us one time and it was sooo good (I think she made like a “fried rice”)!!! Now I have to go try it again!!! I’m gonna stock up on my cauli heads from the store today haha. Thanks for the sweet words, girlie. Hope you have a marvelous week! xoxo

      1. Trader Joe’s sells cauliflower rice! I’ve made burrito bowls with them and by far that’s my favorite use for them! Always great to hear from you!

      2. WHAT! No way!! Definitely have to check that out. Ahhhh you always have the BEST suggestions. Thanks so much, Chrissey!! <3

  10. Your Thanksgiving feast looks amazing!! I’ll have one of each, please! 😀 I’ve always wanted to do a nighttime run like that – I’ve seen a few Glow 5Ks come through and somehow always manage to miss it. Looks like you guys had a blast!

    1. Oh it was such fun!!! I truly HIGHLY encourage everyone to do one at least once. It’s less for the actual run and more for the experience. I think maybe only 25% of people were actually running, it was hilarious. We joked that we had more exercise dancing than running (but it’s probably true!!!). Let me know if you ever do one 🙂 xo

  11. I didn’t know UV paint was a thing! How fun! : ) I’m glad you guys found a UV station to make it worth it! : )

    Your cooking as usual, looks MARVELOUS. I am jealous of DJ and Annie!

    LOL at the mega cookie!

    1. I didn’t either 😂I just thought it was glow in the dark. But lemme tell ya- we were maybe a bit over excited when we saw the UV stations! So funny. And DJ and I currently made another mega cookie last night. It’s becoming a favorite here 🙂

  12. I laughed out loud when I read “at the butt Crack of dawn” 😂😂 girl cook me dinner because I don’t have time and all of that looks soo freaking good!!!

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