San Antonio Staycation :)

Hey hey!!! How is it going? So, how do you feel about a Christmas in June post? I know July is usually the whole thing, but I am so excited to share this post, so why not just start these festivities early!!

I am zipping us all the way back to December. DJ and I were desperately craving a break from the books, clinicals, studies, etc. We found a day that worked for both of us and decided to do a quick staycation in San Antonio, an hour down the road. DJ has never seen San Antonio at Christmas either, so this was a must before we moved!

I did my nails for the first time since probably that prior May(?), and it felt goood to have some color on them. Any other runners have scars all over their hands from falling? Just me? Oops, haha. 

I also put on some of my favorite earrings from Rach! They go with everything, and they have become my “go-tos”.

And let the adventure begin! Also, if you want to explore prior San Antonio adventures- you can head here and here 🙂 

For starters, we checked into the Westin downtown. We had some Orbitz points to use up, so we were excited it worked out to use it for this hotel. We were super amazed with all the precautions taken too. Who knew self cleaning buttons even existed?!

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Even the remote was protected!

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After dropping our suitcases off we headed out to walk around the city. DJ was the tour guide, even though I had been there more than he had – look, I can’t do directions for nothin’. I get all sweaty when someone gives me directions in “Compass”.

This little area (I’m sure it has a name?!) is probably my favorite place to walk around. It has such a vibrant and energetic vibe. (More vibrant and more energetic in the non-pandemic era, of course).

The architecture around the city is just stunning too!

And finally, what we came here for— the Riverwalk!

We walked the entire Riverwalk before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I was so eager for it to get dark for DJ to see it lit up with the Christmas lights over the water!

Our view outside the hotel was pretty amazing at sunset. 

We were in awe of the beauty of this hotel!

And there is no possible way to capture the glowing, festive lights in all their glory through a picture, but it is a sight to see!

We went to boudro’s for dinner, of course! It was delicious- I have recapped it once before and the lighting wasn’t great for pics, so I’ll leave those out this time.

After a restful night’s sleep, we went to Ostra for one last meal on the Riverwalk. I first went here with my mom and sister and remembered their food being so yummy.

And it did not disappoint this time either! I had one sip of their coffee, and it was glorious. It was soo good I had to ask the waiter what they used. And guess what it was…Not just your average coffee, nope. Peet’s! Of courseee I loved it.

DJ ordered their waffle & berries & I ordered their lox croissant. My mouth is actually watering writing about it- this brunch was mighty tasty.

And would it be a San Antonio trip without a visit to The Alamo? 

We opted out of the tour this time, but DJ was glad to see it from afar.

And that’s a wrap on our little staycation!

Question for you:

  • How the heck are ya?! Been a minute. 

Ummm I don’t think I can do my signature anymore?! I hear it’s Cheugy.

Oy to the veyyyy, LOL. 

19 thoughts on “San Antonio Staycation :)

  1. Hello! How the heck are you?
    Christmas in San Antonio… how beautiful!
    You had lots of wonderful fun and saw lots of fabulous things!
    There’s just nothing like the River Walk… and then add Christmas Lights… whoa!
    It’s so nice to hear from you!

    1. Nancy!! Hi, friend!! Have you been to San Antonio over Christmas? You would love it!! So good to hear from you too 😊 I hope all is well!

  2. Hi! Great photos! Love croissants! Waffles and berries look yummy too! You asked how we are??? I broke my knee cap! Yup! I’ve been in a brace forever!!! I start physical therapy in 2 weeks. It’s great to hear from you. 🙂

    1. Hi, Kathy!! Oh my gosh I am sooo sorry to hear this. I’m praying for a fast recovery for you and that PT goes well.

      Also, speaking of croissants 🥐- I woke up this morning craving one so badly!! I found a place in town that had one and walked two miles for it 🤣 it was worth it!! Thank you for stopping in, good to hear from you too!!

    1. Oh yes that would be so stunning!!! Thank you for stopping in, Lori! I hope you are having a great weekend

  3. So good to hear from you. Christmas seems so long ago but this sounds and looks like a great time. I hope things are still going well for you guys. As for us – life is good and God is Great!

    1. Hi, Ruth!! Isn’t it wild that this was half a year ago?! This year is just flying by! I am so happy to hear you are doing well 🙂

    1. Hi! It was so wonderful. I hope you get the chance to visit the Riverwalk one day! Thank you for stopping in.

  4. Might as well see all the spots in Texas before you head to the Midwest again, though you’ll be back to visit Mom and Pete I’m sure. Of all this “tour” er, post … I liked the River Walk the best. What a beautiful walkway and all the colorful umbrellas made it even more picturesque, along with that boat and the trees turning colors. I like those earrings too. Have you settled into that notion that once you are working, you’ll have so much more time for yourself after the grueling schedule you’ve been on? It must seem like a breath of fresh air to you. Take care Mackenzie.

    1. It really is such a wonderful thought! I actually am taking a study break and just passed our community pool… there are soooo many people out there and I definitely felt a twinge of jealousy. I cannot wait to have the freedom to have a chill weekend pool day here soon too! I know the first year of work is going to be intense due to the learning curve, but it will be very nice to hopefully have somewhat concrete hours! I’ve been in school so long, I don’t even really remember what it’s like! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Linda 😄 I hear Traverse City is having beautiful weather lately, I hope it’s the same for you!!!

      1. It’ll take some adjustment on your part and then you’re home free Mackenzie. Something to enjoy for your efforts. Northern Michigan is having a heat wave like we are – that surprises me that it’s so hot up there. A fellow blogger lives up there and has had the A/C on for days and venturing out to water her flowers and veggie gardens and scurrying back in the cool house again. I did not go to any of the bigger parks this weekend as it was so hot and humid – just went to my regular garden to get my miles walked and get home again.

      2. My Grandma has said the last few years haven’t been as hot as normal in the summer, so she is loving the heat wave!! And that sounds like a lovely weekend!!

  5. Lets start Christmas in June this year Mackenzie ! We have been through crazy times , what is one more thing right!! Thank you for taking us to San Antonio ! I am glad you both got some time away from life and were able to have couple time. It is one of those iconic cities that would be a shame to miss out on seeing how close you were/are living to it. Awww I LOVE your pretty nails, I know what you mean by getting some color on them after such a long time. Those earrings are really nice on you and a lovely go to. I thought I had seen everything, now self cleaning buttons! The hotel room looks fabulous . Nice of the tv to greet you. That is a cute waterfall and grand building behind. The architecture is magnificent! I would love to do that riverwalk, looks so peaceful along the route. It is a pretty sunset and look at you two !!!! You did a great job capturing the lights but I am sure in person they were a sight to behold . That coffee looks so good from here Mackenzie ! And a bonus it was Peets! The alamo is a place we all should see once. Im sorry you cant do the signature. I know you have been catching up on me recently, I just posted a new one Yesterday ! Thanks for the post my friend, Terri xoxo.

    1. Hi, Terri! thanks for getting on board with Christmas in June with me! 🎄 I was amazed by those self cleaning buttons too! The river walk is just a magical place- thanks so much for reading!!

  6. Christmas in June?! YEAH! I am amazed at how well you do your nails and I love your earrings! I love that you knew that the coffee was special and that it ended up being Peet’s! You know your Peet’s haha! These pictures are so pretty! San Antonio looks gorgeous, especially around Christmas 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you’re on board with Christmas in June too!! 🎄 Ah thank you so much about the nails!! It’s funny because one of my friends and I laugh at how bad I am at painting them usually, but I tried really hard this time 🤣 haha yess I love and miss my Peet’s soo much- it was a true treat!! Thanks for sharing in San Antonio with us 🤗

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