A Sun Basket Review & A Fox Dog!

Hey hey heyyyy!! How’s it kicking?

First things first- sometimes I feel slightly unsettled posting some superficial, light hearted posts when such tragic events are occurring all over our world, ya know? Especially right now with all the events that occurred in Charlottesville, the flooding and the storm in Texas, things in Syria, etc. etc……it’s just heart wrenching. Unfathomable. I know there are always tragic happenings; it’s inevitable. But my heart just breaks at it all, and I feel almost silly taking pictures of food and being so grossly removed from it all. I was talking with a friend about it and they made a good point that if we never took time to celebrate the little things in life and only focused on the bad, what type of existence would that be? It’s true. It’s important to acknowledge, be aware, and help however and wherever we can in this broken world. But it’s ok to also take time and celebrate beauty. The good, the bad, the terrible, the beautiful, the painful, the uplifting, the fun, the heart wrenching, the hilarity, the ugly, the superficial, the deep, and even the mundane makes up all things we call life, and it should all be acknowledged. Blogging is such a great escape for ourselves to write, to celebrate with others the beauty in their lives, and to  encourage one another too. <3 If other bloggers have ever felt similarly or have any thoughts please share them with me. <3

I have a few fun happenings that have occurred over the past month or so, but with the traveling to Texas, and work in between, I haven’t done a recap! This post is incredibly saturated with edible items- just FYI. Sending all ya’ll fair warnings if you get the tummy grumbles easy-I highly encourage you grab a snack now! Nurse’s orders.

On Wednesday, August 9th, One of DJ’s best friends from growing up, Grant, (also best man in our wedding) and his girlfriend came to California for work, and we had a nice dinner at the Counter one night. This is easily one of DJ and I’s favorites since we discovered it in NYC. You see this list below? You literally build your own burger with whatever protein/bun/cheese/sauces/toppings/etc., and the options are endless. It’s both a foodie dream, but an indecisive foodie’s nightmare. But the dream trumps the nightmare, I promise 😉


I usually make a vegan veggie burger with a multigrain or ciabatta bun with nearly all the veggies, smoked gouda cheese, and coleslaw with a side of sweet potato fries. This day was scorching hot, so I was fancying salad and put it over greens with a side of balsamic vinaigrette.


The next day, I had to work, but DJ gave them the grand tour of the area and took them up Mt. Hamilton for the gorgeous views.

Now, I am not proud of this, but I am a hard core fan of the show Vanderpump Rules on Bravo. One of the cast members, Stassi, has a podcast and her show had a promo code for Sun Basket. I decided to give it a try and it was a great decision!


It comes with an actual little cookbook instead of individual sheets like Blue Apron or Green Chef. It keeps it all condensed in one place, so that’s pretty nice! Plus you get recipes even for the boxes you may not have bought (the entire summer series is in one cookbook).

Quality: In terms of the produce, it is non-GMO, organic, and healthy. However, because of it’s organic nature, the ingredients started going bad within a couple days. I had to make sure to make all the meals right away. But it was all immensely flavorful and fresh.

The first meal we made was the New Orleans style Shrimp Creole. I gobbled this one right up! I think it was my favorite of the three.


Quantity: In terms of quantity, the servings were fantastic. Since these delivery systems aren’t exactly cheap, you want to make sure to get enough for leftovers if possible. This did not skimp of quantity and we all know leftovers can sometimes be ever more delicious than the first go around.


The second meal we made were the steak tacos with zucchini-scallion salsa and lime-yogurt. This was DJ’s favorite. I obviously didn’t have the tacos, but I loved the zucchini-scallion salsa!

Health: By health standards, these are winners. All the meals are approved by a nutritionist that works for the company, and the emphasis is on spices, dynamic flavor pairing, and enhancement of natural flavors without adding sugars and added fats.


And last, but certainly not least, we had the penne with moroccan spiced chickpeas and tomatoes. I liked this more than DJ, but I love love love the blend of cinnamon, cardamom, and garlic together.

Speed: These meals were easily the quickest to make of any that I have tried from Blue Apron to Green Chef to Hello Fresh. I was in and out of the kitchen within about twenty minutes with these ones. I was shocked at how little effort was put forth to get a healthy, scrumptious, and satisfying meal.


Overall impression: 8/10. I will certainly be trying Sun Basket again! The only real con was the fact that the vegetables need to be used almost immediately upon arrival. Besides that I was super impressed with the service. Blue Apron meals are heartier and have more of a “comfort meal” factor, but they aren’t quite as health focused.

Anyone else use it and want to give their experience?!

Now fast forward past the Texas trip….vrrrroooooommmmm.

On August 21st, DJ and I both had the day off! We went to Stein’s, the new restaurant near our apartment. It’s one of those places that I crave. It’s ridiculously yumm.img_0778-1

I ordered the quinoa & butternut squash salad with napa cabbage / jicama / cilantro / avocado relish / pumpkin seeds / chili lime vinaigrette. I was craving something crunchy, cold, light, and sweet! It hit the spot!


DJ tried their cornmeal battered cage-free Petaluma fried chicken with slaw and three sauces: The Green Goblin, Wings of Fire, and Sweet Samui. They have a long list of options to choose from with sauces.


August 22nd, my good friend Sara came by to celebrate her getting a job! Woohoo! We watched the show The Sinner, with Jessica Biel (a psychological thriller- gripping as can be!), and nommed on tons of snacks while playing with the cutest little puppy in the whole world. She was dog sitting and brought this little Foxy lady over.


Naturally had to whip up a batch of the cookies too 😉


One Wednesday, August 23rd, I spent the morning lounging for the first time in a while. It was so nice to unwind and take a few deep breaths. I had the house clean, the laundry done, and the groceries stocked for the rest of the week.


In the afternoon, I went on a hike with DJ’s stepmom! It was much needed chit-chat time. We went to San Antonio Nature Preserve and hiked about seven miles. Quick insane story though- remember last year when I had that scare with the mountain lion (probably a bob cat?). Well, when we were hiking up that same trail, a man came down running past us and told us there had been a mountain lion attack near the top of the hill on the trail (a poor little deer). The unnerving thing was it was in the exact.same.spot I had heard the snarl. I had a hard time sleeping that night- it just didn’t sit well with me. I had convinced myself that it was a bobcat all this time, but the truth is it very well may have been a mountain lion that I had heard.


After braving the hike (on a different path, of course) and seeing tons of wildlife from deer to turkeys and colorful birds, we went back to our apartment and fueled back up with avocado smoothies, protein cookies, and tons of laughs. Since I was heading back to work the next day, this really helped get me into better spirits and calmed my nerves a great deal.

I worked on the 24th and 25th. BUT- we had a pizza party because we beat our unit record of no patient falls on the unit! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!


Also, a coworker brought in fresh figs. I’ve never had figs before, but I think I have a new addiction. They are so delicious and sweet. If you haven’t tried them- doooo ittttt! SO TASTY!


DJ has been extra busy with his job lately, and is currently running the marketing department (GO DEEJ!). I’m so proud of him; he’s working ridiculously hard right now. We don’t see each other much, but hopefully when the season settles down we will more!

On Saturday, August 26th, I could barely bring myself out of bed. That’s when I decided to get my creative juices flowing and made the running post. I also caught up a bit on blogging, went for a nice long run, and watched movies (yep, can you believe it?!). Usually after a couple days in a row of working, I need a day with near zero human interaction. It’s hard to be “on” and at the whim of four human beings for nearly 24 hours straight (with about 9 hours in between shifts). I know hospitals aren’t hotels, but I really do think patients think they are sometimes, lol. I feel like I play waitress/maid/person jus’ tryna’ keep you alive all at the same time. (Hmmm, sounds like motherhood? I think I am getting a little taste, haha). I don’t mind though- I really do love my patients. Even the extra-needy ones 😉 But on that first day off, even DJ knows to just not say a word to me.

Sunday, August 27th,  I accidentally overslept through church, but watched Case for Christ on Amazon! SO GOOD! I squeezed in an excellent insanity workout, went to get my bridesmaid dress fitted from David’s bridal, did some groceries, and had a hankerin’ for MOD Pizza for dinner. It was a much more productive day than Saturday, and kept my mind preoccupied for the next couple days of work. (If I sit around, I really tend to work myself up about it).


On this past Monday and Tuesday, I was assigned to NCOR (neuro close observation room). I always get super-extra nervous when I’m in that room because it’s the sickest patients on the floor that require 24-hour, eyes on, observation. The first day left me sobbing in the bathroom, but the second day was much better, and I walked away feeling elated. ‘Tis nursing.


I now am resting up a bit before working this weekend, and have a couple fun things planned these next couple days before heading back (I’ll recap in the next post).

Who’s ready for fall?!?!!?

Blog Birthdays:

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my girl, JJ, from Sitbackandjustlive on August 24th! Girl- I am SO thankful for you. You speak such encouragement and love into my life and sooo many others! You inspire everyone with your zest for life, and thank goodness for all your makeup tips & vicarious Boston adventures! LOVE YOU,  beautiful!!! Hope FL is treating you, real well. XOXO

xo <3


78 thoughts on “A Sun Basket Review & A Fox Dog!

  1. The Counter seems like a cool place! I love restaurants like that. As for the feeling about writing superficial posts when there are negative and terrible things happening around the word, I agree that it feels silly in a way but I do it as a break. For me personally, I read blogs to get fun recipes or new restaurant ideas. The news and social media can be filled with negative things and I don’t want to have my posts be another negative page that people see. It’s just my opinion though 🙂

    1. Hi Maureen!!! The Counter is a chain- so there may be one near a big city by you?! Which state are you in if you don’t mind me asking?! And yess- thank you for your sweet response and thoughts about this. I agree- it’s definitely a break and blogging is such a great escape from all the negativity we are constantly bombarded with. Thanks again for stopping by <3 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

      1. Hi Mackenzie! I live in New Jersey, near Princeton, and the closest one is in Times Square in NYC. Maybe next time I’m in the city I’ll try it out. I love to blog as an escape from everyday stresses so why not use it as an escape from tragedies like Harvey as well 🙂

        Thank you! Enjoy your weekend!

      2. Oh nice!!!!! I have been to the one in Times Square! It was actually the first one we went to!! How funny. I hope you get to try it out soon 🙂

        And yes! Exactly <3

        Thanks again for the chat 🙂

  2. This is amazing! Your life is delicious hahaha.

    That dog is magnificent! I wanna CUDDLE it so bad!!! And your friend’s penguin socks are super fab too.

    I haven’t worked out in a month LOL.

    You’re making me miss delicious food and things like cable although I’ve never owned a TV or cable. A girl can dream…

    1. Hahah, we live to eat and eat to live a little bit. Or in my case, I run to eat and eat to run! LOL.

      Girl- you seem busy enough that your life is just one giant workout, haha! And that’s so GOOD though (not having a TV or cable)- books on books on books- right?! And I’m sure BA has some of the bestttt fooood!!! XO

      1. Dude, our food is unfortunately ratchet which is why I’m so skinny hahahaha. But it is healthier which is why I don’t have any stomach problems here like I had daily in the US.

        Yes, this is true. My life consists of mobbing all over the city and spreading English everywhere! But it’s great because sitting at a desk 10 hours a day made me lethargic, low on concentration, and cranky as heck! The ONLY solution is walking it off which is impossible with some bosses who are like YOU MUST SIT AND MAKE ME MONEY hahahaha! (Yeah I can laugh now that I’m free LOL).

  3. I know what you mean, you’re right, I’ve felt like that before. There are times when I feel like all of the world’s problems are on my shoulders and I get so stressed and anxious and I have to stop and remind myself that I have no control over it. That’s not to say I don’t care because clearly I do, but sometimes we have to look on the bright side of things. Terrible things happen everyday, and you’re right, it’s important to stay aware and help anyway we can. And I’m with you on that. But, moving on to your lovely post..
    That Sun Basket looks amazing, it does suck because vegetables go bad so quickly, I always end up buying my veggies the day of or the day before I make my meals LOL. BUT, you made lots of amazing dishes!! They looked so delicious! OMG I would LOOOVE to have a day in to just eat junk food!! LOL
    And Ohh MY GOSSSSSHHHHHHH! Puppersssss!!!! 😀 Sooooooooo cuteeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *insert infinite amount of heart emoji’s*
    And a MOD pizza opened up like a month ago literally right down the street but I have yet to try it. Your pizza looks delish! I’ll have to try it sometime! 🙂

    1. Hey girl! Thank you soooo much for sharing that you have felt the same way at times. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one that has thought through that. It’s OK to enjoy life- otherwise we would be living almost a life of martyrdom if we never allowed ourselves to enjoy life in the wake of horrible happenings (which are constant!).

      Anywho! I need to do that with veggies (buy them the day before or of)! I haaateee how fast they go bad! Usually if there are going to go bad I try to roast them up real quick, but it’s such a game sometimes.

      And that puppy—- I seriously considered dog-napping the little one. I was OBSESSEDDDD!!!!! Lol- yesss, amen to the infinite amount of heart emojis!!!

      GIRL– when you try MOD let me know what you think! It’s fabulous and they have the BEST milkshakes too. SO good. Have a wonderful weekend, Rossy. XO

      1. No problem!! And exactly, that’s how I feel! If we let ourselves feel every little horrible thing, we wouldn’t be enjoying our life at all.

        I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more veggies into our meals and so far so good lol.

        Omg puppy looked so soft and cuddly!!! I couldn’t contain my super long awwwhhhhhh lol

        Thanks doll! Have a great weekend as well!! xx

      2. Omg I want a puppy too!! Pets do help relieve stress, weirdly enough lol. I totally need a pet because I’ve been so stressed lately.

      3. I have a game plan for us both, and it’s so simple.
        1. Buy a puppy.
        2. Buy cheesecake factory cheesecake.
        3. Eat cheesecake while playing with puppy. (Or after if puppy tries to eat the cheesecake).
        Simple enough, ya?!

      4. Great idea!!!!!! Yassss!!! Have to find a breed that they allow here though. I really want a pitbull but the property owner doesn’t allow 🙁

  4. This post is so full of amazing food and fun times! I want to say that while I completely understand your uncertainty of whether to still carry on through these dark times, I say 100% yes. There will always be darkness, but your platform is one of light, love, and support. I like my blog to be a getaway of sorts, and I find yours to be a breath of fresh air, which so many people need these days. Not to continue to think of the sadness. Anywho, your Sun Basket review was awesome! I think that cookbook is adorable, and I can’t recall if we received one. You’re definitely right about the vegetables. But I’ve had fruit and vegetables from our store go rancid lately – I hate wasting food, and the other day we forgot about an avocado and had to toss it. My heart broke! Alright, so that’s dramatic but still. Thanks so much for your post, and I hope you have a great weekend! XO

    1. Aww thank you for your sweet words and encouragement, Kori! I agree- blogging is definitely a breath of fresh air, blogging is a great getaway and reading other’s is a great escape for me too. It’s still meaningful too- as an escape or even when it creates really wonderful deep, conversations like you and I have had!! Thanks for talking about this with me.

      For sun basket did they send you individual sheets instead of the book?! Hmmm! Have you tried Blue Apron- if so do you have one you like better than the other?! And I am the same way- I hate hate hate wasting food of any kind. So I totally understand the heart break- it seriously paiiinssss me throwing something in the trash! So, not dramatic at all 😉 I hope you have the best weekend, Kori! XO

      1. I have tried both meal services, and I agree that Blue Apron seems more like comfort food while Sun Basket seems to be more health-conscious! I love that we have each other’s blogs to enjoy and find inspiration. Thanks for understanding my sadness with throwing away food. 😉

      2. Ok- glad I was accurate with that! And yes yes- me too! I am so very thankful <3 And ugh, yes, of course- I am always here if you need to talk about that lettuce that went bad 😉 LOL.

  5. Oh my goodness! The food in this post looks heavenly!! (Insert all the heart eyes! haha) Honestly, I know everyone else has said the same thing, but I don’t think you should stop blogging unless you truly feel like you need to. There are always going to be bad things happening, but we also cannot allow ourselves to become so wrapped up in the darkness that we drown in it. We need to remember that Christ is our Light. So while your life may seem superficial, remember that He blessed you with it for a reason! Whether that reason is to blog and bring a little positivity to the world or something else, that’s between you and Him! In the meantime, I am going to be reading your posts!

    1. Hi Shannen! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!! Hahah- I realized this post ended up being like 99% food after posting it. Lol. Anywho- I wasn’t really contemplating stopping blogging, it was just more of figuring out that balance of how to be respectful during these times, ya know? You are so right that Christ is our light and it’s our job to spread that light to the world! Also- I don’t think my life is superficial, just sometimes my posts can be- the things I choose to highlight. I discuss quite a bit of the hard, deeper stuff too in other posts- it’s just the more light hearted ones that I am sometimes wondering if it’s even congruent with the state our world is in. But blogging offers such a beautiful escape, a place to highlight the good, and to encourage one another as you have encouraged me! Thank you, thank you for having this conversation with me <3 Have such a great weekend! XO

    1. Thanks, Taylor! YESSSS- Riley TOTALLYYY does! What type is he again?! I think you told me one time but I totally forget. I am convinced I really want a fox pup now. They are the sweetest!

      1. I didn’t even know that was a type of dog, but now I think I need one too. 😉 We aren’t quite sure… we have been told long haired chi mix, papillion, terrier and pom. So who knows!?! LOL

      2. Haha- that’s what she said too (About her fox dog- she doesn’t have any idea the mix!). Hope you are having a great last couple weeks of summer. Also, shhhhh, this is super on the DL but Nashville is a potential place for us to be moving within the next year. I’ll keep ya posted! <3

  6. I love Vanderpump Rules too hahaha! I can imagine it being so hard to stay “on” with your patients at all times, it sounds like you got some much needed “you time” though 🙂

    1. Yessss- I love that you watch too! And after working 4/5 days 12 hour shifts I am back into antisocial land. LOL. Hope you have a great weekend, Jen! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. I totally get the “blogging happy during the bad times” thing. Your friend was pretty on point. We will all go through suffering, and I find that when I look back on happier moments in my blogging history, it reminds me that the sad times are not permanent. I’m one of those people that likes to look back to see if I wrote one this day 10 years ago, 5 years ago – what I was doing at the time, thinking, feeling. I’m a big nostalgic nerd.
    I have yet to try the meal delivery option, but that one looks great! I love a good shrimp recipe. Really, any seafood if I’m being honest (although tilapia still eludes me).
    And that bridesmaid dress color looks amazing on you!

    1. Hi Katy! Oh wowzers I am late to responding to this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in regards to this, I really appreciate it, and it’s good to know you feel the same way too. I am a big, nostalgic nerd too- such a great way to put it! Haha. I highly recommend sun basket! Blue Apron is wonderful too though. Those are the two I would recommend. Thanks so much! I hope you have the best weekend ahead <3

  8. Hi Mackenzie– so much fun eating this post! Your shrimp creole looked like it came out perfectly! And good to get a little peek into your nursing. I’ve always thought it takes a unique person to be a nurse– you are meeting/caring for people at their lowest. You really have to be a selfless person to take on that job well. Hope you squeeze in some time to relax over the long weekend! xox

    1. Heheh, I love that (eating this post!).

      Aww, thank you for your kind words. I sometimes wonder if I have what it takes, if I am that person you described. But I trust that God has me here for a reason! I have a pretty long, intense description of what it’s like on the day to day if you are ever bored, but it’s long so I definitely do not expect you to read!!! Just if you are curious about what it’s like as a new neurosurgical nurse..! https://mackmarie.com/2017/06/29/nursing-peace-in-the-chaos/ . I finally have this coming weekend off, as does my husband, so we are going to spend some time together <3 How about you?! I hope you have a great one 🙂

      1. HI Mackenzie– Just read your nursing post and I can’t remember when I blog post has touched me in such a way. thank you for living your life of faith so openly to encourage other hearts. Blessings. xox

      2. Rhonda, I can’t explain how much your comment encouraged me <3 Half of the more personal posts I publish I really struggle with, wondering if they will mean anything to anyone else. Your comment affirmed that God uses us as sisters in Christ to encourage one another no matter where we are. Thank you for encouraging me too <3 XO

  9. Hi Mackensie! We as a people can never be thankful enough when everything is going good in our lives. Thank God for all the good times we have and pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ when they are suffering. Sometimes God lets tragedies be used as a means of showing the good there is when neighbor helps neighbor , friend helps friend and importantly stranger helps stranger in tough times. It is nice that Dj had a friend come visit. Are you enticing people to visit with your fabulous posts? I love the build a burger , so awesome! Sun basket seems a fun project. That was so nice of your friend to visit . I have not seen the sinner, I don’t get the time I used to! The doggie is so cute! Good for you Lady to take some time for YOU and sit. I love your photo wall. That was scary hearing about the lion again. The avocado smoothies surely helped you after getting back. I have not tried figs yet either but you might have convinced me to search them out! I guess DJ has to keep busy as it is in season right now but it will get better! You will be so good at motherhood Dear!! Sometimes you just need Me time, I know how it is! I have heard Case for Christ is so good. I am ready for fall, Orchards , apple cider, pumpkin pie , scented candles, fall wardrobe , the list goes on! Have a great Labor weekend when you get some time off, thanks for the great post again, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri! You are just the sweetest to take the time to read my long, long posts and leave the sweetest comments <3 I absolutely agree- we have to rejoice and praise God for the good and encourage, comfort, pray, and love in the bad. Hehe- we had SO many family and friends come out almost immediately last year, and it has been pretty steady since. Hmmmm, it might just be the foodie posts 😉 Also, figs are delishhhhh. I can’t wait for you to try! Plus they are so pretty ! And DJ is finally out of season, so he’s going to be coming home at about 6:30/7 rather than midnight now! Wooohoooo! I am quite excited! And aww, that is the sweetest encouragement (about being good in motherhood). I agree about alllll things fall. The candles from Bath and Body works are my favorite- what are yours?! Any big weekend plans and are you adjusting to the kids being back in school OK? XOXO

      1. It is great that you have DJ coming home earlier now! Im excited for you too, your husband and you in the same home at the same time!I love the candles from Bath and bodyworks! I have not purchased candles yet but got the pumpkin cinnamon handsoap from there. it smells so good! We have fall soccer going on now at weekends, The kids are settling in again to school. Thank you for asking about them Mackensie! Have a great Sunday , hugs, Terri

      2. Thanks for sharing in the excitement with us!! ❤️ and ohhhhhh my goodness I need to get some pumpkin cinnamon hand-soap ASAP! That sounds incredible. I’m glad the school year is off to a smooth start for you! Have fun – I’m sure you will be a busy bee this fall! 🐝 💕

      3. Hehe- the thing I don’t understand is how people do this “life” thing with kids in the mix too! I may need some serious advice when the time comes 😉

      4. Aww, you learn to adapt to changes in life as they come Mackensie. You will know your ability to combine home and work life. We have it down now with 4 kids 2 at school and 2 in daycare. Let Me know I will be happy to help! Big hugs Dear , Terri xo.

      5. Aww thank you for sharing this with me! Sounds like you’re definitely Supermom to me, so im sure I’ll have plenty of questions in the future! Hope you have the BEST weekend 🙂

  10. If I had more money and less time I’d definitely try Sun Basket. But since I have every day open until (checking calendar) December 12, 2058, I have time to cook without using a service. But it really does look good!
    Those burgers look so darned yummy I now want to grill! We haven’t grilled once this summer! I should probably do it before the snow flies!
    Oh, my gosh! The pup is so adorable! Every time I see a picture of a dog I want to run out and get another one. But then I think about how I like Mr. C and would miss him if I got another animal and he moved out.
    You always impress me with your strength. Working the NCOR would be so hard! Yet you managed to walk away with a smile. Kenzie, you’re amazing!
    Every time I read your blog I leave with a smile. Thank you!

    1. Haha, you don’t need Sun Basket either because your meals are already inspired and amazing! It’s a great service for newbies to cooking like me, but one day I hope to hop up to your level (one day is far far away!). And SAME with the puppy fever- lol. That’s kind of you to choose Mr. C in the end 😉 Haha! And thank you, thank you for your sweet words. I find out Monday if they are keeping me on staff. We will see!! Hope you have a great weekend ahead! XO

      1. If they’re smart and want a great nurse they’ll keep you! I’m constantly trying to improve my cooking. It’s hard to know how I’m doing when Mr. C’s sense of taste is so subdued. Darned radiation! And, truth be told, if I showed up with yet another dog Mr. C would complain, fall in love with the pup, and later declare it was all his idea!

      2. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I’ll make an update post soon – good news !

        Oh man 🙁 radiation is such a booger especially with the taste buds 🙁 how is he doing?

        Also- hahahah sounds accurate with the pup! That’s hilarious!!!

        I hope you are having a great week 🙂

      3. He still has almost no saliva and can’t taste so many things. It’s frustrating because, for the most part, if I create a new recipe he says, “Well, I found it easy to swallow.” Uhh. Thanks, Pud. I’ll put that in the description! LOL

      4. Oh man- that’s gotta be hard!!!… but I’m glad you can still laugh about it! And I KNOW your recipes are delicious. I am constantly drooling over my keyboard at your recipes! Mmmm mmm! Sending weekend hugs- I hope it’s a good one 🙂

      5. Thanks, Kenzie! I hope you find at least some things you can eat in my recipes. I’m hoping for a productive weekend or maybe for a really lazy one. I haven’t decided. LOL

      6. I’m really lucky because Mr. C hollers if I say I’m taking a day off then start doing things. He waits on me when I’m having a really bad pain day.

      7. As much as I hated it he was great after my spinal surgery. I want supposed to bend and he put signs inside all the low cupboards “DO NOT BEND!” We do need to be watched over at times.

      8. YES! NO bending! Only log roll. You probably roll your eyes at the words “log roll” by this point 😉 Glad you’ve got him though!

      9. Aww! Thank you so much! That means a ton. I will write an update soon! 🤗

        And oh man 🙁 radiation can be such a booger in that arena .. how is he doing?!

        Also… so accurate with the pup! Hahahah . That’s hilarious!

        Hope you are having a great week, Elizabeth! ☀️

  11. I think it’s so important to continue to spread the beautiful even when we need to realize (and help if possible) the tragic.

    The build your own burger place sounds amazing! I haven’t tried any meal services, but keep thinking I might once the boys head off to college (they are a junior and a senior this year!). That way there’s just the hubby and daughter. Finding something 5 people like, once they’ve created adult tastes, is not easy.

    I got out of of my “Real Housewives” and “Vanderpump” habit by missing a bunch of episodes, but I’m very familiar with who Stassi is…I’m glad you were able to try something new with a discount.

    Congrats on the “no fall” for your unit! I worked the front office at a nursing home while in college and was a secretary for a rehab unit at the hospital when I was 18, so I totally get how important it is not to have falls!

    I haven’t tried fresh figs, only dried ones…I wonder how different the taste is?

    Grocery stores when hungry always seem to be a problem…and yet that’s when I usually find myself there.

    I hope that you’re having a great week! 🙂 xo

    1. I agree 100%, Amy! Thank you for sharing your thoughts <3

      I HIGHLY recommend Sun Basket or Blue Apron. They are the best two, hands down!

      Hehe- Oh, Stassi.. gotta love her.

      And yayyy! I am so glad you understand how big of a deal it is to have no falls. We are still going strong! WOOHOO!

      And same.here. (Finding myself at the grocery store when hungry). Next time pick up a couple figs! They are such a treat- they are super sweet, and such a good snack.

      I hope you had the best week and have an even better weekend ahead! XO

  12. Your posts always make me so hungry! Sorry it took so long for me to finally read this post, I’ve been so behind! It looks like you’ve had a lovely and eventful few weeks! Congratulations on “no falls” in your unit – I’m not entirely sure what that means, is it as literal as it sounds? Either way, congratulations! Nursing is no easy work! I wish you the best of luck in these upcoming weeks. I can’t wait to hear more about what you’re eating – I’d imagine that we’d eat a lot of yummy food if we met up! Love ya!

    1. Hi Natalie! Oh my goodness girlfriend, do not apologize! I am the queen of being behind on blogging lately. I appreciate you ever taking the time to stop by- your comments make my day! And yes- “No falls” means no patient falls. We are a surgical unit so patients are incredibly unstable most times and preventing falls is actually a lot harder than it seems. Hahah. But we have a great stretch going! I have a whole lot of food tucked away for the next post 😉 I hope we definitely can meet up someday! It’s not so impossible considering how close we live?!? XO

  13. Hey girl heyyy!!!! So I graciously read this post after I ate my lunch which was a brilliant suggestion because your posts never fail to supply us with the best meal photos! I literally went and googled The Counter because Andrew would 10000% love a place like that- sadly none in MA but arg, I wish I read this way back when you posted it because we were SO close to one while we were in Florida! Oh well, looks like we’re coming back to CA for some burgers 🙂 I love the idea of these pre packed meals, I’m so appealed at how effortless it is, sounds like the perfect thing to make after a day at work. And I love the creativity of it all; the use of different ingredients and flavors that I would never think to put together seems as fun as it does tasty! But I must say, I think I’m more appealed by all the Blue Apron meals you’ve made, I should just buckle down and do it once and for all- Ill keep you posted lol Seriously shaking in my boots (or heels, currently wearing heels) thinking that you may have been THAT close to a mountain lion- unbelievable and totally eerie, but forever grateful you never came face to face with it. On a much more cuter and fluffier note, that little pup- every time I see a dog (instagram is torturous sometimes), I swear my heart grows bigger and bigger and my dog fever is about to explode. We talk about getting a pup way too often but we just can’t figure out how we’re going to be able to do it while working full time #thestruggles. We did come up with a name though- Benny Bo lmao so now we just call any cute dog we want Benny haha
    Okay last but not least, totally and completely blushing over here with that huge birthday shout out!!! EEK!!! Thank you, thank you so much Mack <3 you make this blogging community so much sweeter and I'm so happy to call you my friend <3 Hugs and kisses!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Hello, love!!!!! WHAT?! No Counters in MA?! That’s madness, but for real, all the more reason to come back here! Wooohooo!!!!!! Oh my goodness- Sun Basket or Blue Apron make everything soooo easssyyyy. Sun Basket was especially easy. I loled at shaking in your heels.. hahahha.

      GIRL- puppy fever is the worst. We are the exact. Same. Way. I’m like how do all these people get such luck that they can raise these little furbabies. Wahhhh. One day, one day. What type would you all want? I’m obsessed with that name. Too stinking cute!

      And of course <3 I hope your birthday was absolutely perfect…. and your week(s) since have been too.


  14. It’s been a wee while since I’ve treated myself to one of your posts and yes, I’m hungry now! I hope this note finds you & yours well, I’ll pop by again soon and catch up!

    1. Awwww thank you tons, Kimberlee! The way you said “treated” was too sweet ! I know you are intentional with your words, so thank you for that compliment ❤️ I hope you have a beautiful weekend and are having a perfect start to your Autumn 🍂

      1. Thank you so much, I’m loving Autumn here on the West Coast – after a very dry summer, the colour of the turning leaves is stunning! Take care…

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