All the Carbs, Please!!

Hey, Hi, Hellur! I worked my tush off this week promising myself I could blog a bit tonight if I could get “x” number of assignments done! Annnd here we are! Wooohooo!!! The last week and a half was stuffed to the brim with soo many fun things. I cannot wait to share!

Sunday October 28th we went to church in the morning. I came home and whipped up a stuffed purple sweet potato with some leftover crab from my giant sushi burrito, avocado, and fage.


It hit the spot! In the afternoon I worked on a massive school assignment that is due at the end of November while DJ worked on grad school schtuff. For a little break I ran to TJ’s.


^These pumpkin biscottis were mighty tasty with some coffee!!!

img_1275  On my way home I received this text from my mom- in case anyone has a Boarshead near ya I thought you’d appreciate me passing it on 😉 How good does this sound?! Has anyone tried any dessert hummus?


When I came home from our massive haul I whipped DJ and me up a Margherita Pizza.


The way it bubbles gets me every time 🤤


Monday October 29th all my new assignments were released. I worked, worked, worked as did DJ. For dinner I made him Bison Tacos per his request (I swear he never gets sick of these things haha), and I made myself a giant garden salad.


October 30th was the same ole’ as the day before. Except for dinner I used some mini raviolis I found at Trader Joe’s to make mac n’ cheese ravioli.

I also tossed in a little tomato sauce and a bit of parm on top. I love the texture of parm on top of any pasta- always the perfect finishing touch!

img_1235I had a tiny bit with my favorite salad, and DJ pretty much destroyed the rest 😉

In the evening I perused through Food & Wine magazine to get ideas brewing for Thanksgiving. I am PSYCHED to cook up a storm this year.


In the morning of October 31st (Happy Halloweeeen!), I had a nice long run outside greeted by a beautiful day. The sky said summer, but the leaves were begging for fall. Welcome to California autumn, haha. I am LIVING for all of your autumn pictures you guys have been posting. It’s so different here. I still love the weather, don’t get me wrong- but I do miss the gray skies, chill and smell of “fall” in the air.


I worked all day on assignments, and then headed into the city to meet up with my friend, Cynthia, from my residency cohort! I haven’t seen her since we graduated from the program in March. I’ve missed her! We have stayed in touch, but haven’t had a chance to get together. As I drove into the city a beautiful palette of colors greeted me along the skyline.


Of course, pictures never do justice 😉


We went to her favorite local pizza joint, Ardiana’s. We have similar taste buds, so we decided to split a couple dishes. First up was the roasted Brazillian broccolini, white anchovies, chili oil, preserved lemon, and pecorino romano. It was beyond delightful. Oh my! I don’t know the last time I’ve had anchovies- but I’m allll about um’ now! The combo was perfection.


We followed this dish with a pizza with funghi, caramelized onions, thyme, fontina, and moltinero truffled pecorino. The truffled flavor is something I have dreamt about ever since. This was easily one of the tastiest pizzas I have ever tried. Better than Pizza Antica even! I dare say it was even better than Jack Rose Libation House which before stood as my favorite.


I stayed at my SIL, Amy’s, apartment for the evening since I was a bit nervous driving all the way home late on Halloween evening. I slept so well and woke up to this gorgeous view on the morning of November 1st.… I just love this city <3 Not a bad way to start the month 🙂


At around 7:30 I headed toward the Embarcadero to squeeze in a run before heading home. I have been craving a run on the Embarcadero lately. Do you all remember when Annie lived here? I used to love staying at her apartment and getting up early to sneak in a run on the water. It is the bestttt.


After my run, I decided I still had time before I wanted to head back to Cupertino. I was loving loving loving being in the city. I went back to the car, grabbed my laptop and school materials then headed to Peet’s in the Ferry Building.


I grabbed a quest bar for breakfast and had to see what this vegan eggplant “bacon” was all about. It wasn’t too bad, but way too expensive for what it tasted like. I actually prefer my homemade eggplant strips to this!


I was happy as a stinking clam. I just missed Kate because this is the Peet’s where we first met in person! I sent her a little snap of the table we sat and chatted at.


I was surprisingly productive for being so giddy. I knocked out one solid assignment and decided to head home to eat up some groceries rather than spend more money eating out.

On Friday November 2nd, I had a gala for Boys & Girls Clubs. Okay, I haven’t really mentioned this on the blog yet…. but this has been a big part of my life for the last couple months. This also probably explains why I haven’t been able to get out my posts in a timely manner, haha. First, I help third graders with their homework on Thursdays. I just adore these kiddos and always get the cutest little drawings haha. Yes, I have one eye in the middle one 😉


It has been one of the most rewarding, lovely, amazing experiences. Truly a highlight of my week! Next, I have been mentoring a high school girl and helping her get ready to compete in something called “Youth of the Year” (YOY). They choose three outstanding high schoolers from the program, they each write a speech about what the club has done for them, and then compete for a scholarship. I have grown close to the girl I’m mentoring, and when the opportunity came to volunteer for the gala I eagerly signed up since it meant I could see her give her speech!


I chatted with her and the other two YOY contestants before, we ran through their speeches, and then just all hung out trying to calm their nerves. I then went to help out at the raffle table when the event began.

Oh, and if you are a fan of Happy Days or Holes, you may recognize Henry Winkler, the guest speaker for the evening. He was great and entertaining!


I wasn’t planning on taking pictures for the evening, but since I was tucked away in the corner at the raffle with no one around me for dinner time (except a couple third grade twins I was watching for the evening) I decided to sneak in a few shots 🙂 I had the butternut squash ravioli. It was tasty but unfortunately a bit cold when it came out- that’s whatchya get with banquet food sometimes! I know, I worked in the banquet industry. Difficult to keep all that food warm for sure.


For dessert they brought out a raspberry mousse stuffed cookie. This was just incredibly delicious. I savored every little bit of this thing!


Here are all the awe-inspiring, amazing students lined up!


She didn’t win, but to say I was SO proud of her would be an understatement. I was bursting with pride watching her speak so eloquently and confidently. She vulnerably shared parts of her life and demonstrated a courage that amazed me. It was a wonderful night. I hope to continue to mentor her in some way even though this event is over. DJ attended our church gala, and although I was sad I couldn’t be in two places at once he shared every detail with me! I will save that for the next post.  Oh, and next recap is a travel post- yeeehaw! 🙂 **I don’t have time to edit this post because we want to watch Haunting of Hill House, so please excuse errors that I will cringe at when I find them tomorrow, lol. Goodnight one and all!**

Questions for you:

  • Favorite pizza toppings?
  • Pizza or pasta? I know, I know.. cruel to make you even choose!

xo <3


99 thoughts on “All the Carbs, Please!!

  1. Broccolini with anchovies….who knew but sounds sooo good. Thanks for another great blog and so wonderful you are a mentor for that gal in the Boys and Girls Club, you would be amazing for that. Happy you got to spend the night with Amy and absolutely love love love reading these and so appreciate you still taking your time to share all these lovely pictures with us! Love you, your Ohio Mom XOXO

    1. It was such a great combo! Thank you tons for the sweet words 🙂 I can’t wait to tell you more about it. I have more pictures to share with you too! And I just love having Amy so close. It’s the BEST. Thanks for your support always, Mom! Love you, and cannot wait to see you SO soon!!! xo

    1. lol- that means a lot coming from the food QUEEN! You always have such amazing yumz! Thanks for stopping by, Carly. xo

  2. Love the beautiful pictures of the city and the Embarcadero and Ferry Building!! Never ever get tiered of that area!!! So beautiful at any time of year. Have a great weekend Mackenzie! ❤️

    1. Agreed! I just fall more in love with the city every single time I go. Hope you had a wonderful week. Thank you for stopping by, Kalpana ! <3

  3. Pizza toppings: Meats and peppers.
    Pizza, all day, every day.

    Those tacos look amazing and I love bison too. I’m no neat freak, but the pure chaos of your shopping cart is disturbing. 🙂

    1. I agree that peppers are one of the ultimate pizza toppings!

      hahaah- so I’m weirdly a neat freak, but super unorganized in the “moment” . When I’m cooking I make the BIGGEST messes, but then meticulously clean them up after. My shopping cart is a prime example of this pattern. You better believe the groceries were put away to a T in total order. lol! Have a great weekend, Ralph!

    1. OK! I thought I had heard of it before, and I didn’t know where- I bet it was your blog!!! I have got to find some soon! and it’s dairy free?! That’s amazing!

  4. That is so incredible what you have done to help mentor the children and the sweet high school student! You never cease to amaze me.

    All of the food looks and sounds amazing, especially your meal on Halloween night! The appetizer sounds like perfection as does the pizza. It’s hard to pick my fav pizza toppings! But I love some heat, some sweetness, vegetables, and quality cheese. It would be so hard to choose between pizza and pasta! But perhaps pizza. The delish dough as a blank canvas is so awesome. But I mean, pasta is life too. 😉

    1. Aw, thanks, Kori <3 They are amazing- I am just thankful to have a few hours with them all each week!

      I thought of you when we had the anchovies!!! I remember them from your post- I see why you love them- they are mighty good!

      I am with you on the heat, veggies, and good cheese! I always end up dousing mine in red pepper flakes haha. But alas- pasta is sometimes just so necessary too. What a sophie's choice. (pretty sure I'm not using that entirely in the right context, but whatever, we can roll with it, lol!).

      1. I feel that way when I serve as a preceptor for Dietetic Interns! To see them develop into confident RD’s is so rewarding.

        They are sooo good!

        Matt and I love red pepper flakes, hot sauce, Siracha – allthehotthings! Roll with it and enjoy this Fri-yay!!!

      2. <3 <3

        yesss--amen to that!! Whenever we get Indian food or anything I ask for the hottest possible, they take one look at me and bring me mildly hot (IF THAT), I always end up dousing my food with the spice rack and love watching their reactions. hahah

        you too , Kori!

  5. I worked in the Ferry Building for over 10 years and I loved my lunchtime walks along the Embarcadero. And I miss that Peet’s too – wah! Have you ever visited Frog Hollow in the Ferry Building? They serve a salad with avocado and stone fruit and yummy shaved parm that is so delicious. They also offer an assortment of yummy jams and granola.

    Pizza takes my vote and margherita is my fave, but I also love mushrooms/tomato/jalapenos on my pizza, mmm. Ooh, and BJ’s Brewery serves a Mediterranean style pizza that I adore.

    Bravo for your work with the Boys and Girls Club! As a former member (once upon a time) I thank you wholeheartedly.

    1. No way!!! Oh my gosh, no, I haven’t been to Frog Hollow- but I just looked it up and the menu is incredible! my mouth is watering. That salad with avocado sounds next level delicious! I NEED to try!!! And anything with tasty jam and granola– yes pleaseeee!

      Margherita is DJ’s favorite too! I’d say it has become one of my favorites too over the last couple years (I’ve always loved pineapple pizza or veggie pizza), but a good marg. is hard to beat!

      I neeeed to try that BJ’s pizza! Sounds ridiculously good. We love that place. I’ll have to go get that and a pizoookie 🙂

      Thank you, Susie. This warmed my heart reading this from you <3 The kids truly amaze me and I am blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of such a tremendous organization ! Thanks for stopping by, and have such a wonderful weekend! xo

  6. Where do I even start?!

    your TJs buggy *all the heart eyes* ahhh now I want to go scour the store even though we don’t need groceries!

    DJ’s portions look a lot like D’s! We must have growing boys. 😉

    Parmesan (I pronounce it par-me-shawn) makes everything better. Mmmm mmm mm

    Ok I’m with ya on the pictures not doing justice! Sometimes I’ll snap a pic and then when I look at it, I’m like “what the heck that’s not how it looked?!”. I guess maybe that’s nature’s way of sometimes saying “hey just enjoy the present and don’t worry about taking a pic”. *corny* ha

    WOW what an incredible act you are doing by mentoring so many children and young adults! That is no easy or small task, and I am sure the time and love you are giving will leave a positive lasting impression on everyone you work with. <3

    Oh man what a tough decision!!! I'm going to cheat and say it depends on the toppings! I can never say no to a veggie loaded pizza (gimme all the veggis! peppas, onion, olives, spinach, mushrooms) but pasta with pesto and quality sausage and cheese is so so delish.

    1. I know!!! I guess that brand makes hummus too- I have yet to see it, but I am trying to track it down. I need to try ASAP!!! If I find some I will absolutely report back 😉

  7. I’m not only enamored by the scenic pictures, but the food as well. And, you can call me a hick or a non-cook (take your pick) I’ve never seen a gizmo like you cooked that pizza (loved the bubbles) so Googled … I never knew there was such an item as a pizza maker and have decided next year that will be a Christmas present for me. Your pizzas always look so wonderful. I like pizza and pasta -I am easy to please. I hope you at least get a two-day break at Thanksgiving time for both of you. You’ll be cooking up a storm on Thursday and you can rest on Friday and the weekend (hopefully). That’s wonderful volunteering for the Boys & Girls Clubs – those photos were sweet, even the Cyclops that is supposed to be you. 🙂

    1. Hi, Linda!! Aw I’m glad you liked the scenic pictures 🙂 teheh- oh no you are no hick- I don’t know that many people would know the pizza spinner exists! I only knew because DJ used one growing up so we *had* to put it on our wedding registry. It would absolutely make a fun Christmas gift!

      Hehe- I like your thinking! You cannot go wrong with either 🙂

      We are going to have a nice quiet thanksgiving at home! His sister, Amy, is going us and I am just so excited! It’s my first time hosting so I’m just gonna cook up a storm! What are your thanksgiving plans?

      lol! glad you like the cyclops pic. I just adore those kids to pieces! xx

      1. Whew! I thought I was the only one who didn’t know there was such a thing as a pizza maker Mackenzie. I Googled around – I will put this on my “treat myself” list. We have a severe Hepatitis A outbreak in our state and unless you have had the two-part shots, there are many restaurants that employees have Hep A and don’t divulge this to their employer and customers have had to either get shots or be hospitalized. These are franchise restaurants as well as small diners or fast food places. Once this year, at a Renaissance Festival event, a visitor came in and had Hep A and anyone who attended the festival over Labor Day had to be checked out or get shots. This is for anyone who touched or ate there – with your medical training, you would know just how serious this is. Local states like Ohio and Indiana have been warned that if you travel to Michigan ensure you have had your Hep shots. Scary! I stopped eating out during the beginning of the outbreak. I am going to get the shots next year I think as it is getting worse. I think it about $250.00 for the two shots, not covered by insurance. We had 900 outbreaks this year alone so since I have not been out to eat in a while and do crave pizza, and it is just me so I just get a frozen one, but crave a nice tasty pizza.

        As for me, I have no family and though a few friends have invited me to their Thanksgiving dinner, I feel like an outsider, so I make my one-pot wonder … I mix up green bean casserole fixin’s and put cooked chicken in it and cook it in a pot – voila and that is my Thanksgiving, even with a bit of leftovers. Not quite the same, but it is a fast alternative.

        I liked the kids’ drawings – I did a post using one of my childhood drawings of my dog – it is at the top of the post. Cracks me up how kids draw: Enjoy your weekend and hopefully the smoke situation gets better for you.

      2. Oh no, you are definitely not the only one!

        Oh my GOODNESS- that is terrifying- I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this on the news. Thanks for letting me know so I can keep my family and friends informed back in MI/OH/IN. Stay safe <3

        And I love a good frozen pizza-I grew up on Digiorno!!

        Oh wow- that one pot wonder sounds WONDERful!!!!! Teach me your ways!! YUMMY! and your friends would be lucky to have you if you do change your mind 😉

        Thank you so much- Linda! I will check out that drawing 🙂 how fun!

      3. Good to know. I looked around to see if I could find the Ohio Board of Tourism recommendation about getting a Hep A vaccine before venturing into Michigan this Summer of 2018, but couldn’t find a story – might have heard it on the news (repeatedly) but found a story for the Indiana Board of Tourism which says the same thing.

        It is scary and not worth worrying about getting it, so do without and will think about the vaccination next year, though it seems silly since I’ve not been going out.

        I loved that Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza – so satisfying – it’s been a while since I had it.

        The one-pot wonder is simple and I was telling a fellow blogger about my ingredients and she said “no stuffing in it – you must have stuffing, just a little to mix in.” So if I can get to the store, I’ll put a little stuffing into the mixture … no muss-no fuss Mackenzie!

      4. Ah thank you for sharing!

        Yessss Stouffer’s French bread is AMAZING! I haven’t had it in a while- Uh oh now I have a craving lol .

        Love it!!! No fuss is the best 🙌🏻 have a great rest of the week 🙂

      5. You too Mackenzie – this time next week, you’ll have four days respite from school. My friend Evelyn says she is done in 3 weeks and she passed her comps and is ecstatic for that!

      6. Oh yayy! Oh wow I remember comps in undergrad- they were the most nerve wracking thing in the world. Tell her congrats for me :)!

      7. I will do that Mackenzie as I have sent your well wishes in the past. She was excited, then she said to me “but I only got a ‘pass’ and not a ‘high pass’ for all the studying I did so not happy about that.

      8. Aww that’s okay though!! All that information she learned while studying is invaluable – even if it wasn’t asked on the test. No studying ever goes to waste! Please let her know that 🙂

      9. OK, I will and I tried to tell her that there all kinds of things going on at the same time in her life – new grandson, family things – it is difficult to sequester yourself away from it all and just focus … her brain’s RAM memory stick is like mine, overloaded from cramming so much stuff into it all these years!

      10. Oh my- she is amazing to juggle it all- I give her props big time- and send big hugs!!!

      11. and I totally know what you mean about the RAM memory stick.. lol! I also think about how our brains are like the internet with a million tabs open at one time, then sometimes I just freeze. tehe!

      12. tehehe! yep!! Especially this time of year with alllll the happenings. I am spinning all over the place!

  8. Hi Mackenzie– I didn’t know about your mentoring and working with 3rd graders!! I used to teach 3rd grade– aren’t they the best!! Still so sweet and happy to be at school. And loved your waterfront photos!! The bridge! Made me want to get down to the Ferry Building! You are amazing. xox

    1. ahh you are so right!! I cannot even put into words how much I love working with the third graders!!! I don’t have a ton of experience with kids except helping with vacation bible schools, so I was a bit nervous at first- but I just adore them. It melts my heart when they get excited for me to walk in the classroom. I am just so thankful for the opportunity to get to know such amazing kiddos. Truly a highlight of my week- I get so excited when Thursday rolls around!

      Aww hope you can take a stroll through the Ferry Building soon – I just love it in there & on the embarcadero anywhere really 🙂 Thanks for stopping in! I hope you have a lovely weekend, Rhonda!!

  9. Oh my goodness, such beautiful pictures as always!!
    Hmmm, tough choice, but I’d have to say pizza! 🙂 I could never get tired of it. I definitely usually order veggie pizza, but there’s a pizza place out here that makes the best hamburg and mushroom pizza EVER! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Nicole 🙂 I agree with you on all fronts! Pizza has always been and probably always will be my favorite food GROUP. lol. Oooo anything with mushrooms- gimmee! That sounds spectacular. Have you ever had truffle oil & mushrooms on pizza? Game changer!

  10. Our alllllll time favorite pizza toppings are Chicken,Bell pepper and pineapple ..sometimes we add mushrooms..And I would always go for Pizza as we haven’t had Pasta yet..(honestly)

    1. YESSS!!!! You are speaking my language! Pineapple pizza is my faveee. And peppers & mushrooms are a must on all veggie pizzas too! You haven’t had pasta?! Oh my! I am picking my jar off the ground. Lathiya, if you visit the California I will treat you to some delicious pasta that will change your life, hehe 🙂 XOX

  11. Wowza your TJ’s cart is so full! Lol! I spy Apple Cider donuts & I want to eat them all! 🤤 The tacos always look sooo good– totally understand how he doesn’t get sick of them!

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried anchovies but I would love love love to. That dish looks so wonderful. The banquet was beautiful, too. So sweet of you to be there for her!

    I haven’t had pizza in so long but my fave toppings are ALL of them lol, I love all the veggies & meat that can fit except black olives! I’d also choose it over pasta if it didn’t ruin me the way it does lol. 😛

    Can’t wait to read your next update! ♡♡♡

    1. bahahah. TJ’s gets the best of me everyyy time.

      I wish I could make the bison tacos for ya! If y’all ever visit we can have a full on taco night- all the toppings, margaritas and all!!!

      I was shocked how much I LOVED the anchovies. Such a savory, scrumptious dish.

      Ahh I am with you!! The more toppings the better. That’s part of the reason I make it at home because added on toppings add up when you get delivery! And I’ll take your black olives 😉 I looove alll the black olives hehe. Have a great weekend, love!


      1. Oh my gosh, that sounds like an amazing night! <3 I wish we lived so much closer!

        I'm not sure I've even ever been anywhere with anchovies on the menu but, I'm def gonna be on the look out for them now! My boyfriend loves those black olives too lol! I'm just starting to kiiinda like the green ones… 😛

      2. ah me toooooooo.

        I know you’d love them!!! And aww that works out so well – y’all are the perfect pair! Funny (somewhat unrelated) story- one time when we were semi-early on dating I thought DJ didn’t like pickles for some reason (I think one of my good friends said they didn’t and I mixed them up)… anyways– without asking I rudely took the pickles off his chick-fil-A sammy thinking he didn’t like them & thinking I was just helpin’ him out hahah. He just let me and didn’t say anything… and then I found out not too long after that he LOVES pickles. Somehow he stayed with me though… haha.

      3. LOL!!! That’s so funny, I can’t believe he didn’t say anything!! I would have been like “what the heck?!?!” hahhaha.

      4. ohhhh he was thinking it lol. He just in the trying to woo me over stage- but I think I woulda called that a deal breaker if I was him! hahaha.

      5. Noo, men are supposed to give things up for their women. If he had taken it from you– yeah, it could have been a dealbreaker lol.

  12. Ahhh your cover photos are always the best!
    Yay! Go Mack! So proud of you! (Ad happy you finished your goal cause we get a post from you yay!)
    Ahh that looks SO yummy! Also I saw purple sweet potato at TJ’s and thought of you! I almost bought it because it made me think of you! (And they are yummy!)
    LOVE that basket of TJ’s goodies! And that sounds interesting!
    Bwahaha I died when I read “The way it bubbles gets me every time!”) SO true! There pizzas are amazing!
    I agree! Parm on pasta is the best! I LOVE Food and Wine! One of my fav mags….An I just revealed my inner foodie nerd :p
    Yay for meeting up with friends and oh my word those pictures! I MISS San Fran and you!
    That food looks so yummy!
    The Embarcadero is the best! Girl your pictures are making me so jelly!
    Ahhhh that Peet’s has SO many memories! And I miss you so stinking much! Ahhh I have ALL the feels now! I wish I was there with you! <3
    Mack I LOVE that! Good for you for helping out! And girl, totally understandable! I LOVE that! You are absolutely amazing! Your mentee is SO lucky to have yoU!
    So to funny, but Henry Winkler was on this morning on Hallmark (he stars in an older Hallmark Christmas movie)
    That cookie looks SO yummy!
    I loved this so much!
    And week travel post!?!?! NOW I am squirming in anticipation! I hope you are having an amazing weekend beauty! <3

    1. Ahhh thanks so much your comments literally bring the BIGGEST smile to my face.

      You think of me with purple sweet potatoes?!! Okay, my life is complete. I stinking love that.

      I don’t even think I’m technically subscribed to food & wine, but we have been getting it for years so I’m not even mad about it. Lol!! It’s such a great mag!

      I MISS YOUU!!! That day I was sooo sad you couldn’t join me there. I think of you every single time I pass it or get a coffee there.

      How ironic he was acting in a movie on Hallmark! Girl, I feel you getting those Christmas movies out early 😉 LOVE it.

      Hehe- I’m excited for this one. It was short, but sweet (or shall I just say delicious because we literally just ate the whole time hahah). xoxo

  13. Mmm..biscotti with coffee sounds delicious. I haven’t heard of a dessert hummus. Interesting?!
    Those views are incredible! The Embarcadero looks like the kind of place that I would love.
    Pepperoni and Mushroom are usually my “go-to” pizza toppings, but I do love a spinach and artichoke pizza!
    That is so wonderful that you take the time to mentor those children and teens. I’m sure they touch your life just as much as you touch theirs. xx

    1. It is just the best combo!!!!

      I haven’t tried it yet- I haven’t seen it but am gonna try to find some soon! I’ll report back 😉

      You would LOVE the embarcadero- so beautiful & peaceful ❤️

      Oh yes mushroom is a must on pizza for me!! Spinach and artichoke is a delicious combo 😋

      Thanks so much Amy- they absolutely do!!! Xox

  14. Pizza for sure aand I love a simple pie! Give me a margh or a cheese and I am a happy girl 😊
    We are currently taking a trip outside of California and definitely missing the warmth. I saw 32 for outside temp this morning! I was in a state of shock I think!

    1. You cannot go wrong with a good margh! I agreee! 😋

      Dang that is cooold! It was actually quite chilly this AM- in the 40s I think! Have a great rest of your week, Jess!

  15. I’ve seen the dessert hummus before and have always wanted to try it. Next time I’m at the grocery store, I’m just going to finally pick some up. It looks and sounds delicious. Great pictures and all the food looks to die for! I love Pizza so much. I always like to get my pizza with pepperoni, onions, and mushrooms. Sometimes I’ll get green peppers too.

    1. Let me know what you think!! I still have yet to track some down!

      Ohh I am with you – I love mushrooms and onions on my pizza too (any veggie really!) Thanks for stopping by, Ashley! ❤️

  16. You are so adorable!!! I literally feel like I know you!! Hahaha What an incredible opportunity to work with the Boys and Girls club – I love that organization.

    Girl…margherita pizza looked INSANE. That is my favorite kind of pizza! I am going to Italy in next June and I plan on doing nothing but eating pizza, drinking wine, and eating all the bread and cheese!

    I literally can’t decide between pizza or pasta because it always depends on what I am craving! I actually hate spaghetti but I love a good ravioli or penne. But pizza is just so stinking good!! That’s one of the toughest questions ever! lol


    1. aw, I feel the same way!!! <3 <3

      BGC is such a phenomenal organization! I am honored to be a small part of it!

      You cannot go wrong with a good margh- ahhhhh oh my goodness how exciting!!! *HEART EYES*. Italy is #1 on my BL- so I will be living vicariously through you!! And your plan is spott on.

      Ahhh we are food twins- I am with you on not being a fan of spaghetti, but always down for ravioli (mmmm!) or penne! Thanks for your comment & have a beautiful Wednesday, xoxo

  17. Girlll all the food in this post has made me so hungry haha!! I really need to remember to grab a snack to enjoy with your blog posts because I always come away with cravings lol. XD
    I definitely do that with school–I promise myself a “treat” if I get a certain amount of work done…whether that’s blogging, watching something, eating something sweet (or sometimes even just lunch if it’s a really busy day, let’s be honest lol). It’s very motivating haha.
    I’ve never had anchovies!! I feel like almost everyone talks about them as if they are disgusting. It’s nice to hear another opinion now and I feel like I should try them!
    I think that’s so awesome that you are helping those kids out. How sweet and thoughtful of you Mackenzie!! You have such a kind heart. <3

    1. Aww hehe I hope you found some good eats 😋😋

      You have to have that motivation right?! I’m like a 5 year old the way I treat myself with snacks and an activity like blogging 🤣 I’m glad I’m not alone!

      I used to think I didn’t like them – but prepared the right way they are just scrumptious !

      Thanks so much, Courtney! They touch my life so much – I’m thankful to be able to do it! 💕💕 have a great weekend! Almost there 🙂

      1. Haha sometimes I feel like a 5-year-old also, but I figure, whatever works!! It makes it more enjoyable and less stressful, so I’m all for it! 😉
        That’s great to know about anchovies! Are they like sardines?

  18. Hi Mackenzie, what a great invention from boarshead ! The taco’s and salad look so tasty. Did you get to have a glass of wine as you looked at the food and wine Magazine?? It must have been so fun to meet up with Cynthia. It must be nice to have Amy in the city to visit and stay with on occasion. The city looks fabulous.The ferry building looks like a nice place to stroll around , It has cakes and Ice cream , win win! Im glad you got to Peets. Your beverage looks so tasty which is …… ! How fabulous are you, mentoring a young Girl ! We are all proud of you here for taking the time to be with a Girl who needed your help. I know she must have loved the experience. Pizza probably! Have a great day, Terri xo.

    1. Hi, Terri! I still need to hunt some down- I’m gonna keep an eye out when I do my big thanksgiving grocery trip this weekend 😀 hehe I don’t think I did have a glass, but I should have! That would have been perfect! Next time 🙂

      I just love having Amy close. We’re hanging out again this weekend and I’m so excited !

      Hehe, oh Peets, just the greatest and the one on the embarcadero is so special ❤️. I love getting the cafe au laits with almond milk- I top with a bit of stevia and cinnamon 😋😋 what’s your go to coffee shop drink?

      Aw thank you so much! It was so rewarding working with her for youth of the year- I felt like her older sister ❤️ they touch my life tremendously; they are amazing- I just went today to work with the 3rd graders.. I just love that age!! Have such a great weekend 🙂 ❤️ always love your comments !

      1. I generally like my coffee with cream but sometimes its cappuccino or hot chocolate and english toffee! It seems its a rewarding experience for you and the kids! Have a nice weekend too, Terri xo.

      2. Oooohhh yes I love a good english toffee!! That flavor is so wonderful, especially this time of year!

  19. Not going to lie, fall in California sounds kind of interesting and also amazing… Mostly because it’s currently 32° and we have snow on the ground here in Pittsburgh!

    I love that your mom texted you about that hummus. That sounds amazing!

    I love seeing all the foodie stuff you get from TJ’s! Those pumpkin biscotti look and sound like perfection with a warm mug of coffee!

    1. Yes- you described it perfectly!! It’s nice not having to worry about the weather- but I do think there is a an element of magic missing from the change in seasons <3 I never thought I'd miss the cold, but there is just something about it! Hopefully i will hunt down that hummus soon... I'm gonna see if it's on Amazon.

      Biscotti (especially pumpkin) and coffee is the ULTIMATE combo. Thanks for stopping by, love! xo

  20. Pumpkin biscuits?! Intrigued and drooling! Lol
    Do you get the bison meat from trader Joes? And also, how do you prepare it? I kind of want to make it for Alex. If DJ likes it so much I bet Alex would too. He loves meat lol.
    And the view heading to the city look amazing!! For some reason my reader won’t show me the photos so I’m not getting the full experience for the rest of the post I’ll have to come back when my phone and WP isn’t acting up. 🙁 lol. Darn, I had read one more but my brain won’t let me move on until I’ve finished reading this one lol

    1. So we get the bison meat from Safeway usually (it’s a grocery store chain here). I basically just sautee it with a tiny bit of olive oil and taco seasoning, a touch of chili powder, and mexican blend cheeses!!! I bet Alex would love it!

      Oh dang it WP! It has been such a stinker lately. Thanks for reading what you could 😉 xo

      1. We have Safeway here too! 🙂 I actually browsed Fred Meyer because that’s the one I go to, and they have it! I’ll have to try it sometime! I hope he likes it! 🙂

      2. Yayyyy!! oh I hope so too!! Make sure to look out for when it is on sale, because it can be a bit pricy otherwise!

  21. Ok I’m back I got a new phone and everything is looking pretty good lol. I’m able to see the photos that I didn’t get a chance to see last time..

    Anyway wow the views!!!!!!!!! The bridge and the water in the morning. You caught it perfectly with the sunrise!! That is super cool you help 3rd graders and that you mentored that girl! Is anyone able to sign up for that because that’s pretty cool.
    And omg I know Henry Winkler from Arrested Development and a ton of other movies and shows Haha that guy is hilarious!
    Too bad she didn’t win but for you it was a fantastic experience I bet.
    And I loooove pineapple on pizza! Favorite topping ever lol. And pizza has always been my favorite as well, pasta too, but I guess I’ll go with pasta because there’s different types and you can make it in many different ways lol

    1. YAY for a new phone!! That is so exciting!!

      You are too kind to take the time to even come back! Aww thanks girl- so yes anyone can do B+G club, you just have to go through the volunteer steps (so fingerprinting, an interview, etc.). But they always need volunteers!

      You know Henry Winkler!! I feel like no one knows who he is that I’ve talked to, so I’m excited you do haha.

      YESSS AMEN TO PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA. Girl, twins. One of my very very very first blog posts I wrote was about how pizza toppings can tell a lot about a person, but let’s be real.. pineapple pizza people are the best lol. One of my goals for 2019 is to make pasta from scratch! I am usually pizza > pasta, but I feel like if I learn to make it homemade that may change.

      1. There’s one near me I should look more into it lol.
        Yeah he’s super funny, I’m shocked he’s not well known
        Haha I’ll have to read that post sometime 😆😉
        Oh my gosh yes! I know how to make pizza from scratch though I have to perfect it a bit more but learning how to make pasta from scratch would be a dream!! I’m all about carbs unfortunately lol

      2. I think you meant you’re all about the carbs, FORTUNATELY 😉 I am with you though. Easily my favorite food group. I bought this massive Italian baguette from TJs yesterday and ripping off massive slices at a time. Also, I haven’t made homemade pizza in forever— this makes me really wanna try it soon! Happy New Year, girl!

      3. Lol yes fortunately! Though too much of one thing can also be bad.
        That sounds so good!! Speaking of homemade stuff, I would love to learn how to make the olive garden bread lol.

      4. teheh 😉

        Ohhhh that is something i have never thought of, but dang, I’m gonna have to look that up too. Their breadsticks are heavennn.

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