Hamilton Pool & Hamilton Musical!

**I apologize if you get this post to your e-mail twice! I was having some technology issues, but I think we have them sorted now!**

Good evening, friends! I am sitting here on a Friday night with the screen door open, letting the live music and cool air of an Austin weekend drift in as I enjoy some ice cream and have my own Fleetwood Mac radio playing in the background. It’s pure bliss. I am in a good groove with my studies and am finding some time in the evenings to give my mind a rest.

Hope y’all don’t mind some Christmas throwbacks, since I’m jumping back in around that time! The first couple weeks of December I spent studying for class and boards as much as possible. December 4th DJ and I ordered a little pre-lit mini Christmas tree from Walmart for this year. We usually like to do the whole cut a tree down and such– but we were nervous about bringing in a live tree in Texas (so many bugs!) & we also don’t have a ton of space for one anyway, so this was perfect!

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I loved how this downtown building was lit up in red and green. 

On one of our walks we noticed this little guy chillin’ along Lady Bird lake.

I noticed one of the trees along my normal running trail was suddenly decorated with ornaments! Too cute.

December 8th DJ and I decided to go for a walk around UT’s campus for a break from the studies since it was a gorgeous day & we knew it wouldn’t be very busy.

December 11th I went on a walk when it was drizzling outside a little bit. I think the trail is just beautiful at these times (and I have it to myself when it’s raining out 🙂 )!

December 12th the bright blue skies were back!

The turtles couldn’t resist some sun bathing too.

Around this time, I was on a kick with this wrap featured below- it is so good, but I know the ingredients might sound like an interesting mix- it includes a veggie wrap, sundried tomatoes, hummus, dolmas and marinated mushrooms- delicious!

December 15th I tried out this new brand of pizza- seriously one of my favorite vegan pizzas I have had yet! Corn on pizza is fantastic. 

December 16th I changed up my running direction and went over a bridge providing a postcard view of the city. 

Later that day I met up with my friend, Alana, to chat and walk around Mueller park. It was really nice to meet up with her- I always love our convos. Actually- she is the last friend I saw in Austin prior to quarantine! We stopped into Halcyon to get some tea to accompany us on our walk. It was my first time in Mueller (besides picking up Colleen’s for brunch), but it would not my last- it is so nice to walk around with many awesome shops and the park itself is lovely. I need to take DJ back there before we move! It reminds me a lot of downtown Palo Alto 🙂 

That evening I made the quesadillas out of the But I Could Never Go Vegan cookbook- and they were easily the best recipe we have had out of there yet. We were blown away by how good these were!! 

December 17th we decided to go to Hamilton Pool Preserve to explore. We tried going one other time, but after driving the near hour to get there we realized you had to have a reservation. Whoops! We made our reservation this time, easy peasy. I think there were so many openings because it was freezing. We still had so much fun exploring though, and the cold was actually refreshing. Like free cryotherapy.

We grabbed some coffee at the gas station on the way prior to arriving. I will give Peet’s free advertising any day of the week.

I thought this little walking stick station was adorable. 

Not to be a stickler… but there weren’t any sticks in there, soooo I don’t think people followed the directions 😉 . Anyone ? Anyone? *Crickets* … Sorry. Cringey jokes are kinda my schtick. Ok ok I’m done. 

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It was stunning!!

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On our way home we decided to stop at Pennybacker bridge since DJ had not yet been! (I had been once before with Amy– DJ’s twin and my SIL 🙂 ). 

And I am allllll about a good theme, so I deemed this day a “Hamilton” themed day. We had wanted to see the Hamilton musical for a while, so we did a little free Disney plus trial so we could watch it. 

It was incredible! I understand what all the hype was about!!

December 18th we went for a nice walk along lady bird and saw another type of bird. I think I am seeing where it got the inspiration for its name. Also super random- but occasionally I will see a flock of parakeets (yes, GREEN parakeets). When I first told DJ, I think he questioned my eyesight, but it’s a thing here! I’ll keep a look out, hopefully I can snag a pic of them before we move. 

The next evening, on December 19th, we took a night walk around the city and enjoyed the festive buildings and lit up roads.

Questions for you:

  • What is your favorite movie/musical/play?
  • Any weekend plans?

11 thoughts on “Hamilton Pool & Hamilton Musical!

  1. So love your posts!! Your stick joke was very much appreciated!! And for some reason I saw a face in two photos, the one mushroom on the left in your wrap and another face on the red leaf photo!! Call me crazy, but all your photos are lovely as usual. Keep these amazing posts coming!!! Love, your Ohio mom

    1. Hehe- glad you enjoyed that!! Ohhh I think I see what you mean! I didn’t notice that originally, but now it’s all I see!

  2. looking at this area through your camera, I’m guessing you are going to miss the views when you move. I wonder if they took out the walking sticks because of covid? But I do like the idea of providing walking sticks. my youngest son often searches for a good walking stick when we hike. While he always leaves it in the woods when we are done, having them available would mean he wouldn’t have to step off trail to find one in the first place. Hamilton is such a great musical, I really want to see it in person. Lion King is the last show we saw in person (other than the shows the boys do with their theater group). Lion King is impressive if you haven’t seen that yet, I highly recommend it

    1. Hi Lori!! It definitely will be missed- I’m soaking up every second!! ohhh that’s a great point about the waking sticks – I hadn’t thought of that, but I bet you’re right! That’s so cute your son makes a point to find a good walking stick- I think it’s fun he searches it out himself!

      I have heard amazing things about Lion King!!! Now it’s definitely top of the list to see next 😍

      Thank you for your comment and stopping in. I hope you are doing well!!

  3. I’m happy to hear all is going well with your studying and that you can give your mind a break now and then because I love reading your posts! Your Christmas tree was so cute this year! I don’t blame you for wanting to avoid bugs, lol!!

    1. Aw thank you SO much, Allie!! I feel the same with yours! Hoping to have some time this summer to catch up 😊 Haha the bugs will not be missed down here!!

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  5. Hi Mackenzie, how nice that you could let the live music of Austin into your home! And also fleetwood Mac sounds good too , I have not listened to them in ages! I am glad you can give your mind a rest, I think you deserve it. I love your Christmas tree!! It is perfect for an apartment, I know from past experience. Great capture of a bird sitting in nature, I should know its name!!! How nice to walk around Campus. The grounds are gorgeous. I am glad you can walk around in a big city and have the trails to yourself from time to time . That wrap nearly looks perfect, I got to say I cant eat mushrooms!! Mueller park is really nice, I am glad you got out and about with your friend Alana. The streets look so nice for exploring all the shops. Sorry you had to drive and realize that reservations were needed! It was worth it to go a second time, it is really stunning , the views and photos you took can be a lovely memory after you leave the area. I have to say I was not there and did not grab a walking stick! Hamilton is so good!! You will get a pic I am sure soon of the green parakeets ! I love Mama Mia!! I seen it in New York years ago, and got to love the music! The weekend we are meeting family , and waiting for news of a little cousin being born for our kids!!! Have a great day Mackenzie, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri!!! I’m so glad you liked your little tree 😊 🌲 I totally get that about the mushrooms- you either love them or you don’t! Haha! Well that rules out one culprit that stole all the sticks 😄 I’m sure at this point the new cousin is here, so congratulations to your family 💕 Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping in, friend!

      1. Aww yes Mackenzie ! Our new nephew arrived in April little Stanley , we met him Saturday for the first time, sooo cute!! Happy memorial day, Terri xo.

      2. Oh my goodness!! Congratulations, Terri! Welcome to the world, Stanley 🙂

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