Halston’s Bridal Shower Festivities!

Hi, All! Happy Monday to you. I am actually putting the finishing touches on this on Sunday– I have a couple posts in my drafts that I wrote before starting school. This semester is going to be a true doozy…the free time is going to be basically nil with the move & traveling for the wedding on top of it all. Sooo, I may be somewhat MIA for a few months. Although, blogging is incredibly therapeutic for me, and it gives me something to look forward to… so hopefully I can prioritize it in some way even if it is not as frequent.

Also, I published my sister’s Graduation post, but WP didn’t release it on on the main Reader for some reason. In case your interested I have it linked here 🙂

After we arrived back in Cleveland, I picked up a rental car at the airport since I would be buzzing around like a bee all weekend separate from my Mom and Pete.

My first stop was my friend Rachel’s to pick up some supplies I had shipped in for the shower. I only very briefly got to see her since I had a long to-do list, but we had plans Sunday together to look forward to.

Next up was Staples (do you believe it? hehe). I ordered the bridal shower sign for pick-up in OH while I was sitting in CA, which was a bit odd, but it went off without a hitch. I walked in and was able to pick it right up!

Right after, I went about a half mile down the road to Aldi. A few of you know I was obsessed with Aldi when I lived in Indiana. I have missed it, and I can’t tell ya how stoked I was to return! I had to pick up all the groceries for the shower and this was the best and most affordable way to do it.


I put my quarter in the slot (Thanks, Pete! He lent me a quarter because I realized I didn’t have one on me before we left the rental car lot) and was off to get my groceries. I got tons of fruit, veggies, chips, salsa, etc. etc. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t just casually grocery shopping for DJ and me. There was way more I could have bought if I was actually loading up on a regular food haul!

I spent the evening with one of my best friend’s, Clair, and her beautiful little family. She has the sweetest little boy, Jacob, and a newborn angel named Layla.


I mean- can you handle his cuteness?! I already miss him oh so much. I spent probably half of my time there playing tag with him around the dining room table, haha.

I food prepped all evening while we gabbed away. I relish my time with her & I’m just so proud of her and the beautiful life she has built.

In the morning around 7:00 am we went to Planet Fitness. I had a great run & did a little weight workout. Perfect start to the day. The vibe at Planet Fitness is really great. If you are looking for a gym membership, their’s is super affordable & the whole experience genuinely makes you wanna go to the gym!


While driving to my brother’s house to set up (My sister-in-law and bro graciously lended their home for the shower!), I got a gosh darn speeding ticket. My first ever. I was soo upset. I was going a teeeny bit fast, but I was A. in a rental car and B. going down hill on C. An open country road (where the speed limit was way lower than I thought) when I was clocked. Also, the officer was driving when they clocked me with the radar- I have never heard of that, but I guess they can do that? I thought they had to be stationary. Anyways, I know I deserved a ticket- I know there are truly no excuses- but it definitely set back my timeline and is an annoying expense. HUM-BUG.

Now putting that ticket out of mind, onto allll the good stuff 🙂 Once I finally arrived I had to get into set up mode fast. I unloaded my separate suitcase filled with decorations that I checked on my flight and got to work.

First up, the “Staples” sign! The download from Etsy was only $5, so I only had to pay for the printing and foam board.


Then I set up decor around the home with my sweet niece and nephew helping me out. I wish I could have spent more time with them directly that weekend, but the little time I did get to see them was treasured <3


And now, the fooooood!!!! First up, an anchor with the veggies…


A palm tree with fruit….


And since it was Cinco de Mayo, we had to add a little Mexican flair! My mom made her famous corn and avocado salad and we served them in little margarita cups I ordered from Oriental Trading company.


I was going to make Taco pizza from scratch, but I was pretty exhausted Saturday and on top of everything else to prep, I figured an ordered pizza would probably turn out better anyways! I found a place a quarter mile away, called A Slice Above, that delivered a pizza called “South of the Border”— (perfect for the 5th!)–it included Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese with diced onions, green peppers, black olives, and seasoned ground beef, all covered with a zesty salsa sauce. They had a vegetarian option I opted for too. Since the shower started at 1 pm, I had them delivered at 12:30 and just hid the boxes 😉


My mom also made some absolutely scrumptious crab nachos!!! A couple of her good friends came to help with food setup too- sooo appreciated!


Oh, and you can’t forget sweets 🙂 The little blue and white sour circles reminded me of life rafts (and sour gummy candy is my sister’s favorite). I also included cookie sandwiches, raspberry cheesecake bites, Hersey kisses, and cake pops. I ordered the cake pops from Etsy- they were delivered to my SIL’s house a couple days before the shower & were in perfect shape. Everyone raved about how good they were too (they were red velvet- one of my sister’s favorite flavors). I tried to stick to her colors of nautical blue and I thought the gold dusted ones looked like sand.


For drinks my mom made her famous margaritas in two different flavors & we also had Virgin margaritas, diet coke, coke, and water.

All the guests started arriving! We chit-chatted and caught up with people we hadn’t seen in years! After, we all ate lots of food & then sat around to open up gifts! Kate, our niece, was adamant that she wanted to help open the gifts with Hal. Too cute– although we did have to make sure she didn’t cut herself on any pizza cutters! We played bridal bingo and a true/false game about her and Kevin (her fiancé). The games went really well! I chose not to do the charades because we spent a good chunk of time mingling (just as I was hoping 🙂 ). We had one tie with the true/false game, so I was glad I packed an extra gift bag !


Everyone watching Hal open her gifts!


After the gift opening we made sure to grab some pics. Can’t believe my baby Sis is getting married. So happy for her. I could not think of anyone more perfect for her either! PS. I threw a color on for the shower. Are you proud? In the Bay area we only really wear neutrals, so going back to the Midwest I figured I’d spice it up a bit..


And I just loveee this picture of my Aunt, Sister, and Grandma.


Sistas sistas!! This is my sister Andrea on the far right. I’ve mentioned her several times on the blog before, but she lives in Colorado so I don’t see her often. I call her my therapist because she’s so wise & we always have the best of “life” chats. That day, she helped me a tremendous amount. I don’t think everything would have been ready on time without her.


We also couldn’t help but snag a quick selfie with one of my little sis by proxy (and also a bridesmaid!), Marissa. She is moving to NorCal in June! I wish we were staying, but since Hal is visiting in June hopefully the three of us can hangout more then too 🙂


My Dad’s side of the family <3 Well, females anyway 🙂


After everyone left we said our goodbyes, and I took some leftover pizza, veggies, and fruit back to Clair’s. Rach joined us!!! She brought my all time favorite dessert from back in OH- Gasoline Alley’s Carrot Cake (I mentioned a couple posts ago!). It was as stinkin’ delicious as ever!


It was also so good to have some girl time. We all have been friends since sixth grade & it’s so easy to pick back up where we left off always.

Oh, and of course I had to include a picture of sweet Layla. I keep joking I might steal her. But am I joking? Be stillll my heart.


My flight on the 6th was at 6 pm, so I had some time in the morning to sleep in, relax and get ready to go! I did run along the beautiful country roads before kicking it into pack-up mode.

Clair lives right next to horses. I felt so at home, since we lived somewhere similar when I lived there. Going back there grounds me, reminds me of what’s important in life & to find joy in the little things.




Once returning from my run I nibbled on some yogurt, fruit, and granola… and had two hefty cups of coffee to fuel up for my travel day!


After returning my rental car, I flew out of CLE Hopkins with allll my snacks for the evening in tow.

Here is a small fraction of what I nibbled on on my flights. The combo of the cranberry almond KIND bar and greek yogurt was oh so satisfyin’!


Aaand with that I landed back in CA late in the evening (around 11:30 pm). DJ picked me up & I was just elated to see him! I started missing OH as soon as I stepped down, but was happy to be back. We talk all the time how we think we’ll end up back there someday. I would bet we do one more move after Austin and then end up settling in OH. Just a prediction, of course will be determined greatly by DJ’s job, but we shall seeee!

Questions for you:

  • Favorite travel snacks?
  • Can y’all believe it’s almost SUMMER- where is this year going? Any vacation plans coming up?

xo <3

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102 thoughts on “Halston’s Bridal Shower Festivities!

  1. Oh my that shower food looked so good! It’s great you got to be there!
    I love the blueberry kind bar- so yummy!

    1. Thanks, AJ!! I’m glad you think so 🙂
      Ohh I will have to try the blueberry one soon! Anything blueberry I am alll about. Have a great week !

    1. Hehe ok ok it may have been more than a notch 😉 But thanks for your support, Natalie! I so appreciate you stopping in- it was a wonderful weekend and when I reflect on it, that ticket makes for a good story. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Mackenzie! Your outfit for the bridal shower is gorgeous, that colour suits you so much! Fashionista! You look gorgeous as ever 🙂 and all that food looks totally yummy! The way you displayed the veggies and fruit is so creative… you’re really making me think about how much I need to up my game when it comes to my sisters hen do (which btw is your equivalent of a bacholerette right? So do you do both a bridal shower AND bacholorette?) but anyway, still, I need to get my creative cap on asap! And those pizzas look scrumptious too! How am I suppose to cut down on dairy when you’re posting such yummy pictures of pizza hey!? 😂
    I can not believe we are practically in Summer and June is NEXT week! This year has gone crazy fast! Time to make the most of it! I haven’t a Summer holiday plans yet but hopefully one will crop up! Thanks for sharing Mack, it sounds like you had a lovely trip!

    1. Hi, my love!!! Thank you so much <3 I'm so excited you liked the outfit- you always brighten my day with your sweet words!

      Ohhh I have never heard of a hen! I love learning these different traditions of other countries- so fun! Yes, we usually do both for weddings usually!

      hahah- girl, this pizza was soo stinking good. I've been on such a pizza kick lately, craving it something fierce!! I already have plans to get more in about a week haha.

      I agree- the speed this year is going by is blowing my mind. Can't wait to see what you end up doing this summer- you always make the most of it & go on the best adventures 🙂 Thank YOU for reading, Jennie!

      1. Aw you are so welcome! Your outfit is lovely!

        Yes! We call it a hen and for the men, they have a ‘stag do’. So hen do and stag do! I’ve no idea where these names come from however, I’ll have to find out. We don’t tend to do bridal showers, so we miss out on a celebration! We do Engagement parties, is that a thing in the States? I agree, it’s so fun to learn about other countries traditions especially surrounding weddings. I also love the US holiday of Thanksgiving, it seems like the most beautifil holiday!

        Omg same! I am loving pizza at the at the moment. Seriously, someone just has to mention the word pizza and I’m craving it. Haha I love that you’ve planned when you’re next getting the pizza, I do that too. Planning on getting a big Dominos when I finally get a new job, or maybe when I pass my driving test. Next time I’m celebrating anyway, the pizza will make an appearance!

        Gosh I know! Eek thanks so much hun, I’m excited to read all about your Summer too. I hope it’s amazing!

      2. Oh my gosh- I cannot believe I have never heard of a Stag do or Hen do before- that’s sooo interesting!!! Engagement parties are a thing, but not a “must” .. some people do them the day or evening they get engaged.. so the proposal happens and then there might be a group of people waiting after to celebrate sorta thing. Nothing formal usually! Thanksgiving is one of my favorites!! I may like it better than Christmas even… One day you will have to come to enjoy a thanksgiving dinner 🙂 I’d love to cook one for ya!

        Yasss I hope that pizza makes its appearance for you very very soon!!!

        Thanks again, love! <3 <3

  3. Oh wow, it looks as though the shower turned out so pretty and perfect! I could go for a slice of that pizza… Ha!!! I can definitely relate to wanting to make something homemade but then realizing that it’s more efficient (and just as delicious) to order out if you can find the right place. I used to be a ‘from scratch’ ALL the time girl; but I’ve come to realize that sometimes your own sanity isn’t worth it. HA!!! I definitely mix – and – match these days when I’m hosting, making some things homemade but also taking advantage of other options as well. I can enjoy the event SO much more if I’m not exhausted or busy in the kitchen! 🙂
    I didn’t realize that you had two sisters!! How did I miss this? HA!!! That’s so fun! Sisters are such special friends. 🙂

    1. Aw thanks so much, Nicole! That means a ton coming from the most amazing hostess out there 🙂

      YES, exactly! I am so glad I decided to just order them- it was actually such delicious pizza too! Thanks for supporting me in that !

      Haha, my older sister is a half sister and lives in CO, so I don’t see her all that often, except holidays & maybe in the summers! But I’m excited I get to see her in just a couple months because we’ll all be together at our younger sister’s wedding in July ! Thanks so much for reading <3

  4. Where did you get the dress and shoes you wore to the shower? I’m dying a them haha.

    The shower looks amazing! Can you help plan any future parties for me? I’ll pay ya hehe. Seriously it all looks so good! It seems like a lot of people were able to celebrate your sister which is awesome.

    Alex and I are headed to the Midwest this weekend to visit my family. My younger sister graduated from college and younger brother graduated from high school so we’re headed there to celebrate at a partay! Aside from that, we have a vacation with Alex’s family in June to a lake in Vermont and that’s all we have planned. We are hoping to take a trip somewhere but aren’t sure if it will be in the summer or the fall to celebrate our anniversary.

    1. I don’t know how all this comment slipped by me! But the dress is from Lulus!! Here is the link: https://www.lulus.com/products/hello-darling-blush-pink-floral-print-off-the-shoulder-dress/492292.html

      I can’t remember the shoes – I think maybe DSW?!

      Awww thank you SOO much. I really appreciate that! <3

      Ohh that all sounds like so much fun!! A Lake in Vermont sounds like the ultimate summer getaway too!!! Thanks for reading, Maureen! Hope your weekend is going well 🙂

  5. The shower turned out amazing! 🙂 Looks like you had a fun time with your family!

    We have another busy summer coming up. My sister in law is having twins in July/August so I’m throwing her a baby shower in a couple of weeks. Brett and I are going on a short road trip in Oregon with one of my study abroad friends who is visiting from Germany. I’m sure we will have even more road trips and airshows after that 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Hayley!!! That means tons 🙂

      Oh my gosh you will be so busy- but sounds all really fun. Enjoy every bit and be safe with all your travels! Congrats to your sister in law too!! Is this your first time being an Aunt?

      1. Awww yay!!! So happy for you! 🙂 Isn’t it just the best feeling?!

  6. Ahhh you know my love of Aldi <3 I hope you have one near you in Texas! Truly the best store to shop in. I always say that it's the one store I can leave with things I didn't put on my list but 1. they aren't usually junk and 2. I still don't break the bank!

    Ugh so sorry to hear about the speeding ticket! Such a pain to deal with but I'm glad you had something positive to take your mind off of it right after!

    What a perfect house to have her shower at! The decorations you brought go PERFECTLY with their walls and decor! How kind of your brother and sister-in-law to let you host the shower there 🙂

    I looove all the little details you thought of!! I love the Mexican flair you added! I just love everything!! All that food looks delicious and I am now craving some Mexican food lol.

    Hal is so lucky to have you as a sister! You did a phenomenal job <3

    I'd had to say my favorite travel snacks have to be gummy candy! I associate traveling with indulging in junk food and that is definitely my go-to! It's crazy how fast summer is approaching! We are gonna lay low most of the summer until the wedding festivities and our honeymoon to Riviera Maya! I need some time to decompress from this school year and rest up for August. I plan on working an easy summer job to keep myself busy, though 🙂

    1. Hi, Em! Oh my gosh yes exactly —-Aldi is da besttt 👏🏻 we do have one in Texas not too far from us- I’m so excited !

      Thanks girl! I was so glad to have the shower too right after- helped keep my mind off it and definitely 180’d that mood !

      Aw thank you tons!!! I was so glad they allowed us to host it- so kind of them! Ah you are too sweet ❤️❤️ that means so much!

      Ohhh I love gummy candy too- it’s something I get cravings for. That sounds like the perfect summer plan too- and to have that to look forward to in August is perfect!!! Im so excited for you!!! DJ and I had our wedding in August too- yay for the same anniversary month! Thanks for reading, Em!

  7. sounds like a fun trip and what a special shower you put together.

    I love kind bars, they are the perfect blend between sweet and healthy.

    I’m so ready for summer. This summer is going to be so busy for you, busy is good…. but crazy too

    1. Yes Kind are so tasty! Do you have a favorite flavor? It’ll probably be the busiest ever- just hoping my grades don’t suffer 🤞🏻 thanks for stopping in!

  8. Ahhh everything at the shower is perfect, bravo!! Including your colorful dress + big earrings + shoes ensemble 😉 The shower looks great, and how blessed your sister is to have so many lovely ladies loving her in her life!

  9. It amazes me how much you are able to fit in to such a short period of time and you seem to enjoy it all rather than become stressed about having to do so much. The shower food and decorations are beautiful. I am curious about the nautical theme. Is it just from living near the lake? Are they boaters? My husband grew up in a small town south of Cleveland. He developed a love of water and after high school spent 20 years in the USCG then after retiring from the CG he spent 18 years sailing Great Lakes freighters. Having this connection we do have some nautical décor in our home.
    I can’t believe how fast this year is going. We don’t have any travel plans but will be enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible on the farm.

    1. There were definitely moments that I felt overwhelmed, but it was juggling all so good and fun things so I tried to just remind myself of that!

      So my sister is actually getting married on a boat in Miami!! Our family (moms side) were all water bugs growing up too.

      That’s so interesting about your husband!!! Small world! Thank him for his service for me too please! And that sounds like such an amazing way to spend the summer. Enjoy ☺️

  10. What beautiful photos of your family Mackenzie. I think you might have missed your calling as a professional party planner – and you did most of that work online as well. The cake pops, the nautical theme – it all looked good and I wanted a bite of that pizza that thank goodness you caved and just ordered in! Gee, it’s been ages since I traveled on a plane – back then they still served peanuts and coke!

    1. Aw thank you, Linda!! This just warmed my heart- I alwayyys say that if I could do anything besides nursing it would be event planning!!!

      The pizza was wonderful! We had four pies total so I had leftovers that I thoroughly enjoyed too 😋

      Aw miss when they were more generous with plane snacks! Now we are lucky to get half a glass of some coke considering most of it’s ice now 😅

      1. You did a great job and had some interesting appetizers as well and you matched the nautical theme perfectly. I was always doing the creative planning whenever we had parties at work before my boss and I left the Firm, because then it was the two of us. I liked doing that as well and back in the day there was no internet to get ideas. We didn’t get internet at work (nor did I at home) until 2000. Our Company was afraid Y2K would mess up our computer system. We had “dummy terminals” – we were linked together on an intranet, but not connected to the outside world. How antiquated we were!

        That’s pretty sad as to the snacks – less leg room, luggage room and a lame beverage!

      2. Thank you tons! And I sometimes wonder what we did before Pinterest.. so crazy how accessible everything is now, but we also were forced to be creative which was even more rewarding (before all this existed)!

      3. Yes, I could get lost on Pinterest for sure. I went looking for “gray crayons” and “gray things” for my post about the sky being gray – tons of things on Pinterest and I got spent easily an hour there.

      4. Oh yes, that Pinterest hole will get ya! I’ve been on it a lot while planning all this stuff for the wedding.

  11. I love catching up with your posts. Can I say thanks on your sister’s behalf? Everything looked great at the shower.
    And I love the pop of colour you wore for the shower ❤️

    1. Aw thank you so much, Mariam ! That means a lot that you enjoy them. And ah so glad you think the shower was nice ☺️ hope you’re having a great day!

  12. I remembered after I shut down that I forgot to click on the link and just did so now and it didn’t work – I will try again later today. This looks like a lovely time and you did a wonderful job putting this shower event together. On the bright side, we have a long weekend ahead and hopefully some time for you to relax a little.

  13. Oh my goodness, Mackenzie, I am SO impressed by all your work on the bridal shower!! You did such an amazing job, and that is TOUGH from so far away. It was all SO beautiful and it looks like everyone had a great time. The food choices were fantastic as well!! So nice that you had savory food and vegetables too, not just sweets. I’ve been to so many showers that just have sweets and it can be a bit much, lol.
    I never knew that most people in the Bay area really only wear neutrals! Do you know if there’s a particular reason for that?
    Also, I do NOT know how you are going to juggle everything in these coming months with the move, your semester, the wedding, etc, but you are wonder woman! I’ll definitely be keeping your in my prayers because I just cannot imagine doing all that!! <3 But I know YOU can!

    1. Awww thank you so much, Courtney!!! <3 This comment just warmed my heart. I'm really glad you think the shower came together nicely!

      Planning the food was my favorite part- so I milked it for all it was worth! I, too, have left showers with a sugar rush- so hopefully this helped most people avoid those sugar jitters 🙂

      I don't really know the reason for it- I think it has something to do with the cultures - there is a fondness for minimalism and that comes along with neutrals-- that's my theory!

      Girl, I have no idea either, so I reallly appreciate your prayers. It is going to be a few months of giving myself a lot of grace I think. Thanks soo much for your encouragement. It means an absolute ton! <3 <3

      1. It’s absolutely incredible to me! I can’t believe how much you pulled off for that shower, it was beautiful!

        Ahh yes I can see how minimalism and neutrals would go hand in hand. I feel the same way, as a minimalist myself lol. Neutrals and blacks & whites. 😉

        Giving yourself grace is SUCH a good approach. Honestly I’ve never thought about that before and wow, that could go far with helping reduce stress. <3

      2. Aw thank you so much !

        Yess haha you would fit in so well here 🙂

        Yes, absolutely. <3

    1. Kind bars are oh so yummy!!! The dark chocolate and sea salt might be my favorite too! Have you had the Rx bar dark chocolate sea salt? It’s pretty yummy!

      How awesome! I have never been on a Disney cruise, but I’ve heard they are amazing. Thank you for stopping in!

      1. I recommend them! They are super clean & the chocolate sea salt has a great flavor. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  14. What a beautiful shower! The food looks so incredible!! You did a great job! I absolutely LOVE your dress…it’s so springy!
    We are planning on visiting Austin as a potential place to live after the next year…it’s so cool to hear where other people are thinking of moving. It’s so odd being an adult and having to make adult decisions but so fun and exciting too!

    1. Thank you so much, Jess!!!! 🙂

      No way!!! AH that’d be so exciting if we were in the same city. I totally agree! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for y’all !

      1. That would be exciting!! It won’t happen for at least another year, but we are planning on doing some checking out of other cities this next year! Thanks for the well wishes 😊

      2. So exciting!! Can’t wait to hear more about it all ! Happy city hunting 🙂

  15. Oh Mack, what an incredible bridal shower! Congratulations to your sister Hal, and I love the photo of the three of you (Andrea definitely looks like she’d be a great listener). This is such a fantastic story––I was captivated 🙂 And, that carrot cake looks scrumptious.

    Sending many blessings to you, it sounds like it’s a busy time ahead. Take good care of yourself, Mack.

    1. Aw thank you so much, Debbie!!!! 🙏🏻❤️ I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. The carrot cake was nostalgically delicious 🙂

      Wishing you so many blessings too! Thank you for brightening my day. Hope you are having the most wonderful weekend, dear friend! 💕

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read all these posts, Sophia! It really means a ton!

      And thank you so much. I sent your comment to my Aunt! I told her about five times when we were at the shower how obsessed I was with her outfit. I told her I wasn’t alone when I sent her this, hehe! <3

  16. I love Aldi & there’s one only a few minutes walk away! They also have their own vegan brand!
    That’s great you got to spend some time with your friends!
    I love the nautical theme for your sister’s bridal shower! The food looks delicious & you & your mom did a great job preparing all the food!
    In August my parent’s are coming to visit & I’m so excited! I haven’t seen them in over 2 years…

    1. Oh I love that it’s so close to ya! I did not know they had their own vegan bread- since we’ll have one near us when we move I am gonna have to get on that!

      Aw thank you so much, Karalee!!! <3

      Ahh that'll be amazing--Two years- that is sooo long- I bet you are just counting down the days!! What a reunion that will be <3

      1. I’m not sure if they’ll have the same brand in the US, but hopefully they will since they have everything from tofu to meat slices.
        It will be amazing to finally see my parents again! I know we’re planning on going to Lalandia which is this waterpark.

      2. Yeah I’m sure they will have something close at least!! 🙂

        That sounds like SO much fun! I haven’t been to a waterpark in ages. Can’t wait to hear all about it !

  17. This is a great post, and everything looks delicious, but I have to say the Aldi pay cart was all I could focus on. I have NEVER heard of such a thing I seriously had to go Google it hahaha.

    1. Hehe- it’s such an interesting system, isn’t it?! You get your quarter back when you return the cart, but it’s definitely a pain if you forget the quarter 🤣

  18. Omg WP does the same thing to me! Some of my posts dont actually get put in the reader its annoying!!
    Never knew you lived in Indiana, this must be the first time you mention it? And actually, this explains a lot, I read India in your last post (graduation) so you most likely meant Indiana now that I’m really thinking about it Haha
    Omg nooo!!! I cant believe they caught you speeding!
    Wow all the food spread looks amazing, I would have done the same for the pizza, if you ain’t got time or are too tired, ordering is so convenient lol
    I really love the color coded treats! It all looks so wonderful!
    Awh all those photos of you guys together! Cuteee!!
    I love that I got to see a bit of where you grew up, and it’s nice that you got to see and chat with old friends!
    I guess you just answered another question I had asked in my last comment, you do really miss Ohio and you would most likely settle there lol. Of course, depending on DJ’s work. I think you just might though. 😉

    1. I have never had it happen before – so weird!!! I’m so nervous that it’s gonna do it again- I wonder what triggers it?!? Maybe archived posts over a week or something?!

      Haha I actually did mean India! But I went to nursing school in Indiana ! I joke that being from OH/ IN is basically the same thing since it’s all cornfields 🌽 😆

      Aww glad you think the shower came together well 🙂

      Aw we do miss it! I’m excited to see where the future takes us for sure! Thanks for reading, girl! You really are almost caught up/ soo appreciate you taking the time but not ever expected ❤️❤️

      1. I dont know exactly. Last time it happened to me, I noticed it happened to a post I had already scheduled that I reverted back to a draft. I ended up pulling it back and re-posting it and it finally showed up. Good idea to follow yourself so you can double check just in case lol.
        Yeah I just read your response! I find it so cool you went to India! I never would have guessed!

      2. Oh so interesting! I think I may have done the same thing so that makes sense.

        I am hoping to do a post about India some day. It was such a phenomenal experience!!

      3. Aw yay! I do too! This motivates me to share now — As soon as I have a spare moment (maybe between semesters in August?!) I can write it!!

  19. Also, omg I can’t believe I didn’t say congrats on a fantastic bridal shower! Everything looked awesome and it sounded like it all went well! Yay!

  20. Mackenzie, I miss you already but I understand that you have tons on your plate at the moment. ♡ Your Graduation post showed up on my Reader but I do wonder why WP bumps ’em off sometimes!

    Aldi is theeee best grocery store out there. I used to work & shop there when I was a youngin in MN. They need to open up out on the West Coast ASAP!

    I love that you were playing tag around the table with your friend’s son lol, that’s so sweet. ♡ I am sorry about that speeding ticket you got! Cops are so high tech nowadays!

    All of the food at the shower looks amazing. You did such a wonderful job & you got so dang creative with the display! Wow! What an awesome party!

    1. awwww !! Thank you so much, girl! WP is my therapy, so I’m hoping to still make some time for it in the coming weeks even if it’s not as frequent!

      I’m glad to hear it turned up on your reader! WP can be so fickle haha. I give up trying to understand it’s “mind”.

      YAS I agree!!! Awwww you worked at Aldi! I love that. It’s one of my allll time favorite places.

      Thanks, girl. I just have to be careful with my lead foot now- no more tickets for me for a while.

      Ah thank you soo much!! <3 :)

      1. WP truly is its own form of therapy!! We’ll still be here whenever you have the time. 🙂 & I’m with ya on giving up trying to understand its mind lol.

        Yesss, I worked at Aldi for a couple years. It was terrible but, I loved shopping for groceries there! We had no idea where to go when we moved here since there are NONE. I hope they open up in Vegas someday soon!

        Boyfriend has the lead foot, too. He has gotten like 6 speeding tickets. >:(

      2. Totally!!! I am craving it since I’ve been so MIA around here the last few days! Thank you for being sooo supportive. It means tons!!

        We had a hard time figuring out the grocery situation without Aldi too. Luckily we had a Sprouts and now have discovered TJs… but I’m excited to have an Aldi again in Austin! All the workers there definitely work insanely hard and seem to be going a million miles a minute- I can see why it wouldn’t be the most enjoyable job.

        Oh my gosh!! 6 is pushin’ it! I really wish they weren’t SO darn expensive- but it’s definitely motivating me to try to be more conscious of my speed.

      3. Oh PHEW! Nice to hear I’m not the only one who has been MIA in the blogosphere!! I had to hop back on for a bit today but I haven’t written in like a week. I miss it!! I will always support you, babe!! <3

        SO exciting that you'll be back at Aldi in Austin. I've seen that they've got so many new brands & items! LOL YES, they freakin' made us move as quick as possible & timed how fast we rang items & tendered cash. It was wild.

        LOL 6 is a lot. He had to re-take the little computer test when we moved to Nevada to be able to drive & then he got another ticket RIGHT when one of his past ones was voided so he almost got his license taken away but got super lucky.

      4. No no you are not alone at all! I think I’m the most I’ve been behind in about a year. And ahhh you are the best! ❤️

        Oh my gosh I cannot wait to check out their new products ! I have heard from people lately that this summer is 🔥 there! But also- they timed you?!? What!! It’s like a game show with your job on the line 😱

        Ohh noooooo! I would have passive aggressively bought him a bike 😆 glad everything is ok now though!

      5. I’ve only been blogging for almost two years now but this is the farthest I’ve ever been behind, too. 😭

        It hasn’t been super hot here this summer. Only on some days surprisingly! Hopefully Austin is too bad!! & yes, girl. They’d check our ring speed every night. It’s supposed to avg out to like 45 items a minute.

        LOL totally should buy him a bike but I already got him a moped. 😂

      6. Must be a crazy time of year for everyone it seems!!

        That is so surprising because I feel like LV usually gets pretty hot doesn’t it?!

        45 items a minute is pretty unfathomable to me!!!

        Hahah! Oh my gosh, you out-did yourself with that!! That’s not passive aggressive, just really nice!

      7. Honestly, I am doing nothing with my time LOL. I just can’t get out of my Sims hole!! Your excuse for being behind is actually valid. 😉

        Okay I jinxed it because LV is now HOT HOT HOT everyday & night LOL.

      8. No no you are not alone at all! I think I’m the most I’ve been behind in about a year. And ahhh you are the best! ❤️

        Oh my gosh I cannot wait to check out their new products ! I have heard from people lately that this summer is 🔥 there! But also- they timed you?!? What!!

  21. I am sure it was good to have your own car in Cleveland Mackenzie ! Aldi is a great store , I have one 10 minutes away from me! I remember Clair and her little guy is so cute! You did an amazing job setting up the house for the shower and the food is just so scrumptous looking ! That is a fabulous photo of Women from Hal’s and your life in the photo. How sweet of your niece to help open presents . Another great pic of you Hal and your Mom . all the photos are great of the people who showed up. That dress is so cute on you ! Lovely pic with Layla! I am sure it was nice seeing DJ . You made such great memories and your bridal shower work was appreciated by all I am sure, Take care, Terri xo.

    1. Aw thanks Terri! This is so sweet of you! It was such a memorable day for sure 🙂 Thanks for stopping in! Hope you are having a beautiful week.

  22. I love the shower theme! You put it together beautifully! I always love parties that are able to draw so much family together. It looks like a wonderful time!! xx

    1. Aw thank you tons 🤗 I totally agree ! Family time is the best time. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone here in about a month again:) my sister just stayed with us for a week too which was so nice!

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