Adventures of a Weekend; Memories of a Lifetime

I truly do not even know where to begin!!!! Since Thursday, there have been memories made that I will treasure for my entire life. So, without further adieu, welcome to one of the greatest weekends for the books!

It all began Thursday morning. I woke up bright and early and zipped to SF to meet one amazing individual….


….KM from Ankhor You! I can’t tell you how surreal it was to meet this beautiful lady in person!!! She is such a gem, and truly the energy, love, and kindness that she shares through her blog she radiates in person equally. This is the first time I’ve met someone that I initially met through blogging, and I can’t stop talking about how nice it was to sit down and have a cup of coffee with her! (And of course, we met at Peet’s 😉 ).


I also had the pleasure of meeting her lovely friend, Sarah! Ugh I wish we all lived closer so we could hangout!

Please come back soon, dear. SF loved having you guys here!  It was SUCH a joy to spend time with these two- have I made that clear?! Ok- good! I’m just glad I didn’t scare them away! Hahah.

JJ- we’re coming for you next!


The rest of Thursday I went grocery shopping, cleaned a bit, finished up laundry, and napped (GASP!!!).

Friday, DJ’s mom (whom I’ll call Mom L for the purpose of the blog), and Gordie (Step dad!) flew into SF! They arrived at our place around 11:30 in the morning. I was giddy all morning to see them. It felt far too long since Christmas!

I have been ecstatic to show them around our stomping grounds. The last time they were here was to move us in- a time reminiscent of a giant Uhaul, an empty apartment complex, and zero food in the fridge.

BUT this time, I was able to show them the transformation of the empty walls into a livable home, and we all shared some good snacks to tide us over until dinner that night!


You can never go wrong with cheese and crackers, can I get an AMEN?!

DJ came home from work early at about 2:00, and I had to go back to the dentist to get my final cap put on my “yellow tooth” at 2:30 (hallelujah that is over with)! Also— you know I can’t go on without pointing out the irony that I went to the dentist at 2:30—- GET IT?!

For the weekend, they said they wanted to experience all our favorite restaurants/spots since we have been here. Mom L is a loyal follower of the blog, so she knew I would have great foodie spots for us to go to 😉

Orchard City Kitchen was our first on the list!


The first time we went here was in September of last year with a friend of DJ’s. It quickly made it’s way to the top of our favorites due to it’s rustic yet modern ambiance, it’s unique menu, and of course, it’s phenomenal food!!! The way this works is you order about four of five small dishes and share them with the table. Each bite is jam packed with flavors unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


We started with their famous triple B (biscuits, bacon, and honey butter). I don’t know what it is about this, but it’s the kind of thing that just sticks in your memory (PUN INTENDED). The biscuits were perfection, the butter was some of the best honey butter EVER, and the bacon (I observed) was tremendous. This little dish was talked about almost every day after for the rest of the weekend.


Next we tried the lobster dumplings. These had karashi su miso, black vinegar, fennel, and kizami nori… yeah yeah none of us really know what any of that is- but we do know they were a winner!


Next was the rainbow cauliflower salad. This had ricotta-yogurt, beets, radish, romanesco, and curried tenkasu. It was decent, but in light of everything else at the table, it may have been a bit underwhelming. Although, I will say the mix of the ricotta yogurt and curried tenkasu was a wonderful combination! The spices of the tenkasu and the coolness of the yogurt was the perfect balance.


Ready for your mouth to really start watering? This is the spaghetti & calamari dish with bolognese, fried calamari, and parm. I tried a small bite of the calamari and the spaghetti- Wowzers Mctrowsers. So yum.


We also tried the adobo pork shanks. This was accompanied by pickled green papaya relish, li hing mui, puffed rice, and cilantro. I did not try the pork- but everyone seemed to love it. I can attest, however, that the accompanying salad was mangifico.


The last thing we tried was the torn salmon with charred avocado, cucumber, kumquats, black pepper sauce, and tzatziki. This was terrific! Quite possibly some of the greatest salmon I have ever tasted.


We came home and watched some of the OJ Simpson documentary on Hulu while our food digested. It’s long, but captivating beginning to end. Anyone seen it?!

Once we had a bit more room, we headed to …. *drumroll*.. CREAM! (They said they wanted to sample the best, so no judging for us being here twice in less than a week 😉 ).


And just to prove to you all how cool my in-laws are, guess what they ordered?! The formidable Sundae of Champions!!!!


SO proud <3


DJ ordered an ice cream sandwich, so I nibbled a bit on his.


My phone went ballistic when we got home and wouldn’t turn back on. Especially with this new job starting I tossed and turned all night worrying about my phone.

On Saturday morning, I went for a nice long run to work out the nerves. DJ had to work for a few hours, and Mom L recommended that we could go in and get a new phone. I didn’t want them to have to go to the store with me on their time here, but they were incredibly gracious standing with me as I figured out the new phone situation. It all was for the best because it allowed me to grab some crisp photos for the rest of the weekend!

After working up an appetite figuring out the new phone, we headed to Bill’s Cafe! (This one probably looks super familiar as well). I knew this place would not disappoint. DJ finished up his morning shift and met us just in time to order!


We started with yummy coffee and Bill’s Famous Mimosas!


Mom L ordered their Bread Pudding French Toast. This is their famous bread pudding baked with walnuts and raisins, dipped in a rich batter and grilled to perfection, topped with fried banana and a special bread pudding sauce. They have a disclaimer next to it- “Only served at Bill’s”. Mom L raved about how good it was, and when I took a bite, I understood why. Ohhhhhh my lanta. Even if they do serve bread pudding elsewhere, this one, I guarantee, is the best.


Gordie ordered their Parisienne French toast which was a croissant baked fresh daily in their oven, dipped in egg batter and grilled, sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon. (This is what Danielle ordered when I went with her after the hike!). I raved about it in the last post! Gordie concurred that it was rave-worthy and worth the hype.


DJ ordered their chocolate chip pancakes! Cannot go wrong with a classic!


I ordered their French Garden Omelette again with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and avocado. I usually try to order different items each time I go to a restaurant, but I couldn’t resist. It was just too delish last time and it was hitting my “crave” buttons. I ordered the dish with egg whites this time and they were just as tasty as the regular eggs from last time. I also tried the potatoes, and although I loved their hash-browns, these potatoes were on a different level!!!


After our beyond satisfying breakfast we made the gorgeous drive down the 280 into SF. (In California highways are referred to as “The”, which I’m having a hard time adapting, but I’m giving it my darndest!).

Once we found parking (which is always a feat), we headed to the Ferry building. I was showing Mom L the different shops and pointed out the Peet’s where I met KM. Two seconds later guess who I spotted?!


Her and Sarah! SO crazy! It was a wonderful unexpected treat to see these two beauties again! They were about to travel home for the evening, but I was glad they had such a great time in the city. Naturally, K and I grabbed one more picture together for the road. I cannot wait to read her posts!


While walking around, we couldn’t believe the weather was actually this perfect. It’s been a record breaking rainy season, so we just kept saying Mom and Gordie brought the good weather with them and would have to move here so it stayed this nice!


We enjoyed the brilliant sunshine and energy that it brought out to the pier. Everyone seemed to be in a fabulous mood, and the pier was filled with artists, musicians, painters, and street vendors who filled the roads with creativity and scents of delicious wafting food.


And of course we had to peruze the notable Pier 39.


DJ’ favorite part of the pier is viewing the sea lions. They are hilarious to watch. Free entertainment right there!


Ok- are these two not the cutest ever?! Ah, I just love em’.

For the evening, DJ suggested we do a twilight cruise! It’s impossible to pick a favorite part of the weekend- but this cruise was undeniably a glowing highlight!


Our photogenic little bird friend


Selfie with the photogenic little bird friend


The views from this cruise coupled with the stupendous day created an experience nothing short of magical. We passed under the Golden Gate, Alcatraz, AT & T park, and The Bay Bridge!



I love these pictures below so much 😂 if you can’t tell it was a bit windy!


Once we watched the sunset, we headed down to the main floor to grab hor dourves and drinks. They had us under the impression that light snacks were being served- but we easily made a scrumptious dinner of their fruit and cheese board, hummus, crackers, sandwiches, spinach pastries, and wraps.


The view of the city transformed from a glowing reflection of the oranges and reds of the sun into twinkling lights of the skyline. The Bay Bridge lit up and majestically provided a gleaming point of reference as we sailed on the moonlit Pacific water.


After the cruise and discussing how this would be a night to remember forever, we braved our way through the cold (50s) to Ghiradelli square. You could follow the scent of chocolate (and use your GPS just a little) and find your way!


After peaking around the plethora of cutesy shops and boutiques, we somehow found ourselves in line for their World Famous Hot Fudge sundae. Imagine that! 😉


The picture I think speaks for itself. If you are a hot fudge sundae fan, add this to your food bucket list!


We ubered back to where we parked and all slept like babies that evening.

Sunday morning we went to Church all together. DJ and I were thrilled that we could share our church with them. It’s a huge part of our lives living out here and it was a blast introducing them to all our friends, worship beside them, and discuss the message afterwards. When we would all go to church together in Ohio we would usually get brunch out or at home after and have great conversation over what we all gleaned from the preaching. It felt so good to do that again, only this time on the other side of the country!

This brunch included none other than Los Gatos cafe! Home of the epic, mammoth, insanely delicious cinnamon roll!


This place has an extensive Benedict’s menu. Mom L and I each ordered one, and the guys ordered crepes!


Poached eggs FTW!

After another memorable foodie experience we made our way down Palm drive to Stanford University. We showed them around the gorgeous campus, stopped in the bookstore, and then zoomed past the building I’ll be working in a nurse nearby. It made me feel better to see the actual place- it’s less intimidating when you can tangibly see something and it’s not some vague idea in your mind! (Vague ideas and unknowns become monsters very quickly in my mind when they aren’t put in their place!).


The last time we were at Stanford’s campus like that was with my Aunt and Uncle– made me miss them lots!!

Anyway, as though this day wasn’t fun filled enough, we had one of the greatest adventures to come right around the corner.

Back in October when I was looking up Halloween festivities, GrandView restaurant  on Mt. Hamilton came up as a haunted place. (I don’t actually believe it’s haunted- just all to be festive)!

It ended up being one of our all time favorite dinners and memories. This is a hidden gem that I tell everyone they must experience at least once if they come out here!


We came right on time to witness a spectacular sunset.



One of my prayers is to look half as good as my momma-in-law when I’m her age!


I also played with my camera a ton while being here!


We were then seated for dinner. We had the most fabulous shrimp cocktail, a refreshing caprese salad, lobster carbonara for Mom L and Gordie, crab stuffed salmon for myself, and a pasta dish for DJ. Us girls were given the “good view” side of the table overlooking the Silicon Valley. The waiter said it was because the guys already had a good view 😉


We finished off this unbelievably savory meal with a slice of cheesecake to share. I loved the addition of the dark chocolate chips on top! It complemented the sweetness of the cheesecake perfectly.


We snaked down the long mountain and hit the hay. The next morning they headed back to Ohio ): I’m thankful for these memories created in such a short span of time that will last a lifetime.

Love you Mom and Gordie and so thankful for you!

Monday night DJ and I watched bachelor and gawked at the awkwardness that occurred on after the final rose. Anyone watch?! OH my goodness- poor Rachel.. she handled it like a champ though (the whole meeting the men early situation).

The rest of this week I am gearing up to start my new job Monday!!!  I could use prayers- the nerves are real! I can’t wait to give you all and update on how orientation goes. Thank you always for your love and support.

xo <3


83 thoughts on “Adventures of a Weekend; Memories of a Lifetime

  1. Whew what a week…wait…that was all crammed into a weekend!! At least the 2:30 (groan) dentist appointment didn’t interfere with all that amazing food. Seriously, it all looked faboo. Especially when you get to share with loved ones. And you’re going to do great with the new job. Have I been wrong yet? 🙂

    1. Hahaha, right?!? When I was writing this post I was like sheesh we did so much!!! I’m so very glad you picked up on my dentist joke 😉 If no one caught that I would have been sad. Hahaha. And nothing beats spending time with loved ones! I miss them tons already!! Also- that makes me feel so much better that you say that about the new job- you have not been wrong about anything through this process so I know I can take your word for it 🙂 Thanks a ton, Kristal! Your encouragement makes me feel way better. I hope you are having a glorious week!

      1. You seem to have a knack for cramming more things into more days than anyone I have ever seen so I’m kind of not surprised you had a busy weekend. You even make going for coffee look fun 😁 New job and new career = big change so it’s natural to be nervously excited. You made it this far so what’s a bit farther? It’s just a matter of eyes and ears open to absorb everything thrown at you. And it will get thrown at you hard. Be prepared to be emotionally exhausted and questioning your decisions to choose this because it will be so hard. Nurses are angels and I could not do what you’re preparing to do. And even though I only know you through your blog, I know you have a wonderfully supportive family and friends and an entire church to lift you up when you feel like falling down. So pitter patter let’s get at her! 😂

      2. Hahah- DJ gets so excited when we have a weekend with nothing planned because it’s such an anomaly!!! I have heard from so many people with nursing that most hate it for about 6 months and then suddenly things start to click… I’m thankful I’ve had time to mentally and emotionally prepare (somewhat), but I’m also thankful I have blogging as an outlet to cope a bit!!! Who knows what these posts will look like in a couple weeks! I am beyond grateful to you for your sweet support always, and even though I only know you through the blog you truly have made a difference in your encouragement and wisdom you’ve shared!!! And gosh, I don’t know what I would do without my family and church family!!! Lastly, I am TOTALLY using that last phrase “pitter patter let’s get at her”- I love your use of words. They are the best always!!! Hahah.

      3. Just out of curiosity, does a weekend with nothing planned turn into a weekend with a ton of stuff? Or do you ever just collapse on the couch and netflix your heart out? Cause that’s pretty sweet too. Oh you’ll have quite the adjustment period so it’s just a matter of one day at a time, one patient at a time, one problem at a time, and make time for you! I’m glad that I can help any time. It’s really the least I can do for all the busy and food-filled weekends I get to live vicariously through you 🙂

      4. Hahah – we definitely have a couple weekends like that, they just are a bit rare! Those are DJ’s favorites so out of fairness to him, I make sure to sneak them in 😉 this past weekend was actually super relaxing (well Saturday night)! I’m sure my weekends will be a time to recoup very soon! I’m only on day 2 and could use the rest! And awwww – you are such a gem!!!! Thankful for you, Kristal! 🤗

    1. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 ALWAYS! Dj and I have been eating all the leftover cheese and crackers for dinner every night this week 😂 whoops! 🧀 🧀 . Have a great rest of your week!

  2. Thanks so much- I had a blast reading this post, of course, and I will save it forever. For the food! Ha and everyone else. I agree about “the” highways. Like THE I 10. We don’t say THE I 77. Or should we start something?! Got Teary-eyed seeing the photos of the bread pudding French toast I MEAN Stanford. So proud of you and you will have an amazing experience!

    1. AWWW!!!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 We had an absolute ball. Next time maybe we can aim to have everyone out here at the same time! Imagine how fun that would be! And right?! It’s soooo hard to get used to the “The”. Maybe in a few years I’ll get the hang of it (then inevitably we will move somewhere new and I will be the weirdo calling the highways “the”). Hahha. And Aunt J- we are going to that Cafe next time you are out- you guys will love it. Thank you for your sweet encouragement. I was feeling so anxious last week, but Mom and Gordie calmed my nerves a ton. I hope you have such a great rest of your week 🙂 Sending hugs!

      1. Yes- it would be fabulous to all get together in SF. I am getting one of those mega sundae creations from Cream and not sharing it!!

      2. Hahah- Good!!!!! You won’t want to share- they are tremendously good. I think the do’sant (cronut) is out favorite part!! But it’s the perfect Sundae when you are feeling indecisive too because it has anything and everything you could want (which is great for me, haha).

  3. What a fun visit–wow I think me, baby, and my husband should come visit you all sometime too! 😀 That’s odd about the highways saying “the” I’ve never heard that before!
    So much good food–your in-laws will never want to leave the delicious food! (oh, and you two as well hahaha!)

    1. Ahhhhhh I would die if your perfect little family made it out this way!!! 😍 I would make sure to give you the GRAND tour of SF so you never would want to leave! hehe. And the highway thing is sooo strange to get used to. I joke that once I actually do get accustom to saying it then we will make our next move, and I’ll be the weird one in the new place that says “the” for highways. Hahah . I can’t wait to catch up on all your posts! I finally have some free time today! Woohoo! 🤗

  4. What an amazing weekend with family! Those photos of your are gorgeous, and I absolutely love the one of the photo of the foliage above your group photo. Breathtaking. Good luck on your job!

    1. Awww thank you, Kori! <3 You always have the sweetest comments. I can't wait to see what you're up to! I finally have some time to catch up on blogs today and you bet yours is one of the first I'm anxious to read!!!!!! Have a great rest of your week 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness! Life has been so hectic I am FINALLY getting time to sit down and catch up on your adventures! I missed it so much. My gosh what a life you live, my dear. It looks so fun. All the food and adventures! And yes, what wonderful memories you made with loved ones! I can’t stop staring at the bacon picture… oh my it looks phenomenal haha. Also, jeez louise you are gorgeous. Honestly, just stunning. And you take such beautiful pictures!! I hope you are having a fantastic week <3

    1. AWWWWW!!!!!! Annnaaa <3 I so appreciate you taking the time to read despite your busy, busy schedule! <3 Thank you or your SWEEEET words- goodness you made my day!!!! I send you massive hugs- and when you come visit me one day we will go to that restaurant for the BBB (it's a must!) 😉 Have a great weekend, love!!!

    1. Hehehe- I hear that sometimes from people 😉 Every week I say I’m going to take pictures besides food, but somehow they always dominate!!!

  6. SO many things happened this weekend!! Where do I even start….okay, I know… AMEN (to the cheese and crackers) 😉 But AHHHH still so jelly that you met Kate and vis versa!!!!! My two favorite blondies <3 Can we just photoshop my face into those pictures too LOL When can we start planning this NYC trip, I'm getting antsy over here! However, 2ishhh months till Andrew and I get to SF….so keep that in mind! Also, I must get the details on this Twilight boat cruise SOS, I immediately texted Andrew and was like we're doing this while we're there!!! Just go to I'm assuming? The only one I really looked into was the Alcatraz one but I want one of EVERYTHING and I mean Twilight boat cruise just sounds so much more appealing. All of your pictures are soooo beautifully taken, great quality, good angles, and the lighting in so on point! Killing it!!!! But gosh, you and Mom L, stunning!!!!! She literally only looks a few years older than us….HOW??? What water does she drink?! LOL Fabulous weekend recap per usual <3

    xo, JJ

    1. HAYYY GIRLLLL! It’s so funny because DJ and I have ate the leftover cheese, crackers, and hummus nearly every night for dinner this week and we still have wwayyyy too much leftover. Ya’ll could make a quick trip now and just help us finish it all off?! And we TOTALLY should photoshop a picture with you in it- that’d be the best. HAHAHHA. In all seriousness, NYC is going to happen for us girls, and I can’t believe you and Andrew will be here in just two months!!!! AHHHHH! I better be able to get some time off to at least see you for a couple minutes!! I am super anxious to see my schedule. Also- the twilight cruise is the most magical thing in the world- it’s not tooooo expensive either (and it has food so you’re not paying for dinner). And YES! That is the website to use! 🙂 You get to see so much in just a short amount of time. AHHHH! we are actually talking about YOU being in SF! That’s just too much for me to handle. And it’s amazing but DJ’s mom does not age! I don’t know how she does it… I’ll definitely pass this compliment on to her 😉 Hope you guys have a fun weekend! <3

      1. Omg I’m SO SO SOOOO anxious for this trip you don’t even know!!! BUT on the DL…. I might even actually be coming up to San Jose/Santa Clara next month….I need to hash out the details…its only like 30-40% actually going to happen at this point right now but my boss is finally letting me go out to our headquarters in Santa Clara soooooo IF it all works out it might be a tad easier since I’ll be even closer! I’ll keep you updated of course… xoxo

      2. AHHHHH! (Okay- internally freaking out about our snap convo too). KEEP ME UPDATED!!!!! I literally live in SC county, so I would flip out if you were right here! XOXO

  7. Thank you gazillions for posting this blog about our amazing weekend! I will treasure this weekend forever and now I can relive it with your beautiful pictures(glad you got the new phone as your pics are insanely gorgeous) and entertaining comments. I miss you two already and reading this is truly making me want to get on the next plane and come back. We can’t begin to tell you how much we love you and how fun it was to experience this past weekend with you. The boat ride, the cityscape, the crazy Filbert Street, the inspiring Vive service, the mountain top view, the conversations…. And THE FOOD!!!! I may not want to ever step on a scale again but worth every lovely calorie! So much wonderfulness in one weekend. I am craving the welcoming cheese/meat tray, the torn salmon, the banana bread fresh toast, the BBB(seriously NEED that now) all to be topped off with an enormous Sundae of Champions!! I could repeat this weekend over and over and over!! So fun and the best with you two! Thank you for having us in your apartment which you have decorated perfectly and made us feel so at home. Love you tons! Mom L and Gordie (praying for you this week as you prepare for your new career as a nurse. You will be every patient’s dream nurse!)

    1. Awwwww! Thank you for your wonderful comment, Mom!!! <3 We miss you guys so much. It's almost been a week already since you guys got here, but I keep thinking about it like crazy. It was just tooo fun!! I also TOTALLY forgot to mention Filbert Street- definitely going to edit that in there!!! Can't forget that wild ride! Thank you guys for taking the time and spoiling us even though you were on our stomping grounds. And more than anything thank you for your prayers! They mean the WORLD <3 We love you guys!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! I have to say, I think that your recap posts always make me hungry…the selection of restaurants in your area is awesome!

    1. Hi Lauren!!!!!! It was such a fun time! If you are ever in the Bay Area I have a list of tasty places for you to try about a mile long 🙂

  9. Those happy and windy pictures are so lovely! Pure happiness! As usual, this is a post of amazing pictures. I can’t stop staring at those sunset and drinks photographs. Yum! I’m glad you got the good view- and love the waiter’s comment! Have a lovely week Mack! 🙂

    1. Thanks, girl!!!!! It was PURE bliss! We were laughing the entire weekend it seemed. It’s one of those times that I was in a serious funk for a couple days after because I was so bummed it was over. And the drinks were just way too photogenic to not capture them hehe 😉 Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Kat! <3

  10. You have such an incredibly full & exciting life!!!! and all this in just one weekend!

    I think the best thing is that it is shared with family you love! You are wonderfully blessed!

    Thank you for sharing SF through you photos & sharing! It has been years since I’ve visited but I have such good memories.

    You posted pics of some of my all time favourite foods: colourful salads (Rainbow Cauli Salad: what is that striking ringed vegetable? is it radish?), Eggs Ben (and so many varieties of it) and French Toast (Parisienne-style, no less!). Drooling!!!!

    1. It has been a nice journey these last few months! It was a good shift in perspective moving out here. Before this I felt my life was dictated by school and schedules, so now I try to find adventure in each day 🙂 It’s a learning process, especially with the new job starting I’m afraid of reverting back into that kind of mindset. But I’m sure it will all work out! I am blessed with such an incredibly family on both sides- they keep me stable and love me so unconditionally. <3 God knows I needed a strong family to keep me afloat. Hahah. And yessssss those were radishes in the cauliflower salad!! mmmm mm. I hope you can make it back someday soon – I will have a list for you a mile long of places to try! The cafe with the parisienne french toast is a MUST! Have a great weekend, Ju Lyn <3

  11. WOW! Loved this post!! You really did have an amazing weekend! That food looks OUT OF THIS WORLD! Everything looks so delicious that I’m actually starting to get really hungry now hahah. And those pictures! You’ve got major skills! Absolutely gorgeous. Those sunsets need to get framed!! Looks like you had a special time with DJ and the in laws. Glad you got to spend the weekend all together and made some wonderful memories! Jesci and I will be praying for your job on Monday. Have a great weekend and don’t stress! Let go and let God.

    “I am always with you”
    Matthew 28:20

    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
    Philippians 4:13

    Jesci and I love these two verses and we memorized them together. Always remember them and you will be okay!

    1. The food was INSANE!!!! THANK YOU for commenting on the photography!! I got into it a bit in high school and am trying to do a bit more with it now. Cali makes it easy to do photography because it’s just so darn pretty!

      We are certainly thankful for this time that we had with DJ’s parents. It helped calm my nerves spending time with family like that. I appreciate your prayers more than you know, and thank you TONS for sharing those verses. I needed those reminders. Hope you have an amazing weekend, Roman! I also love that- “Let go and let God”.. I’ve never heard that, but wow, it’s powerful. Thanks for stopping by, and DJ says hey to you as well!

      1. Definitely don’t stop the photography! We want to see more! What kind of camera do you use? Thank you! Prayer is so powerful and Jesci and I will keep you in our prayers. Have a great weekend with DJ!

      2. Thank you tons!!! That is so encouraging!!!!! I actually just use my phone camera for now- the 7 plus, but I have online classes for using my Nikon DSLR. I’m just not 100% comfortable with it yet!!

  12. Hi Mackensie, all I can say is Wow! What an action packed weekend you had. Starting on Thursday and meeting your blogging friend Km and have a cup of coffee with her must have been so nice! It is wonderful you got to then have a full weekend with DJ’s Mom and stepdad! What a cute couple! From all the sightseeing you did and the wonderful food you ate, it all looked amazing. It was all an incredible tour I had from my laptop! The Grandview restaurant was my favorite part, Look , how cute you look in pics Mackensie, I love your dress and the pretty necklace and earrings, but you all look fabulous , The comment that the guys already had a view was priceless! Seeing the sunset with people who are so important in your life must have been so special, as you cant do it every week. Thank you again Dear, big hugs and I am praying for you in your new job, Terri xoxo.

    1. Hi Terri!!! It was definitely such a busy, jam-packed weekend! I was thankful it worked out to meet KM! I feel beyond blessed to have DJ’s family for in-laws… they absolutely incredible and really have taken me in as one of their own! And if you ever find yourself in the SJ area the Grandview is a must! Thank you for your sweet, sweet comments- I actually found that dress for a steal and was excited I had something to wear it for :)! I appreciate your prayers more than you know!!!!! Have such a perfect rest of your weekend, Terri!<3 XO

      1. You bare so welcome Mackensie! I really enjoy following you. If I get to the grand view I hope I’m seated facing the sunset too, and a great occasion to dress up too👗👡Hugs, my friend , Terri.💗

      2. Awww! You are such an encouragement to me, Terri! It’s a done deal- if you are in this area someday we make sure that you get to go to the Grandview and get the grand view! 🤗💕 Have such a great week!

  13. Ok, ok, it’s a done deal. You are the pro, the MASTER of packing in the most fun and most delicious food in a weekend. Every time I see your weekend recaps pop up on my reader, I embrace myself – ready for the delicious food pics that are going to make me so hungry (I am typing this at 4pm aka when I’m ravenous and need of an afternoon snack). You and DJ and your in-laws look like you guys get along so well! It’s so sweet that your mother-in-law reads your blog and from the smiles in your pictures, it’s apparent how much you guys love spending time with each other! Also, almost forgot – but saw those Mary’s crackers we were talking about earlier in the cheese and crackers photo! 😉 And if this is already obvious – you will be so beautiful and match your mother-in-law’s beauty when you are her age. I haven’t met you in person, but from our conversations through blogging and your blog post, I can easily tell how much of a beautiful person you are – an amazing and supportive wife, a great daughter and sister (I loved that post where you, your mom and your sister went on a girls trip), strong in faith and obedient to God, and optimistic despite all of life’s curveballs. I’m so glad you were able to have such fun with your in-laws and I can’t wait to see how you pack your weekend with fun and delish food this coming weekend! ;)TGIF! xo, Steph

    1. Ahhhh, Steph!!!! This is like the sweetest comment of all time! I hope you were able to get that afternoon snack after reading 😉 I am beyond thankful for my in-laws. I truly feel blessed- my mother-in-law and I are really close, and I’m thankful to get along so well with them. I always say I gained the greatest guy AND the greatest family <3 Oh, and you have got to try the Mary's Good Seed crackers- phenomenal! Lastly, thank you for your sweet, sweet words. Gosh, I can't even say how much this made my day! You have the gift of encouragement, dear, and you encouraged my heart greatly today! Thank you again! I hope your weekend has been perfect so far XOXOXO

      1. Yes, you’re not wrong when you say that you got the greatest guy and the greatest family. You are one blessed girl! Haha, yes so far, the weekend has been great. I finished a round of golf with my dad and had lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant. So far so good! Thanks for checking in. And I don’t think I need to wish you this because you’re a pro at this already, but have a superb and fun weekend! xoxo,Steph

      2. Hmmmm…there’s a lot that I love 😉
        I usually get chirashi b/c it has a mix of both sashimi and rice. While I love the fancy schmancy spicy tuna crunch volcano blah blah rolls, I realize that these extravagant rolls aren’t really authentic Japanese cuisine and that there are a lot of MSG and unnatural ingredients going into those rolls. The saddest thing though is that when I eat rolls, I don’t feel full! It’s so weird – but no matter how many rolls I eat, I don’t feel full! Such a problem haha. What’s your favorite Japanese order? xoxo, Steph

      3. Oh yum!!!! I don’t think I’ve had chirashi!!!!!! Sounds great though- I love sushimi!!!!! There is a roll I get at a sushi place near us that is wrapped in cucumber with salmon, crab, and avocado topped with masago! It’s the most refreshing dish! And I know what you mean about the non authentic rolls- unfortunately, I wouldn’t know the difference- but I’m with ya- I can eat sushi until I drop! I also love miso soup and seaweed salad!!!!

    1. I still look through this and am like holy smokes- how did we do all that in one weekend?!? It was amazing, I’m thankful to have had that one last hoorah before things get crazy starting this week. Thanks for reading, love! <3

    1. Awwwww thank you CHY! You are the sweetest 😘 I love how much you are posting, dear! You are living the dream! Keep up the travels 💕

  14. Good luck on your first day tomorrow!! 🙂 Ok – the Bachelor – it was all pretty awkward. I didn’t really see it with Nick and Vanessa on the show, but on the after the final rose, they seemed like more of a couple. And yes it was super awkward for Rachel. I can’t believe they did that! And all the hype about it had us sucked in all night. I thought it was going to be some huge announcement. So, I’m going to plan a trip to SF so you can take us to all of these places! All of this food looks amazing! And the cruise looks like so much fun! That’s so great that you got to share all of that with your in-laws and make such great memories!

    1. Hey, Tara!!!!!! Thank you SOOO much! You have no idea how much that means- I’m such a bundle of nerves and excitement ! Now bachelor- SO glad we are on the same page with all that. I am super interested to see if nick and Vanessa last- (of course I wish them no will ill, but I was so surprised!). Bachelor becomes more and more silly every season but I can’t stop myself from watching ! (Neither can DJ, so it’s a family affair 😂). And PLEEEASEEE visit SF! If you do, I’ll give you the grand tour with allll the yums! 😋😋 I was so thankful we had that weekend with them- it definitely eased my anxiousness spending time with them and the memories are invaluable !!!! Have a great week, girlfriend! Thank you tons for reading !

  15. I’m still sitting here cracking up about you going to the dentist at 2:30! You definitely have my sense of humor :). But for real, the dentist is so rough for me. I hate it! I’m glad you got through it!!

    I’m so glad you were able to meet a blog friend, show your MIL and her husband your stomping grounds, and just basically have an amazing weekend! Gorgeous pictures!

    1. That makes me SOOOOO happy that we have the same sense of humor- not that many people get a kick out of things quite the way I do 😜 and yessss- it was amazing to spend time with them for sure! Thanks for stopping by, lovely! Have a beautiful week! 💕

  16. oh my goodness I’ve just come across your blog and I’m so in love! You’re absolutely beautiful and your wedding looked like a dream! I’m just going to binge read your blog now hahaah 🙂 ❤

    1. Oh my goodness gracious- you are the sweetest !!!!!! You have no idea how much you just made my day💕 I am so glad you said hello – I just stopped by your blog and absolutely ADORE it!! I can’t wait to follow along. Have a beautiful rest of your Sunday, gorgeous! 😘

  17. I am so behind on reading blogs, but what a sweet post to read as I begin my catch up! <3 Also super long comment 🙂
    I loved loved LOVED meeting you! It truly was the highlight of my trip. You are the absolute sweetest and I was so touched that you drove to meet me. It was such a great morning and even a month later it still makes me smile! I agree I really wish we all lived closer! <3 I have literally been in SF withdrawals! I just finished (my very late) last SF recap and I was so sad because I miss it so much! I am glad we didn’t cause to much havoc because seriously if I hadn’t loved it on my first visit I definitely do now! LOL Not at all! You made it the highlight 🙂 <3
    Yes! NYC Blogging convention! 😀 <3
    Oh my Gosh Orchard City Kitchen looks ah-may-zing! Your food pics have me drooling!
    No judgement at all! ice Cream is the holy grail! And those look amazing!
    Next time I have to go to Bills cafe! I get what you mean about trying new things, but when you find something that is so yummy it is hard to not order it again!
    It was such a wonderful surprise to see you on our last day! Seriously what a way to end our time there then a surprise visit! It was so great to meet your man after reading so much about him! Seriously you guys are as cute in person as on the blog! And his mom and step-dad are so sweet as well! Ugh I wish I lived closer!
    I am still dreaming about Ghirardelli! My aunt lives right there and it beckoned to me every day! Next time you have to try the sea salt caramel sundae so flipping good!
    I love love LOVE your pictures! Last time I was in San Francisco I did a cruise but I would love to do one at sunset! So stunning! Not windy at all! You have Beyonce hair! I love it! I love that you guys were able to share your church with them! Your food pictures are seriously making me hungry!
    Huge hugs. You are going to be amazing! And I agree! The unknown can be super scary, Im happy you were able to see it beforehand!
    Oh my gosh those pictures might just be my favorite ever. That sunset! Okay I am hopping on the next plan NOW! Absolutely stunning! And YOU are stunning! Your whole look is perfect!
    I hope you have an amazing weekend sweetie! <3

    1. Hi Lovely!!!!! Oh man, so good to hear from you! You have been busy being your wander-lusting, beautiful mermaid self <3 It makes me so happy to see you SO happy!!!! I am finally having a chance to response to comments and then your blog is going to be the FIRST I check out! WOOHOO! I talk about how awesome it was to meet you ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously, you taking the time to meet up with me out of alllllll the things there are to do in SF meant the world!!!! And you know SF always has a place for Kate in it 😉 I CANNOT WAIT TO READ YOUR RECAPS!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! Lemme tell ya, after the last stressful couple of weeks, the thought of catching up on your blog truly gives me something to look forward to big time!!! How many exclamation points/caps can I fit in one comment back? Lol. I SERIOUSLY wish you lived closer—- and next time I will do the rounds near SF with ya or the cruise! OR BOTH! You are the sweetest, girlfriend. So thankful for your loving spirit always <3

      1. Awe huge hugs! This comment put a big smile on my face! I love hearing from you!
        Oh my gosh you are the sweetest! I still can;t believe you want to meet up and then drove all the way! It meant the world to me! And I had so much fun hanging out with you! Seriously we need a reunion when life gets less crazy! Awe you are the sweetest! I finally posted them all ( a month later rawr-oh) Sending you huge hugs. You got this!
        Bwahaha. This is why we need to live closer…I love all your exclamation marks! (and I use that way to much also! < and that I totally did not mean to do :p )
        I wish I did too! Seriously with this weather I am tempted to move out there. Yes! I would love that! Awe thanks sweets YOU are the sweetest! And I am so lucky that I met you! (And it makes me really happy that I can say that for real now!:D) I hope you have an amazing weekend! So much love to you sweets! <3

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