All that and Dim Sum!

Ooooh ohhh we’re halfway thereeee, ohhhh livin’ on a prayer! I had four posts to get out this weekend (maybe five), and we are officially halfway to that goal. Thanks for spending a bit of time out of your day to read.. I know y’alls lives are busy and it always blows my mind that any of ya care about what we’re up to.

So after we returned from Texas we slept till the cows came home on December 28th. We were just whooped from all the time changes & random sleep schedule. When we finally arose from our hibernation it was time for breakfast. There wasn’t a ton in the fridge, but I was able to whip together a recreation of the mushroom toast I had from Toast in San Jose (or at least I tried!). It was pretty good, but yeah, not quite the same 😉


We spent the rest of the day cleaning… I’m talking deep cleaning… I’m talking intensive deep cleaning! We like to do a massive clean-out every few months, but this is the largest we’ve done in a while. We scrubbed every dern inch of our apartment. It felt sooo fresh after.

On December 29th after church we went to San Francisco to meet up with Amy and her boyfriend for Dim Sum.


I have never had Dim Sum before, but it’s been something I have been eager to try for months. City View has a great reputation as one of the most authentic and delicious (yet reasonably priced) Dim Sum places in SF.


We went around 1:00 pm and the place was packed. In order to get your name on the list you literally have to chase down the lady with the notepad to have her put your name on the list. I’m not exaggerating at all- you have to be actually aggressive to get your name on or you won’t get seated. As soon as I could finally get to her I said “Mack, four” (for four people) in a stern voice. We waited probably fifteen minutes just to even get our name ON the list. It felt odd being that pushy- but I guess that’s the name of the game as that is what everyone else was doing.


We probably waited about 40-50 minutes total- not too bad!


When we were seated, ladies started coming around with carts with multiple steaming items on them that grab the attention of your eyes and your nostrils. You just point to what you would like and they place it on your table. They keep tabs on what you order so you just point and then chow down!

Here is the low down:

We started with bao buns. Now this is what I expected in trying bao! It was absolutely delicious. If you are a carbaholic like me, you would lovee these.


Pekking Duck: I tried a tiny nibble- very savory & full of flavor.


Scallop + Shrimp skewers: Maybe my favorite part of the entire meal- I could have ate a bowl of these. SO good.


Steamed spinach + oyster sauce: Fine, a nice change of flavor- but just tastes like steamed spinach.


Turnip cakes (your left)- This was my second favorite dish I think! Gosh, these were so good. I didn’t know what to expect, but these were packed with flavor & I really enjoyed the texture (think almost like tofu in texture). On the right are the fried crab claws- they were good, naturally, but a bit too fried for my liking.


After this first round, it was dumpling time!!

First up- soup dumplings! Very good.


Then shrimp dumplings– a staple of dim sum- also yum!


Wild mushroom– Mmmmm mmm! Terrific.


Pork and peanut– From those that tried it they said they were good with a strong peanut flavor


Chicken siu mai in the bottom right- DJ said “pretty good” haha.


The pot stickers were great too from the little nibble I tried.


BBQ Pork Buns– I just tried the actual bun part with a little of the sauce, and it was a flavor so tremendous it’s hard to describe! This was overall the favorite of the meat eaters. The bun was sweet, fluffy, and warm- yet it nearly melts in the mouth. If they were stuffed with veggies I could eat these all day every day every meal. They were phenomenal.


Egg Custard Tarts– We were not fans. They didn’t have any flavor at all?!


Our first dim sum experience was a success!! If you have had dim sum I would love to hear some of your favorite dishes.

We grabbed our leftovers to go (none of that tasty cuisine was going to go to waste!) then DJ and I walked around China Town a little bit


The artwork around downtown is always fascinating.


We then went to The Fairmont to witness the famous Gingerbread House that they have set up in the lobby every holiday season.


It was just magnificent!


Can you believe this things is real?!


It was such a beautiful day. I told DJ I wanted to frolic around a little longer. He always playfully laughs at me when I use that word.


But if this isn’t frolicking I don’t know what is!


I just love some of the store fronts in SF. There is so much history and culture in this city. It’s intricately woven with so much detail and stories on every corner. Not to get sappy, but SF really does have a special place in my heart.


We walked around Union Square a bit before heading back home.


Questions for you:

  • I just finished up the Golden Globes- did anyone else watch? I love award shows- I especially love seeing the dresses & outfits, seeing reactions, and hearing speeches. Also, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were stinking adorable!
  • Bach is on tomorrow– who is watching?! I’m actually excited for this season even though it’s been neigh-sayed quite a bit.

Have a wonderful week!

xo <3


111 thoughts on “All that and Dim Sum!

      1. It is indeed! Well, I must say that when it comes to savoury dim sum, I love steamed vegetable dumplings. If we are talking about sweet dim sum, then I would have to say sesame balls filled with red or black bean paste! 🙂

      2. Ohh yum- steamed dumplings might be my favorite too and the sesame balls are just delicious! I had them at a sushi restaurant and they are dangerously goood! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  1. Mmmmm it’s bringing back memories from my childhood 🙂 You know what the (insider’s) trick is to getting a table at a popular Dim Sum restaurant without waiting too long- arrive early. Like seriously. 11am if you are really keen, otherwise by 11.35-11.45am LATEST. And as always the sign of a good Dim Sum restaurant is the size of the crowds – but not just that – the crowd has to be the right crowd (i.e. lots of people who look like me – full of Asian clientele).


    1. Hi, Natalie!! That is SO good to know. We definitely want to go again, so we’ll make sure to go early 🙂 This was definitely a good restaurant- the crowds were insane- yet they did a great job turning over table and getting people seated. What are some of your favorite dishes? Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! xo

      1. Hi Mack, I love the steamed dishes more than the fried ones. So the ‘har gow’ (steam prawn dumpling wrapped in clear skin) or any of the ‘gow’ (mushroom, pork, chicken…). The duck is definitely a favourite, and I also like a bowl of congee to go with my Dim Sum (pork and preserved egg is my pick – but the preserved egg can be a bit of an acquired taste). Baked egg tarts are definitely the way to finish the meal. I guess the joy of a good Dim Sum restaurant is being able to try a bit of everything! Have fun!


      2. I am with you on the steamed items- fried items mess up my stomach a bit. Definitely need to try the shrimp har gow next time!!! That’s what people have been saying since I’ve been having convos about it since! Oooo congee sounds really good too. Thank you sooo much for your input- I really appreciate it!! xo

    1. Definitely worth trying at least once! The whole experience is a lot of fun 🙂 Thank you for stopping in, Nancy!

    1. thank you, Kathy!! this comment is so sweet & encouraging. I appreciate it tons & tons. <3 Happy Monday, friend!

  2. I’ve never had dim sum but it looks tasty! The gingerbread house doesn’t even seem real. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to even create it!

    Random but in the picture of you frolicking, where did you get those boots. I love them!

    1. I was seriously shocked it was real!! on the sign I think it said 1,147 total hours (from creation hours to actual construction completion). crayyyzy.

      lol- they are from DSW!!! I just got them about a month ago, so I’m sure they still have them!

      1. Yesss! That’s the best! I wish I could remember what brand off the top of my head- I’ll check when I get home!

      2. I went back in September or October and they didn’t have a ton of tall boots out so I totally have to go back and check! Don’t feel the need to check the brand <3

      3. Aw yay! well just in case they are Marc Fisher! Hope you find some fun boots 🙂 I wear them alll the time now- not sure what I even did before?! Such a necessary staple!

    1. LOL! Wait yes I did mean that 🙈 I am sooo bad at some lyrics (like really bad) and usually I double check before confidently typing them up but I was like – how can I get one line wrong?! 🤣 thanks for pointing that out 😂

      1. hah, I am cracking up. I really should – what a disgrace!! I’ll add him to the list of the other hundred I still owe an apology… hahah.

      2. haha I’ll have to start keeping tabs .. anytime the radio is on it’s a sure bet I’ll screw up a lyric. DJ finds it thoroughly entertaining.

  3. LOVE the title of this post Mack, as always you are so witty and funny! I’ve never tried Dim Sum before and although it looks exciting, my taste buds are not adventurous enough for this experience I don’t think, haha. Worlds fussiest eater is ME. I think I would definitely try the Bao buns though, as I am a carbaholic, and the way you describe the BBQ pork buns bun sounds delicious, you are such a great foodie writer Mack. It’s definitely your forte. Also, Chinatown looks so beautiful, I love that artwork. & that gingerbread house, I’m amazed!? WHAT AND HOW. That is insane and serious dedication from the people who made it / decorated it whatever. Imagine applying for a job at that hotel and being told it was a requirement to be a talented gingerbread house maker / decorator haha, I couldn’t do it. My first (and only) gingerbread attempt was not a success… How did they get it to all stick together? Amazing. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us Mack 🙂 Have a great week xxx

    1. Hehe glad you picked up on that 😉

      hehe- girl, I promise you would like it!! It’s impossible not to love the flavors- so savory, so delicious!!! If you like dumplings you could play it safe with the BBQ pork buns and soup dumplings- just phenomenal!!

      Oh my gosh- thank you for saying that, love!!! That is so encouraging <3

      I thought the same things! kept saying- "no way it's actually made of gingerbread!" ... sure enough...!! LOL- I never thought of that- but too funny to think about- "must be good with people, have great communication, and able to build a gingerbread house" bahah.

      Mine was not a success either! DJ and I did them with DJ's little sisters and it was such a disaster. We still laugh about it to this day, so I feel ya on that!

      Thanks for sharing in our experience with us, beautiful!! xo

      1. How could I not! I noticed it straight away!
        Please take me on a foodie adventure one day, I think you are the one person who could convince me to be more adventurous! I’m not the greatest pork lover so I’m not sure I’d go for the pork bun I’d just try the outside like yourself.
        You’re so welcome, it’s true!
        hahaha exactly. It’s like there’s this housing estate where my friend lives and the whole street do this EPIC Christmas lights display which raises money for charity, so when people sell the house and potential buyers come to view, they have to be informed about the display because it’s pretty much criteria they do the light display because it’s a huge event. That’s what I can imagine happening with the gingerbread house, when people go for jobs. There’s NO way I’d be able to work there!
        Oh gosh really! What happened with yours? Mine was awful I’ll send you a picture on Instagram!
        You are welcome <3

      2. Oh girl, I will convert you like I did with my husband 😉 LOL. I seriously would love to just hangout & you can be adventurous or not ! I will eat enough weird stuff for the both of us, haha!

        That light display seriously sounds so. dang. cool. Okay need to add that to my bucket list- where is it?!

        haha – it just fell to pieces. We could not get it to stand up for our lives!

      3. Haha perfect!!! That would be so amazing, but I’d definitely feel more inspired to try the weird and wonderful food with you!
        Oooh I’ll send you some pictures over instagram but I don’t have too many! It’s amazing though, they raise so much for charity each year. It’s where I live so not the most exciting place (Milton Keynes hahaha), but we’re an hours train from London and there’s plenty to do here too!
        Oh gosh same happened with mine, the icing did NOT stick!

  4. Love Chinatown, love SF!! We were at the Legion of Honor over the holidays to check out the exhibition of the Jewels of the Maharajas of India! It was a spectacular display and a gorgeos day in S Fand i could have spent all day just frolicking aound there – to quote your words 😀.

    Have a great week Mackenzie!!

    1. oh my!!! I so wish I had known about that- sounds absolutely magnificent! Have a great week too, Kalpana! Always appreciate you stopping by 🙂

  5. I would love to make a trip to San Francisco and try this yummy looking food! My hometown doesn’t have many authentic restaurants or places; so, I’m living vicariously through these posts!

    Also, I plan on watching The Bachelor on Hulu tomorrow but I can’t wait! I’m on the fence about Colton being the bachelor, but I’ll watch anyways!

    1. Aww yay! I am so glad you enjoyed reading this, Stephanie! I hope you get to visit SF sometime- if you need any foodie recs for authentic foods/cuisine I will definitely hook ya up! Literally all we do is eat our way through the city, hehe.

      Yayyyyy! We’ll have to discuss. I felt the same, and was not happy when he was initially chosen (I was team Jason), but I think because it’s so controversial it makes it all the more juicy! Thank you tons for stopping by, girl!

      1. I will keep it in mind, thank you! It looks like you have so many choices to choose from, it looks wonderful!

        Absolutely, I’m watching it now since I have some free time! I was team Jason too! Initially, I didn’t know how to feel about Garrett, but it seems to make sense for Becca to choose him. Thank you for your sweet reply back too!

      2. I actually was just listening to Becca and Garrett on a podcast this morning, and I really love their relationship- the banter is too cute. It made me appreciate them more than I did before!

        I’d love to hear your thoughts on the premiere. I felt like the multiple locations & proposals and all that was sooo cheesy– like TOO cheesy (which says a lot coming from an avid bachelor fan). Also, I felt like the girls seemed so immature & young (even for their ages?). Maybe I’m being harsh… haha. But I’d love to hear what you think!

      3. Same for me, it was after The Bachelorette was over that I really began to like them as a couple! I didn’t dislike him, but he wasn’t one of my favorites in her season.

        I somewhat liked the multiple locations, but the proposals were a bit too much. I was okay with expecting at least one, but after the next one appeared, I did think it grew to be too much.

        I was shocked by how young some of the girls were. I get the nerves and whatnot, but you’d think that they would act a little more professional?

        I get that the virginity thing is apparently a hot topic on this show, but it started to get old after the first or second conversation or first impression time. I could imagine him getting a little tired about having the girls bring it up so much!

        I wasn’t sure who he would give his first impression rose to, but so far, I’m okay with his choice! I already have a few of the girls that I do like.

        Something about the Sloth girl, I wasn’t a fan of. I wanted to fast forward within the first few seconds of her getting out of the limo! Maybe that’s just me, but she was just dragging on that act too long for me, haha. That may be my thin patience up to its extent toward the show sometimes!

        Anyways, I hope you’re enjoying the rest of your day and for next week’s episode! 🙂

      4. Yeah that’s true- definitely could have expected and appreciated the first, but after that was so over the top (especially the one in someone’s house- that felt a bit strange!).

        I know! I actually really do feel bad for Colton- he handled everything pretty well- I would have started rolling my eyes after the first reference if I was him! Kudos to him for letting it roll off

        I did like his and Hannah’s chemistry! he definitely seemed to like her.

        I ah-gree about the sloth for sure! It was soooo long, it was nearly painful to watch. The shtick should have been dropped within a few seconds.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Stephanie!!! My weeks are basically marked by bachelor nights during the season… (that sounds pathetic, but it’s true lol!)… only 3 days to gooo! 🙂

      5. Yeah, it did seem strange to propose in a house party, [or maybe I’m slightly envious since I don’t have anyone else who is dedicated to watching the show to have a house party! Haha.]

        I suppose the virginity topic will be hot throughout the season, so I’ll try not to roll my eyes each time it’s mentioned!

        Thank you for sharing yours as well, Mackenzie!! That’s how I keep track of my days, so don’t feel bad! 🙂

  6. I have never eaten a dim sum meal, but I am seriously in awe of every dish! Those bao buns and soft carbies look amazing. I wish Matt could eat it, but maybe one day he will if they find a treatment for Celiac! He has always loved dumplings. I think the district looks so unique and interesting, and I love the look of SF! It seems like it has a really neat vibe. Also, can we talk about how insanely awesome that gingerbread house is?! WOW! I’m team frolicking. It just makes me happy and feel like a kid again! Thank you for sharing this experience with us, Mack!

    1. Awww I wish they had more gluten free options for this type of cuisine- unfortunately I think gluten is like a staple in majority of the foods. BUT maybe there are some online recipes or something to recreate?! Nowadays I feel like you can find almost anything! (we should make a call to Annie’s foods and request a dim sum line, hehe).

      I AGREE! Team frolicking all the way, lol. Thanks for sharing in this fun experience with us! xo

      1. I’ll absolutely need to try making a few dishes at home! There is an Ethiopian restaurant we tried a few years ago & need to go back asap. We love all types of cuisines, & they can easily make the injera bread GF. 🙂


      2. Oh that is amazing they can make injera GF! I love that stuff. It’s been a while since we’ve had Ethiopian too …. definitely gonna have to go back soon now that we are talking about it. Although, can I tell you something funny/strange? I have that weird fear of little holes (trypophobia), so injera kinda freaks me out on its own- but I love the flavor and texture when scooping with food. I just tell myself to get over it because it’s worth it haha.

  7. Aww this post really made me missed SF! I was staying at a hostel near Chinatown and it was such a fun place to walk around in! Glad you finally had dim sum!! Looks scrumptious.

    1. Aww no way!! I would love to hear some of your favorite places to eat/things to do!! I’m glad that you enjoyed this post 🙂 Thank you for stopping by- ps. love the name of your blog!!

  8. Love this post! How do you get soooo many comments?! Oh yeah, because you are awesome! I want to grow up and be like you.. teach me the ways!

    All of your posts have been awesome and you have quite the eye for taking pictures. Next year if you are in Texas, we are going to get Pho or Dim Sum together 🙂

    That town of Roanoke looks so cute and cozy. I love it. Plus, it had a candy shop. Winner winner chicken dinner!

    Looks like a hallmark Christmas!

    Happy New Year Mack!

    PS – I didn’t catch the Golden Globes. Next time!

    1. AWW you are toooo kind! Always brighten my day! haha- the comments- just from making friends ’round here over the years!! Trust me, your engagement will be over the moon in no time flat. and giiirl, same to youuu! I am living for your adventures & your writing is the best.

      YES YES & YES! We will definitely be in Texas… actually quite a bit. More on that to come soon— stay tuned!

      hahah I had a feeling the candy shop would catch your eye! Did I tell you I got the candy sushi?! I am saving it for a Friday Favorites post- but the little red sour gummies were my fave in there!! I was shocked how delicious it all was. (Sometimes those novelty items aren’t all that good- just fun, but it was delishhh).

      Happiest of New Years to youuu, Taushah!

  9. I totally laughed out loud at the title of this post! Love it!

    I have never had Dim Sum before but now I am convinced I should try it!! And I am totally a carboholic and those bao buns looked incredible!

    I have always wanted to go to SF, or just California in general! It looks so beautiful!!!


    1. Hehe- glad you liked it 🙂

      Ohhh yes, I think you would LOVE it! Honestly, it’s hard to imagine anyone wouldn’t like it- the flavors are just so comforting & yummy.

      Yesss, oh I hope you can visit sometime soon! You would just love CA… it’s a beautiful place for sure! <3 xo

  10. I was in Chinatown years ago, but never had dim sum and now I know just how many courses and items there are – you sure explained and show us. I loved your blog title BTW … very punny! That gingerbread was so adorable – how fun to work on putting it together … did they get to eat any parts that they bent or broke when assembling it?

    1. Hehe- I’m glad it wasn’t all too confusing & glad you like the title too 🙂

      I hope they got to eat it as they went, would be a real shame to do all that work and not enjoy the process, right?! I do love that they composed it after- good to know it doesn’t all just go to waste!

    1. Girl, they were yummy yummy! Have a great day- hope it’s full of all kindsa delicious eats 🙂

  11. Ahhhh I love SF!!! I have had bits of Dim Sum items ( a bun here or there) but have never had the Dim Sum restaurant experience. It’s on my bucket list.

    Did you see any evidence of people trying to pick off a piece of that gingerbread house to taste it? LOL

    I did not watch the GG.

    I do not know what Bach is and Google pulled up a 1 season series from 1985??? Somehow I don’t think that’s what you’re talking about. LOL

    1. Definitely have to have the real experience!! Make sure before you go that they use the carts. Some places have dim sum, but don’t roll the carts- they only do the off-menu, and if you’re gonna have the experience may as well go as authentic as possible, right?!

      hehe- I didn’t, but gosh it was tempting I’ll tell ya that!

      Ohhhh hahahh Bach is short for Bachelor! It’s seriously the most ridiculous show on television, but my husband and I have to watch every season (mainly to poke fun and try to outwit one another with commentary). Thanks for stopping by & your comment!

  12. Wow what an experience!! All of the food looks super tasty. The bao buns have my mouth watering, lol. Bao is amazing! I wouldn’t have even known how to eat around that crab claw, haha. Also, so strange that you have to be stern with them to get a table! I would feel so weird and it’s odd that they have created such a vibe there.
    That’s the biggest gingerbread house I’ve ever seen!! How cool that you got to go see it!

    1. Bao is sooo good!! I just had it for the first time this year (well 2018), but can’t get enough – yummmmm!

      it was definitely weird being that aggressive, but some people have told me that means it is a really authentic type experience!

      I am so thankful we finally got to see it in person! We’ve missed it the last couple years of living here. Have a great day, girl!

  13. Oooh I love Dim Sum! My favourites are Siew Mai and Lao Sa Pao (custard salted eggyolk bun) mmmm! 😋😋 glad that your Dim-Sum mission was a success! 😁
    The gingerbread house is amazingly beautiful! 😍 aah i just love all your pictures!

    1. Oooohhh that sounds just delicious!!! Definitely need to try that next time.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Mich! Have a great weekend 🙂 <3

  14. I am so thrilled to share in your 1st Dim Sum experience! and you flew all the way to SF for this! You really are a foodie after my own heart, Mack!

    You could be a honorary Chinese person – you got yourself on the list with authority! My husband always says that if the staff aren’t grumpy & unhelpful, then it is not an authentic Cantonese restaurant!

    The photos you took are wonderful as always – that looks like some really authentic dim sum & other goodies! The pork & peanut one is Vince’s favourite & is actually an adaptation of a Teochew dumpling (as opposed to Cantonese). The skin on that one is chewier & thicker (not my favourite). Vince & my younger daughter, Jo loves Soup Dumplings – it is so tricky lifting them to your mouth without the soup bursting out of the skin! I love the look of the wild mushroom dumplings – as a vegetarian, it is challenging to find any dumplings without pork or shrimp.

    The Gingerbread House at the Fairmont is incredible! What fun!

    1. Hehe well it was only an hour drive but still anything for authentic Dim Sum :)!

      Okay that is SO good to know- we were going in blind, unsure of what to expect or to know what is considered normal for Dim Sum- how great to hear that means it really was truly authentic! Thanks for sharing that tid-bit with me!

      Ohhh I just looked up Teochew dumplings and they do look similar to the peanut ones!! I was glad they did have some vegetarian options- and man, were they ever delicious!! All this talk is making my mouth water… must have it again soon!

      Thank you for sharing this info & your thoughts- hope you have the best weekend, my friend 🙂

  15. Mmm, I’ve never been to an actual dim sum place like that before. The baos look soooo perfect, mmm. ♡ That’s awesome to hear your first experience was a success! So crazy how you had to be so aggressive to be seated though!

    China Town looks so fun! & That gingerbread house is magical! Whoooa, is it really real?! Lol. I am giggling at that photo of you frolicking. 😂 You are too cute!!!

    1. Ohh girl, you’ve gotta get the authentic experience sometime. It’s just such a fun experience!

      It definitely felt weird being that aggressive, but I also felt like a boss after getting our name on that list, lol.

      And YES, it is real! Can you believe that?! I was doubtful when I first heard about it— like no way that is actually real… sure enough!

      teheh- glad you appreciate my dorky-ness. Have a great day, m’dear!! xo

      1. I am worried I wouldn’t like a lot of the stuff/I wouldn’t be able to get full? That’s why I’ve never tried but, a lot of the food you got looks amazing. Maybe I will have to in the future! & seriously, go you for getting your name on there!!! You are a boss!!!


      2. I would say it’s so worth the experience, and everything is usually pretty cheap that you can try just soo much and not risk going hungry. I was SO full after, and I passed on several of the dishes or only tried a nibble. Have a wonderful week, girlie. always so enjoy our convos 🙂

  16. I am so keen to try boa!!!! I need to get myself some ASAP! Dim Sum looks absolutely incredible and while I know what you mean about feeling weird when it comes to being pushy, when food is involved it sometimes has to be done ha!! X

    1. Ahhh it’s soooo good, girl! I hope you can try soon 🙂

      Hehe- I AGREE! Anything for food ! Thanks for stopping by & have the best week, Kath!

    1. It’s sooo good, Chelsey! I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without trying it- it’s like I’ve seen the light, lol.

    1. Girlll it is a MUST. Definitely try to scope some out sometime 🙂 It’s one tasty experience! xo

  17. I haven’t tried Dim Sum, but I’m drooling! I love scallops! And all those dumplings look amazing! That gingerbread house sure is unreal!

    1. Okay if you love scallops you would LOVEEE those scallop dumplings- oh my, they were good! Thanks for reading, Amy! Have a great week 🙂

  18. That is so so weird to have to be that aggressive in getting your name down. I don’t know how I would feel about that but given how amazing the food looks, I would probably be running full speed to get my name down if I was there! That dough looks so squishy and yumm-eeeee.

    I love the term frolic and my gosh I lol’d at the photo of you frolicking! Definitely the perfect visual of it! :))

    I caught a teensy bit of the award show but sadly over time I have lost some interest because it feels so politically driven. Know what I mean? Like instead of just sending love to everyone for their hard work and just sticking to entertainment, it seems like so many celebrities want to use their acceptance time to talk about their opinions for hot topics. However, I LOVE looking at all the beautiful dresses. I always drool at quite a few.

    1. Right? It felt so strange! lol- I felt the same way!! The doughy buns & dumplings were to-die for!

      YESS! Team frolic!!! 🙂 That just made my night!

      I totallllllyyyy agree the award shows are soo political nowadays. I understand wanting to use your platform for a cause you believe in, but why not use a personal platform- like an interview or in a form of writing? Anywho- I’m a sucker for um’ so probably will always watch, but also totally get why people don’t care for them nowadays too. Thanks for stopping in girl and sharing your thoughts!

  19. A good cleaning is so refreshing Mackenzie! We do ours bit by bit but it is hard to keep clean with 4 little ones . Dim sim seems good for people with a variety of tastes. I have not tried cantonese food , I have to step out of my comfort zone to do so! I am glad you enjoyed it! The artwork is amazing in chinatown , a lot of talented artists. The Gingerbread house is so cool and all the facts and figures that go with it. Sometimes it is good to frolic, DJ understands, right? Be careful running down that hill Girl! Its a nice sentiment that your heart is in SF ! I have not watched the golden globes in a long time, Partly time issues and the rest is all the political statements that should be used in a different platform . But I do like the fashion pics afterwards! Have a great day Dear , Terri xo.

    1. I hope you get to try Dim Sum sometime- I think you’d really enjoy it. And the gingerbread house just blew me away! SO much detail in that huge creation. I agreeee that it can be way too political- I actually was discussing this with another blogger too! Have a wonderful day, Terri. xo

  20. Wow, seems like it was survival of the fittest in that restaurant. The shrimp dumpling looks delicious, and I definitely need try out turnip cake one day! I don’t know if the US have it, but there’s this great dim sum restaurant called Ping Pong in the U.K. and they do amazing seafood dim sum and bao!

    1. haha- it TOTALLY was. But it was so worth it! Turnip cake is something I’ve just craved since- it is sooo yummy. Oohhh I will definitely see if we have one here. Thanks for sharing, Sophia!!

  21. Omg I’m actually kind of chuckling over here at the fact that you have to be so aggressive to put your name on the list haha
    Holy moly the food! This looks like fine dining lol. I’m loving the presentation of each dish and everything literally looks so yummy! I’d love to try some dumplings. I still have duck house on my list. But ill have to find other places.
    Chinatown looks like a wonderful place to roam. We have one here too but there doesn’t seem to be much lol.
    And whoooaaaaa!!! That gingerbread is huge!!!!! And you say they do this E EVERY YEAR?!! HOW?!!

    1. RIGHT?! It felt so weird- haha. But you know nothing will stand between me and the food- lol. Girl, this dim sum was top notch! I am so eager for you to try duck house so I can hear alll about it! The Chinatown here is huge!!! So many good restaurants there. I’m drawing a blank- have you had dim sum?!

      I KNOW! The gingerbread house is insanity- standing in front of it I could hardly believe it was actually made of edible items- it was just so meticulous! Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. I’ve never had dim sum but would love to try it! I need to compile a list of places to try. Btw, the list of places I had for SF, deleted! Happened when I switched phones. Alex didn’t know I had transferred my notes and when he did a third factory reset, it all went with it 🙁 lol

      2. Oh no!!! Well no worries- we will get that list put back together in no time. I was thinking of doing a big compilation post sometime of all the places we have tried with links to the posts… I’ll have to get that together before you visit!

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