Date Night, Nosh & Korean BBQ!

Hey, hey!! Time for a lil’ update, whaddya say?! You know how it goes.. mostly food with a little sprinklin’ of everything else. Hope you are all doing well & enjoying the transition into Spring!

On March 14th after Boys and Girls Club in the afternoon, I made some mahi mahi with Mrs. Dash seasoning, zucchini/squash, and rice for Deej and me.


We decided to have an absolutely wonderful impromptu date night since the weekend was going to be busy with school work & wedding planning. Sometimes the most spontaneous decisions are the best! We walked to Main Street Cupertino and wondered into Rootstock, one of our favorite little spots.


Even though we had already had dinner, we decided we still had room to nibble on a charcuterie board. DJ enjoyed some crisp Riesling & I enjoyed a glass of an “Interesting” red blend. Anything with the word “interesting” immediately grabs my attention. It was lovely whatever-the-heck it was! We savored every bite of the cheese board (we ordered a smoked gouda), the bread pieces were deliciously nutty & fruity, and DJ greatly enjoyed the prosciutto. As soon as they set it down I had to say with a straight face, “We are clearly on the prosciutto happiness”. I did get a liiiiiittle chuckle out of him 😉


Inspired by our charcuterie platter, the next time I went to Trader Joe’s after this I stocked up on meats/cheeses like this for DJ to enjoy at home without breaking the bank. TJs has a really terrific meat tray for a reasonable price.

On March 15th, to shake off the cobwebs from studying, I enjoyed a long walk outside. I shared some of the flower bloom pics in my Friday Favorites post 🙂

March 16th I worked on my sister’s bridal shower invites, blogged, and did some school work during the day. In the afternoon, Deej and I took a walk around… guess where.. Main Street! It was just too darn pleasant outside to resist a little afternoon stroll.


And this brings us to our first SomiSomi experience that I mentioned in my last post! Little did we know that stepping foot into this little ice cream shop would change our lives (not being dramatic)..that soft serve is a game changer


In the evening, I made us some cod with roasted asparagus, rice and corn. Easy & delish. I put a little vegan butter & pink Himalayan sea salt all over the whole dish.


On March 17th after church I whipped up some grilled cheese and some cream of turkey soup with some frozen turkey I defrosted for DJ. While he did graciously finish this up, he so sweetly confessed he is officially sick of turkey haha. (Isn’t that a term the cool kids are using these days?) He really is such a trooper; I promised I won’t feed it to him anymore till Thanksgiving! lol.


Before running some errands I whipped up some avocado toast to tide me over; I was craving this gem of a snack.


After a massive trip to TJ’s I was excited to have fresh veggies stocked in the fridge. I made my usual giant salad with Lightlife smart tenders for lunch, my faveee.


For dinner I made us cod sandwiches with vegan garlic aioli from Sprouts and fresh rolls with gorgonzola crackers.


On March 18th, I woke up with coffee, avocado smoothie, and protein cookies per usual (this has been on repeat for the last month).


I shipped out the invites, worked on a few assignments, then took a walk outside. I realized I have been over-running lately (random pain twinges/heavy legs/water retention, etc.), so I have tried to replace some of my runs with a walk twice a week & I’ll tell ya I feel much better/more energized. I also have been trying to do more cross-training, and I can tell my body is positively responding to the variety. Intuitive exercise is so important, just like intuitive eating, but I’d say I struggle with it a bit since it’s how I cope with stress. I’m trying to be better to rest when needed & “read” my body for the type of exercise I should do that day,  if any at all. It has made ALL the difference!


March 19th I whipped up this concoction for lunch of purple sweet potato, beets, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, hummus, and Fage. I’ve had this on repeat until I ran out of ingredients this week. It’s sooo stinkin’ yummy & satisfying!


In the afternoon I decided to try out a new coffee shop near us, Nosh. I loved this decor! They even had a perfect study section with a sliding door. I took full advantage.


I ordered a cafe au lait with almond milk, and was surprised how well they made it since it wasn’t even on the menu!


In the afternoon I went for a run & loved the gloomy skies. The contrast between the gray skies and foliage was stunning.


March 20th was a ho-hum day, but I did make DJ some of these Lavash wraps from Sprouts for lunch. He’s been lovin’ them!


I took my first bath, in ages, that evening. Why don’t I do this more often?! I used the Green Coconut Bath Bomb from Kate, and it was heavenly. I put on a “chill hits” playlist from Spotify, read some Little Fires Everywhere, and, man, I have not appreciated the power of a bath! I understand the hype now!


The baths were short lived though since on March 21st we didn’t have any hot water. The hot water was lost due to the repairs they are making on that second floor main line break…  I was just thankful we still had water after last time! I worked up a sweat running and immediately showered to try to tolerate the cold. It was frigid, but I was proud of myself for powering through it!

That evening I made a new dinner. This night I tried out the pre-marinated chicken shawarma with rice and tandoori naan for DJ.


This was a winner!


I had my salad with hummus, Lightlife smart tenders, hummus, and balsamic. Mmm mm! Of course, I had some naan on the side 🙂


On Friday March 22nd we had a day, honayyy. I spoke too soon about being glad we still had water…. it was entirely turned off in our apartment again. Apparently in order to make the repairs they had to turn off all the water lines. Well, we were out for a few days again. They gave us shower vouchers for this community club across the street that has showers. We could only choose one day to shower (lol), so people were trading in the lobby of our apartment to get the day they wanted… one of those moments of, “Is this real life”? Haha. I know this is all going to be resolved soon, and we will definitely laugh about this for a while. I hope this doesn’t come off as ungrateful or as venting- I am sharing this because I honestly find the whole situation comical!. I know we are blessed & recognize even just taking a daily shower is a true luxury.


I ended up going to my friend Sara’s for the day to shower instead, (also.. so that I’d have access to a working toilet-real talk). I parked out on her couch and worked on school work all day. It was a super productive day! Sometimes just being out of the house can harness that productivity since there aren’t as many other responsibilities vying for your attention at home.

Directly from Sara’s I drove to Milpitas area in the evening. DJ and I met up with the couple who will be the pastors of the church location in Austin at Gen Korean BBQ.


The interior was an industrial feel, clean and modern. Luckily, we didn’t have a long wait since it was raining and us Californians melt in the rain.


Although I don’t eat meat I enjoyed the marinated calamari & shrimp. DJ loved the bulgogli! I wouldn’t say it’s our first choice meal given the price, but it was a fun experience & it’s all you can eat. Do not go if you are a vegetarian though- they have very limited options in that regard.


It was great chatting with the couple & getting to know them a bit better. They’re amazing individuals! It definitely provides some reassurance that we know people where we’ll be moving. The guys are already planning to watch some football games together & we all bonded over our love of Cracker Barrel– Apple butter anyone?! Gosh, I miss that place! It’s been a minute since a peg game has called me an “ignoramus”.

Saturday March 23rd I took a stroll in the morning with coffee in hand. On Saturdays that aren’t too busy this is one of my favorite ways to start off the weekend. It helps me clear my mind before diving into school work for the rest of the day.


In the evening I made a charcuterie spread with the TJ’s goodies I told ya about, blistered shishito peppers and a mix of breads. I enjoyed the prosciutto peppers & one of my large salads with tons of chopped veggies, Lightlife smart tenders, lotsa hummus, and balsamic; I am on a kick!


Sunday morning, on March 24th, we were greeted by this gorgeous sky on our way to church.


Here was the cute little team spread for the day!! Love those mini parfaits.


Sunday afternoon was a blast in SF…but I’ll save that for the next post 🙂

Questions for you:

  • Favorite type of cheese?
  • Any weekend plans?

xo <3

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80 thoughts on “Date Night, Nosh & Korean BBQ!

  1. You’re back with the rhymez haha.

    You are wise to listen to your body and change things up a bit. I didn’t listen to mine until it was too late and ended up PTing for 6 months.

    1. hahah I swear I did not even realize I did that!

      Thanks for affirming that! It’s hard to pass up a run, but totally want to avoid that massive injury too. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that, but I’m glad you were able to bounce back! Have a great weekend, Ralph!

  2. Oh that shower situation sounds comical, if not a little inconvenient but hey I like that you have such a positive attitude towards it! Like you say, it’s a luxury you can even have a shower at all and it was kind of your friend Sara to have you over for the day. 🙂
    But you have seriously made me crave a bath even though I already had one today hehe.
    My favourite cheese would have to be cheddar, of course. But I haven’t tried many. I’m not a great fan of halloumi, it’s too salty for me, I’ve had babybells which I think is Edam and they’re okay, and of course I enjoy mozzarella and parmesan too. It’s fascinating how there are so many different types of cheeses! What’s your favourite? Have a fab weekend Mack! X

    1. Right?! It’s sooo funny. Something we will giggle about for years to come for sure. And Sara was so sweet to let me use all her amenities 😉

      YASS mozzarella and parm are so good. I don’t know that I’ve had halloumi, but I’ll have to try it. Man, it’s so hard to choose a favorite ! I love harsh flavored cheeses- like sharp cheddars, blue cheese, and smoked goudas… but in dishes I love burrata and ricotta for the lighter flavor and texture. Honestly, I don’t know I’ve ever met a cheese I didn’t like! Have a great weekend, gf 🙂

      1. Hehe it is great that you can have a laugh about it, and definitley something to reminisce on! Right? Friendship goals!
        Ooh halloumi is quite chewy and soft and v salty actually! Let me know if you do try it. It’s very popular over here in the UK, I think because we have Nandos hehe! I haven’t had any of those I am such a plain Jane! Actually, I went to a cheese party a couple of years ago, you’d have loved it! Never had burrata or heard of it, I must check it out! You are such a foodie Queen Mack I love it! Haha wow, definitely let me know when you try halloumi then 😍

      2. Totally something we will reminisce on for a long time ! hahah.

        Oh my gosh that sounds delicious! I love my salt & a chewy texture so it sounds perfect.

        Aw that’s such a high compliment! Thank you, girlie- I will be on high alert for it. I’m gonna see if they have it at a store near us too. My sister is coming in June and we are going to wine country- it’d be perfect to take some along if we can find it! xox

  3. Everything looked good but the charcuterie board drew me like a magnet – I could sink my teeth into the crispy bread pieces. (Of course, – the bread is always the biggest draw for me in your food posts, except maybe that spaghetti last week.)

    1. YES!! We have dreamed about that charcuterie board every day since!

      The bread is always my draw too- I know you are technically paying for the meats & cheeses, but the bread & jam might be my favorite part 🙂

      Have a great weekend, Linda!

      1. It’s always about the bread as you know! Years ago when I went with my family to Germany, my mom and I would split a wurst plat (just as it sounds – a platter of sausages/German lunch meat, some cheeses and an assortment of rustic bread) … happiness as not eating a really heavy meal late in the day. I must get to Kroger for some Dave’s bread – the Pepperidge Farm pales in comparison – very gummy and not a rustic and crusty bread like Daves. Picky, picky!! You try to get a break from studies and enjoy your weekend too Mackenzie.

      2. Absolutely! You have your priorities straight 🙂

        Oohhhh that sounds wonderful- especially the rustic bread! Another blogger I follow just went to Germany within the last couple months and all the pretzels/bread she posted looked incredible!

        Daves is definitely hard to beat! Once you try it it really is hard to go back to anything else!

  4. Alex and I had an impromptu date night this week as well and it was lovely! It almost feels like a treat to get out on a weeknight instead of the usual weekend date. Although I never complain about a date night haha.

    I know it’s not funny you didn’t have water but I’m cracking up that the vouchers are made to look like an old school movie ticket! The whole situation is unfortunate but it seems like it’s out of anyone’s control. It was great your building was able to get everyone a shower voucher though. I hope it’s turned back on!

    Shisito peppers are such a great app at restaurants but I’ve never had them at home. Did you blister those yourself??

    1. I agreeee! A date night on a week night does have a different feel that’s almost more fun because it adds some zest to the normal week! Glad you guys could have a fun little date night too 🙂

      Girl, no — laugh away ! We are cracking up at this whole situation & the vouchers were next level hilarity. This is something we will giggle about for a longgg time. It is turned back on! We had luke warm water all week, but just today it is finally hot again! Woohoo!

      So blistered shishito peppers are crazy easy to make! you just toss them in olive oil over the stove! Sprinkle with some sea salt & you’re good to go 🙂 I like to dip them in hummus especially.

      Thanks for stopping in, Maureen!

  5. This post!!! So much goodness throughout. Gosh, I have so much I want to ramble about. I love the food and especially the fancy cheese boards. I need to create one for us soon! We did several years ago while we enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend at our lake house, and I loved it. Yay for impromptu dates! I really love to be more spontaneous these days, and week day dates seem even more special. Breaks up the work week. Fellow Cracker Barrel lover here!! Growing up, we would always stop on our way home from the lake house, and I would order their vegetable soup and enjoy their cornbread. Kaci got their vegetable plate (always with fried okra, yum) and ate the biscuits. Funny that I remember this, but it’s a great memory to have! We would inevitably beg to look at all the toys. 🙂 So much respect for you to look inward and focus on what your body needs and is communicating to you!! Walking is one of my very favorite forms of movement. Okay the water sitch is hysterical!! Definitely something to laugh about for years to come. “Remember that time we had to turn in a voucher to wash off our bod-ays?” Hahahaha they tried! I wouldn’t know how to handle a building full of people in need of a good scrubbing. 😉 Your optimism is infectious as is your wonderful writing. Hope you have a marvelous weekend! XO

    1. OK your comment was the BEST end to this weekend. So glad you enjoyed it! Sometimes there is just something about a cheese board that is soo satisfying about sharp cheese, crackers or bread, and I love adding hummus/veggies too! My all time favorite to make at home is a Mary’s seeded cracker with hummus, a sundried tomato, and cheese. I like making them like appetizers! Girl, yesss, amen to spontaneity! So fun. I totally agree- the impromptu dates really do break up the work week! Oh my gosh, Cracker Barrel’s cornbread is suhh goooood! All there carby things are my faveee. Thanks for sharing that memory with me! The little shop was my fave there too – I always loved smelling all the Yankee Candles, lol.

      Thank you tons & tons for the encouragement & affirmation <3

      I am sooo glad you found this whole water situation funny too- I mean a stinkin’ voucher…. LOL. Too good.

      Hope you had the best weekend, Kori!!! Thank you tons for making my night! xox

  6. That’s kind of funny they gave out shower vouchers lol but I can’t imagine having no water for several days…also I envy you for having a bathtub…I miss using bath bombs!
    But your salads & wraps look delicious & my favorite cheese is Swiss. I can’t stand strong cheeses so Swiss is perfect for me lol

    1. haha, right?! Such an experience. Awwww!! If it makes you feel better we still don’t have hot enough water to take an actual bath again. haha. When you dooo have a bath tub let me know and I will treat ya to a bath bomb 🙂

      I’m so glad you liked the look of the giant salads & the wraps too! Oh girl, I love me some swiss too!!! Soooo good! have a great week, Karalee, and thank you for stopping in 🙂

  7. OH goodness the shower situation sounds awful!!! I would be in shambles not having access to water. I guess we don’t realize how fortunate we are until it’s gone! The cod sandwiches and wraps look amazing!!! Nice charcuterie spread too!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Exactly! I did not realize just how much we rely on running water throughout the day. It realllly did make us grateful- even for those basic necessities <3

      Glad you liked the look of all the food here 🙂 Thanks for stopping in, Shan!

  8. Wow you are quite the cook! You make some amazing meals. I can’t believe you posted a bath bomb! I just googled how to make them this morning! Have a great weekend!

    1. Awww thank you, Diane!! Your comment means so much to me, especiallly coming from you! <3

      That's soo funny- Isn't it wild when you notice something for the first time you suddenly see it everywhere?

  9. Your salads always make me drool! I love big salads. I hope you are surviving all of your studying! It’s nice that you take some time for yourself and go on little walks to take study breaks and prevent running injuries. Girllll you do not sounds ungrateful at all. I would die without hot water…I’m not dramatic or anything. Hope you are having the most amazing Sunday!!!! xoxox

    1. Hey, girl! Big Salads are my jamm. I just love um- also they help use up all the produce before it goes bad so my responsible side likes them too haha.

      Hehe- I think I’m surviving- I have one massive grade that was supposed to be released this weekend so I was refreshing my grade book on repeat— it was never put in, so I’m not gonna sleep tonight haha.

      Thank you tons for saying that- it’s seriously soo challenging to live without water! I didn’t realize just how much we depend on it for everything!

      Hope you had a great weekend- Thanks for stopping in, love 🙂

  10. That charcuterie board was amazing! Your date night was superb!

    Your Cod Sandwiches were perfection!

    The water situation was dreadful!

    But all is well so let’s go eat ice cream.

    1. Awww- thanks, Nancy! It was a lot of fun 🙂 We might have to make Thursday nights our official new date night!

      You are so right- when all else fails ice cream is the answer!

      Thank you for stopping in, have a great week 🙂

    1. AW!! This means the world. Thank you sooo much for the nomination! I’m not sure I’ll be able to participate with my school schedule, but I am beyond honored!!

  11. I feel like I would be laughing at this whole shower situation as well. Shower tickets? How adorable. What better way to bring a community together than exchanging shower tickets in the lobby. Thank goodness you have a friend’s place to crash at! I’d be doing the same thing if I didn’t have a working toilet. Also, I totally agree that working somewhere different helps you stay on track. I always get so distracted at my house!

    Cracker Barrel <333 I love going there! Funny story, we have one that's a bit of a drive away but it is near where we had to go for our driver's test. My parents made it a tradition that we celebrated passing our driver's test with a Cracker Barrel breakfast afterwards! It's been quite awhile since I've gone! Apple butter is amazing!! I went to college in an Amish area so I ate a lot of that!

    I always love seeing the team spread at your church. What adorable mini parfaits! I may have to steal that idea for my sister's baby sprinkle in a few weeks 🙂

    My favorite cheese is sharp! I love the flavor paired with some spicy mustard. Delishhhh! I hope you're having a great week!

    1. hahaha right?! I was so thankful she had the day off of work so I could be at her house the whole day. It worked out so well!

      Cracker Barrel is soo good. Do you like it? What’s your favorite thing to get there if you do?

      1. I do like Cracker Barrel! I usually order the chicken and dumplings! It’s so filling and hearty, perfect for a cold day!

      2. Ohhhh chicken & dumplings is the ultimate comfort food. YUM! I didn’t even realize they had that on the menu!

  12. Mmm, mmm! That Mahi Mahi & the cod dinner you made looks straight from a restaurant & that charcuterie board looks divine. I had to say that prosciutto pun out loud a few times to actually get it. D’oh! 🤦🏾‍♀️ It was a good one though lol! I couldn’t tell you if the “cool kids” are using the term “cancelled” because I’m def not one. 😛 I’m more of a nerdy adult!! But I am cracking up about DJ finally admitting he was sick of the turkey. I can’t believe you can even freeze it that long? Doesn’t it get freezer burn or something?!

    Those cod sammies are so cute!! & I love that you went to Sprouts for some shopping this time!! 😄

    You so deserved the bath, Mackenzie! I hope your pains & aches from overrunning were soothed & are gone now. ♡ I have read so many raving reviews on Little Fires Everywhere but why doesn’t it appeal to me? I want to understand the hype but I’m not interested in the story. Ugh.

    The pre-marinated chicken looks so big & juicy!!! Yummy!!!

    I honestly think you have the right to be upset about the no water… there’s no way you sound ungrateful!

    I melt in the rain, too, but people here in Las Vegas embrace it & love it. 😭 The Korean spot has a totally cool interior!! But honestly, you weren’t missing out. I always prefer the seafood at K-BBQ! I’m just not a fan of their meat marinades & seasonings. They’re all so sweet!! But it seems I am one of the only ones who doesn’t like it because I always get weird faces when I say it. 😛 I am glad that you all got along so well & already have plans for the future. There’s a Cracker Barrel or two around here. I never been in there because I have no idea what it is… a store with specialty groceries & games??

    Can’t wait to hear about SF!!! ♡♡♡

    1. You are toooo sweet to me- you have no idea how much those compliments about my cooking mean <3 And we stillll are talking about the charcuterie board- it was soo good.

      hahah I am so glad you took the time to figure out that pun 😉 You're the only one to have commented on it, so I think it was a bit obscure- lol. I'm right there with you as a nerdy adult. I'll hear words here and there, but then will have no idea how to actually use them so I just stay away haha.

      The turkey actually does great (I make sure it's air tight in a freezer bag).. it lasts up to 6 months!

      I think of you every time I go to Sprouts now! Such a great store.

      Oh my gosh!!! I am so glad we aren't alone in our feelings about K BBQ- everyone is obsessed with it here, and it's fine-- but for the price- we just don't get it?! The calamari was tasty though!

      hahaha I just LOLed about the "groceries and games".. I guess it's nostalgic for us since we grew up with it- but it's the type of place that serves the epitome of comfort food. They have a breakfast menu that is so stinkin' good & they serve it all day long. I just love their apple pancakes/biscuits/& apple butter. mmm mmm!

      Thanks so much for stopping in, Hunida! Always love your comments <3

      1. I am only being honest, Mackenzie! Some of your plates look even better than certain restaurants I’ve been to!

        Lol I’m glad I took the time to get the pun, too. 😂 It was a good one!! & we can be nerdy adults together!! ♡

        Hehe, seriously I’m so glad to have discovered Sprouts. I actually look forward to grocery shopping now. Smith’s was a nightmare!

        I actually understand the price only because it is AYCE & their meat cuts are supposedly really good ones. I just don’t like the flavor lol. Everyone here is obsessed with it too!

        Oooh my gosh. It’s a restaurant. Duh I knew this! Lol. I have to try it sometime!


      2. Awww you da best <3 I always say culinary compliments are the HIGHEST compliments in my book!

        Hahah yesss, love it. Nerds are actually cooler in all reality though, ya ? 😉

        Hehe- yes! It is part “store” that is supposed to be a country store feel (think: They sell yankee candles & old fashioned candy) so you are totally right on that, but the food is the star of the show! Mmm mmm!

    2. I just realized I didn’t comment about Little Fires Everywhere! It’s one of those books that from a literary perspective is very well done, but can be certainly dry at times. I personally just enjoy the odes to places I grew up & the character development– even saying that, I’m going through it pretty slowly. It’s well done, but not a book you won’t be able to put down if that makes sense?!

  13. Oh & my favorite cheeses before I went dairy-free were Havarti, Muenster, & Brie! I miss all the real cheeses though. 😭

    1. Oh my gosh yessss great choices!!! Girl, I know it’s hard for the vegan ones to live up to the real thing- I am convinced in a few years we will have options that are hard to tell the difference between the real/fake. They have made sooo many advancements recently I feel like! Have you tried the vegan cheese wheel from Miyoko’s?

  14. Your posts always make me hungry! You always find and make such tasty looking foods! I actually wrote, “take a bath” into my schedule a few weeks ago so that I actually would. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. They are so relaxing! And bath bombs are awesome. As much as I don’t love gray days, they definitely make the springtime colors pop against them. Shower tickets! Oh my! I hope it’s all been sorted out. My MIL loves Cracker Barrel. We actually just took her to celebrate her 87th birthday over this past weekend. I love wayyy to many types of cheese, but I can never go wrong with a sharp cheddar. I hope your week is going amazingly. xx

    1. Aw I’m glad you find all the food appetizing!! haha- I need to do that (put a bath on my calendar too!). As soon as our super hot water is back I plan to enjoy one!

      Awwww happy birthday to your MIL! That’s a great family place to go <3

      Yess! Sharp cheddar is really versatile too- it can be enjoyed alone or in so many recipes. Thanks for stopping in, Amy 🙂 Hope your week is too!

  15. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you guys were out of water for days again. 🙁 I feel so bad for you! Dealing with it just once is something you never want to deal with again, but a second time?! I think you have a great attitude about it, but honestly you do have every reason to be upset about it lol. I would be, I know lol. Anyway, I hope it’s smooth sailing for you from here!

    1. Aw thanks girl!! I know we couldn’t believe it… so much has happened even since then that we just can’t help but laugh. Another elevator broke, our packaging system was down for a few days, now there is an atrocious smell in our garage… it’s nuts, but at this point literally nothing else can go wrong hahah.

      Either way we outtttaaaa here in just a couple months! Hope you are having a great week, Courtney!

      1. Oh MY, what a mess!! Yesss just keep reminding yourself that you will be gone literally in a matter of weeks!! 🙂

  16. “We are clearly on the prosciutto happiness” ok ohhhh my goshhhhh hahahahahahaha…pure comedy gold!

    All of your snacks and meals are drool worthy!! I am lovingggg avo toast!

    Wow that water sitch is intense! You’re right, it is so laughable! I didn’t even think about the toilet aspect til you mentioned. What a crappy situation, huh? bahaha

    I just LOVE a stormy gray spring sky with beautiful colors popping up. So dreamy. <3 Something just feels so nostalgic and peaceful about it.

    Someday when you check Knoxville, TN off your bucketlist, you’ll have to visit our fav coffeeshop with us and stroll through one of the prettiest historic neighborhoods with us. 🙂 I love mornings like that!

    1. Hold. The. Phone. Triple comments?! These are seriously SO much fun to read and making my night. I had a bit of a “trip” in blogging world the last couple days- so reading these is warming my heart & lifting my spirits.

      OK- you have no idea how much I love that you appreciate these jokes. Hahah.

      Ahhh avo toast is da best. How do you like to make it?! I always love hearing everyone’s take on it.

      HAHAH- yesss crappy situation to say the least!! Puns. On. Point.

      I agree 10000% (about the sky & colors popping through). You always describe certain moments so succinctly & accurately. I feel like the gray skies calm me down- it’s like they give permission to be a bit lazy, and the colors popping through represent “hope” in some way.

      Ahhh yess you guys have the BEST coffee shops. I have quite the list of places to visit there from y’all. Can’t wait for that day! Thanks so much again for your sweet comments. Made my evening!

      1. I finally got time to catch up on your blog!! I meant to tell you I was actually taking a bath while reading (how millennial of me huh? haha). I soak in lavender epson salt when I do and it makes my skin feel so soft. I need to try a bath bomb though! Go full basic. 😁

        I saw that!! Dadgum WP! Did they apologize??

        I sometimes use TJs everything but the bagel seasoning and sometimes some good freshly ground salt and peppa! So delish!

        Gosh yes! It’s like an invitation to slow down but also see pops of color that simultaneously lifts your spirits.

        Oh and I’m turrible and meant to comment about your iPhone sitch! Sorry you had to spend money! But the camera upgrade is so nice so enjoy it!

        Me toooooo! Have a great Sunday funday sweet friend. ❤️❤️

      2. AWWW! That makes me feel so special that you would read my blog during the ultimate relaxation time! <3 And you HAVE to go full basic with a bath. I actually need to up my bath game-- I just discovered how great they are and really want to get more bath bombs and such. That lavender epsom sounds ah-may-zing!

        haha- nah, WP just likes to keep us all on our toes. Even when I think I get how this platform works, it'll surprise me! It's allll guuud now.

        Totally totally!

        Thank youuuu!!!! I hope you had a great Sunday Funday too <3

  17. Hi Mackenzie , I remember rootstock from before! It looks a place I would stop in. I am glad you enjoyed the interesting red, and reisling is so good too. It looks a tasty platter to nibble on . Haha I bet DJ is delighted to be done with turkey. I am sure it was nice getting the invites finished! You need to be careful not to overdo it Lady when running.( I know, I know I sound like a Mom!) Nosh is very cute place, I love the sliding door idea , looks like it was quiet too. The foliage is pretty, our Spring is starting sloooowwwwlllyyyyy here ! Early May we will have flowers, I hope! The wraps look tasty. I cant recall the last bath i took Mackenzie! The kids love them and also using bath bombs! Having the water turned off in our homes makes us realize how lucky we are to have running water , and think of those around the world who must do without. I love that skyline ! We have friends visiting this weekend , a couple and their two boys. I really like American cheese ! Have a great week, Terri xo.

    1. Hi, Terri!!! I always so appreciate your great memory! Hehe- also, I really do appreciate the concern about running too! You’ll be happy to hear I have successfully taken two days off a week & incorporated much more cross training 🙂

      I’m glad to hear the spring is showing up for you! Hopefully once it gets its footing, the flowers will start popping up all over!

      Ah I hope you can enjoy a bath soon! Bath bomb and all!!!

      The whole water situation really did make me count our blessings even more <3

      Yess you cannot go wrong with American cheese! mmmm mm!

      Thanks for stopping in & have a beautiful, warm, spring filled week!

      1. It is easy to have a good memory when it comes to wine, for Me anyway!! I am glad you have eased off a little , gives the body more recovery time and thecross training will be good. Spring is here, we had 70 and sun yesterday BUT winter is not done, We are supposed to have a blizzard on Thursday with up to a foot of snow!! I will be ready for flowers though. Maybe I can get a bath in, with the bath bombs!! Happy Tuesday Mackenzie, Terri xo.

      2. Haha totally agree!!

        And i cannot be reading this right about the snow?!? A blizzard even?! In April?! Oy veyyyy. Well, I think a bath with bath bombs is just what the doctor ordered with that prognosis coming in. Stay safe!

      3. They have since downgraded a little bit but we are going to get snow today and tomorrow! 6 years ago we had a foot of snow on May 8th! A bath with bath bombs candles and 8 glass of wine would be so nice as the ladies do on TV shows, oh and I can’t forget the bubbles!

      4. Oh my gosh, can never forget the bubbles!!! I really hope you can treat yourself to this soon! Now I am thinking I may need to do the whole nine yards with the bath bomb/wine/bubbles this weekend too!

      5. I hit send on accident, I just don’t know how much alone time I would have with four kids! Happy Wednesday to you Mackenzie Terri xoxo.

      6. Aw I didn’t even notice! But hope you have a wonderful rest of the week <3

  18. That mahi mahi looks really good I dont think I’ve ever had it in my life
    .. ever lol.
    I was literally just telling Alex about somisomi yesterday!! Its officially on my list of places in SF I’m compiling my list all over again lol.
    I wish I had the guts to try asparagus again but I don’t dare. Last time I had it I hated it. It was in sushi lol. But the cod 👌🏼
    I’m gonna have to make some protein cookies too and finally try that avocado smoothie. I can’t seem to stop eating avocado, literally eat in almost every day for breakfast or lunch haha
    I haven’t had a bath since…. I actually dont remember but its been years because I never have that kind of quality time to myself unless it’s late at night and by then I prefer my sleep lol.
    Lmao I’m sorry to laugh about the water situation but I thought it was hilarious that people were trading in the lobby. I think by now the lines have been turned back on, I mean I’m kind of behind lol. (Almost there though!!!!! 🙌🏼)
    That’s so great that you got to know the pastors some more. I think it’s always best to have some connections at first when you move to a new place. 😊
    Favorite type of cheese?? Idk. I dont think I’ve tried enough to know for sure. But for now, Colby jack, specifically Tillamook brand, and parmesan. Up until like last year, alex and I had never had the real parmesan cheese. I found a recipe that needed it and we loved it. We usually stock up on it when we need it for a recipe but it’s nice to have some too for salads and other things lol.
    The weekend kind of came and went for us, we didn’t do much but we did go to a show last night (Monday) and we got another one coming up this Saturday the 27th. So excited lol. Have a great week girl!!

    1. Mahi mahi is such a mild yet savory fish- guarantee you’d love it!!

      YESSS!! Somi somi is a must! Probably one of the top places I’d recommend… actually, it’s in Cupertino (about an hour outside the city), but Uji time is very similar right in downtown SF!

      Asparagus is totally a polarizing veggie haha. Plus it makes your pee smell (TMI?) so you’re not missing out thatttt much 😉 I’m just a sucker for it – especially with za’atar!!

      Oh my gosh- did you hear about the potential avocado shortage?!?! I seriously will have a panic attack if it actually happens.

      I hear ya on the no bath sitch- many times I’m like a warm bed sounds way better than a warm bath!

      Haha the lines are definitely back on- although the water isn’t as hot as it used to be!

      Colby is SO good! One of our faves too. Oohhh that parm sounds yummy too. Hard to beat any type of gourmet cheese! Hope you enjoyed that show, girl! So fun!!!

      1. I’ll have to find it at the store or something. I want to try other kinds of fish but I’m always too hesitant haha
        Omg lol now I want to eat asparagus even less!!! 🤣🤣
        Potential avocado shortage?!?!?! 😱😱😱😱😱 whaaaaaa??? Noooooo!!!! Is that really true?? I need to look into it.
        Cheese in general is just so freaking good but I would love to eat less of it haha.
        Yeah the show was amazing and I’m still buzzing about it haha. I’m sure you’ve seen 13 Reasons Why? Dylan Minnette who plays Clay Jensen, well it’s his band!! The band is called Wallows! It was pretty unforgettable. Alex and I didn’t listen to their new album much on purpose because he said we would be experiencing those songs for the first time and it would be far more memorable and he was right. They were amazing live and all I can think about was the first time I heard those songs live lol. We got another show tonight, the 1975! I’m so excited!! Lol.

      2. I need to look into the shortage more too. There were rumors if something happened with border control stuff that it was going to affect the importation of avocados or something? I don’t know what I’m talking about honestly. I need to do a google search lol. I did notice the prices went up a bit this past week though.

        Here is an article that discusses it :

        Since this was earlier in April, I think we are in the clear now?! I hope!

        AHHH oh my gosh- you saw Wallows?! That is tooooo stinkin’ cool! And I LOVEEEEEEE the 1975. How incredible!!!! AHH!

      3. I just read that article. I guess trump was the one threatening to shut down the border which would have stop importation of avocados and other things which would suck because we get 88% of our avocados from Mexico. Can you imagine stores and restaurants not having avocados anymore?! 😭😭
        But yeah the article was written at the beginning of April so I wonder if things have gotten better since then. Maybe it was just a threat with no real action but yeah I do notice that the prices fluctuate quite often.
        Omg you actually know Wallows and The 1975?! 😀😀😀😀😀😀 badass!! I hardly know anyone who listens to the same music I do! That’s amazing! I think Wallows were just* in SF for two nights too!

      4. Ugh that would be AWFUL! So glad nothing really has seemed to come of it!

        YESSS I lovee 1975. Love it if we made it was my recent marathon jam! I played it on repeat. Currently am loving Its Not Living and Somebody Else. Sooo good!!! Ahh I’m sad I missed Wallows — although I have to get more familiar with their music and then maybe I’ll have another chance to see um’!

      5. OMG they played ALL of those songs live and it was amazing! Love It If We Made It got everyone going XD LOL
        I think I heard Somebody Else on the radio sometime last year and I fell in love with it immediately, it took Alex a while to come around to it. He thought it was an older song haha.
        They have so many great songs! I browsed all their albums and I familiarized myself with pretty much every song so I knew them all (except for one) at the concert LOL.
        Some more from the 1975 that I would recommend are:

        1) “Change of Heart”
        2) “Heart Out” (CL LOOOOOVES this one!)
        3) “The Sound” (CL’s new fave one, lol)
        4) “Sincerity is Scary”

        As for the Wallows, they don’t have a ton of songs, their Springs EP is short and their new one, Nothing Happens is full length. I have all their songs on repeat right now XD

        I’d recommend these from their Spring EP:

        1) “Pictures of Girls” (CL’s fave he actually sings along T_T )
        2) “These Days”
        3) “It’s Only Right”
        4) “Ground”

        that’s like half the album haha

        And from their Nothing Happens album, the one they’re playing on tour right now:

        1) “Are You Bored Yet?”
        2) “Scrawny” (if you don’t mind the MF word because it repeats a lot in the chorus, the song is super catchy lol), I try not to play it so much around CL haha
        3) “Only Friend” (soooo goood! One of my faves!)
        4) “Do Not Wait” (it’s slow but it was a magical song to hear live)

        Also, another song I’m loving right now but seems to be only a single is “Pleaser”. Such a good song too lol.

        Ok I’m done! Sorry!!

        I just threw a bunch of songs at you, music is literally one of my passions, I can’t go a day without it. I could literally recommend a million songs to you but I wont. I will hold back haha.

        Also, don’t feel pressured to listen to every song I recommended, whatever speaks to you more and if you do ever listen to any of them I’d love to know if you like them too! <3 😀 lol

      6. Ok you are the BEST!!!! Do not apologize !! Dj and I actually just talked music allll dinner last night and I introduced him to 1975… he’ll be stoked to see these suggestions too cause he really likes them! I love that the crowd was feeling Love it if we made it because Dj didn’t care for that in particular 😆 they definitely have an older vibe so I get why Alex would think that! Thank you for the wallows suggestions too! When I need more after these I’m totally coming to you—- screen shotting allll this now! You da best! ❤️🙏🏻

      7. LOL awh thanks! <3 😀
        yeah that's a very explicit song but it's definitely one of my favorite songs haha

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