Friday Favorites #23!

Hey everyone! I just finished up a big night of studying and am taking a quick break before starting to pack. My packing hours have been basically 12 am to 3 am… so naturally gonna squeeze in a blog post in between. Normal, right? Let’s get to it- shall we?!

  1. My sister was here this past week! We spent majority of it in coffee shops studying for me, wedding planning for her, but we made the absolute most of the time we had. I can’t wait to share some of the adventures we did squeeze in. I’m having that post-visit depression since I dropped her off at the airport this morning, but cannot wait to see her and the rest of my family in a month flat for the wedding!

2. The Woman in Cabin 10. While I don’t have much time to read right now, this book makes me want to sacrifice my couple hours of sleep a night to read. I’m not super far in, but it’s turning out to be a terrific mystery/thriller. I’ll letchya know how I feel when I finish it up!


3. Everything But the Bagel Seasoning from TJ’s. I am obsessed. This stuff is oh so yummy- especially on avocado toast!


4. Açaí  bowls. It’s been unusually hot here lately, so these make for a great breakfast or lunch. I put in a Sambazon açaí  packet with a frozen banana, 4 oz. (ish) of almond milk, salted cashews, and PB powder to mix in! Yum-mayyy


4. Marine Layer Respun Program. I heard about this from Em’s blog and just love this whole mission! If you turn in 5 tees, you get $25 credit to the store, and they recycle your old shirts to make new ones! Win-win allll around. It was extremely easy- I just dropped off my shirts to the store and gave them my e-mail which had the credit in it within a couple hours. You can also mail the shirts in if you wish too.


5. Averagefashionblogger. Dare I say Courtney is the most relatable human on the internet. I just discovered her Insta a couple weeks ago, and she has me cry-laughing.


6. PiperWai Deodorant. I have had this sitting in my bathroom drawer for a while, and with the move coming I have been on a mission to use up allll cosmetics possible. When I ran out of my carcinogenic Secret, I decided to give it a go. I haven’t had great experiences with natural deodorant in the past, but dannnng this works. I am never looking back! And I am excited to hear they now have a roll-on version (the regular version is a little bit crumbly and messy). Highly recommend checking this out- fun fact: they had their start on Shark Tank!


7. Youth by Glass Animals. I have this song on repeat. I can’t get enough. Fair disclaimer: I have an off-beat taste in music, so it won’t be for everyone.


8. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. Soooooooo remember how our neighbors were supposed to move all the way back in November? Yeah, that never happened (long story). I didn’t feel like y’all would want to hear a full on vent session about it, but now that we are moving I feel like I can share this without it sounding so whiney, lol. Since we realized we would have to live with the crazy noise 24-7, we invested in a pair of Bose Headphones to try to deal with it, especially since we had some Best Buy gift-cards we had been saving up! Y’all…. these. are. magic. I live in them while in my apartment (no exaggeration- it’s pretty much all waking hours), but it has been the ultimate life saver this past half a year!!! Oh, and I love using them while studying in coffee shops too- they definitely help me focus. Best investment of all time.


9. Facebook Marketplace. My sister introduced this to me while she was here, and I have had way much more luck than I did on Craig’s list with selling a few things before the move! It’s incredibly user friendly, even for a technologically inept individual as myself.


10. Big Little Lies. So season two just released, and I decided to rewatch the first season while running/working on house chores. Oh my gosh, I forgot a ton. This story line is tremendous. I was definitely distracted first time around watching, because I don’t remember half of this! But wowza- maybe one of the best shows ever.


That wraps up a FF. We were long overdue, huh?

What is your Friday Favorite today? Drop those FF links below if you have them!! 🙂

xo <3

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99 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #23!

  1. OMG YES big little lies, love it so much, the cinematography, the music, the incredibly complex characters, such a masterpiece. I saw season 2 reviews, and its supposedly as good or even better than the first which I AM SO EXCITED BY. Not to sound cliche, but Meryl’s addition has been so wonderful!

    1. Isn’t it epic?!? You could not have articulated its greatness any better 😍 I am amazed by the writing and production and appreciate it way more than I did the first time around since I’m actually paying attention!

      You just got me SOOOO excited for the second season ! I am going to watch while I pack tonight, so hopefully I can get through a couple more episodes! 🤗 thank you for reading!!! 💕

      1. Hmmm, now that you mention it maybe I should give the first season a second watch, now that I have to wait a whole week before the next episode is out.
        YESSS, you are so gonna enjoy it!

      2. I actually was able to make it through in about a week! It’s not too long of a series, so entirely possible- and there was soo much I had forgotten about! Have a great week, Cordelia!

  2. Ahhh I’ve been thinking of watching Big Little Lies myself and you’ve totally just sold it to me! So excited to start this show!

    That’s great about the headphones but also so annoying… like seriously how can anybody be that loud ALL of the time!?!! They should have paid for your headphones or contributed towards them at least 😂 You wouldn’t have needed them if it wasn’t for them but still, thank God they exist and you were able to get some all the same!

    Love the pic of you and your sis, you both look gorgeous and I love the backdrop! It’s great that you get to see her again so soon, I’m sure the time will fly by until then.

    I love a book which you just can’t put down, so you stay up a couple of hours for. Mystery / thrillers are always exciting, I’ll definitely have to check this one out.

    Thanks for sharing Mack, I hope you have a great weekend! X

    1. Oh girl it’s phenomenal! I can’t wait for you to watch. It’s my alone show and when dj and I are tougher we watch OA , so our shows are locked and loaded for a while 🤩

      Ahh I knowwww. It was so brutal. I actually have used these headphones in coffee shops and on planes and such too so they have been truly a blessing beyond what I even anticipated!

      Aw thank you sweet thang! You always make my day with your comments! That was taken on the SF pier 🙂 can’t wait to share our adventures from that day!

      Yesss exactly ! You get it !

      Thanks again for reading, Jennie! Have the best weekend, girlie.

  3. I’m totally going to have to check out that IG page. It seems like something I would enjoy! I can’t wait to hear about the adventures with your sister as well as what you think of the book. It’s a good one!

    This might be a weird question but did you stink at all when you switched to that natural deodorant? I feel like people always talk about a “detox” period but I don’t want to be stinky! But I’m with you on trying to use up as much as possible before the move. Team move as little as possible over here!

    I still can’t believe those neighbors didn’t move…girl that SUCKS. So glad you figured out a solution though! Plus soon you won’t have to deal with them ever again woohoo!

    I haven’t watch the newest season of Big Little Lies. I can’t decide if I’ll like it. The book was really good and I felt like it didn’t have to continue since the story had a clear ending lol. Plus I’ve seen mixed feelings about the first episode of season 2. Maybe it’s just setting the scene for the season and it’ll pick up? If you haven’t read the book yet you totally should. I liked it better than the show but that could also be because I read the book before the show was even a thing haha.

    Have a great weekend, Mackenzie! I’ll be thinking of you with the holiday on Sunday <3

    1. I think you’d really get a kick out of her! So funny. Aww I can’t wait to share! We definitely tried to make the most of our little time we had to have some fun!

      Ok so no smell at ALL! It actually worked better than my usual deodorant.. I was absolutely amazed! The stuff is magic! No detox period at all ! I am even using up the little samples of shampoo/ conditioner we have and all that. It feels so good to get rid of a ton when you move too. How is packing and everything going for y’all?

      Yeah the neighbor situation was honestly traumatic 🤣😭 it was/is crazy but definitely makes me even more excited to move !

      Ohhh that’s so interesting! I know what you mean about it feeling like it has a clear ending. I actually am shocked how much I forgot from this season, so it’ll be nice to go straight into the second season to just binge through it. Let me know what you think if you continue to watch! This was another one of those series I wish I had read first (I didn’t know it was a book before watching!) I may still have to, I just have a hard time reading if I know what’s gonna happen. Is it pretty the same or different ?

      Oh my gosh your comment just brought a tear to my eye. You are the absolute sweetest and most thoughtful. Thank you thank you, Maureen. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. ❤️ I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

      1. I’m glad to hear that there’s no smell with that deodorant! When I run out of what I have, I’ll have to find where it’s sold near me to pick it up. We just starting packing yesterday. Granted we had already gone through majority of the apartment to donate/throw out items we don’t and won’t use. When we did that leading up to now we would organize it as best as we could to make actual packing easier. Day 1 wasn’t bad but it’ll be interesting this week and weekend. How is packing going for you?

        I’m excited for you to move because of that situation!

        I haven’t watched the new season at all but maybe I’ll start it this week. It’s pretty close to the book. No major plot points are different but I’m sure some of the smaller things are just because you can’t put it all into a 10 episode season and have it all wrapped up.

      2. Yeah! I actually was a little turned off by the price of the roll-on kind, but another blogger recommended arm and hammer’s version. I have been using it the last couple days and it has worked really well for me at a way better price!

        Sounds productive for one day!! We are in pretty much the same boat! It feels so good to get rid of things! It was way easier this time around than our first move which I’m grateful for! I just put on big little lies and got to work 🙂 I actually kinda enjoy it this packing round, and it’s getting me excited. When is your actual move?

        Oh that makes sense! I like the second season so far- maybe not as much as the first, but Meryl is quite the addition! I’m interested to hear your thoughts if you watch!!

      3. The actual move isn’t until August but in 10 days we move to Alex’s parents house. Best of luck with packing and moving Mackenzie!!

      4. Oh that’s still a big move in itself, so we will be basically both transitioning at the exact same time!! We should start our own hashtag. #bloggersonthemove2019. lol. (I literally just checked the year to make sure that was right- that shows you how fogged my brain is right now). Thank you so much, Maureen!! <3 Same to youuu!

      5. Haha love the hashtag! My brain is so foggy right now too! I swear I asked Alex what days he was working in NYC no less than 10 times yesterday and I asked again this morning.

      6. hahah, oh my gosh yessss I totally hear that- we have to clarify and re-clarify things a million times too right now!

  4. The t-shirt idea is great! We need to get one of those businesses here. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book. I’ve been wanting to read that one. 🙂

    1. Isn’t it a fun concept?! Ohhh yes this would be one you would love ! Have a great weekend , Kathy! Thank you for taking the time to stop in!

  5. I’m heading to check out that t-shirt site, granted it is on the other coast from me, but it is interesting in concept. Glad you got to visit with your sister. Packing from 12am-3am does not sound ideal to me, but hey whatever works.

    1. Isn’t it such a great idea?! I bet you could do it all online ! Shipping just may take a little longer than normal.

      And it’s definitely not ideal at all but I’ve been drinking so much coffee to stay awake to study and then can’t sleep- so I use the time to be productive 🤣 kinda a vicious cycle, but almost all packed up!

  6. Ahhh how sweet that you got to spend time with your sister! It’s always nice when you can spend time together but also both be productive! How exciting that her wedding is in a month!!!

    I read the Woman in Cabin 10 last summer and it was sooo good! Enjoy!

    Soo glad you loved the Re-Spun program as much as I did!! I used my credit for a workout tank that is super soft and perfect for running!

    PiperWai deodorant is seriously AH-mazingggg! I got a sample of it last year at a race expo and was a bit hesitant about trying it but ended up loving it! I used that sample until there wasn’t anything left and now I need to buy a full size! A roll on sounds like it would be even better!

    I read the book Big Little Lies and now I am eager to watch the show! The book was great so I can only imagine the show is equally as great!

    Thanks for sharing all your faves! Honestly all my favorites lately have been all my new kitchen gadgets I got from my wedding show! Oh! And all the adorable hand towels I received. I think a majority of them were from Target or Ross. Sooo fun! Who new a kitchen towel with donuts on it and an Instant Pot would make me so happy?! Hahaa teenage Emily would probably be shocked to hear this… Though in high school I asked for a Keurig for Christmas so maybe not? Lol. Have a great weekend!!! <3

    1. Hi, Em! It was so nice having her here. I think I was more productive with school just by how often we went to coffee shops for hours and hours with a set plan each day!

      Ohhh I’m excited to hear you enjoyed it! I can’t wait to have time to read more!

      Ahhh I still have to use my credit and was just thinking I need new workout tops! Such a great idea!

      YESSSS! You’ve heard of Piperwai?! That makes me so excited! It really is sooo awesome. Game changer in the deodorant department for me! I am gonna get the roll on next for sure too!

      The show is so well produced with phenomenal actors! I’d love to hear what you think if you watch!

      New kitchen gadgets are the absolute best! I actually just discovered some I forgot about as we were packing that I need to read again. I actually didn’t know Ross had towels! I always thought of it for strictly clothes and shoes- that is so good to know! And a donut towel sounds like the cutest thing ever! Have so much fun with the instant pot – I’m still scared of mine 🤣 you know you’re adult when kitchen tools make it feel like Christmas Day! Thanks for reading and have such a great weekend too 🤗

  7. I love your posts!

    I love sister time and can’t imagine living far away from Kaci! I can’t wait to hear about your all’s time together.

    I need to start reading a good book! I used to read so much as a kid, and I need to get back to it.

    EBTB Seasoning is epic! We’re almost out – eeek eek! I’ll need to restock asap.

    Matt and I should be going by the juice/smoothie cafe near our lake house tomorrow, and I’m excited for a smoothie in a bowl with fun toppings. So refreshing!

    I’ve never heard of the ReSpun program, but it sounds so fabulous!

    I’ve been using Arm and Hammer natural deo, and overall, it works very well! Finally I found an effective one that won’t break the bank.

    Gosh, those neighbors suck so bad!! To have to resort to wearing noise-canceling headphones at your own home. Shame on your apartment complex for not getting rid of them.

    I’ve never watched Big Little Lies, but I’m currently ob-sessed with Lucifer on Netflix. I think just the story line, the actors’ chemistry, the humor, Tom Ellis being eye-candy, I just love it!

    I shared a little Friday Favs post, and if you have a chance to shop at Aldi anytime soon, they have some awesome new finds! Love ya, girl!

    1. Aww your comment made my night!!!

      I cannot wait to share about our adventures! We definitely made the most of the time we had even!

      What type of book genres do you usually enjoy?

      It really is epic! I may have actually heard about it originally from you! It’s a game changer!

      Ohhhh that sounds sooo good! I am not traditionally a smoothie person (except for my avocado one), but smoothie bowls I love! Need that variety of texture. Enjoy ! 😋

      Ohhh I didn’t even realize arm and hammer have one! I will be checking that out too. I bet it’s better priced than piperwai.

      Yeah , the whole situation has been a serious bummer. The complex tried to but there is sooo much red tape in CA when it comes to these things. I’m just so thankful we will be out of it soon!

      Oh what kind of show is it?! Anything with humor you know I’m all about!

      Ah I can’t wait to read 😍 and as soon as we get to Austin aldi is one of my first stops!!! Cannot wait! Thanks for reading, Kori 🤗

  8. Awww, you and your sis look so alike!!
    The marine layer program sounds great! I wonder if we have something similar here in Europe! Also, I am gonna have to look up that brand of natural deodorant. I think I might like the roll-on version more though.
    I have also watched the first season of Big Little Lies and I had no idea that the second one was already out! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for letting me know!! it made my day haha
    All in all, another great post that made me so soo happy to read!!

    1. Hehe- funnily enough we didn’t look anything alike when we were younger but we slowly are starting to resemble each other more!

      Ohhh good question! I wonder if they do ship that way cause then maybe you could still participate?! We’ll have to look into it!

      I definitely am getting the roll on version next! Even though it worked so well it was definitely a bit messy.

      Ahhh you are soooo welcome!! 🤗🤗 Enjoy! We will have to chat once I catch up 😍 thank you for your sweet comment- it brightened my day!

  9. Glad the Bose headphones work so well and hopefully after your move, you can put them in the drawer for good – fingers crossed for you. I still have the Doberman on the corner and have complained to the animal control officer, to no avail. Good to know about that deodorant – I have been using Tom’s Natural Deodorant products after all the bad news about the aluminum. That’s a great picture of you and your sister with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. The recycled tees are a wonderful idea. My boss collected tees for years and heard about this company that recycles them into quilts and pillows. He had many tees from running events when he was younger, traveling around the world and from opposing unions … he’d get teeshirt every time he negotiated a contract, so he had them grouped into different subjects and had several quilts made up.

    1. They really are such life savers!!! I am hoping too- then I can just use them on planes or in coffee shops need be! Fingers crossed for sure !

      I’m so sorry you are still dealing with that dog though- how annoying!

      Does Toms seem to work well? I bought a bunch of the aluminum based deodorant in bulk right before hearing about its horrible consequences. I’m finally at the end of it and thankful I tried this new one out!

      Aw thank you!

      Oh my gosh that’s so funny you say that about the quilts! I have a whole drawer full of shirts I’ve been meaning to do that with and with the move I have been consolidating them more to actually put it into motion! I guess it’s a sign that I need to get on that 😉 thanks for the link!

      1. Tom’s of Maine is not bad at all and likely much cheaper than some of the specialty “non-toxic” brands. I had looked into “Native” a while back and they have good reviews too. It was once only available from the company (founded/based in SF) and I just Googled to get the site and looks like it is available at Walmart now.
        I use the unscented variety of Tom’s and no issues at all. I have had deodorants irritate me in the past, and whether it was the aluminum or some other harsh chemical in them I don’t know.

        The dog is beyond annoying and next door to me is a small dog (Bichon Frise) and our houses are fairly close and this dog whines as soon as its owner leaves for work and continues until she returns at 6:00-ish nightly. At least since it rains all this weekend, I’ll get a reprieve from the Doberman on the corner.

        The tee-shirt quilts are nice. Robb said he had such a vast collection of tees he did not know what to do with them.
        I think I saw two of the quilts made up now that I think of it, while I was still working on site. You choose the type of binding and color which connects the squares and the quilt backing . He was going to hang the one with all the union teeshirts in the office … he has lots of work-related items in the office from being in practice 42 years. Tons of framed labor-related cartoons and posters, picket signs … it is an interesting walk through our office. 🙂

      2. Thank you for sending that over! The PiperWai is a little pricy for everyday use, I decided to wait before restocking and trying some other natural brands first- so I’ll have to check this out!!!

        Ugh! That’s so frustrating! That’s a good perspective- at least the rain hushes the puppy.. I’d lose my mind though–really irritating!

        That’s awesome that he has one that is mostly work related- that’s really special and a great idea to hang one in the office! Hope your week is off to a nice start, Linda 🙂

      3. Yes, I thought it might be pricey and the Native has come down in price since I first saw it advertised to direct order from the company. Much more reasonable! It’s pretty quiet in the house since it’s just me, and even yesterday, while trying to get things done like housework, I finally shut the radio off, so not have it on constantly … that is one reason both dogs annoy me – it is non-stop noise that never abates. Off and running and wondering how many days til a long weekend? You have to get ready for the big move at month-end. You’ll need a long weekend to recover and take a breather to get the new place in order and get a rest from school for a short time.

      4. Yay!!! I am definitely going to be trying out all these new deodorant suggestions because the roll on Piper Wai is still too pricy.

        Oh man that is just too much. That would drive me to move 😓 Constant noise is so infuriating … I actually was reading for one of my courses how it can take a serious physical toll. I would not be surprised if my blood pressure was through the roof before getting the headphones!

        I think the next “break” will be in August for me, I think I’ll even have to study a bit during my Sister’s wedding festivities- although I’m not entirely sure when. I thought I was handling everything well… until the test I took today. I don’t think I did so hot, but I guess we’ll see if he curves. Luckily I have a couple good grades under my belt to even it out. Easily the hardest course I’ve had yet! I am looking forward to that week respite in August before jumping back in though. I miss blogging and reading blogs the most, so hopefully I can use that time to catch up then 🤗

      5. I want to scream sometimes and the little dog next door whining and crying in the bedroom window under my kitchen window – this is where I work, in the kitchen. It is nonstop the entire day … you’d think the small dog would eventually tire of it. I think the Doberman on the corner is better since I complained twice to animal control but I will complain again if it starts up – it barks every time someone walks by (corner house) and barks all day long on the weekends – the owner ties it up while they have friends and family over and the dog goes crazy barking. I believe your BP could go up – I get riled up and shout “shut up” just to make myself feel better. Silly … I know.

        I admire your ability to juggle so many things at one time … when I was in school, it was just school and work and I only worked weekends, long holidays, semester/trimester breaks and all Summer, and I lived at home so my father took care of outside and my mom was still doing everything in the house and meal prep, etc. I think I had it easy – you have a lot going on and seeing Smalls makes me shudder a bit. Hope the teacher does grade on the curve and your former good grades evens it out nicely. You have a lot to memorize and absorb in your studies.

      6. Oops I sent too soon- hope you are having a good week though! I really do hope this weather turns around soon so you can get out and away from the constant barks & see our friend Parker 🐿

      7. I’m hoping it is nice too – I really need to get outside and do yardwork and since it is nice on Friday (no rain – yay) and okay with no rain until Saturday night, it may be the only chance to do it until the following weekend (Sunday is rainy too … I’ve got all electric equipment). If it would be nice on the 4th of July weekend, I’d wait, but the weather is just too iffy. I am behind in doing posts as I worked inside the house during last weekend’s rainy weekend. I had to step away a little as I was behind in everything.
        I used to enjoy working outside in Summer and the yard was a little paradise, but after the neighbor got rats, I only go back there on an as-needed basis. I’m not worried so much about the backyard – I lost most of my roses from the bitter cold weather and the neighbor on one side has a high fence, it is renters behind me now and the neighbor on the other side doesn’t do anything with his backyard, so I have to spruce up the front and side … as long as I don’t see any critters or big spiders I might say “I’ve got this” … but one critter or big spider and it will taint the outside work, so it had better happen late in the day. I’ll take Sunday off due to the rain, but it is not doing much for the walking, however, I’ll put my pedometer on to track at least a couple of miles doing yardwork (hopefully). I did all my errands two weeks ago so I could bulk up the miles and have no places to need to go to – strictly walking, however the weather did not cooperate.

    1. Yess it’s so good! And isn’t it amazing?! I rewatched the first season and started the second in about a week and a half flat!

  10. I need those noise-cancelling headphones when Mom and I are reading together in the living room. I love my Mama but OMG the woman loves to chew gum and I just can’t. I can’t!!!!

    1. haha oh my gosh, you and I are the same! I have really bad “misophonia”… I wish I could change that about myself that it bothers me so much, and I won’t be able to focus on anything else!

      1. Yep!!! I actually felt relieved that it’s actually a thing & I’m not just crazy, haha.

  11. You’ve been so kind to stop by and I’m so glad your sweet post popped up on my feed, there’s always so much to see and learn…I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Mackenzie!

    1. AW thank you, Kimberlee! So nice of you to take the time to stop in <3 Glad you enjoyed this post- hope you had a wonderful weekend too :)

  12. Awh glad you got to spend some time with your sister!! I cant wait to see mine next year!
    The woman in cabin 10 is on TBR!
    Oh that Re-Spun thing sounds super cool! Is it just any old shirts?? Does the material matter?
    Omg a charcoal deodorant?? Now that you mention it, I dont think I’m having much luck with natural deodorants either or maybe I just need to keep looking. But idk 😑
    I might do another favorites post but maybe not Fridays anymore lmao

    1. It was so nice having her here! I cannot even describe how much I miss her! Awww when are you planning on seeing her next year?! For anything in particular?

      Yeah just old shirts! There is a criteria but it’s reallllllly broad (basically they take anything).

      It’s so hard with the natural deodorant game. I think in a couple years we will have sooo many options. Someone else recommended Arm and Hammer and it was cheaper than Piper Wai, so I tried it and I love it! It smells wonderful and is sooo much more reasonably priced! I’ll link in the next FF 🙂

      Haha any day of the week a Favorites is loved!!! Hope you do post one, I’d love to read it! 💕

      1. I bet! And yes, she is graduating high school in May 2020,.so I’m so excited to be paying her and my mom a visit! I cant wait!
        Ah nice I’ll look into it I got a bunch of shirts I need to give away anyway lol
        I’ll have to look into Arm & Hammer I believe I had heard of that deodorant as well but havent come across it yet lol

      2. Oh that’s soo exciting!!! 😍 that’ll be really special ❤️

        I actually found the Arm and Hammer in bulk for about $9 on Amazon!

        Hope you are having a great weekend, love.

      3. In bulk? How many did you get? And what if I don’t like them! :O
        I did have a good weekend! Went to WA to see a friend for an event, met a celebrity chef, and then we headed down to the Oregon Coast for a mini vacation/getaway. It was super nice! 🙂

      4. Hah it actually worked out well! I was nervous about buying in bulk too- but they were pretty cheap!

        Sounds like an amazing weekend with great memories 🤗 and cannot believe you met a celebrity chef- WHAT! Glad you enjoyed!!!

  13. Sister time is the best! I just saw my sister recently… ❤️

    EBTB is awesome… I hear Walmart made a great copy!

    And glad you are getting away from those neighbors! To have to wear BOSE headphones all the time… ugh!

    Happy Start to you Week!

    1. It really is the best!!! So glad you got some sista time too!

      Ohhh I have not heard that Walmart has a brand too! I have to look into this.

      And it’s a big of a pain, DJ calls it “going to my world”, lol! I have gotten used to it, but we are sooo very ready for a new chapter that doesn’t have these rambunctious bunch living above us, hehe.

      Happy start to your week too, Nancy! Hope it’s been lovely 🙂

  14. These are some amazing favourites, you and your sister are so gorgeous!! The deodrant is so cool, I have never seen anything like it! Thank you for sharing! xxx

    1. Aw I’m so glad you enjoyed!! You are too sweet love <3 Thank you for stopping in, Chloe! xoxo

  15. I haven’t started big little lies yet:)
    But I need too all my friends watch it 🙂

    I love mysteries myself and I love that book 🙂

    1. Yessss! it is sooo good! I highly recommend it to everyone! Let me know what you think when you start. Thank you for stopping in! Also, so good to know you enjoyed the Woman in Cabin 10. I am not making much progress because it’s busy busy, but gosh, I savor any second I can to read it!

  16. I am definitely going to be checking out that t-shirt recycle situation you mentioned. It sounds awesome! We’re looking into trying to sell some stuff before our move and I found Varage? I think that is what it’s called, but we haven’t started using it yet…I’m curious about the FB version. Great post!

    1. Yayyy! I hope it works out for you- it’s so easy- and who doesn’t want an extra $25 to shop with? Ohh I have not heard of Varage, but I am going to check it out!! Thanks for the suggestion & stopping in! When about are you guys moving again?

      1. How exciting!!! Same for us- the 30th we take off!! Good luck with packing and everything 🙂

      2. Thank you!! Girl, I feel yaa! We will all be in our new places & routines in no time!

  17. Love a Friday Favorites post from you, Mackenzie!! <3 You always share the best stuff that I want to try. I added that book to my Goodreads list, any further thoughts on it?! It looks so good! Also I'm still so shocked you never tried the FB Marketplace before recently! It changed my life haha. I'm glad it's working out for you! Craigslist is just full of scammy people now anyway so the marketplace is so much better!
    I love that the headphones have saved your sanity! So frustrating about your neighbors, but I'm glad those helped you!!

    1. Aw thank you, Courtney!! This really means a ton that you enjoy these posts so much <3 I'm glad you find them helpful too! So I haven't made much of a dent in The Woman in Cabin 10, only a few pages each evening, but it's still awesome. It's the kinda book I cannot wait to get back to. When time frees up I am going to just read it all in a day- it's that kinda read!

      YESSS- Facebook Marketplace for the win! It makes me actually want to sell so much more too because it's so easy.

      These headphones are life savers, along with sleeping in our guest bedroom haha. It was a hard pill to swallow with the cost, but truly the best investment ever & having giftcards definitely helped.

      Thank you sooo much for reading & leaving such a lovely comment. I hope you are continuing to settle in nicely <3

      1. I can’t wait to read that book then!! I know what you mean, I haven’t picked up a book to read in probably a month! I’ve been so exhausted every night. :/

        Sometimes, you just have to realize that a purchase is an investment and that the cost will pay off with your use! I’m glad the headphones made such a difference for you! It sucks that you HAVE to use them, but I’m so glad you found something to help! <3

      2. Moves really will take it out of ya!!! Both of us will be back in a reading routine again in no time 🙂

        Yes, exactly!!! <3

  18. Great post!

    I just read a book of Ruth Ware’s. I really like her writing. I actually have that book The Woman in Cabin 10, but still haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. Definitely a book I hope to read at some point. Glad to hear it’s good.

    Omg, this season so far of Big Little Lies has been so flipping good! I’d like to nominate Meryl Streep for an Emmy and Golden Globe now, LoL. Did you read the book? So good!

    Have you been watching The Bachelorette? Oh the drama, LoL.

    1. Thank you so much, Jodi!

      What book from Ruth Ware have you read?! I would love to read something else of hers!!

      YES, Meryl Streep is absolutely incredible!! She truly does deserve an Emmy!! I didn’t read the books but definitely wish I had.

      Ok I could talk alllll night about the Bachelorette!!! I am LOVING and living for this season. I think Hannah is my favorite bachelorette yet- and this drama is something else. Such a refreshment from previous snooze-fest seasons of late (Except Colton’s, of course). What are your thoughts?!

      1. I read In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. Totally recommend! Really great thriller mystery read.

        Oh, this season of The Bachelorette has been another crazy season per usual, LoL. The next few episodes look like a lot happens. Like I said before, Oh the drama, LoL.

      2. Thank you for the rec! Thriller mysteries are my FAV! Writing this in my notepad.

        Haha I am so excited for these next few episodes! I have heard that Bachelor in Paradise is about to be wild too-do you watch? Also do you have a recap of your thoughts on the show? I haven’t been able to keep up with posts as much lately, but if you have one I’d love to read!

      3. No problem =). The Girl on the Train is another good thriller mystery. Although, the movie was a total disappointment. Gone Girl is another good one, as well as Sharp Objects, both by Gillian Flynn. And of course the YOU series by Caroline Kepnes is a good one too for mystery thrillers. And the tv adaptation was perfect. I’m taking a break from reading the thriller genre for the moment and reading Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid. So far, really good.

        I totally watch Bachelor in Paradise too! I’ll watch anything in this franchise, LoL. I haven’t written about this season of The Bachelorette on my blog, but maybe at some point I’ll write about it, who knows, LoL.

        With the exception of The Bachelorette, I’m behind on a lot of reality shows at the moment. Although, I recently caught up on Vanderpump Rules, LoL. Yet another crazy season at SUR.

      4. I love the girl on the train!! Sooooo stinkin’ goood! I read it on my honeymoon, and it was tremendous. I agree, the movie was a letdown for sure. I think YOU was the best adaptation ever done- even after reading the book I was still totally enthralled with the TV series! I’ll have to check out Maybe in Another Life too- we have similar tastes in general and I need a thriller palette cleanser from time to time, so thank you for the suggestion!

        Yesss VPR is always nuts haha. Did you see Brittany’s wedding pics?? GORGEOUS!

  19. Your posts are always so much fun to read!! It feels like I’m reading your journal, Mackenzie! I love it!! Omg, your açaí bowl looks soooo yummy!! I wish it was warmer in Chicago lol it’s been nothing but rain and chilly temps for the first day of summer!! We’ve been having the strangest weather over here too. Those noise cancelling headphones are so cool and look like they’d def come in handy! Amazing post, as usual!! x

    1. Hi, Nunzia!! thank you so much for stopping in & the kindest words!! <3 They mean more than you know!

      Ahh I really hope Chicago weather gets it's act together soon! I am the same- I only ever crave smoothie bowls in the heat of summer.

      I truly think they are one of the best investments we have ever made! Thank you so much again for reading & leaving such a lovely comment <3 Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

    1. Aw thanks, Jen!! yes it is realllly great. I wish life would slow down so I could have a few minutes to finish it! Enjoy! And thank you for stopping in– hope you have a great week ahead 🙂

  20. Awww how nice that Halston was able to visit with you Mackenzie ! I am sure it was a nice getaway for her and time to spend with her sister. Very cute pic of you two!! I am the same as you, reading time is at a minimum , I wonder is it on audio? The seasoning looks tasty! That is a really healthy choice breakfast . I remember you posting about respun, it is a great incentive and is a win win for all. I have not used piper wai but i know it is good being recommended by you! I also love shark tank! I will have to check out that song , must be good if on repeat! p.s. I have been listening to Lauren Daigle a bit more thanks to you! I must invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones , I have heard from numerous people how good they are. I am glad you will soon be free from the noisy neighbors !!! I am glad the facebook resource is working for you. I have not watched that show , maybe I can binge watch sometime ! I will have to do a post on links one of these days. Take care Dear, Terri xo.

    1. Hi, Terri! It was so nice having her here- I can’t wait for time to allow for me to share posts from the time she was here 🙂

      Audio books are soo great! I love listening to them on my walks, but sadly my walks are not happenin’ much right now- it’s all study/pack/plan/study! I can’t wait to get back to them when life settles down.

      Aw I’m glad you are enjoying Lauren Daigle’s music!! She’s a great role model too- which is rare to see in the entertainment arena in this day/age.

      I will say these headphones are one of the BEST investments I have ever made!! Highly recommend! I think you would really enjoy Big Little Lies- everyone who watches it gets hooked- plus it takes place in Monterey, CA so it’s close to my heart in that way ! Thanks for stopping in & reading. Hope you are having a nice week 🙂

  21. Ahhh!!! I love Big little lies!! I stumbled upon it while on Spring Break with my kids. Came home and binged watched it with the hubby. I couldn’t wait for season 2. We just watched both episodes after I returned home from Florida. Sooo good! I’m glad to hear those noise canceling headphones are so great. I’ve been thinking about investing in a pair. I don’t have very much luck with natural deoderants. I’m trying out one now that seems to work pretty well- It’s called Native and they sell it at Target. I got the coconut & vanilla scent (because I’m all about smelling like I live at the beach. lol.) I haven’t tested it in high anxiety situations yet and it does sometimes form a white line, but I just wipe it off. I need some good summer reading so I’ll have to look into that book!! I love your faves!! xx

    1. It’s SOOO good, right?!? Every scene is phenomenally done & well written- the story line is gripping & it takes place in one of my favorite places ever!!

      If you need good noise cancelling headphones- look no further. It does not get better than these, these are game changing! BEST investment ever!! I sound like an infomercial, lol.

      Ohhh I will have to try that one too- coconut & vanilla sounds amazing!!! I have actually switched to using the Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural one and it works amazingly well (it was way cheaper than Piper Wai!).

      Thanks for reading 🙂 Hope you are having a great week!

      1. I may have to check out the Arm & Hammer one because the Native one is pricey. I’m willing to do it because it’s used every day and that would be a lot of toxic buildup, but cheaper would be better! 😉

  22. You & your sister look so different but at the same time, so alike!! I know exactly what you mean about the post-visit depression, too. 😭 I don’t think the wedding has passed yet but if it did, I hope it was a blast & you had the best time with your family!!

    The TJ’s seasoning needs to be in my pantry. I bet it’d be good atop a salad, too!

    The respun program is awesome! Wow love that they recycle the shirts to make new ones. Thanks so much for sharing the site with us!! I have so much I could give them!!

    I am TERRIFIED of natural deodorant because they make me smell so bad but I’m willing to try this one if I ever see the roll version in store just because you like it!! 🙂

    I actually am so curious why your neighbors never had to move. You know I would’ve been down to read your vent! But I am glad that you got the noise cancelling headphones to drown them out while you had to!

    Always love when you do a FF, Mackenzie!! ♡

    1. Haha!! We have heard that before (about looking somewhat alike but being totally different).. we looked nothing alike as kids, but starting to more over the years.

      Aw thank you! It actually is the 13th! We leave the 10th- so coming fast <3

      Oh that's so smart to put it on top of a salad! I never thought to try that- mmmm!

      Yay- I hope the Respun Program is easy peasy for ya!

      Yesss- PeiWei works so well, and I actually am now using Arm and Hammer Natural because the PeiWei was a bit pricy roll on- the Arm and Hammer works just as well and is MUCH cheaper!

      It basically was an issue with them officially signing for the alternative apartment, and then someone else signing for it & management basically giving up. You can't officially make someone move out very easily in CA even if you do have evidence for why they should. It was all just a mess!!! We moved into our Guest Bedroom to get away from the noise which helped, and I just wore my headphones the rest of the time. SO thankful to be out of that and this new apartment is extremely quiet!! I could cry from happiness lol.

      Thank you sooo much for reading, gf!! XOX I'm so glad you enjoy these 🙂

      1. Your facial features are so similar but yeah you do look totally different!

        Can’t wait to hear about the wedding! I hope everything goes smoothly & that you have the best time. ♡

        Yess, if I ever see an everything bagel seasoning– I am so buying it!!

        I didn’t know Arm & Hammer made natural deodorant. I’ll have to check that out!! Thank you!!

        That does sound like a huge mess with those neighbors. I can’t believe they never even stopped making all that noise. I really wonder what they were doing in there. It must feel like a dream to be in your new, quiet place!! I am so happy for you!! ♡

      2. I know different grocery stores have different types of the everything bagel seasoning ! Hope you can hunt it down soon!

        Of course! Hope arm and hammer works for ya 🙂

        Thank you SO much, Hunida! It’s SOO nice. I never recognized what a luxury peace and quiet were. Hope you are having a great week 🤗

      3. I am at my sister’s apartment now and she actually has the TJ’s Everything Seasoning on her counter lol. I’m gonna have to try it on something before I go!

        Yesss, having peace and quiet where you live is definitely a luxury we forget about until we don’t have it. 😛 Hope you’re having a great week, too, Mackenzie! Thank you!

      4. Ohhhhhh how funny! I hope you enjoyed it!! Let me know your thoughts!


  23. That book looks great, titles do a lot for me and that’s a great title. I’m a fan of Big Little Lies series too and I read the book last year. You should check it out since you loved the series. I’m yet to watch Season 2 but I plan to binge-watch it next weekend.

    1. I heard the books were awesome! I have a hard time reading something after watching it, but I am considering those because I am not ready to be done with BLL! The finale was SPECTACULAR. I just loved this second season- curious your thoughts when you watch!!

    2. also just a fair warning: I found the first half of season 2 somewhat boring, but the second half is insanely gripping

      1. I just finished watching it and I ran here to let you know. OMG I love how everything unraveled and I was really worried for Celeste. The season finale was exceptional, now I can’t wait to see what happens next. You’re right about the beginning, it started slow but I guess they had to dive into the story. Hope you’re having a great weekend?

      2. YESS! I am sooo excited you finished it!!! I was so worried for Celeste too. There were times I had no idea how she was going to possibly get custody. Wasn’t it brilliantly done?! I cannot waitttt for the next season- they totally t-d it up! Aw thank you! Last weekend was a ton of studying, but still good 🙂 Hope you are having a nice week- thank you soo much for sharing with me!

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