Gusto, Barrett’s & Austin Art!

Hellllo. How’s it kickin’? It is currently 3:24 AM, and I am feeling a-ok! I am trying to stay up to 5 am today, gonna have breakfast, hit the hay and then get up at 2ish. Side note- the last few weeks I have been having the weirdest dreams. I can’t remember them much, but I was talking to another nurse who said she was too. We had nearly the same dream one night about a tornado. How odd is that?

Okay well I’ll be trudging along in my pre-lockdown recaps, if you’d like to follow along! On February 28th I headed out to meet up with my friend Alana at Gusto for some delicious Italian cuisine.

We made it at the tail end of their happy hour, so almost all our dishes were discounted. We started with their focaccia bread with rosemary + garlic, warm olives, extra virgin olive oil. I mean…. jus’ look at this beauty!


We also split a cheese board with some sharp and delicious cheeses.


We also tried the beets and barrata with roasted baby beets, frisee, creamy mozzarella, pistachio, mint, and smoked citrus vinaigrette. This was actually one of my favorites we had that evening. The combination of all the ingredients was delightful.


Now for the absolute star of the show- the mushroom truffle pizza!!! ‘Nough said.


We had such a wonderful time chatting. I cannot wait for when we can hangout again ❤️ (Also, if you’re in Austin- gusto is still delivering)

February 29th Austin walk pics: 1d0f2017-e4e1-4856-aa98-770db01698e24a68e480-9b7f-4336-b138-825819947243

March 2nd– time to study for a big exam. I went to Barrett’s Coffee Roasters per the suggestion of some established locals. The coffee was perfect, the staff was super friendly, plenty of seating was available, and it was quiet and comfortable to get lotsa studying done.


Austin from another view since I took a different walk that evening than usual 🙂


March 3rd I started the day with some chia seed, PB and yogurt toast with a bit of granola. I’ve noticed if I add chia seeds to my breakfast I tend to stay full longer. I will say they trigger my trypophobia a little, but worth it for the tasty nutrients.


Clearly I was on a toast kick because on March 4th I had toast with chocolate almonds, raspberries and peanut butter.


In the evening I made us mahi-mahi burgers from TJ’s (really good!) with wild rice and a mushroom medley.


More of Austin as spring was springing on March 5th. 


On March 6th I noticed a new mural going up downtown. It was pretty amazing to watch the painters working on their each individual section- and they were working fast!


While out on a long run on March 7th for marathon training I saw this mural at the base of one of the power towers. At first I was thinking “how cute!”, but then upon looking closer it’s in memory of those affected by cancer. Very special and touching. I just love the little hidden gems amongst the city.


I went pretty far out and discovered an awesome new running trail along the lake. It was cool to see the city in the distance around different turns.


Below was the mural by the end of the day (March 7th)…Yes, they painted this whole thing in just a couple days- how?! Artists astound me.


Below is the summary of my run.


I was worried about my stamina since I hadn’t taken training very seriously up to that point. But this run felt great and confirmed I’d be okay at least finishing the race even if it wasn’t as fast as my qualifying time. Obviously, Boston (scheduled about a week ago) did not happen. It’s definitely a bummer that it’s postponed, but I am extremely thankful it’s not cancelled entirely. I am going to do my best to make it in September and re-train before then. For now, I’m letting my body rest a bit. Running is a passion and a form of therapy for me, but the intensity of it has taken a toll. The older I get, the more I feel it too. Right now I’m doing alternatives to running like walking, pilates and super short HITT routines to get the heart rate up. It hasn’t been easy putting running on hold especially with the increased stress of late, but I can tell that my body is appreciating the rest. Hopefully I can come back stronger and healthier than ever this summer when I retrain!

Question for you:

  • I have yet to try the whipped coffee trend, but it looks yummy. Have you tried it? What do you think if so?



30 thoughts on “Gusto, Barrett’s & Austin Art!

  1. Garlic and rosemary focaccia sounds delicious! Austin has so many cool murals and the one in memory for those affected by cancer is so touching and cute.

    I’m not a coffee person but I’ve seen whipped coffee alllll over Instagram. It seems like everyone likes it unless they don’t mix the milk and whipped mixture before drinking it

    1. It is a great combo for sure!! And I’ve been amazed by Austin’s art scene- it’s everywhere you look!

      And so interesting! That’s a great tip though– I’m probably going to try it out when I get back 🙂 Thanks for reading, Maureen!

    1. I actually may have to recreate it tomorrow 🙂 Thanks, Kathy! Hope you are having a nice week!

  2. That mural is absolutely incredible!! All of the murals are so inspiring and beautiful. Love all of your food too! I did try the whipped coffee, but I didn’t whip it well. 😉 I heat my water in the microwave since it only calls for 1T, but I’m going to heat it on the stovetop next time.

    1. I have been really amazed by Austin’s art scene- it’s absolutely everywhere you look in the city, and seems very intentional too with sharing beautiful messages.

      Ohhh, that makes sense- was it still tasty though? I am going to have to try when I have access to the kitchen again!

      1. Oh good!!! It still looked good when I saw the pic you shared 🙂 Can’t wait to try it out!

  3. All this food looks delicious, especially that foccacia bread!! And the chocolate almond toast with pb and raspberries! Yum! And the burgers you made- erm! Now I am HUNGRY! Haha!!!

    Obsessed with the pics you’ve shared, those murals are so lovely! There’s some truly talented people in this world for sure! Also, did you really burn 1700 calories on that run? That’s amazing! 3 hours is such a long time to run girl you are smashing it! Thank goodness the race has been rescheduled and not cancelled!!

    I haven’t tried the coffee trend but then again I am not a coffee drinker, can’t wait to see your pics if you do it!

    1. Hi, Jennie! Have you had the “impossible” burgers that are entirely vegan?! You would love! And I agree- I was shocked watching them paint that. And they were standing on a swinging platform, which I can’t imagine trying to do that not being entirely stable! I’m not sure the calories were even accurate since I didn’t use a HR monitor- but I do know I was ravenous the rest of the weekend!! I am definitely going to try it out when I have access to a kitchen again- I’ll letchya know! Thanks for reading and your lovely comment as always <3 xox

  4. That mural is incredible! And I feel the same about running, it’s great but I just feel it so much more now. I’ve really been enjoying yoga and that’s so much more my speed now hahaha!

    1. Ohhh yes, you get it! The pilates/yoga definitely seems to have helped a lot with the joint pain too! Glad you’re enjoying it too 🙂

  5. Isn’t focaccia just the tastiest!! I used to get a cheese one from Fresh Market all the time. I love a good mural!! And wow! They sure did paint that fast! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful nature scenes!! I haven’t tried the whipped coffee trend.

    1. …also tornadoes typically symbolize anxiety and stress in dreams. Given the current state of the world, I can see why. But I have heard about people having lots of vivid, crazy dreams lately. That’s my norm. lol. Hope you are well. xx

      1. Ohh that is so interesting!!! It really does make so much sense. Hope you are too! 🙂

    2. It really is the tastiest!!! And when there is a cheese incorporated- yes, please!

      They even painted that on a swinging platform which really amazed me. So talented! Thank you for your comments, Amy! <3

  6. The whipped coffee looks amazing, but I haven’t been motivated enough to try it. I bought a milk steamer, so that’s good enough for now. 🙂

    I’ve been having some crazy dreams too! A couple of nights ago I had one so funny that I wanted to wake my wife up just to tell her about it. I decided that was a bad idea.

    1. Ohh yess, a good milk steamer makes all the difference!!

      So I’ve heard from several people now that the dreams are fairly common right now. Another blogger said just probably due to general stress going on in the world which makes sense. And hahaha I think you made the right choice!

  7. I haven’t tried the whipped coffee yet, because I keep forgetting to buy instant coffee! HA!!! I’m dying to try it though! Maybe next week!! 🙂

    1. Forgetting one item is an essential part of every shopping trip, hehe. Ohhh will be curious to hear what you think!

  8. YUUUUUSSS Gusto!! I can’t wait to go back there with you!

    I have not ventured into the chia seed territory yet…you’ll have to educate me on these because I am almost thoroughly unfamiliar.

    Also, I LOVE PILATES!!!!

    I have not tried the whipped coffee trend yet and I absolutely want to. I have heard that full-fat items (like creamer/whipping cream) is better for those of us whose stomachs hate dairy…I might have to try it!

    I miss you so much but I’m so proud of you!!!

    1. I cannot wait too- I would do just about anything for that truffle pizza right now!

      Ohhhh chia seeds- I like to make a pudding with them and add yogurt and berries, coconut water, nuts, etc.! There are lotsa great recipes online- the biggest turn off for most people is texture (totally understandable)- I’d say it’s comparable to tapioca in texture- but I like the gelatin sort of texture it gives to whatever it’s around! I feel like it does notttt sound good by my description, lol!

      Here’s a great article that does a better job:

      I didn’t know you loved Pilates too! We should do a class together somewhere when all the craziness gets better.

      Ohhh that’s really good to know about the whipping cream! I think I’d prefer that more anyway! Thank you soo much, Alana- miss you tons too <3 Can't wait to catch up soon! Hope you and Kyle are well <3

  9. I did make the Whipped Coffee! It’s actually not bad. Quite rich and quite easy! Love the murals!
    Stay safe!

  10. That focaccia is speaking to me and honestly, everything at Gusto looks scrumptious! I’ve been running recently to keep sane and switch up the home workouts and I feel ya on the feeling it more as you get older! Great post!!

    1. I am with ya- I could go from some good focaccia and pizza right now for sure! Thanks so much for stopping in and your comments 🙂 Have a great day, Jess!

  11. WOW oh wow. That focaccia bread looks freakin’ fluffy!! Yum!!! But oh my gosh, AHHH your chia seeds gave me the heebie jeebies, Mackenzie. 🙁 I LOVE that photo of the bridge & water with purple flowered branches. <3 & how fascinating that more than one person works on a mural, I always thought it was a single artist's work! They are seriously magical human beings! The finished piece looks soso amazing & the Winnie the Pooh one!! WOW!! Thanks so much for sharing with us. <3

    1. Ok I am SOOO with you on the heebie jeebies with the chia seeds- I get them too. I am always torn between the texture and nutritious enhancement (and the fact that I bought a big ol bag) vs. my own disgust with the little dots- eeeeek! So I’m sorry it has that affect on you as well!

      Aww glad you like the picture 🙂 And I thought the same thing about the murals- so interesting!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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