Plants & Face-Plants.

Hey guys!!! I just finished up food prepping for work and am sitting back eating my usual giant summer salad. I’m pretty excited to write this update because there have been some fun happenins the last couple weeks.

April 21st I headed back to work. I forgot my lunch *sad face*, but discovered this gem in our hospital cafeteria instead. I always pack my lunch because we barely have time for our breaks so running to the cafeteria and back doesn’t make sense… plus it’s wayy more cost effective to pack. Anyway, this little gem is from Urban Remedy. Oh me oh my, so delish! If you see this out and about, snatch one! This bowl had quinoa, roasted sweet potatoe, cumin, himalayan pink salt, chickpea croutons, pumpkin seeds, and beets with tahini dressing. Lemme tell ya, a nurses lunch break is the most sacred, best part of the day (if they get it). Haha.


April 23rd was a little “sandwich” day (a day off shift between a stretch of shifts), so basically my day consisted of sleeping and snacking.

DJ and I have been using Freshly to fill in a couple meals here with the couple codes they have for the first couple boxes. They have a southwestern bowl that I like combining with other foods- this combo was mmm mmm goood. I’m really feeling a quinoa kick lately. It just goes with everything!


Also, from TJ’s I have started getting pickled beets and dolmas that I love combining with hummus and tofu and a slice of Dave’s Killer bread. The combo itself is killer 😉


In the afternoon I went on a nice little jog to soak up some beautiful sun & blooms.


The other kick I’m on is a purple sweet potato stuffed with avocado and Fage yogurt topped with cumin, paprika, Himalayan salt, and cayenne.


After working the 24th, I came home starvin’ marvin’. I decided to whip up a makeshift pizza with the ingredients we had since all the pizza shops were closed. I made “naan” pizza with tandoori naan, tomato basil pasta sauce, sautéed veggies, and red pepper flakes (with of course some ranch… anyone else like ranch with their za?). My midwest is showing…


And finally…. a moment to breathe for a bit on April 25th! I slept in and spent the morning cleaning up, catching up on emails, getting requirements done for grad school, yadayadayada. In the afternoon I had garlic and herb shrimp from Freshly over kale.


On April 26th, I met up with my friend from work, Alexandra, for coffee at Voyager Craft Coffee in San Jose.


Such an interesting place! I’m surprised I haven’t been here before now.


The coffee and conversation were fantastic. I’ll definitely be back here for a pick-me-up!


The sweet potato combo made another debut that afternoon.


April 27th I woke up early and jogged my standard route and took note at how every single time I run there seem to be new flowers in bloom!


I spent the day meal prepping again, and then had my standard massive salad for dinner. (carrots/bean burger/hummus/onions/mushrooms/power blend greens/avocado with green goddess dressing).


The weekend at work was rough, rough, rough. Usually weekends are a respite from the craziness, but for some reason this one was ruthless. Needless to say, I was excited a couple days off. April 30th, I woke up with a twist on my sweet potato creation and instead did put yogurt & avocado over a rice cake.


The rest of the day was spent getting Mother’s Day gifts, perusing the shops in Los Gatos, & making a bucket list for places to visit, hike, and eat in SF! I am determined to knock a bunch out this summer.

May 1st (how is it May already?!) I met my friend, Kim, at Cafe San Jose for brunchy food. Kim is also a nurse so it’s always a big breath of fresh air talking to someone who just “gets it”, ya know?


This place is quite eclectic!


I’ve been wanting to try this breakfast joint for foreeveeer. It had the best Yelp ratings and lived up to, no no surpassssed, the hype.

To start, I ordered an egg white veggie omelette… and oh. my. goodness…. this was the largest omelette I have ever seen. IT WAS HUGE (wait until you see it relative to the rest of the food in a couple pics).


I also had read that trying their Swedish pancakes with ligonberry was a must. And I saw why… this was perfectly, perfectly cooked. The pancake was light, the buttery and fruity flavor tremendous…. one of the best breakfast morsels of all time. I am taking DJ back here ASAP to try this dish.


In the afternoon I went for a nice long run.


In the evening I made a Blue Apron meal- Mexico City Chicken Tinga Tostadas. DJ loved them! Can never go wrong with a Blue Apron meal (although I tend to make quite a mess when cooking up a storm).


May 2nd was the last day off before another stretch of days. The day before going back to work I tend to get pretty down and feel anxious the whole day. (Sunday Scaries some might say…. but it could be any day of the week with a nursing schedule). I usually just meal prep and try to stay preoccupied with cleaning and what not. This day I was feeling extra anxious after such a horrible weekend….I had to do something to get me out of my funk, so I pulled out my SF Bucket List and tried to find something I could knock out in a couple hours. I decided to put the food prep on hold and get myself heck out of the house.

I got in my car, made sure I had enough gas in the tank, opened the sun-roof, rolled down the windows, blasted music teenage style and drove into the city.


First stop was Twin Peaks. This overlook promises the best views of SF.


After driving up a winding road, I parked with no problem (which is rare in SF) at the bottom of one of the peaks (there are two next to each other- hence twin peaks).


It was FREEZING up there and so windy. I thought I was going to fly off the peak, lol. I held onto my hat and made the trek up the stairs.


It was worth it. It provided a 360 degree view from the top. (and provided sub zero degree temps!) (Ok that’s dramatic, but it was chilly chilly!).


After appreciating the majesty of the peaks, I headed to my next spot: The Sutro Baths.


I didn’t think I’d been to the Sutro Baths before, but I actually had… with my friend Annie! There is a fascinating history behind them you can read here. They are situated right next to Lands End, one of my all time favorite hiking spots.


I popped in my headphones and listened to a podcast while making the SF oasis my playground.


In this moment when I took this picture, I embraced the warm sun beating down, had this view in front of me, and took a deep breath. I felt peace, just peace. The anxiety of going back to work dissipated for this brief moment in time.


I came back home, feeling much refreshed, and food prepped with whatever groceries we had leftover. I made a stuffed sweet potato with leftover southwestern bowl and cottage cheese from breakfast at Cafe San Jose.


I also prepped the second half my omelette with cottage cheese, southwestern bowl, and avocado.


The next couple work days went well. I needed a bit of a break from the insanity that had been my last few shifts.

And this brings us to May 5th… you know what that means!! CINCO DE MAYO!!! I love an excuse for Mexican food. Can I get an Amen?!

I went on an easy run early in the morning, but suffered a nice little fall. I tripped literally over my own two feet. I fall far too often when I run. Unfortunately, this was not going to be my last tumble for the weekend…. stay tuned…


I quickly forgot about the horrible fall as I got ready to hang out with two of my favorite people- Amy, DJ’s twin and my friend Sara y’all may remember from several blog posts.

We decided to go to Aqui, basically a Cal-Mex Panera. We had Aqui-perfected Mexican eats and drinks, awesome conversation, and plenty of laughs.


Their veggie quesadillas were by far my favorite dish I’ve had there (which says a lot because I love all their dishes).


When we caught the Cavs game on a TV in the restaurant, we glued ourself to the game for the last few minutes. When Lebron made that game winning shot, Amy and I did not hide our excitement. Have to represent the CLE in the CA! GOOO CAVS!


After an unforgettable time, we went to Target to pick up sweets and went back to our apartment to watch The Sinner to wrap up the evening (woah, this show is twisted, but I love it. It’s giving off major Girl on the Train vibes).

Sunday, May 6th, I woke up bright and early to run a half marathon with Coastal Trail Runs, this one was called the Horseshoe Lake Trail Run. I ran a Coastal Train run last year and it was extraordinarily challenging because you run up a mountain essentially. I love them though because they are a great way to get some phenomenal views and have a nice long run on trails I would never dare to go on my own.

Now, I have to say…before the race I did think I was going to get murdered. I went on an emotional marathon before the race even began. The GPS took me up a tortuous road on a random mountain. Upon the Alexa-wannabe GPS robo-lady announcing, “you have arrived”, I found myself in the middle of nowhere. No other cars, people, or gu stations were in sight. I didn’t know what to do, especially because I didn’t have cell service.

Finally, a car slowly approached my isolated destination and I could make out a mid thirties guy with a neon shirt on, snacking on what looked like trailmix- I put my bet on the fact that he was a runner. I mean I had to be close to the start, right? I waved him down from my driver’s side and he rolled his window down. I asked if he was going to the race. In a British accent, he confirmed he was and told me to follow him but warned me the following road was treacherous. We started on a dirt road that was narrow, and I’m pretty confident would not allow two cars going in both directions. What if another car comes? I thought to myself. One wrong move, you are over the mountain. After ten minutes I found myself deeper and deeper into the mountain, the fog thickening, and my personal plot thickening. Christmas tree farms were on either side, with their Christmas decor still on full display. The smiling dirt dusted snowmen didn’t fill me with joy, but rather terror. This was the stuff of horror films.

At this point I was confident that this man was just leading my back to some obscure location to be murdered. I tried calling DJ, but the call immediately dropped. I didn’t know what to do, then he finally pulled over to the side of the road. I barely cracked my window as he got out of his car and ran back to me. He said, “You should be OK now, just take this road straight for another 20 minutes, I’m going to step on it so I’m not late”.

Another 20 minutes?! It was already 7:20…. the race started at 8:00. What the….. ? I thanked him, and he took off and left me literally in the dust. I drove at a more legal speed down the road, and finally, at 7:50 arrived at Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve, the starting point. They may want to update their online directions. Baha.


After racing to the porta-potties, I sprinted to the start as the gun went off.

The race was horribly bottle-necked for the first couple miles, but evened out after a bit. I was awe-struck by the views, worth the 1800 feet ascent.


I did have another fall at about mile 9. Whoooops! I can’t seem to stay on my own two feet. At the finish as DJ greeted me with a big hug, he just said, “Again?!” as he surveyed my dirt covered face, hands, and knees. Lol.


And the best part of races….. the post race snacks!


When I say I ate dirt, I literally ate dirt. I caught my body with my face. Haha.. I knocked the wind out of myself, so my chest still kinda hurts when I cough or turn in weird directions too. I find the whole thing pretty hilarious. Before this weekend I had gone quite a while without falling, so I was due for a good tumble.


**WARNING: Graphic image to follow**

My knee is struggling though for sure…. not sure how I’m gonna be on it for 12 hours tomorrow.


I ended up in 4th in my age group. After the race, DJ and I headed to Bill’s Cafe (our favorite), that now has a location within walking distance of our apartment. WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


I had a massive breakfast of my go-to French Garden omelette and a Bill’s Mimosa.


DJ had their scrumptious crab Benedict. (Their home-fries and potatoes are the besttttt around too).


Last evening, we headed to DJ’s family’s for some yummy grilled food & great chats. We also started a documentary called Wild Wild Country on Netflix. It’s already super fascinating after one episode. Has anyone watched it?!? Thanks for hanging in there for this looooooong post. How are you?!

xo <3

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71 thoughts on “Plants & Face-Plants.

  1. Okay, all of the food you whip up always looks amazing! You should seriously consider creating a cook book one day! So impressed by all the races you’ve done. Hoping your knee holds up for you and your face heals quick!

    1. Hi Nikki! Thanks, girlfriend!! Haha, thank you.. the face is healing way quicker than I expected but I’ve had to recap the reason for injury far too many times at work. Lol. Nurses just HAVE to know where an injury came from 😉 Hope you are having a good weeek. Thanks for stopping by! <3

  2. Oh man you really took a tumble during the race! Glad you weren’t seriously hurt though girl! At the end of 2017, I slipped on ice in the parking lot of our apartment complex coming back from a run. It was so bad since my entire body – including my head – ate it on the ground. I just got up and starting crying while walking/limping back to the apartment since everything hurt. So at least you didn’t cry after your falls 😉

    Now that the weather is warmer I can’t wait to make giant salads! I find it so hard to eat salad when it’s cold out but spring and warm weather are finally here in New Jersey so I’m dying for a good selection of produce at the farmers market so I can eat more salads while outside on the patio.

    1. Haha it was a next level tumble. Ugh, that slipping episode on the ice sounds MISERABLE! No bueno! I think I was just in too much shock or had too much adrenaline to cry. Haha. I am the same way.. I rarely eat salads in the winter months, but summer… gimme them all! Can’t wait to see what you whip up! XO

  3. (1) All of your creations sound amazing, but I’m especially drooling over the sweet potato!

    (2) Give me all of the brunch food! The omelet does look massive, but I admittedly love having leftovers.

    (3) I LOVE all of your flower photos! So gorgeous.

    (4) Your recount of getting to the marathon had me laughing because I would’ve legitimately thought the same exact way! I watch and read too much crime drama. 😉

    (5) Ouch, girl!! I hope you heal quickly! DJ asking, “again?!” made me giggle. But you still placed so incredibly well!

    (6) I hope work goes much smoother for you and that you have a great week! XO

    1. Thank you, Kori!!! Whenever you say a food combo looks good it’s like the ultimate compliment coming from the food combo QUEEN. And SAME, I love me some true crime, but it was definitely creating way too much paranoia in that moment. Thank you so much! This week was already much better. Hopefully this weekend holds up too! Hope you are having a good one too, love 🙂 XO

      1. Awww, thank you, girl! I really appreciate that compliment!! I will have you in my thoughts for an incredible weekend, doll! XO

  4. An update from Mack yay!!! Oh my lanta that salad looks amazing! Seriously right off the bat I am hungry now!
    Yay for runs! Girl you would be so proud! I have been running my heart out and even did an unofficial half a week ago! 
I LOVED stuffed sweet potato! I add black beans and it is like a southwestern dish! I love it! Did I mention I am hungry?
    That coffee shop looks SO cute!
    Girl you are food goals right now! I think I am drooling! Everything looks soooo yummy!
    I am so sorry you had such a rough weekend beauty. Huge hugs.
    I love the idea of putting it on a rice cake, you get that added crunch! So yummy!
    Ahhhh I love your SF checklist! Girl have you been to capos yet? you NEED to go!!!
    Awe huge hugs beauty! I love that you decided to do a SF bucket list item Ahhh I LOVE Sutro Baths and Lands End. Legit one of my favorite places to be! Your pictures are making me soooo nostalgic and i is a place of utter peace, and I am so happy it brought you some. That is why I vote the ocean so much. It just washes away all your worries with each wave.
    Girl a-freaking-men!!!!!!! I am totally with you on that one! And aweee boo I am so sorry about the fall that sucks!
    I HATE that! Alexa-Google- Robotic GPS in British accent is queen of doing that to me when I go back to NH. So annoying. I am so happy you were not murdered!
    Awe you poor thing. Huge hugs. You need bubble wrap when you run! I am like that when I hike though. I can guarantee I will get dirt or something on me! Awe boo. Legit, you need a spa day or TLC something! I hope work goes well despite the bruises! 
And girl way to go! 4? That is awesome! I am so proud of you! I hope you had an amazing day at work beauty! Sending you so much love and healing vibes! <3

    1. HEY GIRL!!! Wait, no way!! That’s huge… ok a half marathon that’s official is hard, but an unofficial one is even harder because you have less adrenaline to get through. That’s amazing!!!!! You go girl! Glad you are enjoying the food pics… you know that’s the highest compliment to say my food looks good. Haha. I haven’t been to capos but it is on my bucket list for this summer (I made an actual bucket list for food, hiking, etc. in SF!). The reason I went to Sutro baths was because of your post! I have had that in the back of my mind for forever! Agreeeed…. Nothing more calming than an ocean. Bahahha yesssss bubble wrap would be perfect. Maybe I’ll just wrap my head and chest. That should work, right!??! I think you’re on to something. You’re the best. Thanks for stopping by, Katie. Have sucha great rest of your week. XOXO

      1. I never thought of it that way. I have run several unofficial ones the first was actually with my sister when we ran from my aunt’s apartment to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. So I always try to run that distance on her birthday. (mind you at the time we ran it, I think I was ready to PUSH my sister off the bridge :p but now it is a super sweet memory, but at the time not so much lol) Thanks sweets! Your encouragement means the world!
        Girl your food pics are amazing! I am so hungry now just thinking of all your pics! I LOVE that! yay! You have too! Sarah and I were just talking about that pizza again. I love that you made a bucket list! I should do that for NY.
        Awe I love that! I am so honored that I inspired your visit! It is one of my favorite places!
        There really isn’t!
        Bwahahaha I just laughed out loud (In the airport) It would totally work! I mean it might make you a little topsy turvy but instead of running you could always roll? (Oh my lanta they actually have a thing called bubble soccer where they wear a bubble suit and kick a ball and fall and I am rambling but Youtube it, funniest thing EVER!) Hehe YOU are the best! Always sweets! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend beauty! <3

      2. Aw, that is so beautiful & special. Gosh, you are amazing. You are the greatest sister and friend. I just had some friends ask for good restaurants and I was like, “I haven’t been to Capo’s, but I hear it’s the best!!!”. It’s next thing, maybe when we have a date night in the city! Ok going to youtube bubble soccer right now. This sounds freaking hilarious. XO

  5. Yay a Mack post! I check your blog every day waiting for a new post. :))

    I love all of those pretty flowers & my gosh I wish I could reach through the screen & taste all of those noms!

    The picture of the coffee cup on the patio table looks like it’s floating! Is it just me or do you see it too?! bahaha

    Your description of getting to the marathon legit sounds like a horror plot but I lol’d hard once I saw you made it! I would have died!

    Oh my goshhhhhhh I cannot imagine how much your knee hurts, but I’m glad you were able to finish & laugh it off! You are one tough cookie!

    Happy Tuesday! <3

    1. Awwwww!!! GIRL, you just made my morning. Thank you so much, you have no idea how big of smile that just put on my face! I just looked at the pictures again- and yes, 100% it does look like it’s floating! so funny, portrait mode playing optical illusion tricks on us. Haha, I don’t think it’s about being tough but more that my body is just so use to it sadly. LOL. Hope you have a great rest of your week, dear! When are you gonna start a blog?! XO

      1. My blog would basically be dimly lit rushed photos of my outfit of the days & puppy photos so Idk how big of an audience would jump on that! ha!

      2. LOL. Girl, nothing wrong with that!!! And I’ll tell ya, I didn’t think anyone would ever read my blog besides my mom (SERIOUSLY)… the community here is pretty awesome, not matter what you post! But thankful to have you here in this way anyway 🙂 <3

      3. Oh that is definitely true! It might be worth taking a risk on! My awesome sister-in-law has a blog too ( so both of my sisters are killing the blog game & I’m just over here reading & drooling. haha!

  6. The naan pizza looks delicious! I’m gonna have to copy the recipe! Also, YESSSSS I put ranch on my pizza but I’m also from Ohio so its like a MUST!! & ouch, hope you feel better quickly!!!

    1. Hi Diam!!! Girl, it was the most makeshift pizza, but gotta do what you gotta do for a craving.. and it worked! Highly recommend. YES, so excited you love your Ranch too! Wait where in Ohio?! How did I not know this?! XO

      1. Since I’ve moved to Florida 4 years ago I haven’t had ranch on my pizza (the pizza here is terrible) but next time I go home I am def gonna have some pizza with ranch. Im excited just thinking about it! 😍But I’m from a really small little town in North East Ohio! It’s about an hour from Cleveland & Akron!

      2. Oooooo I hope you get some good pizza when you go back 🍕 ! And no way! I’m from a suburb of Akron! Not sure if you’ve heard of it … Richfield ? Small world!!!

      3. No way, what a small world! I actually graduated from the university of Akron! How funny! Is it near fairlawn? Have you had belleria pizza? Next time you go to Ohio you have to try it! It’s so addicting!

      4. NO WAY. Too funny…. so many of my friends went there. And I haven’t had Belleria, but will definitely make a stop there next time. This is just too funny. I bet we have mutual friends or something and don’t even know it!

  7. Oh my gosh, Mack! I hope you heal up quickly!! So many gorgeous views you captured! Wow! Thanks for sharing them with us! I’m really glad that guy wasn’t a creeper and brought you to the right location! I’ve been really thinking of trying Freshly, you’re making me wanna try it even more. The food looks amazing! Well, all of the food in this post look amazing. Bob’s mimosa is so cute!
    Hope you have an easier work week!! ♡

    1. Hey Hunida! Thank you, love! Haha, right? I was pretty relieved when you sped off. I was like, “Well at least that’s not how I’m gonna die today”….. little did I know the tree roots had it out for me on the trail. Baha. Thank you for the sweet words, this week was already much better. XO

  8. You’ve given me so many meal ideas! 🙂 And whenever you write about your tough work days, I admire you even more for your drive and strength! I don’t know how you do it, but I seriously have so much respect for you and other nurses. <3

  9. Ouch! Hope you are all healed up now. I have taken more than a few spills tripping myself so I totally understand. All the eats look delicious!

    1. Thanks for sympathizing. Makes me feel better when others have their own stories too. Haha. Thanks for stopping by, Emily! 🙂 XO

  10. Your posts always make me so hungry… and challenge me to be more creative in the kitchen! I’m SO excited that New England is finally warm again, so that I can start eating more fresh options. 🙂 And oh my goodness, you poor thing! Those cuts and bruises look painful! I have totally fallen while running before. Ha, ha.
    Have a wonderful day!!! xoxo

    1. Hey Nicole!!! Aw, that’s the sweetest thing to say! Half the time I am forced to be creative when I don’t want to make another trip to the store… lol.

      Ahhh so glad I’m not alone in that. Bahah. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend. So appreciate you stopping by! XO

  11. Mack!!!!! What an update: all that good yummy food, beautiful blooms, and running scenery, complete with tumble aftermath photos! Wow!

    Can’t believe I am sooooo behind on your posts, though. I am going to have a major binge to catch up on your posts soon ….

    Congratulations on the half marathon on that crazy terrain …. a half on flat ground is tough enough; on the trail, goodness! more power to ya! Well done you! Hope all the bumps, bruises & scratches have healed up!

    P/S I tagged you on a 3-Day Quote Challenge – in case you are inclined to join in. Mostly because I wanted to share & highlight you to my other blogfriends!

    1. Ju lyn! How are you?!?! Thank you for stopping in! Tis a busy time of a year, I appreciate you even stopping in at all! Thank you for the sweet words, everything is healing up quicker than expected, and I survived working a few shifts already 🙂 Ahhh I cannot wait to check out the quote challenge, I LOVE good quotes! You always always brighten my day. Hope you are having a great week <3

      1. I did have a good week, Mack, thank you! Hope you are now having a fabulous weekend! and that your healing continues well! I took a tumble last month and only scratched one hand and one knee; but it was soooooo itchy for such a long time!

      2. Ahhh that’s EXACTLY the stage I’m in right now– they itch itch itch. I know I shouldn’t scratch, but ahhh. Haha. Hope you had the best weekend!

  12. Ain’t nothing like a Mack recap on a Saturday evening! Those veggie quesadillas just looked unreal!! Those injuries look nasty- hope they’re all gone now! <3

    1. AWWWWWW! You are the bestttttt. Girl, I am craving those veggie ‘dillas as we speak. They are still here, BUT thankfully the face one has at least healed up really well. XO

  13. need to try that dave killers bread. so many yummy foods here. that sweet potato combo looks great. and all this nature is making me smileee. hope you are doing well!

    1. LYSSS!!! Hey girl. Ahhhh just made my morning to see this comment from you <3 Dave's Killer bread is sooo tasty, you'll love it. Sending so much love!

  14. I hope you’re feeling much better after your tumble yikes! And seeing you mention the Daves bread made me smile I just tried it after winning some in monopoly, but the bagel form so yummy lol! I love when you update I just might have to start a blog of my own some day to share my silly thoughts lol 😆. Have a nice day Mackenzie ☺️

    1. Hi Allison!!! Thanks, girl. Oooo I haven’t tried the bagel form yet, but YUM! I will have to for sure. I hope you do start a blog!! WHEN you do let me know, I’ll make sure to follow 🙂 Have a great rest of your week!

  15. Congrats on a strong race despite the falling. I have to say though the bruises and dirt on your face make you look very badass. Haha! You’re so right: One cannot go wrong with an enormous salad. Delish!

  16. So much good food! The post was interesting, but I can’t get lingonberries out of my head. I used to pick them with my grandma, my mom, and my little sisters. They grow in abundance around my home town. We had homemade lingonberry jam on a lot of things; oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, with some meat (!), in pastries, and can match lingonberries with almost everything 🙂 Now I’m craving some 🙂
    Have an awesome week!

    1. Helllo Ms. Zen!! So I had never even heard of ligonberries until this dish. I didn’t realize they were such a versatile fruit!!! That’s so fun about growing up with them!! Ligonberry jam sounds soooo good. I wonder if I can find some at a grocery store? Where do you usually find them?! (if unable to pick them, hehe)

      1. I haven’t had lingonberries in years. I grew up in Sweden. I’m guessing that the climate to get them here would be further Alaska, or so..

      2. Wow, you grew up in Sweden?! Oh my gosh, I’d love to hear all about that. Do you have any posts about your life there? It’s a part of the world I do not know much about.

      3. I did. I spent my 30 first years there. I’ve had another blog where I wrote about the culture, and cultural differences, along with my journey to start a new life here. When I got divorced I just couldn’t handle that blog any more. On my current blog, that I started when I saw the light on the other side of the tunnel…lol. I’ve only sometimes referred to my life in Sweden. I have not written a whole post about it. Growing up there was very different from here.

      4. Aw, I see… that makes so much sense. Your blog radiates such positivity! What an awesomely unique life you’ve lived. I wish we could just meet up for coffee to chat! Maybe one day, right?!

      5. Thank YOU 🙏 my life is colorful alright 😉 Sure, let’s have coffee one day. We’re in the same state, should be doable 😊 have an awesome day!

  17. I’m trying so hard to catch up on reading, I’m so sorry!
    And I must say, your meals always look so FANCY!
    I cannot believe you fell! omg! That second fall looked really bad! I chuckled a little when you mentioned DJ said “again?” awwwhh!! LOL But I’d be freaking scared too if I was lead by a stranger to some unknown place.
    Anyway, I’m kind of bouncing all over your post, I LOVE the view points, Twin Peaks and the Sutro Baths? It looks so gorgeous!! If I had a beautiful view like that around here it’d be pretty breathtaking, it’d definitely melt all my anxieties away too 🙂

    1. Girl, no need to apologize at all (and I’m the LAST person you need to apologize to- I’m always so behind! Haha). Baha, DJ is both so amazed and yet used to my clumsiness. Hope you are having a great day! Can’t wait to read your recent posts, so excited for a day off finally!

  18. Oh man!! Sorry about those nasty falls!! It looks like you’ve found some amazing foods as usual! The views you’ve shared are gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you, Amy!!! <3 <3 The views were just incredible. it's amazing how so many places have such unique beauty. Like Ohio (where I grew up) vs. California vs. Oregon… all have beautiful places but each in their own way!

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