Did Someone Say Coffee? Teal House, Mañana, Epoch & Two Hands!

Hey, hey! I was going into this post with the intention of doing a full June recap, and then I realized I had more from June to share than I initially thought, and then I realized mostly all I did in June was go to clinical and study in coffee shops. I had a mission to try as many coffee shops as possible in Austin before leaving. Spoiler Alert- Austin has some good coffee. So, without further a-brew, let’s get into it.

June 2nd I woke up early to walk on the treadmill and get some lectures in before clinical.

On June 3rd, I had a comically unfortunate morning (thankfully it did turn around!). It started by waking up extra-early to be extra-productive. But then I realized I was out of coffee (bad enough, I know). I usually have one cup before going to coffee shops- which I know seems silly, but I have my second cup at the shop and then am set for the day on caffeine. Anyway, I proceeded to burst a tube of makeup all over my bathroom.  Granted, how was I supposed to function without any caffeine in my system? I then went to a coffee shop in town and the barista didn’t arrive to open the shop on time (said another customer standing outside)- so I went to another. I did get a quick laugh out of this stop sign I spotted on my way.

The other shop didn’t open for 40 mins, so I sat in my car and waited while reviewing some of my class notes—  Only to find out once they did open that it was take out only (no sitting in to study). As I was walking back to my car, I watched a bird poop on my driver’s side window. Others in line outside saw it too, so I had to do the walk of shame back to that car being marked by the bird as my own. Then again, isn’t that supposed to be good luck?!

So now I had no option but to go to the car wash. I went to one- it was closed even though it said open online. I went across town to another- they did not accept the only card I had on me. So at this point I went home, got some cash- went back to the car wash and then found another coffee shop.

Things did start to turn around at this point (thank you, bird). The coffee shop (Aka my saving grace that day) was Teal House on South Congress.

It wasn’t crowded at all when I arrived, so I found some perfect study seating. The baristas were exceptionally friendly too. I took one sip of my cafe au lait and the unfortunate morning melted away.

I got to work on my material for class, and then a few minutes later one of the baristas came over with a free cinnamon roll. They are known for them, and wowza- I see why! YUM.

A few minutes after that I received an e-mail from my prof explaining she was pushing back due dates on an a couple assignments. This was a huge blessing since I was heading to spend time with my mom that weekend, so it afforded us more quality time together.

June 4th through the 6th I was in Keller at my mom and Pete’s- I shared about that fun weekend last week if you are interested in reading about it!

The rest of the week was focused on class and clinicals, but my mom was in Austin June 9th for work, and we had an unforgettable dinner at Café Nosé.

She brought with her some storage tubs that she had kept of mine since high school. While going through a photo album, I found these pictures from 2011 of me and DJ. LOLLL. I mean…..the lewks, the running tan lines, the posing. It’s too much. I can’t believe I’m sharing this on the internet.

Here’s one that’s a little more normal I suppose, lol.

Alright, jumping back into this decade. June 11th was a day of running errands. I picked up this Olipop soda at the grocery store- the strawberry vanilla was tasty!

I decided to treat myself to a study-free night that evening. It started with a long walk along Ladybird Lake.

I then did a soothing face mask! Idk if these masks actually do anything, but it completed the illusion of a relaxing night at home.

I also lit up a candle from Whole Foods. I rarely shop at Whole Foods, but I do like to see what fun little finds I can get there when I stop in on occasion. I think I caught up on some blogs that evening and probably watched some trash reality TV if I’m taking an honest guess.

On June 12th, I was craving some baked goods when I woke up. I looked up places with a good bakery selection within walking distance and discovered Mañana.

I walked down South Congress on the beautiful morning and my GPS took me to this coffee shop tucked away off the normal path. I had no idea this was here!

It was so cute and actually had a good amount of open seating.

I had a hard time deciding what to get, so I figured I would get both the turmeric and matcha latte along with their kouign-amann and chocolate croissant and have breakfast set for two days.

They were sooo good. I was pleasantly surprised. I think it’s tough to beat any SF bakeries, but this definitely gave me a good fix!

On June 16th, this ad popped up. I actually was feeling overwhelmed at this point in the summer, so I thought it was kinda cool, but also kinda creepy? I do find it very unnerving when ads read my mind, but this one was sweet, lol.

That evening I went out on a walk on Ladybird enjoying the evening.

June 18th I went to Orange Theory on South Lamar in the morning. I did OT one day per week over the summer. It was gifted to me for Christmas, and I finally was able to use my sessions! I loved it soo much & it really gave me something to look forward to every week. I had to be intentional to stay out of the apartment because too much time in the apartment alone causes me to get in my head.

June 19th I tried another coffee shop a little further away- Epoch.

I enjoyed my iced coffee while working on writing on the blog and getting some school work done.

That evening I went on a nice long run enjoying the absolutely gorgeous evening.I timed my runs around sunset, and they were some runs I will never forget!- the more tamed heat, the spectacular golden hour and good music while running off the stress of the day.

June 21st I walked down South Congress to try a new coffee shop in town- Two Hands.

How adorable is the sitting area?

I tried the mushroom latte, which was actually way too sweet for me. Worth trying, but I would stick to regular coffee next time.

Oh, and last thing- I just got a Nespresso after hearing how much people love it (I also needed to replace my Keurig), but I sadly don’t think it’s for me! The coffee tastes so bitter and strong and the caffeine content seems way too high compared to what I’m used to. I like to have a few cups of coffee through the day, but if I do that with Nespresso I get sick to my stomach and can’t sleep. If you use Nespresso, how do you make it & what are your favorite pods? I’m leaning toward returning but figured I would ask before I do!

29 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Coffee? Teal House, Mañana, Epoch & Two Hands!

  1. What a great June! And it is extremely creepy when social media listens to us… I think there is a movie/documentary about it!

    As for Nespresso… I do not have one. I still love brewing a pot of coffee and will have Keurig in a pinch.

    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Reflecting back it was definitely a good month as much as I missed DJ!

      Is the documentary Social Dilemma?! I watched it last year- very eye-opening. I actually got off social media except for the blog last year, and it has been one of the best decisions. It is so creepy though how targeted ads can be!

      You really can’t go wrong with a pot of coffee! My problem is I will drink the whole pot in a sitting- Keurig does force me to pace my intake a bit lol!

      Happy Tuesday to you too ☺️ thank you for stopping in, Nancy!

    1. Aw thanks, Kathy!! We can’t believe that was 10 years ago- time flies!

      Mmmm hot chocolate actually sounds so wonderful at this moment. What kind of coffee does Rick prefer?

      Thanks for stopping in!

      1. That sounds so wonderful! It really is hard to beat the smell of fresh coffee in the morning!

  2. I enjoyed the tour of Austin’s coffee shops. That’s was a good idea- to visit so many of them. I have cut back on my coffee. One cup in the morning and one at lunch- but lately I’ve been drinking Coke dark coffee blend sugar free at lunch. I also drink decaf, with a variety of flavored creamers.
    Thanks for another fascinating post!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour, Jena ☺️ I am so curious about then Coke dark coffee blend! I didn’t even realize they had a coffee line.

  3. I was bought a Nespresso and I love ther convenience of the machine but like you found a lot of it bitter. i found the one i liked best was a costa compatible Mocha Italia Lungo closely followed by a Nespresso Compatible I found on Amazon called Solimo Lungo and I got a box of 50 pods for little more than the price of a coffee. Good Hunting.
    Huge Hugs

    1. Wow, thank you so much for commenting, David! This is really helpful, especially since you felt the same way about the bitterness!

  4. ok, your crazy day with the bird poop had me chuckling. I’m sure you didn’t think it was funny at the time, but now I hope you can see it was just a strange connection of incidences.

    The photos you took on your evening runs are beautiful. I’m glad you got to make the most of your time in TX

    1. Lol- it was a heck of a morning!

      Thanks, Lori! I am so thankful I was able to soak up those last couple months in TX too <3

  5. I mean I knew you were my soul sister, but this post just confirmed it! Right before I left New York, I did the same thing! It also helped with moving I NEEDED all the coffee! :p Oh my gosh girl those pictures of you and DJ are so adorable! Baby Mack! I love it! I hope your summer is going amazing girl! <3

    1. Awwww thanks girl- yep we are soul sisters!! I love that you did the same thing!! Also I hope I’ve convinced you that you would LOVE Austin- coffee shops galore 🙂

      heheh we had a good laugh about them- we were cracking up how serious we took them.

      I hope your summer is going amazing too!! Miss you!! <3 <3

  6. I do love coffee, but having no room on the counter top and since it’s just me, I just do instance coffee, but a dark roast, so with flavored creamer it tastes good … I limit myself to just two cups a day as I’ve tried to incorporate green tea into my day. I have to say that I hate green tea to be honest, but force myself to drink it for its health benefits. For years I bought green tea and there it sat, getting stale as I wrinkled up my nose at it. You certainly have enlightened to me to different types of coffee Mackenzie. When I still worked on site, we used to buy Starbucks or Caribou to brew at the office and before my boss and I moved, we were Downtown Detroit with a Starbucks in our lobby, but we left in January 2003 and their coffee menu then pales in comparison to what it is now. I met a friend at a Starbucks about five years ago … couldn’t believe all the types of coffee. “So, without further a-brew” had me smiling. Very punny! 🙂

    1. That does sound good! Do you have a favorite flavor of the flavored creamer? I wish I loved green tea more too- I’ll certainly drink it, but I don’t crave it like coffee. I do LOVE matcha lattes though- which I believe are concentrated green tea? Oh yes- going to Starbucks is certainly an adventure. I kinda tune out the menu and just order a go-to misto (Starbucks cafe au lait), keep it easy. I will say their food items are really good, I love their egg white bites and wraps! I usually get those more when I’m traveling in the airport. Also glad you like the pun 🙂

      1. I’ve never tried the matcha lattes. I really just tolerate the green tea for its beneficial properties. Maybe if I put it in a fancy china cup, I’d be more enthusiastic about it. 🙂 I like the Vanilla Caramel Flavored Creamer by Coffee Mate the best Mackenzie. I did try Coffee Mate’s Natural Bliss Pumpkin Pie Spice and it was good.

      2. Haha yes a nice mug or cup may enhance the experience!

        I remember in college I would always get the Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer and put it in both my oatmeal and my coffee in the mornings! I don’t know why I stopped doing that – It was really yummy!

  7. Your story about the bird poop incident definitely had me chuckle too. I loved reading all your coffee shop mini reviews. I rarely have coffee at a coffee shop. Then again, here in the Netherlands we call coffee shops “coffee houses” or “coffee tents” because a Dutch “coffee shop” sells pot.

    1. Hi, Astrid!! Thanks for stopping in. Glad you enjoyed the story- lol! I couldn’t help but share that crazy morning. That’s so awesome you live in the Netherlands- I had no idea about these different names for coffee shops- this is so fascinating, and quite amusing about the coffee shops selling pot lol.

  8. Hi Mackenzie ! You are right , it is easy to burst a tube of make-up without coffee!!! They must not open early in Austin or else you are a really early riser. I do believe the bird incident is good luck! Im so glad it all turned around for you at Teal House. The cafe au Lait look so good , and such a nice surprise with the cinnamon roll! Nice meeting your Mom in Austin ! And look at those cute pics of you two !!! I love them and look at you in your cute dress . I would be so sad if you didnt share them !! lovely sunset on Ladybird lake . It is fun to try facemasks, you got to live it up once in a while right? Manana does look like a cute place to hang out in. I am sure it was good for you to get out of the apartment , and find activities. Epoch is a very unique coffee shop and so nice to experience. The running , music and sunset will be memories of Austin you can always have. Two hands is another cute place ! You seem to be doing great holding the coffee in one hand though. I only have my Keurig and love it ! I hope you get some suggestions on your nespresso ! Have a lovely weekend Mackenzie , Terri xo.

    1. Hi, Terri!! Yes- they don’t open until 8 most places, and I was hoping to get there at 7! I was surprised being coffee shops they don’t open sooner- but I guess that’s the Austin way! Awww I’m glad you liked the throwbacks. LOL about Two Hands!! I actually ended up returning the Nespresso- I missed the Keurig so much!! It feels like all is right in the world since I am using it again. Thanks for stopping in!! Hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend.

  9. I love the 2011 photo!!! So fun too see!! Thanks for another wonderful read and I want that cinnamon roll now!

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