Friday Favorites #16! + An exciting update :)

Hey Everyone! TGIFF! Thank Goodness it’s Friday Favorites! Sometimes on a pretty uneventful week I like to include the updates/highlights in a Friday Faves post. Also, Autumn seems to be the time of year when my creative juices (especially in the kitchen dept.) start flowing. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s a new season or what, but I always feel the urge to turn over a new leaf 😉

#1. Ezekiel toast with Fage & low sugar strawberry jam mixed/dried apricots/walnuts/stevia. It’s no secret I love my yogurt toast, but I got the idea to mix the yogurt with jam from Kori, and it. is. life. changing.


#2. Kodiak Power Waffles. I have heard people rave about this brand, but it actually took DJ suggesting trying them out to pull the trigger. They are excellent little waffles! I topped them this morning with Fage, syrup, and vegan chocolate chips before a long run. I can’t wait to try the pancakes next.


#3. Blooms. Nough’ said!


#4. Chloe’s Pops. Is there anything better than a fudgesicle? Take that childhood nostalgia and indulge in this yumminess! This week I have been loving one after dinner as a little sweet treat.


#5: Baked By Melissa. For DJ’s birthday, we got this little sweet treat in the mail from my mom-in-law!!! These are my FAVORITE cupcakes in the world- and although sent for DJ’s bday, he let me snag a few of course 😉 #happywifehappylife. The chocolate chip cookie dough is probably my favorite- but they are all terrific. They are based in NYC if you are ever there- but they make a wonderful gift too!


#6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This show is a hoot and a stinkin’ half. I love it. I’ve only watched the first season, but I blew through it in about a week while writing discussion boards for grad school. I don’t typically like watching comedies alone, but this one is just gold. A must. Also, shoutout to Rach for the suggestion!


#7: THRILLIST. If y’all don’t use Thrillist, ya neeeeds ta! I love this site. It gives an excellent list of all the great travel, food options, recipes, etc. I particularly love it to find the best food spots around here. I consulted this list big time to make my bucket list too. I get e-mails each week of “must try” restaurants and up and coming spots.


#8. This Garlic Chicken Cheddar Recipe. This is more like a DJ Friday Fave! I haven’t tried this myself, but DJ loved it. I usually make big meals for him for the week that will last a few days, and this was a hit. Plus it smelled phenomenal while cooking. I also added a drizzle of ranch because I felt it would complement the flavors well (and everything is better with ranch).


#9. VASANTI. This is the BEST face wash/exfoliating cleanser I have ever tried! It was in my FabFitFun box, and boy oh boy am I glad! My skin has never been better.


#10. Dancing with Stars. DJ always cracks up at me watching this show because I watch it with the goofiest smile, just happy as a clam, and sometimes I can’t help but try to get up and dance the darn Fox Trot with um’! (what an awful sight to see, lol!). It is the epitome of a feel-good show.. this is the first time I have watched it in two years (motivated by Grocery Store Joe, of course), and I love every second. I so look forward to it every week!. Anyone else watch? I’d love to chat 🙂


#11. And a bonus Friday Fave….OUR UPSTAIR NEIGHBORS ARE MOVING OUT!!!! YES, you heard (read?) right! So, I talked to one of the ladies from the management team a couple days ago. She said basically they asked our neighbors to move due to the noise, offered them a spot on the second floor (not above anyone else), and they said they were happy to accept because they hate the apartment they are in anyways. WOOHOO! Thank you, Jesus. I cried when she told me I was so happy. The first words I said were, “WHAT! I can sleep again!!!” and gave her an obnoxiously big hug. Thanks y’all for your encouragement and convos with this whole fiasco. They are still here but will be out in the next couple weeks. They are currently vacuuming at 10:45 pm, but I don’t even care because they almost GONE! Boy (and girl), BYE!


xo <3


**There are affiliate links in this post, but only products I 100% stand by and support. All opinions are my own, and I’d never lead ya astray 😉 **

117 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #16! + An exciting update :)

    1. They are just so delicious!! I love how protein packed they are too. I had such a great run after eatin’ um!

      Ahh I can’t explain how happy I am 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Carly! XO

  1. Hi Mack! Those cupcakes look fantastic! We want to go to NYC soon. I love Crazy Ex Girlfriend! I’ve seen all of the seasons on Netflix. I need to catch up on the latest episodes. I see them on the CW app. Lol.

    1. Hi, Lisa!!! How are season 2/3?! My friend said they aren’t that great- but I still want to watch… worth it?!

      1. I thought they were pretty good. You will get hooked like on the first season. Lol. Well I was anyway. I forgot to tell you I was happy your jerky neighbors are moving away!

      2. I was too! I loved the first season, but she discouraged me from continuing on. I will have to give it a go now!

        And thanks so much 🙂 I’m beyond elated. It’s like Christmas came early, lol- best. news. ever!

      3. The worst, right?! They are banging around as I type this, but I am just (trying) to not let it bother me because they will be gone soooon!!

  2. You’re Ezekial toast looks like those “Unicorn” Instagram trending foods (I think you take this idea on the road & start charging $20 a slice at NYC restaurants)!

  3. Your recipes this week look heavenly! I have to try the Kodiak waffles! This is the third time I’ve heard how fantastic they taste! Those cupcakes look divine; what a nice treat! Yaaaay to your obnoxious neighbors moving! I am a light sleeper and too much noise wakes me up and leaves me cranky.

    Dom |

    1. Awww thank you, Dom <3 <3 Your comments are always so encouraging. They are VERY tasty- I don't know why it took me so long to jump on the train !

      Yesss exactly! They wake me up constantly (if I am able to even fall asleep in the first place that is!). Thanks for the empathy about the whole situation. Have a great weekend, Dom 🙂

  4. Woohoo!! So glad to hear the neighbors are moving!!

    Those Chloe pops look so good and it’s just fruit and water so it’s not a bad dessert choice. Or just middle of the day choice hehe.

    I’ve sent two people Baked by Melissa goodies in the past few months and they were both obsessed! I’ve never tried it but I think it’s a thoughtful gift to send. Sounds like your MIL picked out a great gift for DJ.

    Definitely going to have to look at that garlic cheddar chicken recipe. Although I will admit I’m not a ranch person. I know I know, terrible Midwest gal right here but I’ve never really liked it.

    Happy Friday 🙂

    1. I cannot explain how happy I am- I nearly have to pinch myself because I feel like I might be dreaming (BECAUSE MAYBE I AM ACTUALLY SLEEPING ! hahah).

      Yes- I definitely have them middle of the day too, really refreshing after an afternoon run. So tasty!

      Teheh- that’s ok- we’ll let it pass 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Maureen. XO

  5. Congrats on your upstairs neighbors moving out!! That’s wonderful!! My roommate and her boyfriend like to watch TV and cook at 11 p.m. most nights….it’s been a struggle since I like to go to bed at 8. Haha!

    I will have to try the yogurt toast because I love toast and I love yogurt!! Thanks for the inspiration <3

    Have the best weekend. 🙂

    1. Thanks for getting excited with me!!! SUCH a big deal over here!!!

      11 pm for meals?! HOW! That’s dessert time at the latest for me, I can’t imagine having dinner then haha. I can see how that would be a struggle for sure! I wake up so easily too- so I feel your pain.

      Aw of course, girl! Hope you enjoy 🙂 Don’t forget a tiny sprinkle of stevia or sugar on top ! Makes all the difference. Have a beautiful weekend too- your comment made my night!

    1. Ha!! I totally see that! This was a terrific recipe- highly recommend. Have a great weekend, Ralph!

  6. Kodiak brand is amazing! Their pancakes are delicious!

    Those little bb cuppycakes are adorable and look so so yummy! Thank goodness #happywifehappylife ! 😉

    AHHHHHHH bye Felicia!!!!! They sound like real weirdos to not just stop being total vampires and doing everything at night but regardless, see ya! So so happy you are getting back to peace and quiet!

    Happy Friyay friend!

    1. Hi Kaci!! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!!

      I can’t wait to try the pancakes next! I am sold on the Kodiak cakes for sure.

      Tehe- He knows to share Baked Melissa- no getting around it! I actually just had one of the cookie dough ones. SO yum!

      EXACTLY! Wait, they really may be vampires. Hahah. Thanks so much 🙂 & your encouragement through it all. xoox

  7. So I treated myself to a light lunch at Starbucks & just started smiling when I read this!! I’m sure I looked like a total weirdo, but I don’t care because those annoying people are leaving!!! What glorious news! I’m the type who would’ve given her a hug too. Dang, that’s just awesome news!

    I’m SO glad you love the jam yogurt combo! Your toast looks insanely good.

    I debated on buying some more Kodiak waffles for myself when I was last at Kroger & didn’t. But I will now! I love them. So tasty!

    Those cuppycakes, yum! I’d sure want to snag a few too.

    I just love your posts!! Have the best Friday & weekend! XO

    1. AWww! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post 🙂 I still feel like I’m dreaming— it’s too good to be true. I was legit convinced we would eventually have to move out. Ah, I’m just so so thankful- I couldn’t wait to share this with you in particular since you have known the intensity of the plight !

      It was so good! Today I mixed it in my oats and loved that too. Just yum!

      I think you will reeally enjoy them. They are super filling- love when things are high in protein like them.

      Thanks so much, Kori 🙂 You too!

      1. 🙌🏻💃👋🏻


        ^is it obvious when I’m responding on my phone. Just strict emojis 😂

  8. Oh that is SO exciting about your neighbors moving out!! Praise Jesus!! That is so great. No matter how much we complained about our old neighbor, our complex never did anything. At one point we were so fed-up that we asked if WE could switch apartments, but then we just decided to move to a different complex haha. I’m so happy for you guys!!
    Also, I will definitely be trying that cheddar chicken recipe! It sounds delicious! I love that you added Ranch, what a great idea! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I cannot explain how excited I am! … seriously feels like a dream ahhhh!

      I don’t blame you- I really thought it was going to come to that for us too. Crazy! I’m glad you guys are out of that situation too. so annoying they didn’t even seem to care!

      Yay! You won’t be disappointed- DJ is super honest about meals I make, and he loved this!

  9. Chloe’s Pops!!! I tried some fruity flavors in the summer– so dang yummy. I’ve never seen the choco flavor though! I see it’s dairy-free so I’m so going to look for it when I go grocery shopping next. Eeek! I’m excited now lol.

    That cupcake assortment your mom sent DJ is the cutest thing ever! I love all the different toppings & colors!! I’m glad he was able to share. 😉

    Crazy Ex Girlfriend is on my watchlist. Sounds hilarious! I’ll move it up on the list now that you’ve mentioned how good it is!

    That chicken looks freakin’ amazing, Mack. You are such a chef!!! & DJ is so lucky to have you!!! ♡

    I have a makeup brush by Vasanti. I didn’t know they made anything more than that! So nice to get something so useful & good from a sub box!

    I am imagining you watching Dancing with the Stars haha you are adorable. ♡♡♡ I’ve never watched the show myself though.

    I’m screaming with excitement for you! So glad those neighbors of yours are finally moving. I don’t get why they still do shit like vacuum at nearly 11 PM when you’ve talked to them & they’re even being moved. They are horrible human beings.

    Thanks for sharing your faves with us, Mack! HAPPY WEEKEND! ♡

    1. I didn’t even realize they had fruity ones?! I have to try those now too! You will love these- I may go get one now. sounds soo good at the moment!

      I will say for Crazy Ex-girlfriend you have to give it a few episodes- but about 3 in you will be hooked!

      And I didn’t know Vasanti had a makeup brush?! So good to know they have other products too!

      Tehehe <3

      YAAASS. I cannot explain how happy I am- truly just elated. I feel like I can relax for the first time since they've moved in. Whenever I've been home I've been on edge because every .5second bang and boom would make me soo angry. So now when I hear it, knowing it's temporary makes it much more bearable !

      Thanks for stopping by, Hunida! 🙂 XO

      1. I’m a bit confused though because on your box of fugesicles it says “just fruit, water, and cane sugar” what kind of fruit is chocolate?! LOL.

        Ahh!! I’m so bad at easing into shows. If the first episode doesn’t get me, I usually don’t continue but I think I’ll still give it a try!!

        Again, so happy that you’re getting rid of those neighbors!! I can feel the relief you’re feeling all the way over here!

        <3 <3

      2. I thought the same thing?!? I looked it up and it looks like it is banana with cocoa powder. I don’t taste any banana though really!

        I’m the same way- but this one is worth it 🙂

        Thanks, girrrl <3

    1. Yay! Hope you get around to trying them. And Thrillist makes “best of” lists for all big cities- so whichever you are closest to they probably have awesome suggestions for ya 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Shan!

  10. Good news the upstairs neighbors are moving!!!

    Turn over a new leaf – I got that one. I have all my favorites in the food department just from reading this post – all of them look wonderful to me, especially the chocolate pops and even though it is cold here now with a freeze warning tonight! Tuesday we had 86 degrees and tying a 1949 record. I’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars (no TV) but have watched some highlights on TV. Have a good weekend Mackenzie.

    1. I can’t explain just how ecstatic I am!!!

      Tehe- glad you liked the foods here !

      Our summer is hanging on. I hear the weather has been tumultuous back there though! 86 to cold?! What is happening!

      Have a great weekend too, Linda! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

      1. This morning it was 45 when I went out – I couldn’t believe it – blustery and cold and the leaves were just flying through the air. Bye-bye Summer, Hello Fall – they said today was November weather. SMH. Enjoy your weekend too Mackenzie.

      2. Oh my goodness!!! I didn’t know if I read that right at first. WOW. It’s going from the 80s to the 40s like it saw a state trooper!!! Dang. Happy Sunday!

      3. Yup – that weather did just that — today gloves and a hat, but I was going down to Lake Erie Metropark and it is always cold and windy along the water’s edge. I love that expression! That made my day. My boss collects words and expressions so I’ll use that one on him. He is a wordsmith and for years he would buy flashcards and books about unique words and sayings and their origins and use them in his speech or writing. I got him a subscription to a guy named Evan Morris, a/k/a The Word Detective, years ago. This guy wrote about unique words and their origin. Robb loved his newsletters but this poor guy had MS and needed help to write, and then had cancer so has discontinued his newsletter altogether. I got a free subscription for buying the gift and enjoyed it, but if you ever want to know the origin of a word or phrase, he’s the man. There is a search feature in the upper left-hand corner. Wish it was Saturday – why are the weekends so short Mackenzie?

      4. glad you liked that saying 🙂 yay!!

        I love your boss!!! Him and I are similar- our love for words & wine country!

        I’ll definitely be looking into Evan Morris!! So sad though about stopping his newsletter. I hope he’s doing ok today. Thanks for sharing his link!

        I know- go by way too fast. Monday always hits like a freight train lol. Have a great week, Linda!

      5. You too Mackenzie – I have learned a lot of phrases and words from him. When he and his two brothers were young, their father, an attorney, who also was a wordsmith, made each boy memorize an entire page of the “Oxford English Dictionary” … have you ever seen a volume of the “OED” … each letter of the alphabet has its own volume, an over-sized book, except XYZ are combined. Their father would quiz them on the words when he came home from work every night. I think he was a taskmaster and they were worried if they did not learn their words, they would be punished. He had a set of that dictionary volumes in his home office.

      6. That’s so crazy! An entire page?!? WOW! Props to them though- I bet that was very beneficial!

      7. Every day – and that is an over-sized volume on top of it. According to my boss, him and his two brothers, (one year apart) were scared of their father because of his demeanor (all business and not warm and fuzzy at all) so they would learn those words as he’d pick a few off the page and quiz them on them when he got home from work. They did all develop a love of words and phrases though, so in the end it was beneficial.

      8. That’s so fascinating. I bet it was beneficial, but also sad it came about that way! I guess it shows there is a silver lining in everything, right?! Thanks for always sharing the most interesting anecdotes. I always look forward to your comments, Linda!

      9. I am glad you enjoy them Mackenzie – it seems like over the course of my lifetime I have collected all these little stories – in fact someone used to say to me, and maybe it is my boss “you always seem to have a story for every tale you tell.” (Hope he meant that as a compliment like you did.) 🙂

  11. That’s so awesome that you started watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! It’s the best right! I just watched the season premiere last night for the last season. Super bummed about this show ending, after the episode last night I think it’s safe to say I’m definitely not ready for this show to end, LoL. It’s still just so very good and amazing and completely original. Glad you like it too!

    Is Joe still on Dancing with the Stars? I don’t watch that, but I am curious if he’s still on, LoL. Gotta love that Joe!

    1. Yes it is SOO good… it’s well done too- just brilliant writing! I still have second and third seasons to go- did you enjoy them?

      He is !!! Lol, right?! He is SO endearing !

      1. Every season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I have been such a fan of. Seasons Two and Three are just as great as the first. Glad to see you like the show so much as well.

        Wow, I can’t believe Joe is actually still on the show, LoL. Good for him!

      2. That is SOOO good to hear! Okay, I’ll have to watch them. Someone discouraged me from it- but this gave me hope! Thanks so much 🙂

      3. No problem =)! I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend not only because there’s musical numbers, LoL, but it’s one of the few shows that can handle that balance of comedy and drama so completely well. It’s a true gem that is one of a kind great!

      4. Totally! P.S. I actually started watching Grey’s Anatomy from where I left off of finally. I’m only on Season Six, so I have awhiles to go to catch up to current episodes, LoL. But loving it!

      5. YESSS!!! Ah I am so happy you are loving it. If you ever need to freak out about anything happening in the show with anyone I am always here! hahah.

      6. Awesome! Will totally do! Most of the original cast is still on the series which I love. I actually saw a play called Peter and the Starcatcher years ago and the actor, Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen was literally sitting next to me at the theater and J.J.Abrams was sitting behind me and Marsha Mason was sitting in front of me. I was like, “OMG!!!” in my mind, LoL.

    1. hahah they were (are) the WORST. I’m so glad they are going. They are still there now but I’m counting down the seconds. Thanks for getting excited about it with me! And they were tasty tasty… I could go for one about now. lol. Have a great week, Mia.. XOX

  12. What a fun line up!! I think my favorite was that strawberry yogurt toast– it’s almost too pretty to eat! And so glad things will be more peaceful with the neighbors moving over. Noisy neighbors– ugh! Love your upbeat posts– always fun to read!! xo

    1. Hi, Jess!! Isn’t vasanti amazing? I really think it has made ALL the difference. Thanks, girl – I don’t know if I’ve ever had such great news than they’re moving out. haha! Hope your weekend has been lovely 🙂

  13. Hi Mackenzie, #1 looks so tasty , gotta love yogurt toast! We dont have brand #2 here (frowny face!) Gotta love the CA autumn blooms. What a healthy popsicle that is, something sweet for you ! Those cupcakes look so good, how nice to send a sweet treat on DJ’s birthday, I agree with the # happywifehappylife!! Crazy Ex GF I have not seen, is it on cable? #8 does look tasty, when you add garlic , cheese and ranch it has to be a winner! Thanks for the Vasanti suggestion , its good to try new facewashes. I have not got into DWTS but you watch it Girl just the way you describe , you can be a happy clam! I am so excited for you , no more noisy neighbors!! You have been through it big time these past few months Mackenzie , I think these people need a single family home somewhere where they can enjoy their hobby of noisemaking! How disrespectful to vacuum at 10.45 pm. Thanks for the post, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. No Kodiak Cakes?! No bueno! I hope they make it to your grocery stores soon 🙂 Mmmm speaking of which- I may have to grab one of those Chloe pops right now. It sounds so refreshing at the moment! Tehehe- glad you agreed with the #. Crazy Ex GF is actually on Netflix! It’s a HOOT. I think you’d like it!

      hehehe-DWTS puts me in the BEST mood!

      Ahh Terri- YOU have been so supportive and encouraging through this whole crazy thing. They are still here, but I think we have less than a week left with them! I have frequented Peet’s to get away the chaos, and it has helped big time with studying for midterms… SO THANK YOU again!!!! Can’t say it enough. You’re the best.

      Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂
      xo <3

      1. We have something similar to them Kodiak cakes. I will have to see if I can make time for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Aww that’s very nice of you to say! It’s very easy for me to be supportive of you. You’re so very welcome for my token gesture! Take care of Mackenzie hugs Terri xo.

  14. I LOVE a Friday Favorites from you! That yogurt toast looks amazing! I actually LOV adding jam to my yogurt to sweeten it up a bit. And I will add peanut butter and jam to my oatmeal….It is so yummy! A heathy nutritious PB and J!:)
    Ooo those waffles look So yummy!
    Oh my word your pictures! Ughhh I miss warm weather!
    I LOVED Baked by Melissa! SO yummy!
    Crazy ex-girlfriend is SO good! My friend actually was in a couple episodes as well (which is how I started watching it!)
    LOVE thrills! And girl that chicken recipe looks amazing!
    Ooo I haven’t heard of Vasanti, but now I am going to have to check it out!
    EEEEKKK I LOVE that their is another reality show we can talk about!!! I LOVE DWTS. And can we talk about this weeks dance with Grocery Store Joe and you know who?!?! Poor Jena!
    I have started rooting for the pros. I LOVE Cheryl!
    Eeeekkkk! I am doing a happy dance for you! So excited that they are moving out! Yippeee!!!

    1. Awww!!! Thank you so much, Kate! That means so much 🙂

      I’m not sure why it took me so long to mix the jam and yog, but it is a stellar combo! UHM, and why haven’t I thought of adding it to my PB in the morning with my oats?! Okay, I think I need to try this first thing in the morning.

      YOUR FRIEND WAS IN CRAZY X? Okay text me who she is if you feel comfortable because I am so curious!

      Oh my gosh- I didn’t know you watched DWTS?! I know I feel so bad for Jenna hahhah. She’s such a trooper. My favorite was her face when Joe made it through the first night. A gif for all time. lol! Oh Jordan… SMH! Love him, I do- but the both of them were not on their game. I feel like they both think they did great though- so endearing hahah.

      Ahhh yes, go, Cheryl!

      Thanks, girl! Gosh, I cannot CANNNOT put into words how relieved I am.


  15. A. I can vouge for the chicken! It was Ahhh-mazing!! B. I neeeeed to start using that thrilllist!! C. I can’t Believe this is the first season in awhile of dancing with the stars that you’ve watched. I loooove it!

    1. Ahhh you’re the bestttttt.

      I honestly can’t believe you don’t use Thrillist?! Then again, you always seem to find the best spots regardless!

      Wait- I didn’t know you watched!!! We could have been talking about it… wahhh! Grocery store joe– lol!

    1. Hi Allie! Thank you so much, girl- us toooo! So relieved. Hope you can hunt down some kodiak cakes soon- they are scrumptious. Hope you and your beautiful little fam are doing so well 🙂

  16. I love this! I am about to look up the jelly. I am all about low sugar jelly (I can’t do the sugar free because splenda is gross!), then I’m saving the garlic cheddar chicken recipe, and I just added Crazy Ex Girlfriend to my playlist on Netflix! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Agreed- the sugar free bloats me and had a weird after taste! The low sugar tastes no different in my opinion than regular 🙂 Hope you enjoy Crazy Ex, girl! Thanks for stopping by!

  17. *gasp* yogurt with jam?! 😱 I have a lot of plain yogurt I simply must try that. Well that and mixing it with fresh fruit 😊
    Uhm WHAT?! Protein packed WAFFLES?!!!!! count me in!! I need to try those!! And there are also pancakes you say…? 😆
    Those cupcakes and the pops look soooo good!!! Wow you find the best healthy snacks ever!!!
    I’ll have to look into thrillist because often times I’m dying to look for something new around here and since we don’t get to venture out very much, it’s nice to have a list full of recommendations.
    We don’t have cable here so I have no idea where to watch DWTS but I also hear it’s pretty good and I’ve seen some actors and actresses I like participate so it’d be neat to see their dance moves/choreography. I loved dancing growing up (still do) so I think I would enjoy this show too lol.

    Whooooooooo!!!!! Hurray!!!!! We’ve been talking about this for a while as I’ve been catching up on your blog. Funny because you kinda kept it from me 😉 but see?! If I hadn’t read all your posts up until now I would have completely missed this!! Lol. I’m so happy they’re moving, you must be thrilled and since I’m still kind of behind on blogging, I assume they have already moved apartments?! If not, that day can’t come any sooner am I right?# 😂😂

    1. yess yogurt & jam is such a great combo!!! Ah you would love Thrillist! They have the best lists – I’d subscribe and they send ones to your e-mail you can sift through!

      Okay- unfortunately this was written before I talked to you– so what I told you is the latest update 🙁 They are refusing to move out now- It’s all such a mess. I haven’t mentioned what I told you because it’s so convoluted, and frankly I just would whine and vent for an entire post hahah. We are currently trying to figure out what to do… so once we do then maybe I’ll say something here about it!

      1. Sweeet!! I’ll be sure to do that.
        Oooooohhhhhh now I get it. I see I see. I was confused because I was like reading it from like weeks ago and I thought that was the same but no. Well that really sucks! I’m sorry that’s happening to you, still! Must be so annoying.

      2. Thanks so much, girl!! It’s such a pain. I had a bit of a break down last night over it. I am going CRAZY.. We are deciding by the end of the year if we are staying here or moving to Texas. So we’ll seeeeee!!!

      3. No problem!
        And omg so soon? T_T I thought I still had like a year or so to go to SF LOL. No worries! 🙂 Even if you do move to TX, we shall meet again! 🙂

      4. Heck yes! I will let you know whenever we decide anything.. we could still be here for another couple years! ❤️

      5. Oh I meant to say too.. even if we stay I think we’ll have to move out of this apartment. I can’t take this much longer!!

      6. Awh that’s too bad 🙁 I’m sorry you’ve had to endure so much of that.
        When is your lease up? Or is that why you’re thinking of moving at the end of the year?

      7. It’s up in July! It’s actually perfect timing if we do move- so we shall seeee. I just don’t know if I can stay sane until then 😆

      8. I’m sure they would! they actually offered a “monetary gift” to us to move to another apartment, but didn’t say how much & moving down the hall seems like a ton of work if we are moving again in a few months- so we said we would wait on deciding on that. But I’m sure they would waive it if they are offering that, ya know?! They’ve actually felt so bad about the whole thing.. but I get that legally their hands are tied.

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