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Woah, woah, woah hold the phone, Mack is actually doing something semi-normal on her blog? Yes, yes. I can hardly believe it myself. I am doing a Friday Favorites post! Woot woot! I had a few things I wanted to share in the last post, but I felt like doing a friday faves would help shorten the other post a bit! Not sure if I’ll end up doing them every week; I have a problem with commitment as you know by my inability to actually post recipes when I say I will *sigh*. But nevertheless, I’ll do my best.

  1. They’re Real Mascara. My sister and I don’t splurge on hardly anything makeup wise, but when it comes to this mascara we cannot find one better. We are obsessed.

2. Banana Pancakes. This is my most recent breakfast bae. It’s so easy too- 2 large bananas//1/2 cups of oats//splash of vanilla//splash of almond milk in a food processor to get a fluffy batter, cooked like a regular pancakes, some light syrup or blueberry compote on top, and you are golden as a goose. If you are feeding more people, just double the recipe! I also like to add a bit of plain Chobani or Fage on the side to add some protein. I tell ya what, I think I could live on this stuff.


3. These socks. DJ gave me these for my birthday. Thank ya again, sugar love.


They are super, SUPER cozy too! Get yours here !


4. Homesick candles. I have seen these advertised all over the doggone place and my sister-in-law actually gave me one for Christmas! It is such a thoughtful gift! And if I had to give an objective review, I’d say it really does smell like Ohio! <3


5. Speaking of candles, this Accent Warmer will blow your “get me wine” socks off! It smells fabulous and lasts forever! I burn through candles like nobody’s business, so the length of time an accent warmer lasts is actually a great investment! The soft cashmere amber smells so yummy, and it lights up the room beautifully!


6. Thrifty finds. I loooove thrift stores. It’s like a sport to me. Ever since middle school I have loved hunting down the best deals, finding hidden gems, and paying a fraction of the initial cost. I bet 85% of my closet is from thrift stores, TJ’s, and Marshall’s. Also, I’m about as fickle as they come, so I never have to have “Buyer’s guilt” if I buy something and don’t wear it as much as I think I will. These are a few of my faves I found last week (along with my purse that I found from the same thrift store a couple months ago). Everything was even brand new with the tags still on it. The shirts are from Banana Republic and Ann Taylor originally, the shoes from Forever 21, and the purse Kenneth Cole Reaction. If you aren’t a thrifter, I highly recommend giving it a try- it’s a blast!


7. This planner. –  I have a new found love of Sugar Paper planners. I never usually invest in a cute planner, but I had a giftcard to Target and stumbled across this little guy. LOVE it!

8. & this Wine Cork holder. My friend Morgan (THANKS MO!), sent me this for my birthday. People must think I like wine or something….. Anywho, I love this, and I am so excited to get the corks glued down to hang it up! ** No judging I have collected corks since I’ve turned 21 , so it’s not that many 😉 **


9. This stuffed vegan purple sweet potato. Ok- so I know it seems I always lie about actually sharing recipes, but I will be posting this one next week. It’s too good and wayyy too easy. I’ve had it for dinner almost every day this week 😋


10. Dexter. We love our Dex.  I think it’s one of those shows that picks up over time too, each season gets better and better.


11. Working for Postmates!!!!!!!! LOVE this company and also how easy it is to work around my schedule!


A lot of my friends and family are curious how it works, so I figured I would describe it here:

  1. I signed up, submitted my info, and then they sent me a Postmates credit card and bag
  2. I downloaded the app and activated the card
  3. While working, I show that I am “Online” and when a delivery needs to be picked up, I will be notified and I can choose to “skip” or “accept”
  4. If I accept, I am given the shopping list of the delivery (so it could be a list for items at Target, a grocery store, a food delivery for pick up, etc.), and I go to the store and pick up the items
  5. When I check out, I use the Postmates credit card (This is not a personal card at all linked to my account- it strictly is a Postmates company card)
  6. I then enter the final amount in the app and take a picture of the receipt
  7. I say “Deliver to ____ (person’s name)”, and deliver to the address given
  8. Once I complete the delivery, I am paid instantly and they can choose to tip.

HIGHLY recommend if you need a side job. BUT don’t do it in high heels. I learned my lesson as I was running through the mall to pick up an order from Panda Express and ended up with blisters all over my feet. Lolz.


^ yes, the pedicure from mid November is still holding on. Haha.

** Anyway, deliveries usually take less than 20 minutes, and they have “Blitz pricing” where I will be notified when rates are up! You can work literally any hour of the day, but I choose to work during the day for safety reasons. DJ is hounding me to get my bear spray for the Mountain Lions and pepper spray for the crazies that I might deliver to one day… no worries babe, Amazon Prime has my Bear and Pepper spray on the way 😉

WELP guys, I did it. I did a Friday Favorites. I have more I want to add, but I’ll wait till next time! I can hardly believe I actually did such a normal blog post that isn’t a million pages long! Wowza. Love you all and hope this weekend is extra wonderful for each of you!

xo <3


94 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. Hi Alana!!!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed- and I don’t think I’ve ever been so thrilled for a pair of socks! Hahah. Have an amazing weekend, dear! xo

      1. YES! Hubby and I actually saw Bob Saget last night in SJ (Danny from Full House). How about you, love?! Enjoying your new fur baby?!<3

      2. Wow! That sounds like an amazingly fun date night!!! My weekend has been busy, fun, but not nearly long enough. Yesterday morning I had DJ Training then Afro-Brazilian Dance. Today I better get to work on my homework. I absolutely LOVE little Carl <3. Have a great week!

        <3 Alana

      3. It was SOMETHING! I’ll definitely be writing about it soon 😂 and that sounds like SOOOO much fun!!!!! Teach me some moves, girl! How awesome!

    1. Haha DJ KILLED the game with this gift. I was pumped. And yesss, They’re Real are amazing!! So glad you have discovered the magic of this mascara! Have a PERFECT weekend, Kat! Thanks for popping in here 🙂

  1. loved this post, thos socks are awesome!!! I used to be obsessed witt that mascara, if you love They’re Real you’ll love Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, its just as fab (I actually prefer it) and half the price (well in the UK it is anyway) Happy Friday xo

    1. OK- I cannot WAIT to try that! THANK YOU big time for the suggestion. I’m going to get that next! Happy Friday to you too, Angela! Hope this weekend is AMAZING! xo

  2. I hope you do Friday favorites as much as you can! I feel like I discovered so many things in this post, haha. Mainly the Homesick Candle company and Postmates! So cool!

    1. Awwww I’m so glad you liked it, Allie!!!! It was a blast writing this post! The Homesick candles are seriously one of my new favorite things. I think whenever I have a friend that moves I’ll have to give them one! It’s just too cute of an idea! Thanks for stopping by, dear!

  3. What a great post again!! I have the exact same Benefit mascara and it is the BEST! I would love that Purple potato recipe too (and the peanut tofu one), so there’s no way around it now Mack hahaha.

    1. YESSSS! I’m so glad you are on team “They’re Real!” and hahahah okay, okay, that’s definitely giving me some motivation to share those recipes soon! I can’t tell you how much it flatters me that YOU, my cooking role model, actually wants to try them! Happy Weekend!!!!! <3

    1. Thanks, Chelsea! I’ll share it soon!!!! By the way- I thought about you yesterday when I was running.. I was at 12 miles and was thinking- “Hmmm I could try for 30…” And then I remembered I had donuts at home and it was game over. Some day it is happening! Hahah. Happy Weekend to you too!

  4. Okay, I’m trying to remember everything I wanted to comment because I LOVED THIS POST.
    First off: you look gooooorgeous in that picture with the mascara on. And thank youuu for the recommendation. I’ve been wanting to try a new kind!
    2.I have been wondering about those candles for so long!! I want to see if the ND one smells like here… but like.. what will it smell like? -35 degree temps and farms? hahaha
    3. I love those socks so much hahaha. I like wine from time to time, but mine would need to say bring me a beer 😛
    4. Dexter.. ohhhhh sexy Dexty lol. I have rewatched that series more times than I care to admit and it never gets old.
    5. The BHAG wax scents are my FAVES.I get a sugared kiwi one that is to die for!!
    6. I love that you like thrifting. I do too!! It’s so fun because you can truly find some great treasures. I want to visit where you live because I bet the thrift stores are way different than here!
    Okay well now that I wrote a novel like a crazy person, I suppose I should end this 😉 Have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Hi Kenz,
      I loves this one I read today and it had so many fun things in it , like your thrift shopping and your on line
      shopping. It was shorter than most but I liked it cause it was short and I could read it quickly and get on to
      other projects. I can remember that you would show me all the good buys your were getting and you looked
      so cute in them. That’s my Granddaughter;!! So very proud of you– Liked the ice skating . remember doing that in TC
      Love you and God Bless you and DJ

      1. Thanks for reading, Gramma! You guys are the best! And I’m glad you liked the length- I don’t know how you ever read my posts with how busy you two are 😉 Sorry I missed your call yesterday- I’m gonna give you a ring today! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Sending big hugs.

    2. You know I LOOOOVE your novels!!!! So glad you liked the post! It was super fun to write and a great way to shorten the others so I am really going to try to keep it up!

      And awww thank you SO much! <3 You are too sweet! Let me know if you get around to trying the mascara- I had another reader suggest one that is half the price and very similar so I’m going to try that next!

      I actually laughed out loud at your ND scent comment. Hahaha. That’s so funny. Now I’m super curious?! You may just have to get one to find out!

      And they have socks that say beer! I’ve seen those too, so you’re good to go 😉

      YESSSS- Dexter!!!!!! Hahah "sexy dexty" I haven't heard that but it's great. So glad you love that show too. It’s addictive- we have FLOWN through the series! Currently in the drama with Miguel; super interesting! Dexter JUST got kidnapped so we are in a bit of a cliff hanger!

      SUGARED KIWI! That sounds like a dream!!!! Ok- when these run out I’m trying those.

      Girl, we are the same person. Thrifting is my bread and butter. I’m so glad you like it too! The thrift stores are actually pretty good out here! I was a big fan of platos closet growing up, but I have found some that are a bit more for adults out here. It’s been fun! Where do you usually go?!

      Happyyyy weekend, love!

  5. I loved Dexter! With makeup I buy Lancome foundation once a year and get the free bag and just use all those products. I love their mascaras!!!

    1. Me tooooo! It is SUCH a good series. That is such a good idea with getting the bundle of products! I bet you save some money that way too!?! That’s a great idea- I’m quite uninformed about makeup so I’ll take any tips that I can get!

      1. I just wait until Lancome is having a gift. You’ll see it in the mall, but it’s only in certain stores and in certain places. Or your local newspaper. They should have an app! Anyways you spend like $43 or something and get free stuff which lasts the year.

      2. That’s amazing!!!!! I’m definitely going to keep an eye out. Thank you so much for telling me about it! Hope your weekend was amazing 🙂 💕

      3. I hope your weekend was amazing too. And I’d love to hear about your job endeavor and how that’s going…probably because I’m in the same boat as you right now. Or a similar boat…maybe we can share a canoe! 😉

      4. Ahhh yes!!!!! I will be sharing very soon! I think the exhaustively long update post will probably come up on Thursday or Friday because I have the BIGGGGGG interview Wednesday! 🙂 I probably won’t have any definite answers on anything for another week at least. Sooooo yes yes we can certainly share that canoe (unless your canoe includes having a new job?!? Which would be exciting!) Haha. Thanks for being so caring, Kristin! <3

      5. A canoe for two it is! 😀 I can’t wait to hear all about it! Will be praying for you Wednesday. We both have big Wednesdays coming up. It’s my immigration appt too! <3

    1. Thanks girl!!!!! I was SO excited about them! I don’t have a lot of comfortable fall shoes besides tall boots, so I figured they would be perfect for that time! I’m excited you like them too 🙂 Thanks for poppin’ on in! I was just about to head over to your place 🙂 Have a great Sunday!!! xo

  6. Woah, hold on, did you just post two posts in one week!!! YASS! I seriously always look forward to your posts and we totally got spoiled this week 🙂 Girl those shoes!!!! So cute, doing WERK in style….but ouch, I can only imagine the horrible pain from running around in them! (at least you’re not rocking those crazy weird heels from your last post) Plz tell me someone AT LEAST complemented them? But seriously I’m with DJ, get some pepper spray girl! Totally necessary, just in case, some people are skeptical. Britt got me a little cute pink key chain one for when I was living right in the city, not that I used it ever, it was still good to have. Immediately after I saw those banana pancakes, I texted Andrew, “Lets make banana pancakes tomorrow” bc YUM those look so good and I love banana anything. Lastly, that selfie of you is so good, so darn pretty!!!! Have a good weekend <3

    xo, JJ

    1. Hehehe you are SOOO sweet, JJ. I am glad you enjoyed the first Friday fave 😉 You actually inspired it a bit with your posts! I love your “what’s up wednesdays” and other posts like that, so I thought of you when I was whipping this out! And hahaha those heels though… Love/hate relationship currently! Annnnd, No worries- Amazon prime is sending me the hookuppps with the pepper spray/bear spray combo ! Woot woot! You are sweet to be concerned. <3 I hope you enjoyed some banana pancakes! I made them again this morning- so addicted right now (may have seen on my snap story). And THANK YOU- gosh you really know how to make a girls' day! <3 Hope you and Andrew had a phenomenal weekend so far!!!!!! xoxoxo

      1. I looked at your snap story literally RIGHT after we made and devoured the pancakes and I was like nooo I wish I sent her a snap of ours lol I was legitimately tempted to make a whole batch just to grab the picture, Andrew insisted that it was silly and that there will be a next time hahah

      2. Hahahah yayy! You made them!!! Wooohoo! HOW EXCITING! And hahaha no problem about the picture. That must mean they were that good right?! 😉

  7. What a great post! There are definitely some things here I want to try! I also find myself thinking about what I would write in a Friday Favorites post…. Hmmm. I’ll have to think about it, but I would definitely have to take a humorous approach. “I have this great favorite toothpaste. It’s Crest old-school paste….” 😀 I can’t wait for next Friday’s post, Mack! (no pressure, but….) 😉

    1. YAYYYYY! That makes me SOOO happy! I had no idea how this post would go over but your comment alone tells me it was a bit of a success 😉 I am incredibly glad there are some new things in here for ya! And l just literally laughed out loud about the Crest. But hey- if that is what your loving, tell us! You may just change some hard-core Colgate fanatics minds 😉 And I immensely appreciate the excitement for another one! I already have some wheels turning 🙂 Hope your weekend has been fantastic! <3

    1. Hey girl! So excited to see you back here! And YES ! They are wayyy easy and delicious. I actually just made some this morning. Mmmm mmm! Hope your weekend has been lovely so far, Sarah! I so appreciate you stopping by! xoxo

  8. Wow that mascara really looks amazing on you!! I’m a thrift store fan too. I recently found 2 pairs of Motherhood maternity pants (normally 30-50 bucks each) for 6 dollars each!

    1. Ok I am officially deeming you queen of thrifting. That is SUCH a steal! LOVE it. And that’s good to know for one day when I need maternity clothes! I hadn’t even given that a thought, but realistically you only need them 9 mo, so why would you spend so much on them?! Thanks for the sweet words and stopping by, Heather!!! I always get excited to see a comment from you 🙂

  9. Great post, Mack! The side job sounds really cool! I’m considering it since I don’t have a full-time job right now. Does it pay alright? I like your finds, especially the purse.

    1. Thanks, Lisa 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed!!!!! And YESSS- highly recommend Postmates! Around here it pays over minimum. I would say on average it’s about $25 an hour (they pay per distance traveled I think, and don’t reimburse gas, so that has to also be considered). If they have “blitz pricing” going on- you get a text to your phone and that means their rates are up because they need more workers! It all depends on your location and how much your client tips too. Also, they have a deal going on right now that if you refer someone and they make 25 deliveries with a 4.7 star rating, you get $850. So DJ and I are considering signing him up too and then having a day where we just deliver like crazy all day long until we meet 25 deliveries- so if your boyfriend had any free time that’s an easy way to get a little extra too! I hope they have it around you- the flexibility is the best part! I also hope your weekend has been FABULOUS, like you!! <3

      1. Lol, sorry about one of the comments! My phone has been all weird lately! That sounds really good! I’m sure they pay a lot more in California than Texas. Unfortunately, they don’t have it here yet! My boyfriend would probably do it if he wasn’t in nursing school. The only thing we have here is Uber and Lyft. I thought about doing that but I don’t know yet. Thank you for including more info. on it! I wish they had it here!

      2. Haha no problem – I’ve done that so many times!!!!!! And uber and lyft are awesome options too!!!!! I considered that as well but postmates came through a little quicker when I was filling out my applications!! Tons of people we’ve talked to that work for uber or lyft just love it!

      3. Yes !!! I have heard of that one too! You’ll have to let me know what you think if you try one of those!!!! Hope your weekend ended on a lovely note 🙂

      4. Thanks Mack, I’ll let you know 🙂 I spent it writing and doing laundry. Lol. Oh yea I also saw La La Land. Hope yours was good too.

  10. Wax warmers are such a game changer! I love the aesthetic of candles and have only just now began to use them, but I’m still an accent warmer fanatic (especially since it’s easier to collect a lot of scents with them)!

    1. YESSS, Amen to that! I am truly obsessed now. I don’t know why I’ve been in the dark so long (shoot no pun intended, ok, maybe intended a little). But YES- major game changer- my mom has a full drawer of different scents. #goals. I’m so excited to try out more- what’s your favorite one?!

      1. I love a classic vanilla, but I have this one from Better Homes and Gardens in Banana Bread Pudding. It’s a sweet scent, but not overly so, and it’s incredibly unique so my friends are always surprised when they smell it!

    1. Yesss girl! You’ve got great taste for gifts 😉 It smells like open fields and flowers! Just like home ❤ Hope your weekend was amazing, Kristy!!!!

  11. Oh my god I love that mascara! I am not a mascara girl (whaaaa-?) But when I found that, I actually decided I HAD to wear it, It does amazing things to the lashes!
    I love thrift stores! There is one in the village that has the coolest stuff! And oh my god those heels! I am obsessed! I love cork wedges! That is so cool about Postmates! And oh my gosh that sweet potato looks ah-may-zing! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend beauty! <3

    1. Right?! Love this mascara! Another blogger said there is another one like it but cheaper – so I may try that next! And I bet NYC has some amazing thrift places!!!!! Thanks for all the love always, girlfriend !❤❤❤ hope your weekend was perfection!!!!!

      1. Oh my gosh really? I would be interested to know how it works! (Or if it has as cute packaging because I am all about that!🤣) yes they do! You are very welcome sweets anytime! It was I hope you had an amazing weekend as well!😘😘

    1. Aww thanks, Susie. My perspective on life has changed greatly this past year and I’m just trying to find the joy in each day. Definitely a process!

    1. Thank youuu! I have not tried (or even heard of) that mascara but I will definitely have to try it out soon! I am always down for trying different products!! Thank you for the suggestion!!! <3

  12. Girl, you inspired me. I signed up for postmates! I don’t know exactly how much time I will actually have to do it, but it will be nice to have the option!

    1. FOR REAL?!?!? That’s so exciting!!! If you give it a go let me know how you like it!!!!! Woohoo! (oh and maybe invest in pepper spray to have with you JUST IN CASE!)

      1. Oh, I already have pepper spray (for the coyotes and bobcats here, but I wouldn’t be shy to use it for other reasons) I am not sure how it will work if I get pregnant, but it definitely seems like something I could try. 🙂

      2. Oh good!!!! Sounds like you are set!!!!! haha. And it is really great if you ever just have a spare couple hours, but maybe not when you are pregnant (lots of running around on your feet!). Still praying for you <3

    1. GIRL! No worries!!!!! I am SOOOO behind too. Hopefully you were able to kick your feet up and have a nice glass of wine! I can’t wait to read about how the move is going. MWAH!

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