A Sister Day in the Bay!

Hey hey!! Wow, I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging since I’ve begun. I miss y’all tons! But guess what- we finally have Wifi?! Wooohooo! The last few weeks have been a real whirlwind, but with the best of memories mixed in. School and trying to find our footing in a new city is taking up every second of my spare time. I hope to get catch up on blogging during the couple days I have between semesters in August (If I’m not sleeping the whole time, lol).

I am still catching up from way back in June. After our day in Wine Country and the most unforgettable pizza dinner at Capo’s, we stayed the night at my SIL Amy’s. In the morning, Hal and I had plans to run the city. And yes, I mean physically, literally run (but I guesssss you could metaphorically say we ran the city that day too 😉 )! She is maybe the only other person I can think of that would agree to get around the city this way. While packing for the weekend I advised Hal to bring warmer clothes. SF is usually pretty mild/chilly, even in the summer – hence the saying- “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”. Wellll, it would have behooved me to actually have checked the temp- and it ended up being 95F! Whooops. We were a bit overdressed, but weren’t about to let it deter us from our plans.

Since we were going to be out and about for the day, we took our leftover pizza and snacks, and filled a bag of ice from Walgreens since I forgot my cooler (Womp Womp). We were not about to let all that food go to waste though! Surprisingly, this makeshift cooler worked out really well. We placed the bag in a little plastic lid I had in the trunk, so anything that melted didn’t actually get on the car lining. The lengths we go to to protect our food, amirite?!


And we are off to the races!….


Our first stop was Arsicault– a bakery known for their croissant.


We took our croissant next door to Breck’s since Arsicault doesn’t have much in the way of coffee.


We grabbed some iced coffees to enjoy with it! I rarely get iced coffees, but this day was givin’ me a hankerin’ for one! It was so smooth and creamy. You could tell it was extremely high quality beans.


Now onto the croissant… I have tried several croissants in SF-  Tartine, B. Patisserie, etc. and this one easily was the best (with Tartine as a close second). The only other croissant I’ve had that may come close is the one from Summer Moon I went to with my momma in Fort Worth (which I think they may have a Summer Moon in Austin?! I passed a sign for one the other day!). Anyway- the combo with the iced coffee is about as good as it gets. I get cravings for this on the dailyyy now.


After the most delightful start to the day, we saw a Farmer’s Market around the corner we had to check out.


This breaddddd. I am always drawn to the carbs like a magnet.


We continued running, running, and running some more..


Soaking up the views along the way…


Our next stop was the Cable Cars, but first, we needed to find some hydrating fluids to quench our thirst. We popped into the Walgreens once again (we spent a whole lotta time at the corner of happy and healthy that day). They have the cutest little Ghirardelli section too! I have never seen that in a store before.


After grabbing some vitamin water to refuel, we also popped into the big Macy’s across the street and cooled down for a second while perusing the super cute summer selection.


And finally, we grabbed our tickets for the cable cars. It was about a 45 minute wait. Important Tip:We learned later that you actually can jump on at any cable car stop (you don’t have to go to the main one- you can avoid a ton of waiting time if you walk just about .25 of a mile up the road!).


I had never rode a cable car before this either (I know– How can I call myself an SF pro if I haven’t even rode a cable car?!)… I was excited to share this SF first with my sis and not lay awake at night feeling like a fraud (JK that never happened- well not often). For my history people- Cable Cars were invented in SF, so it’s pretty much a “must” on every tourist list. If you want to read more about the history click here!


It was actually way more fun than we even anticipated! We did it more for the novelty of it, but wow- what a blast!


The views of the city as we strolled along were awesome too.


Pic or it didn’t happen.


We ended near Ghirardelli Square, and then continued our run to our next spot….


Boba Butt! The Corgi inspired Boba shop!


Their boba is SOOO good!!! Pictured is their strawberry smoothie boba… the definition of refreshing and flavorful! We have to make sure to bring Pool Noodle (Amy’s Corgi) here sometime so she can get him up on the photo wall!


And you know I couldn’t help but sing, “I like big boba butt smoothies, and I cannot lie!”

We then jogged through China Town to a place on the bucket listGolden Gate Bakery. They are famous for their egg tarts. I didn’t know what to expect since I wasn’t super excited about the ones I tried from City View- but people said these were in a league of their own. The shop also has extremely unpredictable hours- there is even a Twitter account that directly addresses, “Is the Golden Gate Bakery open today?”.

We waited about 30 minutes (not too bad of a wait from what I’ve heard!). The bakery itself was pretty cramped inside, and there was hardly room for more than a few people at once. We eagerly ordered our tarts and headed outside to try them out!


The verdict? Woah— woah— I get it!!! I totallyyyy get the hype. It’s hard to describe the flavor because it’s unlike anything I’ve had before. It was steaming hot and the bite was the most wonderful balance of savory, sweet, and crisp with the crust. The egg flavor was there, but in a muted way that wasn’t overwhelming. Think almost like a sweet quiche. Like I said– just perfectly balanced in every way! I definitely should have gotten more than the couple we ordered, but we had one more food spot we wanted to try.

Next up we were going to go to Haight Ashbury for their Street Fair, but then we heard there were a bunch of naked men walking around so we decided to change our plans, lol. SF, you’re something else, I’ll tell ya what. Rather, we decided to go to The Mission- an area in SF with a ton of great restaurants and shops!


My sister particularly loved it because it has a lot of Latina influence. She feels right at home when she hears people around talking in Spanish.

Hal was having a Peruvian craving, and I’m convinced Ceviche is one of the greatest things on earth. So naturally, we popped into Limon Rotisserie for a little snack before heading home.


We shared Ceviche Mixto. This was the best ceviche of all time ever ever. This dish will definitely be the one to beat! Halston said her fiance’s mom’s is better- so when I saw her for the wedding festivities I told her we have to all get together and have her ceviche sometime! Her ceviche definitely is on that “ultimate” food bucket list- which I should publish on here one day. Hmmm. Digressing..digressing…


Back to the food at hand— the taro chips it was served with were really tasty! I have never had these before, but I know the brand Terra has some- so I may pick them up in the store if I see them.


And a crisp, Diet Coke was the perfect refreshing beverage to pair with it. I know how bad they are for ya, but on a rare occasion nothing sounds better!


And here is the summation of what we ran for the day!

75ee0c58-fbc6-4e5d-a3ea-e53d21f8221dIf you like to run, this is such a fun way to see a city. Just make sure to do it with someone and map out the safe places in town… and maybe don’t wear leather workout pants in 95F weather!

That evening we just enjoyed lotsa leftovers! (mainly the ‘za, of course 🙂 ).

Question for you:

– Please share something going on in your world. I miss blogging so much & reading what you’ve all been up to too!

xo <3

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100 thoughts on “A Sister Day in the Bay!

  1. Oh you bring back great memories of my trip to SF! I loved riding the cable cars at dusk- so cool!! Ceviche is my favourite food! You’ve made me hungry🤣

    1. Aw!!! I love that this post was nostalgic for you 🙂 When did you go?! Riding the cable cars at dusk sounds amazing!!!! I bet it was just gorgeous views of the bay then too. Ceviche is incredible! Have a great weekend, AJ! Thanks for reading !

      1. Oh I can’t start repeating trips as there are too many places I still want to visit!

  2. Hi Mackenzie. So happy to see your post. I always enjoy reading about your delicious, adventurous life. It’s awesome that you and your sister were able to spend such a beautiful, though hot, day together. The memories will last a lifetime. I afraid my life would seem quite mundane compared to all you have going on but we are enjoying summer and all the activities that go along with it. I hope you have a beautiful day!

    1. Thanks so much, Ruth 🙂 It means a lot that you take the time to read!!

      Definitely memories for a lifetime! I reflect on that weekend often!! <3

      Aw, I feel your life is anything but mundane! You definitely keep yourself busy and I'm always amazed by how much you fit in a day!! Glad to hear you are enjoying your summer 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  3. Howdy! Great to see your post! Great photos! I love croissants and I’m a carb magnet also. 🙂 Love the wall mural of the whales and the ocean.

    1. Thanks so much, Kathy!!! <3 There are so many fun little murals all over SF. Just when I think I've seen them all we'll stumble upon another fun one!

  4. Great post! You made me really miss SF and now I think I’ll go back next month. 🙂

    If I ran the city, I’d have been a sweaty mess and wouldn’t be able to enjoy all of the activities. Looks like you managed to do just fine.

    1. Thanks, Ralph!! YESS yes!! Go back!! Do you have something planned?!

      Hah! We definitely just tried to keep a good attitude about the fact that we were both on the verge of heat stroke. lol.

      1. I’m flying out to Sacramento next month and wouldn’t mind a day trip to SF. 😀

        I never worry about heat stroke because I’m SUCH an efficient sweater. 😩

      2. How exciting!!! I follow some Sacramento foodies- it’s a great food town!! Hope you’re able to squeeze in that SF day trip.

        LOL! Touche!

  5. I’m pulled towards bread at farmer’s markets too! Something about it just is so appealing to me. Fresh fruits and veggies but freshly baked bread?! Sign me up!!

    The idea of running the city is a great one! You can so easily switch up your route to stop at different sights your want to see or or cool spots along the way.

    I’m on board with you about pop. It’s obviously not the greatest but sometimes you just need an ice cold pop to satisfy your thirst.

    How did you move go?! I was thinking about you when we moved and was praying your move went smoothly. Recently we’ve been just sitting and playing the waiting game until the official move happens. We’re like 3.5 weeks into living with Alex’s parents and so far it’s been good. Luckily we all have our own lives so it’s not like we’re sitting in a room staring at each other all day.

    1. Yesss totally agree!! I really want to make a point to start shopping at Farmer’s Markets more often. It’s therapeutic walking around them too!

      YESS! It was so much fun! We didn’t have a ton specifically planned, so it allowed us to be really flexible which made it even more enjoyable!

      What’s your favorite kind of pop? I find myself having Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke cravings, especially in the summer!

      Aw, you are so kind to ask– thanks for thinking of us! So, overall… the move went well (ish), but there were definitely some hiccups (some we are still dealing with). I’ve tried extremely hard to stay positive- but after losing our cooler (flew out of our truck with dishes in it) on a windy highway, smacking my car into a cement wall in our own parking garage (I was so focused on not hitting the car next to me that I missed the giant wall and took off my mirror), dealing with a couple little apartment issues (at least our neighbors are mostly quiet!!! For that I’m thankful haha), and just trying to keep my grades up it’s been all a bit overwhelming. But I know it will all settle somewhat soon. The unforeseen circumstances are all a part of moving, and I think we are almost in the clear!! We love the area and cannot wait to explore more!!

      I’m so glad it sounds like things are going ok with living with Alex’s parents!! It’s great that they totally respect your own flow too it sounds like! I know i’ve asked like five times- but when do you guys move again? Was it beginning of August? Also I sooooo miss reading your blog. I cannot wait for my mini break between semesters to catch up 🙂

      1. It really is! I walked around one yesterday and even though it was small it’s just so relaxing to see all the different vendors at each market.

        Usually I like Sprite but everyone once in a while I’ll grab Dr. Pepper! Although I always steal a sip of a Diet Coke if my mom gets it haha. So refreshing.

        Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear about the lost cooler and dishes as well as the mirror. It’s so stressful to get used to parking in a new place. I swear I act like I’ve never driven when I have to park in a new to me parking garage. I hope the apartment issues aren’t crazy!! So happy to hear that the neighbors are quiet. Such a blessing. It’s great you love the area!

        Girl….we literally just got word yesterday that there is cancer causing mold in the house we were supposed to rent. Obviously we aren’t comfortable living there even with remediation. Lord knows what else is behind the walls and we don’t feel comfortable knowingly living somewhere with that. So now we’re back to not having an end date. In an ideal world (which I definitely don’t live in lol) we would still move at the end of August so if you could send a little prayer that it all falls into place quickly I’d be so so grateful.

        In good news, I won a 2 night stay to a hotel in San Francisco at a charity event yesterday. So I’ll definitely be reaching out to you for all things San Fran and Napa when we book the trip!

      2. Exactly! This really motivates me to look up some around here.

        Ohhh Sprite is good too- I get cravings for that lemon lime soda from time to time (usually when I’m flying, randomly!).

        Aw thanks for understanding- I felt so silly about that whole car ordeal, so it makes me feel better I’m not alone in feeling out of whack in a foreign parking garage!

        Ahhh I am SOOOOO sorry that your move is delayed- how frustrating (and scary!). I will absolutely be praying that the perfect place pops up for you guys <3 Keep me posted!

        OK, that is such good news! how exciting!!! SF hotels ain't cheap (I'd have to Groupon them if we stayed), so that's seriously an amazing thing to win!! Cannot wait to chat as the time gets closer. Do you know which hotel you are staying at?

      3. Of course I understand! It’s tough, especially in a new place that you aren’t used to.

        I will definitely keep you posted! We were beyond annoyed about it but obviously our health is WAY more important than living there. Now we’re back to square one and thinking of completely switching gears and going to Philly itself. So who knows but first I need to get myself a job there so we know what’s up with that.

        We have 2 nights at the Westin St. Francis which is on/near Union Square (according to Google at least lol). So tentatively we’re thinking of either doing San Fran for two days at the very beginning or very end of the trip and maybe staying closer to Napa? Haven’t even gotten that far though lol.

        I hope things with your moved have gotten a little more sorted ❤❤

      4. Ahh keep me posted! All those details can feel so overwhelming- I know it will all work out for the best, but these transitions can definitely feel uncomfortable. Keep me posted!!

        Ohhhh that’s SO nice!!! We haven’t stayed at that Westin specifically, but it’s one of the nicest in the city & perfect location. How exciting!!!! There are lots of cute Air bnbs in Napa/Sonoma too!

        Thank you so much! It definitely feels a bit more settled- once this semester ends I think I’ll feel like I can take a big deep breath. Have a great weekend, Maureen! xo

      5. I will keep you posted for sure! We’re heading back to Philly to look at rentals tomorrow and I’m really hoping we find the place.

        We’re SO excited! The fundraiser was the same day we learned about mold and let me tell you good news like that was very much needed haha. I’m hoping to have flights booked by next weekend so expect some Instagram dm’s from me with all the questions lol.

        Have an amazing weekend Mackenzie!

      6. Ahhh wishing you the best of luck! I hope it all goes well & you find something right away!

        Yayyy!!! Once you get the plans set in stone it’s all gonna be so real- I’m giddy with excitement for ya! Gonna be a trip of a lifetime !

        You too 🙂

  6. Mack! Welcome back to the blogosphere, I’ve missed you!

    Have to say I can relate to the carb obsession, they’re always the first thing I pick up when at a buffet etc etc. I just love carbs! You can’ beat ‘em. 😂

    I had no idea cable cars were invented in SF! What a fun fact, I’d honestly never have known that if you hadn’t shared it with us here on the blog so thank you. I’ll definitely be putting a cable car ride on my bucket list. Your post has made me want to visit San Fran so much. It looks so much fun!

    You got a looot of steps in! Where you really wearing leather workout pants? How did you survive!?!?!? 😂 you must have been roasting!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week Mack, can’t wait to read more of your adventures once you’re all caught up ❤️

    1. Aww!! Hi, beautiful!! I’ve missed youuuu!

      Lol- yesss totally agree–you cannot beat a good carb!! mmm mm!

      So glad you enjoyed learning about the cable cars!! Hope you get a chance to ride one next time you go back 🙂

      Hahah yesss I was wearing leather leggings- gosh, they were brutal! Still don’t know how I survived!! I guess each next food spot was my motivation- lol .

      Aw thank you so much, love! Your comment means tons and tons <3

      1. I miss you!!!

        Absolutely not, I think my diet is 90% carbs 😂 they really are the best haha. Followed by cheese, unfortunately considering that’s not vegan, how will I ever cope if I decide to go vegan? Uh 😭 I had the best cheese wrap today it was Heaven, sorry for going off about food on your comment but I’m figuring you won’t mind 😉

        It was so much fun to read your facts etc and see your pictures! Ah I’m sure I will. Top of my San Fran bucket list for sure!

        Oh my gosh! Leather leggings in the heat sounds absolutely horrendous 😭😭 fashionable and total diva but wow, literally survival of the fittest haha. That sounds like the perfect motivation!!

        You’re welcome hun. Have a great week! Xx

      2. <3 <3

        Ahhh SAME. haha. Speaking of cheese ... did I tell you I tried Pizza Hut pizza... and I'm obsessed?!?! I am so behind on blogging so I'll definitely be blogging about it, but giiiirl--- you weren't kidding--- it's prettty much life changing hahaha. Also, you know I neverrrr mind a food tangent! That cheese wrap is making my mouth water, and imma go get some food right after writing this.

        So glad you enjoyed the SF tour!!

        hahah.. yeah that was just not a smart move by me. Definitely learned my lesson to ACTUALLY check the weather. Thanks for brightening my evening :) xoxox

  7. Your pictures are AMAZING and make me so so so hungry!! Thank goodness your WiFi is back! Can’t wait to read through and catch up with your life!! 💕

    1. Aw thanks so much, Amanda!!! <3 <3 Right back atchya!!! Can't wait to read all about your bachelorette party too- it looked sooo epic!!!

  8. Dear Caligal, it’s always a pleasure to read you, and follow your foodie adventures 🙂 Summer here is VERY hot. It took a while before it really hit me, but I have a feeling it was just getting ready. Lots of sun, little rain, so I try to go out to enjoy it as much as I can with the few days off I have 🙂 Have a most lovely week, Gorgeous! xx

    1. Aw Cyra!!! <3 Thank you for your sweetest comment :) Hope it cools down for you soon, but you enjoyed those days off!! Have a great week ahead, my friend!

  9. I was so excited to see you had posted!! I love reading your posts 🙂 This is such a great way to see the city. I loved that about NY that you could use your legs to transport yourselves from one place to the next so easily!
    That croissant looks so buttery and flaky and scrumptious and is there anything better than leftover pizza after a long day of some good cardio!

    1. Aw thank you tons, Jess!!! That means a lot 🙂

      YES! NY is another great city to get around on foot- we walked like 10 miles/day when we were there! The food is a great motivator !

      MMmm I agree- pizza post cardio is hard to beat! Thanks for reading, Jess! Have a great week, beautiful!

  10. I loved reading this!! That’s great that you were both able to run the city together! All the food looks and sounds delicious!! I particularly want that croissant right about now!

    I can’t wait to hear all about your move! I hope it went well and you are loving Texas! Life has been a whirlwind lately! With the wedding less than 3 weeks away and this being my last week of working at a summer program, it’s safe to say I’m exhausted and ready for a break. I have legit bridal brain and it’s becoming a bit amusing lol. Buttttt, I’ll be married soon so all is good 🙂

    1. Hi, Em! Thank you so much! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed this post!

      The croissant is something I seriously crave ALL the time since. It was just too darn good!

      Thank you so much!

      OH MY GOSH- 3 weeks?!?! Woohoo!! I am so so excited to read all about it (when/if you have time, of course). So happy for you. Bridal brain is such a real thing- but you are almost there! Praying all goes smoothly 🙂 xox

  11. What a great day you had with your sissy! I’ve eaten at Limon and loved their yucca fries -OMG so good. And that croissant with the iced coffee….perfection.

    I am gearing up for a 7-day Carnival Cruise to the Mexican Riviera so I’m pretty excited!!

    Hope you are getting settled into your new home nicely. Texas just got a new angel…

    1. Hi, Susie!!! Oh my, this comment is just the sweetest <3

      Limon is sooo yummy!!! Next time I am totally making sure to get the yucca fries- if I had seen them on the menu I would have had to get them, so I'm sad I missed seeing um'!

      Ahhh! Enjoy that cruise!!! I loveee Carnival cruises- have such a wonderful time- and the Mexican Riviera sounds like an absolute blast :)Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Awesome run! And you all made it fun! I am not a runner but I can walk fast. Lol! I’m still thinking about that croissant!!

    Happy Week to you and I hope all is well with you and Austin!

    1. Hi, Nancy!! Hehe- you definitely could still get around a city fast walking 🙂 Especially being motivated by a croissant, lol!

      Thank you soo much! I hope you are having a wonderful week too 🙂

    1. It’s so yummy!! The branding is pretty fun with this shop too hehe. Hope you are having a great start to the week, Carly!

  13. My gosh, this day sounds epic on epic!! What an absolutely fun way to spend time together, move your bodies, and nourish yourselves with amazing food! I would love all of the pastries thankyouverymuch, give me ice espresso drinks on a hot summer day, and I love the iconic-style photos you took! Boba Butt cracks me upppp big time! I’ve only had boba tea once and felt awful afterwards, *but* it was after eating a giant bowl of cereal at a late night cereal bar. Sooo way too much sugar was to blame. I may try it again some day. That tart looks and sounds heavenly! All of the murals and colorful buildings are gorgeous, and you certainly recapped the day beautifully. Thank you for sharing, and I hope you’re having a great week!

    1. Exactly 🤗 it was so much fun!! You would have loved loved loved that coffee! Seriously some of the best I’ve had 😋

      Hahah isn’t boba butt such a funny concept? I like to think how they came up with that idea—- “so I wanna start a boba shop… I love corgis… I think I’ll call it boba butt” 🤣

      Ok you’re not alone in how boba affects you- I have to get the least amount of sweet and usually still can’t finish the boba balls or I’ll get an upset stomach too!!!

      Thank you for reading, Kori! I miss you and your blog- I am hoping once I finish up this final exam I can binge read it as a treat 🙂 hope your week is off to a beautiful start!

      1. I’m always down to try as many coffee shops and different coffee varieties as possible!

        So funny!!

        Thank you for helping me to not feel odd or alone!! I mean, I think my huge bowl of cereal before trying the boba did not help one bit. But it is a very sweet drink.

        Always! I hope all is going well in your studies, and I wish you the best week as well!

      2. Yesss!

        It is definitely sweet! I actually don’t prefer sweet drinks- so my go-to with boba (usually) is some type of jasmine or green tea with 0% or 25% sweet and add the boba pearls. The pearls themselves are sweet so it’s a nice balance without all the extra sugar that makes ya feel queasy!

        Thank you so much! Hope you have the best weekend coming up 🙂

  14. your posts always make me hungry. I need to read them after a meal! I looks like you had a great day with your sister. Terra chips has tarro chips as part of their original and I think they might have them as an individual item too.

    I’m not sure I could groove on that egg tart. it sounds interesting, but I’m not a egg person so that probably plays a big roll in my thought on that one.

    1. Hehe- I thought of you with the terra chips because I thought you’d mentioned them before in a post !!! They are mighty good 😋😋

      Totallly makes sense about the aversion to the egg tart. I’d say liking egg is definitely somewhat a pre-requisite to enjoy this.. but good news is there is plenty other delicious eats all over the city! 🤗 thanks for reading & sharing in our adventure with us. Can’t wait to catch up on what you’re up to when things slow down a bit!!

  15. The cable car looks so cool! And the buildings, they are gorgeous, definitely not something I haven’t seen around here in my area! I just love colored buildings. The only ones I’ve seen like that were in Rainbow Row in Charleston! I really wish I would’ve taken a lot more photos while I was there. It was soooo beautiful!

    1. I love the colored buildings too! One of the things that drew me into SF from the beginning 😍 I haven’t been to Charleston but I have heard that- I’ll add Rainbow Row to my bucket list!! Thanks for sharing with me- hope your week is off to a nice start, Stephanie!

  16. Mack!!! How fun. I am so glad that you and your sister had that special time together. And, you both on the cable car is so gorgeous. 🙂

    How is it going in Austin? Are you enjoying it? Having any challenges getting adjusted? Know that I am your Light cheerleader. You are in my prayers.

    I’m about to go to Phoenix and check it out as an option to move there. Excited and really unattached––I trust that God will bring me the next steps to be of greatest support to me and in my coaching practice!

    Bless you Mack and give DJ a hug.


    1. Hi Debbie!! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 It put the biggest smile on my face- can’t tell you how encouraging you are to me!

      Austin is going well! It was a really insane couple of weeks to settle in with a couple obstacles (a minor car accident, school feeling overwhelming, other minor obstacles) — but I think we have found our groove and we just LOVE the city!!! I didn’t think I could love anything more than NorCal, but this is a contender for sure.

      Oh my gosh!!! I can’t wait to hear how you like Phoenix! I have only heard amazing things from anyone that’s been there/lived there. Are you back? I pray that it all goes/went smoothly and you see a clear direction that is best for you <3

      Sending you huge hugs in return! Thankful for you!

  17. First of all, I missed you!!!!! Ha, ha! 🙂 My kiddos are asleep and the hubby is working late, so what a treat… I’m enjoying some alone time, just chillaxin’ on my living room couch and catching up on a new blog from you.
    The eats, per usual, all look SO amazing!!! It really, really makes me want to visit there one day. And how fun must it have been to ride on cable cars! In Boston, they have trolley tours, and we did that for the first time a couple of years ago. It was fun to relax and listen to the history of locations we passed as we drove through the city. But I can only imagine how incredible it must be to ride a cable car through SF.
    So… much… FUN! I feel like I just was able to travel a bit from the comfort of home. 🙂 Ha, ha. Loved this post!

    1. As always- your comment seriously made my whole day!!! <3 I miss you too! I cannot wait for school to settle a bit so I can catch up on your blog & see what you've all been up to this summer!

      The Cable Cars were even more fun than we expected-It almost gives that feel of riding a rollercoaster! How awesome that in Boston they have Trolley Tours!! I will definitely have to do one if we make it for the marathon next year 🙂 The historical element of those types of tours are the best part- my interest in history actually started in Boston- it has such a wealth of history and seeing it "come to life" that way made me actually want to learn all about it!

      So glad this gave you a teeny vicarious trip away- can't tell ya how happy that makes me that you see these posts that way! Hope your week is off to a beautiful start, Nicole 🙂

  18. Ah I miss youuuu!!!! You have been gone for quite a bit but I understand you’ve been busy busy with schooling. I hope you’re taking breaks and not overworking or stressing yourself with deadlines. 💙
    I have come to find I can no longer drink coffee. It gives me the jitters and it makes me feel super restless to the point where it almost feels like anxiety lol so from now on I’m gonna pass haha the croissant looks soooooo good though!
    The bread at the farmers market looks so good too! I looove carbs! I wonder if maybe that’s why I’m not losing body fat as quick 🙁
    Omg I’m so glad you went on a cable car! It’s actually on my list already when we visit SF its gonna be awesome especially for CL lol
    My app suddenly started to act weird. It wont load the photos so I’ll be back later to finish reading 😕

    1. Awww I miss youuuu!!! I cannot tell you how massive my craving is for the blogosphere! I miss reading your posts somethin’ fierce. I cannot wait for my little break between semesters! I think I’m losing my mind a bit.. lol!

      I had to read, “can no longer drink coffee” like three times, because it didn’t compute in my brain. I am so sorry! I totallllly understand though- I feel like as I get older it doesn’t metabolize out of my system as fast either.. I definitely think I’m more sensitive to it. At least you can just switch to decaf if you ever have a serious craving!! Better to avoid that coffee anxiety (the worst).

      Wish I could share the croissant with ya- it was truly insane- maybe the best pastry I’ve ever had. ADD IT TO YOUR LIST! haha.

      Yesss!!! Lol, speaking of your list- cable cars are a must too! cannot wait for y’all to experience it!

      Oh no! Sorry my posts always mess with your technology, lol! Hope your week is off to a great start 🙂 Thanks so much for reading & your comment <3

      1. Awh I’ve been posting an awful lot but I don’t expect you to read every single post lol. And I bet! You’re deep in your studies but at least that also shows how much you care about your education! You are such a hard worker!
        Haha I probably could have written it better to tell you the truth. But yeah I used to be able to drink it but maybe I just cant tolerate it as much as other people given the fact that i hardly drink it anyway lol and true theres always decaf.
        Just did!. Cannot miss a good croissant like this! Though now I wonder if I’ll be completely overwhelmed with choices when I finally go lol
        I think it’s just the app, it has a hard time loading pics. But I was able to go back and finish reading the rest of the post earlier today 🤗

      2. I cannot wait to catch up 😍

        Thanks girl ❤️ it’s so tough. I have so far to go and yet I feel so burned out . The couple week break is SO needed!

        Hehe- I will help you narrow it down when the time comes 🙂 can’t wait!!!

  19. So glad you’re back and have wifi! Woo hoo!
    Lol about it ending up being 95 degrees! Crazy!! A cable car ride sounds like so much fun! I totally want to try a boba tea now. It looks so cool and delicious!

    1. Hi, Allie!!! I cannot wait to catch up on all things blogging when the semester ends- the craving is REAL for the blogosphere! Hope you are doing well <3 And yesss definitely try boba if you can! It's so refreshing & yummy. Thanks for stopping in :)

  20. What an awesome day! Basically a half-marathon with some special stops in between! The lemon tart looks so delicious! I hope you are getting settled into Austin!!!! 🙂 welcome officially to Texas!!

    1. Hi, Shan!! Girl, I miss you!! I cannot wait to catch up on your blog & see what you’re up to.

      It was such a fun day! Thanks for sharing in our adventure with us. And Thank you sooo much for the sweet welcome 🙂 So appreciate it <3<3 have a great week ahead!

  21. What a fun day to spend with your sister – you had the ferry and the winery and today the cable car and a tour of fun food places. The cable car shots of each of you hanging on were great … how representative of a SF visit. All the food makes me hungry but you know I could have snatched one of those breads right out of that open wrapper! Signed, Fellow Carboholic

    1. Hello, my fellow Carboholic!!! Thank you for reading and sharing in our adventure with us 🙂 I had a feeling you would love the shot of that bread 🙂

      1. Nothing like the smell of fresh bread!!! Hope you have a great weekend, Linda!!

  22. It is so nice to see you back blogging, we all missed you too. I absolutely love your make shift cooling bag haha!! Your photography never fails to blow me away, the iced coffees look insane! xxx

    1. Hi, love!! Thank you soo much- that means the world!!! <3 Your comments always warm my heart more than I can say! Wish I could share that iced coffee with ya- one of the best I've ever had! Have a great week ahead, Chloe :)

  23. Woohoo for Wifi!! That croissant looks like the perfect flakiness! Croissants rank way up there on my favorite ways to eat bread. lol. I think it would be so much fun to ride in a cable car. I’ll definitely have to put it on my list if I make it out to San Francisco. I haven’t tried Boba yet but it’s on my list! We just got home from a week at the beach. I even surfed some bunny waves. 🙂

    1. Yesss!! I am so excited we have Wifi again- it’s crazy what a luxury it is that you don’t realize until you don’t have it. I cannot wait to catch up on all things blogging soon- including yours!!! <3 I miss reading it so badly!

      Definitely add both cable cars and boba to your list 🙂 Cannot go wrong with either!

      Sounds like an absolutely lovely week! Can't beat the beach in the summer. And you surfed too?! So fun!! Thanks for stopping in, Amy 🙂

  24. I’m back and I think it’s the app that has a hard time loading the photos lol anyway….picking up where I left off. Cable car.
    The buildings look so awesome and j love they’re all different colors, especially pastels here and there! Cutee!
    Omg the boba butt!! Added it to my list too lol super cuteee!
    I’ve literally only tried quiche and egg tarts once, ironically on the same day at a baby shower about a month ago lol. I dont recall which I liked best, but the egg tart tasted a bit eggy so I didnt like it as much lol. I’d be curious to try these too just to compare lol.
    Idk why I never asked, or maybe I have,.does your sister speak Spanish?
    I’ve only had whatever Mexican ceviche my parents have made, I’d love to see how different Peruvian ceviche is. If its anything like the one in the picture then yes, very different lol.
    And omg I didnt miss that much, darn WP app lol.
    And something that’s been happening…? Well let’s see…currently I’m overwhelmed for many reasons, one of those being parenting. Ciel has been a bit chaotic and I’m taking in all his little tantrums throughout the day to the point where even I get mad because he wont stop 😫😭😭 it’s not easy to parent him. I do wish it was easier sometimes but I know for a fact that this is a lesson for me too so I just have to keep my emotions in check.
    Other than that, my fathers bday is today…might have to go get him something and drop it off at his work in the evening lol. I got a dentist appointment today AND I also have to film my bullet journal for tomorrow. Its gonna be a busy day wish me luck lol

    1. I just love the housing in SF 💕 we may have chatted about this before but I’m drawing a blank- did you watch full house at all growing up? It’s fun to see the Painted Ladies in person!

      There are SOO many great boba shops around SF! I have more recs too if you need them 🙂 but Boba butt is a great bet!

      I have never liked egg tarts when I tried them in the past, but these are on another level!! I’d recommend them to almost anyone (unless you have a strong aversion to egg).

      My sister is fluent in Spanish! She has lived in many different Latin America countries for months at a time and is totally in love with Latin American culture! I didn’t realize there was a difference between ceviches!!! Now I’m so curious to try Mexican ceviche!

      Aw I’m sorry gf.. Sending you huge hugs. It’s a season.. it will pass.. I know that doesn’t make the present easier, but these hard days won’t last forever 💕 he is going to be one amazing man having you as his mom! It will all be worth it. Do you think it’s related to the sensory learning? Or just a temperamental phase?

      Sheesh that day is busy busy! Hope it all went well- cannot wait to see the BUJO 😍 you seriously are super woman- never forget it!!! XOXO

      1. I might have but I don’t remember very well, most likely not? LOL but I do want to see the Painted Ladies in person even if its briefly 🙂
        Oh that’s awesome, she must be better at Spanish than I am by now. I can hold a conversation but I never got into the whole grammar aspect of it seeing as I was only a kid LOL
        Awh thanks! I’m currently going through another stressful day today but with Alex’s help we managed to turn my day around which was super nice. But honestly, I’m not sure? it seems a bit of both and possibly a lack of exercise. We haven’t really been out much so it might also be something simple such as not getting that energy out. I really need a punching bag for boxing LOL maybe ciel will like it too and we can take it out on the bag instead of on each other XD

      2. It’s a fun thing just to say you did! And the park nearby is pretty- I bet Ciel would enjoy it too!

        Haha I’m sure you’d pick it right back up! It’s really amazing listening to her though! People’s reactions are funny too- this veryyy white girl 100000% fluent in Spanish, lol.

        Aw I’m glad the day turned around a bit!! Ah, that makes sense- that actually could be fun ! Kick boxing is seriously therapeutic!! You could blast some music and both go at the bag!

      3. I’m trying! I speak Spanish to both my mom and dad and my neighbor and what not LOL
        Haha honestly CL can join me too and we can both release some energy! 🙂

      4. Oh that’s a great way to keep it fresh! I want to refresh my Spanish because it would be so helpful working with patients. I’ve considered taking some course or maybe Rosetta Stone since I have a bit of a basis.

        Aww such a great idea- have fun!!!

      5. I think you should even if you dont become fluent. Sometimes little gesture or simple sentences like “I’m here if you need me” will go a long way. 🤗

      6. Exactly 🤗 even when I wouldn’t say things exactly right with my patients they always appreciated the effort!

  25. You have had so much going on Mackenzie in such a short space of time . Wedding , new city , study , you need a break! I am glad you got wi-fi . I am glad you got to run the city for a day, hehe ! That is a great quote about San and the coldest winter! It is important to not let food go to waste , great job in getting the ice and protecting it. I love the old volkswagon van! That croissant looks so tasty , ice coffee is one of those things I want to like but just dont like the taste , do you ever get that way with foods or drinks ? That mural wall is so pretty. You became a true San franian (I know its not a word!!) taking the ride on the cable car . would love to someday….. Look at the view of the bay , that is amazing. Great pics of all the hilly streets and cute houses! Of course you got the classic pose of you and Halston hanging off the side of the car , no one can say you never did it ! Ooh that smoothie looks so good! I need to check oot ceviche , this is the first time I have read about it. Do you think Halston is going to be spoiled with all the wonderful food her MIL will cook ?! Every once in a while a coke fills the spot! My goodness that is a lot of running , steps , flights , lol!! That is another memorable day , one of your last in the city , and that you got to spend it with your sister before she became a married woman 🙂 We are going to hangout at a new friend’s house for a barbecue on Sunday evening ! Thanks for the post Dear, Terri xo.

    1. Hi, Terri! I am ready for that break for sure– counting down to August 15th!

      Isn’t the Volkswagen van fun and funky?! We would see ones similar to that all over SF. Especially near Haight!

      Oh yess I hear you on that. I want to like movie theater popcorn, but I just never have! I love all other types- but movie theater does not do it for me! It’s part of the whole experience so I wish I did (but I end up just sneaking in my own haha).

      Hehe I love that- San Franian! 🙂

      So glad you enjoyed the pictures and views in this post. Hal is definitely going to have such great food!

      It was certainly a day to remember 🙂

      That sounds like the most perfect way to spend a weekend! Enjoy!

  26. SF seems like such a gorgeous place to explore. I’ve always wanted to go there. I know it’s called the Bay Area, but whenever I hear or see “the bay” I immediately think of the Chesapeake Bay. (It’s a Maryland thing lmao. That’s our Bay around here).

    1. Hehe that’s too funny!! Chesapeake Bay is the Bay of the East ! Thank you for stopping in & sharing in our adventures, Britney 🙂 Hope all is well, gf! xo

  27. The pastries & iced coffee look deeeeelicious. I am craving it & have no idea what it even tastes like, I can only imagine! You & your sister are wild for RUNNING around the whole city but that’s super sweet that you both agreed on it & she liked it as much as you did!

    The cable cars are adorable, I would love to ride one. I’ve ridden similar things inside of amusement parks & fairs but nothing like the real deal in SF!

    Boba Butt is such a cute name for the shop & it’s Corgi themed?!? I am melting lol!! I’ve never liked an egg tart that I’ve tried, I wonder if this infamous one would be up my alley?! Also, LOL about the naked men ruining your plans. What the heck were they doing?!?

    I so agree about ceviche being one of the best foods on this planet! Yum! That one looks amaaaazing but I would die to try Hal’s MIL’s!!!

    1. Hey, girl! Oh my gosh, that pastry & coffee combo is something I’ve craved sooo many mornings since having it.

      Hehe- she was a trooper! She’s not even much of a runner, but is super athletic in general- I was glad she agreed to it because it ended up being one of my favorite days in the city ever!

      The cable cars were a blast! Hope you can ride one when you make it to the city someday- It has that “rollercoaster” type ride feel, but you’re just on regular streets- so fun!

      Isn’t Boba Butt such a ham of a name and place?! Lol!! Ok I felt the exact same way about egg tarts- neever have liked them, but I totallllly get why these ones are famous! Definitely worth the try!

      hah!! I have no idea what they were doing. When in SF- it’s like a little microcosm sometimes haha.

      YESS!!! I still have yet to try it but am so eager to! Thanks for reading, Hunida 🙂 Have a great weekend, love! xo

      1. Would sooo love to try the pastry & coffee, & the egg tart, too. ;D

        Definitely putting those cable cars on my bucket list, & yesss, love the name Boba Butt. It is a “ham” of a name, for sure. hehe.

        I had to look up the word microcosm but am still a bit confused lol. :/

        <3 <3

      2. Yayyy!! Lol.

        Soo microcosm mainly just meaning it’s a little world of its own-a super unique place where “normal” goes out the window! hehe. But that’s part of what I love about it!

      3. But come to think of it, I may not be even using the word right… lol! I have a tendency to do this from time to time, hahah

      4. Haha thanks for not making me feel silly! 😝 hope you’re having a great week, Hunida!

  28. I’m behind on getting to this post but I’m so glad to hear you’re back, at least a bit!! I can’t wait to read more updates about how things are going for you there in Austin!! Also, such gorgeous pictures in this post, Mackenzie! And that Corgi shop!! Ohmygosh that’s so freaking cute! I adore Corgis! What a fun idea.

    1. Thanks so much, Courtney!! <3 This comment started my morning on such a nice note ! I really appreciate the kind words. If you're ever in SF definitely check out Boba Butt- it's too cute & the tea is sooo tasTEA. hehe. Thanks for reading!

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