A Weekend for the Win: A Recap!


Hello all! I promised my Mama that I would whip out a post by the end of today. She is antsy to hear about all the different events with family in town! This weekend was one to remember. Going through these pictures made me smile the entire time. I am trying to focus… but uh.. the Indians are in the World Series so writing this and watching the game may cause this post to take a bit longer than normal! If you are in a rush and want the summary of our weekend it goes like this: FOOD, amazing family time with my Aunt and Uncle, FOOD, get dressed up, hike, FOOD, and maybe a bit more food?

Let’s get to it!

My Aunt and Uncle visited from Thursday to Monday from Michigan. One of my first posts from when I started this blog was from a visit to their home in Sutton’s Bay/ Traverse City, Michigan area. It was a blast, but now it feels as though too much time has passed since we’ve seen them. We have had this visit planned for months, and I have been counting down the days. It was my motivation to get my test over and done with so we could just celebrate!!!


I love, love, LOVE hosting people. It’s an excuse for trying different appetizers, talking and laughing over cheese and crackers, and catching up on each others’ lives over some good wine (aka the cheapest bottles of wine I can find- but no one can tell, right? 😉 ). Last week I saw the beautiful Samantha Wharton posted a Shishito pepper recipe. It looked so delicious! It inspired this appetizer for my the night. First I blistered the peppers in the a sauce pan with olive oil. Then I stuffed about half of the peppers with goat cheese and drizzled them with thick balsamic glaze.  I put them in the oven at 425 until the cheese was nice and melted. They were a hit! The other half we just ate plain with salt and pepper and they were still fantastic.


For dinner I had Munchery  delivered. I wanted to cook, but I was gone most of the day and wouldn’t have time to do anything beyond the apps. I know my Aunt and Uncle’s taste pretty well and knew they would love this dish. It included a salmon with pesto on top of a mediterranean quinoa. I don’t think I would ever get sick of this dish. I wish I could take credit for it, but props to you Munchery!


I can’t begin to explain how much I love spending time with my Aunt and Uncle. They are some of the easiest people to be around, they’ll keep you laughing, and you can talk about anything with them. They are go-getters and just beginning “retirement” which means they are traveling all over the US, mountain biking, planning multiple ski trips, volunteering out the wah-zoo, and wearing me out trying to keep up with them. Retirement my butt.

On a more serious note, my Aunt is an “everything” person to me. She is my Aunt (duh), but also one of my best friends, one of my biggest cheerleaders, a mom figure (she is not afraid to put me in my place), and my role model. God blessed me with the greatest mom in the world AND  essentially a second mom with the greatest Aunt?! I can’t figure it out, but I’m betting it’s because He knew that my sister and I would be a handful, and my mom would need some extra strong moral support. Oh, also, she is me projected a few years into the future. DJ says it’s uncanny how much alike we are. Annnd she is the only other person in the world that maybe likes candy corn as much as I do.


The four of us had breakfast and then took off for the best hiking spot in all the land. It’s the same one I took my mom and sister-in-law to in other posts: Tony Look Trail! I love the change in scenery along the trail and it’s an excellent challenge. Once we finished the hike it was about 1 pm.


We ran to the store to pick up some last minute essentials for the gala (Thank you TJ Maxx for having a pair of black earrings). We had a hosh-posh lunch of whatever was in the fridge and I ran around like a mad woman trying to get ready. “Yes I realize that the gala isn’t for five hours, and I will need every second of that five hours, DJ.”

After I bought my dress I realized I got rid of my only pair of dress black heels before our move (and apparently my earrings as I was frantically looking for a pair in TJ’s). I had been meaning to get a new pair and this forced me to finally go through with it. I am posting a picture of them below because A. I got these for a steal and B. I know my mother in law will love them 🙂


My handsome hubs <3




The gala took place at Levi Stadium. I have never been there, and it was one gorgeous stadium. OHH- for those of you that haven’t read the last post, the gala is an annual event with our Church to discuss the direction we are going in the upcoming year. It’s also a time to just stop and praise God for all He has done this past year. It quickly became a night that I will never forget. The community and the heart for God is like nothing I have ever experienced. Every time I am with my Church I just thank Him profusely for leading us to this group of people.


We started the evening with a cocktail hour overlooking the pristine stadium. We then started dinner with a delicious goat cheese salad, a dinner of filet mignon (for DJ) and a veggie polenta for myself, and  finished it with a chocolate mousse and raspberry drizzle that makes you want to savor every. single. bite. By the end of the evening I had cried, laughed, felt refreshed, and beyond excited about the year to come.


Saturday my Uncle suggested we tailgate at Stanford while their homecoming game was going on! I have never been and DJ loves going to the campus. First we walked around the academia wonderland, and then we parked the truck for delicious snacking, drinks, and perfect weather.


My Aunt and I are related to Herbert Hoover (through my Grandmother’s sister side). When we were in the Museum we decided to take a picture next to the fella for a family pic.


Getting our midwest on. I dare you to find another pickup truck in this parking lot.


After tailgating we decided to head back home. My Aunt took a nap, I went for a run (my aunt and uncle were early birds and ran before we left for Stanford- overachievers), and the boys parked in front of the TV for some …. you guessed it… football. It was a perfect fall day, and I soaked up the changing of the leaves and the golden fall sun on my run.

You didn’t think you would get through a post without sushi did ya? We had to take my Aunt and Uncle out to Yuki for sushi. They have the best around. My two favorite rolls in the Cupertino area are Yuki’s Da Kine with spicy kani, avocado, cucumber topped with maguro, seaweed salad, crunch, and spicy sauce and Kula’s Kula roll. DJ loves the Tetsu roll from Yuki which has shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and kani wrapped in avocado and topped with spicy sauce, crunch, and green onion.


We had our fill but still had room for a glass of wine. My Uncle likes a good scotch and the R/R (Roots and Rye) on Santana Row has almost anything you are craving, food and drink alike.


This place is quite unique. It has a modern lounge feel with a heavy emphasis on small bites and cocktails.


We sat around this dancing fire inside the restaurant which provided the perfect temperature and ambiance on a chilly autumn evening.


I inevitably always have the red eyes.


We had way too much fun with Snapchat throughout the weekend.


Sunday morning DJ and I went to Church and my Aunt and Uncle found a Catholic church for mass. We met back up after and headed to Mountain View. DJ and I went here when we first moved to the area. We walked along Castro street with the endless options of restaurants and naturally ended up going here… because… FOOTBALL.


We ordered some good bar food (and my Aunt and I may have snuck some salmon and caper bites in the order too). Ever since I had the smoked salmon on a bagel at a San Francisco hotel, if it’s on the menu in any form I begin to salivate.


After watching football and relaxing we went to the movie The Accountant. It received less than promising reviews by the critics, but we all loved it. It definitely is a movie with a lot going. I don’t typically like watching movies twice, but I would watch this again because there was such a deep, multifaceted plot.

We had a late dinner of rosemary cider chicken and butternut squash with apples from Home Chef. I had the $30 off my first order and ordered the family plan package for the weekend since my Aunt and Uncle were here. I substituted a veggie burger or fish instead of the meat for myself in the dishes. I made the squash before we left for the movie so all we had to do when we returned was prepare the chicken and the sauce.



Sadly, they left us Monday 🙁 I was depressed the whole day but kept myself busy with meal prepping, cleaning, laundry, etc. etc.). It was a weekend for the books.



My conclusion after using home chef: 7 out of 10 stars. The meals were tasty- we especially loved the squash recipe. But I was missing four entire chicken breasts (I had to replace myself), and there were parts of the meals that were just ‘so-so’ like the macaroni salad. However, it’s excellent for people beginning to cook. It gives amazingly thorough directions on why you do certain steps in cooking or why you use certain ingredients. For example, we use Kosher Salt because it has bigger grains and is easier to pinch than table salt. This allows more control over the flavor. I still prefer Blue Apron or Green Chef, but it was certainly a decent service! (I bet the missing chicken was a fluke, right?).

When I was running into the store to pick up some lotion today I saw this (below)- SAY WHAT. I am already obsessed with Boom Chicka Pop, but BOOM CHICKA POP CANDY CORN FLAVORED KETTLE CORN. Obviously I couldn’t wait when I got home to try it. I have a new addiction. I could cry.


I am planning on finishing the master bedroom this week, do a couple fall-ish activities this weekend with DJ, next week is super busy already, and then I’ll be trying to figure out more on the job front.  DJ says I should rest after the NCLEX, but we all know I have a hard time doing that 😉 Also- I’m in a pickle about what to do in the job arena. My #1 choice nursing job doesn’t begin until March/April, but I’m worried a job now would jeopardize seeing my parents in Texas and Ohio over the holiday season. I know this is going to be my last year of flexibility for a while since once nursing starts I’ll work all the holidays.

Now that I have finished this post the Indians have officially won the first game! 3 more to go, baby. Let’s go CLE! This is just all too exciting to handle!!!!!

Wishing you a WINDIAN Wednesday,

xo <3


73 thoughts on “A Weekend for the Win: A Recap!

  1. Girl just reading your post made me tired lol!! You had soo much going on! I absolutely love your dress you wore to your church gala! Sooo stunning! 😍 And the sushi looked so delicious! I love it when family is over so I’m so happy that your aunt and uncle came over! Family is seriously the best!

    1. Hey girl!!!!! Haha- I am definitely sleeping harder than normal these days! And thank you sooo much! I don’t usually like long dresses too much, but I fell in love with that one instantly.

      Oh the sushi!!! It is the best. I mean my husband and I have ate A LOT of sushi and we swear this little hole-in-the-wall place has the best!!! If you are ever in Northern California make a trip 😉

      Family is truly, truly the best. What would we do without them?! Thanks for stopping by, dear! You always brighten my day!

      1. Awww 😊 im glad i was able to brighten your day! It’s so weird how sometimes the weirdest place services the best food!! Girl I went to northern cali last summer, but I’m actually flying out to San Diego tomorrow!!!! And you better believe I will be trying all their sushi places lol! I love visiting California at least once a year, maybe next year I’ll do northern cali again (((:

  2. Nice post, Mack. I think you’re the only person I know of who likes candy corn. Lol. I like your shoes and dress! I think I’m going for the Cubs though. Well I’m not really a baseball fan but…I guess you’re also a Cavs fan too.

    1. HAHA- right?!?! I truly am the only person besides my Aunt and maybe one friend from college that I think I have met that actually likes it. For me I think “fall” and candy corn is the first thing that pops in my mind. It’s a weird obsession honestly. And we may have a little rival going on here 😉 Keeps things interesting right?! And yes…. Cavs <3 My boys! Hehe. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! Loved your Romantic Tuesday post <3

  3. Loved reading this post!! What a fun weekend with your aunt and uncle!! That is so sweet how close you are to your aunt! Oh and BTW, you look absolutely stunning in that dress for the gala!!! LET’S GO TRIBE!!!! xoxoxox

    1. Amen, Sister! They are going to bring the whole thing home, I can taste it!!!! And Thank you so much! 🙂 Gosh, the whole weekend was just too fun. Thanks for stopping by, Taylor <3 I hope your day is off to a lovely start! xoxo

  4. Loved the post! You had such a lovely weekend with your special Aunt & Uncle. It’s great you are so much alike and can share this special bond. The food pics are amazing, yum… and you and your husband looked FABULOUS!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Anna!!!! I am so very thankful for her in my life <3 And yes… when the family gets together the good food is not far behind 😉 Have a great Wednesday! Half way to the weekend- woohooo!

  5. You two look SO amazing dressed up (more amazing than usual!) : )

    Your tex-mex turkey taco salad photo made me smile because I think I know which dish went to who!

    Hahaha! The Boom Chika Pop Candy Corn flavour was /definitely/ made just for you! :3 Too bad you didn’t find it before your aunt left!

    1. Thank you so much, afrilly 🙂 We rarely like to do the whole getting dressed up thing, but when we do, we try our darndest 😉 And yessss hahah my little chipotle veggie burger is hidden under my globs of “sour cream” (greek yogurt). AND I seriously thought the same thing about the boom chicka pop!!!!! She may have to make a trip back so I have someone to help me with the bags of them that will end up in our pantry hahha. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I hope your week has been marvelous so far!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!!!! Oh the food was too good. And we have too many leftovers- HELP. Haha- I appreciate you stopping by! xox

    1. Awww! Thank you so much!!! Too kind ❤️ and believe it or not I just use my phone which is an iPhone 5 or my husbands who has a 6. Sometimes I edit them a bit, especially to brighten them up! Thanks for stopping by 💕

  6. Oh my are you kidding me!? You and DJ at the gala are like Barbie and Ken (But 10000x better), absolutely perfect!!!! Also, a huge shout out to TJ Maxx (and Marshalls), two of my favorite go-to places! It was really sweet reading about your time spent with your aunt and uncle; The best way to bond, reminisce, and spend time with people you love is always with FOOD!

    Also- what kind of curling iron and technique do you use to curl your hair! i love how your hair came out for the gala.

    xo, JJ

    1. I’m trying to comment on my phone and messing up horribly haha. But you are toooooo sweet! 💕 YES TJs is the best ever. Always coming in in the clutch too. I am so thankful for my Aunt and Uncle. They keep me in check 😉 and that is so funny you ask because I had someone help me out. I am horrible at my own hair especially curling. They used the same curling iron I use, and I believe it is a 1.25″ barrel, start the curl at the top! That has always been my big mistake. But girl I have a long way to go in that department. Thanks for the sweet words! Have a wonderful rest of your week darling ! 😘

  7. First, I must know….do you sleep?!? I am amazed at how much you can get done!! Congrats!! 🙂 . The peppers look amazing with the cheese and balsamic! Thanks for sharing the link too! You look stunning in that dress!!! Last thing (I promise), great read! It’s wonderful to see someone so close to their family!

    1. 😂 Great question! I do sleep… But probably less than the average person 😉 and thank YOU for the inspiration! I cannot wait for an excuse to make them again. And thank you for your sweet words! I do not know what I would do without my family ❤️ Hope you are having an absolutely wonderful week! Xo

  8. I swear I always look forward to your posts because I feel like I’m living vicariously through you! Lol you’re such a wonderful host– the presentation we’re everything and the food looked scrumptious! And ahhhh that DRESS! It’s everything. Seriously, you and your hubby look so good 😍 you guys had such an eventful weekend and I hope you had an amazing time at the Gala which I know you guys did without a doubt! Glad you were able to spend some nice quality time with the fam too! 💕

    1. Jesci, you just made my whole day! Girl, you are toooo kind. I could say the same thing about your posts too!!! I love living vicariously through all your adventures 💕 If you find yourself in northern Cali let me know, and I’ll pull out allll the cheese and crackers hehe 😜 The gala was incredible. Such a night to remember ! Thanks for stopping by- I got so excited when I saw your name pop up 😘 Hope you guys are doing soooo well!

      1. Oh my gosh, giiiirl I’m remembering that next time we go up north! I wish we crossed paths when we went on July! We could’ve double dated!! 💕 Haha but okaaay we’ll take you up on that offer next time we go and we’re looking forward to your famous cheese and crackers! 😍😂 Thank you and I hope the same with you and your hubby! I hope the NCLEX review is going well too! ❤️

      2. Ahhhhh seriously please please PLEASE let me know if you are ever in the area- we would love to double date with you guys!!! And LOL…. I’ll make sure to get the really good cheese, no worries 😉 But honestly, what cheese is bad?! And thank you so much! I actually just took my exam and found out that I passed a couple hours ago…. I’m trying to keep my cool… but it’s not happening!!! Have an absolutely amazing weekend! <3

  9. Amazing dress! This post made me tired reading it- that’s a lot going on in a few days! How did you keep it all straight? I love candy corn. I actually used to use it as “fuel” during long runs and races, I was never a fan of Gu’s or gels. 🙂

    1. What?! Another human that likes candy corn. You have no idea how happy this makes me right now 😍 Thats an amazing idea to use them during races… I’ve always used jelly beans or twizzlers but duhhhhh why haven’t I used them?!? Genius! And yes- haha sooo busy. But so worth it 🙂 I hope you are having a great week- thanks for stopping by!

  10. First: YOU ARE SPECTACULAR. Sorry, first time reader, but I had to say that. GORGEOUS
    Beyond that, I want every bit of your weekend. Every, single bit. Except for the cheering for CLE. GO CUBS GO!
    And to the comment just above–try candied ginger as well, and starburst!
    Shishito peppers are one of my most favorite things, period. I am obsessed. Come to Chicago and I’ll take you on a great shishito pepper tour 😀

    1. Suz! You have no idea how excited I am to see a comment from you. I adore your blog. Thank you, thank you for your sweet words.. Except about the Cubs.. we could do without that 😉 And awesome suggestions of the candied ginger and starburst- all things I LOVE but for some reason never dawned on me to run with?! Also that shishito pepper tour sounds wayyyy to good to pass up- plus I love Chicago. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend! Thanks again for stopping by <3

  11. You and your dress are absolutely stunning! And those shoes! I am so happy you had a great time. And that you got to spend time with your family! I am glad you and they had such a blast. Family is the best! Good luck with the world series! They have been great games so far (as someone who isn’t invested in either team otherwise I am sure it has been nail biters) One of my best friends works for the Cleveland Indians and it is so exciting to see how ecstatic she is. As always I am now in a food coma!:) I hope you have a great weekend ahead! <3

    1. Ahhhh you are seriously too sweet. You always brighten my day, I hope you know. That’s too cool that your friend works for them, especially at this time. How exciting!!! Since your neutral, it couldn’t do any harm to support your friend by supporting the Indians right?! Hehe. Have a wonderful weekend yourself, K! <3

      1. Awe thank you. That is one of the best compliments to receive. I love spreading some cheer 😀 HAHA. Wellllll, I suppose I could do that 😉 Go Indians! 😀 <3

    1. Thank you, Ju-Lyn!!!! You are too kind. It was amazing, amazing family time. I will deeply treasure those memories! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet words!

  12. Ok, you are STUNNING in that dress. GooooodNESS. It looks like you had a really great weekend!! And lots of good food, which is my favorite part of most weekends 😉 I’m glad you got to spend time with family. It’s always refreshing to see loved ones. I laughed at the tailgating picture because WHAT?! No one there had a pickup?? That’s the best way to tailgate!! Hahaha. Also I need to try that popcorn RIGHT NOW. Have a wonderful weekend XOX

    1. You are such a gem, Anna, thank you for the sweet words always! And girlll the food. Please come to northern Cali so we can just foodie it up! And right?! (about the trucks) I was shocked. I maybe saw 5 in the whole lot. It was hilarious. In Ohio, you feel out of place if you are in anything but a pickup truck! And I can’t stop eating my popcorn. I think I will buy ten the next time I’m at the store. I wake up craving the darn stuff. Have suchhhh a good weekend yourself, dear! So good to hear from you <3

  13. Wow! That’s quite a weekend…

    It is always lots of fun to follow you like this. Makes me forget about the so-so weather here, right now! I think next time we need some news from your fab fishy friend! hihihi

    I’m happy you got to spend such quality time with your aunt and uncle, family is so important! And take advantage of the time you have… As you said, with the new job coming, you probably won’t have as much liberty during the holidays.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Mack 🙂 xx

    1. If it makes you feel better it has been pouring the last few days!! And haha, our Spanky Tom!!!!! I most certainly will give an update about the little guy next time 😉 Thanks for the support about prioritizing the last holiday season. The more people I talk to, the more sense it makes and it is very clearly the right choice! Hope your weekend was absolutely wonderful, like yourself 🙂 xo

      1. Can’t wait to catch up on Spanky Tom’s obviously adventurous life 😉

        I have a very weird schedule at work, meaning that this week, I’m off until Friday morning! Meaning a lot of cocooning and work around the apartment… Next week end, my best friend is coming to Montréal, to do some shopping for our trip… Can’t wait!!

        A great week to you and DJ 🙂

      2. 🙁 Ironically…we have some sad news on the Spanky front. I will update either tomorrow or Wednesday- As of this morning, the little tike is not here any longer! Wahhhhh. It’s been a bit of a rough day in our household. I keep trying to convince myself “it was just a fish”, but then my heart says otherwise!

        But on a positive note- hopefully that will be some good relaxation time for you until Friday! Woohoo!!! And how exciting about your friend coming!!!! That sounds like an absolutely wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear snippets of that 🙂

        A great week to you too, Cyranny! You always make my day brighter, and believe me- today I needed it! <3

      3. OMG!! What a bad timing to ask about Spanky Tom!!!

        I am so sorry to read he is gone 🙁 And I totally understand how it can affect you even if it was “only” a fish… I’ve mourned so many weird animals in my life (I even kept a monarque butterfly for days…. And was heartbroken when the little thing was found lifeless one morning)

        I’ll wait for your post to know more about what happened!

        Sending you a mega hug from up North!!

        (oh, and yes… There defnitely be a post or two about our upcoming girls’ day out planning our trip 🙂 )

      4. NO WORRIES! I was so excited and flattered (on Spanky’s behalf) to post an update when you asked. Seriously such an ironic situation that literally the next day he wasn’t here anymore :(. I am working on the next post, but my eyes feel like sandpaper. I may need to wait to get this one finished, hehe. You know me- always such a long one. And thank you for understanding… that makes me feel tons better. It is hard to get over something even small like that. It’s life, regardless of the package, that is lost :(. Thanks for the Cyranny hugs <3 <3 DEFINITELY needed them. I cannot wait to hear about the girls' trip!!! Seriously sounds like such a blast- nothing can beat that! xo

      5. Take your time for the Spanky Tom obituary… 🙂

        You are right, it will be a major blast… Denmark shook back in May, this time, it might crack in some places… I’ll make sure to bring duck tape LOL

        Happy Wednesday Sunshine 🙂 xx

  14. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress and you accessorized it soo well! There’s definitely been plenty of times when I’ve ran around TJ’s trying to find last-minute things. And those shoes are SO CUTE! I’m glad you had a great weekend, you and TJ are the cutest pair!

      1. HAHAH—- that made me laugh!! Hope you are able to sleep tonight, lol. And no worries, I knew what you meant… too many TJs and DJs for one post 😉

    1. THANKS GIRL!!! 🙂 That means a ton coming from a fashionista like yourself <3 And right?! What would we do without TJs! I honestly do not know. Thank you for stopping by and reading, lovely!! xo

  15. Hi Kenz
    Had to run thru this one again as you look soooo beautiful in your Gala dress and
    DJ looks pretty nice too, so handsome!!!. You both look so happy and that warms my heart,
    Your Uncle Jeff would love those sweet potatoes They look so good. Terry and Pat said
    they had a wonderful time with you and you did every thing perfect. Pretty good for just a year
    old bride. God bless you both
    Gramma and Grampa

    1. Thank ya, Gramma!!!!! You are so sweet. I am glad we can share our precious moments with you this way! Love your comments always. So glad you are enjoying the blog and finding your way through ok. Love you and miss you always <3 Hugs to you and Grampa

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