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Before we dive into the recap, I want to quickly say a quick note of thanks for allll the shared excitement about our move on the last post. After reading your comments and good words about Austin I’m even more excited about the move! I just love y’all!!! <3

I realized it’s been a while since a full recap! I’m sitting here on my balcony coffee and avocado smoothie in hand enjoying the clouds looming over the mountains. It’s my favorite type of morning- the kind that feels like it is on the verge of a storm. I find myself trying to be more present in each second knowing that our time here has a cemented end date.

On Saturday March 2nd, I ran a few miles on the treadmill while reading for school then walked to the coffee shop nearby and picked up a Pellegrino to accompany me on a walk. I was craving some time outside to clear my head after all the intense reading.


I worked on school work most of the day. In the evening I made DJ some tacos with Old El Paso Spicy Cheddar Flavored Taco Shells from Target.


For myself, I had some tilapia with tahini, hummus, grape leaves (dolmas), pita, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh vine tomatoes.


Sunday March 3rd was church in the morning followed by a full day of editing a paper before submitting it. The only picture I have from the day is this somewhat low quality photographed salad (but high quality flavor) with all the veggies, avocado, tzatziki, and balsamic.


On Monday March 4th, I woke up early to get a run in before hitting the books for the day. Then I headed to Peet’s to camp out at my second home. My favorite barista, Connie, was working. We held up the line again catching up, whooopsies!


I packed a little lunch for myself of a no-cow protein bar, apple, and a yogurt with berries and almonds to accompany my liquid gold.


Around 4:30/5ish I headed home, and then started on dinner for the evening. This night it was a margherita pizza on Trader Joe’s pizza crust. I mixed a bit of pizza sauce with olive oil for the base, added a touch of garlic, buffalo mozzarella, vine ripe tomatoes, and after out of the oven some fresh basil.


On Tuesday, March 5th I grabbed coffee with one of the future Austin campus pastors. It was my first time meeting her, and we hit it off immediately!! I officially have at least one friend in Austin! Also, Crema, the coffee shop where we met in San Jose is my kinda coffee shop- it’s so warm, eclectic, and has great rainy day vibes. I will have to go back soon to work on some assignments & snag some photos. The coffee was wonderful & served in a steaming mug!


After returning from our coffee date mid-morning I was craving a snack. I had a no cow protein bar & Power of Seven juice from TJ’s. I am not a huge “juice” person, but I’m obsessed with this stuff. It tastes great and I feel energized almost immediately upon sipping it. I feel like it’s nourishing every cell in my body.


Dinner was just leftovers from the night before.

Wednesday, March 6th I had a hair appointment in the morning. It was long overdo! I am trying to incorporate my roots back into my blonde so I can go longer and longer without getting my hair done- the last time I had this done was super early December, and I’m hoping to go until July this time!

Thursday March 7th, I had a protein bar to start the day, then for lunch had a purple sweet potato with vegan “meat” crumbles, vegan mozz cheese, and Fage with red crushed pepper.


For dinner I made us grilled cheese and tomato soup! I just use vegan cheese for mine.


On March 8th in the morning I was running a bit low on groceries, but I made together a bowl of dragonfruit smoothie, Fage yogurt, and PB powder.


Mid-morning I had toast with avocado, tzatziki, and hummus over Dave’s toast- mmmm mmmm!


I was out of my protein cookies at this point, so I whipped up some more to accompany my morning avocado smoothies!


For dinner I made DJ gyros with tzatziki and tomatoes over pita. I had one of them big garden trough salads, as I call em’.


Saturday March 9th, I did this workout from Fitness Blender, then the rest of the day must have been allll in the books, since I have zero pics.

Sunday March 10th, at church they had a little yogurt/berry/granola bar. MMmm! I had already had breakfast, but who can resist that?!


My phone broke at this point & I needed to get a new one *sigh*. I was excited to upgrade, but also wish I could have gone a little longer. They did have an AWESOME trade in deal for the Iphone that was not going to continue much longer, so I had to take advantage of that while I could. Anyways, I’m pretty stoked about the new phone and am excited to upgrade my pics too!

In the evening I made dosa and TJ’s Indian food. I have never made dosa at home before- I think it’s supposed to be a bit thinner than it turned out, but the flavor was absolutely delectable. It almost is like a healthier version of a pancake! I actually ate the leftovers the next morning with butter and syrup & it did taste just like eating pancakes. They are made with rice and lentils, so much healthier than regular pancakes too. If you are looking for a healthy pancakey indulgence, I’d recommend these! I bought the mix from a local Indian food grocery store, but I bet you can find it in regular grocery stores.


March 11th was a ho-hum day. All the veggies were starting to look wilted, so I sautéed up all the veggies in a pan and topped with Fage and tons of different seasonings all over a purple sweet potato.


March 12th, I ran to the Post Office to drop off some Poshmark items. (woot woot!). Love that site. I will say, you have to be very patient. I suggest spending one day posting all your items, and every month slowly drop the price! Things will randomly sell out of nowhere that I’ve had posted for over five months. They send the shipping label straight to your e-mail, so it’s easy peasy (much easier than Ebay).


In the evening, I realized the flowers were all the way dried out from Valentine’s Day, so I clipped them from the stems and put them in my bowl of “Roses from DJ” 🙂


On the morning of March 13th, I made some dragonfruit over toast with PB2 powder on top! This is one of those “we-are-low-on-groceries-what-can-I-make?” snacks that turned out really yummy. I have been repeating this almost everyday since!


I turned in a big assignment for school and then in the afternoon headed to the mall (groan!). BUT it was successful! I was going to a blogging event and wanted to grab a new shirt since I haven’t bought a new shirt in ages. I feel like all I like to buy are dresses haha. I found an $11 shirt from Zara & paired it with a belt and some earrings from Express and Francesca’s. I am good on shopping for about six more months- it wears me outttt haha.


Anywho- I have to take a minute to say I am officially much better at curling my hair! If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know that I literally did not know how to curl my own here a year ago. It’s been a work in progress, but I’m getting better!


In the evening I was invited to Flights to sample out their new menu by celebrity Chef Kyle Kingrey. 


Tammy was my guest for the night & it was soo much fun having her there! Thanks for going, Tam, and lighting up all the dishes for meh 🙂

Let’s get started! We were all able to order a drink flight to start (there were about 8 other food bloggers there). I ordered the champagne since I thought it was make for good pics with the bubbles 😉 I sampled the different champs & was blown away by how crisp & delicious they were! Highly recommend !


So, Flights totally revamped their menu. They have some classic favorite flights (like their fry flight) but now have all of one item flights and actual entrees! Chef Kyle came to the table and told us all about how they chose each dish specifically based on research from the area. It was interesting to hear what goes into the creation of a menu! He explained the goal is to make dishes that allow you to try a variety of flavors that doesn’t leave you feeling bloated or uncomfortable by the end of the meal and that also pair well with drinks for socializing. By the end of the tasting I can say mission accomplished! They also have options for every need- vegan, vegetarian, gluten free… and they will do their best to accommodate additionally if needed.

First up were the corn tostadas with avocado mousse and cojita cheese. I loved these!


Next up were the truffle & parmesan croquettes- anything truffle has my attention! These I will order again! They were such a yummy app with truffle crema, grana, and fresh herbs.


Coming in HOT- the red chili empanadas with fresno pepper, oaxaca cheese, and cilantro-line crema. These weren’t my favorite- but that’s because I’m not a big fan of a lot of that thick breading that often makes up empanadas. I will say the inside with the oaxaca cheese was just scrumptious & I loved the red chili flavor.


Next round! We tried the Ancho BBQ Shrimp with black beans, pico de gallo, and cilantro. YUM! This shrimp was soo juicy.


Then we had smoked paprika salmon with crispy falafel, mint-lime raita, and cilantro. This was my favorite dish!!! When it was set down on the table the smell of it engulfed us and the flavor was truly phenomenal. The salmon nearly fell off the fork it was so perfectly cooked- like butter. The falafel underneath was a perfect accompaniment.


One of my favorites has always been their tuna flight! Once again I was amazed at the fresh, savory, light refreshing flavor of each type of tuna.


The Korean “Buffalo” Chicken was next. This had celery & carrot slaw with creamy blue cheese. I didn’t want to tempt my fate with meat, but Tammy said they were great!


And last up, their spaghetti and meatballs. Okay, confession- I really don’t care for spaghetti. There are just so many other types of pastas I’d choose first. But everyone seemed to really enjoy it- so if you do like this classic dish, I bet you’d enjoy this dish!


Thank you, Flights, for the incredible meal!!!

Question for you:

  • Which dish would you like to try from Flights?

xo <3

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**Flights provided the meal free of charge, but all opinions and ideas are my own** 🙂

79 thoughts on “Foodie, foodie, foodie bloggin’ everywhere

  1. Right?!? March usually drags, but – this time around – I blinked and it’s almost over. I have no idea how this is happening! Ha, ha!!!
    How did I not realize that you did Fitness Blender workouts? I recently discovered them, and I LOVE them!!! I need to start incorporating them into the days that I can’t run (due to mom life being busy, etc).
    All this food looks so incredibly good, and I haven’t eaten dinner yet so my mouth is watering. My butternut squash soup is almost done cooking though, so thankfully I’ll be indulging in food soon. Ha, ha. But seriously, I could go for a big plate of that salmon right about now. YUM!

    1. I agree !!! It’s gone by so crazy fast!! Yesss Fitness Blender is the best- I love their workouts mixed with Cassey Ho’s through the week 🙂 they are great because they have so many different lengths & types of workouts too!

      Oh YUM- butternut squash soup sounds so yummy. Hope you enjoyed !!

      Thanks for stopping in, Nicole 🙂

    1. Girl, it was surprisingly such crisp and delicious champagne ! Thanks for the sweet words & stopping in 🙂

  2. So exciting you hit it off with the future Austin pastor! You must feel relieved to be able to say you know one person aside from DJ in your new home already. I really need to get my haircut..thanks for the reminder haha. Some of the best food combos come from the “these veggies are starting to look sad” as well as the “we have barely any food and have to grocery shop” days. It forces you to be very creative!

    How exciting you got to go to Flights to try out their new menu!! Go Mackenzie! All of the flights look good but I think the tostadas would be the first thing I order.

    1. Yes I totally am!! We actually met up with her and her husband again tonight and it was so nice!!

      YESSS exactly!! It really does force creativity- I have started looking at those last few days of groceries as a challenge almost; it’s fun to see what we can come up with!

      Thanks soooo much, Maureen!!! I was so honored. YES- the tostadas were excellent- especially with drinks- mmm mmm!

    1. Wish we could share a meal at Flights together- such awesome yums for sure! It was really nice to meet her & actually DJ and I just met with her and her husband tonight for dinner- it was wonderful! Thanks so much for stopping in, Nancy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    1. 🙂 Glad you find it appetizing, Kathy! Thanks for stopping in ! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

  3. How FUN that you got to attend another food blogger event!! Girl you get alll the delicious food, lol. Everything looks absolutely amazing!!
    Also, I love that you will already have a connection in Austin. That will be SO great for you and help you connect even more with others. I’m definitely nervous about starting somewhere fresh because I have no idea how to “make friends” lol. At least my in-laws will be there, so that should help.
    Oh and I honestly can’t curl my hair either so you weren’t alone there… Good job for figuring it out!! Mine just gets like frizzy and weird whenever I try. And it takes forever with my super thick hair. Yours looks gorgeous! Also, the color is perfect! So stunning. <3

    1. Thank you tons, Courtney! I had so much fun & was so honored to go.

      I actually just met up with her & her husband tonight with DJ too!! we all got dinner & it was a blast! It’s honestly such a relief to have friends there already <3

      Having your in-laws makes the biggest difference in the world! That's how it was for us when we moved to CA. I just can't wait to hear alllll about your move- I feel like the coolest people will live in Virginia Beach haha (exhibit A: YOU!). I will say getting involved in our church when we moved out here made all the difference- that's where we made our closest friends for sure.

      Oh. my. gosh. I am so glad I wasn't alone with being in my 20s and having no idea how to curl my hair!!!! That just made my day hahaha. It's a work in progress for sure- I actually use a wand which helps a ton! I still don't technically know how to operate a curling iron.... bahah.

      Thank you for the sweet words <3 <3 I always wish I had thicker hair like yours though because it takes so much to give the illusion of volume! Have such a great weekend gf :)

      1. Hahaha awww that’s so sweet lol. We are the farthest from cool hahaha but totally looking forward to this new adventure in Virginia Beach!!
        I’ve heard so much about curling wands! Truth be told, I don’t even use my curling iron like normal…I use it like a wand hahaha. That’s the best I can do because I just CANNOT figure out how to use the iron. And my hairstylist has tried to teach me a number of times haha. I can watch a million videos and still not get it right lol. XD

      2. My hair stylist did that with the curling iron too (using it just like a wand!). But I cannot use the actual iron part either- I always get the “ridges” in the ends of my hair. Thank goodness for alternative ways to get that curl! haha

      3. Ohhh yes I have that problem with the ridges too. I should get a wand anyway since my curling iron is about a thousand years old and super small anyway. Maybe that will motivate me to learn better haha. 😉

      4. haha ! that’s what the wand did for me… I actually am considering selling my iron because I really never do use it any more!

  4. WHERE IS TIME GOING?! Slow. Down. On a different note, holy mother of all amazing flavor combinations!!! Your meals at home sound fabulous, and all of the Flights dishes sound in-credible!! I just finished lunch, and my mouth is truly watering. You had me at, “smoked paprika salmon with crispy falafel”. I need that dish in my life! The tuna looks so rich in color and tender, and I love how much variety they offer. Phenomenal post, Mack!

    1. Agreeeed!!! Way. too. fast. Every year just seems to go by quicker and quicker. I feel like everyone says it, but gosh, it’s true!!!

      I am so glad you enjoyed this foodie post 🙂 Wish I could share the salmon and falafel with you because it was truly heavenly!!

      <3 <3

      1. Thank you thank you! <3 I always have a bit of imposters syndrome when I do these events, so that means tons :)

    1. Great questions!! I am able to continue my schooling online- I just will have to fly to North Carolina a few times a semester for “on campus intensives” aka testing, and I’ll also do my clinicals locally. So thankfully I didn’t have to switch programs or miss a beat! I will be doing school through the summer, so with the move that will be a challenge- but we’ll figure it out!

  5. Well you’ve just been the busy bee haven’t you? School sounds like it’s been a killer with all the reading and you still found time for blogging and catching up. I have to say the spaghetti would be what I would fancy from Flights only because it’s been forever since I’ve had any and it looked good. Every else there looked tasty as well. I like the new hair color on you Mackenzie – it is flattering and I’m glad you are happy with it after what you went through last year. It’s good to know you already have a friend in Austin.

    1. Hehe it has been just all over the place, and busy- but all so very good too! I wish I could just reach out and share the spaghetti with ya! Thank you for your sweet words (and thank goodness no pink hair!!).

      We actually met up with her and her husband tonight for dinner! It was soo nice & I can’t wait to develop more of a friendship with them once we are there too 🙂

      1. No pink hair is good – there are some things to be “in the pink” about, unintended pink hair is not one of them. I have a highlights appointment in a few weeks … I have to tell her to tone down the blonde. Last time I think she used an extra-wide paintbrush and I felt like a tiger since she puts in some lowlights in a darker brown than my light brown hair. I was going to be in a hat all Winter and I work from home anyway, so I had to wait til it faded a bit to look okay, but still …. This will be a nice relationship to look forward to, even before you are totally settled in. Enjoy your weekend Mackenzie and the well-deserved down time.

      2. Totally agree! Intentional pink hair looks awesome on most people- but the non-committal pink is certainly questionable !

        Ohhh I totally know what you mean, that’s happened to me too. Hope your hair appointment goes well!

        Thank you <3 I made a nice dent today, so I'm going to let myself relax a bit tomorrow afternoon :)

  6. First let me say congratulations to DJ for getting into the school of his choice. I think that you being at peace with this decision is an indicator that this is where God is leading you.
    I started reading this post but it all sounded and looked sooooo good I became hungry and had to stop halfway through to make myself a breakfast sandwich. LOL.

    1. Thank you soo much, Ruth!! I will pass on the sweet congrats 🙂 I totally agree too- sometimes you can’t explain with words but just know through the peace the Holy Spirit provides! <3

      Hehe- this made me chuckle- hope you enjoyed that sandwich!! 🙂 Have a great weekend & thank you tons for stopping in.

  7. Ooh this post made me hungry! That pizza looks delicious, as does the Spag and Meatballs from Flights, although I’d have it without the meatballs of course 😉 I have never really had an opinion on spaghetti actually, I too would probably choose other pastas over it come to think of it, it’s kind of hassle haha, although I do love tagliatelle,which I guess is kind of similar, do you like tagliatelle?
    I love the hair hun, gorgeous as always!

    1. Hi, J!! Glad you liked all the foodie shots :)! I actually don’t think I have ever had tagliatelle?! I need to look into this ASAP- you know me and trying new foods- gotta get on this! haha. I just looked it up & it looks absolutely delicious! Thank you for your sweet words, girlie.

      1. Eeek let me know if / when you try it! I actually haven’t had it in so long myself so I may have to put it on the shopping list! You’re welcome hun, have a fab week x

      2. of courseee! I will 🙂 I’ll be on the hunt haha. you too, love! <3

  8. I finally bought some tzatziki at the grocery store last week and man oh man, have I been adding it to everything! Sooo tasty! I totally get what you’re saying about Poshmark. I’ve been on there for about a year now and it’s always so random when someone buys my stuff. Someone actually just bought something from me on Wednesday and I was soo pumped!

    How lucky that you were able to go to Flights to try everything out! I think the first thing I’d order is that salmon! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

    This month is FLYING by, for sure! My nephew turns 2 on the 31st and I am just mind blown that it’s a week away! I swear, just yesterday I was anxiously waiting in a tiny waiting room with my parents to meet the little guy! Craaazzzy!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. YAY! I am so glad you like it, Em!!! Isn’t it so tasty?! I am the same- I put it on just about anything that seems like it will work.

      Poshmark is so funny… things won’t sell for months then all of a sudden I’ll have a couple sales- I always tell people to just hang in there! What do you have to lose, ya know?! Congrats on your sale by the way!

      I was so thankful to go- great choice with the salmon! It was just phenomenal & I loved the falafel with it.

      Awww!! So precious! <3 Happy birthday to him- they grow up WAY too quickly.

      I hope you have had a wonderful weekend so far too- thank you tons for stopping in 🙂

  9. The TJ’s pizza looks amazingggg!!! I love your hair and how you curled it! I wish I could do that! My hair has mastered the art of poof lol. Everything at Flights looked incredible. I would love to try that salmon!

    1. Hey, Shan! The pizza was too doggone good. Mmm mm! Thank you tons- and that’s so funny because I LOVE your hair. I think it every time I see a pic of it! It’s sooo beautiful.

      The salmon was the BEST. I wish I could share with ya! Hope you are having the best weekend 🙂

    1. Awww thank you so much, love! you are too sweet & always make me feel so good. Thank you for your sweet words! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. XO

  10. Ahhh, I haven’t eaten yet today and everything looks sooo good!!!!

    Your hair is so amazing! That is the exact color I want my hair, but every time I go to get my blonde redone, they never get the shade right! Maybe I need to try somewhere else. I only go to the place I go to because it’s the closest both my house and my work, and they do walk-ins so I don’t need an appointment. I hate appointments, and it’s all about convenience for me. I haven’t had my hair done in a while though because I don’t have the money right now.

    1. Girl, get you some foooood! I hope you have by now 😉 Glad you found all this so yummy!

      Aw, I know the blonde struggle . It is RARE for me to get the blonde on point, I was lucky with this.. It usually is much warmer, but I made a point I was going for more icy blonde this time. But your hair color always looks soooo goood, I feel like whatever you are doing is working well!

      1. Really?! I feel like every time I see your hair it looks soo beautifully cool ! I lovee it. But I do have that same struggle with mine turning more golden. Have you heard of the purple shampoo Fanola? It works great to get that icy tone! It’s been a game changer for me!

  11. Your hair looks so gorgeous!!! I cannot get curls to hold properly! I tend to flat iron when I need to “uplevel” my hair. I have “beach wave” hair, but it frizzes easily so when I go fully au naturel, I add a sea salt spray (they still don’t work as well as the real ocean 😉 ). Flight just looks like such an amazing restaurant. I love the idea of “samplers” so that you can try even more yummy goodness!!

    1. Thank you so much, Amy!!! <3

      I could never get curls to hold either until I started using a wand!

      I always think your hair looks beautiful! I totally know what you mean about the real sea salt spray- I gave up on trying to give it that beach kissed look a while ago because I have zero frizz! So I am slightly jealous you can get it to do that 😉

      Flights is such a fun concept. We are alll about trying as many dishes as possible, so needless to say this is our kinda place! Thanks for stopping in, Amy 🙂

  12. Ooo those spicy taco shells look so flavorful. They remind me of the Doritos one from Taco Bell. Did you make the dolmas by yourself or can you buy them frozen?!

    Do they have Peet’s in TX? I still love how you bring your own snacks & eat them while you have your coffee. I’m on this huge yogurt kick ever since finding a dairy free kind I like. Fruit and almonds are some of my fave toppings! What’s the powder stuff on top of yours?? (In the first yogurt photo, looks different than the PB powder or is it the same?)

    Love love love your hair, babe! The color is beautiful & it looks so healthy!! & I feel like I ask you all the time but I keep forgetting. What kind of vegan cheese did you use for the grilled cheese?!

    Can’t wait to see your new photos with the iPhone. I can’t imagine them getting much better though! 😛

    The Indian food plate looks delicious!!! Mmm mmm. ♡ & that bowl of roses is so pretty. I love that idea!

    I feel like I only buy dresses, too & I seriously love Francesca’s. I wish shopping wore me out. Lol after a successful shopping trip, I am always itching for more. 😛

    Girl, that Flights place. I must go there soon. Everything looks so fantastic every time. I would love to try the shrimp and tuna most!!! 🤤

    Hope you’re having a great week, Mackenzie!! I had so much fun reading this!! Thank you for sharing. ♡♡♡

    1. Hey, Hunida!!! They were just like the ones from Taco Bell! DJ said the exact same thing. And I buy the dolmas from Trader Joe’s in a can… I actually have some that are begging to be opened right now (thanks for reminding me!)… Imma grab some now!

      Unfortunately no they do not have Peet’s  My mom gave me a gift card for my bday and said on it “Enjoy it while you can!” haha.

      Ohhh what dairy free kind did you find? Recently I saw an oat milk one that I want to try!

      Good eye, they are different powders!– So I actually put protein powder (It’s vegan shakeology café au lait powder) on the yogurt! It mixes well with the PB2, so sometimes I’ll add both depending what I’m adding to the yogurt 

      Awww thank you SO much <3 That means a ton that you think it looks healthy too, I’ve been in a fight with my hair this year and I finalllly feel like it’s back to normal, so that means so much!!

      Lately I have been using the TJ’s brand!! The picture is regular cheese from DJ’s grilled cheese. Unfortunately my cheese pull with the vegan cheese isn’t quite that impressive haha.

      Aww you are seriously making my night with this comment <3

      Bahah I wish I had more energy for shopping! If we went together we would even one another out well !

      YES YES YES!!! Ahhh I think they are opening up a location in Vegas in the next couple months too!!! It’s so yummy. The food is “bar food” so not Michelin star or anything, but it’s still really delicious & great with drinks!

      Hope you are too, girl. I had so much reading your comment. Thanks for stopping in!!!

      1. Ahhh I used to be obsessed with those Doritos tacos when I was in high school lol. YUM!

        That’s so interesting that they sell those dolmas in a can. I wanna try!! & that’s such a bummer that you won’t be able go to Peet’s in Texas but their ground coffee might be able to hold you over? It’s not bad!! Or you’ll find another coffee shop you love just as much!

        I like the Silk brand yogurt made with soy milk! I got a coupon for an oat milk one I wanted to try, too, but I couldn’t find it in the store. 🙁 Let me know if you taste it!! Also, very interesting about the powders.

        I am so happy I could make your night!! 😀 <3 But, I think I might wear ya out if we went shopping together, hehe. & WHAATTT!!! I'm screaming. They'll be opening a Flights here?! I am down for bar food any time. ;D Looking that up now!!

        <3 <3

      2. Oh my gosh that’s right! They do sell the ground coffee so great point- that just made me so happy that I don’t have to entirely give it up!

        I will definitely let you know.. I do like Silk’s yogurt too! My only grief with it is the lack of protein– but I’m sure one day they will figure out how to get higher protein in there!

        The chef on instagram (Kyle Kingrey) announced an unveling on his instagram of a billboard downtown LV promoting Flights, and everyone was like “I can’t wait to try”! I have no idea when, but I’ll keep you posted if I see anything else!!!<3 <3

      3. I’m not sure if you’ll like it compared to the real thing but, yeah!! Maybe you will & you won’t have to miss it so much. ;D

        Aw yeah, I see how that’s a problem since you don’t eat meat you need more protein. I need any calcium I can get in my life because I don’t eat dairy. I also tried a couple flavors from this brand called Kite Hill and thought they were pretty good, too, but the consistency was thinner than Silk’s. I looked up the protein levels for both and the Kite Hill has less though. 😛 What percentage of protein do your yogurts usually contain??

        EEEE!!!! I’m so excited about Flights. Thanks so much for telling me!! You’re the best!! <3

      4. Exactly!!!

        That makes so much sense!! In college I consumed soo many soy lattes for the calcium when I was entirely vegan. I’ve heard good things about Kite Hill too! So Fage is usually what I eat and it has 18g of protein per 6.0 oz. I also eat the Dannon ones that have 12g per 6.0 oz. I definitely will check these suggestions out though because I like the idea of eating the dairy free yogurt too!

        Girl, of course! I had a friend who was in LV this past week and said she saw the sign for it! I’m so excited for you to try it when it does open!

      5. Oh wow! That’s like double the protein I get in my Silk! 😛 & I looked up the Flights here. I cannot wait. It says they are opening THIS summer!!!

      6. Ahhh YAY!!! If you need suggestions when the time comes lemme know 🙂 I’m so excited for you to try!

  13. Your hair looks great! I am still trying to figure out how to curl my hair! I think I would try the salmon one with the falafel underneath. It sounds so interesting and looks incredible, but honestly they all looked pretty great!

    1. Thanks so much, Jess!! ah good to know I’m not alone in that.. the wand is what the game changer was for me!

      You would LOVE the salmon, but you’re so right- you cannot go wrong! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  14. Hi Mackenzie, it will be good to soak up every moment you can in CA before your move. the tilapia look so tasty , enjoy it also. Good that you caught up with the barista , I have held up the line before also oops!! the pizza looks so good!! what a nice idea to have the yogurt bar. it is a pity about your phone but nice to get the upgrade! I have to set up a poshmark account on your recommendation! Great idea to put the valentines Roses in the bowl. I wont tell you what happened to the ones in my house!! haha , you said groan for going to the mall! what a great bargain on a shirt . And it is ok to primarily buy dresses , take it from Me, hehe. Your hair looks fabulous and it takes practice to perfect curling, some trial and error.Flights is a place I want t o try sometime so much yummy food. Ok because I am so far behind I have to let you know that it is now MARCH 3OTH!! Nearly April. The tuna flight is my fave, I can almost taste it. I also am not a fan of spaghetti , Growing up we had meat and potato instead of pasta and I find it awkward to eat sometimes. Happy Saturday, Terri xo.

    1. Hehe- glad I’m not alone in holding up the line 😉 Hope you enjoy Poshmark! Sometimes it takes patience, but you have such great style I’m sure your clothes would sell in a second!

      Haha- YES, dresses are my favorite thing to buy, without question. It’s challenging to expand my horizons, lol.

      Thank you for your compliment about my hair! I appreciate that tons- been a long year getting it back to normal.

      I so appreciate you stopping by no matter when! I just can’t believe tomorrow is April. Mind-blowing!

      We were the same about meat & potatoes growing up so I totally know what you mean. Our definition of “pasta” growing up was mac & cheese! Have a great week, Terri 🙂

      1. You are not alone Mackenzie holding up the line , you are a people person which is greatI will take baby steps on poshmark, hehe! Dresses are exciting to buy , but it is good to spot a cute top also! Take care , Terri xo.

      2. Hehe <3

        And I totally agree! I've worn my new shirt probably six times already since buying it haha. xo

    1. Oh my gosh- thank youuuuuu! this is a compliment I never thought I would hear since most my life I had no idea how to curl my hair! I think the trick is to use a wand! It is a game changer!

  15. The blog title is on point!!

    So many delicious noms! I just love your creativity, especially on days when you are nearing a grocery trip. I have been trying to do the same!

    Ok your hair is AMAZING! So long and so pretty! You look like you are doing an amazing job curling it too!

    Wowzers that is such an epic restaurant and SO cool you were one of the bloggers!!

    1. Hey heyy girl!! Ok, I am soo glad you liked the title.. No one commented on it so my #punpride was a bit hurt—until now that is! Hahah!

      So glad you enjoyed this with the leftovers! It feels really good to get creative. We are in a “leftover” spell right now, and I already discovered some new snacks!

      AWWWW!!! Oh my gosh, thank you. I have struggled with my hair for years- so hearing “your hair” and “amazing” in the same sentence is surreal to me. Thank youuuuuu !

      The restaurant is so fun- I just love their concept!! Thanks for stopping in, Kaci- have a great Sunday 🙂

      1. I so look forward to all of your puns!! I’ll always lol and point them out. 😉

        It does! I love a big bowl full of random things and always love when it turns out to be a delish creation.

        I am the same!!! For yearsssss I was so particular about my hair (straightening it daily, worrying about how it looked, humidity, etc) but since ditching my straightener and growing my hair out, I’m so much more relaxed! I have always thought yours looked amazing though! And I’m jelly of your length. I feel like mine has grown quickly then kind of stopped. ha

      2. Teheh- you da best!

        Yess it sounds like we have such similar hair ! I used to do the same thing too- use heat every single day, concerned about it way more than now…I will say I got the length back when I started using multi-vitamins !! All of a sudden my nails & hair grew a crazy amount. This reminds me, I need to restock! Have a great week, Kaci 🙂

  16. All the food you make looks delicious. Sounds like it was a pretty busy time too lol. Sorry your phone broke but getting a new one is always fun. My favorite thing about new phones is the camera quality. I find that Androids aren’t as good as iPhones but I’d rather have an android than an iPhone lol.

    The food from flights looks incredible and I appreciate how much thought goes into prepping every single dish. Its well thought out and the presentation is lovely. I love how they go for lighter ones to start to keep you from feeling too bloated by the end of the meal. So nice. So awesome you got invited.

    Oh by the way, your hair looks great! I dont get to spend much time doing my hair either and I dont have the right tools haha but I’m determined to get a new curling wand and a new hair dryer lol.

    1. Aww thanks, girl!! Glad the food looks appetizing- especially because it’s all usually a hodge podge haha. I totally agree- the new camera has been a game changer!!! I am so thankful I decided to trade it in while I did. Androids are great too!

      You described the meal at Flights perfectly- I love when you can nibble and enjoy every bite without feeling uncomfortable leaving. Seriously feel like this place was made for me because of how indecisive I am too haha.

      Aw thank you tons & tons!! That means a lot.. it has been a real journey with my hair this year lol. Oh and yes a wand makes all the difference!!!

      1. no problem 🙂 i feel like i haven’t made many new foods recently and i would like to get on that again haha i’m getting bored of the meals we’ve been making because it seems we’re just rotating the same ones haha..
        oooh yess, i think that’s what attracts me to flights, you get to try a little bit of everything as well 🙂

      2. we have been in a rotation rut too- I finally forced myself to try new recipes this week which has been fun! And totalllly ! Their drink flights are a blast too which I don’t really highlight much in this post. I love their marg flight!

      3. I feel like I haven’t cooked much at home lately and we kind of haven’t. Lol. I’m not happy about that because we were doing so good too lol

      4. hey, it happens! I go through stages where I cook tons and others where I feel like I haven’t turned the stove on in ages. tis’ life ! 🙂

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