Friyay Faves! #6

I just love Friday Favorites.

Anyone else?

The last couple weeks have been work filled, and high stress, but there are definitely a few things that make each day a bit better.

  1. Pro Compression Socks. As a nurse, we are literally on our feet for 12 hours a day at least three days a week. Factor in running into this (I try to do a short run after each shift to get out my steam), I am on my feet sometimes up to 13 hours a day. Our legs in the dependent position create pooling of blood in our veins, which is no bueno. Plus when veins dilate from the constant gravity, varicose veins are much more likely. I discovered these little guys from a Facebook promo and am never going back. I feel weird on a shift without them now. It also just gives me a pep in my step knowing I’m wearing these fun colors beneath my gray scrubs. Holllla!


2. Rx Bar. I’m sure you have heard of Rx Bars. They are sorta the rage right now. I was a bit stubborn to try them to be honest because I am a die hard Quest/ No Cow bar fan. But goodness gracious, these are SO tasty. I love eating them with Greek yogurt for lunch too. The blueberry and chocolate salted caramel are to die for. Such a healthy protein packed pick me up on my long days!


3. Doug the Pug. I don’t follow a ton of celebrity/animal accounts on Insta- but I cannot resist this fella. His posts make my day, plus he has the same rug as me in my feng shui space, which obviously made me just love him all the more.


4. Speaking of my Feng Shui spot…. I love love love this bean bag from Amazon. I didn’t quite give it enough love when I was in my egg basket frenzy, but it totally deserves some love!


5. Zola. Hello, all things wedding registry perfection. I am slightly upset that we didn’t know about Zola when we had our wedding two years ago. Goodness gracious, they have the most unique, fantastic products for a registry that are so.dang.cute. I actually am shopping now for my best friend who is getting married in November- I’ll letchya’ll know what I end up getting her. I love that they have the “Experience” category- because that’s really what it’s all about right?! Even if the couple isn’t registered via Zola, they still have the BEST wedding gift ideas. I am obsessed.


One of my favorite gifts to get couples that is a picnic Basket. Zola has one stocked with everything two could need for a night out, and it’s wayyy more affordable than the ones I have bought in the past, especially with all their options to choose from  (and MUCH cuter).


6. 3M Littmann Stethoscope. My stethoscope is my baby. I feel naked without it around my neck and this one in particular is absolutely amazing. My coworkers occasionally will borrow it and are astounded at how well it conducts sound. If you need one, this is the way to go!


7. Big Brother. I just started watching Season 19 for the first time. Where has this show been all my life?! Any fans out there?!


8. Forks over Knives cookbook. I just adore this cookbook. I love the recipes and am always inspired to create new recipes myself from ideas sparked from this lil’ guy. I’m not vegan, but I do love cooking vegan many times. PS. Has anyone watched What the Health? I haven’t watched it, but I have heard mixed reviews. Super curious!


9. Zoya. Where are my fashionistas at? Guys, you MUST try Zoya nail polish. It will change your existence. I am beyond in love with this. I actually am not sure why I haven’t included this in a FF sooner. My Aunt gave this to me as a gift a couple years ago, and I can’t imagine using anything else. This has zero toxins that all other main line nail polishes have and actually strengthens your nails. I have the WORST nails, but when I take this stuff off my nails are left without chips, layering, and are stronger than ever. Plus the colors are ah-may-zing.


10. Seared Tuna. I recently discovered Seared Ahi Tuna in the grocery store and cannot get enough. I tried recreating the Lazy Dog tuna over cauliflower mashed potatoes, and I’m not gonna lie- It’s pretty gosh dang close.  MMM mmmm mmmm.


What are some of your Friday Favorites?!

xo <3


67 thoughts on “Friyay Faves! #6

  1. Four years ago when I was completing my internship, I noticed I was developing some varicose veins. I was disgusted and ashamed, and while I wish I didn’t have them, I’ve accepted their existence. However, I wonder if wearing the compression socks some nights may help or hurt circulation? That line of nail polishes looks so pretty! I haven’t watched the documentary, and honestly, I don’t intend to. I think it, like many health documentaries, uses scare tactics and guilt – neither of which promote well-being. Have an awesome Friyay and weekend!

    1. Awww they are nothing to be ashamed of! I think a big part of them are genetics too. I started seeing a tiny bit of them when I was about 14 (crazy !) . But I think they mainly would help whenever the legs are down (our veins have valves that keep blood flowing up so it helps them fight the gravity!). And I cannot get over the nail polish! It goes on super easy too and dries pretty quick. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about what the health.. I’ve been feeling the same way and I think that’s part of the reason I’ve steered clear! Hope you are having such a good week, Kori! ill be traveling a bit and am really hoping i have a few spare seconds to catch up on your blog!!! 💕

      1. I finally came to realize they are nothing to be worried about, but they definitely bothered me at first. Thanks so much! I love your blog & comments. Always so positive. Enjoy your weekend! XO

      2. Absolutely!!!! And awww same to you, girl! <3 And I'm a bit late to responding to this- but I hope you enjoyed last weekend and enjoy the one ahead 🙂

  2. You watch Big Brother??? We are watching the current season and we love it!!! Must chat about this with you!

  3. You watch Big Brother??? We are watching the current season and we love it!!! Must chat about this with you!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I need to try that nail polish! Also that tuna is perfection!!! yummmmm!!! I just tried my first RX bar yesterday and loved it!! I had the dark chocolate sea salt and now I am in love!!! Have a great weekend girl!!! xoxoxo

    1. Hey girl!!!! Ahhhhh so good to hear from you😍 and isn’t it soooo good?! I crave the sea salt one… it’s like eating a candy bar . I’m obsesssed. Hope you are doing so well- have such a great weekend too, Taylor!!! ❤️

  5. OMG! We’re socks sisters!! And weirdly, I’m not talking about the compression socks… WordPress was proposing other posts of yours down below my comment box, and I noticed something familiar… And there they were! In your January 27th post, my “If you can read this…” socks!! We have the same socks!!! Now, if that’s not a Friyay moment, I wonder what would be!!

    *Hugs, Beautiful*

    1. What?! That is too funny 😂😂 I love that!!!! WP just knows . I love those wine socks- quite possibly one of my favorite possessions ! Have the best weekend, Cyranny!!!! XOXO

  6. Okay I’m definitely going to start doing Friday Favorites posts – love these!

    I’m also a die hard Quest fan but I do love RX Bars. Do you find they’re as filling as Quests, though? I don’t, so I typically purchase Quests instead.

    OMG that pug. So cute.

    1. Yessss!!!! I cannot wait to see your first one!!! They are a blast to make! And I agree- they are not quite as filling (probably because they have basically only half the protein). But I love love the flavor, especially the sea salt one. Have you tried No Cow bars? I go back and forth between those and Quest. And Doug… gotta love him!

  7. That pug is the best! Try Shila the Pom on fb. She’s my life! I love these and if I can find that nail polish here I’m going for it.

    I was always wondering what diabetes socks were – is that the same? That’s a great idea to wear them all the time. You nurses are so smart!

    What a great faves list! I wish I had access to some of those things down here hahaha!

    1. Hahah I cannot wait to check out Shila! And sort of — with diabetes it’s more about the disease process causing a problem with the veins ability to effectively circulate the blood due to damage in the vessels. But these socks do the same thing as the diabetes socks (just with underlying different reasons)!! Uh oh, you have awaken the nurse in me. Lol. You are too sweet- and maybe you should just move back to Cali?! That’s the conclusion I’ve come to!

      1. Hahaha! Yes! It’s great to be missed in advance! Idk if i could afford Cali anymore on a teaching budget but if you find a nice Christian gentlemen there who wants to life with me this could work! 🙂

        and your nursing skills are top notch!

      2. LOL!!! Girl, it’s ridiculous here. We won’t be here much longer (a couple years at most). I am envious of where you are so maybe we just flip?! Hahah.

      3. Yes you’re invited and I see a promising nursing job here in your future hahaha! Where would you guys go to in a couple years? 🙂 i love me some live adventures and day dreaming lol!

      4. Yesssss!!!!! I think we are considering a few places- either Texas, back to Ohio, maybe Florida… but who knows! Maybe even San Diego!?? The Lord may have entirely different plans entirely! I am the same way- the day dreaming keeps me going some days!

      5. Bahah! I’m a tad less enthusiastic about Florida than the other places, but it’s on DJs radar so we shall see! So much is gonna chance in a couple years it’s kinda crazy to even think about!

      6. That is a really good idea!!! DJ and I actually have considered that too! We both have a sister there and they looooveee it there. Wait- what’s a Bevere!?

      7. Lisa Bevere is a hardcore speaker. You can look her up on YouTube. If anyone’s on fire for the Lord it’s that lady!

        And yes, all the sisters must move to CO…and go on ski trips!!!!

      8. She sounds amazing- I can’t wait to watch some of her stuff! I have a feeling I’ll have a new role model. And YES YES YES! Ski trips are the bestttt.

    1. It’s SO good. I don’t know why, but I feel like I tend to crave it more in the summer. Yumm. And girl, you were in Hawaii?! I hope you made some posts about it. I’ll definitely be checking them out!

  8. Ahhhh, darling girl I have missed you sooo!! Life has been INSANE and I haven’t been able to blog myself or even catch up on my favorite blogs. I am so excited to be able to catch up on yours FINALLY. First of all: congrats on the blogiversary!! So exciting!! And I love this post so much. It’s fun to see the different things people are loving because it’s the best way to find new products to try out. I can’t wait to explore that Zoya site <3 I hope life is absolutely AMAZING lately. XOXOX

    1. Ahhhh ANNNNAAAA! Girl, I miss you!!!!!! How are you!? I agree- life has just been too crazy over here lately too- what’s the deal?! Haha. Thank you SO much- and yesss- lemme know what you think. They have such awesome stuff- especially for weddings, but also just for gifts in general. Sending you so much love- I hope everything is going great- I hope to see an update post soon!!! Woohoo!!!

  9. Hi Mackensie! How are you? Those pro compression socks look so amazing! They are practical and so colorful and fun. I am sure it helps you get through the day having them on. I have not tried the RX bars ( note to self for shopping list!) It is great that they are so healthy and sounds good with greek yogurt! Aww Doug is Cute! How awesome is he bundled up with his glass of wine! The bean bag looks great I am sure there is a high comfy level that comes with it. I will check out Zola . It looks pretty nice and the experience part is definitely what its about. The stethoscope looks very professional a must have for you! I am sorry my time does not allow for big brother but I am happy that you are enjoying it Dear. What a cute name for a cookbook! I am not vegan, but I could use some recipes from this book. Zoya is another one I need to check on. So nice to have zero toxins and nail strengthing and as you say ah-may-zing colors!!! I love tuna. Your presentation plate looks so good! Thank you for this post Mackensie, Have a beautiful day, big hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri!!!! I am so late to responding- this past week has been so very busy busy!!! I hope you have a chance to try the RX bars! They are sooo delish! I just adore Doug- he always brightens my day, lol. You will LOVE Zola! It’s super cute and chic! And the nice thing about vegan recipes are they are easy to adjust to make meat based too, sometimes I replace tofu with fish or meat for DJ in the recipes! And Ohhh the zoya is fantastic. I was sad when I had to take it off to go back to work. But it’s going back on after this weekend of back to backs!! Your comments always brighten my day. Have the kiddos gone back to school? How is everything going for you?

      1. Hi MacKenzie we are on a mini vacation from Thursday until Sunday at a resort in Park Rapids Minnesota. It is right on the lake so there is swimming and fishing and paddle boating for the kids. Also today we are going to the spot where the Mississippi River starts it is close by . We will return home tomorrow . The kids go back to school on September 5th. Our older two are only in school Dana is going into 5th grade and Oran into 2nd grade. Liam will start kindergarten next September. Thank you so much for the nice comments I see you have a new post on your trip to Texas I will check it out have a great day Mackenzie hugs Terri 💗

      2. Oh how fun!!!! I hope you had the most wonderful time!!! Oh wow, Terri, you have your hands full with those ages but also what FUN ages! And I adore those names so much. Liam is a potential for our little one one day! Hope you have been able to settle in well this week 🙂 XO

    1. Hi Allie!!!! I don’t do many mainstream blog type posts, but the Friday faves is just a fun one all around! And right ?! (about Zola). I so wish I had known about them too- but they definitely have some great gifts too- soooo many weddings this year. It’s that stage of life, isn’t it?! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  10. Wow love these favorites – especially that seared tuna! I literally just opened my computer after eating breakfast and still I’m craving food haha. I volunteered at a hospital for around 3 weeks and dang standing for just even 4 hours is tiring! I can’t imagine how tiring it must be for you – and to also go on a short run in-between shifts? WOW. Now that’s called dedication. Happy Monday! xoxo Steph

    1. Hey girl! Hahah- that happens to me all the time- I’ll finish a meal and then see a commercial or picture of something and be like, “dangit, time for a snack!”. Hope you had an absolutely wonderful week 🙂

      1. Ahh don’t know how this slipped through! Just saw this. No – I was too scared to injure my eyes so I didn’t go outside but just watched it live on NASA. Although I wished I did go outside bc my friends’ eyes seem to be fine!!! How about you?! xoxo Steph

  11. Oh man oh man, I want to try every one of those Zoya nail polishes you have, I’m loving the colors she gave you! Not to mention I desperately need a mani stat!!! Doug the Pug, oh me oh my, the one of him wrapped around the blanket with wine, I just died right then and there. Zola looks like an online Home Goods and I’m already into it, I might just have to buy stuff for myself/apartment hahah Your seared tuna- girl you never seize to amaze with your culinary skills!!! You seriously need to do something with cooking in your life- you’re amazing at it! Have such an amazing week!!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Yaaas- Zoya is amazing!!!!! Isn’t Doug the best?! I just love him. He seriously makes my days, and I never even really liked pugs, but I’m obsessed with him. You are wayyy tooo kind! Girl, seriously this nursing this is just so freaking hard, maybe I’ll quit and go to culinary school. Hahah. XOXO

  12. I’m loving your Friday Favorites!! I’ve been thinking about changing out my nail polish to zero toxin and those colors look amazing.That dog does look like a cutie. 🙂 I’m about to start decorating the little feng shui/mediation corner of my mini office. Love that rug! <3

    1. Thanks, Amy! Yes yes yes !!!! This nailpolish is amazing- so worth it all! If you do redecorate I hope you will share a picture with us 🙂 Happy weekend to you !!! <3

  13. OMG that pug is cuteeeee!!! Nice favorites, I;ll have to try that bar too! Would you believe me if I told you this is the first time I’ve seen them? LOL

    1. Haha yes you do buttttt I have to ask. Have you had Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake yet?!? If not- that is what you must try before anything else! 😝🤗

      1. Noo 🙁 we have guests over but they’re leaving tomorrow. And hubby wants Olive Garden and I’m kind of dying to get some tiramisu too.. BUT.. I will try to convince him to try something new four our monthiversary dinner this weekend! Let me write that down somewhere otherwise I’ll forget LOL

      2. No, we ended up skipping Olive Garden too because there was a change in plans and because most of our money went into rent and bills. So we decided to stay in this weekend. Maybe next week we can finally go out to a proper restaurant and have a nice dinner LOL

  14. I have to get by more often! I have to wear compression socks, so glad to hear about these fun ones! And that pug! Oh I am going to have to tell my sister where to register now, and love that pug! What a great post!!


    1. Hi Mollie!! Yay- I’m so excited that you are interested in a few of these! Isn’t Doug the best?!? Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment <3

      1. Yes yes yes! It’s awesome- I bet you would be inspired too and could concoct some serious yums from it (at a much more reasonable price 😉 )!

  15. Did you know Jorge’s cousin was in that show?? Whatever the most event season I believe?? She’s super cute and petite and I’m blanking on her name!

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