We’re in Trouble!

Semi-sorta-whenever-I-get-around-to-publishing it weekly recap comin’ in hot!! Last Sunday, the 24th, I headed down to SF in the afternoon after church. Something I adore about SF are the murals on every corner. Every time I’m there I notice a new one!


DJ had to work all afternoon, but I met up with Amy and we decided to hike a few different spots. First up: Corona Heights!


It’s a park that overlooks the city elevated upon a little hill that you can climb up to see the best views.


It only took about 15 minutes total to hike up and down- super short hike, but a great way to see the city!

Next stop: Buena Vista Park.


We actually were on our way to Sutro Heights, but stumbled across this park on the way. We saw a free parking spot & snatched it. It’s located near Haight/Ashbury and is a beautiful walk. We loved the greenery mixed with lovely flowers & glimmers of the Golden Gate were a fun surprise too.


Right before pulling away, we had a lady with very broken English tap on my car window. I wasn’t sure if I should roll it down (you can never be too careful), but I have a hard time just ignoring someone. I cracked the window, and she held up a blurry black and white picture of a house and asked if I knew where it was located… uh no sorry, lady. I don’t have every house front of SF memorized. And even if I did no way I’d recognize it by that pic! Hah- such a strange experience.

Next stop: Mount Sutro. This one was a bit off the beaten bath. It starts in what feels like an apartment complex and is surrounded by USCF buildings.


Once we started walking through the woods it had the same effect of hiking The Presidio– The bustle of The City faded away, and it became serenely quiet. There are so many hidden gems in this city – it never ceases to amaze me.


Before heading home I desperately wanted to try TROUBLE Coffee… a place that has been yelling to be crossed off the bucket list for months.


This place is so edgy; I love it.


I ordered a cafe au lait with almond milk & Amy had their mocha. I had to save half of it for the next day because it was too late in the day to have it all- aka hellllur, insomnia. I was so excited when I woke up the next morning with it in the fridge though!


They have a small menu, but they are known for their toasts– in particular, their cinnamon toast.


I actually have no words to describe how amazing these toasts are….


On the heels of that statement I will proceed to try to use words to describe how amazing they are..

I took a bite of the PB & Honey and thought, “There is no way the cinnamon could beat this”…. then I took a bite of the cinnamon… and it did… all the hype around this toast was entirely warranted. To. die. for. It made me nostalgic, because buttered cinnamon toast was something I grew up on. But this was next level. 


In the evening I came home and tried to get creative with a meal since I was in the mood to cook. I made DJ a “caprese” chicken with buffalo mozzarella, marinated tomatoes from TJs, artichoke hearts and bread crumbs. On the side I made some toasted baguettes with asparagus seasoned with za’atar.


On Monday the 25th I took a nice little morning walk before getting started on school work for the day.


Tea has become nearly part of my nightly routine lately. I went through a stage in high school where I loved tea, then didn’t enjoy it for years, but I’m back on that tea train now!


I spent some time spring cleaning the apartment a bit too!


On Tuesday the 26th, I finished up some big assignments and then had a delicious lunch I’m excited to share! It had quinoa, sautéed tofu, hummus, artichoke hearts, cabbage slaw, and green goddess dressing from TJs. MMmmmm!


My mom-in-law and my sister-in-laws (Renee and Amy) were coming to stay with us for the evening. I had been looking forward to this for weeks!! It was sooo much fun having them here even though it was a short time. They were flying to Phoenix the next day for a little getaway. I wish I could have gone so badly, but the school load just wasn’t permitting it. I saw Amy this past Sunday and had her relay every single detail of the trip so I could live vicariously through her!

We went to Lazy Dog on Main Street Cupertino. DJ and I have been a couple times, but not in a while. They changed their menu & it’s so darn eye-catching and pretty now!


We ordered a couple drinks to start. Stars of the show were the Huckleberry Mule & Rose Elderflower Punch.


A started app we tried were their deviled eggs- lightly fried, topped with smoked paprika and bacon candy. The “fried” egg was a bit confusing on the palate. We all agreed traditional deviled eggs just can’t be beat! Don’t mess with a good thing, ya know?


DJ and my MIL both ordered their PB & J burger with a grilled 1/2 lb beef patty, candied bacon, havarti, peanut butter, grape jelly, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle. They were absolutely raving about it! Based on their reactions I would dare say it may be one of the best things on the menu!


Renee ordered the pot pie- yes, a real pot pie from a restaurant! This had roasted chicken and slow cooked veggies. I love how creative their menu is. It’s a predominantly  American food menu, but with a twist!


I had their seared ahi tuna salad. My go-to is their ahi tuna over mashed cauliflower, but I was craving something cold. This hit. the. spot. I savored every bite.


Of course, after dinner we had to get some Somi Somi! This time I tried the ube and matcha mixed with custard in the cone. Gosh, I don’t know if I like nutella or custard better in the cone– they are both insanely good. I think Oreo is still my favorite flavor though! Matcha is a close second.


Here is all of us together!!! It was the highlight of my month having them here, even if briefly. It was SO much fun & really helped infuse some fun into the week!


In the evening we watched the documentary Free Solo. If you haven’t watched it yet, you have to. It’s an extremely well done, gripping, amazing, inspiring documentary.

On Wednesday the 27th, I after dropping off everyone at the airport I came home greeted to this gorgeous rainbow <3


The rest of the day was same ol’, same ol’. BUT It was my beautiful Momma’s bday which made the day extra special. I wish I could have celebrated with her, but we did from afar <3 Here is the little Facebook excerpt I wrote:

Happiest of all birthdays to you, Mom—truly one of the most incredible women to bless this earth 💕 You demonstrate what it means to live with a zest for life, selflessly love everyone around you, have the most genuine heart, and live out an unshakable faith. I’m constantly amazed by your wisdom, grace, strength, pursuit of adventure and perseverance in any situation. I’m so thankful for you, as are countless others, and today we celebrate beautiful YOU. Happy happy birthday ! I love you! ❤️


Oh, and she just got a massive promotion at work and destroyed her Dri Tri Championship with Orange Theory! #superwoman

Thursday the 28th I headed to Boys & Girls Club in the afternoon (gosh, guys– I love those kids– I don’t know how I’m gonna leave them 🙁 ). Working with those third graders is one of the highlights of my week every week. The thought of the school year ending makes me want to cry…I am soooo attached..ALSO, I have some hard core baby fever like I’ve never experienced before. We know the timing isn’t right, but I can’t wait for that day!

Anywho-For dinner I made some tilapia with roasted veggies & quinoa topped with mustard. I used a bit too much mustard, but it was still so yummy.


Let’s wrap it on up here. Hope you all are having a great week! It’s FRIYAY.

Questions for you:

  • Would you be team PB toast or team Cinnamon Toast?
  • Have you seen Free Solo?

xo <3

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108 thoughts on “We’re in Trouble!

    1. Yesss, I underrated tea for years! What is your favorite flavor? And girl, it was the bestttt. I am craving it again now as we speak (type?) lol. Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

      1. Ooohhh yes, Rooibos tea is great because it doesn’t have quite as much caffeine as black and usually has a smooth flavor. xo

  1. It was so wonderful seeing you as well and truly wish you could have joined us Invite a Phoenix. I can’t believe you saw that gorgeous rainbow after dropping us off, thank you again. Dinner was so good and I still yearn for that cheeseburger with the PB&J only followed by our delicious cones cones with the custard! Solo was amazing to watch and just way too short of a visit but always, always adore seeing you and DJ! ❤️

    1. Aw me too <3 That was truly the highlight of my month having you all here. And I so wish I could have gone too, but Amy gave me such a great recap of the trip- I felt like I was there! Sounded like such an amazing time. Hopefully another girls trip in the future!! Or at least a family trip in December?!

      Miss you already so much!

  2. That is so weird about the woman asking you if you knew the house in her picture! Sometimes I don’t understand why people do the things they do.

    You apartment is so cute! Want to come and decorate our new place when we move…?

    That is so nice you and DJ were able to see your MIL and SIL before their trip! Maybe you had to miss this time but there will be so many more girls trips to attend in the future. Plus they’ll all have to come to Austin to explore your new home in a few months.

    Picking between PB toast and cinnamon toast is hard…both are so good!!

    1. haha RIGHT?! And all SF homes sorta look the same in a picture lineup (that stacked TOHO pastel-colored look).. but it didn’t help that it was black and white too hahah.

      AWWWW! Thanks, girl! That means so much that you like our decor. I make bold choices sometimes with it all, but try to stick to neutrals so it isn’t toooo nuts 😉

      And yesss, we are already talking about doing one later this year! I was sad to miss it, but thankful for the short time we had together! AND YESS- amen to them visiting Austin! We are already planning!

      I agreeee . I think I’d usually choose PB & Honey, but in this case it was crazy how the cinnamon blew it out of the water. I was, and still am, amazed!

      Hope your weekend is off to the best start, Maureen!

    1. Tehehe- sorry to worry ya 😉

      That is genius to combine it ALL on one piece of toast- why didn’t I think of that?! Get the best of both worlds that way! And all the flavors would combine wonderfully I bet. Thanks for that inspo & for stopping in, Ruth!!! Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Where’s the trouble? 😉 For while I thought something bad happened, but I am glad it’s all good. Makes me wanna jump onto a plane and fly to SF again (I quite like the city the last time I visited it! And gosh that must have been a while ago now because I remember Obama was still president when I was last there!).


    1. Hehe!! Yes allll good 🙂 We were just IN Trouble coffee shop. Trouble causing trouble- ‘magine that 😉

      I hope you can visit soon! You are certainly overdo for a trip I’d say. this place is definitely worth the stop. Speaking of Obama- there is a restaurant in SF I really want to try that he visited when he was here called International Smoke. Have you heard of it?!

      Always soo love your comments, Natalie! Thanks for stopping in !

      1. I cannot say I have head of International Smoke. But I’ll certainly keep it on my too-do list. And heck, I might as well google it now as we speak….


      2. 🙂 Hope you found some yummy food photos along with the google search! Have a great Sunday, Natalie!

  4. You took some great pics of some parts of SF that I really need to see. I’ve missed out!

    Café au Lait is my favorite way to drink coffee, but hard pass on that almond milk haha.

    1. Isn’t it crazy how all these little gems exist?! We have lived here for three years and are still discovering these new awesome spots. Hope you can make it back soon to enjoy some of them!

      And YESS- Not many people even know what a cafe au lait is. It’s the besttt. And I guess I’ll give you a pass on passing up the almond milk.. because at least you knew what a cafe au lait was, lol!

  5. I love toast! I can go out for breakfast and order just toast!!! A drink too. We have a few great toast locations here. YAY! I adore the green butterflies in the first photo you posted. Great photos! 🙂

    1. Yesss!! I am with you- a toast plus some coffee and tea is delightful all within itself! What kind of toast do you like ? I typically order rye at most restaurants (unless they offer pumpernickel or sourdough!)

      So glad you enjoyed these pictures & post, Kathy! Means so much you stopping in. Have a great rest of the week.

  6. All of these hiking trails look so amazing and beautiful!! Those drinks look so good and I don’t even drink stuff like that, haha. 😛 The toast looks so delicious. I would probably be team Cinnamon Toast. Looks like a cool spot! I love your apartment setup and your home decor! So cute. As always all the yummy food, haha. That rainbow is amazing.

    1. Aw so glad you enjoyed this, Ashley!!! You would make a great choice with the cinnamon toast- it’s out of this world delicious. I’m already craving it again! And thank you for your sweet words about our apartment; that means sooo much <3 Hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start. Thanks for stopping in & such a kind comment- can't wait to read what reading you've been up to!

  7. All your food pics look sooo tasty! That seared ahi tuna sounds delicious! Also so glad you’re back on the tea train, isn’t it the best?! Especially a nice warm mug to wrap up the day! Totally understand your baby fever but like me, it’s good you and DJ both agree the timing isn’t right just yet. Soon you’ll be a wonderful mommy 🙂

    Hmm I’d have to say cinnamon toast cause it brings me back to my childhood!

    1. Girl, yes- amen to the Tea Train!!! All aboard! It’s sooo good. What is your favorite flavor/kind?

      AHHH I am so glad I’m not alone in the baby fever. This is so sweet <3 And right back atchya, Em!

      Yes yes !! Cinnamon toast is the ultimate epitome of childhood food nostalgia. Thank you for stopping in 🙂

  8. You have the most amazing life!!! I love to read your posts and live (and eat!) vicariously through you.

    All those hikes looked amazing and beautiful. Of course I was VERY curious about the picture of the house the lady was asking you about so I Googled. I’ll bet it was the old Adolph Sutro mansion that was demolished to build the tower. Ugh. I would’ve like to have seen that mansion, too, lady.

    1. Hi, Jinjer!! Thank you so much for stopping in & your awesome comment. I’m really glad you enjoy these posts!

      Ohhh that’s such a great thought- I bet you are right!!! That makes sense why it would be in black and white too! Thanks for sharing that tidbit with me!

    1. Haha yes! I will have to agree- especially in this case ! hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

  9. All of your hiking pictures look so beautiful! I bet everyone in the bay area is a outdoorsy, to take advantage of all the amazing places to be outside!

    Your cinnamon toast also looks amazing! Cinnamon often makes me sneeze, but I’d brave it out for that toast 😉

    1. Hi, Taylor!! I’m so glad you enjoyed these pics 🙂 We were lucky with the weather that day- the rain has provided such a luscious green color- but we didn’t experience any rain ourselves luckily!

      LOL!! That is too funny about the cinnamon making you sneeze! I totally get what you mean though- pepper does that to me sometimes too. But yesss this toast would be worth alll the sneezes, haha! Hope you are having a great weekend!!

    1. Girl, me toooo. I already want to get some again! & I totally agree. We are trying to soak up all the hiking spots before we leave! Thanks for stopping in, Jess 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend!

  10. Girlllll, this post is full of so much fun and gorgeous photos! Your hikes are always so incredibly lovely. Absolutely stunning views. That does sound like a crazy weird run-in with that strange woman. I’m really cautious with strangers like that too!

    Team cafe au lait here too! But you knew that. 😉

    Your apartment is beautiful as is your family! That dining experience sounds phenomenal. I’d say it’s a tough matcha between the different ice cream flavors. Lololol Love the combo you enjoyed!

    Give me all the pretty rainbows!

    Happy birthday to your momma! She sounds like a stellar woman and raised one in you. <3

    I'll end with, as I said on Insta, I'd have to choose both toast varieties as they each sound to die for! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Aw! I am soo glad you enjoyed this post 🙂 The hikes were so beautiful- when we moved here there was a terrible drought, so seeing SF in all its gorgeous green glory is such a treat!

      Yess- you have to be so careful & I am usually so naïve! It was a bit unnerving because the whole situation just didn’t make sense that it felt a bit like a scam. When her male partner walked up I was even more nervous because often scammers use unassuming people to get your attention before the “attack” whatever that may be. But we all good- I may just watch too much true crime too- haha.

      YES #teamcafeaulaitallthewayyyyy!

      You are too sweet!! Matcha & Oreo are my two favorite — but I heard they have a Black Sesame in the city that I want to try before we leave! Ahh so much to do (AKA eat), so little time! OHH my gosh-so we are going to a place tomorrow that is ONLY matcha infused goodies. I can’t wait to see what it’s all about. I thought of you when we made plans to go!

      Awww thank you tons- this is so sweet of you & I’ll pass on the sweet bday wishes <3

      Amen to that!! Another blogger recommended combining the flavors on a single toast, which I think would be genius!

      Have a great rest of your weekend, Kori- and thank you tons for stopping in!

      1. All that green certainly is a treat!

        You really do! They try to use kids & the elderly because people wouldn’t view them as a threat. It’s awful!

        ☕️☕️ cheers to that!

        Black sesame sounds amazing! All things matcha sounds like heaven. 😋

        Combining would be where it’s at! I’d be all for it.

        Thank you, doll!! You too!

  11. GIRL… those toasts!! I die!!! I grew up on buttered cinnamon toast too but as I grew older I became obsessed with PB toast. I don’t know if I could choose a favorite!!

    All of those nature pictures were beautiful! It has me craving a good hike!

    I swear you are the salad queen – every salad you posts looks beautiful and delicious!!

    Happy Birthday to your mom!! So much fun celebrating our loved ones!!! And that’s amazing about her promotion!

    Have the best week dear friend! Adding Free Solo to my must watch list!


    1. YESS EXACTLY the same for me too! I hadn’t had cinnamon toast in ages until then. Another blogger recommended combining the cinnamon AND PB which is genius—I may need to try that this week!

      Hope you can get a hike in soon  How is the weather looking right now?

      AWW- “Salad queen” (!!!).. I am beyond honored by that title. Funny story- in college I made my massive salads all the time and my friends would always joke that people would refer to me as the “girl with the giant salads” haha.

      Thank you, love! I will pass on the sweet bday wishes.

      Let me know what you think if you get to watch Free Solo! Thanks so much for stopping in, Anastasia. Have a great rest of your weekend. XO

  12. Your hikes look amazing!!! Wow there are a TON of buildings and houses there! Ummm…yea, that’s SUPER weird. Some people. ahahahah

    What a fun time together with family! That burger sounds…interesting. lol

    CONGRATS to your mom! That’s incredible!!

    Aww that’s sad! I’m sure thode kiddos will miss you too! If you ever get too much baby fever, just go hang with one for a few hours and it’ll help. 😉

    Happy Friyay Mack!

    1. This is a bonus upon all bonuses of comments!! It really means SO much that you would take all this time out of your day to stop over here.

      I agree- “some people” is about all we can say to describe that whole interaction! Lol. They had phones, yet I found myself trying to google map where the road was she said the house was on? All so VERY bizarre.

      Hahah- right?! They were so nervous ordering it, but said it was one of the best they had! I kind of wish I’d tried a bit of DJ’s even though it had meat just because of how much they hyped it up. Usually when he says something is THAT good I will definitely give it a try. Considering it is within walking distance, we’ll probably find ourselves back there soon.

      Aw thank you!! I will pass that on to her- she will so appreciate it 🙂

      HAHAHHHA. Girl, you are SO right. I remember that rang true last summer when I was around a ton of babies while visiting fam/friends & I was like “eh, I’m good for a few more years!”. Bahah.

  13. Wow, it is difficult to pick which of those two toasts – I’d have to have one of each, but, like you, I grew up eating cinnamon toast, slathered in real butter and liberally sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar. A real treat and it’s been years and that toast was never the thickness of the toasts that you show in your pictures either. You had a lot of food pictures, I always enjoy seeing the cafe au lait designs – very unique! I really liked the new mural you featured. The Presidio – I would love to hike around in there. The park near Sutro Heights with the cobblestones … I like cobblestone streets or pathways – they always look so rustic.

    1. I like your thinking! I just got one of each cause I would never be able to choose. I was glad they were considerably cheap too (at least for the Bay area!).

      After posting this I think I’ve discovered that cinnamon toast is a nostalgic treat for so many of us! I was thinking about it and wondering why we limit it to childhood- so I made some this morning as a special little treat 🙂 I hope you allow yourself to enjoy some yourself soon too!!

      I just adored the cobblestones too! They were so beautiful, especially after the fresh rain. Thank you tons for stopping in, Linda! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday <3

      1. Maybe our moms made it when we were young and cut it up into slivers for our small mouths too? I think that is when I first had it … it makes me nostalgic for it so I think I will make some too. Must splurge and slather on pure sweet butter, not the “Smart Balance” I am using now. I did get in a nice walk and guess what … we got to 72 degrees, the first time over 70 degrees since October 12th. Best enjoy it … Wednesday night chance of wintry precip! Hope you had some R&R this weekend too Mackenzie.

      2. Yes so true!! I wonder what type of butter they used for this cinnamon toast because it was some of the best. I doubt they’ll give away their secrets though hehe.

        72 degrees?! AWESOME! That’s warmer than it’s been here! So glad you get to enjoy that!

      3. You’re right Mackenzie – it probably is some secret recipe. My mom had a cookbook she bought many years ago and it was written by a local author and called “Recipe Detective” … this woman went around and tasted food/drinks at well-known restaurants, including franchises and developed recipes for all their popular items. She would then change the name of the recipe to something outrageous to keep any lawsuits at bay. She not only had a book, but had newsletters going out periodically – this was before the internet was around.
        Here is a sample with a few (fake) names you will recall: http://www.askyourneighbor.com/glopur.htm

        Yes, the weather was incredible – today it was 73!

      4. Oh my gooodnesss!!! I love the idea of the “Recipe Detective”. I just took a pic at the secret recipes and it is sooo intriguing!! I am just fascinated by this. Thank you for sharing this with me! I’m gonna have to show DJ when he gets home

      5. Glad you liked it – too bafd she doesn’t have more of them online … she had a ton of these recipes, even for pop (Coke I believe).

  14. Oh…my…goodness!!! That toast looks unbelievably delicious! I plan to make the hubby bacon and eggs for breakfast (since he’s working late tonight), and I kind of want to make cinnamon toast to go with it now. But man, it will not look like those thick slabs of deliciousness!!! I should create a Pinterest board of all the places I one day want to visit when I make it out there… Ha!!!
    And I loved the pics of your hiking adventures! Everything looks so green and fresh.

    1. Hey, Nicole! That toast is something I am actually craving right nowwww. Ugh, it was so good haha. Did you end up making it?! I did the SAME thing for DJ just a couple days ago. I haven’t tried it yet, but I bet the brioche from TJ’s would make something similar to this! You are too sweet! I think when we move I will do a “sum up” page of everywhere people should visit/what you should do/eat in the Bay! Have a great Sunday & thank you for stopping in 🙂

  15. OH my gosh all of those toasts look incredible! Not sure how I could choose between the two! What beautiful hiking views! Happy birthday to your sweet mom!!!! I love her black and lace outfit. So beautiful!!!

    1. Right?! It was a tough decision, hence why I did end up ordering both, lol.

      Awww!! I will pass on the sweet words to her! she will SO love reading your comment. Thanks for stopping in, Shan. Hope you have a wonderful & restful rest of your weekend 🙂

  16. #teamcinnamonsugartoast … honestly this toast reminds me of being 6 or 7 and being so excited to “cook” on my own when my mom would let me use the toaster oven and I could make myself toast and then I would put a layer of butter and sprinkle on a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. It was my favorite breakfast for months! Then I earned more privileges in the kitchen and started making other breakfasts BUT I wasn’t ever really a fan of pb so that wasn’t one I made. Did the restaurant you went to with your in laws offer a veggie burger? You should have gotten the pb burger with a veggie burger if they did! 🙂

    1. Hi, Lindsay!!! Oh my gosh, thanks for stopping in and your comment! YASS #teamcinnamonsugartoast is the way to goo (especially in this scenario). I was blown away & actually made some this morning I was craving it so badly haha.

      I just adore the story you shared with me- toasting toast is still considered cooking in my book 😉

      Oh. My. Goodness. How did I not think of trying to order a veggie burger alternative??! I need to go back ASAP to do that because I’m pretty sure they do have one.. that just didn’t cross my mind as an option. Thank you tons!!! Have a great rest of your weekend, girl!

  17. Oh my!! Views for days!! Those are such gorgeous places. I love PB and Honey together, but I don’t think mine has ever look so pretty ;). That cinnamon toast looks soo good. My kids make that when they’re hunting a sweet treat in the house. I haven’t watched Free Solo, but have heard from TONS of people that it is so great! Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend Mackenzie!! xx

    1. Hi, Amy! Thank you for stopping on by! Hope your weekend has been wonderful. The way they do the honey art is stunning, isn’t it?! Hope you can watch Free Solo soon- sooo well done & wow, is it an incredible real story. I will send the sweet words to my mom too 🙂

  18. I hung out with my mom and sister yesterday, and we were all pouring over this blog post and how amazing the toast looks. HA!!! You are becoming a family name over here, because they all have heard of my blog friend Mackenzie who has THE best food and travel adventures. Ha, ha. 🙂

    1. Oh my GOOODNESS! Girl, you know how to warm my heart ❤️😭😚❤️ I’m reading this first thing in the morning and it already has made my entire stinkin’ day! Thank you thank you for sharing this with me!!!! You are such an encouraging friend. Have the best week, Nicole!

  19. those toasts looked really good. I don’t like PB & honey, but Richard and Colby do. I’m not showing them that pic or they’d expect me to draw with their honey! I too go through phases of liking and not liking tea. I do it with coffee too. So strange. Hope you are enjoying your spring

    1. Hehe- that’s too funny! It really is funny how our tastes go through phases like that! And it’s not like I can take or leave tea at times– it’s like “no thank you” or “yes please!” no real in between, lol. Hope you are enjoying your spring too 🙂

  20. You amaze me! Your posts are always filled with yummy delights, beautiful nature pictures and your love for everyday life!

    Happy Birthday to Momma!

    1. Awww that means SO much coming from one of my favorite bloggers (with the BEST adventures 😍) . I’m really glad you enjoy and would take time out of your beautiful life to stop by here . 🥰 I will pass on the sweet birthday wishes to my momma! She will so appreciate that!

  21. It’s nice that there are hiking spots in San Francisco away from the city & the cinnamon toast looks delicious!
    I love drinking tea in the evening too & happy belated birthday to your mom!

    1. I agree! I am just discovering how many there really are this year! It’s nice because you can go from hustle bustle to quiet in a few minutes 🙂

      do you have a favorite tea flavor? Thanks for stopping in, love & I will pass on the sweet bday wishes! XO

      1. Ohh you are probably a bit Rooibus fan then?! My spelling is probably off, hehe. I love chamomile too!

      2. My bf’s mom bought me a set of 6 different teas from the English Tea Shop & there was 1 with chocolate & rooibos & I liked it!

  22. Wow Mack, a beatutiful post! I love that you go on so many incredible hikes, you have for sure got me dreaming of a visit to San Fran to explore all these incredible places. Also, Buena Vista park looks remarkable and v spiritual! I hope you don’t mind but that first picture in with the tree trunk I had to save because it spoke to me so much! That indent on the tree gave me all these third eye vibes! Wooww! So amazing! Such great photographs you have captured here Mack ❤️ Honestly!!
    Your message to your mom on her birthday is too beautiful! What a gem ❤️ I hope she had a lovely day!
    I haven’t seen Free Solo but I’m intrigued so I’m definitely going to check it out. Thanks for sharing hun ❤️

    1. Hey, girlie! Thanks for stopping in 🙂 I just LOVE seeing a comment from you pop up in my feed- makes me so happy because you are always so intentional and thoughtful.

      So glad you enjoyed this post! I just know you would LOVE SF if… no WHEN… you visit 🙂

      Awww I am SO glad you liked that picture- I thought it looked like an eye too!

      have a beautiful week, Jennie! xo

  23. Wow! You really did a grand tour of SF, Mackenzie. Great fun and terrific photos. I love that you ended with a beautiful portrait of your Mom. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Jane!!! That means so much 🙂

      Aw- I just love that picture of her! Have a great rest of your week!

  24. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such pretty peanut butter toast before, lol! I’ve never been a fan, but I also never thought to add honey so I definitely need to try that!!
    All of your photos are so gorgeous, Mackenzie! The landscape and nature shots are just so, so stunning. <3
    I'm so lazy when it comes to spring cleaning this year! I have this theory that since we have to pack and deep clean for moving like next month, it would be a waste to do any spring cleaning now hahaha. :') And I normally love deep cleanings!!

    1. Right?! The design was almost too pretty to eat!! Honey & PB is a terrific combo- I bet you’d like it!

      Awwww thank you tons, girl- that means a lot! I am so glad you enjoy these pictures <3

      YESSS- I feel the exact same way about packing/spring cleaning!!! Last time we moved it was the ULTIMATE spring cleaning- so I'm sure it will be that way again too. I did a mini one this year- but not like I usually do (go through closets/kitchen cabinets/etc.) because I figure we will be doing all that soon! I think it is way more reasonable to wait! especially next month--- I'm waiting like three hahah. Thanks for stopping in Courtney! Have a great rest of your week 🙂

      1. Haha I’m so glad you understand my thoughts about waiting to clean, lol! I feel lazy and like most people would clean anyway, but at the same time…I know I’m gonna be cleaning EVERYTHING in a month or so. Thanks! I hope you have a great week as well!!

    1. I definitely think everyone should visit SF at least once. I think the cinnamon toast is worth it alone 🙂 Thanks for stopping in, Allie!

  25. I would love to visit Trouble! The edginess of it speaks to me! & those toasts look so thick & delicious. My mouth is watering & your apartment is so pretty & spotless lol… you should see mine. 😂

    I think I’ve been to Lazy Dog once before but, it was a such a long time ago. Those drinks are so pretty & they sound tasty too. I need to try a PB & J burger, I’m always hearing how good they are & I need to be brave lol. The ahi tuna looks so nice with that crust. YUM!

    No wonder you are so amazing with a mom like yours. ♡ Happy belated birthday to your superwoman! ♡

    & sorry if this is weird but I was actually wondering if you wanted kiddos! That’s so cute that you & DJ do plan to have them when the time is right. 🙂 You’ll be the best parents!

    To answer your questions:

    I could easily eat both the cinnamon & PB toasts so I wouldn’t have to choose, right? & I’ve never watched or even heard of Free Solo. I’m honestly just not into documentaries at all though.

    1. Girl, that toast blew. Me. Away. I didn’t ever expect it to be as good as it was. I mean.. I literally crave that stuff!

      Aww (well it’s not usually this spotless 😉 ) hehe.

      YES! Be brave with the PB & J burger. You will not regret it! DJ doesn’t usually “rave” about a food item unless prompted, but he wouldn’t stop talking about how great it was!

      Awww you are TOO sweet- I’m gonna pass those kind words to my mom. <3 She’ll appreciate that (as do I <3 ).

      Not weird at alllll. We definitely want kids (I would have had them yesterday). Just trying to be “responsible” and all that jazz lol. And this comment just melted my heart- I hope we will be ok- I am so neurotic so I worry about that sometimes, haha! But DJ is so chill so I know he’ll help keep the peace.

      Yasss one of each toast for youuu! Totally get it about the documentaries. I just started liking them within the last year or two. Definitely have to be in the mood for one & it has to be reallllly hyped up before I watch it. Have a great weekend & thanks for stopping by, Hunida!!

      1. Okay so there are two Lazy Dogs here and I’m def going to one sometime soon to try that PB & J burger!

        Your babies are gonna be so adorable & you’re going to do great!! <3 You two make the perfect team.

        The only documentary I watched on Netflix was "When Porn Ends" lol I really enjoyed it & tried to watch all kinds of other ones but just couldn't. 😛

      2. Yayyyy!!

        Aw oh my gosh, you are too sweet!! <3

        Oh my goodness, that documentary sounds like a trip! But yeah, I definitely feel like with documentaries you either enjoy them or ya don't. Plus reality TV is kindaaaa like a documentary and observation of human nature- at least that's what I say! Lol.

      3. haha girl I knowww! Me too- nothing tops it. I always tell DJ I’m just educating myself… about the human psyche. haha.

  26. All of the walks look so amazing!! I have been making an effort to explore more places by foot now as opposed to just getting in my car. I love your posts so much and you cant beat a good coffee shop!! xxx

    1. Aw yay ! Yes travelin’ on foot totally gives a new appreciation of where you are and finding little gems 🙂 Thanks, girlie! xo

  27. What a pretty mural with the butterfly Mackenzie! i am sure it is getting busy for DJ at work . That is a great view of the whole city from Corona Heights. Beuna Vista park has lots of floral activity which I like. Great view of the Bridge. You need to start memorizing houses, you don’t have much time left though!! Now I understand trouble from the heading! It is a cool spot , the toast sounds so yummy and looks tasty also!! Tea is so good, Irish people grow up on tea! Your apartment looks so homely and cosy! So fun having all the ladies visit ! Pity you could not go on the trip… Next time . The lazy dog is a cute place. I like the tuna salad pic. great group photo . What a lovely excerpt to your Mom , so heartfelt and deserving for this beautiful Lady! Please send on my birthday wishes Mackenzie!! I am So glad the boys and Girls club is going well for you. It is nice you have Baby fever! You will know when the time is right. Have a great day Terri xo.

    1. I loveeed all the flowers at Buena Vista too! So pretty!!!

      LOL- yeah memorizing the SF homes sounds like a truly formidable task, but what’s one more to add to the plate? tehehe.

      I did not know that tea was a big part of Irish culture! There is a high tea room in SF I really want to go to sometime before we leave.

      Thanks for the compliment about the apartment 🙂

      Definitely next time for the girls trip! We are already discussing one in maybe December!

      Aw I will pass on the sweet bday wishes to her!

      Thanks for stopping in, Terri 🙂 Hope you have a great day.

  28. I scree shot all those hikes just in case I want to go somewhere else lol.
    That coffee shop looks so nice! I would love to try those toasts as well!
    I’m also loving tea as of lately. Mainly in the mornings. I actually had some yesterday while we were eating out lol. So nice. I think I prefer tea over coffee.
    I love how clean and clutter-free your apartment is. If only my house could look like that at least one week of the year instead of one day lol.
    How nice you got to spend some time with DJ’s family.
    Also, happy belated birthday to your momma!!! Shes amazing!
    I think I would be on cinnamon toast team lol. I like PB but it’s not my fave or my go to. And I haven’t seen free solo yet, in fact, I haven’t even seen the documentary about the fyre festival lol.

    1. Yass!! I will tell ya Marin Headlands trumps all!! My favorite place to hike- and it’s just across the Golden Gate bridge : ) Although Sunol is a close second! Haha- trust me, my apt. isn’t this clean all the time either, we do try to live pretty minimalistically nowadays though.

      Awww I’ll pass on the sweet bday wishes to her- she’ll be excited that the bday continues 

      Good choice with the cinnamon toast- it was to die for!! I love PB but it far surpassed it!

      Gurrrl, ya gotta see the Fyre Fest doc- sooo entertaining!

      1. That’s so awesome!! I will screen shot this convo too to remember where it’s at lol. I would love to walk across the golden gate bridge. I think it’s in my bucket list lol

      2. Yayy! Definitely a must do! And it doesn’t take up too much time either.

  29. Happy birthday to your mum! And that’s amazing that she just got promoted too. 🙂🌟

    Also, so in love with that mural, I think I need to ask my sister to make something like it!

    1. Thanks so much, Sophia 🙂 <3

      Awww yes!! If she does you will have to share a picture! So pretty!

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