Friday Faveeees #5- A Day Late

Happy Friday numero dos- AKA Saturday. Yes, yes, my Friday Faves post is most certainly a day late. But that is like the mantra of my life right now. Just doing things when I can, giving myself grace, and accepting far less than perfection from myself on the daily. Woah, that got deep quick. BUT I am super pumped to share these Friday faves with you!!!

  1. The number one spot goes to meeting one of my all time fave bloggers and friends, JJ from sitbackandjustlive, for the first time. We have been friends on WP for a bit under a  year and FINALLY had the chance to meet. I can’t tell ya’ll how surreal, but amazing it was to meet this beauty. She is as kind, loving, gorgeous, and fun in person as you gather from her incredible posts. I even got the chance to meet Andrew briefly too. They are gems, and truly just kind souls. I hope we all live  in Dallas together one day! (We may have mapped out exactly how far our dream cities to live in are from one another). We also mayyyy have gone overboard, no not over, properly-board, on the snap filters. Who knows when we will get another picture together?!


2. PB2– Oh my lanta. PB2 has my heart. People are usually timid about powdered peanut butter, but I’m sold on it. I love doing 2 or 3 TBSP mixed with about 1 TBSP of water and letting it sit in the freezer for a couple minutes. It’s one of my favorite snacks after a run.

3. This Father’s Day Card– Found where else than tar-jayyyyyy?! I am hoping my step-dad doesn’t read this post before he gets this in the mail. Lol.

4. Stress Relief Eucalyptus Soap from Bath & Body Works. Herbs are magical for stress relief. This and anything lavender are a must have for my sanity right now.

5. Serial the Podcast. I was addicted to Serial last fall, but I wasn’t doing the Friday faves series then. But it deserves a spot on the list, even now. I also just finished up “S-town” The second “Serial”. Serial was way better than S-town, but both are fascinating and hard to put down!

6. Sprout’s Sun-dried Tomatoes! I am a zealot for sun-dried tomatoes. In fact I drove to the  store after a hard day at work last week just because I was craving them. Honestly, who craves sun-dried tomatoes? They are just so fresh right now at Sprout’s and oh man, oh man, delishh. I particularly am obsessed with eating these with hummus, cheese, and crackers. We watched Finals at our family’s last night and I couldn’t resist throwing some of these little guys on the tray! PS. GO CAVS!

7. Oh and those crackers- Crunchmaster’s Multiseed Crackers. They are ridiculously yum. They are also gluten free!

8. Noww guesssss- the- heck- whatttt?! We finally have bedside lamps! It has been a long time coming, nearly a year, but we FINALLY have them! Our family gave them to us when we moved and they work way better than any of the millions I tried from the store before. Now on to finding throw pillows…Maybe I’ll have it all together by the time we decide to move again. ha!

9. These flowers from my love. I came home to these after a long weekend at work. I was at my emotional breaking point, and he had cleaned the whole house and had these flowers for me. <3 Melted my lil’ heart!

10. TACO BOOTIES! One of my greatest friends back in Ohio is having her little babe in a couple weeks (Maybe sooner!). I found these taco booties on and could not resist!

Blog Birthdays:

My classy & lovely lady Miranda over at pinot&peeptoes on June 3rd. I am so sorry I’m a whole week late- but I hope your birthday was FABULOUS, just like you <3

The sweet, wise, and ultimate linguistic goddess, my sister Kiran over at Kiranmag on June 10th. Her writing takes my breath away every single time. Go check it out now!

Love you both!

And I love you all as well! Sending big summer hugs.

Xo <3


46 thoughts on “Friday Faveeees #5- A Day Late

  1. I love those taco booties!!! So cute. It was a great post until I saw “Go Cavs” haha which is prob weird since I’m from North East Ohio myself lol but as always I love you’re writing style 💙

    1. Heheh awwww poor Cavs!!! 🙁 but enjoy the win 🙂 we live in the Bay Area sooo it’s going to be interesting the next few days haha. And thank you tons, Diam! Hope you are well, dear! 💕

  2. 1. That bowl of berries would last like 2 days in my place! That’s like my fav thing in the whole world lol just a big bowl of fresh berries :)) So beautiful <3
    2. Soooo cool you got to meet your blogger friend! I have visited her blog too & love her travel stories. I bet it was surreal too & I hope one day to go to some kind of big blogger event & meet other bloggers :))
    Hope you have a great week, Kenzie!

    1. Hahaha me and you both, girl! Raspberries and blackberries are super in season right now too! So yum. And it was SO cool to meet JJ- If you ever find a blogger event let me know ! I have wanted to attend one too 🙂 Have a great week ahead too, Jess. As always, so good to hear from you! 🤗

  3. Loved this post, I can’t believe you got to meet Jenny, how amazing!!! You both look gorgeous in your photos, I bet it was such an exciting day. Powdered peanut butter say what?? I’ve never even heard of that but oh I do love the normal PB so much! That fathers day card is the coolest, but now you’ve made me want a burger haha. And that’s so lovely of your partner to have cleaned the whole house for you and buy you flowers, that must have brightened up your mood so much. Can’t wait for your next Friday Faves X

    1. Awww thanks, girl! I’m so excited to see this comment from you! And thank you tonsss for the sweet words- it was a blast meeting her. Maybe one day we can alll have a big blogger get together?! And yes, yes normal PB is certainly hard to top. I definitely still use it plenty for baking and what not! What’s your favorite brand?! And hahah I hope you got that burger, girlfriend! Dj definitely lifted my spirits that day- I’m very very thankful for him! I hope you have the BEST week ahead, Jay!

  4. Hi Mackensie, cute pics of you and JJ, I am glad you and her had a great time. I am so sorry but I don’t like peanut butter! Can you believe it! I love the fathers day card, not cheesy at all!!! I need to check out the eucalyptus soap, I could use gallons some days! I have not heard of serial , but I could get time to listen in Car maybe. I love your trays of healthy snacks, fruits, cheeses and crackers are a great alternative to the bad stuff. I love your bedside lamps! very cool, The picture on the wall is so lovely of you two, lots of love flowing out. The flowers are gorgeous Dear! Such a sweetheart DJ is , and to come home to a clean house is such a bonus, He understands its a busy time in your life and is helping in the best ways he can. The taco booties are so cute, oh my gosh! I am speaking for all your followers (unofficially!) and telling you we love you too !! Have a great day Mackensie, Hugs, Terri , xoxo.

    1. Hi Terri! Happy Tuesday ! Haha pb is definitely one of those things: either love it or you don’t. And oh my lanta – definitely check this soap out! It’s amazing!!! Thank you for your sweet words ! DJ is my rock – I don’t know what I’d do without him! Ahhhh you are so so sweet. Sending big hugs! XO

  5. It’s so fun meeting bloggers! I met Kath of Kath Eats, & she’s so sweet. She actually helped me in getting my blog started. 🙂 Those booties are adorable! And that card – hahaha I have the same appreciation for food puns, & that one is genius. My twin sis & I have our 29th this coming Saturday. While I have mixed feelings about getting so close to 30, I’m also very grateful I get to celebrate another year. Working in the medical field can be difficult sometimes given all the illness & death. So I have such appreciation for my birthday. ☺️ Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

    1. Awww! I will need to go follow her!!!! That is way too cool. And that literally was the exact word I associated with the card- GENIUS! Ha, I so love that you share that same appreciation as me. WHAT- Oh I am SOOOO glad you let me know about your birthday! A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Girl, age is just a number. You will forever be in your 20s with how well you take care of yourself! And yesss- the medical field is kicking my butt right now. There are so many good moments, but there are so many moments that I just don’t think I can do it anymore. But I agree- it makes you appreciate things that I don’t think I would otherwise. Sending big early birthday hugs to you, love! Thank you tons for stopping by!

      1. Thanks so much!! Even though it’s kind of expected that we complain about getting older, I am & always will be grateful to see another birthday. With that said, a coworker guessed I would be turning 24, so I’ll take it, ha! Wishing you a wonderful day! XO

      2. Absolutely!!!! I am not surprised one bit 😉 And I hope you had the most wonderful day today!!! Sending big birthday hugs to you! XO

    1. YESSSSS. I am so glad you love them too. I put them over tilapia tonight with hummus and kalamata olives & brown rice. SO GOOD. Thanks so much! Have a great week, JL, well I guess I can say Jen now! 😉

    1. RIGHT?!!! I am wayy too pumped about them. Back pocket the link for your next friend’s baby shower! I am tempted to stock up on them. Lol. Thanks for stopping by, girlfriend! XO

  6. I use Eucalyptus hand soap as well. Anything to combat stress. 🙂 I do find that certain scents do truly help change how I feel. 🙂 Those taco booties are too cute! I really like those bedside lamps. We have some that I’m not a fan of, so I’m always keeping my eye out for a nice pair. Love, love those flowers! I hope you are having an amazing week. 🙂

    1. Ahhh, we are so similar. The Eucalyptus is a necessity currently! I swear lamps are some of the most difficult things to find! I must have tried six or seven pairs before giving up. Then when our family moved and offered them we jumped on them- finally some that worked! And I hope you are having such an amazing week as well. So good to hear from you <3

  7. AHHH I cannot believe that we FINALLY get to blog about us meeting!!! You were exactly how I envisioned you, as sweet and pretty as can be!!! It was an absolute dream come true <3 <3 I wish I could go back in time to relive it because it was just wayy too cool and surreal for words. But I guesssss (if I have to) can wait till we live in Texas 😉 My favorite was literally just standing in the middle of the hallway/lobby crouching down taking selfies. No shame, you totally had me at "We can take as many as you want" (I already planned to write that in my post when I get to it). The flowers DJ picked out for you, love them what a sweetheart, he sure knows his lady!!! And I am so proud of you for finally having lamps…but like, all good things take time so its okay. Thats why I'm certain when Andrew and I finally get a couch it will be a GOOD couch haha okay love love love youuuu <3 eek I'm still gloating that we were in each others presence!!

    xo, JJ

    1. RIGHT?!?!?! While I was writing the post I just kept thinking, “This is TOO cool”. And You are toooooo sweet, love! I agree- I wish I could relive it too, but next time we will have to have a fun meet up in Boston. I know I have said this so many times, but I am DYING to go there and explore some of ya’lls favorite spots with you! Anddddd if that doesn’t happen—- DALLAS for sure!

      LOL. I am actually laughing out loud about the crouching down in the hall- I didn’t even realize how low I was bent down, and I don’t know why. In some of my earlier posts (like wayyyyy back), I mentioned I can be the most awkward picture taker and stand in the weirdest positions before a camera. You got to witness it first hand. Hahahhaha. But no shame at all about the amount we took- I loveeee them all so much!

      Hahah- You and Andrew are just waiting for the best of all couches to come along! 😉 ORRR you just don’t until you move out here and then invest in one….. cough cough.. haha XOXO

    1. It was so sweet. Unfortunately, they are on their last end now (I’m never good at caring for flowers), but they certainly brightened my day! I hope you are having a great week too, Kat! <3

    1. YESSSS. I swear, we have the same exact taste buds!!! The chocolate PB2 is PHENOM. SO good. And I eat it by itself all the time- try freezing it for a few minutes. It’s really, really good!

  8. Three things:
    1) If you do decide to live in Dallas, or even visit, let me know! We have been living in the North Dallas area for about 10 years.
    2) I live by the Eucalyptus fragrance by BBW. It’s an obsession. Although I love their Chamomile and Bergamot fragrance as well. I think it was called Cozy Sunday.
    3) I love when my husband brings home flowers….or cleans the house….or both! You have got yourself a good’un, that’s for sure!

    1. Hi Katy!!!! Ahhh I definitely will be visiting, probably within the next few months! My family lives in Fort Worth! I would love love love to meet up for coffee or something with you! And yesssssss- isn’t it just the best! I think it’s addictive. And I am definitely going to try out that Chamomile and Bergamot too- sonds heavenly! Aren’t husbands just the best ?! It sounds like you have a keeper as well 🙂 I hope you have the best rest of your week! XO

  9. The sun-dried tomatoes with hummus sounds incredible. Now I want a massive bowl of it. And those boots are adorable. Oh and a shout out to an awesome husband you’ve got there.

    1. YOU HAVE TO TRY! It’s so good. Add a cracker (smoked gouda triscuits are so good with this) + sundried tomato + hummus= best snack of your life. Let me know if you get a chance to try. And awwwwww I will tell DJ you said that!

  10. So awesome you got to meet Jenny! 🙂
    and I have a eucalyptus lotion from B&BW as well and I really like it. 🙂
    Those taco beauties are super cute!

    1. I was so thankful I got to meet her! She’s amazing <3 And isn't that lotion to die for?! I can't imagine life without it actually. Hahah. Maybe a bit dramatic, but I do love it. Thanks for stopping by, love! XO

  11. The filters were a hoot! I loved the one with the beards! And the Father’s Day card was great! I’ll have to check out that French boutique the next time I need a card! The booties are so cute. Too bad hot flashes make me fling everything off my feet every 37 minutes! And lastly, I”m so jealous a WP pal got to meet you in person! I’m sure she’s wonderful (after all, you like her) but meeting you would be fantastic!

    1. Lol– glad you liked those! Bahaha french boutique- love it. And awwwww you are SOO sweeet. Can we please meet up sometime?! I’m going to harp you about using that free time to make a trip to SF! Hehe. One day!

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