Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, friends!!! He has risen!!!

I hope you are having a beautiful day making memories with your family even though it may look a bit different than usual <3

I had a post scheduled to be released last night, but quickly sent it back to drafts (so, if you receive that e-mail but don’t find the post, that’s why). I wanted this post today to only point to Jesus. This morning I was listening to two worship songs on a loop. The first has been my favorite since I can remember- it is a classic, but never seems to lose the power of its words. The second one played a pivotal role in bringing me back to my faith when I was going through a lot of uncertainty and feeling lost. I hope you find encouragement, hope and peace through them this Sunday.

In Christ Alone

Reckless Love

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

Don’t be alarmed, he said. You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him. (Mark 16:6) 


46 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

      1. Fine …but at home only since since 20 April .
        How about you ?
        Are you in emergency service?
        If so…take care

    1. Oh dang!!! Well thanks for reading!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts when I get it back up! Hope you had a great Easter too, Ralph!

      1. Haha no no- no pressure AT ALL! I appreciate you even reading it publication #1 to begin with!

  1. Happy Easter to you as well! I hope it was filled with wonderful memories created in this current paragdigm. I love Lauren Daigle. Her voice is just Ahh-mazing. xx

    1. Thank you , Amy!!! I hope yours was wonderful too 🙂 I agree! The other versions to link on YouTube were a bit grainy, but as soon as I found hers I had to choose that one! Thank you tons for stopping in and your sweet comments ☺️

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Easter, Mackenzie! I absolutely love “Reckless Love,” and it’s so powerful! I’m so thankful that churches are able to still connect with us virtually!

    1. I hope you did too, Stephanie!! Isn’t it? There is so much power in music, what a gift. And I agree! It was a different type of Easter- we did breakfast in bed while watching a sermon which was a nice memory even if so different ! Thanks for stopping in- Have a nice weekend 💞💞

  3. Reckless love is one of my absolute favorite songs, and I’ve been working on it this week at the piano. So same, it’s on repeat here too. So powerful!

  4. He is risen indeed, allelujah!
    Peace of the Easter be with you, Mack.

    Love both these songs – I haven’t heard Lauren Daigle before: she brings such an unusual aesthetic to this old favourite. Thank you for yet another musical introduction.

    Hugs! Be safe & keep well.

    1. Thank you, Ju Lyn!!! I couldn’t find the usual In Christ Alone (that wasn’t fuzzy audio), but I was amazed at Lauren’s rendition! Glad you enjoyed them 🙂 hope you are safe and well. Hugs right back! 🤗

  5. This is late (though it is the orthodox Easter today 🙂 but Happy Birthday Beauty! What a gorgeous post celebrating Jesus and Easter! Sending you so much love! <3

  6. I hope you had a beautiful Easter Mackenzie! Thanks for the 2 songs you have linked. We need hope more than ever in these times. He truly has risen for all sinners! Take care Dear, Terri xo.

    1. Thank you, Terri – I hope you had a beautiful Easter too <3 I may have to give these songs a listen tonight- thanks for stopping in and bringing me back to this post! He has risen indeed <3

      1. We did have a nice Easter Mackenzie it was a little different than other years as we couldn’t attend church, but we did make the most of it! It is always good to listen to uplifting and inspiring songs and hymns regarding Our faith. Happy Friday to you, Terri 💗

      2. I’m so glad to hear it was still nice! Ours was certainly different too, but like you said we also tried to make the most of it! Hope you’ve been having a wonderful weekend ☺️💞

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