Friday Favorites #17!

Happy Friday, everyone!!! I was not planning on publishing a Friday Faves today, but I am having the worst time focusing on school this morning. It smells thick of smoke from the wildfires and my eyes are dry- it’s making it hard to read and absorb the info. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Camp Fire (and the shooting). My stomach hurts thinking about everything going on 🙁 So scary, so awful. What’s happening to us, guys? *Sigh* I didn’t even plan on mentioning this, but my heart is breaking for the pain & loss being experienced by so many.

Anyways, Friday Favorites are always some of my favorite posts to post (Did that sentence even make sense?). Publishing one always brightens my spirits, and I hope it brightens yours as well! I’m currently enjoying an extra cup of pumpkin spiced joe (it’s a three cup of coffee type morning) and am excited to share some highlights before hitting the books again. Luckily, I have the whole weekend to just focus on a massive paper I have due soon. Alrighty ! Leggo!

  1. Apple Cider Donuts from Trader Joe’s. We haven’t been great this year about doing all the traditional autumn activities, but really, all ya need is an apple cider donut (or six) to call your fall a win!!!


2. Brooks Ghost Runners  & Berry Inserts. This has been my go-to shoe/insert pairing for the last six(ish) years, maybe more! Before using this combo I had horrible shin splints. I have been fighting some serious knee pain recently, then realized I haven’t replaced my shoes in nearly five months. That’s far too long when you are marathon training. Since replacing them my knee already feels much better, but I’m gonna take it easy this week to try to let it heal up.


3. TJ’s Lightlife Smart Tenders. Oh, how I love Lightlife. Their smart tenders are just insanely good, vegan, and super high in protein.


I like dicing up the tenders, heating them up, and throwing them in my salads. For thanksgiving, I am going to eat these with gravy as my “turkey”. (Of course I’ll make a real turkey too for the meat eaters 😉 ).


4. Dang, this is quickly becoming a TJ’s Friday Fave! Have y’all tried these pumpkin cranberry crisps yet?! OH man they are good! I like dipping them in greek yogurt for an afternoon snack. Mm mm. I may need to go grab some now!


Okay, back, with crisps in hand! Onto the next one….

5. If you follow the bachelor, you have to read this exchange between Arie & Sean Lowe. Too funny.


6. My sister asked me to be her maid of honor!!  After a lot of contemplation and ambivalence about my answer (jk jk), I said yes! I am so so excited. She asked me with this cute little scratch off  & a wine glass that had an inside joke engraved on it. Her wedding is next July 🙂


Not a super high quality picture, but a high quality moment!

facetune_07-11-2018-18-50-23(PS. JUST in case anyone notices, I’m not wearing my ring in the pic because I was deep cleaning the apartment this day haha- there is zero trouble in paradise 😉 ). Although speaking of which- can you believe Kaitlyn and Shawn’s breakup (bachelor franchise reference)?! *insert shocked emoji*. Although I’m not alll that shocked. There were some signs. Okay, I need to move on. Hahah.

7. We are a bit late to the game with this one. But we are LOVING The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. We watched the first episode and weren’t sure how we felt, but after the second one we were glued to the series. I think we may binge it tonight depending how much work I get done to try to finish the ‘sodes. We have three left!


8. This is an unusual Friday Fave- but this past week when checking out at my local Target I was chatting away with one of my favorite cashiers, and right before I left she threw a bunch of free goods into my shopping bag! I used up everything already except the lavender + sage soap (which I smells delightful and I’ll be opening it up today). I particularly loved the lemon sage lotion– yummy!  Shoutout to my local TarJay employees – y’all are the real MVPs!


9. This. Just this.

img_1422-110. Ebates!!!


Oh man, oh man! A few of you recommended signing up and installing this into my internet toolbar for cashback on purchases after my Savings September post. All I gotta say is….. what have I been doing my whole life?! This is incredible. It’s so easy, and I already am racking up cashback on things I already buy all the time. Thank you tons for the recommendation!!! If you want to sign up, click this link!

Questions for you:

  • Current favorite Trader Joe’s Product?
  • Any weekend plans?

xo <3


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83 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #17!

  1. Oh no! Thinking of you all with the fires. How scary!!

    I saw the text exchange and it made me laugh. But how realistic!! Congrats on being MOH!!!! Fun times ahead! I have the same look in the mirror when deciding if the dry shampoo can last just one more day LOL

    1. Hey, Shan! Thank you so much, girl. It’s crazy. I remember the first time I saw ash falling from the sky- it’s quite alarming- I’m just thankful to not be in the thick of it- I can’t imagine what it’s like for everyone so directly impacted 🙁

      And right- sooo realistic! Too funny. And thanks so much 🙂 I can’t wait for this coming year! And yessss “just one more day” goes through my head more times than I’d like to admit bahah!

  2. I must get to Trader Joe’s one day – please tell me I’m not your only follower who has never seen a pizza maker or gone to a TJ? I Googled and the closest one is 17 miles. Sigh. I’ll get there and try some new things one day. I thought of you with these fires and the shooting – Southern and Northern California had a horrendous week … we had two school districts, not just schools, but entire school districts, that were closed this morning due to online threats. One was a bomb threat and the other, the larger school district of Woodhaven and Brownstown, they did not specify the type of online threat. It is a crazy world out there – I SMH more and more every day. Hope the smoke abates a bit for you and good luck with your paper Mackenzie … I don’t miss that wicked school schedule at all and I wonder if DJ thinks to himself sometimes “do I really want to go through all this hard work?”

    1. Haha- you are not alone! get this- I didn’t even know I had a TJ’s here until probably half a year ago! Don’t worry- you are not out of the loop 😉 I just love shopping there because of the prices and unique finds.

      Thank you for thinking of me <3 That's soooo scary, Linda. Oh my gosh. 🙁 I'm with you- breaks my heart. I hope all is okay there and they got to the root of the threats. It's so hard to wrap my head around these things that happen alll the time now. what is going on?

      with DJ- he is such a worker bee, I think he's actually looking forward to the load! Haha. It'll be an adjustment for us for sure- but after the past year we had while I was at Stanford and he was adjusting to his new job I feel like we aren't too deterred by anything ! (not sure if we were friends here then, but it was a challenge beyond description!) I think that was about as hard as it gets. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Linda 🙂

      1. We were not friends here then at that time but I read some of your earlier posts and I did read that you wanted to leave your job and why. Sometimes when things are very difficult and you overcome that,, any hurdle afterward does not seem insurmountable. I am glad that DJ is looking forward to that challenge. I became complacent after I got reduced hours, then my mom got sick, then I was laid off, and then my mom passed away. This happened in the course of nine months. I was told I’d eventually be hired back full time, so I went on unemployment and just decided I needed to have some time to myself as 2009-2010 was just a real difficult year …. I went to put the house in my name and found the lawyer did the will incorrectly and had to go through probate when it was just my mom and me in the will. It seemed to never end and I took a break, got hired back part-time in 2011 and never back to full-time work again.
        I work more hours than I am paid for, but at times I think I should have gone for a full-time job again – I enjoyed full-time work, dressing up for work, the whole nine yards – but I decided to just work from home for a while longer … now it would be difficult to return to a full-time job, though I have seen my bank account dip. But since it is just me, I am careful and am making it. I’d never have started the walking regimen, nor the blogging so there were benefits to working part-time from home. I think you and DJ are both go-getters and will get far … you are both young enough and ambitious enough to go far in careers and your lives.

      2. Exactly!! You nailed it on the head.

        Oh my- I am so so sorry to hear about that, Linda .. When it rains it pours is so true… isn’t amazing though how we get through things that feel near impossible in the moment? And your zest for life and perspective is so beautiful despite that horrible time. 2009 is when my dad passed away too, so I empathize <3 I am glad you were able to go back part-time, and I’m sure if you wanted to they would make that possible!! Especially considering your longevity with the company- but like you said the flip side with more time for self care through walking and blogging is hugely important. Thank you for sharing this with me.. I am honored you trust me with your life stories. And thank you tons for your encouragement, dear friend!

      3. I think sometimes I see you as I saw myself when I was fresh out of college, all the enthusiasm in the world – no stopping me now. I do feel complacent sometimes, but after leaving the Firm, and it was just Robb and me for six years til I got laid off, the thought of going back to a large company is a little intimidating … I would really like to do something creative after Robb retires. Maybe a content writer – I’ll see what comes up, but sad to say, I’m real comfy working from home with my hair in a messy top knot, no makeup on and wearing my sweats or jammies. 🙂

      4. Aw I’m flattered you see some of yourself in me! You would be an EXCELLENT content writer, and the gig you have now sounds pretty darn great 😉 have a great Wednesday ! 🙂

      5. I do see my young self in you Mackenzie. When I was your age I was game for anything and I traveled a lot as my parents said “get your education behind you, travel and see the world before you settle down” … well, I never married, nor had kids, but I am grateful for the experience of traveling and always by myself, hooking up with a tour group and people were always kind and invited me to sit with them, sometimes there were other single people, guys or girls, so there was someone to go exploring with. So, yes I had a sense of adventure and purpose back in those days just like you do now. And the funny thing is that I can remember people who would come into the diner, or friends of the family who would say to me “what I wouldn’t give to be your age and be in your shoes …” and I’d smile and say that my parents said to enjoy myself now before I get older. Now, as I get older, I can understand how they were wistful and wished to experience what I was enjoying in my youth. It is good to look back and reflect sometimes …

      6. I loved reading this!! I’d love to hear more of your traveling stories and where you went 🙂 this is also a great reminder for me to really soak up this stage of life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights- your parents were right! ❤️

      7. Yes, do make the most of your life as it is right now and really enjoy the moment. I am glad I listened to my parents and did my traveling and traveled on one big trip every year, but then there were issues after my father suddenly decided to leave and took all the money out of their joint bank account and annuity account and fled to Germany. My mom could not work due to medical reasons and was too young for Social Security (she was 58) and other issues so I tabled my traveling. I did have on my bucket list to go to Italy, France and Alaska and would have been happy to have seen those three places and anything else would be gravy. Maybe after I retire from Robb. But it is different now – I was living at home and spending money on travel and photography and did not worry about someone to watch my house … little things like that. We have much crime around here now. I have had a few posts that I managed to sneak in a few pictures from my traveling days, and this year for “World Walking Day” I decided I would do a post every year concentrating on a trip where I walked on international soil (stretching it a bit I guess), but this was my last trip to 4 Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway) and Russia.

      8. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry to hear about that situation with your parents 🙁 I am sure the opportunity will come for you to get to those travels if you wish 🙂 Thanks for sharing- I can’t wait to check out this link! Have a beautiful weekend, Linda!

    1. You won’t regret it!! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed this post, Diane! WAIT- you live near Westlake?!?!? How did I not know?! Wait, did I know?! lol!

  3. A Mack post, yessss!! I love your Friday Favs – they do give me joy! The world is getting to be a crazier place, but I’m so thankful for your bright light & beautiful messages. <3

    I absolutely need to get my hands on TJ’s apple cider donuts! I just wish Matt could split them with me. Hmph.

    Matt & I are on the hunt for a new show since we finished The Golden Girls. 😭😢😫 I need to go thru your posts to check back to all of the shows you’ve shared!

    Tarjay employees really are the MVP & can be so sweet! What awesome products she gave you!

    I am SO excited to follow along on your sister’s wedding planning & to hear about the big day! What a super sweet & fun way to ask you to be her MOH. It’s funny you wrote that about your ring because sometimes I’ll overly read into someone not wearing theirs or be correct in my assumption. But hello to not wearing while cleaning so as to keep your beautiful ring safe & pretty! 💍

    I hope you have an amazing Friday evening & weekend ahead!

    1. Aw thank you, Kori! That is so encouraging.

      hehe- if you don’t want to eat them all I discovered donuts freeze really well! (suprisingly!). I hate wasting any morsels of food- so when we order a big dozen donuts for the two of us I freeze whatever is left after a couple days and then pull um’ out when I have a sweet tooth!

      Oh my gosh- I just heard a reference to Golden Girls and thought of you immediately! I have to check out this legendary show soon. Oh man- I literally feel like I’ve seen everything on netflix haha. Have you watched the docu-series making a murderer? It’s all the rage right now- we loved the first series, but need to watch the second asap!

      Lol- I do the SAME thing with people and their rings, that’s why I felt the need to say something. Too funny!

      Girl, you too! Thanks so much for stopping by always 🙂

      1. So I am absolutely getting these donuts & will be freezing them to enjoy for a few weeks to come!!

        I miss the show so much!!! I feel I’ll need to start watching the episodes again soon. 😆 I tried getting Matt to start that series, but he wasn’t into it. I need to turn on my charm & try again! 😂 I love mystery books & shows.

        We’re just perceptive!


      2. Yayyy!!!! 🙂

        We are watching it right now and it is sooo good! If you watch we’ll have to chat about it!

        Happy Friday! ❤️ 👏🏻

  4. Best of luck on finishing your paper! ♡ I already mentioned those donuts in your last post, didn’t I? Lol mmm. They look so good & I haven’t had one all fall. 😭 I hope your knee gets better! & how exciting that you’ll be the maid of honor at your sister’s wedding!

    What?! How nice that the Target lady gave you free stuff!! That Method body wash is seriously so luxurious; take a bubble bath in it & your skin will be softer than ever but using it how you’re supposed to works, too lol. Also, I didn’t know Schmidt’s made soap lol I am using that exact deodorant at the moment!

    1. Thanks so much, Hunida! I knocked out a huge dent tonight after being terribly unproductive, so that felt great!

      YEAH, girl! I think you did! They are soo goood. I hope you can still hunt one down soon.

      She was too sweet- and that was so unexpected! Nothing like that has ever happened at a huge retail store (except maybe sephora lol). I am loving method products. I need to stock up on some. And I will definitely be trying out that bubble bath soon- I’ve actually been in the mood for one since it’s getting KINDA cooler out. haha.

      Schmidt’s makes such refreshing, all around great products! I need to keep an eye out for that deodorant too! Thanks for stopping in, Hunida 🙂

      1. Yay!! Good job, you are amazing! <3 The weather is starting to cool down over here, too!

        I'm gonna have a chit chat with the Target cashiers from now on LOL. Kindness does go a long way!! 😉 That's awesome that Schmidt's makes more than deodorant. I'm gonna have to check out their other products!!

      2. thanks, giiirl!

        hahaha- yesss. Between my peeps at Peet’s and Target I’m basically just free loading those two stores. jk jk 😉

  5. Yay a Mack Friday Favorites! Also I love that your picture is of trader joes!
    Ahhh girl sending you SO much love! If you need anything let me know! Please stay safe! And huge hugs. I know it is all so overwhelming at times. My heart is hurting for everyone in California. and honestly the world, I agree with you. WHAT is going on with all of us? I think of Carrie Underwoods song Love Wins and I just wish people would listen and embody that any who sorry for going off. Love you sweet lady! <3
    I have heard of Brooks, but haven’t tried them (an Asics girl) my sister swore by brooks though. I hope your knee feels better!
    I love that! They look so yummy! Hehe no tofurkey for you? ;p
    Bwahahaha Girl Friday Favorites is an ode to Trader Joes. I swear! And this season TJ’s has been killing it with the food game! Everything is so yummy!
    Bwahahaha oh my gosh I am dead with that exchange! That is WAY to funny! I legit can not stand Arie. He is just ughhhh LOL.
    Oh my wedding bells! Yay! Congratulations beauty! So excited for you guys! I can not wait to hear all the deets (And the pictures!) Bwahahaha I love the bachelor reference and yeah definitely not surprised by that one!
    I think I will be skipping the Haunting Hills. I do NT do horror!
    Way to go Target! That is awesome! And LOVE the Lemon Sage from Bliss! Smells SO good!
    Bwahaha that is me lately with my hair! It is SUCH a process!
    Ebates is awesome!
    These posts are the best! Thanks for brightening up my weekend! Love you sweet lady! <3

    1. Yay a Kate comment!!! 🙂

      Thanks so much <3 Ahhh I love that song- thanks for sharing that – I need to listen to that when I start feeling down about it all. Love YOU!

      Thank ya sweet thing! It’s already feeling sooo much better with these shoes. And Asics is an amazing brand too- can’t go wrong with them!

      Hahah – I don’t mind tofurkey, but it is just a bit too salty for my liking. I love the savoriness of these lil’ “chickens” 😉 and they have some sort of spice seasoning that reminds me of thanksgiving spices actually!!

      I agree- Arie is probably my least favorite Bachelor ever (except for Juan Pablo).

      Hahah- I won’t lie- Haunting of Hill House has made me a teeeeny bit paranoid. I’m not a huge horror film fan usually either! But the story line is phenomenal, so no turning back now. I’m just glad DJ isn’t going out of town any time soon or I wouldn’t be able to handle being home alone at night.

      Aw, thanks so much, girl. That’s so encouraging! xoxo

    1. yes for sure!!! it’s super good- I typically don’t even like traditional scary movies much, but the story line is just phenomenal!

    1. Thank you, Sarah!! I will pass on the sweet congrats 🙂 hahaha- yes, I am gearing up for whatever is about to come my way! Thankfully she is so on top of things- but I know next summer will be busy, busy, busy!

  6. We have tried a lot of TJs stuff this fall, but neither of the ones you mentioned! We love their pumpkin pancake mix (and the coconut one but that’s not really fall related). We also liked their pumpkin butter but it’s sold out in our store now.

    1. What! They have a pumpkin pancake mix?! I think I’ve seen the waffles- but not pancakes- I need to keep an eye out! and yummmmm pumpkin butter sounds to die for!!! Thanks for stopping by, Katy 🙂 Have a great week!

  7. Superfeet inserts are great – also a big fan here! I feel like TJ’s hands down has the best seasonal products, so totally understand you having many for Friday faves!

    1. YESS!! They are life savers!!!

      Ahh-greed- TJ’s for the win always. Do you have a top favorite there? Have a great week and thank you so much for stopping by, Sarah!

      1. My current TJ’s obsession is the everything bagel seasoning. It’s been an ongoing obsession for a solid 6 months haha!

  8. So scary about those fires! I’m glad that you aren’t being directly impacted by them.
    I need to add more fall seasonal things into my life. It’s my favorite time of the year!!
    That was such a cool way for your sister to ask you to be her maid of honor. Congrats to her!! And to you! Let the fun begin. 🙂
    I have not watched The Haunting on Hill House. I’m not sure how I feel about scary shows. Eek!
    That was so nice of the cashier. And those look like awesome things to try!
    Sadly no Trader Joes nearby 🙁
    I’ve heard of Ebates, but never looked into it. I’ll have to do that!
    Awesome faves this week!! Hope your week is starting out wonderfully! xx

    1. I need to add more too! This fall just seemed to slip through our hands ! At least there is always next year! 🍁

      Ahh thank you 😊 I am so excited to be her MOH! Time to work on a speech 😉

      I am with you- I usually don’t like scary shows and haven’t watched one in years- but this one is soo goood.

      Ebates is so worth it! I hardly notice I’m using it then Oulah—Cash back!!

      Hope you are having a great week too, Amy 🙂 thanks for stopping in!

  9. I’ve always wanted to go to Trader Joe’s. They recently opened one up close to me a year ago. I need to finally check it out! Those apple cider donuts sound delicious. I watched a couple episodes of The Haunting of Hill House. It was pretty good, the hubby and I still need to finish the series though!

    1. Ahhh yes check it out!!!! I just started going about a year ago and I’m addicted 😍😍it’s the best!

      Yes! Finish the series for sure- every episode leaves ya on your toes! We just finished it a couple nights ago and it ended really well!


  10. Dangit I’m late to the Friday favs party!

    TJs is the best all-in-one makes you feel fancy grocery store! I loveeee how many flavorful, unique products that they offer. With that said, I have tried those crackers before and love them! Those donuts sound deeeelish.

    Eeeps congrats on getting your MOH invitation! So cute!

    Haha I don’t think I would have even noticed your rings off and even if I had, I wouldn’t think trouble in paradise!

    What a sweet gesture from your Tarjay cashier! So fun! I love lavender scents.

    Oh man I can’t believe I didn’t think to also recommend ebates! I use it a lot and am a big fan of making money whilst spending money. ha I recently opened a Chase Freedom credit card because they have some great cashback incentives!

    1. Hey, Kaci!!! The Friday fave party never ends- no worries 😉

      Ahhh yes exactly -isn’t TJs the best? I love love love it! I just started shopping there last year, and idk what took me so long!

      We were just looking into different credit card options! So good to know – thanks for letting me know 🙂 have a great rest of your weeek! 🤗

  11. Omg omg omg I didn’t know Kaitlyn and Shawn officially broke up!!! I had some hints but I am honestly a little devastated! I loved them!!!!

    Okay *forces self back to reality* I LOVE anything Trader Joe’s but my current favorites are the mini pumpkin biscotti and their sourdough bread. <3 <3

    I am looking forward to this coming weekend with zero plans or homework!!

    P.S. That is so cool about you and your sister!! Literally can't wait to share special moments like that with my sister.


    1. Yeah girl 🙁 Do you listen to her podcast? I had a feeling just the way she talked about their relationship.

      ohhhh I agree- Sourdough bread from TJ’s is da bomb! Thanks for stopping by, Anastasia!!


  12. I LOVE this post idea. Super love it. I’ve never tried those vegan chicken tenders but I will do next time I go to the store. I usually eat the Gardein ones. Okay fave Trader Joe’s product is in the frozen section and is perfect for if you’re too lazy to cook one day. It’s a simple penne pasta with arrabiata sauce but it is SO YUMMY!

    1. Ah thanks, Laura!!! It’s a fun way to fill in the gaps of all the fun things between recaps. The Gardein ones are great too!

      Ooo girl, that sounds too darn delicious! **all the heart eyes**I need to keep an eye out! xo

    1. aw thanks , Sophia!!! I love the meat substitute options now-a-days! mmm mm!

      Thank you tons 🙂 have a great Wednesday! xo

  13. Yay! I love your Friday faves posts! The donuts sound divine, and the Brooks ghost shoes are my go to shoes too! Congrats to your sis! You are going to have so much fun in her wedding!

    1. Hi, Allie! Thanks, girl 🙂 Aren’t Brooks the best?! It took me way too long to find a good shoe that worked for my shin splints- but these did the trick! Ahh thanks so much- I cannot wait for the wedding! SO EXCITED!

  14. Those vegan tenders look yummy, I’d like to try those. I think it’s a great idea that you’ll have those as your ‘turkey’ supplement on thanksgiving. 😀
    So exciting that you’re going to be your sisters maid of honour!!!!!! What a *literal* honour ha ha. You’re going to have the best time ever celebrating your sisters wedding 🙂 I’m so happy for her and you being MOH. What a special, special time and so exciting. you have so much to look forward to I’m actually excited for you haha!
    I haven’t watched the haunting series but I know a lot of people have been talking about it… Debating putting it on my to watch list with my Mum maybe 🙂 I’ll see if she wants to watch it with me.
    Have a lovely week Mack xxx

    1. They are mighty tasty!!! I am excited to have them with some gravy for sure 🙂

      heheh- it definitely an honor 😉 I see what ya did there!!!

      Definitely watch Haunting of Hill house with someone… it is spooky spooky! But the story line is great. Thanks for stopping by, Jennie! Have a great Wednesday, love! xo

      1. Yes I bet it will be delicious! Will you have vegetarian gravy?
        Haha I didn’t even intend for it to be a pun 😂 I know you love them though!
        Ahhh I would watch it with my mum but is it gory? Because she’s not a fan of gore!!! You are so welcome!!! You too hun! Xx

      2. Yes it’ll be veggie gravy too 🤗

        It’s not so gory- I’d say more creepy — only a few gory scenes! Have a great weekend, love!


  15. Awww how sweet that your sister asked you to be her maid of honor! That is so special!! <3 And I totally get you about the struggle of washing your hair. It's a real commitment from start to finish lol.

  16. Mack, you are a sweetheart! I read your post when I needed a pick me up, and it did. 🙂 So glad you bought new running shoes — hope your knee is feeling better by now. And those Trader Joe’s Apple Cider doughnuts look amazing. Thank you for sharing Friday favorites. It’s a great theme.

    I just decided to offer a Self-Forgiveness and Money group in the Spring. Very excited about that. Keep it in your prayers.

    As far as my favorite Trader Joe’s thing, I don’t think I have one! I just love walking through the aisles to see what inspires me. Probably the tahini. 🙂 Or whole-grain muffins. Yum.

    Blessings to you and DJ, Mack. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

    1. Hi, Debbie!!! Daw thank you so much ☺️ I’m really glad you enjoyed this and it brightened your day! My knee is feeling soo much better! Not 100% yet, but I think I’ll be there soon 🙂

      Aw I will keep that in my prayers- sounds absolutely wonderful ! You never cease to amaze me!💕

      And ahhh I need to seek out that tahini – yum! I am gonna try to make some pumpkin hummus for thanksgiving so I’ll have to pick some up for sure 🙂 thanks for sharing! And you can never go wrong with muffins! 😋 I hope you are having a lovely week & thank you for stopping by!

  17. Hi Mackenzie , the events from northern California , the terrible club shooting does make your heart bleed for the innocent lives taken. The wildfires since you posted have had a high toll of loss of life. It is so sad that people didn’t have time to get out in time. We need to focus and offer up prayers for their repose to eternal life.
    All your sentences make sense Mackenzie!! Ooh those donuts look so good! The ghost runners are a very cute shoe, and it is important to have the inserts for the comfort you need as a marathon runner (it will be part of your profile!) I am curious about the vegan tenders now! I need to look for them. The crisps look tasty and great for thanksgiving! Aww congratulations on being the maid of honor Dear! I love the scratch off idea, I have not seen it on a greeting card before! I have not watched the haunting on hill house, I cannot get through the Chicago shows, fire, pd, med , without dropping asleep after the kids go to bed , the shows we watch as a couple!! I know there are some great shows on netflix though. How sweet of your cashier to gift you those items! The lemon sage must smell so good! I am going to check out e-bates! Thanks for a fun Friday faves post as usual , take care Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri!! Thank you for stopping by 🙂 I am so excited for my sister’s wedding- we were chatting about planning so much this past week! So fun!! The lemon sage was amazing!! I need to restock. And yesss- ebates is just incredible. So worth it ! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

  18. Oh man the fires were super cruel!! Every year it seems to get worse.

    But anyway…

    I had apple cider donuts for my first time this year and they were the most amazing thing ever!! I loved them just as much as the pumpkin ones. Yummy!!.
    I also tried meatless chicken this year, first time, and I was blown away!! It was good though idk how often I’ll be able to afford it lol.
    Your salad and those pumpkin cranberry crisps look amazing!! I really really need to go to trader joes lol.
    And how sweet of your sister!!! She’s so creative!!!
    I wish I could go longer without washing my hair but my hair hates me and it has to be washed like every other day. Anything more than that I will use dry shampoo but it still gets super oily. *sigh*
    I love ebates too just haven’t used it in a long long long time. Also, you should install honey too! It’s a toolbar that helps you find codes to save some money! 😉

    1. Weren’t they so awful?! Ugh, thankful that’s over (for now).. my heart just breaks thinking about people that have lost their homes & had a very different type of Christmas this year I’m sure 🙁

      I AGREEE! The apple cider donuts were out of this world. I think I first saw them on your blog then saw them at TJs! Mmmm !

      Yeah it can be pricy- althoughhhh at TJ’s they have some chicken cutlets & tempeh that I love using as faux meat. It’s not so bad.

      Okay I used to have the same thing with my hair- I actually HAD to wash it everyday or it would get greasy. Then I started coloring it and it dried it out so much that it took care of that, lol. So actually it’s a good sign that your hair is like that-I think that says it’s healthy!

      Oh yesss! I actually use WikiBuy which is essentially the same thing. LOVE how it scans all the codes super quick- so helpful!! xo

      1. You have such a big heart! 💜
        Ah yay!! Glad to know you tried something new because of me lol
        Oh yeah!! Tempeh was another thing I wanted to try but I always forget to look when I go grocery shopping
        Well that’s good to know then, lol. I still dislike the frizzyness that comes with my hair though lol

      2. I would never think your hair is frizzy! Have a wonderful evening- what are your plans?! <3 <3

      3. All my baby hairs just get frizzy and I cant tame them lol.
        And yesterday I just cooked and decorated for NYE and ended up cleaning and washing dishes today lol.

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