Lotsa munchin’ & brunchin’!

Hey hey! How are you? I spent all day long reading countless pages in pathophysiology and watching lectures so I am treating myself to some writing late this evening 🙂 This semester is already kicking my butt. I am gonna have such little free time .. so it’ll be interesting doing an entire move in the middle of it. Even my prof said, “I hope this course is behind you before the move!”… whoops… guess we’ll see how it goes, haha. (It’s an online course for those that are confused about how that will work).

After returning from Hal’s bridal shower, on May 7th, I paid my speeding ticket, unpacked and did laundry. For dinner I made us this curried seafood mix of calamari, shrimp, and scallops with jasmine rice and naan bread.


On May 8th I started the morning with oatmeal, a Cutie clementine, Shakeology protein powder, and Fage with my coffee.


For lunch, we didn’t have much in the way of groceries but I whipped up my new favorite omelette combo: egg whites, artichoke hearts, vegan mozzarella cheese, and garlic powder with pink Himalayan sea salt & hummus on the side. YUM!


And guess what?! Remember how Alexandra and I wanted to go to that Italian restaurant in SF, but they had no openings the evenings we were there? Well— our calendars aligned so we made reservations for that afternoon! Around 2:30 pm we met at my apartment, and I drove us into the city to (finally) try out Cotogna.


I absolutely loved the interior- it was so warm & cozy and you could see the whole wood fire burning stove.


So the item on my bucket list was the Raviolo with farm egg & brown butter.


^^ Yes, that beauty!!! This ravioli was massive & sooo stinkin’ amazing. Did you all ever make buttered Cheerios as a kid? They were the ultimate treat for us growing up! This dish was reminiscent of that in flavor… but the cheese and quality of pasta took that nostalgic flavor to spectacular and exquisite heights. I had to leave a nibble for DJ, so I took a little home for him to try along with a dish of his own- the Agnolotti del plin. He said he preferred the Raviolo, but that both dishes were incredible.

Afterwards, we had to satisfy our sweet tooth. We headed to Mitchell’s, a place on the bucket list. They are known as one of the best places for ice cream in the entire Bay Area!


I ordered a combo of chocolate caramel crackle per Alexandra’s suggestion & Ube.


The Chocolate caramel crackle is some of the best darn ice cream flavors I have ever had!!! Gosh. I get why it’s known for being famous- & I was soo glad Alexandra suggested it. The Ube was fine- I haven’t been a huge fan of Ube the couple of times I have tried it– it’s just too plain Jane for me.

I always so love my time with Alexandra. Can’t wait for her and her hubby to join us in Austin- right, girlfran?! 😉

On the morning of May 9th, I rummaged through the freezer to find a frozen banana, a dragonfruit pack and then threw on some PB and chocolate chips.


I caught up on e-mails, etc. that I missed over the weekend and got around to some other to-do list items.

For dinner I made us BBQ’d tempeh, peppers, corn, & white rice. It was pretty delish & high in proteins, so very filling!


In the evening I took a bath to just veg out after such a busy few days.


on May 10th DJ and I had a fun day leading into a full weekend of us just hanging out! I went for a run in the morning, caught up on some blogging, and then we headed to Shake Shack.


Neither of us had been before, but we were so pleased with the whole experience!


You order via an electronic system- introverts rejoice.


It took a loooooong time for our food to be ready, but they were super busy.


DJ tried their burger- his thoughts: It is a good, solid burger, but he still way prefers In-n-Out’s.


I could not resist their limited time Game of Thrones milkshake! It was a peppermint shake with candied toffee that made up “dragon glass”- soooo yummy.


DJ also loved their chocolate shake. Next time we want to try their mixers- we loved our Culver’s concrete mixers when we lived in IN. The fries were decent- good to dip in the shakes of course- but the best fries are forever from Steak & Shake. In the evening I did some grocery shopping and we finished up Ozark (the second season kinda dragged in my opinion-but still excited for the third).

May 11th, I whipped up some black bean brownies to have for the week. I just finished the last of them today. I actually have been having them with my oatmeal, smoothies, or toast for breakfast to get my little chocolate fix!


After a morning run, DJ and I headed into the city to try out Nopa in the early afternoon. We lucked out with parking right on the corner!


This place’s menu changes each month- but they always have one famous item on their menu- the Custard French Toast.


We ordered that and the brioche cinnamon roll with strawberries, kumquats, and guava cream cheese frosting and a pomegranate mimosa to pair with them.

After ordering, we sat back to enjoy the ambiance of the place- it had almost an industrial feel with a wide open space and two floors, but somehow maintained a warm energy about it.


First up- the cinnamon roll! The flavor burst in each bite of this was real. The guava cream cheese frosting is something I could eat by the spoonfuls- it was outstanding.


Now, time for custard french toast! Y’all this lived up to every bit of the hype. I could not get over how delicious this was.


I tried to get some syrup pouring pics, but the distance of the food on my portrait mode messed with my spatial perception, and I ended up pouring it on the table instead. We had a good laugh at it after my initial embarrassment.


In the evening, we were craving Mexican, but nowhere around us serves crunchy tacos (the kind DJ prefers)- so I whipped us up a whole spread! I haven’t done this since my mom and Pete were here back in August, although you know I make the tacos alone all time.


I put out salsa con queso and regular salsa with hint of lime tortilla chips and plantain chips, DJ’s regular tacos, and my vegan tacos (in the bowl) with lettuce wraps (I LOVE the refreshing crunch of a lettuce wraps for tacos topped with tons of Tabasco and Fage as “sour cream”). I also made my mom’s marg. recipe. Such a winning meal.


On the morning of May 12th, we brunched round 2 at Stein’s! This was my last free weekend before being buried in school work, so we took full advantage, can ya tell?


I ordered their vegan hash with mushrooms, tofu, tons of seasoning, and potatoes. It definitely needed salt- but with salt & enough hot sauce it was pretty good. Don’t think I’d order it again because I could probably make this at home, but it was worth the try. The little baguette pieces were yummy- but they could have maybe given a couple more.


Now, this was the star of brunch! This stack of pancakes consisted of blueberry pancakes with mascarpone cheese & some delicious syrup.


Aaaand I got that syrup pour picture to redeem myself from the prior day’s fiasco 😉


Personally, these are my favorite pancakes I have ever tried in the area. The mascarpone cheese cuts the sweetness perfectly. They were the perfect balance of fluffy without being too dense and heavy.


After doing some chores in the afternoon, we decided to take a late afternoon hike at one of our BL hike places- Sanborn County Park.


^ Take note. hahah.


This is such a little gem of a spot. There were so many families enjoying the sunny afternoon and campers galore.


The forest was so quiet and serene.


Going into my most intense semester yet, this was the perfect type of balanced weekend to explore, rest, eat fantastic foods and spend some great quality time with DJ.

Question for you:

  • Where do you go to get your favorite burger/fries?

xo <3

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73 thoughts on “Lotsa munchin’ & brunchin’!

  1. Great photos! The afternoon hike looks wonderful. The little waterfalls so refreshing. 🙂 Ice cream is always a good idea. And pancakes! Yummy.

    1. Hi, Kathy! Thank you so much 🙂 It was so needed. I could use more nature right now after having my nose in a book the whole day- may need to make our way back there soon. Thanks for reading – & Hope you treat yourself to some ice cream or pancakes this weekend! <3

  2. Oh! My! Gosh! The yumminess coming from this post is outstanding!

    The hike and waterfalls… priceless!

    Hang in there girl… You WILL do this semester! Praying for you each and every day!

    1. Hi, Nancy! Ahhh it means a ton that you enjoyed this! The waterfall was a wee bit smaller than the ones in your post, but still a fun surprise on the hike!!

      Aww thank you tons- I really needed this tonight. I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed today, so I can’t tell you how encouraging this is. Thank you, thank you!!! <3

  3. I should NEVER read your posts before breakfast. It’s like going grocery shopping when you are hungry. LOL! Had to stop and make myself a breakfast sandwich. The scenery pictures are so beautiful.
    Not trying to criticize but I suspect you “then threw on some PB and chocolate chips.” (not through). Just trying to be helpful ♥

    1. Hehe- hope you had a great haul from the grocery store!! 🙂 I have to do one myself here in the next couple days.

      Uh oh- how embarrassing! I guess that’s what I get for trying to write a post on zero brain power, lol! But thank you so much for pointing it out- I really appreciate it. <3 Hope you are having the best weekend!

      1. It happens to all of us. Even with my husband proof reading my post I occasionally let some errors get trough. I wasn’t sure if it was proper etiquette to say something but thought you might want to change it. ☺

      2. Aww no I do appreciate it!!! Always good to have a second set of eyes!

  4. “There is no poop fairy.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love this! Every public area needs this sign in plain view.

    Girlfriend, your eats are spectacular! Love all of the sweet and savory options. I have actually done the exact same thing with trying to be all artsy and capture pouring coffee over ice cream for an at-home makeshift affogato. It went straight onto the counter, any it was hysterical. Thankfully, I captured it on video and could relive the ridiculous attempt. I proudly redeemed myself too, and your pour looks perfect! Love the hike photos – so serene. I wish you all the best in your coursework! I have never tried In-n-Out, but one day I absolutely will sink my teeth into one of their burgers! Stock and Barrel in Knoxville is fantastic, so I love going there for my burger fix.

    Have the best weekend!

    1. LOL- right?! It was a no-brainer that I had to stop and get a pic of that. Those natural parks are really upping their game in the humor department!

      Haha- oh my gosh, I am SO glad I’m not alone in that. Definitely makes for a funny story. I was beet red because I could feel that our neighbors were watching the whole fiasco unfold, lol. My only regret is not getting it on video too hahah.

      Oohh just the name “Stock and Barrel” sounds like a place that would have amazing burgers! Hope you are having the best weekend too, Kori 🙂

      1. That they are!

        Oh I’ll have to find the video & send it to you! It’s fabulous. And those onlookers were just jealous. 😌

        Right? It’s amazing! Same to you, doll!

  5. My favorite burgers ever used to be at a local diner here in Flagstaff called Mama Burger. However, after going about half a year without red meat (and working towards cutting all meat), we tried their burgers again over the weekend as a last treat before leaving Flagstaff, and I was amazed at how it didn’t even seem that good to me anymore, lol! Like, it was okay, but certainly not good like I remembered and definitely didn’t make me want to eat red meat again, lol.
    That is the biggest ravioli I’ve EVER seen! Oh my gosh, that’s insane! What a fun, niche item to serve! So creative for sure.
    Also, YES Culver’s is amazing! We just had one built this year (and we are leaving…and they aren’t in VA, sadly). We are addicted. Their frozen custard is incredible!

    1. I have a theory that any restaurant or menu item with the word “Mama” means it’s gonna be good!! So that sounds phenomenal! But isn’t that crazy how that happens? I remember the same thing happening to me after going vegetarian- I took a bite of steak and it did absolutely nothing for me!

      Yes absolutely!! It was just an absolute flavor explosion.

      Yesss Culver’s FC is the bomb!!! I love it & I really miss those concrete mixers. I’m so sad for you that they aren’t in VA though. They need to expand their chain!

      1. I would believe that theory!! I feel like everything I’ve tried with the word “Mama” in it has always been good!! Yeah it was so surprising, I was actually a little anxious about trying the burger again because I didn’t want to crave the red meat again, lol, and I was pleasantly surprised! It’s almost like we lose our taste for that meat when we haven’t had it for so long…which begs the question whether it was actually amazing to begin with or just something we all eat from childhood…

        Apparently there is another frozen custard and Italian ice chain there called Rita’s, so I’m hoping it’s pretty good!!

      2. Totally! There is such an element of conditioning and brain chemistry involved with eating that’s pretty mind blowing (sorry, pun intended 😆). I think nostalgia from childhood can also make something taste better too!

        Oh yes, Rita’s!!!!! Everyone I know loves Rita’s! We had them in the Midwest, but I don’t have any specific memories of going when we lived there cause there weren’t any right in our town. Let me know what you think when you try it 😍

      3. I’m definitely thinking that now!! It’ll be interesting to see how we feel about meat the longer we don’t eat it. 😉

        I’ve heard some pretty good things about Rita’s, so I’m crossing my fingers, lol!!

  6. That ravioli looks incredible, all the heart eyes 😍😍 It’s so sweet of you to have taken some home for DJ to try, you’re too thoughtful Mack! Those pancakes look scrumptious too, congrats on finally getting that syrup pour picture 😂 the things we do for the gram hey?
    And you just live by the prettiest places Mack! All the hikes you go on look insane. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even know these nature-y parts of Cali existed. Now I want to visit mostly just for the hikes 😂

    1. Girl, it was something else!!! Sooo good.

      LOL, absolutely!! Sometimes we make pour decisions for the gram 😉 Sorry couldn’t help myself, ha!

      Aw we are just soaking them up best we can right now. I can give ya a big list of hikes to go to if you ever need suggestions 🙂 Thanks for reading, beautiful!

      1. Hahaha oh gosh Mack you are too funny! I literally live for your puns! You are the pun Queen!

        Yeah I bet you are totally making the most of them whilst you can. Omg please do!! When I’ve planned and booked my trip you will be the first person I go to for recommendations! You’re so welcome! Thank YOU!

      2. You’re the sweetest! Thanks for supporting my cheesiness <3

        And YESS! So excited for you to plan that trip when the time comes! 🙂 !

  7. My mouth is watering over that ravioli! It just sounds so delicious! Also, I had never heard of buttered Cheerios so I googled it and now I’m super intrigued haha.

    All of those flavors on the menu at Mitchell’s sound amazing! I actually at here picking out my flavors if I were to go lol. In case you were wondering, I would pick Ube and Grasshopper Pie 🙂

    Black bean brownies have been on my “must try” list for awhile! The recipe you linked sounds so easy!

    I need to stop reading your blog during lunch because it makes me just want to toss what I packed and go get pancakes or tacos, haha.

    I’m not a huge burger person, but if I had to choose my favorite then I’d have to say Red Robin! I always order the Royal Red burger which has an egg on it. Yummmm! They also have amazing sweet potato fries.

    1. Hey Em!! I don’t know if buttered cheerios was just something we did in my house growing up?! May have been! Haha. But it’s literally just cheerios in a skillet with butter- my goodness they are good- epitome of a nostalgic flavor for me!

      Ahhh I almost got Grasshopper Pie! It’s one of their most popular flavors. I tried a sample of it & it was delicious. I love mint ice cream, but it was a tiny bit chilly outside so I went for the non-mint flavor. (The irony because it’s still all ice cream, lol!).

      Haha aw! Well I’m glad it all looks appetizing to ya! Hope you can get some pancakes or tacos soon 🙂

      And yesss Red Robin was mine too when I ate meat- I loved their BBQ Whiskey River burger. I didn’t try their Royal Red- but just the name promises it’ll be good. Their fries are great too with that seasoning- mmm mm! I don’t think I’ve tried their sweet potato ones- but I have to next time we are there!

      Thanks for reading 🙂 hope you are having the most lovely weekend!

  8. looks like a great place to go for a hike. hopefully you are able to make a big dent in your course work before the move. I’m sure the stress will be hard, but also motivation to get things done

    1. I’m definitely going to do my best! My sleep is taking a hit because of the stress, but you are so right- it definitely motivates me to make the most of every minute! Thanks for stopping in– I hope you are having the most lovely weekend!!

    1. Heheh- an extra return is an extra nice surprise for me! And yes yes totally the running- I run to eat and eat to run 🙂

  9. That’s great you got to go to Cotogna! At first I thought the ravioli was a regular sized one & I was like what? But then you said it was massive lol
    The ice cream looks delicious even though the ube tastes plain. Also I NEED that GoT milkshake & I should try making the black bean brownies!
    The pancakes look delicious & great job on getting the syrup pour picture!
    I hope this semester won’t be too stressful for you.

    1. Haha yes it was the biggest ravioli I have ever seen!

      I know it’s a limited GOT milkshake , so hopefully you can get one soon!!!

      Aw thank you tons 🙏🏻 it’s pretty intense, but I love what I’m learning. Thanks for stopping in, Karalee!

  10. I want to try all of the food! 😋 Likewise, I always treat myself with food and wandering around the city after work. It’s the best therapy after a busy period! So glad to see you enjoying yourself and how much you embrace the joy of life. This totally inspires me to go out right now and explore the outside haha!

    1. Yes I agree!! Just being outside and exploring is just a great way to shake off the cobwebs of the day!

      Aw thank you so much- I really appreciate you stopping by!!

    1. Yess the ravioli really was heaven!! You would not be disappointed in this one!! Thanks for reading, Ashley 🙂

  11. Best of luck on this tough semester! You always seems really busy, and I’m impressed that you are so organized you can fit in school + constant cooking and organizing + an active social life + a healthy marriage. I’m really glad you set aside time to write this blog! Both because it seems like amazing relaxation time for you and because selfishly reading it is relaxation time for me 🙂

    That ravioli is making me drool! Wow. It looks so big and fluffy and full of delicious things, with the right ratio of dough to filling. I hope it tasted as good as it looks! Also glad to see you fit in a bit of Mexican food 😉 Austin doesn’t have amazing Mexican food, but San Antonio is right down the road and chock full of place with delicious tacos! And Austin does more tex-mex-style food really well (like queso :D).

    Glad you ended on beautiful pictures of nature! Seems like your life is busy but fulfilling, and going really well. Congrats on managing it all! I can’t wait for you to come to Austin and to see all this city has to provide 🙂

    1. Aw thank you so much, Taylor! This comment is really encouraging and truly made my night!!! I’m really glad you enjoy reading, blogging is definitely like my therapy during the week.. when it’s been a few days I find myself getting grumpy 😆

      The ravioli definitely tasted as good as it looked ! I was blown away!! I kinda wish I took a pic of the interior with the egg because it was pretty phenomenal. Excuse to go back!

      Oh my gosh, I loveee San Antonio- Mexican is probably DJs favorite (and definitely one of mine, I don’t know I could choose just one fav), but I can’t wait to take him to SA !!! And we’ll take Tex mex any day too 🙂

      Aww I can’t wait to come too! Thanks again for all your awesome suggestions- I’m biting at the bit to get there & try them out. About a month to go!

    2. Also, I hope you had an awesome Memorial Day weekend and are having a great week!

      1. Thank you! I hope yours is going well, too. Going to count down the month until you move to Austin!

  12. I will be praying for you as you go through this semester with the online course and your big move. If anyone can handle the crazy of all of that, it’s YOU!

    Your dinner of the calamari and shrimp and scallops and jasmine rice and naan has me droolin’. Yummmm!

    1. Thank you so much, Allie!!! I so appreciate it ❤️

      That meal was soo easy & very satisfying!

      Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  13. lol that poo fairy sign is the best. I should look for one so I can place it in my yard hahaha. The syrup pouring is a technique thanks to my spouse I gone to a few food photoshoots and lets just say the magic was ruined and there a real reason why the home cooks food does not look as beautiful as it does on the food network..

    1. Tehe right? 😆

      Ohhh that’s interesting – I’d love to hear more about that?!

    1. it was quite a bit of food 😆 I am craving a bath this weekend with a bath bomb again! The whole experience is addictive! Thanks for stopping in, Chelsea!!

  14. Oh my that French toast and those pancakes!! I am so hungry looking at all of this goodness. Sanborn park looks beautiful, a place I should visit when out there. Thanks again for these amazing posts, loved the clarity and colors of the flowers with the dew! Do you remember way back when at Gordie’s house in the kitchen and I said how good you were at taking pictures? Look at you now!!! so proud of you! Love, you Ohio Mom

    1. It was all sooo yummy – definitely a good brunch weekend for sure!! Sanborn was lovely- I am so glad we finally checked it out! School has been soo stressful so I may need to go back soon to clear my head- it was utterly peaceful <3

      Aw I do remember that very clearly because that meant so much to me that you thought the photos were that good!!! <3 I even remember the exact photos! Thank you always for your encouragement & support- you're the best! Love you!

  15. Oh my gosh, I cant imagine how hard your class will be with the move. Online classes seem a bit harder in my opinion lol.
    How cool that you guys were able to get together again AND try the restaurant you wanted to lol. And holy moly! That ravioli really is massive!
    Took a screenshot of that ice cream place, Mitchell’s. Gotta try anything that is considered the best, right? 😁
    I feel like I’ve heard of shake shack before. 🤔 ooooohhhhh yeah everyone is always comparing it to in-n-out lol. We dont have it here, well we do, but it’s like 3 hours south 🤣 I think they’re currently in the process of building an in-n-out an hour away but once it opens, it’ll be weeks before the hype calms down lol. I’ve had it two or three times, its delish! Alex doesnt believe me 🤣🤣
    Oh Nopa sounds so good! I cant believe they change the menu each month!
    I would have probably tried the cinnamon roll too! The guava cream cheese is sooo intriguing! By the way, I bought brioche bread and made cinnamon toast with it, so glad you made that suggestion! Lol.
    Ahhhhhh tacos are life! Alex and I have been making them with tofu, soooooo delish! I should really remember to do lettuce wraps for them next time to kick the healthy up a notch! That sentence did not make sense just now 🤣🤣
    Ah brunch and brinner are my fave haha . Oh the pancakes!!!!!! I cannot resist! That looks so good!
    That hiking spot looks perfect for us to go with CL. It’s paved, flat, little to no things for him to grab/climb haha
    Ugh I wish you the bestest luck this semester, pace yourself as best as you can and remember to take breaks when you can! 💜

    1. Sooo this is easily the hardest class yet too- I think it’s a “weed out” class… and it’s tough, but I also love what we’re learning which definitely makes a difference.

      That ravioli & ice cream was sooo good! The two ice cream places to go in SF are Mitchell’s & Salt & Straw (but you have a salt and straw in Portland, so you can skip that!)… oh and BiRite & Swenson’s Powell are supposed to be good too!

      Oh my gosh! I bet you are excited In-n-out will be within reach! Has Alex had it before?!?! He HAS to! Y’all definitely should make the trek in a few months after the hype slows down!

      Yay sooo glad you liked the brioche- mmm mmm!!!

      Tofu tacos is GENIUS. I gotta try this ASAP. I actually have some tofu I need to use, so I may have to try this out!

      And that sentence totallllly made sense!!

      Aw thank you sooo much, Rossy. That means so much. And yesss- breaks are the most necessary!!! Xo <3 <3

      1. Definitely! When you’re engaged in the content of the class, you’re more likely to commit to it and pass it, so I’m 10000% that you will pass it with FLYING COLORS, like a rainbow! 😀 Get it? Cause the pot of gold is at the end? LOL
        Yes we have a Salt & Straw and guess what? It’s ALWAYS full! It’s annoying lol.
        I’m so stoked you have no idea!! And no he’s never had In-n-Out so he doesn’t even know what he’s missing in his life! 😀
        Let me know how you like those tofu tacos. I made this delicious avocado crema (cream) and Oh MY GOSSSSHHHH!! Insanely exquisite!!

      2. Totally!! Aw thank you, Rossy! Your confidence in me is so encouraging!

        I cannot waiiiit to hear his thoughts on it! I feel like with In n’ Out you either love it or don’t.

        Oh my gosh that avocado crema sounds phenomenal. Goodnesssss gracious- you know I am a sucker for anything avocado!

  16. Also, quick note, I’ve officially caught up on your blog!! How long has it been? A year?! 😂😂 love it! Cant wait for your next update! Take care and have a great weekend.

    1. woohooo I am so impressed!! Funnily enough I think I published a post literally right after this comment lol! But thank you sooo much for reading– it means so much <3 Hope you had a great weekend too!

  17. I hope the semester isn’t kicking your butt too much & that you’ll be finished before the move! You just have so much on your plate– it’s crazy!

    That curried seafood dinner you made looks phenomenal! Yum! & Cotogna has a beautiful interior… but that ravioli is the real show-stealer. Neeeeed! Lol. I’ve never tried Ube! Nice to know it is a more plain flavor. 😝

    I haven’t had a bath in sooo long… I may just be due for one tonight. You sooo deserved the little me-time. ♡

    We’ve never tried Shake Shack or Steak & Shake yet! We actually don’t quite like In-N-Out though but, yessss! I miss Culver’s concrete mixers. ♡ The food can go but, those thick ice creams… gimmeeeee lol. The french toast & cinnamon roll are serious works of art! I had to crack up about the syrup on the table 😂 my perception gets messed up just doing my hair in the mirror so I totally get it LOL. & I always have the same problem with Mexican restaurants as DJ. I prefer hard shell but it’s SO rare to find. 😭

    To answer your question: for fast food burgers & fries, I choose Five Guys as my fave but I prefer bars/pubs, really.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week, babe. ♡ The semester is gonna be over before you know it!!

    1. Thank you so much, Hunida!! Just taking it day by day right now!

      That ravioli was a flavor I don’t think I’ll ever forget! And you aren’t missing much with ube- it’s basically a less sweet vanilla.

      Hope you enjoyed that bath—nothin’ more relaxing!

      Ohhh I think you’d like Steak & Shake! It’s my personal favorite of those fast food burger joints. They have a lot of options too- so good!

      Haha yesss! I would totally akin it to doing your hair in the mirror!!!

      Ahh I’ll have to tell DJ you are the same way with the taco shells- he’ll be excited someone else gets it.

      Oh my gosh, I haven’t had Five Guys since high school. I need to get back there to try their frie sometime!! I agree with ya too- the best fries are usually not from chains. Thanks for stopping in & all your amazing encouragement. Means SO much. <3

      1. You got this, girl!! <3

        I neeeed that ravioli & that's so interesting to know about Ube flavor. I will maybe give it a lick or ask for a sample next time I see it but never order a full scoop, hehe.

        I never took the bath but I totally need to still… my time of the month is coming so maybe then is when I will take one. 🙂

        I'll def check out Steak & Shake eventually!! & yesss, it's nice to know I'm not the only hardshell taco seeker LOL. OH & I LOVE Five Guys fries & burgers… mm, mm!

        Sorry I have been so so so behind on everything blogging related. I will catch up on all of your posts soon soon soon!! I NEED to see what you've been eatin'!!!! <3

      2. Yes yes! That’s the best part about ice cream shops for us indecisive folk- I’ll sample about three of the oddest flavors and then end up getting something I didn’t even sample 🤣

        Hope you enjoy one soon! I was thinking one tonight sounded nice too since my muscles hurt something fierce !

        Oh my gosh, girl! I am the LAST person you need to ever apologize to. I never expect anyone to keep up – any time you are able to read is a bonus in my book 🙂 plus I’m insanely behind myself in just about everything in life right now … except school .. but because of that if you ever want to know how the kidneys work on the micro-cellular level I gotchu 🤣

      3. Oh my gosh I am the same way with ice cream samples. I always try the ones I most likely won’t get. 😂 The bath is in the books for sometime soon lol hope you had one & it helped your achy muscles!!

        Lol well school is the one thing that matters most if you are behind on it so it’s okay if it’s your priority! It totally should be!

    1. yesss! Definitely a couple of brunches I won’t forget any time soon! Thanks for stopping in, Jess 🙂

  18. Hi Mackenzie, I hope you are able doing good with your online classes now! It will not be easy moving and accomplish what you need to get done. I love the May 8th breakfast, so healthy! The lunch omelette looks yummy. Cotanga is a really nice interior , glad you liked the food. It is good to satisfy the sweet tooth (I think!) Love the double wammy of Ice cream , It will be nice to Have Alexandra in Austin also. Shake shack is a nice place to eat! I like the shake you got! You find the best restaurants , Nopa and Steins are a must for any SF area trip. Have a nice day , Terri xo.

    1. Thank you so much, Terri!! I got my first quiz and test back and am pretty ecstatic about my grades 🙂 20% of the course is done!!

      Yes Nopa & Steins definitely are awesome restaurants to try! I would love to make some different lists based on SF foodie finds once all the craziness wears off. Thanks for reading 🙂

  19. I get hungry every time I read your posts. lol. I haven’t tried Shake Shack, but I’ve heard they are tasty. When I’m in the mood for a burger there are a few places around town that have tasty Black & Bleu Burgers.

    1. Ohhhh black and bleu are the best! I LOVE bleu cheese 😋 thanks for taking the time to read these posts , it means so much!

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