June’s in July!…Posted in September

Hey hey!!

Continuing on through July- July 17th was a great day! I met up with a friend I met through the blog, Taylor, for the first time! She is the coolest and actually gave us many suggestions of places to go/things to do when we moved to Austin. I am so thankful we could meet before the move!

We met at June’s All Day on South Congress which is the cutest, quintessential brunch spot.

I had to try a cappuccino even though I’d probably already hit my caffeine limit for the day- it was so worth it though!

I also tried the appetizing platter with pastrami smoked salmon, onion & poppy bialy, red onion, capers, watercress, and wasabi tobiko cream cheese. I didn’t know what a bialy was,  but it’s kind of like a thin bagel… I think I like it even more than a bagel! It was all delicious, even though I ended up eating the platter like a five year old, lol. This was one of my favorite brunches in Austin without a doubt!

I couldn’t believe how quickly the time flew while we chatted away! It was such a nice lunch, and I highly recommend this spot if you visit Austin 🙂

Thanks for poppin’ in, have a great rest of the week!

8 thoughts on “June’s in July!…Posted in September

  1. Oh my – that bialy and platter look awesome Mackenzie. I have heard the word “bialy” but didn’t know what it was. “B” is for bread, no matter the kind – you and I are carb sisters!!

  2. I made the blog! Ha it’s so funny to see my name here after all this time following you. Thanks again for meeting me for such a delicious and fun brunch! I still think about that truffle dressing on my salad all the time 🙂

    1. Hey Taylor! Thank YOU for the fun and awesome brunch! Oh my gosh that truffle dressing (!!!) wait I can’t believe I didn’t mention that! It was so good.

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