Nick’s Next Door & Homemade Wine!

Hi all! I am pleased to report I am feeling much better than when I wrote up my last post. The first couple weeks of the semester are always the most challenging, but I think I’ve found my groove and am relieved having a couple good grades under my belt. Thank you bunches for all your encouragement in the last post- it helped tons! Also, we have some logistics figured out about the move that also is a huge relief. I am gonna jump straight into recapping since I have quite a bit of ground to cover.

On May 24th I made an avocado toast with Everything But the Bagel seasoning from TJ’s. Gosh, I love that stuff! Sometimes I throw on some tabasco for a kick too.


I studied all morning and whipped up this omelette in the afternoon with tons of veggies, garlic powder, pink Himalayan sea salt, and wilted kale served with some green goddess dressing (from TJ’s too). This dressing goes deliciously with eggs!


But in the evening is where the real guuud eats come into play! As ya know that week was particularly emotionally draining for me. We had been saving a gift-card for a special occasion, and this was perfect timing. Even if it’s not a holiday, sometimes a much needed date night is an occasion of its own.


The restaurant we went was called Nick’s Next Door, a tucked away little spot in Los Gatos. This is considered a local favorite, and it became clear quickly as to why. We opted to sit out on the patio under the twinkle lights and were warmed by overhead heaters that created a cozy temp in the coolness of the evening.


We started the evening with some unique and wonderful wine- a white for DJ, red for myself.


Complimentary bread to start a meal is always a huge bonus in my book 🙂 It was served with a zesty marinara-type sauce.


We also shared a couple appetizers. First up, their lobster spring rolls with sweet chili beurre blanc, Thai cabbage salad, and crushed roasted peanuts. These were refreshing! I will say the lobster was masked a tiny bit by the other flavors, but still tasty.


Our personal favorite were the basil pesto croquettes. Gosh, these were stuffed with flavor!


Oh oh! Wait, tying for first place in the appetizer department is the wild truffle mushroom soup. This is some of the best darn soup I have ever tried. You can see the truffle oil bubbling at the top. I thoroughly enjoyed dipping bread into it to sop it all up.


For my main course I had Nick’s on Main Salmon with lemon risotto, sautéed asparagus and fava beans topped with a Dungeness crab beurre blanc. WOW. wow. wow. Every bite was tremendous. Also, every time I have risotto I wonder why I don’t eat it every single day.


DJ had their Pan Roasted Rib Eye Steak with bone marrow, crispy truffle fries, tarragon dusted roasted cauliflower. He loved the rib eye steak portion, I loved the cauliflower portion. Also, I tried a bit of the bone marrow- forever convinced it is one of the tastiest things you can eat on planet earth.


What a scrumptious meal! It was so nice to just chat and enjoy an evening out on the town without any distractions. One thing we discussed debated in our convo at dinner is whether you can like both the Office & Stand-up comedy. I don’t think it’s even a question- absolutely you can, and probably do, like both!!! I love stand up, and I love The Office. DJ thinks if you like The Office you have too dissimilar a sense of humor to like stand-up. Curious your thoughts!

The bill was brought out in The New Food Lover’s Companion book for you to sign along with countless other customers. We also met Nick himself. He came over and made sure we were comfortable- such a nice guy who is clearly beloved by the patrons!


For our signature in the book we posed our question, hah.


Such a lovely evening <3 We were practically there till close & enjoyed every moment.


On May 25th it was “back to school” for me. In the afternoon I made some grilled cheese & tomato soup for us.. an easy go-to.


In the evening I made DJ a skirt steak with chimchurri sauce, roasted potatoes and an egg for that “steak and eggs” feel.


I had the same thing, minus the steak- add a veggie burger.

Oh, and also exciting…after a little over four weeks and hours of prep/filtering/etc. our homemade wine was ready to be bottled! I have saved memorable wine bottles from the last couple years to use for the bottling (except the Cupcake- I just needed a fifth to store the last bit, hah).


Just for kicks, here are the posts that correspond with each bottle above:

Kieu Hoang

Cashmere- Black Magic

La Fantasia 

John’s Grill

When I eventually tried the wine for the first time I was a bit nervous- I was pretty sure I’d get sick or that it’d taste awful since I kinda messed up a couple steps, but it turned out sooo yummy & full bodied & delicious (and did not make us sick!).

I am super stoked about how it all went from the entire manual process to the actual wine itself. I would highly recommend this as a gift to anyone you know who likes vino! My only concern is how we will transport the bottles with us to TX.. I think maybe I could get one of those empty wine boxes from Trader Joe’s or something? We’ll see!

On May 26th I made rack of lamb for the first time. During my long study days making dinner is such a highlight of the long hours- it’s a fun creative outlet to break up the studying.


I served the lamb over a bed of brown jasmine rice with wilted spinach and a homemade tahini sauce. DJ loved it! At first he said it was way too much food for him that I plated, since I just gave him the whole thing haha. But whaddya know.. he ended up eating the entire thing minus maybe one single chop.


May 27th, Memorial day, DJ had to work, and I had a ton of studying to get ready for my first exam. Since DJ didn’t really get to experience a relaxing Memorial Day I tried to prep a dinner that would give somewhat that holiday feel (burger, mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, a bread stick). I ordered it all from Applebee’s with a gift card & added a giant refreshing salad for myself that I topped with some vegan crumbles & green goddess dressing. Thank you to all who serve and your families for your service <3


On May 28th I started the day with toast with PB & honey. This has been on repeat the last few weeks paired with my avocado smoothie.


I then went to Peet’s to study the whole day away! It was very productive & was good for me to get a change of scenery to study.


A refreshing snack I enjoyed that day was this açaí bowl. After I took the pic I decided to add some PB and chocolate chips to it- a great summer treat!


For dinner I made DJ one of the go-tos: BBQ baked chicken with roasted potatoes, rice, and steamed spinach with some parm on top. I had my usual large salad to finish up the veggies going badly.


May 29th I took my first exam. My head was pounding after the timed 90 minutes of adrenaline. I had a really hard time focusing the rest of the day. My headache nearly turned into a migraine, I started getting anxious about questions I convinced myself I missed and decided to just take the rest of the day off from school since I wasn’t going to be productive anyways. I worked on stuff for Hal’s wedding weekend and caught up on other things that have been on the back burner since school resumed. Like brushing my hair. Ok, I’ll wrap it up here- this is already quite lengthy! I’m particularly excited for my next post, so hopefully I can get that out sometime in the next week?..month? … year?!

Questions for you:

  • Do you like both the Office & Stand-Up?
  • How was your weekend?

xo <3


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99 thoughts on “Nick’s Next Door & Homemade Wine!

  1. Glad to hear things a settling down a bit and you got those good grades under your belt. I’m not much of a fan of The Office but my husband is. With stand up it depends on the comedian – some we enjoy and some we do not. Now I must make breakfast. You made me hungry again. LOL! Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Ruth! It’s interesting because things are actually speeding up, I just think I’m in a better head space.

      That makes total sense – totally does depend on the comedian (and even the crowd at times!).

      tehe- hope you enjoyed some good food after reading this 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping in <3

  2. As always a great post with yummy food photos! 🙂 Saturday we had a sunny, warm day. I walked downtown. Yesterday it was so cold. We went to the Renaissance Festival and I was freezing. *haha* We had a great time. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Aw thank you, Kathy!! So glad you enjoyed 🙂

      Sounds like Saturday was beautiful!! And a Renaissance Festival sounds like a blast!! Hope you are having just as great a start to the week ! Thanks for stopping in!

  3. I’ve seen some Instagram posts with that green goddess dressing from TJ’s but never knew about it would be from someone I know. Can being internet friends mean that I know you?

    Sorry DJ but I’m team Mack on the stand up and The Office debate. I think both are different types of comedy but you can enjoy both! Some people may not enjoy both but I can attest that both Alex and I do.

    I’m so excited to hear the wine kit was good! Alex is asking me about some birthday gift ideas so maybe I’ll send him that link. I love getting gifts off of Uncommon Goods. Such fun and unique gifts to give people!

    What chimicurri sauce do you buy? I’m always in the mood to find some new to us condiments for a different flavor on food!

    Semi unrelated but Alex and I are really considering a trip to Napa in the fall. I’m probably going to DM you on Instagram as it gets closer but I’d love any advice from you on the area!

    1. Hehe- of course you can say you know me, even through internet world! I will be in conversation with people and say “my friend said” or “my friend who” when it was a blogging friend, but I don’t clarify that it was blogging, lol! But the green goddess dressing is soo goood! Game changer.

      Ok so I actually think you may be more on my side with the debate! I think most people do like both types of comedy (I know I do!), DJ doesn’t think it’s even possible to like both if you truly appreciate The Office humor, hah! But he is one of the few I know that doesn’t care for standup. I love it though & drag him with me to it anyways every once in a while 😉

      YES! I gotta say this was one of my favorite gifts I’ve probably been given because it was a fun activity, it made a really generous amount (so gift that keeps on giving!), and there is such a sense of pride around being like “I made this!”. You’ll have to let me know how it goes if you guys ever make it 🙂 And uncommon goods is probably my favorite place to get gifts !! It makes it so much easier these days.

      We use the Wildlly Delicious one!! Here is a link for the label (although it’s sold out on amazon).. but it’s really great & has such a nice spice to it!

      OH. MY. GOSH. YESSSS please message me with ALL your Napa questions!!! I would love to chat alll dayyyy about it. My sister and I actually just went last weekend. It’s one of my favorite spots in the world- have you been before?! Eeeek! I am SO excited for you!

      1. Haha I’m glad we’re on the same page about being friends even if it’s only through the internet.

        Gotta love that our guys will go with us to things they don’t enjoy just because we like it. That’s how you know it’s a keeper! Maybe it’s just DJ that doesn’t like standup because I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t.

        If you like Uncommon Goods then you’ll probably like Etsy too! I’ve bought a few gifts there as well and it’s a great site!

        Totally going to keep that link bookmarked for when it comes back in stock!

        Nope! I’ve never been to Napa but it seems like an awesome place. One time I was talking to my sister and she said she’ll plan my future bachelorette to be there haha. So clearly I need to go. Once we have more concrete plans I will 110% be messaging you all about it!!

      2. Yesss totally agree! And I have started joking I’m gonna make it my life mission to convince him to like it. Have you watched Ali Wong’s special on Netflix? Black Cobra I think it’s called? It’s incredible!!!!! One of the best I’ve seen.

        Oh I loveeee Etsy. I planned my sisters bridal shower/ bachelorette party through it ! Such a life saver with the cutest finds!

        Having your bachelorette in Napa would be the most epic bachelorette party ever!!!! I’m here to chat whenever the plans start falling into place! 🙂 🥂🍷

  4. I love The Office and standup!! Give me Robin Williams’ standup routines any and every day!

    All of the food looks beyond incredible!!! You all know how to choose from a fantastic menu. Wonderful and varied dishes. Mmmmmm

    This weekend was fun! A mix of plans and relaxation. In denial that today is my last Monday at 30. Yipes! 😉

    1. yaassss!!!!! Amen, sista!!!!

      I am so thankful we got to try it before leaving- the variety and creativity of the dishes is what really set it apart from other places !

      Sounds like the best kind of weekend. Can’t wait to read all about it!!! ❤️

    1. Lol! Basically whatever we have in the fridge. For me almond mozzarella vegan from Trader Joe’s. I think DJs was a mix of Muenster and provolone !

  5. I agree, complimentary bread at dinner is always a win for me! I love bread! And that grilled cheese and tomato soup looks incredible 😍😍 that’s gonna be my next comfort day lunch!

    I love how you signed the book with your question, and I think my answer would be yes. I haven’t seen The Office actually, however I do think you’d be able to enjoy two different types of comedy!

    I hope your exam went well Mack! Sorry to hear you got a headache afterwards! Knowing you, I’m sure you completely aced it and passed with flying colours!!!!

    Have a great week, Mack!

    1. Yess complimentary bread is lifeee. Hope you enjoyed some grilled cheese and soup this week, girl! 😋

      Hehe- yesss I totally agree! Glad you feel the same.

      Thank you tons , love! It went so well! I am pretty relieved after seeing the game. Have a great week too, beautiful & thanks for stopping in!

      1. Agreed and I haven’t yet, maybe for dinner tonight 😍😍

        Great, I’m glad to hear everything went well! Thank you Mack ❤️

  6. Nick’s looks delicious and love that the bill was in that book you could sign. And yes, I love the office and stand up, completely different humor but love them both. Thanks for another great post!! Love you!

    1. Isn’t it a fun concept for the bill?! Love the special touches !

      I agree 🙂 I think DJ just hasn’t experienced good stand up or something.. gonna make it my life mission to convert him 🤣

  7. God Nicks Next Door looks so good! The food looks mouthwatering, especially the salmon! And I’m so glad your homemade wine turned out decent, although that might be quite the hassle to transport!

    1. It was so wonderful! Definitely a pain- maybe will give away some bottles, we’ll see. Thanks so much for stopping in, Sophia! 🙂

  8. Your posts always make me so hungry. The avocado toast right away made my mouth water this morning. I’m glad you are feeling better as I know you have a super crazy busy few months going on! Can’t believe we will be neighboors (ish) soon! LOL!

    Have a great week 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for stopping in & reading, Taushah! I cannot wait to be neighbors(ish) soon!!! 😆 seriously so so excited ! Hope you are having a great week!

    1. Thanks Taylor !! It went better than I even expected so it is such a relief to have a good couple grades under the belt. Thank you always for reading! I so appreciate your support- hope you’re having a great week ❤️

  9. A date night is the perfect remedy for stress! And having a gift card just makes it so much better!

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the perfect go-to <3 It's been too long since I've had that as a meal.

    I am SOO glad your wine turned out good! How cute that you bottled it in bottles that were memorable to you! I'm curious to see how you'll get it to TX! I hope it's easy for ya!

    I can only imagine how nice cooking is after a long day of studying! I'm really beginning to enjoy making dinner after work {especially with all the new appliances I just got!}. You plate your food so nicely and I'm envious haha.

    I hate to admit but I've never seen The Office… Maybe eventually I will? I do like stand up, though! My weekend was good! We were able to be super productive with house and wedding tasks and then enjoyed a night of mini golf on Saturday and had his parents over for dinner Sunday. I hope your weekend was nice!! Thanks for sharing, Mack 🙂

    1. Totally!!! It really did help break up the studying a ton!

      I hope you enjoy some grilled cheeese soon 🙂

      I am really excited about the wine! It turned out so much better than I expected with my blunders 🤣

      Having new appliances is the best way to be motivated to cook for sure!!! Can’t wait to see everything you whip up 😍

      The Office is a must at some point in my opinion. But if you don’t like it after 5 episodes the humor might not be for you! It’s definitely a very specific type of dry humor. But yesss stand up FTW! 👏🏻.

      That sounds like the best weekend!!!! I just love hearing all about your beautiful life & adventures! Your optimism and zest is contagious! Thanks for reading & commenting , Em 🙂

      1. I do want to watch The Office soon because all my workers talk about it!

        Awww, Mackenzie, thanks so much!! That means so much! 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s funny because life is actually crazier than ever, but I think I’m in a better head space. Appreciate you reading!

    1. Hehe it is totally salivating worthy!!!! Hope you enjoy some delicious eats today. Thanks for stopping in!

  10. Nicks sounds like it was a special date night. Your shots of your meals and Nicks looked the same … all delicious and even creative. I’ve never seen “The Office” as I don’t have TV and canceled my cable in 2010. Are you going to be near a TJ’s when you get to Austin Mackenzie? I hope so as I know you have a lot of favorite items that you buy there.

    1. I am really thankful we got to enjoy it before moving! And delicious and creative are the two words I would definitely use to describe the dishes!! That’s probably such a good thing to not have TV or cable.. I think I’d be better about getting through books quicker 😆 and yes!!!! There is one not too far! It’s one of the first things I looked up!

      1. Indeed – very creative. I somehow suspected you might have checked out the nearest TJ’s location. I did watch TV more back in the day. At one time had two VCRs to record all the shows that were on at 10:00 p.m. – tape two, watch one live. There were more movies, made for TV or otherwise, and mini-series as well. I can’t say I miss TV, but I do miss reading though … I need to budget my time better.

      2. Lol of course- you know me well!

        We used to do the same! DJ and I didn’t pay for any type of recording service so we do have to watch everything live.. but with Hulu now it’s nice to be able to watch the next day if we do miss something!

      3. I have to research into Hulu but I unplugged the TV years ago when I cancelled cable and geo irritated with that digital TV (7-inch screen) so I put it away too. I listen to the radio news and programs on talk radio to keep up with current events (most which I could do without hearing about to be honest – the local and national news leaves me SMH most of the time).

      4. That’s the way to do it! I sometimes wish I wasn’t so hooked on the different TV services- but I do always try to do something productive while watching haha (usually it’s school or catch up on blogging!) 🙂

      5. When I was younger, there were TV shows on every night at 10:00 p.m. including all the series I followed back in the day and I couldn’t always stay up that late by the end of the week so I had to have something to do or else I’d nod off and miss the show. It was a good way to catch up with doing little piddly things.

      6. Definitely need that respite in the week for sure! I am getting quite behind on all my shows right now, ‘Tis life… might just be a good time to throw in the towel 🤣

      7. You have way too much going on right now Mackenzie – maybe someone could record them for you to watch after the move, the wedding, school, Smalls and life … 🙂

  11. Glad you are in your groove!

    Glad to hear the Wine Making went well! Yay!

    Nicks would be my kind of place! And what a neat way to sign the bill!

    Oh and now I’m craving grilled cheese and tomato soup!

    Prayers for you!

    Have a great week sweet girl!

    1. Thank youuuu! 🤗

      I love when restaurants have little special touches that set them apart! It was so fun and unique from the dishes to the “bill fold”!

      Hope you enjoyed some grilled cheese and soup after this! 🙂

  12. I reviewed the menu and I’ll have the Kobe Burger please. 🙂

    As far as the Office/standup thing, I REALLY love the Office and I’m pretty selective about standup comics. I don’t like very many of them all that much. I’ve gone out to see some where I hardly laughed, I know it’s weird. I laugh on the inside?

    1. Yess- you could not go wrong whatever you order! 🍔

      And that totally makes sense – DJ is very similar. It takes a lot to make him laugh out loud ! I think that may be part why he isn’t as thrilled about it- and the office humor is a lot of appreciation for the joke rather than LOL. Thanks for stopping in, Ralph!

  13. I’m glad to hear that you are getting into a groove with your schooling. I’m sure that’s a huge relief. Yippee for the wine turning out well. I would have been nervous even if I’d have been able to follow the steps to a tee! lol. Nick’s looks like a cozy place for a date night. I’ve seen pieces of The Office, but I’m not sure I’ve seen an entire episode. I’m pretty selective about stand-up, but I definitely feel like you could enjoy both. 😉 My weekend runs into my weeks since I’m traveling, but I did get to see my cousin’s 1 year old boy for the first time and he was such a cutie.

    1. Thank you! It is a big relief- still a ton of work, but just knowing how to tackle it makes allll the difference!

      Lol I was so nervous with the wine! I was convinced I was gonna be in the ER with a stomach bug that evening after watching it ferment for four weeks and breaking “sterile field” . Ha, but all good & it’s quite delicious!!! I actually had a friend over who loved it, and my sister said it was better than some she tried in Napa 😱 I was so honored!

      Hehe I totally agree 🙂 glad you feel the same!

      And oh my gosh how fun!!! ❤️❤️ thanks for sharing, Amy!

  14. Ha! Didn’t I tell you everything would be fine?!! 😉
    I’m glad that things are looking up though!
    Love that you’re still eating lots of avocado! Me too! I dont know if I told you already but I finally made a simple avocado smoothie and i loved it!!
    The lobster rolls sounds fab! I dont think I’ve had actual lobster…not even at red lobster lol. I honestly dont remember 😣
    I’ve also never had bone marrow or roasted cauliflower I might have to make that at home. I’m dying to start cooking with cauliflower so I can learn how to make mashed cauliflower with it and also cauliflower wings lol

    1. Hehe yesss we are still in the thick of it- probably the most stressful it’s been but i feel better just knowing how to tackle it all!!! 🤗 perspective makes ALL the difference for sure.

      Oh my gosh- you made an avocado smoothie?! Woohoo! That makes me so happy. I got my sister hooked on them while she was here. 😋

      That’s ok… sometimes I think lobster is a bit overrated. It’s good, but I usually go for a fish dish over lobster if given the option. You’ll have to let me know your thoughts if and when you try it sometime!

      Yesss!!! Seriously — Cauliflower is the ultimate game changer!

      1. Yes! Positive mind, positive thinking! 😀
        Haha yeah I totally love it, there’s so many different ones, I just made the simplest one. I have a few more avocados I need to use so I will be using one for my lunch right now 😀

  15. Ah dang I pressed send!!!
    Very cool that you got to meet the guy! And I love the question you left lol
    So great that your homemade wine turned out good. I dont drink enough wine to know what’s good or what isnt 🤣🤣
    Oh gosh toast with pb sounds so great. Lately I’ve been opting for rice cakes. I had one with pb and banana and forgot to drizzle a bit of honey. But it was filling nonetheless.
    I’m gonna have to make that bbq baked chicken with roasted potatoes and rice on the side. I’ll have to try the steamed spinach with parm. I usually just eat it fresh or with pasta lol.
    I’m so glad I’m all caught up with your posts I can actually read along with everyone as you publish lmao
    And totally! I love the office and made a reference today (to alex) when I asked him a question and he wasnt very clear and then i said “not maybe! Yes or no!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to use that hahaha
    Anyway, yes I like the office and stand up. I have so many fave stand up comedians. They’re not clean mind you, but their stuff is hilarious!

    1. Hehe It makes for a bonus comment for me so I don’t mind one bit 🤗

      I am so impressed with how it turned out! Such a fun gift (that keeps on giving too!)

      Ohhhh that rice cake sounds SO good! I got a bit burnt out on them in college, but now you have me craving them again 😋

      Awww!!! You definitely will be able to keep up this summer because the posting will be at minimal for a couple months here 😭😆

      Bahahahha oh my gosh that’s incredible 🤣 I am so proud!

      Who are some of your favs?! We watched the Netflix special with Ali Wong last night and it was easily one of my favorites I have ever seen!

      1. Lol I never really had them before last year so rice cakes are new new to me haha. There’s so many ways to eat them I love them. I’m sure I’ll get tired of them too at some point so probably a good idea to change up my foods.
        Haha yes I think I’ve seen two of her specials. I think they’re both on Netflix. The one where shes pregnant has got to be my favorite lol

      2. That’s what I love about them- they are such a great base and very versatile!

        I was JUST telling a friend tonight that that very one is my favorite too!! It’s INCREDIBLE!

      3. Ah shoot I didnt say who were my fave haha sorry. But they’re mostly males. Besides Ali, I havent come across other female stand up comedians whose jokes I dig. Like the delivery of the joke just eh.
        But again, may I remind you that they’re not the cleanest stand up comedians lol. I think you know Jim Gaffigan, hes probably the cleanest out of them all but he hilarious I love him.
        Then others are Joe Rogan, gonna see him in August, so excited for it!
        Anyway some more… Louie CK., had a show on FOX I think? Got canceled but the show is so good. One of my faves. Bill Burr which is similar to Joe Rogan in my opinion. He also has a show called ‘F is for Family’ on Netflix. So crude lol.
        Bert Kreischer, Bryan Callen. I am not sure if their stand up is on Netflix still but I saw theirs there. Joe Rogan should be up there too. And I must warn you, Louie CK and JR come across as atheists so just a warning they do make jokes about religion, just in case you want to steer clear from them. George Carlin is also so good. Hes hilarious. And there’s more but their names are not coming to mind lol.

      4. I totalllly know what you mean. Have you seen Elder Millenial by Illiza Shlesinger? It’s pretty good! Not as good as Ali’s, but worth the watch!

        I actually haven’t seen much of Jim Gaffigan! I know who he is, but am not super familiar with his stuff. Thank you for the rec!!!

        How exciting you see Joe Rogan in August!! Ahhh I cannot wait to hear about that!

        Oh my gosh these recommendations are the bombbb I cannot wait to jump in and watch all these. Thank you thank you – and for being up front about some of their material that may not align with our beliefs. So appreciate the heads up! i will have to report back after I check these out- I have been sooo in the mood for stand up because of such serious/long days ! Thanks again for taking the time to share this!

      5. I havent but I’ve seen her name somewhere on Netflix as well so I know her stuff is there.
        No problem, sorry if missed a few warnings I havent seen their stand up in a while so I dont remember the kind of content but they all tend to be kind of crude, maybe even a bit offensive lol.
        I had forgotten Tom Segura but hes similar to JR & CK so maybe not him as much. If I watch any other stand up I’ll let you know which to steer clear from. Haha
        Oh oh oh oh actually you know what, Adam Sandler has a GREEEAAAATTTTT stand up in Netflix it was literally one of my favorites and hes amazing!. I recommend him a lot! He even sings it’s so cute lol

      6. You know this is probably bad to say.. but I kinda appreciate the honesty and bluntness in comedy- it’s refreshing in this day and age and I feel like comedy is sometimes the only place you can get away with it.

        Oh my gosh I cannot wait to watch Adam Sandler’s too!! He’s awesome! Thank you tons for sharing!

      7. Oh my gosh!! Hahaha! You don’t know how much better that makes me feel! LOL I always feel like the kind of comedians I like are the ones most people steer away from, but it’s like.. yes, like you said, comedy is the one place where you can get away with it, but at the same time, I feel the same way you do, it’s refreshing, and I think we’re way past being and feeling offended about everything. Live a little, laugh a little. Stereotypes are only offensive if you’re using them to hurt others, in this sense they’re just trying to make people laugh. I mean, even I have laughed at jokes about Hispanics LOL. And I’m Hispanic. I don’t take offense to any of it. Even the stuff about women being bitchy and moody. SO TRUE! LOL Laugh about it! Life is too short to take it serious am I right? 😉
        I can’t remember what his stand up is called, but it’s the newest one, I think you guys will really like it! Alex and CL like to sing “phone, wallet, key’s” which is out of Adam Sandler’s stand up. LOL

      8. Yesss you said it so well- it’s just sooo important it’s not out of malice!!!

    1. It was such a nice meal for sure. And I am really very pleasantly surprised with the wine!

      Thank you so much, Jess 🤗

  16. Such attractive avo toast – I love Everything but the Bagel sprinkle as well!

    Nick’s Next Door looks like such a cosy & romantic place – the food looks fab! Am so glad you had a good date & break.

    Hope you enjoy a break from studying soon, to get rejuvenated and revitalised! Good weekend ahead!

    1. Isn’t it such a great way to spice up your breakfast?! I am so glad I finally tried it out 😍 I love it with eggs too!

      Yess cozy and romantic is the perfect way to describe Nick’s!

      Thank you thank you 🙏🏻 I am going to end studying early tonight to pack which I consider a break because I weirdly enjoy it 🤣 have a great weekend, Ju Lyn!

  17. Welp, you’ve inspired me to get up and make myself some avocado toast! That everything but the bagel sprinkle is such a good idea… will have to keep an eye out for it. I LOVE the office, but haven’t heard of Stand-Up xx

    1. Aw yay!!! I hope you enjoyed! 🥑 😋

      Isn’t The Office amazing?! Stand up comedy is basically a thing where comedians do a routine in front of an audience. It’s live but they often record them and put them on Netflix and such! Have a great weekend, love and thank you tons for studying in!

  18. I am so happy for you getting some good grades under your belt Mackenzie!! You deserve it as you work so hard. Also some peace of mind for your move is nice. Nicks next door seems a delightful place and all the food looks yummy, also the glasses of red and white! I didn’t watch the office when it was on primetime much but do like the reruns. I like the humor! It was nice the owner made his presence known , it shows he appreciates his customers. It was nice to stay there until close and relax ! I am so happy your wine turned out to perfection! Thanks for the link to the wine making gift. I am glad you got some Peet’s time in for a change of scenery! Aww I really feel for you getting a headache, I get them quite often myself . It is nice to catch up on stuff and that includes brushing your hair !! Thanks for a great post, Terri xo.

    1. Thank you, Terri ! 🙂

      The peace of mind is the biggest thing for sure! I just submitted my second quiz, so fingers crossed!

      Aw I’m so glad you enjoy The Office too! It is a pretty specific sense of humor.

      I thought you’d get a kick out of the homemade wine process!! it was so much fun & really turned out well. My sister and I went to wine country last weekend and she even said “my wine” was better than some of the ones we sampled! Talk about a compliment!

      Aw hope those headaches stay at bay. Thank you always for your amazing comments & hope this week is treating you well thus far ! xoxo

      1. Best wishes on your second quiz Mackenzie! Yes it is a specific sense of humor! Wow that was a nice compliment from your Sister on the winemaking! Headaches are staying away recently, you are welcome on the comments . So far so good this week! Take care , Terri xo.

      2. Thank you soo much, Terri!!

        Yay for no more headaches <3

        Hope this week has been treating you well 🙂

  19. I think you can like both The Office & stand-up…or at least I like both, lol. I’m pretty sure people are multi-faceted enough to like different types of humor simultaneously. 😉
    How’s prep for the move going?! Did you guys decide if you are getting movers/driving a U-Haul/U-Boxes, or something else (lol)?

    1. yessss!!! I love how you said that- I totallly agree. Ya can’t box everyone into one sense of humor ya know? Well I think based on the comments I have won this argument- time to go show them to DJ so he reconsiders his stance. LOL.

      Oh girl, this few weeks has been stressful… it’s all going smoothly… but does not feel like there are enough hours in the day. I miss keeping up with blogging the most, but there will be time to get caught up eventually 🙂 We were thinking the U-boxes, but a couple items were too large for them. So just ended up using a moving company (trailing one car) and driving one car down so I can study in the car. No way I could get all my school work/studying done while driving in a separate car.. I’m glad we went this route because our original plan required two separate drives to TX! No wayy jose! I’m soo excited to read your latest post about your roadtrip!! Thank you tons for reading & stopping in. <3

      1. I cannot imagine having time to move while doing everything that you are!! I’m still exhausted from ours because we haven’t had a chance to take a breather yet. Ohh I didn’t know certain things could be too large for the U-Boxes, but I guess that makes sense! They are only so big. I’m glad it worked out with a moving company though, especially since you can still study on the trip! You got this!! <3

      2. They are really large, but I think we were worried about our couches and then with cost analysis just decided overall may be better to just go ahead and do the company (it may have actually fit, but I think we weren’t totally sure and just didn’t have much time to make a final decision!). Definitely keeping them in mind for next move though because we probably will get rid of a lot of our large furniture next time & they are a great option!

        Thank you TONS for your encouragement, Courtney! I cannot tell you how much it means <3

      3. I understand that!! You have to make so many decisions so quickly with moving…it’s a huge relief to at least have the moving company decided on for sure! Movers are the BEST for units on upper floors, because moving all that furniture is way too heavy! (We are on the 3rd floor now without an elevator…so I’m very excited to have movers, haha!)

      4. Yes totally!!! We are the 4th & I cannot imagine having done this one our own after seeing how long it took with three guys from the moving company ! (Mainly because the loading dock is on the other side of the apartment).

  20. Hi Mackenzie ♡ SO happy to read that you’ve got some good grades & steady plans for the move. I know I am so far behind, but have you guys taken off to TX now?

    Date nights are always needed! No reason for it to be on holidays only. Nick’s looks fantastic!! Both of your entrees are making my mouth water, mmm. 🤤 I love how they send out the bill & that’s too cool you even met Nick himself!!

    I’m a bit confused on your question about standup & The Office. You like both so you are already proving DJ wrong in his theory, aren’t you? Anyone can have more than one sense of humor.

    All of DJ’s dinners this week look delish!! & your acai bowl looks like a Wendy’s frosty lol mmmm. ♡

    1. Thanks Hunida!! We actually just got in a couple nights ago! It’s been so crazy busy so far, but we are just loving it!!

      Nick was the nicest guy- I have never met an owner be that personal with all the patrons there.

      So DJ doesn’t think the sense of humor of people that like The Office is the same type of sense of humor that likes standup- so he thinks you can’t like both. But I hardcore disagree because I LOVEEEE both haha.

      Ohhh it kinda does look like a Frosty! I should try to add some chocolate to it and really make it taste like a frosty- mmm mmm!

      1. Ahh!! YAY!! I am so happy that you made it there safe & sound & that you’re loving it!! <3 I can't wait to read all about it.

        I like standup but I don't like The Office so he's maybe right about me though!! 😛

        Mmm… let me know how that goes… sounds yummy. <3

      2. Lol uh oh that’s 1 point for DJ 🤣 I’m gonna have to let him know!!

  21. The food at Nick’s looks so good but then again the food everywhere you go looks good. Sorry about your headache. I’m sure you aced the exam.
    To answer your questions, I never really watched The Office and I can’t stand Stand-Ups, am I weird??? Then, I don’t remember much about that weekend since I’m just reading your post today 😊

    1. Aw thanks, Mariam! Nick’s was pretty awesome- I have found myself craving that food since!!!

      You are so encouraging! I had a stressful morning and your comment just really brightened my day.

      Haha you are not weird at all!! Humor is totally one of those “different strokes for different folks!”. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

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