Lucky Robot & Trail of Lights!

Hey, everyone! In this post I am taking y’all on a culinary journey to Lucky Robot. This is a local restaurant on South Congress that I’m honored to be an ambassador for! This has been on our list of restaurants to try for a while, so I was ecstatic when they reached out.


When we walked through the doors on December 15th we were immediately wowed by the eye-catching, electric and vibrant decor.


We decided to sit outside since it was an absolutely beautiful day! It was nearly 80 in December. Whatt!


Just a little background- they are the first sustainable sushi restaurant in all of Texas. They use the phrase Ichiban Dake to inspire all they do (it means “Only the best”). They put so much care and attention to every detail of their restaurant from the decor to the customer experience to the flavor to the presentation of each dish.

First, we started with peach blossom breeze which includes peach-infused sake, orange juice, cranberry juice and brut. It was light, refreshing and delicious!


Of course, we have to have some edamame to start!


We ordered their shrimp and pork dumplings with pork, shrimp, passion fruit ponzu and basil seeds. (Even though I don’t usually eat meat, for food shoots I do at least try each dish so I can appreciate the spread and give a fair assessment). These were great… the passion fruit was a wonderfully unique twist.

d6d39db9-02de-4619-b385-d1e3cb23fd3a82a8eba9-ff20-42f4-a03c-8eccd087d60aNext up were the steamed pork buns with spicy soy glaze, farm-to-table sunomono and cilantro.  They were extremely savory and packed with flavor. The bao itself was soft and pillowy as could be. DJ was particularly blown away by these, they were his favorite of everything we tried. We are starting a “must try” in Austin list with specific items from different restaurants, and this is going on it!640dbb78-f34f-4b76-ba02-a4d7f69798580066ed63-eadb-424e-adcd-8d1e8ebcda37Next up is my personal favorite- the veggiepillar with miso grilled eggplant, sesame, pickled cucumber and carrot, topped with avocado and serrano, yuzu miso sauce and sesame. Okay, this is seriously one of my favorite sushi rolls I have ever tried, and it doesn’t even have any fish. Phenomenal.eabdfd18-d347-48df-9ffb-a628eaaaa72c9b425252-2334-4a01-b8f3-06ca210786d7We also tried their famous Voltron with crab, avocado, pickled cucumber & carrot topped with tuna, salmon and amberjack that is served with sesame, spicy mayo and soy lemonglass glaze. It was delicious and had every fish you could ever dream in a roll- it was DJ’s favorite between the two, where I preferred the veggiepillar.cc4323bb-7098-4b9a-a208-ff4d6e7a7402Next up is the stunning king cebiche with big glory bay king salmon, tiger’s milk, serrano, purple sweet potato, shallot, persimmon and cilantro oil. The flavor was extremely delicate and you could tell how much attention went into this dish.5032eb2a-779e-461a-9f8f-1e13144d2c1e988ce4d4-ce98-431e-b582-510b3616b3efWhen we got home I went for an lovely run in the warm weather. After, we did some house chores, and then I worked on going through the pics a bit. We were pretty exhausted after such a busy weekend- but then had a second wind around 8:30. I saw that it was free admission to the Trail of Lights and since neither of us had classes the next day (what!) we decided to check them out.2f4c3a59-8baa-4c0c-b828-76bc132492b2839bf375-1544-4270-86e5-2acc31d6137fb99316f3-9e8e-44d7-8410-4c98ebb873e4We have heard a lot of hype around this event, but didn’t know what to expect. It was absolutely magical and magnificent. It helped get us in the Christmas spirit!58691701-281f-43b4-b58c-e277ebe9aaacCan you spot Texas on the globe?1928be52-72e5-4052-9b0b-d767f3e1d2e0e18171e4-43b7-46e7-b6da-036581501059832186cb-29c7-47b3-9155-a36ffcbf939cI was crackin’ up by the “Upside down” land. All the trees were literally upside down haha. How does that even work… ya there, gravity?9dbe9c20-3f26-45e0-9765-6234b5887ef3They had a variety of food trucks, a carousel and even a Ferris wheel!14880808-44c7-4250-80ad-bc1f253405ecb0a3afa4-5b4c-492f-b97e-a4420fc43340They even had a bat cave (Representing the bats on South Congress). I don’t know that I’ve discussed the whole bats on South Congress thing before… but I’ll make sure to discuss the whole situation behind them in a future post.2d9b0993-5d82-4924-8103-a3761ba027f1And to further the Christmas inspired lights, here is the North Pole!a3268256-bb80-4cf4-b557-bacdb447d038We even had the opportunity to go through Candyland!686d7de8-9c4e-46dc-ac93-01bfeed765fd4a86d51a-f5d9-4cdd-b0d4-abe1a932a7e3d68f1b3d-8417-4995-aef9-b8a304b5e8f2At the end of the trail there is even a live band playing an area to cook S’mores if you wish.30370549-5703-477b-877d-cc44d055c6fe5292d490-35c3-4262-b49c-78ff84d06465As we headed out we were in awe of the lights against the city skyline. Plus there was a massive moon that night, although I failed to capture it on camera.0bab99dd-10dc-468a-ba31-27a9ff864697Since we had sort of a “linner” at Lucky Robot, we grew hungry again by the time we finished the lights around 9. Since neither of us had to get up early the next day we decided to walk into town to grab some pizza.a9683439-4bbb-405e-9e18-5c96696beb87We went to Via 313 – another local favorite.800045f0-e3c7-4495-98ce-6615085aa8da36f16654-08f1-4ddd-864b-90e4b3a02f3cIt took a while to get our pizza (probably about 30 mins), so we enjoyed the quiet and warm setting and watched some ESPN in the meantime.88f8611a-dc9f-412e-8bc0-5f1bb14b0c04Finally around 11 pm we got our pizzas – the veggie for me and four cheese for DJ. The veggie was fine- but the four cheese was absolutely amazing!b1145553-a1d7-4c87-a80e-0f599f658ec0455838d7-a314-464d-9f37-945c32ae55acAnd I had to take a picture of the bathroom area- so cute.4f7041ba-3786-46af-8cbd-960449f562eeQuestions for you: 

  • Are you watching Bachelor? We must discuss.
  • Thoughts on the Grammys if you watched? I thought Alicia Keys did an incredible job…So full of grace. I loved Lizzo’s performance (of course) and Camila Cabello’s had me in tears. I still have about an hour left, but I will probably finish it tomorrow.

Before I end this post I just want to say we are absolutely devastated hearing about Kobe, his daughter and everyone else involved in the accident. Gosh, there really are no words… reminds us all to hug our loved ones a bit tighter and to never take a single moment for granted. <3 So many thoughts and prayers are with the Bryant family and all other families impacted.


98 thoughts on “Lucky Robot & Trail of Lights!

  1. Love the interior of Lucky Robot. Great photos of the Trail of Lights. WOW! 80 degrees! That’s awesome. So much good food. 🙂 I am sorry about Kobe and the others involved in the accident. You are correct, there are not words.

  2. I’m not a big saki person but that cocktail sounds so refreshing! I love that you try the meat dishes when a restaurant invites you to dine there. The trail of lights looks so fun! Upside down trees doesn’t seem possible since the weight would be so top heavy… Someone that knows more about physics than me must have set those up 😉

    1. It was very hard to taste any saki in there at all (I’m actually not even sure what it tastes like lol), but it was very refreshing!

      Haha- aren’t the trees quite the optical illusion. I really am curious how they pull that off! Thanks for reading, Maureen 🙂 Have a great rest of the day!!

  3. I wish I lived nearby because Lucky Robot sounds delicious! I love the idea of a sake cocktail! We had an amazing fruit infused sake on our honeymoon that I still dream about haha.

    The Trail of Lights looks beautiful! We didn’t make it to any light displays this year but looking at your pictures made up for it 🙂

    The news about Kobe and the others involved in the accident is so heartbreaking! I get sad every time I see a post about it on FB or Insta.

    1. Ahhh I wish you did too! I would take you on a shoot with me and eat all kindsa goodness!!! (if you are ever in Austin, we’ll have to go!).

      I actually have never ordered sake before so I didn’t know what to expect- it was very refreshing though and the cocktail you described sounds delicious!

      I do too 🙁 I still have moments of like, “woah this actually did happen. this is reality”. I can’t fathom what the families are going through. My heart just breaks for the whole situation.

      Thanks for stopping in, Em <3

  4. your photos make that food look so appealing even if I would never choose that type of restaurant, I was curious about the food. The pizza are really different. Is all the sauce on top of the toppings? I love that they decorated the hallway to the bathroom.

    1. Aw that’s such a high compliment- thank you, Lori! The pizza was unlike anything I’ve had before, but actually some of the best! There was sauce under the cheese too, I think that was more of their flare! Have a great weekend- and thank you for stopping in!

  5. I have to say that the 80-degree day in December would be a draw for me. No problem getting into the Christmas spirit in such hot weather by visiting that beautiful display. The Trail of Lights is amazing – we have a Wayne County Lightfest which I’ve never seen but have seen videos of it and it pales in comparison to your Trail of Lights. How nice you were invited to go to visit/critique the restaurant but I have to truthful that the pizza drew me like a magnet, more than the first restaurant but your write-up and photos sure did it justice.

    1. Hi, Linda! The weather is pretty darn nice! Definitely trying to soak it all up while we can. Aw I hope you can try our the Wayne County Lightfest one year, anything like that is just so fun! Love seeing the creativity too. The pizza was next level- it took me forever to find good pizza in SF- but out of the gate Austin has some of the best I’ve had! Have a great weekend, Linda!

      1. Your food offerings appeal to me and yes that pizza looked awesome … you have a good weekend too Mackenzie – get out and enjoy yourselves a little in between crackin’ the books.

      2. Thanks, Linda!! 💓 I’m back in NC for the week for the on campus intensive, but it’s definitely a nice break from the books!

      3. That’s more for clinicals! But those are going very well too 🙂 I so love it!

      4. That’s good Mackenzie – you know the expression by an author whose quotes I have always loved:
        Mark Twain — “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

      5. Ah I sooo so love that. Being totally transparent, I was not sure this was going to be the case. I was terrified and doubted my decision often through this program, but the clinicals and being with a patients again confirmed everything ❤️

      6. That is good you are loving this Mackenzie because, yes it is rigorous, but now leaving the book work and being immersed in a clinical setting helps you to know why you desired to further your education and stay in the medical field. I can see you are now ready to return to being with patients again after it was stressful at your nursing job.

      7. Yes exactly! It’s been rewarding so far- I’m thankful. 🙏🏻 it’s kinda crazy but the patients weren’t actually the most stressful part of being a nurse… it was all the logistics that had to get done that took away quality time for caring for patients that made it so emotionally exhausting ! But thankfully in outpatient primary care there is a LITTLE bit more time to be with the patient I’m learning. All about making the most of that small chunk of time! 💓 I love our convos , Linda! It means a lot that you are even interested . How is your week going?

      8. I remember going back to read why you decided to make a career move – I came upon your blog after you had already made the decision and I was curious. Yes, it would take away the whole mission of being a nurse if you are involved in things like rules/regs and paperwork or administrative duties as well and no time for patient care – I get that. I enjoy our chats as well Mackenzie and I don’t have any news on me (except we had 54 degrees on Sunday which was just glorious), but my friend Evelyn whom I have mentioned to you in the past, finally got a job. She started last week and I believe her job description is a patient care counselor. She divides her time between administrative meetings at the nursing home/assisted living facility and also making visits to potential patients at their homes and evaluating them as to whether they are candidates to live on their own or need to have help in a facility. These are often folks who have no family/friends to help them and are toughing it out alone. I hope the weather in NC has been cooperative – I’ve heard of some wacky weather in NC over the last day or so.

      9. My WP is acting up as I travel so I hope this goes through! But yes you explained it well. There is just so much charting etc. that takes away that time, I know it’s all important- I just wish there was more time to get it all done! ❤️ you are so sweet to care or be interested !

        54 degrees is going to feel like summer!!! Enjoy!!

        I’m so happy for Evelyn!! Tell her congrats for me. It sounds like a great and rewarding job. The weather in NC was just wild this week. Excited to be going back to Austin today! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

      10. Hi Mackenzie – I did get this message despite WP being wonky. I’ve just arrived here and been out and about walking before the next snowstorm, just enjoying the calm before the storm. You are likely home by now and yes, the weather in NC was wild. I saw some pictures of tornadic activity. Yikes! Thank you – I am always interested when someone makes a big career change – there is always a good and valid reason to go the extra mile and I know you will find much satisfaction in your new career when school is done.

        I will tell Evelyn congrats – she is excited about this new career move …school for over two years to get her Masters in gerontology administration. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and being back in Austin.

      11. Oh glad it made it through! Stay safe in that weather! ⛄️ ❄️ and thank you for your vote of confidence 🙏🏻

        Thanks so much- have a great rest of your weekend as well 🤗

      12. You’re welcome and glad you made it home safely – now it is time to tackle the books again. We have a snowstorm out there now – lots of snow coming down, coming in from Wisconsin which was supposed to get a 10-inch snowfall. I’d spend all my time indoors if I lived in Wisconsin. A fellow blogger shows pics of her backyard and deck – she said they had about 120 inches of snow last year. I got out again today before the snow flew thankfully.

      13. I do miss the snow- it’s been a while since I’ve seen it- please enjoy for me!!!

  6. I love that phrase Ichiban Dake how lovely! Might have to take that and implement it into my daily life… only the best ❤️ I love it! And all that food looks so colourful and exciting!! Awesome!

    The Trail Of Lights looks absolutely stunning and such a fun place to visit!!! How wonderful!!

    Good shout stopping for pizza after, it looks delicious!

    I have the Grammy’s recorded but I haven’t watched yet- will have to check it out ❤️

    Have a blessed week, Mack ❤️

    1. Hi, Beauty! Isn’t that phrase great? I think I should try and implement it in my life too ☺️💓 thank you so much for stopping in – have a beautiful weekend ahead, Jennie!

  7. What an absolutely incredible meal and opportunity!! These restaurants have struck gold to have you as their ambassador. No lie! I wish I could dive into these photos and dishes. The vegetarian roll and pork buns sound phenomenal. The Trail of Lights looks stunning! Definitely the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. Thank you for sharing, dear! <3

    1. Hi, Kori! Thank you for saying that 🙏🏻 I was just talking to someone today about how I don’t feel worthy of such a generous exchange, but this is encouraging ! I am always just blown away by their dishes- the presentation and flavor is just outstanding. Thanks for stopping in & have a great weekend ☺️

  8. I’m craving sushi and pizza, Mackenzie! I wonder why? I’ve been away from WP for a wee while, how lovely to see this lovely post pop up on my feed…The Trail Of Lights reminded me of our own Bright Nights display in our beautiful forest, we made sure to see it before we headed out on our travels.

    My heart goes out to all who perished and their families…what a tragic loss for sport and the world.

    1. Hehe hope you can hunt down some of both soon 🙂 The Bright Nights display sounds like a wonderful/beautiful event!!

      It really is heart breaking 💔

      I was so excited to see your blog name pop up here- thank you for stopping in, How are you, Kimberlee?

      1. We just came back from a whirlwind holiday back east in Ontario, Canada and a first-time visit to London, England…we’ve been gone almost a month spending time with family and wandering through ancient castles! I recently posted my Ontario piece…

      2. Aww I am at an on campus intensive this week but hopefully I’ll get to read sometime soon!!! 💓💓 sounds so lovely !

  9. I am now wanting to go to that restaurant… which could be possible when we head to Texas this spring!

    Loved the lights. What a show.

    And I was so sad to hear about Kobe, his daughter and the rest of the passengers. Such heartbreaking news. Prayers for all the families.

    1. Oh how exciting!!!! I hope you get to try!! What are you going to be in town for?!

      Me too, it really is just the most heart breaking tragedy 😪

      Thanks for stopping in, Nancy ❤️

    1. Aw yes next year for sure 🙂 and yes it is wild! I’m actually rewatching right now my husband. They were in Cleveland which is our home town, so I particularly loved that episode! Have a great rest of your weekend, Carly !! 💓

  10. Girl this post grabbed my attention from the moment I saw that sushi picture! Oh my avocado! My mouth is watering! The decor, the presentation (I mean let’s face it, it has to be gram worthy LOL) It all looks amazing! I NEED to go! Legit I am famished now! 
Ahhh I LOVE light shows, (also I miss Christmas, As I write this with it being twenty degrees and no snow!)
    That pizza looks phenomenal! (Legit my egg bites from Starbucks with sriracha feel so inadequate now!)
    I love when restaurants give love to every inch of a restaurant including the bathroom areas. That is SO cute!
    Due to some fam and health stuff, I am so behind with the Bachelor! I NEED to catch up!
    I hope classes are going amazing for you sweets! SO much love to you! <3

    1. Ahhhh Kate! 💓 and yes yes. I’m so serious- if you find yourself in Austin I’ll set up a shoot for us to go and get all the sushi!!! 😍 🍣 haha. And those egg bites are actually so good- genius to put sriracha on them 😋 this season is wild!!! Curious your thoughts if you get the chance to catch up. But most of all- praying everything is okay now and I’ll continue praying for you and your fam 🙏🏻 sending you SO much love. Thank you for reading and your sweet comment. XO ❤️

    1. Glad you found the pics so appetizing!! Thanks for stopping in, Amy! I hope you are having a great week too 🙂

  11. It seems like an age since I’ve caught up with you – I have just returned to WP and have really missed your vivaciousness & zest for life!

    So it is very thrilling to hear that you are an Ambassador for Lucky Robot – they serve such beautiful food …. I can only imagine it is very very delicious too!

    1. Awww! This is so sweet of you to say, I’ve missed our chats dearly! How are you, Ju Lyn? 💓 I have been in the same boat, not been able to be around here as much either and, wow, do I miss it! I’m so excited to hear you are back though 🤗 can’t wait to catch up !

      1. I am well, Mack, thank you so much for asking! Health-wise, all good. Events in the community and around the world are, on some days, tougher to deal with. But we continue to pray, love and hope.

      2. Oh good! I am so glad to hear 😊 and yes, it can be so heavy, but you said it so beautifully- have to cling to prayer, love & hope. ❤️

  12. So, you are definitely adding to my Austin bucket list. It has been so long since we have been down there (I think it was 2013?). Sushi, pizza, and lights sound like the perfect date to me!

    1. Awww yay! That makes me happy that you’re seeing it in such a great light through these posts 😊 thanks for stopping in, Katy!! Hope you can make it here one day soon 💓

  13. Gosh I love Christmas lights and all the holiday festivities! That pizza looks amazing and that burnt cheese edge…that’s what dreams are made of 🤤
    Totally watching The Bachelor and always surprised at how much drama there is-I don’t know why I’m surprised.

    1. Yesssss- I’m so glad you appreciate the art of a slightly burnt cheesy crust!!!! It’s the BEST!

      Hahah I feel the same. There is no one I really love this season or anyone I can see him end up with. I thought maybe Kelly, but she does not seem into him!

      1. I think the only person that maybe has potential is the girl he took to his parents vow renewal.
        I’m also getting thst vibe from Kelly. She seems to be a no drama mama and he seems most attracted to people that bring the drama 🤷🏽‍♀️

      2. Yes! I was totally thrown by that but after all the other stuff that has gone down it feels like the least worst!
        These girls! There is no love lost among them and forget about women building up women 🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. Oh my gosh all of the lights are so magical and makes me reminisce about Christmas! How on earth are the trees upside down haha?!?! I loved this post so much, and the pizza looks incredible! xxx

    1. Hey, Chloe!! I still wonder that about the tree …. definitely plays with your mind 😂 thanks for stopping in, love!

  15. Oh my gosh, congratulations on becoming an ambassador for Lucky Robot. Their food looks absolutely top-notch & their ingredients sound so high class & fancy! The trail of lights looks like a blast, too. What a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. 🙂 I lol’d at the upside down trees & “ya there, gravity?” 😂😂 The super cheesy pizza looks awesome, can’t believe you had to wait 2 hrs for it though!!

    1. Hunida!!! I was just thinking about ya- I miss you! I need to catch up on your blog soon- been too long. School literally owns my life, but I miss reading your happenings far too much! Maybe after my next exam I’ll treat myself to a blog binge 😎 anywho- thank you so much!! You would love this place- their sushi is phenomenal! Glad to give you a laugh too 😆 and we have had that pizza delivered twice in one week since. We’re obsessed. Hope all is well!! Xoxoxo

      1. Hi Mackenzie! I miss you, too, but I totally understand you’re so busy!! <3 No worries about catching up on my blog– I am just up to the same old, same old lol. Hope all is well with you, too. <3 <3

  16. Ah, Mack, stop before I go on a sushi takeaway spree. The veggiepillar looks delicious and I love the addition of pickled cucumber, I have yet to try sushi with this combination. How amazing is it that they boast a huge variety – buns, sushi and ceviche! It’s so rare to see. So sad to hear the news about Kobe Bryant and his daughter, they were so young. 💔

    1. Awww thank you, Sophia! Such a dear comment from you <3 Wish I could take you on this sushi spree with me! They use some peruvian influence in their japanese dishes which I just love!!

      It really is such devastating news--- still have a hard time believing it's real even.

      Thanks for stopping in <3

  17. Hi Mack!

    Wow, what an incredible restaurant to offer sustainable sushi. It looks SO good, and I’m glad you and DJ found it. How do you become an ambassador of a place?

    And, I love the photos for the trail of lights. Never quite seen anything like it. It looks like you’re really enjoying Austin, or at least I hope so!

    Sending you a big hug, Mack. All the blessings to you and DJ (and happy almost Forgiving Fridays <3 ).


    1. Hi Debbie!!! It was a wonderful experience. And they reached out via my “foodstagram”! It’s been an amazing experience working with them and challenges me to get out of my comfort zone too.

      So glad you enjoyed the Trail of Lights 🙂 And yesss, Austin is one amazing city, we are absolutely loving it. My only complaint is we don’t seem to have enough time to do as much here as we wish right now (well that, and the traffic- hehe).

      Sending so much love your way too! Thank you for stopping in, Debbie. I hope you are well and having a beautiful start to the week. Your comments mean the world. XO

  18. I didn’t realize you lived in Austin. I go about once or twice a year. I’ll have to come back and check our your posts for things to do. I always spend most of my time on south Congress. I haven’t noticed the sushi place! We’ll check it out next time. I am a huge fan of Matt’s el rancho 😋

    1. Hi Pam!! Yes, we just moved here last summer 🙂 I’d love to give some suggestions, so whenever you’re planning your next trip let me know and we can chat! Highly recommend Lucky for your sushi- mmm mmm! I JUST saw Matt’s today and thought to myself “We need to check out that place”- tooo funny. Now we really need to!

      1. I think they are doing delivery during all this, so we’ll have to try it out! Hope you are safe and well, Pam.

      2. Did you happen to catch the glossier pop up on congress last fall? I was there for business and found it. I’m now a glossier addict and I’m in my 50’s. So awesome.

      3. I didn’t actually stop in, but I did see it!! I actually JUST ordered my first glossier product last week (their lipgloss- love it!). What are some of your favorite products from them?

      4. Ok, so the balm dotcoms are really nice. I like the rose (slightly pink tint) and the coconut (clear) They make the lips feel awesome. The matte lipsticks are great too. The cool pink is my favorite color of all time. They are matte but don’t feel as drying. I also like the future dew. It is kind of thick so I would see if they can send u a tester. My skin is dry so it loves it. I also have the super bounce. Their version of hyaluronic acid – I like it because it seems to work and it’s cheaper then skin ceuticals. Can u tell I’m obsessed? Lol

      5. this is SOOO helpful!!! I’m going to screen shot this then go browse these products! Thank you tons <3

  19. Whoaaa! The interior of Lucky Robot, their statement / phrase of Only the Best, and the FOOD! 🤤
    I would absolutely love to try their dumplings, especially with the passion fruit ponzu. That honestly sounds heavenly!
    Ooh the veggiepillar! I haven’t had much eggplant but I’m sure this would be one of the few sushi rolls I could actually have since I cannot bring myself to eat raw fish lol
    Honestly the presentation of their food is enough for me to say I wanna try this place lol
    Omg Trail of Lights is magical!!!!!!!!!!! Wish we had something as cool as that here but the best we can do is the Winter Wonderland drive at Portland International Raceway because it’s way too cold to be walking around, so you get to drive the track and see the lights set up around it. Pretty cool. There is also Zoo Lights but that is hardly worth it for a few sights lol.
    I haven’t gotten the chance to read your blog very much lately and I miss it, so I’ll be catching up this week 😁

    1. yes yes!! It’s such an awesome little restaurant! I miss it so much- they were doing delivery but now have stopped all together. They usually have a massive cherry blossom display at this time- hoping they will keep it up even after the “cherry blossom season” is over so we can still see it!!! And oh my gosh the food is insanely good!!! 🔥 if you want good vegetarian options for sushi, they’ve got um’!

      That drive in Portland sounds awesome too 😍 and it sounds convenient! Don’t have to swim through tons of people to get through it 😆

      Awww you are soooo sweet to take the time! I haven’t been able to post much so you should be able to catch up real quick 😅 thanks so much for poppin in , Rossy!! 💜

      1. Oh my goodness I’m in love with cherry blossoms so I’m definitely adding this place to my list of must haves haha
        Oh yes, convenient but it does get crowded and it can sometimes be a long wait just to start the drive lol.

      2. Yessss!!! Definitely visit during this time of year if you come then so you can see it! 🙂

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